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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 1

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Austin, Minnesota The Westbe occasional thunderstorms tonight sunday partly Cloudy cooler tonight Ond sunday Low tonight 60. Austin daily Herald vol. Xiv a no. 2 single copy 6c Austin Minn., saturday july 2, 1955 member associated press 1955 City traffic accidents. 402 injuries. 37 fatalities. None damage .$56 324 12 pages Chile Calls reserves in emergency Public services paralysed by strike of 60,000 by Carlos Barry Santiago Chile we Interior minister Osvildo Koch has predicted an end today of the strike by 60.000 government Public service employees which has forced a state of emergency in parts of Chile. After a Long conference last night with strike leaders Koch said he was confident a Friendly settlement would be reached today. But the government still ordered Reserve troops to Active duty re enforcing local garrisons. W0� boosts demanded president Carlos Ibanez declared the emergency yesterday when workers in the government owned railway Streetcar and bus systems and postal and Telegraph departments walked out demanding wage increases and extra compensation to offset rising living costs. The president s decree covered four states and sections of several others placing a1 the nations Industrial areas under military control. Some trains were operated by soldiers but the internal Telegraph service and All postal serv ices were paralysed. Privately owned buses continued operating. General strike threatened the chilean Central labor Union threatened a general strike in support of the government employ is the strikers demanded Matching that in private Indus tries. This would Cost the government 29 billion pesos. Also a ked Are Cost of living bonuses which would mean another 12 billion pesos from the government treas wry. The free Market rate of the peso is 630 to the Dollar. The government had before con j Greys a Bill to compensate workers for inflation losses but it was withdrawn by Ibanez when the strike was called its appropriations would have boosted Chiles budget deficiency for the first seven months of this year to about 70 billion pesos. 32deaths steel Mills set to Roll so far for fir la 4thholiday Copper strike still on a Semi truck did this a careening Semi truck crashed into the Spring Valley Home of or. And mrs. Lawrence Oviatt and yet mrs Oviatt and a Friend mrs. Zelma younger Byron escaped injury. The truck which rolled Down the Hill thursday afternoon knocked a i moot Hole in the South Side of the House debris from the Wall landed on the Davenport where mrs. Younger was sitting. She moved and avoided injury. Mrs. Oviatt was sitting in another part of the room. The top picture shows the exterior of the House and in toe lower picture or. And mrs Oviatt Point out the damage. 380 expected to die on roads during weekend by the associated press Only a scattered number of accidental violent deaths were reported today As the nations three Day Celebration of the fourth of july Holiday got under Way. In the first 12-hour period since the Holiday weekend began 6 . Local time Friday 32 deaths had b in reported. These included 19 fam traffic accidents 7 from drownings and 6 from miscellaneous causes. The National safety Council has estimated that 380 persons will be killed in Highway accidents by monday Midnight. Drownings and violent deaths from miscellaneous causes will swell the toll. 623 last year the three Day fourth of july Holiday last year took an Overall toll of 623 lives�?348 in traffic 192 drownings and 83 in other Acci-1 dents including four fireworks deaths the record Overall toll for any Independence Day Holiday period was set in the four Day Holiday in 1950 when 792 perished. Highways jammed the National safety Council estimates that 40 million automobiles will be on the highways during the Holiday period the period of great-1 est peril is near the end. When motorists tired for in hours of travel Are returning Home on crowded highways. Fireworks deaths have dwindled sharply in recent years. Various states prohibit their Sale. In 1903. Fireworks killed 466 persons and injured 3.983. Reminder a the a in a hurry Driver is a menace of everyone on the Road. That a Why Federal state and City officials Are endorsing the a slow Down and live a Campaign. Appeals helped some Over the memorial Day Holiday Hope is that the plea this weekend will be even More effective. State records 6 fatalities on Holiday eve Council Grants All of pinball licenses to Austin sales co. Austin councilmen granted All of a motion to Grant Jelinek a setting Jelinek. Said a is there any the City s too pinball licenses to the plication for 30 machines was Chance of finding out Why Jelinek Austin sales co. Friday night and made by Alderman Johnson when did no to get the License a turned Down the two other apply the subject came up. But his to a Jjelinek knows that in his own More of same forecast after 1.86-Inch rain the Weatherman says there will he More of the same occasional thundershowers like the i 86 inches that fell in Austin Friday night rainfall in grand Meadow was i is inches and in Spring Valley the Libby gauge showed 1.75 inches while 2la inches were measured at the Raymond Kumm farm one half mile East of Spring Valley. The Only serious storm loss was reported in the Spring Valley area. A Bam on the Lloyd and Melvin fast old farm was destroyed by fire about 2 a in. The Blaze was apparently caused by lightning. I Alvia Baudler Secretary of Mower Ltd unto insurance co. Said he re at Minnetonka train kills 2 youths sleeping on tracks Roger Moeller son mrs. Palmer c. Moeller and Donald running son of or. And mrs. Arnold running route 3. Hopkins. They were killed at 6 to a in by a Minneapolis a St. Loin passenger train bound for the twin cities from Watertown s d. Officers were told the boys had revived no Large claims although been out All night and apparently some Small claims for radios were tried to gain admittance to a filed. A slumber party of six teen age Oats were beaten Down both in girl at the Home of or and mrs. The Austin and Spring Valley areas Norman White of Hopkins hut no Hail damage was reported the Home on Minnetonka Boule to the Extension office Vard is directly opposite the spot rain came Down by the buckets where the boys were killed Ful in some areas and one Inch fell they appeared in the White Yard within a 20 minute period at Spring about Daylight talked to the Valley. Kids for a few minutes and then there Mas no storm damage i at mrs. White s direction reported in the City although a few a the sleeping bag looked like an twigs and limbs were scattered in old piece of tar paper a said Engi the Street. Neer Joe h. Clasen of the three with the predicted occasional j unit diesel train. A we hit it at thundershowers tonight there will about 45 Miles an he decreasing cloudiness East. Sun there was no explanation As to Day will be mostly fair with the Why the boys had ramped Between Chance of rain diminishing. The tracks. Both of them lived in Minneapolis Jbv two 14 year the area and knew the trackage old boys were run Over and killed was in regular use. Today by a passenger train As they the bodies dragged about too Clarence Lay sleeping Between the tracks feet were badly mangled. Children. In suburban Minnetonka township. Clasen said his train rounded the authorities reported the 14-year renewal of Iii 30 machine the youths apparently sleeping curve just ahead of the boys. Old car driven by Hardy Over in a single beeping bag were a i have stopped if we d turned As he attempted to pass the of or and known what it he said a it Cir driven by his brother William. Car. 4to on died when none of the Alder mind a said mayor Hansen. A i discussion of the controversial Man offered a second. With no oth done to think it serves the Best in pm Alj question took a novel turn or motion forthcoming the coun Terest of those involved to discuss when mayor Baldy Hansen invoke cil decided to go into executive it Here. My an obscure ordinance provi session. A this is not a hearing it is the Sion threatened to Fine Alderman declaring that he would not go prerogative of the Council to Grant Friday. One drowning and one Pauj Johnson $10 unless he at into executive session. Johnson the licenses to those the Council traffic death were included in the tended the Council s executive ses Caid a think we be discussed it believes will Best serve the inter Slon enough. It appears to be a big Fel esl be Cut it motion for Jelinek Dios Low against a Little fellow and in a withdraws question until Friday night the Austin in favor of the Little fellow. Meany asked a would monopoly sales co. Operated by William 0f the councilmen but John be the Best interest of the City Quot Hanf held a License for Dis Tribu son walked out of the Chambers but Meany withdrew his question Tion of 70 pinball machines while into the adjoining room for their stating he was out of order in Gopher sales. Faribault was lie session. However they returned having raised it. Ended for 30 machines. The coun a few minutes later with the May attorney k. K. Mcmillan recoil hid before it an application a a it explaining there was a question presenting Gopher sales pointed by Eugene Jelinek Austin for 30 0f whether the Council could leg out that two of the aldermen were machines one from Gopher sales Kajjy Ieav a the Chambers for an sex absent and asked whether the by the associated press traffic accidents and drownings took six lives in Minnesota late and Dud Holiday weekend toll which was started at 6 p in an old car filled with to residents of the red Lake Indian reservation rolled Over on a Road near Ponemah killing mrs. Gilbert Rosebear 18 injured were husband about 40. Or. And mrs. Everett Cloud and or. And mrs. Hardy and their four and eked like some tar paper across mrs. Myrtle Varnun Richville the tracks. We get a lot of that Minn., about 60, was killed when when there s a wind. Her car and a truck collided at the Engineer said the train went an intersection in Perham the Over the sleeping bag. And from truck Driver Steve Serbu Edmon the sound of the Impact he de to a Canada was not Hurt cited to take a look the Barnum car travelled about a request by the Austin sales for too the ordinance limits the machines to too. Ecu Tive session. The Chambers councils action would take a a were then cleared of spectators recalls 1873 ordinance when Johnson started to leave Joritz of All aldermen rather than a majority of those present. City attorney r. A. Dunnette Ike Mamie relax in Maryland mountains mayor loosen said he would be said that in has a prion the m0tl0d fined $10 if he did no to stay for the was a Gal. Clasen and conductor Ben Bortz walked Hack up the track and found the bodies. They called authorities 90 feet after the Impact then crashed into a new car parked in front of the Bauch company garage the new car then Wert ahead Camp David. My president and mrs. I a the Eisenhower session. The mayor pointed out that there was an ordinance that prohibited members of the Council from leaving the Council rooms during a session without Permis Are in the mountains of Maryland Ion and provided $10 Fine. For the fourth of july weekend. I the ordinance is one adopted ,. They celebrated their 39th wed by the Council Back in 1873. As the victim were classmates at be i a b�la1m? Ding anniversary yesterday with far As it known this ordinance a picnic for the White House staff has never been invoked at least at their farm Home at Gettysburg if Hast in modern times pa., and then drove to Camp a Johnson remained with the coun Vid in the Cato tin mountains for after an hour the Council the remainder of the Holiday. With came out of executive session them were six couples. Burwell Choel Al Minnetonka p01 the port mashed through a Mills they were close friends and a How of the garage often camped tog thee. The spot drowning Tot four live. Where they were kilted is opposite Kuth inc Wilson a Grassy Clearing Ideal for camping site. Fatalities continued on Page la floors up a a heavy thud senator issues statement takes times word on alleged violation Washington up sen East land a miss says he accepts the new York times word that no Security violation was involved in its publication of a Story during the korean War that the . Air Force was using f86 Sabre jets. Eastland chairman of the Senate internal Security subcommittee said late yesterday the group never has made a any such charge a but that a i am glad to make this statement in the interest of Complete written in 1950 the Story was written in 19.50 by Charles Grutzner a times reporter who acknowledged at a subcommittee Public hearing thursday that he had been a communist party member from 1937 to 1940 Grutzner was among a dozen for Mer employees of the now defunct Brooklyn Eagle who were named by lbs newsman Winston m. Burdett As people he knew As fellow-1 communists in 1937-1940. Grutzner testified he became fed up with communism and quit just before joining the times staff. Cleared for publication Eastland indicated in his questioning of Grutzner he Felt that the Story disclosing . Sabre Jet planes were in action in Korea had been helpful to the communists but the newsman and the times said the Pentagon had cleared it for publication. Eastland a statement yesterday said the subcommittee has been informed by the defense depart probe continued on Page la july freeze nips Montana by the associated press warm and humid weather continued unbroken Over the Eastern half of the nation saturday Al though the Western great lakes cooled off somewhat. Early morning temperatures in the 70s or Low 80s were the Rule i am making that motion because rom be Mississippi River to the of certain circumstances and con Atlantic Ocean editions involved a he said. Alder contrast a july freeze nipped Man George Dugan seconded the the Mountain area of Montana motion. With Mullen pass reporting a on Rol Call aldermen Ernest frosty 32. At the same hour Jacob Diederich and Dugan voted Needles. Calif., recorded a brow for the motion while aldermen dampening 85. Wayne Austin and Johnson were thundershowers crackled Over opposed. Two of the aldermen the upper Mississippi Valley. Jerry Lund and Charles Jones showers or thundershowers also were absent. Sprinkled the great lakes and mid attorney Thomas Meany repro Mississippi Valley. U. S. Steel announces Price boost by the associated press the nations steel Mills made ready today for an Early resumption of operations but Hopes faded for Quick settlement of a strike against three of the nation s largest Copper producers. The shortest steel strike in the Industry a history ended yesterday when . Steel signed a contract i with the Cio United steelworkers ending a 12-hour walkout. Within hours All the Industry s a big six producers had signed up. I the Union got slightly More than 1.5 cents an hour wage boost. Before the raise the workers had i averaged $2 33 an hour. Others to follow suit . Steel announced after the settlement it is boosting prices about $7.50 a ton and other producers Are expected to follow suit. In Denver a spokesman for the International Union of mine Mill a smelter workers expressed doubt that differences which led to a strike against three of the nations major Copper producers could be ironed out before late next week. He said bargaining sessions had been recessed at Butte Mont. Miami anz., and Salt Lake City and that negotiators for both sides probably would study counter proposals Over the weekend and meet for full scale discussions tuesday. Mines affected affected by the strike Are plants and mines operated by the american smelting a refining co., Phelps Dodge corp., and Kenne Cott Copper corp. Employees stayed on the Job at the Anaconda co., the other of the a big four producers. The a big four a employees an estimated 50,000 to 60.000 Union members who Are seeking a to cents hourly wage hike plus fringe benefits. Current wages wages for underground miners now Are $14 87 to $15.77 for an eight hour Day and $13 64 to $14 40 for common labourers. Strikes of bus and Streetcar operators went into their second Day in Washington. D.c., and Buffalo n y. A transit strike went into its 12th Day in los Angeles. However a threatened strike against the railway express Agency was averted at least 30 Days last night when president Eisenhower appointed an emergency Board to look into a wage dispute Between the company and the Al teamsters Union. Teamsters strike another teamsters strike tha has curtailed motor freight move ment in new England continued. Six pickets three of them women were arrested in Milwaukee yesterday after a clash with police at the strike bound Appleton electric co. Foundry in suburban South Milwaukee. The motion to Grant All of the licenses to Austin sales was made by Alderman Ernest Diederich probe fatal shooting after drinking party Virginia Minn. Up Bruno Hakala 41, of the Rural Zim area was shot to death Friday night after what authorities said was an All Day drinking party. Deputy sheriff c. P. Murphy said Frank Jarvisto 66, at whose Home near Makinen the shooting took place was held without charge for questioning. Murphy said Jarvisto was in a stupor when authorities were called to his Home about 13 Miles Southeast of Here and was not Able to make a Clear statement. Murphy added the men had been drinking All Day. Hakala died of a Bullet through the neck shortly after he was shot about 6 . I Al lift the curtain comes Down. It no a amp Agoti actress 47, Dies on stage policemen covers body of woman identified As mrs. Doris Blake 35, Wantagh n.y., on 32nd floor setback of the cities service skyscraper at 70 Pine St. In Manhattan a downtown financial District yesterday. Mrs. Blake a Mother of two children thwarted in one attempt to leap from a tall office building killed herself on a second try police said. Woolworth building is tall building at left. Federal courthouse is building at extreme right. Second from right is the municipal building. A w in e p h o to los Angeles Veteran Broadway actress Isabel Bonner died last night in the midst of a scene on the stage of the Carthay j Circle theater. The curtain was rung Down immediately. The audience at the theater where she was playing the female Lead in a the Shrike did no to know what had happened until stage manager Henry staudigl told them she was dead. Miss Bonner was 47. Staudigl said he believed a heart attack caused her death. A postmortem examination to determine the cause will be made today the Cor Oner s office said. She was playing a Hospital scene j with male Lead Dane Clark in the j first act when she suddenly fell Forward on the bed where Clark was supposed to be a patient. Clark leaned Forward and put his Arm around her. Quot Ann speak to me a he interpolated into the dialogue. A is something the matter what a wrong Darling i love then he realized something was wrong. He turned to the wings and said Money refunded a bring Down the Many in the theater thought it was part of the play. Then staudigl appeared and told the audience its Money would be refunded. A the Shrike has Only two More performances to play in its los Angeles run. Understudy Edith Reis Merin will play miss Bonner a role in two shows today. Miss Bonner played the part of Ann Downs an Overly possessive wife in the los Angeles product Hon. On Broadway and in the stir unreleased film version she play the part of a woman psychiatrist. Her husband. Joseph Kramm i the author of the play. He mad plans to Fly Here from new York after he was told of miss Bonner death. Broadway Tataran an ambulance and a fire department Rescue squad were summoned to the theater after she collapsed but were unable to revive the actress. Miss Bonner was a Veteran of Many top Broadway plays appeared in new York television dramas and was an actress in the radio serials a Nora Drake a and

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