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Atlantic News Telegraph Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 3

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Atlantic News Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Atlantic, Iowa Lifis wors has porn oppression so Broye and except where the to Garrison i City if i is to Toland Wal saws people Are of As deeper which Toov in a fifty where the Jap esome tragedies have at recently As the years of our own tie army mowed of Aljen Jand women tin singing heir Are an every of tort it by Alteo hundreds in arched tie no Trail to spirit he one a for the chess of of pinned to Rebl Zucally nop for evenpoiaria3 name was expunged from All official russian rec vied with Fprd capitals in particularly in trade1 Fand in literature plough Warsaw betrayed none of the Grimness characteristic of russian Remski Dervos her bygone glories and tragedies were Tobe found even before the world War restored her a in the Lazy enl gardens is a Monu ment to John who the Advance of the turks in a figure As picturesque As Paderewski who sees his land a Barrier to Bol Shell Sims Westward it was in that a turkish Force had thrown itself in Crescent formation around i the Encan pent was no less i threatening because it resembled a Clr Cus rather than a with its herds luxurious tents with Baths and parrots within and foun jains v i mighty Everts often hinge on Slen he slotted Austria emperor across him As but sob Iesals Hesi tit Fri to have vanished when that the French ambassador written to Louis who rather hoped for the worst for aus dont trouble Sobieski is too fat to on a horse and the fat Rode his Charger into the helping hew his Ajjie grand Viz Ler the Battle handed dignitary stirrups an the take it to to whom itj3eipngedi Defeated and be enough of students left the Midland when be Cariie this and entered mid lit fid College some could speak Herr Jay at a hoi told amusing incident of those and the path boys Lasister i must he them under stand that 1 could not talk a pleasant guest at me i need say deftly one thing if any of the girls o talk to me the sentence say and i practice Idu vips i a Bung Dpi to me Someth nit in of could but much practice i Jip Jather pleased when it in Gisli must to Grant township August Daugh Margery Moore and Grant a Donald to Leon Whitney september a to Scott and Mas a make no mistake if thou place your order with t h e wll Kew Monument l exclusive Ryde Fig meal a perfect of land in mall ii another Tyoung Lody the i came and in r healthy to in to n Nln inh Fruh Obten follow lip atom i i h i t t j to tradition years had elapsed before the flood and in the year of the flood the god Bel revealed to Xiste turns Corre to the hebrew Noah in a dream that there would he a great of Rahv Dexl that All the people 61 the Earth w6uld be destroyed by a flood of Del bade says a Bury All written rec ords in the cloy of the and build a ship and embark in it with his nearest on the great Ocean of Waters Pisut ulrus and his col ony were overcome with it is re ported thai for six Days a storm raged and on the seventh it abated and the sea began to after land Irea hed Els uterus offered sacrifices to the gods and then disappeared with his wife and daughter and the architect of the his other compan ions were searching for it is his voice called out of the air and told them that gods had carried him for his piety and that they were to dig up the Boa tent sip Para and give them to might be one in theory but was very sure As to conclusion which would be drawn by Only two months had been everything had seamed so Bright and Fali v but marriage had removed Gilt from the Gingerbread and Donald and tils wife realized that they were mis each had very decided Opin ions and tried to enforce them on the in other they quarrelled the at last Donald Felt he Benld stand t no so he went to the minis Ter who had performed the marriage ceremony and demanded that he re verse the process and separate them in sorry to hear this account of your the minister said but i cant separate you you two Are now is it replied Donald scorn if be wis Tae Poss Oor Hoose about nine in the youd Shafray think there was mar like a Dluzen o some it was a Beautiful Little the House was but and the Garden Lovely with Flowers and fruit and vegetables and and and the surrounding country matched it for however did you get sufi a Fine House asked the Friend after the Host had proudly shown him round it was this said the Host casting a cautious look around to where1 the inspecting no condemning the gardeners work ithe property was for so i brought Joiy wife to see when she had looked round Anil the and admired the views from the i asked her what she thought of she re it is so pretty it leaves me speechless Earl Montgomery physician and surgeon 78 Black must los had special training in nose and Throat Mutual Benefit building Tjo Croft is special attention to xray office first door West of Oransky 1 West fifth telephones office reside Rice Green 504 All Given prompt attention pay Campbell and office Gillespie building office phone residence phones Campbell Black 138 Cullison Black 466 Barnett physician and surgeon successor to Thompson office phone 399fresidence phone Black 517 Iowa Boorman lawyer special attention to probate matters wills written estates settled practice in a Charles Kubb abstract and Law office of title defective titles Legal opinions furnished office Gillespie Wood Savery successors to John Wood w 8avery attorney at Law conveyances a specially sixth and Chestnut streets Herbert of title a specially real estate East fifth Street Clovis Swan Law offices 4 East sixth Street and income tax probate matters a general Law business transacted splendid family Reed Marrable chemists of is exactly toned Dis has Beeri strength and pal 100 sold by you without genuine Labora of labelled Kello three Siz Sciola w county reside siberian exports according to a dispatch from a committee has been formed to prepare energetically for the open ing of navigation in the of and yen isei raw materials valued at Are being concentrated for comprising Squir Rel pieces of various pounds of various tons tons of besides linseed unseen and other raw the first portion is estimated at tons and efforts will be made to increase the second and girl seeks forestry miss Mildred n student at Oregon agricultural so far As the records the first woman o make application for civil service examination the position of Graz no assistant in the United states for the position is one re Lulu eng experience handling Stock on the our Friend has expressed himself of emphatically on one or two sub acts to have a Chance at a Candy commented senator he int even a dark Hes a Obby tobacco firm employs tobacco Moji fac in cars in Manila employs and out every year More an cigars Tri addition to urge quantities of cigarettes and Cut the of give Luethe Man who sings at his work i said the replied Farmer Corn tossed is All right for a Man to sing it his unless he insists on san gang him we old codger is an old fashion int to Jle sure agreed poll Lefers to oui que us uie weaker Deer i Jln Meer Junta numerous in nor pc j s i t Thomas Byrnes physician and Surgeo i 3 and 4 Oransky 506 Olive Street Green 365 Green Cockshoot Cockshoot attorneys Law income tax and collection room i Orasky Iowa Fps Griffith and jewelry and promptly Griffith gift shop of Quality jewelry death of occurred monday Home of her Dat after Bolt had lil of Sciola and Villa half a three sons and 1 several Brothers the second taxes is i 1st Transfer truck work a specially All kinds of Transfer business phone Peacock Baxter successors to Winne t Burdette Roland licensed embalmer furniture and undertaking night 218 Black Black Burnea wholesale and retail department largest and Best line of tobacco and cigars in Western attention Given All 6tb Atlantic r a s Lang will cry anywhere in Cass adjoining counties 501 Elm Street phone Black 385 Osbor Tomlinson funeral 313 Chestnut office phone a397 residence b397 deceiving connection with Chapel Tomlinson funeral director and embalmer phone Green 317 Hearte and ambulance service tunes As loner j j Yoor try whom sep fund such Coltor to Giffen and undertaking embalmer funeral director 169 Nigul 431 Arthur Vou Hij director and x licenae4 embalmer phone red 499 no 13 Lota leave j leave Ostegu Alwill sanitarium Melenbacker and Chubb

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