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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 2

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Austin, Minnesota Austin daily Herald established november of 1891 h. E. A Jauwen. Editor and publisher Geraldine Rasmussen bus. Mgr. Ent Arad As 2nd class matter at the pest office at Austin Minnesota under the act of March 3, 1879. Issued daily except sunday the Herald has been for 63 years and still is a newspaper for Austin and Community fair and impartial to All seeking always to promote the Best interests of agriculture labor and Industry catering to no demagogues and showing favouritism to no group firm or individual. A member of the associated press Praise for America when these first were offered by this declaration at Moscow Nehru appears to say he is now in league with the True peace makers the communists in Russia and it is Only the terrible War mongers of the West who prevent a grand Accord which would make the world Safe from War. The world truly hungers for peace. But we must Hope that there Are enough Wise people in the world to recognize fraud when they see it and to demand the genuine substance of peace not the propaganda variety the russians celebrate and Nehru applauds. The associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the to Al news printed in the newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches saturday july 2, 1955 cease be from Man whose breath is in his nostrils for wherein is he to be accounted 2 22. A a an honest Man the noblest work of . Fraud in name of peace by Brite Biossat to judge from the tone and Content of the Moscow declaration indians prime minister Nehru signed with soviet Premier Bulgarin it is really the United states and its Western friends that have been making trouble All these postwar years. The two leaders propose a ban on nuclear weapons and reduction of conventional armaments. They agree that recent soviet disarmament proposals Are a contribution to peace. They mention a effective International Nehru and Bulgarin Champion red China a bid for entry into the . And they favor handing of Mosa Over to the communist chinese. They also reaffirm the principles of International co existence drafted by Nehru and chinese Premier Chou in Lai at Bandung Indonesia. At that conference in May Nehru showed that he has deliberately blinded himself to the truth of russian and chinese history especially of the last decade. A a a one of the principles of coexistence he now espouses with Bulgarin is noninterference in the internal affairs of other nations another is Mutual respect for the territory of other countries. A third is no aggression. The undisputed facts of history Are that Russia has subjugated either by military threat or subversive coup the satellite countries of Poland Czechoslovakia Hungary Romania and Bulgaria. Across the Globe the red chinese those kindly chaps have managed and powered an Effort to subdue All Korea and have Lent vital Aid and guidance to a similar drive against indo China. What Russia and China want obviously is noninterference after the fact of their conquests. By signing declarations with Bulgarin and Chou Nehru makes himself a party of this International plunder and seeks to put Over it the clo in of decency. It is his most immoral performance in a Long catalogue of shameful actions in the name of peace and Justice. A a a a these same red chinese Nehru would permit to seize Formosa. Any rational solution of the formosan problem will ultimately give it to the formosan not the conquering chinese. And its defense rightly belongs in the hands of those who would keep it free. As for the nuclear weapon ban Nehru might remember that one could have been had Long ago but for the stubbornness of the russians. The proposals they now make Are Only a rough approach to plans Long advanced by the United Staten. Where was Nehru a living standards on Rise government figures show that in 1946 there were 3,826.000 families or unattached individuals whose annual income before taxes was less than $1,000. Another 7,606,-000 families or individuals earned from $1,000 to $2,000 a year. In 1953, the last year for which figures Are available the total with incomes under $1,000 had dropped to 2,866,000, and the $l,000-$2,000 category fell to 5.433,000, by contrast families and individuals in the $5,000-16,000 bracket have risen from 3,065,000 in 1946 to 6,276,000 in 1953. In the $6,000-$7,500 group the total shot up from 2,547,000 to 6,240,000. Notable gains also were made in brackets from $7,500 on up through $15,000. Part of this Advance reflects a gain of More than seven million in the number of families and individuals earning measurable income. But More importantly it shows the climb of living standards in the United states to new High Levels. It is one More chapter in the continuing american revolution. But the fact remains the dropping of the charges of perjury against Owen Lattimore has t changed anything so far As we Are concerned. We never have believed that he was a full fledged communist. He just Doest like his meat that raw. But the fact remains that he was a principal architect of the american foreign policy which handed China to the communists on a Silver Platter. The commies were just a agrarian reformers in the Lattimore directory. The service thus performed for the communist cause in its quest for world domination have been surpassed by a card Carrier. That fact in t altered by the dropping of the charges in City Globe Gazette. George e. Sokolsky the question of Security 2-Austin daily Herald saturday july 2, 1955 opinions of others who s the hayseed ? one of our new York contemporaries writes just a Little patronizing by of a Young lady from Wyoming who got mixed up in driving across one of the canyons of Manhattan and unintentionally caused a fire engine to strike glance ugly a series of cars moving up or Down the Avenue. Whether it was a Factor in this mashup or not the incident May recall to a number of non new yorkers that quaint even archaic system by which a Driver going up or Down town in Manhattan must peer three or four blocks ahead for a pinpoint of Dull red or Green Light to Tell him whether he May Cross the next Crosstown Street. Americans travel so widely in their cars on pleasure or business that the matter of uniformity in traffic signals and codes is very important. New York is Apt to treat As slightly Hayse Edish any failure of smaller places to keep up with the Pace of Progress but in this Case its officials seem to feel that it does not matter if All the rest of the country is out of step with new York. Other Large cities also May have peculiarities which slightly baffle the Cross country tourist. Several communities in the greater Boston area for example think it sufficient to erect a sign at either end of a thoroughfare of several Miles and omit any designation Between. Chicago had if it does not still have a practice on some major streets of swinging to the right hand Lane to wait for a Chance to make a lefthand turn. Provincialism in traffic regulations is not a monopoly of the a one horse a towns. Some of the biggest cities May examine themselves for instances of it. A Christian science Monitor. On Many questions the real difficulty that faces our government is that we a just up to world War ii our people were not conscious of Security. They assumed that the germans and japanese had spies in this country and that there were a few troublesome anarchists around but generally it was held that an american was always a Loyal citizen no matter How Peculiar his ideas might be then the Harold Ware group appeared on the scene 1934 and the Louie committee on Una Merican activities under rep Martin Dies commenced its investigation of communists fascists and other unusual people. It was not. However until the Alger Hiss Remington and Coplon trials and the trial of the first string communists that americans became conscious of a gnawing evil. Federal state governmental and private agencies appeared on the scene to wipe out this conspiracy. Screwball organa in addition several screwball organs appeared which confused anti semitism anti catholicism anti negro ism anti new realism with anti communism also some it Rooks got into the picture who discovered How to earn a living out of their opposition to communism. Their propaganda was not based on knowledge of marxism it was based on hate. Their profane advocacy of hate made genuine anti marxists ashamed and drove americans into silence because they were unwilling even in a Good cause to be identified with scoundrels. In this group it is wrong to include the Rego gazed informants and the undercover agent who at the risk of their lives and always to their comforts and for thrilling compensation served the Fri the immigration service and various congressional committees As soldiers do on the Field of Battle. Some informants under the stress of opposition and often distressed by an ungrateful government which failed to protect them went sour. At least one was bought off. Sen. Joe Mccarthy s service was to dramatize the Issue. Toward the end of his hearings tired sick. Battered for weeks by the opposition he became entangled in a quarrel with the White House and was struck Down by the full Force of executive Power. This particular quarrel could have been avoided by both sides it had the effect of making Mccarthy and not communism the Issue. As Between Mccarthy and Eisenhower most americans chose Eisenhower. Reds gained courage subsequent to those hearings the communists gained courage and again took the offensive. Many anti communists supported the issues that the communists raised. For instance a great Many professors in universities Felt that in the process of the Battle against communists a general attack on a intellectuals Quot was being launched. The communists cleverly opposed conformity and Many who Are not communists also opposed conformity. This was one of those a big lies a slogans that marxists project so skilfully. It has been successful. The fund for the Republic j which received $15,000,000 from the Ford foundation took up this fight and became a sort of actions committee on the Side of what they Call civil rights. It has worked out to be a defense organization. The fund for the Republic is a private body using tax free Money to do exactly on one Side what it regards As improper for citizens to do on the other Side. It employs investigators and snoopers to discover what Active anti communists have been doing in the fight. What is needed what is needed is a governmental policy on the subject. What Are the precise functions and rights of the Fri How shall its Security be protected what Are the specific functions of the various Security activities of the Federal government and what Are the rights of those who May be suspected of some such activity As Harry Dexter Whites How shall congressional committees conduct their hearings what is the function of the passport office the immigration service the department of Justice in the Security set up suppose a Man is unjustly or spitefully accused by what process does he Clear his name actually today no Swift and Complete Means Are available for such a purpose. A Way was found in the motion picture Industry which produced Good results and was fair All around. It worked Well for three years 1951 to 1954, and then collapsed. The problem of Security is real. The methods have been inadequate and sometimes unjust. A solution must he found because we cannot be without Security in the present confused world yet we must not be unjust to any american citizen. Copyright 1955, King features inc Potpourri Many americans with Pride Devotion and gratitude will Fly the stars and stripes monday in Observance of Independence Day. But it May Surprise you to know we have a group of youngsters in town who for some unexplained reason Are determined to sabotage the flying of the american Flag. They take Vanda Listic Delight in cutting Down ropes used on Flag poles. The other Day they Cut and pulled Down the rope on the 55-foot Flag pole at the Mower county Fairgrounds. They went to great pains to do it for it takes a 12-foot ladder to reach it. They Cut the rope then pulled it Down. The fair will have to Send away for a replacement As it is a special Type of rope costing $15. Also it is a real chore getting the rope up again requiring service of the fire department for its accomplishment. This is the third time Young vandals have thus Cut Down Tho Ropo on Tho Sam 55-foot Flag pole. Last Spring they climbed up into the Fairground bleachers and Cut off the ropes on thro poles. The same thing has happened at other places in the City. It is an act of Gross disrespect to the american Flag sabotaging equipment needed to display it. We have a group of kids who need both some lessons on respect to 1 the stars and stripes and some smarting stripes on their posteriors. A grandmother wins $16,-000 on to by an amazing performance in naming seven Brothers of the biblical Joseph wonder How shed score on the a a beats Quot actually there in t any thing new about men s walking shorts. Englishman in Tho tropics wort Thorn 50 Yoars ago. And that s probably Why today Soma Mon in bermudas look like prosperous rubber planters and others like Down at the Heel beachcombers searching for a stray bottle of Gin. Lawyers of the state got a slight spanking at their state bar Assn. Meeting recently from their president s. In. Gislason. Of new Ulm. He said that while courts Are sometimes blamed for being slow in handling litigation Law yers have a reputation among their clients As procrastinators. But it strikes us that procrastination Isnit necessarily a too per cent evil. Delays by attorneys often make it possible to attain settlements outside of court. We suppose that during an Ordinary court term Here Moe than half of the i cases on the Calendar Are settled without coming to trial and without the expense of a trial a Little delay is often better than Rushing to court. For the mid 20th Century american boy the firecracker has just about burned itself out As a red splutter. Exploding Symbol of Independence Day. In towns big and Little across the land the fourth of july now Means a controlled Community spectacle. A few furtive reports of firecrackers will be heard in Distant places hut it will be nothing like the steady barrage of the bygone generation this is because All except eight states restrict use of fireworks. Also this year for the first time it is illegal to ship fireworks into the 33 states which prohibit their general Sale. There will be less i bootlegging of fireworks this year. Evidence that Progress is being made is that whereas in 1903 there were 466 deaths there was Only one in 1953 and four last year. Because the lbs commentator Winston Burdette voluntary ily admitted that he once served As a communist spy there is a tendency to regard him in some quarters As something of a hero. One of the half dozen countries in which he worked As a spy was i Finland. Perhaps we Haven t the proper quota of forgiveness in our soul but never again will we hear the Burdette voice Over radio without thinking that this Man had a part in keeping Little heroic Finland crushed under the Heel of the ruthless soviet bully. Top Billings at Heaters in Austin a note a three novel Auto a this Messerry wheel car figures in a a prize of Gold a starring Richard Widmark and Mac Wettern. Ai the Paramount wednesday. Embittered detective Kirk Douglas plays a brutal and disillusioned detective while Horace Mcmahon portrays his chief in a detective Story at the outdoor starting thursday. Musical drama a Doris Day and James Cagney As they appear in a love me or leave me a popular film now showing at the Sterling highlighting Glamor and excitement of roaring 20s. Love Story a Jeff Chandler is an Apache Indian Engineer end Jane Russell a socialite who loves him in a Foxfire a starting at the Paramount sunday. Gallant stand a an action thriller. A jump into hell a starting at the Austin sunday tells of the tortuous Battle at Dieni Enshu. Beauty Bath a glamorous Marilyn Monroe is at her Hest in a the seven year itch a Cinema copier adaptation of the smash hit Broadway comedy. It will Start at the Sterling Friday. Outdoor film a James Stewart and Debra Paget Star in a broken popular film which opens at the outdoor theater monday. Tuesday a thursday a they All kissed the Brule Quot starring Juan Crawford and Melvin Dougla. A glimpses of West Germany Quot a a ainu to it aggravating Quot a impossible Possum Quot news. Friday a saturday Quot Cowboy and Senorita starring Roy Rogers Mary i and dab Evans a fish tales a Hie cup Pup Quot a Panther girl of the con go Quot news. I Way drive in sunday the girl next door with Dan Dailey and june Haver a a Magoo a checkup Quot a drinks on the mouse Quot monday a tuesday a broken arrows with James Stewart a fright Day the i a a budget budget a wednesday a steel town Quot with Ann Dan and John Lund a red River Shore Quot with Rex Allen. A hot Rod huckster Quot thursday a saturday a detective Stor it Quot with Kirk Douglas a calling doctor death Quot a hush my mouse a. Milky Waif a Legal notice 13thsheri notice movie Calendar Paramount sunday a tuesday a Fox fire Quot with Jane Russell and Jeff Chandler a a a. S. Service bands Quot a Tel Gaucho goofy Quot and news. Wednesday a saturday a prize of Gold Quot with Richard Widmark a of lying Gau Chito new s. Sterling tonight a thursday a love me or leave me Quot with answer to previous Puzzle Alec great Pmj Quot Quot in if leg always springing some sort of Surprise either pleasantly so or otherwise. To a t tit c pc v pm no p a of fit 31 n v o it i is i a 3 w Len 9 r i s. C in be Quot -1 k s of d i up a Quot in 5 in s n o it 33 ref a Quot v of of 5 x $ in to Quot a Quot Vlf Al e la Quot a a a i i Joel 3 a. It fat Lurn a Quot u 6 i o e in. In quote sick u i it in v its la u Ujj t Quot it in a t "5j Iti u Fiauu a Ufal flu v us a i Doris Day and James Cagney news. Starts Friday a seven year itch Quot with Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell. State sunday a wednesday a blackboard Jungle with Glenn Ford. Annie Frances and Louis Cal Hern a bugs Bunny comedy. Thursday a saturday a Timber Jack Quot with Sterling a Hayden Vera Ralston and David Borcau. Austin sunday a monday a jump into hello starring Jack Sernas Hurt Kasznar and Arnold Moss a Royal mounties a Duck fever Quot news. Legal notice Edgar a. Guest picnics far from the crowded Street to share the Breeze on holidays the families meet beneath the Trees. The cares of age Are put aside. The children play tables and benches occupied the laughter Gay. A picnic the equipment placed where needed then. Just things with which the world is graced by thoughtful men. Table and Bench and grate and fire in Parks displayed thus closer to Mankind a desire the world la made. Order for hearing on petition Fok probate of h ill limiting Timp to Hlf claims and for hearing thereon state of Minnesota. County of Mower w in probate court in re eats to of Kathleen Schottler decedent. Max Elliot Schottler having filed a petition for the probate of the will of said decedent and for the appointment of George Jesse Schottler a executor. Which will la on file in Tala court and open to Lna Pettlon it is ordered. That the hearing thereof be had on the 28th Day of july. 1953. At to of clock a. M. Before Thea court in the probate court room in the court House in a attn. Minnesota and that objections to the allowance of said will of any. Be filed before said time of hearing that the time within which creditors of said decedent May file their claims be limited to four months from the Date Hereof and that the Chalme so filed be heard on the 3rd Day of november. 1955, at to o clock a before this court in the probate court room in the court House in Austin Minnesota and that notice Hereof be Given by publication of Thea order in the Austin Dally Herald and by called notice a provided by Law. Dated july 1st, 1955. Witness the Hon Paul Kimball. Or probate judge Evelyn Morrison probate clerk probate court Seal Baudler a Baudler attorneys for Petitioner a attn. Minnesota fun no 10971 july 1-1-18 order Fok hearing on final account and petition Fok distribution state of Minnesota. County of Mower a. In probate court in re estate of Frank Svejkovsky decedent j the representative of the above i named estate having filed his final a i count and petition for settlement and j allowance thereof and for distribution to the persons thereunto entitled or is ordered. That the hearing thereof be had on the 2ist Day of july. J 1955, at to of clock a m before this i court in the probate court room in the court House in Austin. Minnesota and that notice Hereof be Given by j publication of Thea order in the Austin Dally Herald and by called not e As prov led by Law witness the Hon Paul Kimball or probate judge this Lith Day of 1 june. 1953. Evelyn Morrison. Probate clerk. Probate court Seal Baudler a Baudler attorneys for Petitioner Austin Minnesota i file no 10890. June 25�?july 29 notice of hearing on Extension of drie3ner Street notice is hereby Criven that there has been filed with the undersigned City recorder of the City of a attn. Minnesota a petition lined by owners of property adjacent thereto re i questing the Extension and opening of j Driesner Street Between Elm Street extended South on the West and railway Street on the East. In Austin Minnesota the right is reserved to modify alter or change the manner of said opening or the manner of said Extension of Drle Suer Street As above described and the right is reserved to alter or Chang the proposed Width of Driesner Street of and when opened and extended. The right is also reserved to alter or change the i methods of extending Bald Street Over i and Serosa said property and the above description is merely a general description of the proposed location of extending Driesner Street and is not intended to be binding upon the Council at Thea time said exact method of Extension and the exact dimensions and Width of Driesner Street of extended Are matters that the Council will consider at said hearing of they deem it expedient to extend and open Driesner Street and those Are matters that will be subset i fluently passed upon and determined at the hearing hereinafter mentioned. Notice is further Guven that j said common Council will further consider said petition and will publicly hear All persons interested in said Extension of Driesner Street at a meeting on August 5, 1955, at i of p m in the Council Chambers on East water Street in Austin. Minnesota let this be notice to All interested parties dated june 21, 1953. J h Weiland City recorder june >8�?july 1-6-18 order for he Gring on petition for prod v of of h 111, limiting tim to Mif cd huh and Fok i aking thereon state of Minnesota county a Mower a in probate co try id re is Tat of Henry j it in oreo he. Des Eden me in p of Norrenberg a in flied a petition for the probate of the will of said decedent and for the appoint. Meet of Clara Anna As sex Ulm which will la on Ola in this court Aud open to inspection its ordered inst the beating thereof be had on the 31st Day of july 1955, at to o a Al. Before bus court in the probate court room in the court in a in Austin Minnesota. And that objections to Nae allow stirs f said will of any be flied before said time of hearing that the time within which creditors of said decedent May file their claims be mite l to in r months from the Date Hereof and that the claims so filed be heard on the 24th Day of october. 1953 at to o clock a m. Before this co it in the probate court room in the court Houa in Austin. Minnesota and that notice Here. F be Given by publication of this order in the Austin Dally hers.3 and by called notice As provided by Taw dated june 23rd. 1933 Evelyn Morrison probate clerk probate court of Ali Baudler a Baudler. Attorneys for Petitioner Austin Minnesota file no 10969 june 25�?julv 1-9 8description Katis single of of at new dealers and Street sties. I pm rotes delivery la Saitia per week. Carrier delivery. I my 2 wee. 8 18 one year. 18 29 it Mahy fone i de leery in Post office within is Anglia radius of austins payable in Advance. One month. I 1.11 til Roe months. Sit in months. I 5# Ona year. To 98 mail fone i deliver in Post office outside id Miles radius of Austin but within in Miles parable to Advance per week it three months. Iso six months. 8 of out year. H.90 mail ail other font deliver in Post office Over 160 Miles radius of austins payable to Advance per week a i six month. In one year. Ii m Noti zone i Rote will apply for subscription service going to service personnel in u. S. And armed forces in Oil oreos served through Apo Ond no. When moving pie Call so Herald office 8831�?giving your Chang in address. The her Ald is on Salb at Iii following Flach Austin Candy co. 218 n. Main St. Austin hotel. Chatham and Bridge East bide pharmacy. Water and railway pox hotel. Main and water Holtz pharmacy main and water Lane s pharmacy. 400 n main Lucy a cafe. Us n main St nemits Clear store 415 n main St. Newa stand. Poet office Peoples drug Fedor 203 n main St k o Wold drug co., Mala and Bridge 8ta Hamilton Caf. Des tee

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