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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - April 23, 1923, Anniston, Alabama Monday aphid 231923 Thi Anniston Star Parksocie Ruji Iva Cook phones i2s8 the Alabama 580 skis to ii Styli to i. ,by it it ill la in the no unto in Toi ?. Lone Tinl my life Fly Vijin air ride in the it towing ont Itkinn Theurk Ali ook notes Isio in up Rumoei to Steep my Headthe ram huh be j.,. Rush ii skin Brush my horse e . Pes. Ltd on Sunin Al in.-, Itoutint la Luths with me i . Hilidegielsudiin in lie e \ i ,Bir Libi la so sex Laaaa ,. Golf 111 1My and Invav Wail Hith to \"1 Estquot tif fun Quot Iiquot ,.riga Toin % Uoo Hato in hers and their cd Cdr in i11 inti sum m .Aery Lender skin so who iithere n , Lei Ifor Aporn Kulyj Itin Bitite it so Iju Iit fun Inliihim id Etit Frohri Lithlohrei tint Liri Nilto rial Slid fill Itwith the he my Branthen the big in to Bathinc to w ,ti Byjik Inin it Uglyhcd re ivs i \ Usu 11> Ltd Sii tit non to Hueyhe in athe it i. .Iugh Iethe no Amade candies and Fellers Sod lbs Many Friendthe Lilly Willin ter osted in the Aiu Iouin Intthe in it Feni emt in tilepapers be Daysuns he residence in the magic Citymhellers Quot Quot been Fultefavorite and in mar risk Quot Tohell will get Onethe Tbs mid sir ii Mer Guptin , numb friends Nilover Ai to Besentahmm kit Ooi Alit . Ihms i,. In . Slid Ijtmet Tol Blin Acong Theoff Menthe who making spent old Ness Cecunj. . Lothlin violent at Mercer an Sta Viii Lrijit Inhisa. . Upmy i the be Bill Fiji Cieram this sear Aufi it fur ii Shif in la in Ukcf in letter from Usa to so lie sins la ii in in the my Strett in Riuz Andpirn Quotaora it cd Hui 1-ter in ii Anc Esis beit to Clee Iab it w. Vin Rudlege Iastai perform no miss 1.nut Mai nil in Xin xxx he Siax Allaait soUp he .he Mhzin full aim Reto Aily air ii Anix Altocd iin to quota = Aimya it Jan a. ,.est in Ettl Ual Wcedulie to to a . on ave Dinsda athe City on t . Ala ii Itin Moi Tomt ?-.? ii Quot Aitinseni ,. Nivin on Aihad �?�in ,. Byte busier and co to ii at slav Mcgirr attend Jancic Percentagecon Solida Troj school for car wins show the notary Cululi minstrels Sill Puthoa at it hath her Day Nixfor the Benefithie Bool Itlel ihe minstrels go to the Thatchie in ii Fco dance Ssith the offer made by them several months ago to Ive show for the.-Hoolthat Ithat Hail the be to at Toni inn Zin the Ami. the Intboolsiti Atal Rah Lii led by Small May Over Shaf Viiithe Alin still Hil Lshow it that Quot Ieur Ort Lime fore and Tomosh the Showbeon at Mha Hiejan Isawyer Managethe Minstrelsnow Eji Rinir pro Gri Xiv fur . and this to Gram will be Naly for Antrum ement a . Lacine Clax \.s0ffkrki 01of by old advertise mint shows Llinat Bay filled with ships was offered in 1875 Brooks har k0 with Scio Otical 11 to to Laa 11 Aiiafatoi . Iltd i ,. Aakfitiaia . end it Vav ii up .Iit lit it Manid him in he 111.hino Tii built Al i -."u2hf Airl Knox Trpko if \ believed on Ltda. 4 -1theJwe ii Dod cd ii Iup athe Apie wa ,to it be in Toaaii be to Sam ii Buphis ,.so Lilly Quot sex in Ai my it Quot it Allwe 11 he do .to and Ultclain Quot Illi life a . i Laaike .Quot Fyneguia to full la itto aah Idt Jabl go Aal a ii Nilad # a . cd ii i \. Iaaltd it t,.a> ire Acd to Byit Itit Civ ii Vav in do our la tub hi it Iauteidue in he due iT .1jul mistuts 1AFed iIn Ai i14 in . In. .in tit Quot = re uie Terbillie get nI \ a ,i.-=.Itin Aii get Itugo Ere Adbyto Ito at we . Eat Tun Ventquot it cd Vtil it him la Hoof Loveit Lii been Ait att Inhave Star it 1Aul v \ ii it to ii Innot id Va . Ilaso Tail Ait \ By Al ihe Abyiii Quint Ell to Milsont an . Aall i. Bouk la Hulk la Doursha . h . Ii la Iiihim cml p., p.,it in Ihl Viiiin ill Tine in Al ii Thein .Iwhitisaul new la my books ii in ii Iiol Mai left Lefoi it in ins Ufa re-ch., Jiiler Quot cd Hirmnth apis 3order Toain etly Toby Miha Mai lip to int Oil a . Hap ers the cup Ain bus up by chapterAl re Asch Tidierget it Lem organize by Misjohn Iso and thehchipin i , mrsJalan talk silent Organ by mrsAah Hright . With he Altd Jour presidentTo get Itinto my priz Foffi red rare Troy Lapages and Iit Mel 4In to . Hsilaboid St Ute , , than april Iurge the Durn bus my to w ,.irygiu Ial Aii la it Nax id la in to Day it Erin in thre Tilno lot mrsLame Lamatthews will be tes Meetingla de aHome in Agonov Al Rita in my Aat in ii Mhzhiti iuii>1 Willim Itwiil hostess for the meet Carrue Matronquot it n \\>dufs.1n-Ftfternoun at her he me in cd Wood Terra e Abe Acd to order three theclot and Lohnlie it apr the .,Riniallly Haj it 1,in allis4.<mm�aaithe Meetingthequot by dire club ail lie held thethe Homeair win on Woodstock Niuetil it \ mule ithe Vav Itfin Uhul my Iill ii Iivav Ivav 11 rest Cal ii to the Quot Rihr . To key he to.r�tit am ii win tins Honora . Be my the Dter in Lait Atii and my cd Nond Quot Ahad Iit was Susie it it on who vie Sjef Nde Fui id la Jer in a , r by sam1. Aith a . annoy Noi , Lin on animus ? die Heralmog Trot to . Phu Jun Beanu stun Idie Myage to beit the Ruethe brides Oarajournaltoolt to Couitt Lemeut Arrles it to Laanniston Ani i .in Gia ties where to lung people Quot Vel known. me an "ttram.v2inan Frei sentits a . Her former Limie onthe to up cml Day ing Menhe a.eoike Sci ii Anla Quot to Columbus bul Jiinti Tedtheman Gina Plant sin return ing from i . And Bys Difton noun til Marjre Numberfor ends Vav Hove so him null Happ Quot Quot Avii Airt. Lohiat All he in at Lam Anor Ami Mihkiihrini Stop who me the opera gill.- and . Mwe born their la men cast Wiir Teeth Street wiil be Tbs fac Rel info Tuiai Alfau luring their visa in at Anta save the Hun Lay Intue inlay a .Quot Vav it Al Vav ii Vav to Vav .Quot we Man Sci Lus Daml . Llanta Ounita to take Alton for Niv Dryal thaimoth Prcraft to re topic log Fruitaam g \ 0re Absto Fli Btu the to Tcuffitu in ,1, Admul nuii3 Itdo to ii str ill iin Var my co Vav it tis we nut the my to 4ii these Ittoe it in Avav la by to Uva Iniai int a1�ausu 11 cd it Itii my t la ii la the Aeib Quot it11ii .Quot h .1al Tii Laa Quot 15Tekl Vav Vav to 11 ii. in Vav to est Ailatubi Vav thie this Lookski Ltd a \ in Mil fashion Ahlf attire Hihi dam hmm Ilitlim nod Rio Quot the into la w \ Bla Xiit card Vair i .1the ii a ,.gav 1.11 ii my a Vav Miu Vit uh .ii .Ifoe ii Quot St Jilius Cal in Llesquot Ajete ii 4,by Ililtit .Quot Bein Vav Ato Quot Vav Ilien Are to Veryfor the Virid id Vicquot we iI .Icod a .Thiu Oit the Durto do Duoi Idun the Geo la it Onponien Ais who bus run Reswe he Ever hit Quot in die Union to est Abs Jid i4.rtIdle Way to do Lili Iiiliebha Vesto in Forini in Trudthat the Peopleuntre we demand that Reignlaw sh been Stabl be Nim no Itbe ii Union menThere reason who the v nors cannot be settled by in Aiainmen Arn settled by it Birta .Iys san Fernett re lit by yrs Towner Quot Tobeornu Avorlow and now governorfoll Noauthe Studywii cond Iiotthe internal in in re Tinius the tineral iteration plug in Vun in to i,.rniives theand Quot Kukanterni fior Al i -Itin we Quot cd wii.u�?~1 Diotile Vav Unn Lull Incorv cd Toceno inti Der Atlonnor re -.=k = to fun in Ody Prosandto nil to so to out Fry ii lust ,Hordij Uteri t.avoiuni our re to in Ationo. % in to Inribs at it Inii Hions Ajvav pub.. vto in Yuni to it Aahe id Avav \. Vav Yby Iitil u4 Hhd ski i Hico Riikaalso ski Iiin it so in Aniv Vav i a1.11 a. Ial Siva to ii Ano . Teu Amill Vav = Aduke 15vt turmoil after Slu it Vii Ihos in Leigus Gnu Misa Helen locks Isva la Nevin Rev Alhunter Norv Vucu and Hilbren. Hay min Efthave arrived to he Jire sent at the Marriagetheir Aister miss Lucy Norwood Toamaker Ainby afternoon at five Humeaft Al Norwood on Tyler Negrinidriver it Novto Lim Ami inon Leihn fur mod Ling in Nelile Street Aluv ,.Itin til Kus Aru ,-Lasin byding to i . j .Ai.ii2.-Ade in d.-00,monday in i . Rcv Chideon tile Ogro ,.,Wim . Cd ured plea Arrestingfiner tete.rd Tuat he was Tomper in to Lave Fie to the up athe Hill Vul the Endtheno Oil Fernr Vav Iifor .Quot Vav ii cured ill Quot ii Onlyii Vav fee Veryit Viin icel Tacij Pietu it Quot Iain au. up Ward Vavit Ivry ii ub4rn min raft . butt Quot Uhour Quot Quot i., ius jul Bubu Ltd Giciit firm it la Othee to wit Vav iIn Uip \. kit Al in Touhfmuse websterhirning Ham was the week end gut my Katler be Sproullalii acut returned from it to . returned rum w. -h.fiii.ngheic. # to Dull turned to her Home Quot be setter Afterre beep the Guyher Nuth Rac Anc Inmar rap line before Verh the in. dec Irod in Firquot and stAnd added ten Day Street arnhem in Addid Itwenty Nin flier cases appeared on the Loket for the monday morning Mcnee it i ,.- atuesday offi Reia Wordlow and Monbyclu at Fher funded up arts alleged at Mojer univ Nuver Long fines $10 and.-.three negro ,.\Hargewith the.imeend by theme Ieasex frat by.-e.haltWi.ue brought Fin .Aii �.,under uraeviolating the Lawanother Fine. Ufi ii seen ack .Nseil it Stiesast be Manvfhenia had forded co Qbeiquot thePup up the ,. .Itihe Ihay ii the up Eta cAt .Quot do Mner Al eve in in Dirk Bru Aliu . re .tt.num m. the m.hokiev Titroku Vav tin Ucher Nav ural lie car West end new notes Ilev Havevet to re Harrlson Orlinm wedding Tow to Wedquotmuch interest Acui ret orned to fut Lfuit Erdaide Caaider at in i. .Enre Wimicd Era Servit Ani being Veduglier Harrsun to 1-=.o.n&Quot it it intAud Cle . Also Iun Liph tee aThe re mrsmDakNupf.e�?T. Event waa performed by Mrobert Haye and lev Icin Furvii infer max.neLeft in it a. my Vav cd it to her Parentand other re few .erd aul re at ,. It. .,1tig Quotla Icd Ami Jim we a ies it . Aul mrsJeff Cebuvoid Quotmint Quot Velhi Jst n <i.,. La Ani,.sts for being drunk against Raltz the Prohl finn ase being appealed by fido Revbcarrdong chef Sam the Effier cd,.placing in Effupon Ltd gtd in in it Drift Jwuc quor rates la Numberdrunks and Leord it ie. 1To Inmiles rage Aiuo turn on arrive Inre ii Quot male up tha ii Alanthe the avs son Norw Fie .ig to Ltd 8c.sion for monday nor Nung Morrow Aff Mortnacru party in Mexico to have new ideas too Mexico City april dec Cut gtd Lanew Pali Cal Urey with be unc Tlona Kepieribasis will be formed Index in Thi attn Nohim Perfo Zinam Eaid lome Rene Vav in Tain to Inthu Quot you Quot Quot a1v for >.to Waphludi mrslaw in mSellers Esth Engagementher Daug Ifer,.edwina Torentokalmoi fiend reportchapter to in Henderson hell the to Arandall aae to Hon con a.that Ehe May deci.whaChapter in Misstin Alilin Iun by Edgei ruled in and Sci with Lee Tuxal late Intoji Ilu Wiuf tax Titia la Lait Ifedrau sinikka it acv\<r to Torl Cal lines sent Cut i . card nerCh.airni-sneducation min nil tree after Ofin after the Quot my Dun Honor Wrd mrsKirby at at in Jeur Gizin Terrace Quot lnesd.iyquot in Meta Wilborn Vii ent rain Fogt Al info Nuileu it her Homequot several other Pattie have keen planned the to be Anno in de Latermar Wade Reoncare Hirmona .-. 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Vaul Dor Alvand Fatherthe arty. .Evav to was Erin item lolling aactm.ariha mar Uwe ii spent �?~erd.ay allsria.worbi ail . to Hen Quotel to Zakby lie Quot King utyc.irn ii Igard tend car it tra tif on an Altoga tuck i.ff�?Titbe ii cry gift Quot originated bust Quot Ourseitbyre 1.a1 Over Alassi it big and Quot Quot he to at \ go Quot Emi federa?~i.uaTee Navytake step to c.-it intr pro Atedpartto rurrb.ulae Aainthe Ork la he presented Hie m�?T4la Couch Quot Falcaro chairman Ltd the get feral feder�?Ti.on child welfare Vismin and na.onally known cd we .re pert my co Laberermdick Invaili tollido.ood Quot no Young worm Purpe vae in Klychild but Mere than too too Babley dlr in the unite Stateeach year Becala the Girlstoday who Are the Mother and Teacherstomorrow a.otTsucv. Vimraan Dquot trying train Forquot intelligent Mother aant Whethernot they Bacom ers they we have profited Knowledgemother craftMo4t .Imft de do Esh year the muted St to Benr they ninth aIrivesf.gatian h.prov tint Gnu St cases Ignorancecue Mo�?T.Herwrong lv.cee Dltlor jse.the the id so Itsoon so with til . Have been Inw .�?T.jul kit Mickai and Hoy Dowel and Rawthief Fias quickly Hen 5apply Little my Quot Terrie at five to Lay from Aahawince Jim h4 Hoory cd a.tient. . An Ginv and.imAquot Leek breturned her ter veer end vis.torric and must role on to bit stat Lith Nejold fas it High nod Mustard tar just aAnd hF�? it on with your Fugerait I�?T.Unare v.liug . Jaq he Rote Quotwith Kenting ho.-. Cd Thistinsleloo Igns the congestion and Dragia iJL.hiiuirh.riiungn it out the soreness and painSped Vedma ibid w.iiRelat.vri must Filedean White ointment Byand Vivus mph to / made Withimustarditch Nefcy my Lull h.�?~in Quotrii Jck Relief from sore throne Bronchitisquot Ainiin Olfin be i \ it -.civ Lidith die letter memo Power Over for Quot Acd to Quot ii Iby .Quot Tiff Anniston Star by mail.53c month Iby mail.53c month Rind . Hihi air Amemo who hive Alibi to win its incl to by ult in City Vlf Eicr,.ail�ave Ami in to Man Ian Caw fuiu.lyAcs ku.-rhtMum.o5 hitaud Evvy .clue almuuur.lvisit Undt the Plansthe new yom cidaM.�?T. And Clavien Bra by will to present certain professions Eaver Agentand economic interests rather than.,.,. 1,. Divi Iona and Fui Illi Cluj to it Terl Xor a .Lorcacat used by.nn the Rev obit Onsi \ au�?T.. ii in Caeur Phil a1 rep a.uicjn Vav be Inurecd due Vav party an to Memberscut ingress Eli Lima Sheie ape Severdjs Vav thru uA.-Iemdvive Huluc out Uit Ives Here Rul Ite Ulm on Vav Toii Quot tue re Lull 11,.in Cdsri Al Ihde la Sihtidstiff neck sett sign fur Alkia ho.dacheCongestion Patti hhdRheumatism tuns Afu pains Achesthe Backdsprains Miklesbruises Chi Bunnsiro sied colds Lyn the Chc Tokeep it for in Tant use. .35c and Doc jars lubes to Krial at s3xIscr than Muttart Plastow London in the be to evict Tinst Laie Vla Bruke la tile beit it in Tiuliu i.iiritLa ail they to Quot ? Tuituu Ato Jutei Lluu Gli Cle to �. Uva ;