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Athens Messenger Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Athens, Ohio The weather t unsettled with occasional Rains tonight. Thursday Cloudy no change in temperature. The United press association full leased wire Telegraph news report carried daily. It la c <3ui cn0 <llc00ciinct vol. . 312. Athens Ohio wednesday november 24,1920. Single copy three cents. World new a Home news that s what you want a news paper for and you get both in the messenger. League Calls for a showdown by Henry Wood Geneva nov. 24.�?Germany has forced her Way into the league of nations discussions. The whole German situation will be canvassed thursday when the protest against the distribution of her colonies under mandate is to be discussed. The Assembly put the question on the thursday Calendar when e. D. Millen Australia demanded a decision. Millen with the assistance of president Hymans carried the fight through. Viviani of France Titoni of Italy and Balfour of England of fully at the forefront in any discussion bearing on the germans took no part in the debate. In an interview today Millen declared a it was necessary to Call a showdown on Germany s impudence. A Oberlin was inspired by two motives in sending that impertinent note threatening that she would no longer consider herself bound Bathe colonies clause of the treaty. A she hoped to gain a disruption of the league and disagreements among league members. Then she hoped to obtain postponement of distribution of mandates until sue becomes a member of the league qualifies As a mandatory Power herself and thus again obtain control of her former colonies. A Australia will insist on a distribution of mandates As previously agreed upon. We Are opposed to giving Germany the slightest consideration. A it is none of berlins business How the mandates Are handled. Her rights to the territories were sacrificed forever. Whether the supreme Council of the league is entitled to dispose of them is a purely technical matter As Between the a1 lies and the f e new violence planned in Southern Ireland monarchist faction in Bavaria plans to free state from German control Wheeling w. Va., nov. 24.�? Norman Williams aged 30, and Marie Williams alias West 18, were arrested Here today in connection with the alleged murder of Henry t. Pierce wealthy Philadelphia merchant. Both Are from Philadelphia and were found in a furnished room. The police say the girl confessed that Wiliams had killed Pierce and that pc and three men were in the House All were intoxicated and an argument ended in Williams shooting Pierce. The girl who was described by the police a was the most Beautiful woman they Ever arrested a refused to intimate just what the quarrel Between Williams and Pierce had been Over. Police decline to say whether the girl revealed the names of the other two Mon implicated or whether they too Are in Wheeling. It is intimated however that miss Williams was dressed in male attire for the trip and was the a second Many in the red roadster when it was parked in a local garage an aet that gave the first clue to the presence of the pair Here. Swarms of secret service men Are Busy everywhere Roundup of suspects the largest Ever known is finest Candy at maker says Box stuff was turned out months ago Chicago nov. 24.�?Candy for the kiddies will be one third cheap a this Christmas than last but it will Cost the same for the Young posses eds with the a cosmic urge a to a say it with chocolates a to the lady fair. It Isnit that the Candy manufacturers dont joint the rest of the world in Loving a Lover but according to Albert Levy general manager of d. Auerbach and Bona Large Candy manufacturers fancy Box Candy sold now was made six ninth ago when sugar prices were Boh ring. A the Public generally does not realize that All of the Best Box Candy has to age before it is Good a said Tievy. A air Good Box Candy is about six months old. Fresh Candy is harmful to the stomach and not so tasty As that which has been a eged in the Sandy for the riddles a Jelly Beans creams hard Tacl Lolly pops and the like will retail one third cheaper according to Levy. The Candy munched by the children and the grown ups whose Teeth will permit will sell at 15 to 35 per cent lower than last year. Levy declared the Price of Candy has been gradually receding with sugar but the Price is still from two to three times greater than before America joined in the War. Greater declines have not taken place because the sugar Price is not Back to pre War Levels and labor is still More costly he said. Blackened area of map indicates Bavaria. Arrow Points to Buhr Valley District. Below is photo of or. Escherich. Bavarian monarchists led by or. Escherich and general Ludendorff with Headquarters at Munich where they have 100,000 Well equipped troops Are await ing a propitious moment to launch a coup do eat. Of France whose note to Escherich demanding disarmament of his forces was ignored fulfils her threat to occupy the Ruhr Valley Coal Fields it is believed a general strike will be called by communists. Under pretext of combating the communists it la forecast sch Erich a troops May take the Field and execute their plans. Declaring their Independence from Germany is the first step contemplated. A treaty with France guaranteeing Protection from Germany la to be made it Al said. The bavarian monarchists expect eventually to restore rup Precht to the throne but their plan first contemplates institution of a Regency with Laden Dorff As a possible candidate for Regent. Monarchi Stic agitation also is Burg Baden and Thuringia and theste fermentation have had the support of the bavarian group in contemplation of a confederation experienced in Hesse. Wurtem of the five proposed kingdoms. I thanksgivings a a a a a a a a a a a a a Boston. Mass., nov. 24.�?vice president elect Calvin Coolidge a for America for its men and women its firesides filled with Devotion to High ideals for the honorable Way in which i Public offices Are discharged for its Opportunity for education for its increasing recognition of the immortal truths of religion and the dependence of Mankind on divine Providence on this thanksgiving. I am London. Nov. 24. United press a swans of secret service men operated in Southern Ireland today. Reports to the Irish office Here said evidence of plots of sensational character had been obtained. Plans surpassing tile alleged scheme to infect men and cavalry horses with typhoid and glanders germs were said to be among these. Meanwhile ail Southern Ireland kept a nervous Finger on the trigger. Curfew Laws were being enforced strictly throughout the territory covered by Black and Tan police and the constabulary. Since the Dublin murders slight warning has been Given suspicious characters found abroad at night. Likewise those in the streets in violation of the curfew Law Are Quick to fire. At Cork a mysterious bomb explosion at Patrick Street injured six persons. Arrests throughout the Southern counties have run into Large figures. Prisoners Here were so numerous cell space could not be found by All. The bodies of the fourteen men killed in the sinn fein raids Sun Day were taken to England today aboard a destroyer. The Irish office announced officially that the three men killed in an attempted escape from Dublin Castle yesterday were known to be sinn fein leaders. Extension of sinn fein plots to England was reported Here today. It was declared the secret service uncovered plans for violence in Many raids in Southern Ireland. Reports at the Irish office Here were the Roundup of suspects was the biggest yet undertaken by the government. The residence of Arch Bishop Walsh was searched police demanding the Arch Bishops Valet. Hundreds of persons were caught in Dublin when the Barb wire cordon was thrown about the City. With hotels closed to the Public Many sought sleep in the streets. Outside Dublin intensive raids still were in Progress. At bal Longford it was reported firing lasted thru out the night with one civilian killed. Returns to u. S. To be Debutante of Winter season ten men Are killed in Alabama mine explosion a a a a a a a a a a a a a a City life does Cost the Bright lights of the Large cities like Athens Are just Lovely to look at but they do Cost like h 1 that a what a Foliar from Lodi remarked today in the Mesenger office. He said that he had been lured away fro the farm by the Charm or big town stuff and remained in Athens Long enuf to absorb 18 meals. That was All Nice enuf but when Bill for those 18 meals arrived it was $12.56. Another set of idols shattered. A a a a a a a a a a a a to miss Adeline m. Oxnard. Miss Adeline m. Oxnard of up Perville va., has returned from abroad. Her parents or. And mrs. Henry t. Oxnard plan to present her to society this Winter and move into their Ashington Home. America should get into the Marine game quickly new York nov. 24.-�,ration of an american merchant Marine is the one big Factor which can bring about a stabilization of world Industry in the opinion of p. H. W. Ross president of the National Maine league. Quot As every one knows the War converted the United states from a debtor to a creditor nation a he said today in an interview. A the Only Way foreign nations can us is through goods shipped into this country in Competition with our own manufacturers. And the Only Way we can meet this situation is to establish a merchant Marine that not Only can handle our own exports but enable us to engage in the thing that made great Britain a great maritime nation trans shipment of the goods to other nations. Battle Rabine peace talkers poles and foes begged to Stop that rough stuff to fall apart thirty alleged dealers in Hooch were indicted today Chicago nov. 24.�?mike de Pike Heitler and 30 others alleged members of the largest booze ring operating in the country were indicted by the Federal grand jury Here today on charges of conspiracy to violate the prohibition Laws. Among those indicted included o. H. Wathen president of the old Grandad distillery Louisville w. D. Belkamp owner of the Louisville american association baseball club William Gorman Nephew of the president of the Rock Island Railroad. Chicago. Nov. 24.�? living costs will continue dropping indefinitely expert witnesses testified in the supplementary hearing Belore United states judge Alschuler of wage demands of 2,000,000 packing House workers. The hearing was reopened on Contention of the company that wages and living conditions Are trending downward and a Blanket increase of $1 a Day is no longer justified. The present Price declines Are barked by a financial uncertainty Plant closing lower wages and a general demand for Thrift a j. L. Wells witness for the packers declared. Basketball is changed some new York. Nov. 24.�?two important changes in the basketball rules have been announced by the rules committee of intercollegiate basketball league. One allows a player who has been taken out the game to return excepting one who has been disqualified for four personal fouls. The other requires that a held Ball under the Basket he taken out fifteen feet and tossed up. Three killed Stoughton wis., nor. 24.�? three persons were killed and two others probably fatally injured in the explosion of a boiler at the Stoughton marketing company Plant today. Swedish postal authorities have arranged for a regular air service from Stockholm to Malmo Copenhagen Hamburg Bremen Amsterdam and London. A a no paper thanksgiving in common with a Universal custom the messenger will not be issued on thursday of this week on account of the National Holiday thanksgiving. Company l boys get service Money every Man was present at Tho weekly Drill of company l monday evening. It might have been because word had been passed that the Money for each Man for six months service was in to be distributed. Each monday evening All sorts of War tactics Are practice by the local Soldier unit close order work Bayonet exercise physical to Rill ceremonies and gallery practice. Monday Captain Walsh made a perfect score in the gallery shoot scoring 50 out of a possible 50. Sometimes some of the company Are absent when the Roll is called. In this Case a detail in sent out after them. When caught they Are put in the police jail Over night although the penalty May be More severe. The officers of the local company Are Captain Walsh first lieutenant Thearle Shafer second lieutenant Wheeler Dew. First sergeant Bert Barnes and company clerk sergeant Carl Hes alive Dayton nov. 24.�? governor Cox a i am thankful for preservation and health Throupe an arduous Campaign and philosophy of Joy which enabled me to see the Many bounties of Chicago nov. 24.�?kenesaw Mountain Landis Federal judge and newly appointed chief of organized baseball a what have i to be thankful for two grandchildren a boy and a girl. What More could any Man want peace move to be started by owner made a 1920 a a killing new York nov. 24. Zanardo six year old pacing gelding which campaigned to a record of 2 00 1-2 Over the grand circuit last season was auctioned off to Thomas Murphy for $12,000 yesterday at the old glory Sale. Franklin h. Downs of Boston former owner paid $10,000 for Tho gelding two years ago and he won $10,766 last season. Washington nov. 24.�? Wayne b. Wheeler general Council for the anti Saloon league a the dry forces of the United states Are thankful because a Congress opposed to modifying the volstead act has been elected and because the supreme court has sustained Washington nov. 24.-senator George Moses new Hampshire a i am truly thankful that the american people have decided to remain free and Independent. The development at Geneva each Day Points to the Wisdom of their cub Pitcher is stabbed by father in Law Kenosha. Wis., nov. 24.�?jan. Hippo Vaughn Star Pitcher of the Chicago cubs who was stabbed in a quarrel Here was reported resting easy today at the City Hospital. Physicians believed he would recover. Harry de Bol Vaughn a father in Law who disappeared after the quarrel is alleged to have stabbed the Pitcher. Cant sell a a bitters Toledo nov. 24. First test of Bonus Large again the Crabbe ret was made in police i Detroit Mich. Nov. 24.�?the court today when two soft drink annual Bonus shared in by pm parlor proprietors were fined $100iployes of the Ford motor company each. One proprietor had Quanti j will exceed $7,000,000 this Jear a Washington nov. 24.�?peace with Germany by congressional Resolution should be accomplished As soon As Posilo senator Knox Pennsylvania said today. He announced his intention of introducing huh peace Resolution As soon As Congress convenes but whether he will press for action during the Short session depends on the views of the majority of his Republican colleagues and president elect Harding. Knox was of the opinion that immediate action on his peace reset Lution might come As a result of a proposed canvass of democratic sentiment. He was inclined to think Itiat As the result of the elections. The views of some democratic senators might be changed to vote for overriding a presidential veto of the peace Resolution. Wife of former Kaiser very Iii Amsterdam. Nov. 24 a the former Kaiserin Augusta Victoria s children gathered around her at doom today in what they teared was their last visit to her. The former Empress fever was High and specialists held Little Hope for her recovery. The former Princess Victoria Louise and her husband the Duke of Brunswick the former Crown Prince and Princess Eitel filch and Edelbert arrived today. Students Start Home for visit Over Turkey Day with visions of Turkey and other goodies fixed up right by the Home folks the students of Ohio University with but few exceptions peeked off this noon bag and baggage for the thanksgiving holidays. The students will return to classes monday noon. This time is set to that it Isnit necessary for Many to travel on the biggest Home attraction for Many of the students is the fact that they Are going Home where they can enjoy Mother s own Cook ing. And it is easy to believe that each Mother is expecting her son or daughter ready to est the Many things that have been prepared. A few of the students who live St great distances will stay in Athens and have the town to themselves Over the holidays. London. Nov. 24.�?stationed in no Many a land with a Telephone leading to both polish and lithuanian Headquarters league of nations commissioners vainly pleaded with the opposing leaders to end the fighting according to a dispatch received Here today. The commission invaded the Battle Field with a special train flying the league of nations Flag. The Bat tie continued to rage with machine gun and Rifle bullets whining past Only 200 Yards away. Amid that rattle and Clatter the commission Era talked first with the Zeligowsky troops and then with the lithuanians. Taking turns they pledged that the leagues request for an armistice be heeded. Then they threatened punishment by the league. Later reports from Vilna were conflicting. Armistice plans were said to be progressing., ii was my stated that the fighting continued with unabated fury Zeliger Skly a forces still making Progress to the Northwest. I. O. O. F. Notice All members requested to be present Friday night to work class in first degree. H. M. Bennett Noble grand. 11-24-2. New Yale Captain new Haven. Conn., nov. 24 a Malcolm Aldrick was elected Captain of the 1921 Yale football team at a meeting of the team Here last night. City attorney held to court ties of a a kidney a and a a blood medicines containing from is to 33 per cent alcohol which is prohibited under the Crabbe act though appear a entry Legal under the volstead and. Cording to an announcement today by Edsel Ford president of the company. The Bonus will be paid on the same basis As last year Ford said Erie pa., nov. 24. Martin c. Cornell City solicitor was arrested on a warrant issued by Alderman Hays yesterday afternoon charged with involuntary manslaughter for the killing of William Schultz on the morning of november 16, when it is alleged Cornellus Auto struck Schultz who was repairing Street car tracks. Cornell was released on $1,500 Berlin nov 24.�?the entente and have a hearing december to. Air Mission has halted a shipment 0r0erjei2ed entente say they must have All such material of German All Metal planes to the Larsen company in new York. The Mission demanded that eleven machines of tile shipment be Given to the allies. The manufacturers declared this violated assurances previously Given that there would be no inter Repe a the transaction since Tho planes were not for military use. Double wedding Rev. C. L. Trecker officiated this morning at la of clock at a double wedding at Hie first m. E. Parsonage. The brides were Sisters. Miss Julia m. Young became the Bride of or. J. W. Wolfe and miss Minnie a. Young of or. Robert j. Forsyth. Tile Young people were attended by or. R. J. Forsyth of the poor Simp Jane Lew. W. A. Albany. N. Y. Some people the brides Are residents of first done to recognize Opportunity. When and both Brode groins Are Farmer. Mrs. Charles Hosier found 500 Bot or. And mrs Wolfe will reside i tie of scotch in an abandoned Auto t near Frost and or. And mrs. Foi in Lier barn she called the prohibit Syth will make their Home at Jane itself As the Breckenridge of East i Hon enforcement agents. Lew w. A. Texas East Texas is Small town booms into huge Prosperity in a single Day Mexia tex., nov. 24.�?Oil, the modern Alladin has rubbed Mexia. Mexia was just in East Texas town of 4,000 persons who evinced Little More mild curiosity As a a a wild cat drilling outfit laboriously drove its bit into a Hillside two and half Miles to the Westward. Mexia came to life with a Jerk when a costless Hatles Blue shined a rough neck from the drilling outfit ran Down main Street and in a drug store grabbed a Telephone called a number and yelled into the transmitter Quot Oil. We got out on the Hillside odorous liquid shot fifty feet in the air with a Force that warped the Derrick. The population of Mexia in a Day has jumped 2,000. Leases were As High As $1,000 an acre and going up $100 a jump. Rooms were unobtainable at hotels one hotel equipping its Hall ways with narrow mattresses and a Blanket and renting i hem for $10 a Flop and if you ask for a bed the botel tries to sell you a lease first a Only 15 Miles from the main Street is a riot of Jack London cosmopolitanism with booted and Mackinaw roughnecks elbowing with fur coated and Diamond studded Oil operators. A Farmer drove into town with a Load of Cotton. He left it standing in the Street and started into the Oil business. Mexia paused somewhat today for a show Down. With the Well reported 15.000 feet in Oil and the bit eight feet in the Woodbine Sand e. A. Humphreys owner of the Well flying from Denver in an air plane announced that if the Derrick could be repaired the Well will be drilled deeper to see just what it will do. If the Well i a a proven Mexia see find Secretary of missing Man Portland. Oregon nor. 14.�? John Doughty former private Secretary of the a vanished millionaire Ambrose Small of Toronto Canada maintained silence today a to what had become of Small and of $100,000 in Bonds which disappeared with him. Doughty Taho dropped out of sight in december 1919, simultaneously with Small and the 1100,000 was apprehended yesterday at Oregon City and brought to port land last night by detective Austin Mitchell of Toronto. Blue Lodge has year election Paramo this Lodge no. 25 of a. M. Held their annual election tuesday evening St the Jar age room at the masonic Temple. The follow ing officers were elected. Fred Mckay . A. Lee s. W. Walter Porter it. W. Dalton o. Chappe s. D. Horace d. Day j. D. Percy g. Dowler treasurer j. A. Palmer Secretary Sam k Burion Tyler and James a. Duncan. Trustee. The meeting was very Well attended. Birmingham ala., nov. 24.�? ten men were dead today and six More suffering serious injury following the explosion yesterday in the railway fuel company a mins at Parrish ala., according to latest reports of the Accident caused by a Gas explosion 1,600 feet from the mine Entrance. Six of the men Are said to have died instantly followed by the other four within a few hours. The dead this morning Are Reuben Phillips. 20, Dora. Ala l. E. Wearable 19. Parrish r. F. Chapman 30, double run a. Charles Lamb 25, double run h. Kyle Parrish George Bill Parrish r. A. Rochelle Parrish w. D. Parrish residence unknown. All whits and Uloa Bentley negro Parrish John Jordon negro Parrish. Immediately following the expo bion an emergency Call was sent to Ttye Birmingham offices of the com Piny for Aid and a special train quantities of first Aid equipment was rushed to Parrish. Although the explosion was heavy and jarred timbers from their moorings Rescue squads which went into the wrecked mine state that the Drift was not choked. Babies die with their playmate Portland me., nov. 23 Arthur and Olive Sawtelle 2 and 4, were burned to death tuesday when their Home caught fire in the absence of their Mother. A pet dog died with them after making vain efforts to summon help. His remains were found St the foot of the charred bed wine the children had been driven by the spreading Blaze. Had Only one chair Washington nov 24.�? for Many months the Little City of Cou Logne in the Aisne Region of France possessed but a single chair and it was the property of the mayor. It was officially known As Quot the chair until Junior red Cross of America sent to that cloy a great Camion loaded with chairs and tables that had been made by the boys of America in their manual training schools. Last year thousands of these articles of furniture were sent to the devastated area of France. Arrest of hit Secretary will prove key to situation College Point n. A a a nor. 24.�?John Doughty under arrest at Portland Oregon holds the key to the mysterious disappearance of Ambrose Small the a vanished millionaire of Toronto in the be Lief today of mrs. Small. Upon Betag informed that Doughty who disappeared at the same time a Small a had Bee arrested mrs. Small de it Lam a Felt renewed Hope that her husband would be found or that she would at least learn Hie Fate. A have a belief that of. Small a she said. A but i am afraid that of to is alive he to out of his mind. We got be Many letters from Cranks and others that we could not believe them. Of Tell so Many of them spoke of his being mentally unbalanced that i m afraid Thipe May be something to it. Mrs. Small will leave new York tonight or tomorrow night for Toronto where Doughty is to be taken. She did not know whether she would confront the former private Secretary or not. The thing she most feared today was the Doughty described is a powerful Man might manage to escape from detective Austin Mitchell off to is taking him to tot onto. A a Doughty is the sole Hope for an explanation of or Small s she said. A we have warrants for his arrest of a bus napping and larceny the chief of police at Oregon City where Doughty was arrested probably will receive 115,000 Reward. This amount was offered by mrs. Small for Doughty a capture. Detective Mitchell will determine where the Reward profiteers buy Bio a a ancestral estates London. Nov. 24.�?ancestral estates Are now within easy reach of the ambitious profiteer. If he likes and if the profiteering has been Good enough he can buy for himself and one for his wife. There Are Many historical sneer trial estates with shooting fishing forests farms and All romantic appendages on auctioneers lists St present. Hundreds of people at Panama greeted next president Cristobal nov. 24�?presidentelect Harding today expected to make an inspection trip through the Panama canal. He was to traverse the canal on a mine layer and will be shown the Workings or the Gigantic locks. Harding intends to remain at the Pacific end of the canal until Friday. Governor Harding of the canal zone will entertain the president elect at dinner tonight. This is to be followed by a Public reception at Balboa. Hundreds of panamas americans British West. Indians and others attired in White suits filed past Harding and mrs. Flaring at the hotel Here last night shaking hands with them. Afterwards the beat of the Tropic night was tempered by a plunge to the sea. Save Money on your laundry you Mvi Money when you save labor. To i True whether you do your own work or have it done. You should therefore have expert advice on the arrangement of your work. You eave Money of you save your clothes from injury from hardening from fading. From shrinking. Be sure to use the right kind of soap the right kind of Lye Hie proper washing powder you should know How to use a Little soda when you put your clothes to soak and a Little turpentine when they Are yellow the department of agriculture has made an exhaustive study of All these problems of the laundry. It has prepared a bulletin that u now ready for free distribution our Washington information Bureau will get a copy for you it you Send in your name and address with two certs in stamp for return postage. Tin filling out the Coupon be sure to write name and address Plain to Frederic j Haskon director. The Athens messenger information Bureau. Washington d. C. I enclose herewith two cents in Stamps for return postage on a free copy of the Home laundry bulletin. Name a a a a a a a a a a Street. Tity a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a stats

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