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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - August 12, 1940, Athens, Ohio A Telemak net it picture arc from the famous telephoto service of International scope. Al c vol Juns ittfs0cngcc vol. Xxxv no. 227 Athens Ohio monday Al Gist 12, pm the associated a skis or father fair tonight tora Flay Cloudy it ill Shower j i attle change in tem per lure to. 8 of a or 8ur#�u report Turke cents nazi pukes bomb Portsmouth Navy base annual registration is youngest Mother to visit u. S. Urged by sen. Barkle Washington map a annual registration of All Mon a from 21 through 44, to provide an Index of the Industrial As Well As military manpower of the nation was proposed today by senator Barkley Day to conscription. A we ought to have information on the number of men who eight killed in Southeast a Oast storm Atlanta map danger from the worst tropical Hurri Are available for noncombatant activities As Well As those who Cane to strike the South Atlan might be called for military tic coast in recent years passed a service Quot the democratic floor today after bringing death to at Leader told reporters. Least eight persons wrecking incorporation of Barkley aug property flooding highways and be Tion into the pending Burke. Wadsworth Hill would entail some in Hnz communications. Change in the contemplated con the Force of the storm spent it script Ion plan it was pointed out spa Inland Phav it a rain pin he senator Sheppard &Ltd., text Nudd Over Georgia and South floor manager of the measure. Carolina. Historic Charleston re ,. Maine Cut off from All commune the Bill Calls for a single Regia after Amateur radio opera traction to compile the list of men org a Vire Forred to abandon n san. Troubles the Roe-1�?Told. Spoil lad s week end Berne let it or. And mrs. John Doan s five year old son. John jr., ran into triple trouble. A Cartridge thrown into an open fire struck him on the ear. That treated Johnnie stumbled on a Bumble Bee s nest and was stung several times. Crying and running to his House he fell head first into a bucket of paint. Three die in gun Battle at family picnic eligible for Active training Al though the program would remain in effect file years. Any additional registration Sheppard said would require new action by Congress. Under the Bill As approved by Barbourville. W. a quarrel Over a debt at a family Tion when water flooded a Power House. Army officials at fort Mcpher p Ernie late yesterday resulted in a son ga., said their radio operators gun Duel in which two men and a had received no reports of severe woman were killed and a third casualties in Charleston. A a i ,. Man critically wounded. Fort Moultrie gave Refuge to the military committee Only men some 600 civilians from Sullivan s Cabell county Coroner f. X. A from 21 through 30 would have to Island near Charleston and most Schuller who returned a verdict of Register. Senator Burke &Ltd., neb., of the residents at other vacation triple murder said the shooting of however has offered an Amend resorts along the Carolina and no Erraa of t c ment to increase the bracket from Georgia coasts moved to safety of j. Ham 21 through 44. Ahead of the wind. Coast guards mond 69-year-old Farmer ten Barkley announced that he men and state Highway patrols a Dps we f a a copyright 190, Richard s. Kaplan from aka Lina Medina world famous 6-year-old Mother of Lima peril pictured with her 15-months-old Ion Jerry balloons Strung in protective net Mother and son Are to travel to Chicago in order that their strange Lase May be investigated by a com works like mines floating in the air along the South English coast. Four of the Quot sky traps Quot were reported shot Down Over Dover. Riant air Battle is fought Over English Channel As nazis raiders attack coast by emf. Associated Tress nazi warplanes by the hundreds including a 200-plane Armada in a single thrust lashed with Blitzkrieg fury against England today attacking or Isiah balloon Barriera Harbora Channel shipping and the great naval base at port Arnold a on unofficial German tally claimed 140 or Isiah planet do at Rood in the two Day aaa Ault which opened yesterday with an intensity hinting that the Long awaited a a Zero hours might he at hand. Berlin dispatches said record sized fires were started at Portsmouth the base of the British Home Fleet and that the Manston Airport in Dorsetshire was left in ruins by a concentrated bombing attack. The official German news Agency dub asserted that Hitler s air Force already had begun to seize air superiority the first step precluding actual land invasion in other nazi conquests a and that British Rae planes were no longer attacking German raiders. The British retorted that Rae fighters broke up a mass flight of 200 nazi planes and drove All hut 55 Back across Tbs Channel. London dispatches said that by Early afternoon at least 14 possibly 1fi, German planes were shot Down. The Berlin radio counter claimed that 23 Rak planes were destroyed in the opening phase of the Day s Battles German planes were report Tell still pouring across the Channel in apparently growing numbers. The raiders sniped at Barrier Mission of distinguished american doctors. Dead As Hammond mrs. Lessie but senator Minton of Indiana the posed areas before the Hurricane Wickham age 40 wife of one of would support Burke s amendment raced to warn All persons in sex struck. Hammond a tenants and her son. Assistant democratic Leader , cd among its opponents. No word of casualties came from Lames Bolen age a a i John Barber. Senate debate resuming this of either fort Screven near Savan Arp 33 a Rii ral mai1 a pro and Ter noon. Is expected to last about nah. Or Beaufort s. A. Where 1he no i Quot a a to Days. A Broten hearings storm and accompanying High tide Rve 1 Imes. Hospital attendants said a struck in Force. Military sources by condition was fair. Day there would be greek italian a lash Over albanian slaying Imp ends Rome apr an authoritative fascist source indicated to struck in Force. Military sources Nis Conn Mon was Lair. Uay nine Wuriu we serious International consequences As a result win a a. Received no information of damage Quot James Bolen and John of the reported beheading of an obscure albanian minority Leader the House military committee at Jap Parr jul Island Marine Coroner Schuller said Quot argued by greek Border raiders. This source said Italy probably would protest to the greek will reopen its hearings on Ron base and announced they assumed about Barber being in arrears on a ascription tomorrow. To tried be personnel had escaped unharmed. Debt and Barber began shooting at Day chairman May Day said the committee would hear Secretary Knox of the Navy called at the request of some republicans by the Amateur six drowned Bolen. Bolen went into the House. Six of to doth wore report of a Quot not Barber in Ute Back. Then Hammond struck Bolen with an axe. Bolen shot Hammond radio operators who wonted to question his Stele lend Hammond before he died shot ment on taking office that a land Force of 300,000 men was adequate. May said that four other woe Nesses whom the committee had a decided to hear at the same time could not Rome. They Are former Secretary of War Woodring former assistant Secretary i Ouis Johnson. And Gen nearby Folly Beach automobile plunged from a flooded Highway. A negro woman was killed by broken Glass at Savannah and a Man died of a heart attack when a tree was blown Down at his considerable Section of Gen. John j. Pershing Charleston was under water four Hugh Johnson. Ij0 sex Fedj Depp. A number of per when their and ked mrs. Wickham and a House leaders decided to Side sons suffered minor injuries from track routine business at a to flying debris. Trent s notice this week to exp winds reached a velocity of 68 rules issued for Coal Sale Washington Lys seven negroes Burn to death Iii Columbus Columbus by a negro woman was blamed by detectives sgt. C. C. Cole today of starting a Resi government. He said the a a ferocity of the reported killing had provoked indignation in Italy As Well As Albania. Quot whoever touches Albania touches Italy Quot this High fascist said Al Bania was invaded and annexed by Italy april 9. 1939. He said italians would remain Calm but were Quot enormously Imrij rated Quot by the incident reported yesterday by the official italian new s Agency Stefani in a dispatch from Tirana capital of Albania. Names l of Long so engraver mikes Price Fullerton Alif it it a the engraver for the new City in 11 Cornerstone has changed his estimate of the Cost. He just Learned some of the names hell have to struggle with mayor mans h. Kohlen Berger councilman Walter h. Muckenthaler and City clerk Fred d. Hezmalhalch italian troops Rush Forward in Somaliland Rome a Yyi italian troops advancing in British Somaliland have established Ron Tate with main British forces defending Large scale enemy activity is capital and chief port of berbers taking place Over a wide area in he High announced to Day. It was presumed Threa italian columns which previously bad occupied the port of Zeila the town of Hargeisa and Adeina and the Karrin and god Jere passes finally had engaged in Battle with the main British the Channel and thames Estuary a a the British air ministry reported dub the official German new Agency said that the raids inflicted Quot new severe blows Quot and that the Battle was still under Way. The nazi High asserted loops holding 90 British plane were destroyed in position yesterdays spectacular air fights rut the i amp a Onti Miami did hoi with three others shot Down by i Issue any won that fighting be Antl aircraft fire. Twenty one Ger tween the two forces actually was i Man planes were reported missing. Iii Progress. The official British score was 60 authoritative sources said the i German planes shot Down an 26 rapture of the two Somaliland British Craft. I passes meant that the italian too la neb clash forces had safely left the desert More than too planes clashed in was a Quot a bind and Warp attacking this mornings first sky Battle the Rel ish in lbs spa lip of the i staged Over the English channels slopes. And the Hills of the Southeast Quot coast. At least eight perhaps ten British reinforced ii a >7 a a a a the. It a a n i Rorn fast a i German raiders were reported shot Vairo to it reinforcements Secretary Dence fire fatal to seven persons a a. I Pai re fund contributions was taboo Down. Three plummeted into the rely arrived from far Flung parts 4 la Kiln in t i a it. incl in n or i a n to i a no i Cai. Re a a i sea while two others crashed on of he British Empire were report. A a Pip land. I 1 Odd a Dirk no in around the in in a a _ Tisma and Quot intolerable prosecution Lonay. Nor Twne of re Hern on the the woman. Carne Dorsey agr of the 50 000 albanians living in recalling recent charges by for droning through the Sunrise Haze or ant seaport or Berbera on the ride passage of National guard and Miles an hour and some gusts went bituminous Coal to prevent evasion in few Quot men Walter Ftp Cia Muria Region annexed by Morgov Martin i. Davey demo a in Altitude of Jot ski feet. The a Quot Quot a n n a and acan / a Moore age 46. And Jam outlaws assessment of stale of gloves Columbus to an assessment of state employees for ram Ickes announced today the Hitu by hurling an nil lamp to the floor Quot assassination Quot in Strong language Minous Coal division of the inter during an argument denouncing greek Quot Blind Niespo for department had issued rules Tim Quot and Quot intolerable prosecution Quot. R 0 today. Covering the Sale at the mines of n a Quot of the 50 00, albanians living in bituminous Coal to prevent evasion Ita a Tajti i Quot he Cia Muria Region annexed by i of the minimum prices and enforce Greece in 1913. Meant the italian 7 the Law prohibiting certain unfair Tion of an in Estil finn r the p government had Quot taken a position Quot drop Trade practices. A Quot a Gatun of the pre on the this Gourre said it to nazi bombers and Messerschmidt italian columns advancing across for department had issued rules covering the Sale at the mines of,., waiter. Ria u1 men Walter be Cia Muria Region annexed by Mpr Martin i excess profits tax legislation. Well Over 70 at Savannah. Of the minimum prices and enforce xwoo7 sep Ann ,art1p, Peterson Greece in 1913 meant the italian Era it that a Cabinet member or. ,. U we fire believed to have been Quot minimum Price Ana eau oct age 52. Were held pending compte Quot i us i dered emn loves in i department f kit prs were intercepted by Brit burning Somaliland wastes under anxious to catch up with the lire Neeven to Nave Peen the Law prohibiting certain unfair a 7 1 government had taken r position Neren employ is in is department n a c Hur Assine serial snark Asinate Thev Hope to debate by Raused a falling Power line Tanh a Ramie dec Hon of an investigation of the pre on the incident this source said. To contribute to gov. John w so plane. Hai spitfires knifed harassing a rial att a Erin Aid a the Bill to authorize broke out at the huge naval stores president Roosevelt to order the terminal but was brought under a tiny a run a become effective sept. With first dog apr intensifying the feeling Engond-1 publican lend in inference formations to pro denying italian claims that Soma i i 1---�?T murder. I ered by these developments were beep saturday night unanimously air Ltd formations to pro or by my italian c Mims mar re Oman trapped on the second floor of reports that Greece has been sup from c,.ii�?zwi., Lect each other. Land virtually had Hoen units into control. Guard and serve army a years Active service. Fiscal experts have promised of that by thursday they will have a ready the excess profits tax legislation. Intended to raise $300,000, 00p the first year. Many members predicted that the National guard Bill would he Columbus approved quickly. They said that Way officials costly Road seen program part nos. Dawn Blaze. Cole said she probably the minimum prices and Mark Wou d he charged with first degree a murder 3. The Rule and regulations limit agreements for the Sale of Coal generally to that contracts for period. A a feeding one year May he made a their four children perished and charges by the newspaper ii British implicated i Bricker re election Campaign 150 Down a break up the Messer arrival of the reinforcement Quot it a a Schmitts. Which attempted to keep was disclosed by British officials in 30 Days hut provide a Bra a double House in the Down plying British warships and air a for periods not sex own Arpa. A father and Mot her j planes with Oil from greek bases. Rut off resolved to refrain from soliciting or Pafch other. Land virtually had state workers for funds. In the new raids Over Britain i 0�1 overseas help. In a letter to governor Bricker today nazi warplanes attacked Convoy Laden with troops and meanwhile Davey disputed a state-1 air plane factories ports and Oil munitions Are steaming regularly a Ltd it a Ohio High foresaw today a with agencies of the Federal or to Ltha seventh victim was a neighbor Popolo i Roma which is close to mint attributed to the governor depots the German High through the red sea the British Cal government they also provide who did in an attempt to carry the government that the British Bat a by present administration is reported. Aid unchallenged by italian naval that contracts exceeding the 30-1one a i to rail Dpn to safety. All have had a hand in Quot plots along Quot paying More than has Ever been the germans said they Par j forces. Tical smashed the Portland Navy exceeding Day limit May be made upon Spe were negroes. Cia permission upon a showing of Golf it Aid ,b7 by argument a it 1 suited from the arrest of Carrie the albanian Frontier. At he debate would Center largely costly improvement program if necessity of meeting Long term d. Mother Anna for drunk synthetic Oil formulae on a debt moratorium for men Federal plans for improved 10-foot i Competition of Oil or other Pnno a it Henhouse f i a hours he who might be called to duty. Shoulder strips on each Side of forms of full or Energy or for such7. Foj hous hours by chairman May said that the War Ohio s 1,700 Miles of military roads department was preparing a Long Are carried through amendment on the subject intend Ohio has Many Miles of old pave Eri to cover every conceivable sit ment where berms Are not More nation that might be created by than four or five feet wide. Hal personal mortgages insurance pre g. Sours assistant Highway direct mums and the like held by the Tor said. Acquisition of additional guardsmen. Right of Way would in Many instances. Donald Whiten Federal be necessary Eer in charge of surveying in ,a1p 1bf> air infantile paralysis is reported in Chesapeake pavement costs for military High ways of Ohio Penns Kania. Mary Huntington w. A. A up a land Delaware and the District health department officials re of c Columbia has asked the deported a Case of infantile paralysis apartment to estimate this week the in nearby Chesapeake o., across lost to ii provide 10-foot berms a the Ohio River today bringing to spar a by Tull Nous sur-30 the number of cases in the in p or a a military roads in Good Virgin Ltd condition 2 reconstruct such parents were re ported sending a ads had repair 3 omit the increased prices of their children nut of this Section land is no 2i 0enparr&Quot/s Cigar ets Beer Ivo Beil reasons As the division May deem appropriate. I social Security pays British say Gibraltar three oars air Bai i damage slight Washington _ _ that London to the War office government s social Security pro scid today that Quot reports appearing Gram five years old this week hns in some foreign newspapers exam distributed $3,000,000,000 to the a paid for Quot in 1939 you had $30,000,000j base Sank nearly All the ship in More state revenues than we had Portland Harbor and Sank three in 1938, almost entirely due to bet and Dama Ppd four ships in a Ron stolen from i Elmra Terv or business Davey Voy. Univ 17 German planes were. Idu n i rum Kunu Rainy Wro p a and up y furnished Only log the Nal High ,.ommand Sald $10,000,000 for Relief in 1938, Wejs a thik most successful raid on la out Boston a to a chemical lab oratory reported today the theft of furnished $18,000, of state Mon England while the British be formulae and samples being use Din Quot of the sky Quot like shot in experiments for the u s. Army z a Lri warships hit floods recede Iii Louisiana designed to synthesize Low Grade oils with the properties of High Grade lubricants. Andrew j. White president of the Universal chemists corporation Lions aged and unemployed we Ork to said the formulae were taken from ers and to widows orphans and a it ppm Cabinet on the fourth floor of the building and the Oil Sam the Blind. Akron old with of recent raids on a the truth is 4 said its communique Quot that the damage has been negligible and the casualties have been slight. Gibraltar is pre boy of a summarized its vast Orr pm for be u. S. Army White told winning pared for any eventualities and a it ions to show that some 50,000.000 a hip Quot soap e has ample resources of All kinds we a Kph bad by Quot enrolled in the j program since president Roosevelt signed the act in 1935. Detroit to Winner of soap Rox i Erh it v it Rohd in sunday Portland i tacks hut they failed to Tackno to meet in Advance of its anniversary Pps from an adjoining Laboratory of Teeth in his smile is hound for a German Wir wednesday the social Security the Experiment is being conduct n Frap College education today for Pau Onod they w de for police. M is. J. J. Coughenour of the Southern Ohio Valley fear which will be relocated within five French claim Downing of 982 German planes Dies sunday a lit j re Pomeroy staff special Lafayette . A up a weary Relief workers and state police guarded today against pestilence and looting in the Wake of a flood two British warships were dam Over Southwest Louisiana Quot race aged by bomb splinters the British Howrie which left an estimated 30, said and some naval buildings too persons marooned or Home at-1 hey failed to a knowl a crop damages were expected to Edge hits on military objectives. Reach millions of dollars and a despite the Stern nazi assaults,1 Lief officials said about 75.000 head German wireless announcer of cattle and horses and thousands Ere Quot not to be in of other livestock had been lost the annual All american apr pretend As the Start of a Ger or were in danger of starvation. Soap Box Quot Derby. Man attack on great he Rains reported As heavy As 24 he is Tommy Fisher of Detroit. I fail they were just Quot prepay at inches in 24 hours in some places son of a Salesman of machinist Britain for her part told of far followed last weeks tropical Hur supplies. J reaching raids on Germany and Richane which name Inland near the Robert Londeree of Charleston Gorman occupied Holland and Louisiana Texas Border. The w Ater w. And George Smith of Northern France. The wharves of were receding slowly today. Akron were the other finalists Hamburg the Wilhel shaven Ltd a Happy 12-year-pug nose and plenty a it Foj Verlous pid Emle but or. Tbs a w. Strang City health officer no ,4, precut a a a a for it hmm rr9i emphasized the situation was not three foot strip of berm on each Many pases of Price increases on Force fliers shot Down 982 Ger sons preceded her in death two states Canada and Panama. Ii Akl a f in Vav 4 it n to i lot in l 0/4. _ _ _ i _ _ i _ j. Ii i i _ a a in s a _ j mrs. J. J. Coughenour. Age 83. Died from preliminary heats contested naval base and factories in Many Wir a flip attn to sunday night at the Home of her sunday by 130 racers sponsored hip sets of Germany were bombed out of control and that it had a Jap 0j> roads where traffic not been. Necessary to impose a exceeds j goo vehicles daily general quarantine. Year needed to build defense Patterson says a Tho youths Are burned to death in plane i Washington let it a Robert Conway Yhu two Young a Patterson new assistant Secre pilots crashed to death in a Light tary of War said today that con Cabin plane that burst into flames Soli Dation of american Industry for is it ploughed into a Garden yes defense purposes would take at Ter Day. Least a year. Firemen recovered the charred Quot and a year is a luxury that we bodies of Clarence Hartling. Age May never enjoy a he added in an 22, Freedom. Pa., and Robert e address welcoming a group of offi Browning age 27, Washington res who will study at the army College. A Quot we Are still far from our goal French Ace killed of adequate preparedness on our Vichy France to a Maurice Supply front a Patterson said. Quot our Arnoux celebrated French airman principal enemy is time. At the was reported today to have been present rate we cannot achieve jailed in Aerial combat against our armament objectives in Days i a Germany. I weeks or pottery magnate Dies former publisher Dies Zanesville to a Milman h. I new York tip death claim Linn sr., 79, Veteran Potter Ted Charles m. Campbell former manufacturer died in a Hospital Ohie publisher at the age of 88 Cleveland Federal of sunday night at the Home of her i sunday by 130 racers sponsored by filers Are receiving complaints of Vichy France to French air daughter mrs. De Priode. Two newspapers throughout the United saturday the British said As were prosecute democrats Aird Romes in Holland and France i at sea Britain announced a Colorado Springs a to a troop transport the Mohamed All Wendell l. Willkie says one of Al Kebir had been torpedoed in his first acts if he is elected pres the Atlantic with 120 lives lost. Idem will be to prosecute All per a details were withheld and i sons who bought or sold Advertis Nineteen for could not be ascertained if i he my in the democratic National Cigar ets and Beer by retailers Man planes Between May to and years ago. Using defense taxes As an excuse june to losing Only 306 planes funeral services will he held contrary to Law. Treasury agents themselves in spite of 5-to-l nazi tuesday afternoon at 2 30 o clock will investigate said u. S. Actor Odds the under Secretary for air at Ewing Chapel with burial in Ney Emerich freed. Announced today. Gravel Hill cemetery. Foreigners arrested by japs Iii Manchuria German air Force capable of heavy sacrifices in both men and planes Tokyo a to Eigners have been arrested at arrival of a Small Canadian Rie Dairen charged with anti japanes pachment. In England had any con a propaganda and Possession of j Section with the transport. Short wave radios a Domel japanese news Agency dispatch re committee 1940 Campaign Book. The Republican nominee told a press conference late yesterday that such advertising Purchase were not Only in violation of the Quot Here yesterday Lye a m i Ste Day by Devon Francis associated pres aviation editor new York a Germany evidently has launched in Earnest a Campaign to Wear Down or soften British resistance to bombing attacks and one of its primary objects is to destroy the Royal air Force. One of the Credo of nazi air War is establishment of definite air superiority before any other moves in a closely integrated attack Are made. Field marshal Goering s air Force had superiority in Poland in the beginning. It quickly As 1 ured itself superiority in nor i ame Way by seizing most of the available Aird Romes against their use by an enemy not equipped with Long Range fighter planes. It enjoyed superiority in the attack through the Low countries and Only sacrificed it on a local front during the Dunkirk evacuation. In the constant hammering which the germans Are delivering the British from the air one fact must he remembered they have been prepared since the Start of the War to sacrifice airmen and planes. They have produced both in tremendous vol in London a spokesman indicated in the absence of official comported today. Names and National j rent i hat Britain would be averse Hatch anti politics Law but also cities were not disclosed. To a proposal of former president overstepped the corrupt practices the air attack on Britain is numerous foreigners have been Herbert Hoover that the United act. Akin to the storming of a fort by arrested in Korea and Japan prop states Supply food to Holland Bel successive Waves of infantrymen or mostly British in a japanese Gium Poland and Norway. To a aaa l�?Tm.nclini0� the spokesman said that Britain ill Len would vigorously maintain its w to Are considered expendable. Shooting Down 60 or 300 or 300 enemy planes Means Little to British defense in terms of destroying German equipment and discouraging the attack. How Well equipped the British Are to withstand those wearing Down air attacks is not known. Campaign against alleged espionage. You Dix ill fugitive is.4 captured by crimans blockade against. Germany and 1 j nazi occupied european states and Vichy France a tip demo to that. Food for 18,000,000 non Ger Iliza Tion of the French army will it a Thirud 111 Wisconsin mans in lbs occupied territories he completed wednesday it was depended on Quot fair distribution is announced today with release of Madison a in an Al Germany which has an abundance the last specialists such As Butch Ley beside a theater police Cap of ers and Bakers. It is known however that they tured Michael Maloney 27. Lima a of the approximately. 5,000,000 were hard pressed in the air Leroy beam 23, Chillicothe Farmer by rur to death n in mobilized during the War. It during the Battle of Flanders. Jo., and Ralph Munk 26, Nelson Lorain let fire destroyed a now is admitted that 2,000,000 British pilots dispatches said Sivilie of All of whom escaped last nearby farmhouse yesterday and were captured by the germans no flew and fought to the Poult of monday from the Ohio Reforma a fatally burned Paul elfish 71 considerable dumber of these have exhaustion tory Ai Mansfield year Oid farm worker been released so far

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