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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - April 23, 1923, Anniston, Alabama Pack i Vii tut a Kitin St it monday my Kil 23. 1923 Tell Spring jail in Bertie and Betty Quot it will be alter two Quot noes Quot and one a yes Quot a v in get Hoh <-0v�4�9, Kubr m a so twin i i 111, Al \ by u a a tuck a Klufi big Brm it i the double a ranch pint with Buic in w owne r of the oui Wen f get r prime to Rob the basques it a 3�?Tarp Hee Valley it their water r i up lid Eta to atm of Jot r \ i tin a parti n on it twin k on the Itonia a is to Jit a a t Oti i carried to the Bainie it t Achl ii. I Rne Vii i in a a Reb no to i of Teba to is shot a id kill i Tiro t Amba Ai Loti be pure a a tie Mer e i i Hie taught re of Jose. New go on Ith Mora tit horse Man i use Orn ii Quot. I a can were swifter. Bounding Ben Iii in the .1 .>,.1 Petri .1 a it v it a sight into then ii a it ii a <1. It in it Ren Quot a of mint in the % t Rico or. I hotline. The pith in i ii him Frere i allo Eji Lenin Ted to rest a id a a in i it hotline Hall intention a f i my Iii go. He in new to a e to Sti riled a lid or Rev r lad in. Mio Bent Dew ii eco fire. la. A i lost Illy head a id the or j i me i Wae at . In i w 81 Blind As the kid ii j. I a a a a i pin my Rev for what i eth. Vrh i n o t sorry i hmm gtd Felt in thee Tim i Quot a w. M. T on protecting her from ult sin ter Leek of . J Tuscarora carelessly held Rifle l l not escape her. Nor do it escape the attention of gloomy. A in t you afraid that there g in might go off \ of ? a a i name s Kent at d a Mig it Quot the in r r of pea re drawled it Brot Gilt a Btu cd from Undine a or the want Quot Doe Volt a it on tid e sing a he rancher Quot done Toi i opt to thinking were licked b a cause old .1 is p Tio in to i Btl Jig along f r sort a lift a while you. ,1 got a dive to Falk j to the Law right now j a you re slow Hod next inned a it 1 a it and my talk w the the Law yet Ster a it there won ans Hod touch that Crew or thirty dam at i ast. I i see that my injunction is renewed Koi ? conc in led a hag in w the a cackling laugh but boding k ii in to Hail a i in a foe ii Lupkin Kment in hotel s uni i aka condition show n a a Cevka or Nuat jul. Of 109 hotels in Alabama in-5>cv Ted in March 47 scored 95 or higher and 34 above 83 Montgomery. Ala. to. A if special a continued improve ment in the sanitary condition if Alabama hotel is reflected in Tbs is report of the inspection out Reau which shows nine hot scoring one Hundred. On previous inspection of these Hob a showed deficiencies one scoring a Low a 33 5. Of the in hotel inspected during the month of March 47, soured >5 or higher while ii scored from 8 8 to 34.5, in t go a the hotels inspected were Cauca that Tisz inspector ordered them closed for the of the travelling p j Blic. Hiring the month of March. Sio a aft w Ere inspected according to the report re Enny f led with the St if he a a h off., or of i or listed on made inc u i a a i fit f o u ii Tun. T a Bike is in Hottum t p i is 47. Lictor cd i 2, a i i Market 121 t in old in As son e Cal. It. Of in of Prev coition n Pool of cure Quot is the Prim plot a e Kiich the inspect irs Ivor Ami they Are instructed i u of every ii w fun Means to prove ? the travelling Public and those Ahi patrol re Public Cating and drink a i1 1 a Ici net the spit id of Pri x Etui be la at o Ford by miss Mae Pinson interesting talk on i Billa Eftev. Joseph Whiteside i returned i salons Rrt or inn to ii i1 news w phone 57-3 to. 1 visit to a the i. A n after n ire i. M a k a scr i \ or Arn a i 3 Moat interesting talk on Bilbo Dren have retained to their Boltin to s Largo congregation at Tao methodist Church last evening a personal mention m a a Sie Burrows in return eel from a visit to relatives it Heflin mrs Winston a Doper and to lilt daughters left sturdily f or Luverne where or. Hooper w i be located for sex Cia i i months or. And mrs Brank Butenko Hon Misa Elsie Dodd and an ii. Taylor spent yesterday with it ends to Nome. Miss Kuth Mccormick a i turned from a week end v to her parents s Jackson i mrs Eugene v. Platt a r a turned to her Home at Tasu Dei i it Talladega Atter a i let to m p i and mrs. La c. Cooper. A a be Doc a bite Able in it it v i of inc a h it Cable of a i in r que que n of a 14 he a a up 1 Quot mrs. 1�?zr,/, thaddies and c. A Whiteside. Or. Whiteside is graduate of old Oxford College go my to China ii t a lit a be ii Nevi is a missionary t a a or ret ii no a i ast year toll a stat Quot to a ski Al in the great Conte a. Work he re a Many old fiend w n site Abu Sui in pc i to r w is Hui c for a v it t it by m it. A it writer i do Kab Cli ii to ill ill j re d i. M get /0\ i rid a Graves tasteless chm tonic a body builder for Pale delicate children soc i held lid i her n lure for no the a it r o Rome a a me code i to ride to. He u it i 11 r again Heap fit and Fine with Wrigley i i i after every meal. Eat wisely Chew your food Well then give your digestion a a a kick with Wrigley. Sound Teeth a do of appetite and proper digestion mean much to your health. Wrigley is a Helper in ill this work a a pleasant beneficial pick me up. Pure materials scientific manufacture absolute cleanliness then sealed a cd Hgt a against All impurity. That Tasy is or igl e is As you in t it fresh and full Flavoured. I i i g i i got a i d i Ltd y the bid of o Virv old to i it to i bout a Rind ii Iii Scot land and eng pm Over a greater win to. Tribly go to bus. Or three t h r set x Briers the dowry b a gives n Bride will probably not t 9 same with the in it c c n ii t a to lie frit a f von vol drat he a d / face to hers a. Liver from i he y a the p Iii had it less of the con but silent i to t in ukr. By i. The table the serious i i i make i the thic f York \4 a son of the Tole in that t Wales next h r to he d i Vav h Tim p Gita in Teti x \ All fld i ind a i Barm it it i 5 a. I ii h it pm Poi >1.shed b Wera new York Ike about Ca h i to v it o Mon of a out Rte my. A a a ii ii Iuie a a 11 c in to i o j i in i of asm it h Ber Cai in gnaw up Algia n or headache Buth Fursh w a melt and my Ieth vapor Vicks \7 Varo rub Bai v. Fly a a ��5c5bruises-strains it penetrates restores nor Triol circulation a Breaks painful Coni Jesuron. Sloans Linia test pc by Paini for Rene Quot i mabs frat of. R he trn lds millions depend on s. To purify their blood it builds a d blood a cols. A of the that la Whit makes Fichte no pow since the Power Days of then hat i Cherokee i n in and fighting Power de Troyn Ihm so mum he in a pm ratio a it a in a win g no Jedi rolled upon of Dkl to l"�?o"�?T1, a 11 Quot Quot r a up tues tax no. Uob1. It fights rheumatism. I Lur to or i builds nerve Power thinking pow auce Cru Injo or the a ire the re a Ops Whit t harks and sia0 Marla s. The 8. To ods the area herbs to pure it blood a Lysmer body builder by the blood a lice builder. Today the an. i n it in in a in plot �5c i y Mort thin sos being n court hers As a a e in the Trai of in ii Bawd bran my women Friar cd n the posit their husbands in Shtir Jet i the Rev in attn the a1 cd do a the or. Jornet chs loupes comp Sherman is Hoot chill Cath. Ohio writes hot Uke s new men Niter s s s. It to trn ate a better int cleared of of pimples nod Minu St lures of 9 8. 8. Gather thousands of town of these certain barks and herbs annually and pre pare la concentrated form in to to Focally proportioned that great blood purifier called 8. 8. 8. Thic is Why s. 8. S., since Lull i has been such a great Success. It Barf try it yourself 3 is 3. It sold meant to millions of underweight at All Good Drent stores. The Largo men and women a plus in their Slaw is More economical lot a Bot strength. 8. Builds blood to today a s. Makes you feel like yourself again synopsis of Christian science lecture by William i. Kilpatrick c. B. On u the religion of Christian science it m a 11 and. The Ca t by j eau and by and about in a or result a f a ape Mon from id Ltd Stfan science comes to Rev Friend an open Book in Ltd thing to conceal but Ieie reveal. Its Story is e and Sweet. It is s glory e "4 com passion or of was to turn Pav i and Happ end of hint to Bis Follower it and cd d cheer Ltd b i i or occult 5 Ems the Graat aug a owe to ear tit to he Wplf v that got r yell a the by so it 111 Aai v and it it a a a #. A be i e t hat work a comp a a w or a in superhuman pow Una put s a i and us was it i d r a a it i the to d a a Ingu so bin f of a a Low it in the a pow a # \ i in ii oct 17 Mucor in lied Coria Day of of to tis St guiding rest of Mankind that Thi pow a. It a a. Int a pm 1,s i pc c a \ log a a something is St or on the t to i it i plenty it bid you doff and tha it i in no w a the the it and the aah of heritage of All who obey f ,.>d i n Yaj f or or god gras for i the. I a Terji erroneous pm heaven till is s sat a f Ai boding Sud Ion Tbs garments Cut of Jesus and of the in or a Lon Aness and the f met t and 1 lip piness port of b s Boh Mission and of Rouse Ous a a a ii v. I sit \ a Gnu into orbs Ani la concept which Fob bad h a. Khz bar a j prs you l now of of and t Helot in by of the % Ury is a a a a a who for or ii on of Vou a of Dun for which Nous strut a tit Ute in our the no i crowned prompts \ a in gird Cid for which be part i t tie done for rho Carr so w the a sir it Rich and pret a hit Crucifix it in thu put off this carnal r cd no St con is to bring Pence taken concept. Gar he to. A is do cd Tbs mod to to go Long world and Hatm heal the sick arid to Cai a it and sickness Sod sorrow a troubled heart again we i deed by spiritual it it a a if. 1 lust or i greed it i ear the Colet of the to Christ alone s idea a to to e no do u a Fishr to d to its pm of ring in la age to tired Hub it ome unto me at be that Laha and Are heavy Laden arum i la ghz of past. Take my Yoke upon a a you end learn of me for t Arn Meek and lowly in heart and be Shalt find rest unto your soul my Yoke is easy and my Burden is Light a and so of there be los Bere today who Are struggling Saua did not heal a in ii. It under a Load of care or ref talk the Waves in us path. Row if there Are those who Are a a and fishes raise the dead bowed Down with the weight Ang Many other wonderful it of Yea re end unremitting a i things simply for the gratified fruitless toll of Thor Are these Tirton 0f the multitude nor were who Are sick or needy of there that uie work done for the Bier pre those who Are aha kled with purpose of showing Mankind the Bonds of sin and misfortune we a # for you a glorious message. And w Hen you Leeve a a today we Trust and Pray it will be with a lighter heart with find the blights Limitt on. Fleet that m and of i ritual p a from w zilch a ult v Unis it v which e Hod or to a enter he freed. This warm c concept i Ingr the kingdom of her. That spiritual Healing a a. Jiu Aal special dispensation from Rod bestowed upon Jesus Alo Psi and the kit cd Quot it Hec a for a limited period of tilt Enta it hand Quot liar for centuries deprived n in i kind of thus wonderful blk Ned afar of and you will re logs which Christian science to a on new it it a Sien a hts coms to restore i waked a Iati a till we r Aillet of Al Al shouts a ill Vvs to it a >1 when �?�4 in til in i How Cut a e�?�>�1 i i pm a Quot the k i if it i Una a ii not w 11 ii <�?�1 Iscra a t no r.�, ii aha they a. I o her a Quot i la the a for i Bel i til d till Kii of it Iod it w thin you Quot to entering the kingdom of a he Persona y could do j ?. In i he did these thing to show to prayer. It no a process a the world to you end to int a a Quot cowing matter with min the fruits of a right it u in promm rat he a o of god my a psf coming the carnal mind what Are understanding More of the hop and the Job a i 1n��?T relation to god. He did nod the peace and the Comfort my works to How humanity Quot which i the gift of f Good to exp a Quot v p pans to he s to it r., of you. T Hristian Desu said in the words of that Beautiful hymn a flow Centiu god How kind i precepts be come cast your Burden on the lord and Trust mss constant Quot the sign shall follow them that believe in my name shall they cts out de1 is they sits i speak w the new tongues in a shall to ski up Serpent and of they dring any Dudh things shall no Hurt them the a shall lev hand on the sick and they shall a ii til div. mind a it h a a Ood r a j a til Lothri w a a a. La or to. A o Iii a ma1 mind a Quot a ii w go the flesh and till d in a a it that which was a to i t let us a Pray our in. Jyo the kingdom of heaven r.i4 h r than in i or heaven t Rhrou a h Cleat bus Vony or i not fit. Paul Sav of Rio tie Ca mall in a 4 it i Des the Blit to 1 Quot spa a Ituala minded i of it Grid pea. A and a1 a Chi Goodne hards up prove a t a charged from Day to Day re covet Quot to drop in Burden St his fort that Jem Scot Ali a i by and Bear a song Way of Healing and saving writhe posit e result of i men c hrs tin Mil at i. I he to application of a scientific i i of til look i Esi k i principle. Teu a the ooh t a science is Primar t Salv scientific Man who or Civ and exclusively the religion p a and a scarcely lit of in to Quot the Christ. It is a re word or accomplished a Dee turn to my teaching of Prim that was not in dire. T oppor it Ive christianity and As such it Tion to what we have always must necessarily include the conceived to be physical or practice of Healing which sex. Materially scientific. The other a vilified till of a not Only of words .ie1 completely Chere. Jesup hot Hie live. Well of1 a id cd and nullified through Many of the Early r christians i thrum works which in us cum in his ii a of the who had 1 poll eyed. Every so a a lied ack n j in com Moi and that death 1s a it a or been taught of to Awe a Fie principle bused upon a concomitant of corruption has been prone to think that. Ter Allty. Or matter. Of which rather thin a St a plug Ston to the he Iling of the Lek the a you or j have any knowledge eternal Bliss. A or this corrupt lid Mut put Quot to Iacoi in Iii in i and flu Metal must f pc t i immortality Josh. N this cot rup Tibie 11 n 11 ii 4 put Quot ii in a Orr motion and i hi4 Mort ii Hall it i it f Quot Mim Mort a it y. Then g nil ii brought to pass the Sav i Quot a the t i. V. Re then. I re is swallowed a Quot in vie it re flowing clearly that death Aid Rcv in have not fling what a ;