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Athens Messenger Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Athens, Ohio The weather part Cloudy tonight Friday probably showers but somewhat lower Fin Rte fresh association full leased wire Telegraph news report carried daily. A he Athens world news Home news that s what you want a news for and you get both in in messenger. Vol. . 259.Athens, Ohio thursday september 23,1920. Single copy three slashing follows Ford s reduction Lack War Clouds hanging Low Over Ireland big firms show. Way to others a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a hot one Canton o., sept. 23.�? Henry Ford will not stand for a raise tire prices for his automobiles. The famous Detroit manufacturer made this statement Here today while a tour manufacturing plants in this Section. A if tire builders raise prices i can finance an Independent company and make them myself a said Ford. A the time has arrived for a downward trend prices but not for a decrease in the scale he said. A a a a a a a a a a a a Chicago sept 23.�?Price cuts from ten to Twenty per cent Many lines merchandise Are shown in newly issued catalogues Sears Roebuck and company and Montgomery Ward and company. Reductions effective immediately follow close announcement by Henry Ford that he had lowered prices his automobiles to pre War Levels. Muslims Cambric sheeting and Poppins Lead the list Staples reduced by the two Large Chicago mail order houses. Cuts in menus and women a clothes also were announced. Standard dress goods reduced in Price will not go Back to High Levels officials the companies said. Furniture Down reduction 25 per cent in furn iture were announced. Quot furniture was profiteers a to death a a. W. Goess Montgomery Ward and company said. Shoe prices also were Cut. Prices food were not affected but the announcement said sugar would Tumble following the annual Canning season. Eats profiteers a co incidental a War a High prices restaurants was ordered today by r. Y. Poole Secretary the City Council committee living costs. The manager the hotel Lasalle was to be asked today to explain prices charged in the hotel restaurants. Other eating places in Chicago Are charging too per cent More than the Cost Price Poole said. Married 5 Days wants a divorce Ida von Claussen. Ida von Cia Ossea new York who was married in Reno Nevada september 9 to capt Raymond la. Mayberry an actor los Angeles started an action five Days later for annulment. She charges that Captain Mayberry not Only married her for her Money but has refused to live i h a lower prices soon Cleveland sept. 23.�?lower prices All commodities May be expected to follow the action Henry Ford in reducing the Price his automobile e. R. Fancier. Governor the Federal Reserve Bank the Cleveland District and . Or. C. Roueche fair Price commissioner Here said today. A a Ford a action will probably be Felt in every line a . Roueche said a this action indicates that there is a general feeling among manufacturers All lines commodities that the time for a readjustment prices is at drop must come Fancher said that while the actual effect the Price reduction is not easily discernible at this time it was his opinion that other commodities could not avoid reflecting the drop. A anything the character reductions like Ford s has an influence to bring Down prices commodities and is a Good thing a he said. Washington sept. 23�?a general Price reduction Many necessities will be forced by the action Henry Ford in cutting Down prices autos William m. Lewis Treasury department economist said today. Lewis also said slashing All Auto prices will be another result Fords action. As examples some commodities which May be forced Down in Price by Fords Cut Lewis named agricultural machinery stoves household hardware Waterproof clothing and building materials. A these Are made from steel rubber lumber and leather which enter into the manufacture autos a said Lewis. A for a Long time the Public tolerated High Auto prices because a shortage steel Auto makers using High priced steel can Cut prices. His Clear that manufacturers other products based steel can do Tho same unless they Are profiteering. Auto orders off a it looks to me As if Ford is making a plea to sell More cars. Other Auto manufacturers now will be glad to follow him in cutting prices i think. Many Long have wanted to do St Tut each feared to be the first. A fall Auto Marufa carers lately have noticed a slackening up orders. Ford reported unfilled orders totalling 140,000. Other manufacturers also have unfilled orders. But they were received some weeks ago. The Public has stopped buying autos at present prices just As it stopped buying High priced shoes diamonds silk shirts jewelry and the like. Quot Ford is the first Auto maker to come out in the open and May i a bid for the orders by reducing prices. He is figuring business six months a year from now. The unfilled orders now hand will soon be filled. A the shoe Industry went through the same phase. Orgy nearly Over a Ford is a shrewd business Man. He s right in saying that profits must be increased through increased production and sales. A the Price cutting in autos is just one More certain indication that the Public Csc orgy spending is nearly ended. Manufacturers now must give More for the Price let sales fall Franklin Dropo Syracuse n. A a a sept. 23.�?the h. H. Franklin manufacturing co., today announced a reduction in the prices the Franklin automobiles ranging from 17 to 21 per cent. H. H. Franklin in announcing this action endorsed the stand taken by Henry Ford for a general lowering commodity prices to a pre War level. Wages at the Franklin Plant will not be affected but an Effort will be made to secure lower priced raw asserts that Price reductions Are necessary to stimulate business generally and do away with unemployment which is the increase. Cotton goes Down Boston mass. Sept. 23�?general declines the Price Cotton cloth was predicted today by brokers and textile experts Here As a result a reduction 33 1-3 per cent in the Price the products the Amos Keag manufacturing co., Manchester. N. H. The Amos Keag is one the largest Cotton manufacturing plants in the country. Its to Ooi employees produce 40,000,000 Yards Cotton goods a week. Industrial affairs in great Britain reaching critical stage London sept. 23 a an offer mediation by the triple Alliance miners transport and railway workers was believed today to be the Only possibility blocking the threatened strike British miners monday. A general conference miners officials late tuesday approved the action their executives in declaring the governments Concession to their demands did not justify cancellation the strike order. It was pointed out however that the Way was still open for further negotiations either overtures by the government the action a third party. The last was regarded i As an invitation to the triple Alii once to mediate. It was believed i there was Little Hope the govern j men s meeting demands for an in j mate increase in wages. Marriage licenses w. L. Peach 45, Chauncey eng Neer and Madgie ferry 33, flood Wood. At Home violence enters struggle Munns to take Industry Millerand to head the French Republic in War recovery period by Camillo Cianferra United press staff correspondent. Rome sept. 23.�?violence has entered the fight italian labor to control Industrial plants. Reports Here today said a patrol Royal guards in Turin was fired upon. One guard was killed and several reported injured. Three armed men were arrested and a number suspects were imprisoned. Every City in which labor seized plants reported that referendums resulted in labors rejection their leaders agreement that factories should be evacuated pending nere 1b the proprietor one the ing for partial labor control industries. In Turin a referendum resulted in renewed seizures and the continued occupation the famous Auto factories the Flat. Dumbest and Lancia companies. It Aas reported the Ansaldo Avi Attim works were seized together with a number textile factories. A report from Milan said a bomb had been s4 off the threshold Angelo Zenere a residence. To nere is the proprietor one the occupied plants and has been a Leader in opposing Tho workmen a pro Gram. Franch Grigoni manufacturer Brescia was punished for refusing to Advance 15,000 lire for work done during occupation by seeing another his plants seized Benton called before probes candidate shaken up by a spill in the Southwest by Herbert w. Walker United press staff correspondent. Maricopa ariz., sept. 23.�?gov error Barnes m. Cox stumping Campaign was Back the right Way Early today headed for Albuquerque. New Mexico after a serious shakeup Here late yester Day when the governors special train was derailed. Governor Cox escaped uninjured. He was thrown about his private car when the special hit a spot in the track where the rails spread. Engineer Nichols was the Only one injured although the track was slowed up for a distance 300 Yards. Members the governors party crawled through windows the coaches to safety. The wreck necessitated a Detour through Maricopa and Deming. Cox was expected to reach Albuquerque at noon today where he will resume his schedule. Chicago sept. 23.�?rube Ben ton. Pitcher the new York giants was expected to furnish sensations Here today when he appears before the county grand jury investigating alleged gambling schedules. Benton was to be quizzed regarding charges made by Charles Herzog the Chicago nationals that a tip from Hal Chase barred from base Ball for alleged gambling Benton made $3,800 betting the Cincinnati reds would win the first two games the worlds series with the Chicago White sox last year. Harding appeals for More thought human welfare by Raymond Clapper United press off correspondent. Marion sept. 23.�?th6 conscience american business must be awakened to new interest in human welfare Warren g. Harding said in a Litte Lay Sermon delivered from his front porch to a miscellaneous delegation who called today. Throwing aside All thought political questions for the moment senator Harding earnestly pleaded for greater recognition human values in business and Industry. American business is not a monster but is the expression a god Given creative impulse he said insisting however that business must be not Only honest it must be humane. Genuine love toil cannot come until the love Man flows through Industry he said adding that human and material interests Are linked together in a a benevolent the Best social welfare worker Harding thought is he who does an honest Days work. But the other hand employees must not be treated As commodities he warned. The welfare americans human resources must be insured by Law if necessary Harding declared. Harding reiterated today that he will not resign his Senate seat in event his election to the presidency at least while Ohio has a democratic governor who would appoint his successor. The state administration in Ohio changes the first the year. The Irish question is not Foi America officially to become involved in however wide spread sympathy for that people May be among individuals in the United states senator Warren g. Harding said in a statement today. There is a wide spread sympathy in the United states for Irish Independence ii re ing declared but he added that America had already meddled abroad excessively without invitation. County Engineer reports Good Progress new a Road Fred Baker county Engineer visited the different sections Athens county wednesday and investigated the work Road improvement which is now progressing in a most satisfactory manner he stated. The Sharpsburg Joy Road is coming along in excellent manner he asserted. Already the top layer Fine Lime Stone is being put Down and due to the fact that More labourers Are available just at this time the work is progressing in Good time. Beyond the county line the Morgan county officials have Large forces grading and smoothing the Road that connects to the Athens county improvement so Road conditions in that Section when completed will be in pretty fair shape. Heavy bolshevik losses Are reported poles fighting again London sept. 23.�?general Wrangell a communique today asserted his forces had routed the 86th division the soviet forces in the crimean District the bolsheviks Are retreating to the Northeast he said after losing 2,100 prisoners it was reported from Warsaw that a Junction Wrangel s forces with Tho poles was expected shortly. Warsaw sept. 23 a polish and lithuanian troops have resumed hostilities the polish communique reported today. Tha statement a Aid lithuanians Bein barred polish outposts at Lake Gluche. Pursuit bolshevik forces continued in Tho vol Hynia Region it said. For disinfecting clothing a Frenchman has developed an air tight tank in which garments Are subjected to a mixture com pressed air and chlorine other Gas heated by electricity. F Columbus o., sept. 23.�?with the Battle cry a Slaughter coxes my save democracy the True democracy league Ohio hopped into the National political tussle with both feet today. The league which plans to oppose the election governor Cox to the presidency today opened Headquarters in Tho Neil House and fired its opening shot the Campaign by announcing its intention to fight Cox. The statement declared that the organization is an a association Ohio democrats is run by democrats and is financed by the league was formed in 1914 to oppose reelection governor Cox. The a True blues As they were dubbed claimed a Large share credit for defeating Cox that year and for cutting Down his majority in the 1916 and 118 election. Attacking Cox s record As governor the leagues statement addressed to the democrats the United states appeals for support senator Harding for Tho presidency. A officers the league Are Ben j. Mckinney president h. V. Price vice president Robert m. Small Secretary and Frank Richards treasurer. First year men go a rampage a pay for fun at 2 clock this afternoon in mayor Roushh a court the Case was ended when attorneys for the Btu dents agreed to pay All damages incurred in Tho rumpus. Nelsonville to hear Hoover Chic ago sept. 23.�?corn got below the $1 Mark in trading the Chicago Board Trade today. Shortly before the close Corn for december delivery sold Down to 99 12, off 5 18 for the Day. The drop was caused by continued fair weather and other favourable crop conditions. Nelsonville o., sept. 23.�? this week has been devoted to a canvass the City Nelsonville by the women for a Harding Coolidge club. The canvass has been a huge Success and will close with a Republican rally Friday evening at 7 clock in the y. M. C. A. Rooms. The rooms will be thrown together making a Large seating capacity furnishing ample room not Only for the women but the men who Are urged to be present. Prof. T. N Hoover Ohio University will address the meeting enlightening the women soon to be voters Many perplexing questions. A program special music will be furnished including an orchestra and a Republican quartet. Quite a rumpus was started wednesday night about 9 clock by some the freshmen Ohio University when following a freshmen get together smoker Given at one the fraternity houses the new students decided to give a Celebration according to their ideas College life. Sixty seventy these Frosh paraded through the various dormitories shouting and singing and continued their demonstration Uptown where real damage resulted. After pro menacing through the Majestic theatre Oley went to the Athene restaurant where it is alleged that Silver pies and Salt shakers were taken. The Frosh then adjourned to the hot dog restaurant where upon their Entrance the greek running the place endeavoured to put them out by throwing knives and anything in react it was stated. Finally he Drew a gun the Young men it was asserted and getting out some the College students retaliated by throwing a chair through the plate Glass win Dow. Gum and Candy was reported missing by the proprietor the Leader store. The police lodged five six Young men in jail having arrived a Little after the damage occurred. Some the students furnished Good alibis so later were released. Prettier Millerrd without Eer loue opposition Premier Alexandre Millerand was elected president France today by the National Assembly. A succeeds will train women in Art voting Columbus sept. 23.�?begin Nung this afternoon Abd continuing through october i a school citizenship under auspices the Franklin county league women voters will be held in the Columbus chamber Commerce. Meetings will be held each afternoon and evening. Two addresses by prominent Epe Akera will be made at each meeting a demonstration the use the ballot will be Given the last Day the meeting. ,. L chief called to task Best soft Coal is coing East to Tate i finer grades and Anthracite will not come to Ohio new York. Sept. 23. A dynamite bomb with a lighted fuse was discovered in a Wash room the Reid Avenue station the Brooklyn rapid transit elevated lines today by policeman Michael Santl Nello. He extinguished Tho fuse. Santinello who was strike duty saw smoke issuing from a package when he entered the Wash room. He found a slow burning fuse attached to the package and stamped it out. At the nearest police station it was found the package held a bomb containing Quot enough Dyna mite to blow up the Claxton asked Why he did no to give Harding Square Deal by l. C. Martin United press staff correspondent Washington sept. 23.�?the Senate Campaign investigating com Mittee thursday called . P. P. Claxton United states commissioner education to answer charges that political propaganda in favor governor Coxs Candi Dancy had been spread through school life the bureaus publication. Senator Kenyon referred to an editorial in Quot school life september i concerning Cox a interest in education. C Laxton said a school ufos had attempted a to present impartially positions both candidates educational quest ions. A Nyon asked Why the Cox Edl trial was not followed by a hording editorial. Claxton said it Wasny to intended to be an editorial in the sense a political endorsement Cox against Harding. Tho editorial referred to a letter from Cox to Claxton expressing deep interest in education. Quot did no to you have the same sort expression from Harding a asked Kenyon Quot no a raid Claxton and explained he tried to have the editorial killed when he say it but. It had already been printed. Semi tor Reed quoted from a letter from Harding to Claxton expressing interest in the schools. Claxton said that Harding a letter was printed in another Issue a school Columbus sept. 23.�?Coal men say that it May be several months before Ohio Consumers will be Able to buy much Anthracite Coal the Fine Grade soft coals such As Pocahontas Kentucky Block and West Virginia splint. The embargo Fine Grade soft coals has been lifted and they Are All going East to Tidewater for Export to Europe where they Are commanding prices so High that american Consumers cannot afford to bid against the foreigners. Hard Coal is and will be scarce in Ohio for some time because the country in now divided into zones to insure an even distribution Anthracite in All sections and Ohio has already had More than its share according to the officials who Are regulating the zone system for balancing Anthracite distribution. Ohio in the la months that ended March i received 441,556 tons Anthracite against 192,608 tons in the corresponding period a year before and 413,244 tons in the corresponding period ending in 1917. Thus Ohio up to March 1920, had received in excess its Normal quota Anthracite shipments and is said to have continued to receive More Thau its share up to the time Tho zone system went into effect a couple months ago. Business today Indianapolis. Ind., sept. 23 a pleasure gave Way to business today in the National Encampment the grand army the Republic in session Here. The reports the National officers and the annual address commander Daniel halt were the subjects today a program. Mrs. Rose Parsons was adjudged insane in probate court wednesday and was committed to the state Hospital at Athens by judge ii. T. Phillips. Mrs. Parsons was brought Here for a hearing upon the affidavit her husband Edward Parsons Frost o., after she chopped Down a door belonging to another person last week. The Parsons were renters a House that was recently sold. The new owners asked the Parsons who were the tenants to move. Mrs. Parson refused to do so and a1 though her husband Ami children moved their belongings out she left her personal property in the House. The owners locked the door the Home and she chopped it Down with am a. Many die in clashes Over land Dublin sept 23�?immediate revenge for the murder two policemen last night Wae exacted today when three cd Viliane were killed near Milltown monday. A number houses in Milltown malay were burned and damage was done by flying bullets. The reprisal its visited the nearby villages leh Inch and Enn Stymon. Two were killed at the latter place one at the former reports said. By Webb Miller United press staff correspondent London sept. 23.�?Irish Clouds grew Blacker today. Reports it further ambushes government police and troops by sin seiners and reprisals by Quot Black and tans Quot indicated approach Stormy times. V developments included another ambush at Milltown malay county Clare. A police automobile was reported held up there with two officers killed and four wounded. In county Carlow was found the body in unknown men labelled �?o8plee from Dublin it is reported another Soldier died is a result wounds sustained in n fight in tuesday. The murder county councillor Lynch in the Royal Exchange hotel in Dublin was regarded a another Effort at reprisal although reports were conflicting. It was said Lynch was shot yet no guest in the hotel heard a shot the daily Herald correspondent said it was possible the revolver that killed the councillor Hod been muffled in the bed clothing. Or ath ust labor the death ret the last ten Days terror in Ireland was announced officially today As Twenty two soldiers sad Polios and it Blan felders and civilians. Many trere wounded both aides. The Irish office in a statement today admitted police had attempted reprisals for attacks them but declare reports torture and mutilation were exaggerated. Severe punishment has been in filleted the few Polios detected in reprisals Tbs statement said. Reports women and children being driven from their Homes were without foundation. It was added. The Quot Black and Tan police no named from their Khaki and Black uniforms Are composed largely sex soldiers. The tote includes Many veterans the Greet War. Condemn reprisals the press Here was almost unanimous in condemning the reprisals. And that the governments supposed lenient View them Wae suicidal. The Herald lamented Quot the governments cynical equanimity la the face the filthy excesses its licensed the times pointing to the wide area covered by the reprisals said it was hard to believe Tbs attack Balbriggan was the spontaneous outburst an outraged police Force. Mar winery weaker London sept 28.�?lord mayor Mac Swiney suffered another collapse last night and was weaker today. The lady Mayoress was not permitted to talk to him and she sat by his bed. Mac Swiney complained pains in his head. He was conscious. Want postmortem medical men were greatly interested in the lord mayors Quot Experiment. There was speculation As to whether an examination Mac so Leys body after death would yield important data for determining disease resisting Powers body cells. Physicians interested intended to obtain an official ruling whether Macswan Eye a body and those the hunger strikers in Cork should be available to them after death under the Law requiring Post Mort Ems bodies suicides. Half Day school half Day work Columbus. Sept s3.�?half a Day school and half a Day farm work for six weeks this fall and again next Spring la in store for pupils in half a dozen More centralized Rural schools in Ohio. This plan was agreed upon at a meeting with Vernon m. Riegel state superintendent Public instruction a committee school men named several months ago to map out a plan whereby More Farmer boys May be induced to attend High school. It in a pure Experiment Riegel explained saying it will be tried out in Wood Champaign Logan. Marion and possibly Fairfield counties and it proves satisfactory in possibly More counties next Spring. The schools Are to opt a earlier in Tho morning and close for the Day at about i p. In. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a dance Friday night 24th, a k. Of p. Hall Chauncey A Good music Best order. A 921-3

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