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Athens Messenger Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Athens, Ohio Anniversary Rhodesia has marked its second anniversary of Independence. James Kilpatrick comments in his column on today a editorial Page. Al e ill Essen a or vol. 62, no. 307 Athens Ohio monday november 20, 196 ten cents Snow cold occasional Light Snow or Snow and rain mixed and continued cold tonight and tuesday. Low tonight lower 30s. High tuesday lower 40s.Federal Reserve Board hikes discount rate to protect Dollar Washington a Ipp the Federal Reserve boards discount rate moved up a notch today in what officials described As an Effort to protect the Dollar in the Wake of the British Pound devaluation. The Rise from 4 to 4 4 per cent is identical to one put into effect on dec. 5, 1965, but that was for a different reason a to Stem inflation it triggered a year of tight Money. This time however the move is designed to prevent a heavy flow of dollars overseas in search of higher interest rates. Its expected to have Little immediate effect on consumer interest rates in this country. When it devalued the Pound on saturday from $2.80 to $2.40, Britian also raised its discount rate from 6% to 8 per cent. The . Discount rate is the interest commercial Banks must pay the Federal Reserve for Money they borrow from the system. Other rates Are pegged upward from it. In Liis Case however the Board is bringing its rate More in line with interest rates elsewhere in the world Economy rather than tracking new ground. Interest rates generally Are at their highest level in almost half a Century. But some officials said the higher discount could tend in the Long run toward an increase in rates Consumers pay for Loans in this connection it could have an anti inflationary effect but officials emphasized that would be Only a Side effect. The Federal Reserve acted at an emergency saturday night meeting and its decision w As announced sunday. Repercussions to the 14.8 per cent devaluation in the British Pound rolled around the world today and bitter discontent brewed at Home among labovites conservatives and angry Mon in the Street. The governments announcement saturday that the Pound would be devalued from $2.80 to $2 40 provoked Matching devaluations in Spain Ireland Denmark Israel and the British Colony of Bong Kong. Fifteen other nations said they were undecided while other nations kept their currency a ratio to the . Dollar steady. Prime minister Harold Wilson went on television sunday night to explain that the devaluation is meant to Spur British exports and that the jumping Economy will have a Chance to a break out of the straitjacket of Boom and bust. Most countries that devalued with Britain Are suppliers of food and raw materials meaning British buyers can import from them at the same old prices. British salesmen stand to gain in countries that held fast. The government is in effect giving them a 14.3 per cent subsidy to undercut their Competition increase their profits or a combination of both. However Many prices on the Home Market will go up resulting in a curtailment of buying. The government Hopes this will turn manufacturers to the Export Market so that Britain a balance of payments will move toward the Black again. Wilson a conservative opposition reacted As expected. Tory Leader Edward Heath charged that under labor leadership Britain had been a reduced from a prosperous nation to an inter us. And world news briefs to Quot a to Spur to str a go Token pullout of troops seen Washington a urn citing a very serious manpower problems among the North vietnamese and Viet Cong Gen. William c. Westmoreland says a Token withdrawal of . Troops from South Vietnam May be possible within two years. A we have evidence through our intelligence that the enemy has very serious manpower problems in the South a said the commander of u. S. Forces in Vietnam. Mid East j ote expected today United nations n. Y. A up a a British Resolution seeking a Middle East settlement was Given the Best Chance of adoption among three headed for a vote in the u. N. Security Council today. Delegates expected that the vote would come late tonight. Peking expected to lose again United nations n. Y. Map a u. N. Diplomats expect the general Assembly a annual debate Over whether to admit communist China opening today to end in defeat again for peking. Friends of nationalist China say the vote against the chinese reds will be bigger than last year. Cambodian ambassador huot san Bath was to introduce a Resolution sponsored by to nonaligned and communist countries seeking to substitute communist chinese for nationalist chinese delegates in the United nations and All related organizations. Human heart transplant due Chicago a apis surgeons at californians Stanford medical Center Are ready to make the worlds first human heart transplant whenever the Ideal donor and Ideal recipient appear there at the same time the journal of the american medical association said today. A we think the Way is Clear for trial of human heart transplantation a or. Norman e. Shumway head of Stanford a division of cardiovascular surgery was quoted As saying. Army h ants its Money returned Lakewood. Calif. A tbs a former Soldier who sat at Home waiting tor u. S. Army orders for 223 Days in 1966 says the army has billed him for $1,238 paid him during his extended absence. John Brown 24, said he went to the army at least once a month during the period trying to get the army to solve the problem he said everyone laughed at the mix up until he told them his hitch was up and he wanted out. Mrs. J Elk rack Enon journey new York a Cpin mrs. John f. Kennedy returned Home sunday after a 23-Day trip to Southeast Asia arid Italy. She arrived by plane from Rome accompanied by Michael Forrestal new York attorney and son of the late defense Secretary James v. Forrestal. The former first lady smiling but appearing a bit tired did not make any statement at Kennedy Airport. She was hatless and wearing a White Bruni coat with a Brown Bidi. J Ohnson hears kind m ids Washington a to a president and mrs Johnson joined the latin american diplomatic corps sunday at the 59th annual pan american mass and were greeted with warm words by Patrick Cardinal of Boyle archbishop of Washington Cardinal of Boyle told the president a we realize you have a very difficult task and we want you to know sir you not Only have our understanding and our sympathy for the Burden god has placed upon you but also Assurance of our prayers Day after Day that god May inspire you and help inside today in s a a amp amp a thief finds ifs time that you should never underestimate the Power of a woman Page 3 thi Ruday is Turkey Day arid a hints on thawing the Frozen Bird Page 6 three persons huk i in weekend Highway accidents in Meigs county Page 8 Ohio a bobcats Are honoured with annual foot Ball banquet. 1>a8< 14 Nelsonville Man can twin no matter which Side of the Street he Parks on Page is Abby. 7 obituaries. 5 classified. To 16 patterns. La comics. 17 sports. 4 editorial. 4 television. U entertainment. 12 i Heaters. Heloise. 6 women. 6, 7 Athens. J. S Middleport 8. 9 Chauncey. In Nelsonville. 18 Glouster. I Point pleasant 13 Logan. 12 Pomeroy. 8, 9 la. S. Force suffers loss map wire photo together again a or. And mrs. William Plancon of Fairfield c Onn. Comfort their 22 month old son Tod in St. V incent s Hospital at Bridgeport. The youngster was accidentally abducted in his mothers ear by a teen Ager who stole the vehicle. The child was found unharmed on the porch of a Fairfield House the following morning. Senate vote slated on increase in is Washington a the Senate appears ready to wrap up before thanksgiving its work on one of the most sweeping social Security Bills Ever considered by Congress. Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield has set Early opening schedules for the next two Days arum obtained a strict limitation on debate on All remaining amendments. This is expected to bring final passage of the legislation on wednesday. The final form of the measure then will be determined in a conference Between the Senate and House which passed the Bill last August. In three Days of debate last week the Bill a managers succeeded in maintaining it in nearly the form in which it won Senate finance committee approval. Many More amendments remain to be acted on. The biggest test is expected on a Republican move to substitute the House Bill for the version worked out by the finance panel in passing on this the Senate will determine whether it wants to i go along with a much larger Benefit increase and also much higher taxes that the committee wrote into the legislation. The committees Bill would assure All persons now on the Benefit Rolls at least a 15 per cent increase with a 59 per cent hike for those at the Bottom of the scale. The minimum payment would to raised from the present $44 a month to $70 the House voted for a boost of gov. Romney visits i. C. Washington a Michigan gov. George Romney today pays a visit to the City where he Hopes some Day to hold Down the no. I jobs president of the United states. The 60-year-old Republican scheduled the trip to Hie nations capital for a television appearance on no cd so today show and planned tentatively to go also to the state department for a briefing for his european trip next month. At least 12 4 Ihor cent in benefits and a $50 minimum. On the tax Side the big difference Between the two versions is in the eventual wage base on which the payroll levies would by paid. The House voted to boost the base to $7,600 a year from the present $6,600. The Senate finance committee plan would raise the base to $8,000 next year and eventually to $10,800 in 1972. Saigon apr North vietnamese regulars surrounded a . Paratrooper battalion on a Hill near the cambodian Border in South Vietnam scentral Highlands today and with heavy ground assaults and mortar attacks apparently inflicted heavy casualties. An american Relief Force reached the scene at dusk. The battalion of the . 173rd airborne brigade was Cut off for 24 hours before the reinforcements arrived to break the communist attack and bring out dead and wounded. Heavy enemy ground fire kept Rescue helicopters away. Associated press correspondent John Lencl reported from Dak to about 15 Miles from the fighting the heavy communist fire set off a huge explosion inside the . Perimeter possibly causing heavy casualties it could not be determined immediately what caused the blast. The fighting perhaps the most vicious yet in the Highlands Campaign Carne As . Planes bombed the la Anni Haiphong area for the fifth straight Day on sunday. The attacks included blows against the fifth and six targets to come off Hie Pentagon a restricted list in four Days. They Are a Concrete Plant and a Barge Yard near Hanoi. The . Command announced the lose of four planes bringing the total number of losses Over the North to 749 aircraft. The four planes carried six crewmen All of whom Are missing. The belief grew among american commanders that the communists at Dak to Are trying to do what they achieved earlier this year just below the demilitarized zone a draw Large american forces away from thickly populated areas and pin them Down in the sparsely settled mountains. Some 6.000 americans and 4,-000 South vietnamese now Are at Oak to., 270 Miles North of Saigon opposing an estimated 6,000 to 8,000 North vietnamese. North vietnamese soldiers dug in on a Hill 14 Miles Southwest of Dak to killed 40 paratroopers of the . 173rd airborne brigade and wounded 42 in an All Day Battle sunday. The paratroopers swept the Battle Field today but there was no immediate report of How Many enemy bodies they found. Field reports told of three clashes within boo Yards of each other. The North vietnamese broke Contact after seven hours under a heavy bombardment by . Fighter bombers and artillery. Elsewhere in the area two . 4th infantry division companies fought four Miles South of l a to and the South vietnamese reported a Victory saturday on Hill 1416, five Miles Northeast of the Oak to Airstrip. The 4th division reported three . Infantrymen and seven North vietnamese soldiers killed Aru 12 americans wounded. The South vietnamese said their paratroopers and . Planes killed 390 North vietnamese regulars on Hill 1416. With the . Command reporting 868 enemy soldiers killed in the Dak to Campaign this brought the claimed total of communist dead to More than 1,200 in the Campaign. American casualties of 197 killed and 750 wounded have been reported while the Battle for Hill 1416 Cost the South vietnamese 32 killed and 153 wounded. Communist gunners on sunday shot Down five . Helicopters but All were recovered intact. . Now fourth largest with 200 million people Washington a the United states celebrated today a Milestone some experts contend should have been observed More than two years ago a population of 200 million people about la a in est this country officially at least becomes the fourth nation in the world behind communist China India and the soviet Union in that order to reach and pass 200 million. Alexander b. Trowbridge Secretary of Commerce tinder whose jurisdiction the census Bureau Falls led the Celebration in the Commerce department lobby where a census clock has been ticking off population gains for 49 years. The clock now registers a net gain of one person every 14 4 seconds based on one birth every seconds one death every 17 seconds an immigrant every 60 seconds and an Emigrant every 23 minutes. Timing is based on recent averages rather than actual births deaths arrivals and departures and the timing is changed As the averages change. A private group the population reference Bureau contends the Basic calculations Are Alexander Trowbridge All wrong. It says the census Bureau missed 5.7 million americans in the i960 nose count. Actually the reference Bureau said the United states population probably surpassed 200 million in the Spring of 1965 Ami could be at least 206 million now. It said its Contention is based on 1960 census figures indicating there were far More negro women than men and concluded some negro males must not have been counted. The census Bureau conceded the possibility of a higher population but stuck by the Basic fact on which the 200 million estimate is based a 1960 population by its count of 179,323,175. The 200 million figure includes not Only . Residents but american servicemen abroad. In the first census in 1790, the Bureau counted 3,929,214 americans it took until 1951 to reach the first too million but the Bureau said the 300 million Mark could by reached by the turn of the Century in Only 33 years chlorine Gas posing threat to Alabama town Newton Ala. A busloads of residents darted Back to their Homes for a few minutes sunday night to grab clothing keepsakes and pets under a threat of the escape of 100,000 Gallons of deadly chlorine Gas. A state agent said officials lowered barricades briefly to Send in four busloads limited to one member of a household. He said More than too persons were allowed to Brave the Dan Ger to bring out items essential for a second night away from Home for nearly 3,000 persons who fled saturday after a 49 car freight train derailed and caught fire. Two boys were reported missing after the evacuation. Skeet Pate an Alabama department of Public safety agent said six tankers of am Monia were burning near tankers loaded with propane and a Tanker of chlorine Gas. He said the outer Hull of the double walled chlorine Tanker was cracked. The fires were boing contained by civilian firefighters and units from nearby it Rucker. Pate said but added that flames continued to erupt occasionally throughout the rubble of the Seaboard coast line freight train. Pate said a they can to Tow that thing because there a 100,000 Gallons of chlorine in there a Pate said Railroad workers might try to run a Spur track to the Tanker running in another Tanker to Transfer the Gas. A a they re going to have to Cradle it to move it because there Are valves underneath sticking in the dirt a said sgt. E. In Jones of the Alabama Highway patrol. Officials also were con is Denny using a Crane. Or. And mrs Percy Bankston who Are among the evacuees a they had been unable to locate their sons Joe 16, and Bobby 13, since they went to a movie at Enterprise saturday promising to be Home by Midnight. A police apparently Are too tied up with everything else to look for my boys a mrs. Bankston said she and her husband a civilian worker at it. Rucker have been staying at the Ozark Community Center. Carbon monoxide fumes Kui s guests Al hotel Akron Ohio apr Carbon monoxide fumes killed three guests including a bridegroom during the weekend at the Plush Yankee Clipper inn near Here. Sixty others needed Hospital treatment Quot everyone was having a Good time. Then people were getting sick and having difficulty breathing and were Keeling Over a said George Miller of Cleveland who was attending a masonic dinner at the hotel saturday night. Thirty two ambulances carried the stricken to hospitals saturday night and Early sunday from Hie seven Story 210-room Motel near Here. Dead on arrival at hospitals were Bruce flagman 22. Of Cleveland who was married saturday afternoon Betty Ann Bishop 50. A dance school owner and her sister Mary Bishop 56 a registered nurse both of Elyria Ohio. Flagman was a 1963 graduate of St Edward High school in Lakewood. He was a goalie in the Cleveland metropol 111 a n hockey league and at Ohio i University where he studied for one year Ili Gullli crisis said on Way Washington a a presidential commission warned today a National health crisis May a six upon us now or just around the Cornel a already it said the system of caring for americans health is Iii a state of crisis with costs rising far faster than living expenses and gaps apparent in the Quality and distribution of services. A Al lost Biri finds Home a a Pelican found near Grove City displays its eight foot wingspan to game Warden Charles Cooper left and Chiel of the Ohio wildlife division Dan Armbruster. The Bird will soon find a new Home in the Columbus zoo

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