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Athens Messenger Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Athens, Ohio Isi Kos Powl j Rit y Gallup poll reports Nixon popularity increase since Europe trip. Editorial Page. 8 stye Jummati raw Cloudy and mild with rain pos sible. Weather Page 2 vol. 65 Ino. 279vrnl\s. Ohio. Monday october 19, 1970 ten cents i Votion to minister Trudeau delivers statement to re Quot porters in subdued tones sunday on parliament Hill Atter learning of the death of it Tuftie labor minister Pierre Laporte. He said the killing of Laporte would prompt a music of shame among canadians that the murder should have been conceived and carried out in cold blood one Kidnap victim murdered pair hunted by Quebec police Montreal api police said Early today they believe they have found the hideout where terrorist kidnappers held labor Minkler Pierre Laporte before murdering him saturday. The police lie Gan a thorough investigation of the abandoned Frame Bungalow in the Little town of St. Hubert eight Miles South of Montreal after army demolition experts made sure it contained no Booby traps a we believe it is where la Porte was said det. Sgt Albert Lisa Eek Laporte body was found about half a mile away. Thousand. Of police were combing Quebec province with warrants for a taxi Driver and a schoolteacher wanted for the kidnapping of Laporte and British Trade commissioner James Cross. Prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau predicted More terrorist violence from the Quebec liberation front or Elk but he said a these vicious men Quot will be found a and will in dealt with in the Calm and dispassionate atmosphere of Canadian Quebec polite issued an ballpoint s bulletin late sunday saying Marc Carbonneau 37, the cab Driver and Paul Rose 27, were charged with participation in both abductions. The slaying of Laporte whose body was found Iii the trunk of an Auto saturday night was not mentioned in the warrant both suspects were described As French speaking canadians. There was no explanation Why they were charged with both kidnappers since communiques from the Quebec liberation front have indicated that Sepal ate Elk factions carried them hit. By Early today police had rounded up to persons in a manhunt launched after the Federal government invoked the War measures act Friday and outlawed the Fly More than Isi were picked up in Montreal the rest in Quebec City. Sherbrooke Hull and five other Quebec towns. Hose was involved in a 1068 controversy at Perce on the Gaspe Peninsula when 25 Young people occupied a building. Abril Kre Laporte nor Biard Perce mayor said the youths bothered tourists and when he and others protested he w As threatened by six or seven organizations among them the Elk Iva Porte 49 was abducted As he play it football with his children on Ort. To. Five Days earlier James Richard Cross also 49 the British Trade commissioner in Montreal was taken from his Home. The Fly made seven Ransom demands among them release and Safe conduct to Cuba or Algeria for 23 persons convicted or accused of terrorist crimes a Fly communique which led police to la port c s body in a Montreal suburb saturday night said he was a a executed because the government refused to comply while refusing to free the 23 men demanded by the kidnappers the government offered to parole five of them and aug promised the kidnappers Safe conduct for themselves to Cuba or Algeria if Cross and Laporte were returned Safe after la porters body was found Trudeau a government announced that the offer of Safe conduct to crosses kidnappers still stood. Police released the text sunday night of a letter from Cross reporting that he was alive and in Good health a but he warned a the Only danger for no life is if the police find out where i am and want to intervene. The Fly will not give up and i will be the first dead a the authorities will never find the place where i am held in Captivity i am a prisoner like the Fly members and Pius owners in the letter and an Fly communique were found in a Church sunday Trudeau went on television sunday night for the second time in 18 hours and vowed that his government Wall foil any attempts a to destroy our a we mum expect that these vicious men Mac attempt again to shake our will in the Days ahead a the prime minister said a i speak for ail of you when i say that any such attempt shall another indication that More violence was expected came from the Canadian medical associations president or. I. L. Happen lie said a 10-Day strike by the 4.200 members of the federation of Quebec medical specialists was ended sunday be it Ause of a possible emergency medical requirements in que Bec and a continued escalation of the National crisis a the medical association executive Secretary a e. Rearm said the organization had information that Montreal students might clash with troops mobilized Friday under the War measures act. Map Wir Tykot is Sim i i i Khz i Erst Paul ruse. Left. 27. And Marc Arbon Neau 37, have been named by the Quebec provincial police As Tor suspected Kinda piers of British Trade commissioner James Richard mss and Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte. Laporte was found shot to death Security is tight for Columbus visit by Nixon a a a of 1 \ tension of i eased ire accepted Beirut Lebanon ifs president Arilar Sadat of Egypt said today his country would accept an Extension of the 90-Day cease fire with Israel provided serious negotiations aimed at ending the Middle East conflict get under Way. Cairo radio reported the now egyptian Leader warned however that Egypt would accept Only one Extension of the original cease fire which is due to end nov. 6 last of Cincinnati undue t toppled Covington by. A to pjs \ demolition Crew prepared to topple and dynamite the last of three spans of the co Bridge today to pave the Way for a new three Lane sludge across the Ohio River. The Crew from Minneapolis Minn recently pushed the Kentucky and the Ohio Side spans off their piers and into the River with Hydraulic jacks. Removal operations were very slow because the spans had to to broken up in the water. Ohio Highway la weekend toll 20 by the associated press fic traffic accidents sunday enc in voicing two 17-year-old Mansfield youths boosted Ohio a weekend traffic death toll to 20 Kern participates in service Washington a Pic Ohio state University quarterback Rex Kern read scripture at a White House worship service sunday. President and mrs. Richard Nixon their son in Law and daughter or. And mrs David Eisenhower attended the services conducted by the Fellowship of Christian athletes. Wen. I at is it Alt l o retire i cd. I Saigon a Ltd a Ion l Ewis a Walt the no. 2 Man in the i s. Marine corps and a Veteran of three wars is retiring feb. I it was Learned Here today. Walt 57 will in replaced As assistant commandant of the Marine corps by of. Gen. Keith b Mcutcheon 55, a Pioneer in Marine aviation. Mccutcheon is now commander of Marine forces in Vietnam. Maj. Gen. Bonn j Robertson 34. Now director of the division of reserves at Marine Headquarters in Washington will replace Mccutcheon in Vietnam president Nixon is nominating Mccutcheon for promotion to full general and Robertson to lieutenant general. Both advancements must get Senate approval. Candidates rack lid Tor Tau men by the associated press Ohio gubernatorial candidates. Republican Roger Cloud and Democrat John Gilligan both said in weekend speeches they support additional state Aid to local police and firemen. Cloud speaking to Lucas county republicans in Toledo said a we must constantly upgrade the Quality of our Law enforcement agencies. We must develop new and More efficient methods of crime detection and the apprehension of known Gilligan said in Cincinnati he would a heartily support legislation permitting Federal authorities to end attacks on firemen and policemen in the line of duty. He called on legislation making such attacks a Federal crime. L inside Columbus Ohio apr president Nixon came to Columbus today to open a two Day Campaign Lour for Republican candidates. Students demonstrating against his policies marched from Ohio state University toward the statehouse shaking site \ crowd estimated at 250 to-500 persons gathered on the University Oval and marched Down the West walk of High Street. They walked quietly four a pit ast observing police tules that they obey All traffic signs. Placards a Green lettering on White cardboard a were handed out As the demonstrators left the Campus. They called for a student workers United spokesmen for the demonstrators said they were to join a gathering from Ohio University a1 Athens when they reached the downtown area. Police said the demonstrators could March across High Street from the statehouse so Long As they kept moving and made no attempts to heckle speakers. Several thousand persons gathered on the it St Side of the statehouse an hour before Nixon a scheduled appearance the president urging the election of republicans in the Region he Calls the heartland said today they know America cannot bring peace abroad a unless we also restore Kace at Home a in our streets oui schools our cities a Nixon urged in a Campaign statement the election of Robert Taft or. To the Senate from Ohio to displace a Democrat and of Roger Cloud the state auditor. To be governor. A to the voters of Ohio who Are accustomed to judging All americans i say that i look upon those men As All american he said i regard then election As a matter of especially High priority a the presidents Jet. Air for a a one arrived at port Columbus around ii 45 a rn., about 15 nun Ute behind schedule Nixon went to the state Capitol by motorcade the Columbus Stop opened a six state two Day trip in behalf of Republican candidates t i g h t Security prevailed around the Gatehouse during i rial preparations for Nixon s speech Nixon spoke bom the same site when he campaigned Here for Hie presidency in 1968 Nixon strip to Columbus is the first presidential visit since Herbert Hoover in 1931. Nixon also campaigned in Columbus in 1968 while seeking election to the presidency his father born in Vinton county once operated a Street car in Columbus and that is believed to la one of the reasons he chose to visit Columbus Over Cleveland and Cincinnati. A in Badian i loops involved in rattle i nests i on it restricts oui meat Highway reopening tried storied Ken president phenom penh Cambodia apr t cambodian troops ran into stiff resistance sunday in an operation to Reo Jien 20 Miles of important Highway South of phenom penh a military spokesman said government troops ambushed a North vietnamese unit saturday night and killed seven of them. But on sunday he said 15 government soldiers were wounded in a clash 25 Miles South of the capital on Highway 2. Three battalions Are trying to drive South along the Highway to link up with other government units that Are supposed to push North from taken which is 50 Miles rom phenom penh both Highway 2 and Highway 3, a parallel route to the South have been Cut since May by enemy troops who have made the area a major infiltration route to the Kin rom plateau in the elephant mountains to the West. In Saigon the . Command reported there were no significant ground engagements involving american forces in the past 24 hours a communique said Field reports indicated no american troops were killed in ground lighting sunday the los command also announced that american troop strength in Vietnam last week dropped to 378,900 men the lowest in nearly four years. Another round of troop cutbacks already has begun to reduce strength by another 40,000 to an authorized ceiling of 344.imm by the end of the Vear a we in Phot a. I Iid tet. A a a a a. 4 classified .12,13 sports. To. La editorial. 8 television.14 obituaries. 3, 16 women. 9 soviet spacemen arrived soviet cosmonauts maj. Gen. Andrian Nikolai and vital be vast Yanov Center holders of the endurance record of 18 Days in space arrive in Washington sunday night on a 10-Day Goodwill tour of the l a. American astronauts Neil Armstrong left and Edward Aldrin behind him escorted the russians on a flight from new York. Armstrong and Aldrin were the first men to walk on the Moon while the russians set their record last june in Soyu 9 the Flowers were presented by children of the Washington soviet embassy. Their first full Day of activities monday was to include visits to the National aeronautics and space administration head quarters the smithsonian institution and historic mount Veblen. Ii Kent cives statement b a Enk a Ohio in a von mid former Kent state i diversify student was served to Day with an indictment handed Down last Friday by a special state grand jury me Tina tag May violence at Kent state urn verify officials said Richard Fetter 21, of Akron was charged with first degree riot. Attempting to Burn property striking a fireman and interfering with a fireman at the scene of a fire Felber was served with the indictment Iii his cell at the Portage county jail where he was awaiting Transfer to the Mansfield reformatory on drug charges. Felber was the first of 25 persons to be served with indictments handed Down by the jury. Names of those indicted were being kept secret until arrests. Which were to Start today were made. Felber was sentenced to 20 to 40 years in jail oct. 12 on three charges of Sale of hallucinogens. The charges served against him today apparently stemmed from the burning of a Roto building at Kent state in May. A i always get Good results those Are the exact words of Frank Ayers route i. Albany w to most recently sold a Tappan Range and an electric water tank. He had eight phone Calls. You too will Benefit from messenger Actu ads by ii Axnix Iai i i Prins Kent state University dress Dent Robert i White said monday that a modified court order would riot permit him to make an accurate statement reacting the report of a special state grand jury investigating May violence at his University the jury last Friday accused the University administration of failing to maintain proper control of the Kent Campus Portage county common pleas judge Edwin Jones later said White a witness before the jury could comment on the re port but not criticize it. A it is impossible for me to make any comment on the grand jury report with critical comment on Airt ions of it a White said in a prepared statement today he said that since the restrictions on cute a1 comment extended to his meetings with University trustees state officials or other groups legally involved in University affairs he would attempt no conference with such groups because his restricted comments would be a unfortunately inaccurate and i heading a the judge had ordered wit Nesses a including White a and others connected with the grand jury probe not to talk to newsmen. The grand jury report said the major responsibility for the incidents at Usu May 2, 3 and 4 rests with the University administration that the administration had a fostered in attitude of laxity Over indulgence and permissiveness with its students and faculty and that the administrative staff has yielded to demands to such an extent that a it no longer runs the meanwhile the american civil liberties Union of Ohio asked to i . Justice depart ment to Call a Federal gland jury to investigate the May 4 incident in which National guard troops opened fire on demonstrators killing four students and wounding nine others. The special state grand jury exonerated the guardsmen who fired into the crowd of Rock to brewing demonstrators. Benson Avo Man. State executive director of the Acle said in a Telegram sunday to the . Attorney for Northern Ohio that there was a a striking similarity Between exoneration of officials violence by state agencies Here in Ohio and in Jackson he asked that a Federal grand jury be empanelled to a ascertain whether students or other citizens were deprived of their constitutional rights by guardsmen acting in Doi color of Law in violation of Federal civil rights statutes a or. Robert a Morse who resigned this month As president of Case Western Reserve University called the slayings of the four Kent students a an Art of assassination against american speaking at founder Day ceremonies at St. Louis University sunday night. Morse said he a still Annot bring myself to believe that Middle americans son and daughters at Kent stale were shot Down in an open Field on their own calling the shootings a an unforgettable horror a Morse asked a from whence comes this moral anaesthesia that kept us As a nation from rising up in Wrath against such an outrage a . Rep. Louis Stokes also criticized the grand jury saying it was a a unfortunate that the jurors a did not see fit to return indictments in conjunction with the findings of the president commission on Campus t

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