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Atlantic News Telegraph Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 4

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Atlantic News Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Atlantic, Iowa In path b5c faiths years and for be 60c press republication Hes credited to it credited in this late dil ocal news pub lying be mockers to tie news get their a i can have same by the will Cah before in phone red prove number of comp ii the set this and i with All alliances Tang if the democratic he National housing Cor Goa sized build it had most of it was tip prohibited the Der Sivate architects Vaid to Aras w5j fifty one Archi 9ormitories 5n paying or fat bed free a poultry Imp any for old Rpu wore lust nor can to helped and to save fine1 e new Ite s you Send us to cleaned credit your rant wit i a Isar suits of these representative dem v it was a profligate waste of in the dormitories the dormitories for War workers in a architect was paid for de signing twelve Small practically All of them and of the o also on his Ilia Evott head that Dollar pm jul for got in their the govern Rilent just nobody seems to in efficiency reached its highest on this the Fuller company got a commission of to build these twelve also a Plant rent al of also in rent for seven double saws although they Cost Only also a rental of on six swing saws that were at Only als of rental of on three Concrete mixers valued at the contractor charged the government per hour for trucks for which he paid the total profit to him was on this one to hang the blinds on one building Cost per it is alleged these dormitories Cost More for planning and supervision than for any the Cost per suited to one was after the same extravagance a miss James was made manager of the furnished free with a suite of rooms and and was paid lest she should work too she was Given a private who was paid lest the Secretary should work too she was provided with a who got a head bookkeeper who was paid four assistant bookkeepers who were paid in the administration began to erect houses when the armistice was it went ahead and completed them at a Cost of in Philadel building project had just barely started at the time of the but it was completed at a and then the houses were sold to real estate speculators at a straight loss of this housing corporation with out any authority of Law Lent 000 to a water Supply company of this was at the re quest of the housing corporations chief who had theretofore twice been a paid expert witness for the water after Congress told e go out 6f but it refused to go and responded by raising the salaries of its offi who listed As an on dormitory equip that his salary raised from to of course he had to have an assistant and he got one at Sal Ary of and All this took place when there were no dormitories Tobe built and none to be equip Ped after that in any statement of democratic a word must be said regard no the shipping although a look would be necessary to Tell the whole scandalous Story of the of the totally of the put to useless wooden ships which the administration iad Een informed in Advance would be and finally of the administrations Effort to sell for bib Oil Ine in never planned actually to take Pari in the they expected somehow to Settle the War by lending Neve Toje nations of Europe with Wil sons fluent pen and ready for almost a made no adequate provisions to equip a great it Wasi already when the democratic chairman of the Senate committee on military desperation has ceased Hight said Gtna it except to Lay its hands on build Camps and fill the with thus it that when the necessity of real fighting became there was precipitated in confusion upon this nation a sickening Burden of and financial it is explained by the he ministrations silly socialistic prejudice in favor of government owner ship and the factories and foundries of the United states had been the Arsenal of the allies for but they were privately owned administration set out to Makems Ovyn build its own invent its own devise its own manage its own everywhere left a Trail of waste and but explain All this now it is past and gone what Good purpose does the exposure serve today just the democratic party which perpetrated these outrages up on the american now has the embalmed impudence in the face of its record to Call upon the nation to retain it in Power and to enable under the Mere alias of Cox and to As far As in it the devastating policies and practices of Woodrow Wilsons and Point Sis Wei rippling rhymes by Walt Mason the sex wat orc Tock 478 000 the great Fleet of German ships which had been valued by the ship Ping boards own expert at this is part of the record of the democracy in the great not for the record is too Long and atrocious to be Given in it would stagger the imag Nuti Nfn and Dumound the Umler there is nothing Lile it n government since government be of the col act Cal in Nineteen at least lie third was probably a sum Between and was taken from one part of the Natian and Given to another part of the nation without any into Wigent Pur pose to use it in prosecuting the never before was there such a conscription of a nations Nev or before such a Transfer of private How is this to be planned it is explained by the utter incapacity of the democrats to handle the great business of govern in european histories one finds an old joke that was levelled at the Rotten est government Europe Ever a financier and so they chose dancing master the democrats needed a commandore chief and so they chose a College professor needed a of War and so they chose a pacifist needed a Secretary of Navy and so they chose publisher needed a Secretary of the Treasury and so Thuiy chose a there is the administration that democrats gave the american a private business could not live under such management six months and the nations business is a thousand times More complicated it is explained by the hesitation and delay of the administration in the first year of the careful i drive my car with jealous All Laws and statutes and Only pause anon to swear when Balky valves need i drive old fashioned As though a Speed cop fearing i honk my Horn when danger signs before me Aie i put my hand out when id so those behind my know and doubtless they Gol Dern but Hes cautious poet twelve Miles an hour is what i hit when i go Forth to travel my wheels dont fill the air with or throw up chunks of a Man so must Dodge All kinds of danger Butone is Crip pled every and that Pilgrim Day after Day they bring me Home to with compound fractures in my and organs shot to Speed fiends go their crazy ways and still go faster the Reck less Drivers spend their Days in nor know but who follow All the am de foi1 daily Slaughter and when my present poultice put on one that by George Matthew w westernmost Cape Washington the farthest Small detached land area of Northern Minnesota 23 g 9 g Wie b Cape the Florida keys extend farther data determined and compiled by the surver contains some interesting facts generally some of these the of the United Square the land area1 is Square the water exclusive of the great the the Pacific and the Gulf of within the three mile is Square from the easternmost West Quaddy due West to the Paci fic the distance is the shortest distance frown Atlan tic Between Points near and Sav is the Canadian Boundary is one i snakes and over1 Varto iia Waji or cases successfully Yth Brunton lancet and permanganate but1 it Miles the mexican Miles Boundary is the Atlantic coast line is Miles the Pacific coast line is Miles the Gulf of Mexico coast line is Miles if transposed directly would extend from new York City to Indiana with Havana farther West than the Panama canal is due South of than is farther West from the old files thirty five years ago september a Large crowd heard the speeches of congressmen Hull and Dolliver it the Cass county fair grounds yesterday the German Aid society will give a dance on the evening of the Fussell and daughter of mount Are visiting in the i Willmm Cool and his John will leave for the West next week in quest of a sheep sons of civil War veterans will meet this meeting at the Hall for the purpose of organizing a Franklin goes this week to Nebraske to visit the Burke has been returned to the pastorate of the methodist Church Here for another today Corn Oats hogs fifteen years ago v september George Harrison has been appointed a lady at the court of the Queen of the carnival mrs Nile of is visiting Here Home of her and miss Mary Hopley of Lewis left today Homes to enter col i Wilcox had his foot mashed at the Hunter Iron when a heavy piece of Iron fell upon the National with the Cav Alry troop from Des will put on a Sham Battle at the fail next v Levi Downs returned today from a trip to his ranch in i in Fulton fifth Chestnut of notice to sealed bids will be received at the office of the county Atlan october and opened at that for Miles of straightening of seven Stile Creek and its Tribit sties in and Noble of Cash plans and specifications May be seen at the above a certified Check for old of iof twelve ditches for the As i Ahi moving Ltd a Alifornia i will sell at Public auction on 1920rat Blalock at 301 Elm our household and Kitchen furniture j one Oak parlor 3 bed room suites dining chairs dining table Kitchen Cabinet 3burner Oil stove one Good Rug and a lot of other things numerous t big Cut in deduction of 33 cent in the Price of manufactured goods was announce in today by the manufacturing com palsy of this fear that the Cotton already unsettled because of heavy cancellation might reach a condition similar to that which has forced the closing of the Woolen is Given in the announcement As the rea8 son for the Price Guthrie a Guthrie county has lost 1124 in according to the official just it has say the latest v 7 charac diamonds s a in value is arid More people Are becoming mond Fitje of Colel anyone wearing a Cole Cir Ley Cole bp21 made payable shall be filed which1 in the Case of the bidder receiving the shall be forfeited drainage District should execute a and file an acceptance Bond within 15 Days after the acceptance of his in Ance with the provisions of chapter 347 of the 38th general Assembly of All bids muscle on the regular form furnished by the drainage Dis sealed anti no bid will be considered which contains a clause in which the contractor re serves the right to accept or reject a contract awarded Nimby the the Board of supervisors reserves the right to to reject any or All tenders will face received on the 1343000 Section 2 work on no shall com Mence not late than and be completed by january work on each lateral of Section 2 shall riot later than 30 Days following the completion of he main dip that the of the jew be within Days of time of Bounty 2th23 snakes kill Many throughout India toll of is still very deaths Beasl increasing in num w if our interest consists in getting to of Lii through no Are Able to choir of the Otto Una need at of frown to India tribute of Humn life to in the number of deaths from Snake wild Ani Mals St bodily increased during he last few a fact which has seen attributed to the great the rising Waters Hava driven the serpents put of the i wands up into he and diminished through drowning the sup ply of the larger according to the latest annual ures 65 persons were wiled by 26 by 109 by 351 by 818 853 other in Ludi no less i can a january simile do al fur hats with leather All colors

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