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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - April 23, 1923, Anniston, Alabama Hafif. Four the Anniston Star it e Anniston is it Tail. Estamo hed in 1882 published e cry afternoon and sunday morning a on Datil it publishing co. Proprietors entered a second class mail matter at the poet off in in an Nanton. Alabama. Orrice building. Corner Market and eleventh Avreet Harry m. Ayer. Publisher t r. Gordon a a a a editor subscription payable in Advance daily and sunday by mail drat and a other second zones. Zoo Tine year $7.00 six months. A a three month a a j80 1 j6 Fin month -7 City Carrier delivery week ----20 americans Foremost business authority gives timely advice Boger w. Rabakon recognized a a Foremost authority on Busine and Industry whose Opin Ion is sought by great corporations and by Small dealer alike As that of an expert says local merchants during the next few months should pay Especial attention to advertising. Or. Babson urge the Small merchants As Well a the larger ones to use newspaper space in a dignified Way rather than in attempting to use Bill boards and other devices. Quot there surely is some reason Why the people flock to one merchant and pass by another Quot a its or. It Abgott and the reason he thinks ii that the merchant who gets the Trade is the one who does the advertising. Or. Babson advice is Worth Reading and heeding. Here is what he so i about business and advertising monday april 23, 1923 sir set Renu a Quot a a. Ryas Here s x Codi cd acc eos \ in it of excitement telephones l ily editor cosiness office mom w. Vpr1l 23. 1123 daily editorial digest growth of religion a Facer for the pessimists Quot during the next few months local merchant should advertise National Man uni lures Are utilizing the great Power o advertising m the distribution of their product the successful department stores Are also tiding Large space in the newspaper. T it the smaller retailer has vet foiled to advertise is he should. Perhaps that is Why he i Small one cannot Tell. There surely a some reason Why the people Leek to one merchant and pass by another statistics certainly indicate that the reason is closely connected w Ith the Adver eng cat me also Toke this occasion to urge retailer to use the newspaper in a dig Ifield a a rather a Iii attempting to use Bill Board and Novelty contrivances. During the past two months i have motored considerably the it ii shout different sections of the Quot co in to at almost Ever a cd a i ail is me a Ort of a . A w Admill or sen a a eng e a it sold t some Bank or merchant who thought he had discovered a cheaper or More of method of advertising than his Nev a to of t a he be the highways on adventures of the twins motive Job urls Lurton the new air planes Quot i i Over so much obliged for for afer Nick rescued the sold Lar from drowning in hmm ring i my there a no fighting for a few a v a. Any More said Nick taking off his cocked hat and a buckling h i a Ord. Quot a in very much obliged to you it Quot As necessary to wait until for gent Raling for men while i the wooden soldiers and tin sol Quot As a Quot a v said air no in old braid Quot and i should Uke you to stay with the army. What do you doers had recovered. The tinker Man a very Busy Ift i Hospital i Tell jots what prefer a with plugging tip wound ult 1 Uke to he an aviator Quot said of be Quot Wood or soldering them a la quickly. With Lead if the Soldier happen Quot Ell i declare a said he Ting so to be made of tin instead of Wood and gluing on arms and leg and even Heads and painting a on should have Eon the amount of paint he a i up i he soldiers in in gluing land Quot to wounded had to go to bed with their clothes on and every Smaglo one o them from general Gold i a so Down had to hav a new uniform painted on him when he a ready to return to her ziment. One b o e to Quot Ever All the toy Diers War outed end even getters Gold braid a quit himself again. Now i w on t have to a be Ai or Man who Quot a likening Vav he we de. A it eat i All it Soldier standing Ner my Quot nut Are Tim i de a said it a. Iii Surprise Quot we never thought of such a answered the tinker Man Quot there in t such a thing a an air plane in Bing hang . A forgot about them. Ell a Telegram to Ray brother the toy maker to ship it a two Brand r ones it a for to Woolen soldiers and the it t her flt r the n soldiers Van May run whichever y in you ilk a a to be continued i copyright lift. Nea a a it it the interloper by Berton Braley \ i do Alt p Ann a i. V hat you it la in it to your of i it How singly v us la pig in the ii i or bold to at of the a Riff a wife and wrest Jur from the in. I f t he t or g and a _ then then a Cut sri co yes pm a a v rid ties Clong v vie hot i la 08 it Vod m a will tout her iou Fol Tbs a the w r 1 d 1 in it ild 4 a w rot c Tom i Sims says Best editorials of the Day reproduced hem a Bren farting americans a ii s on tray Sci 11 a. Those frightful Anteri ii the ti1 Ehe cum a if of Bellet him a co is his w Jug Sven a f pm franc ii in Ever Ca bed a i o. In f baseball a Strong hold on the Public shown in opening game a s was he a a vim a guests org to ,1 1. Muu t in new \ a k i Herald Fevand it g shed of is be p 4 a s lie a i noisy r of i i v to my aces. In so the e g her fan 1 Ai 1 tors and and people torn out t no nil Tor the seas in in a no paid Money to see it. That ban Tae free it show or the til most alluring of pin Ted c f Street i ado in s t d acini i of Tkv a lib 1.� is what Vit bin till a # u hoi act in e competitors tile Arn 1 a them than important a Jun Automa a Ile has kept it Rev late it. Be of v a i a pm or hat the crowd seems to trample you Dei you cannot stand up St the la or of an Ltd then then a girl pm along v 2.-1 come Alog j is a girl fro Aud courage Centi. Back to it it y. U. Vit you Ria up again a Man in my n Al Lur that How it in when i girl Coit copyright e.2, Nea her vice tuck. Pluck. I. He offered a r i Tor a Ruon my att in a Gay he h a v a fro if in a n a brr in Faa leu it .1 and a journalism s Patron Saint a Norfolk Virgin san i int tile regenerator of to s v a. Gov a e id y ens ird a d gov i bar tend is ,.a e to s a ii eel for in t n Tau end now is pop Baa appointed a at Roo aint for Jour a tat a. By f ran in i-1> .4 then Quot a a to a of a or a a Quot t ii at f r a Hundred yes a a w a a r. A i a bang with a ,. I a Dev a d ire a 0t h per teen is i a a it i n 11 game of the Leaf sea Yonkers does not mean re Ted i v the Ceil it the Romines of the circus p a St rot g hold baseball hair a t which h Ion a be w his by acor i. Sri Ste i Vav of id n w to in i King Prog or it to til to lilt us to traced by in in. And my i no lies a Cli to Point innings of the r it a -1 it Acop i j a col it purpose through with just i. T in gnat throng a1 such As that at the Fin a in by the new Tor that people Are not a Church or the alluring ter. It no rely show 11 upon the american Public it is att exp America s love for out f Dom sport the thrill and excitement of the game distinctly Cly America s game men abandon their business temporarily to go to the Ball game. They sit for two hour or longer in tile broiling Sun to see men out in front knot. A Ball her and there and then run madly around the base and the fans who perspire and shout and get All excited do not appear Ain the worse for their experience after it All la Over. They have found in the bail Park and in the Heil Sun that which their nature craves and they return to the r w or or their studios with no feel. My of regret no remorse no sheepish look. The a2, is i great sport. It i a clean a Man Van american sport. I Tike the place in it proper season of All other sports and for nine months in the year it is supremo. That 74,-i people will pay to see a Bali game and will endure discomfort to be it and will is out Thern eve hoarse and get All excited while easing it. Not mein that the 74.000 people have Aud a lost minds. Among to. N a it Youngie aged and Oil. After the game they been. Normal and could talk business literature redi2 on or discuss scientific matters just As they did before the game the referee by Albert Apple of to t a ill pm % now i hat by me rent Havi i men in plan i n a y Ork hotel f re i # an ? vat re Ltd a a hut sole w Gnu i -1 hav % % in j % i m a 11 the Bambi i pen % i Fin #1 is 1 in wit have a it t j a it # it 1 not Ston be mid a Ift City sing Quot. I Siut if 9 in blk Iii St of Iii i r Del iad f u a i n t ii re a a e. W end for red hey and d i. To it Illy and Ops Point Jim i or of the Ras a re biggest St by tory of Crea Ord an sex cinder sat loll Ruit to eve err i i a a i. Gift a a a he Cou cub they f red s deep is bet he i baffled head of Atlantic c Tyba he a us married showing the louder lev talk he q kor that a b 1� Waku took a i i Doe Deni no j. put in 3,000 bus Ness men a1 vet la country until Tbs lat a i of Iowa the answer of 114&Quot, Ems Tim la 1924. Pre i a a 85 i two v car or More said 47. It i a interesting strew vote by they May ail be wrong. Not one business Man in Joo anti Pat the 11j j crash far enough abet to gel to a he i v Jine be Quot Iran the lid Down Befort he storm i ars. Of the 3000, i y the a235 a of Price in to adv tree. Of b r a a links it can re hip a of i it losses incurred to Tao a a Panl it in s i. 0 j Henry ill and therefor May be Over a fait ii amp theater so fir As t contained in a amp ing Laws ars concern cloth. Of flin t nor Ruff depth and which than 19 Yards of -1 a i Cimi t in it 11 y d to i Al f i slut be Quantity Asti a the ? counts in the Baltimore sub of on Quot i ill Iii i to. X not the single to of death is of life that Quality in not to Tisu a i of it no census can be a a i Quot a make itself Manifest a Uman Contact. The scriptures a ii us Thor the Wray that Lead eth to de a i Juon and Many that Frails therein while Nar the Way of life in amp w of re be that fed i \ n. Yet cry yet if t it of Spring arrives in North Alabama it already had arrived in Calhoun Spring a arrived in Morgan county. Evidence of it Are found in in observation made by the Albany get it amur Herald that a one Bare of Quot it toon Palm Beach suit a number of tra v hat etc., have appeared on the streets Quot of the two Morgan county towns. The Herald save the season i teds to be rushed. In in Here in Axhoun where we have tile advantage of being further South and therefore get our Spring a Little in Advance of tonnes Valley Folk tile season i Rushing itself. Stove that l Ive done Loyal duty when Days were Chilly a a neglected now and a lot of them Are being taken j1 Ari Pui into Summ r quarters. Furnaces no longer hold the terror thy did and Coal supplies always scant in Early Spring Are just about gone min w ii a to Balm beat a St to. Electric fans ant Bai demoted Boss arc in evidence on All sides in , and the Birds ars ringing themselves i ars in Anniston a Beautiful Ahady tree april Days Here a trays of Delight. Nothing like them eau be found any whet else in the world in the opinion of Anniston people. Quot Hibbo the the men who Wear t of a Dor trousers w the girdles or Aas is so e bps i by a or k to Quot you Tho who actually Garrii z zoology Cal Cut a to. I a it red a Paradi r g it a f Boist i by to. Oft that in Idaho the heart of the went j i s f i a target the e i. R a Vuu i a. E use v r w. Id ii 14 a oho us. Dow., g. K l Mast tis no the kid my nth-8 or get Bri ies of Days Many of the old timers Wert the Rha r Long but that was to show indians they weren to afraid o big scalped a capped i i i Wasny to Worth a Riping and a get resorted to Only by Coward. Delk weirs tin any May c me when american glut ions e la eat Lark Beetle go pay Moth Pine and other Choice in cd pre duds a news bulletin of the n. Y. Shat collage of forestry in would he a solve in problem it insect Peats which yearly destroy room Ilion do la i re Worth of Forest and seven times As much farm i duct Imposable in insect diet not Nee in in. The College suggests Yit would Only by necessary to have Tome movie Star serve an in. Sect luncheon or for a Mem brr of the "400�?� to give an insect spin porn to pin Ltd it inserts in , i Typ on our boils off far from the truth at that. True All states will be interested in a ii Ohio supreme courts ruling that a moving picture theater Fondue 4 a or Jimmat in pm r memory goes Back even a period As sgt a ars you rea., that sunday has gradually to Joel e in sri i becoming merely a wordless Day. Or in As my a isolation of the 8abba�?Th to motor for pleasure is n attend in Vlf Shkdit the g ant in Tenn the l Ndon Zor i it or e a f her i a in a fight. I she spin for hrs of a soft Hammock and crawled into it for a Lofing rest her a k gradually cracked and came off eke a Cdr g it . Mrs. Spider crawled from under and had or it a a new a a to reply e j to. Lost one i a trick that j unfortunately we have i St in our evolution add to the Colic Tion a it of to so i a <1 Rny Teriet in your 1 memory. W ii a turpentine is not goo i for b a it k l n Thorn. 4.4 urn ars hic May be used for cleaning o d Straw a f you can Tex hang them at some Good cafe up Der Fri and Sards or f or d in cargoes of bar Anas. Indicating they slip in on the Akin. A is Cone dered a feat to pint a Obi Furnire with to up a Houe. Its Best to to. Things or steaming hot water because cold water go a not boil of you Ever int a Man w thou i a c. Entry Ell h in there is one in South Africa w who it n mar a drop of Glycerine makes a cake rapidly. N troll Cytrin Doe the same but never use it. Gold?.sh Breed Ngia a by Industry in Italy and they a mom turn out to is brass. I wetting nails before driving j keel you from crack r t plaster i but not from cracking your thumb i we had about in soon Wilk with a Corn is with a walking stick. H wed p m egg in Case the Vav i i a n 1 t in. I i , and the i it f to thing Ier tire Sun has s n d not top off jotted Down but this by my sausage. They More or sees a straining of the in by of our pm it a a for printing and up Bush of be re a m xxx the in a a n modern a ride i i f to of Ion d in just beg Nore. Fiat a modern Saint should a one ame. A were Quito ready to Rome a on of the press he was a Rake inroads Pon the second Horn in 1117 and was a Man Afri p my. I it ant personality and great v a the d Jener of the con i l icily he was a pres her a we a t nent s. Nti uth the i be noir of a a w , hut what editor a those is v set of on Contin a a la was e 1u ated As a in it or hut step it i in he to Adit Quot in if the a in for or to it Rade to he a three in four ours american i Moulder of Public r n n on As 1 b a a fam. Lei no on g Tbs up Asker and writer. And the of the chocolate the a Anding qual y of his preach log Sweet role and the fresh butter and writing a Quot a mph Ralty Fer with which on starts off the Day Vor and d re How wll lit pare Lucerne or Vichy. They that a Cor la web the Node a a Are of their kind and Gao lha local room. Tense the Peta Dej Euner does ii is True or a in accuracy chit it Short a a me How fill the gip that Eil and Francis de is be began the fam from eight in the to the for this of writing As Long a 12 3# de or. A the founding of Jam be it worthy to both the old hand a the time if he surely Vav a pro eggs v u p Taall newspapermen is nevertheless in. On i or we the Mol is i Wall Street r. A b a he Rex Good news production of wig i a a nearing i too Day a d the shortage soon a. I fee ended 13 Janie cd. Harbord president of radio corp Oral. On. t Ile a a _ a it or r. I v a. Cheam of nation s i a 1 Quot a a i humor from papers r of t me. Pro nor d leavers a a Batter is in a n. J in a a in a to. Until an How to do Awny a the Batter is in gardening would he Mer pop thirsty. It seems now a a intr avers there a prescribed net Lut radio is in very crude Condi to costume for the Gardener Tion what it wit he in til stylish bag for the tools and 10 future. Grandpa can Tell you How to carry Quot re s crude the phone a in la Early guardian. Ivy a when you i Ltd 0 Crank Max and i w Fenu Gilt n t t j eve i it nut to get Central j have any trouble getting sow then mid a Clive me seven rings machinery for that new farm of ,14, news. A discreet Man slept through the possible dangers of Friday the thirteenth. Ile in said to have g t the idea from the last Congreve which managed to sleep through. 1 All , Paul dispatch woe to the rebellious children of a air by of. Watch the i Ord. That take counsel i of rent proposition hut we wonder hut no of me and that finer with h0w Long the Voung lady we t a ii rering hut of my Eidht j brfik9 the a Onur i guns dancing that they May add Vin to j record could walk the floor it in i a in ii Sou a thought wherever there la authority the a natural inclination to ii Hurt on. Eying a Colicky i . Dearborn Independent Henry i re paper the unreliability of the news furnished the Public is Well illustrated in the recant of the big Armour packing Industry. We were told of the order for the Sale of the million Dollar country Home of Ogden Rini or and of the Jerger the eng lest. And the Lendora of Moo Morris interest and gome specious go ing More much Asha m 1 said about Quot the it we the financial influence among lbs packers the pressure upon la packers which it in in trouble. The meat Bual Nee con port once the information is that it tall with the main Stow the country a conium Long to meat per capita to lion Ever bet to Ber c ii eat i in made hit pc. Of ing ail to get it r a d i inn was de prof. To til. Lierz we has the spectacle uti bu1 nets getting i Tim people get 11\< con Quot it o de f a a id Fitman a 1 concern anon plans of the i a corporation. Int third of of til Quot Deal not made Public if its from Chi ago s e to be Cre-1 # i according to the report Tny truth a that t # refinancing of Armour and company a in re to Ity a surrender of control to the mon#4 lenders. Having com to no ducted a heat Busine survived the meat in us j a a >1 a Pend age to <1 Brok i business was Doomit great item intr it a i n armours is now in control of Hir Bankets and Bankers a a ell4 Point which for the Ordinary Busi Ura spot of men Ltd from the morgans a re t a Man spells bankruptcy it. Is Earth Cia med Armour t>1 White Illus and told the or Lent m units permission was granted for the Armour Morfis merger hts company must submit to a receivership for which the papers v Ere already prepared. The Only i n they have never successfully it a a a Quot i a y b Sim s a a pro i a to growing prof Tab e services a a a Ca use the h 1 not t heir Busine a in other words the right of i Nan e to dominate Industry has never been demonstrated. Borax is Good for removing Dan i Uff so in in a i reined to our head scratching senator Boral he likes excitement Stevenage on a charge of etting fire to Straw stack a Young farm hand explained ii1 did the Kuse like a to i a there department re h to la Blaze. Lots for Sale in All parts of the City Anniston City land company 16 West eleventh St ;