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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - April 23, 1923, Anniston, Alabama A Akam a Hun Dershow a in. The weather monday 1� a it re i v it n. E. A. Nows amp feature service it i t Anniston Hgt tar i n Ted press leased wire service so Kaaa to. a Rae tar so Abigia today a Cotton ipod att Dun strict. Middling middling. Vol 41. No. 187. It tamed daily sunday morning la Kuhlt bhang a Jwj Anniston Alabama monday. April 23, 1923. Price so a copy Poincare says six rescued Ruhr situation getting better Riv a it per Berlin government prisoners of Industrial oligarchy. Premier declares refined sugar is advanced 10 Points by the Federal co. Charges Berlin with directing resistance Imp m it Xii. Ii x in is i sing \ in i Alx. 11 s to 11 till i m v Iii i. I of i la lilt Oxx \ to it a Khz y seaplane washed near Shore after being forced Down by engine trouble Pilot swam ashore to secure assistance i second 11.anis of Thio i n Koi la to n fax x Ouk of rom i la a mix n Ano i to is Iau it it it 1 i of i Only Ipi Loim of Rcd it 6 7 Ujj a it a . In xxx i till Mim ill i Iii i Iii a Ltd Quot a is Aff in Rte . A Ltd Quot , i 923. Lay i Mcd i ,1� i la. A a. A pal ill a a i in Berlin Jet Mitten ii tax prisoner of no until rial oligarchy similar in flu old 1111111 it a it oligarchy which seek to Force tier Tihany into bankruptcy Iii an attempt to i m a hot no it of a Sparn i . Meanwhile using the Money due the ii 11 lot to it Erfet j a great Industrial i Naehle pre Mil Poincare declared in no exp Lucite statement Given the i tilled pre. D it re Poi to o n i in late a who a show the situation la getting Batter a. I barged that Berlin ail. R f a n to file assassination new York april 23.�? tufted it a Federal sugar Kenning today advanced the Price of refined sugar leu Nunt to t,7<> cont a Pound. Federal had Hern lining one of the lowest prices of any refiners. Others Are As High As has. Anil further advances Are expected. Four More cuban it Neutral Mills nit grinding today three of them is Ere Short of in new York. April 23.�? fulled Presa a plunged into the Ocean about 26 Miles from land sit persons in a flying Ixia xxx Ere washed near Shore rescued at Coney Island Early today. For file hour five men a woman occupant of the plane drifted aimlessly shout on Tho Ommi sea. A second seaplane col t lining p lot Hubert Moore sold Surv vol of the in Miami crash two j passengers were reported Down in the sea 18 Miles off Asbury Park. N. I. Coast g ird cutters picked up the three who were to rite in a continue the fight today. Thousands of acres. Buro a Quot a a United for Chauncey Depew is 89 years old it a Abie three of Cotton Farmer facing p o p run Iitto Emsis while others Are Sil tempestr1ding Prosperity tide Harding Root Hughes to pour Oil of eloquence on troubled party Waters seek to silence court opposition plane carries food to marooned by lamer he?ft.-pnf�?T1 a no do it Phi blk excl i i n f n i s it St bin to Ishiki it in president that of ims pop i a it Popok in Oil i is Forest Fis St by nation of the Buhr j t intend to it j be ti., Industrial Lead i pc readies i a \ Al 1 ii a to axed payment i he is to la the own the exp free of it x red Over several Homes Church destroyed a t j h h j Ike Wood j. Apt ii -3.�? Ted press a an overnight rained fire f Ghatei Curt f Anre weeping through now Jersey t to destroying valuable property threatening a score of m of i 19 than 30,000 before the. In a Chu a War in in q i had b rain Belleve Al i ill tar in the fit ode i f i h t motto i Aal lit lint irk f Hill. W Vav i. Yon Al i mrs ready i kor Riti in Phillips i i the i honduran officials confident woman held i Here is escape 0 a a Hammer Slayer j w by Kobi i x. In n United pre staff coerce of lest 1.0 it i a a ,. X11r11 2 la mid Amft Effii Nix Are Eon fid it it the flying la oat who h a picked up. W in it re it gtd Down by engine trouble in a heavy sea 35 off Long Inland Lut mint. After a countering a Squall v inc i j a that a the blew her toward Shore she drifted slowly about in the tossing Vvan a until the Light of Steeple Chase pier. Honey Island became visit e. Robert i. Dewey Nephew of Admiral Dewey owner of the plan then jumped into the in swam ashore ii reported a. Police nil a Harbor boat a a a Why i i. A a lot of to out to a in to. Darkness flt a the Tost plan. It was found i a a a be the t Vvhs it a it had Drift i Forfar at sea Dewey tells Story hew wet a i dripping from his swim in the cold w scribed Hie Ltd a it his companion a a ave left just after a sundae morn a i a a a j j a a i v Rem h Tho nov it a a Toek a away before dark xxx # Anre by Way of Langley Field. A leu Fth a a spun off the nit by Lawrence Martin i listed pre staff a Orre a it Lent april 23.�?Iii Iii Effort to still the rising tempest in Republican ranks Over Tho world court three of the Rore most men Iii that party this week will pour the Oil of of hair eloquence upon the troubled party Waters. I a resident hard g today was completing the speech he will deliver in new York tuesday afternoon. . Harding is counting heavily on the effect of his speech to silence Republican opposition to his court proposal. I intends to speak both to the a Junta i j try at Large in explanation of the work reservations which he regards As love is program he maps a a Kin . N to. A ii the court Safe to to out Tor men to follow prominent republicans including senators editors who v the in Imp. April 2�?United Vlf a it it.-,-ii. Drink work love a a it a a a it a Hll Otha it i. In thursday Elihu Hoot. In Chub copy m. Depew who skipped into lib Ninetieth year today on the a Toad to a a any mail who knows How to do tilter four things can live a Century Quot Depew declared on Lite occasion of his Hui ii birthday. A a eat. Drink i Quot xxx exer it i 1 the i a i fit Vav influence to the Effort to i t the uneasiness in Republican ranks Hughes w ill explain court � following Day Secretary of state Hughes addressing the Sam about j body will make an important ech on the world court hug 1 this season a Gamble Don t it a told i v .1 a lain How the Itera to in dec to a real Britain a eight of the marooned on Fox Island rescued i by ice crushing ferry tt4 f Tell a v \ i 0 the t 1 Han j to ing it i it it a c the i to it i i remit to want i h i Ara i vat were a a outre i Mii i be pitiable scout Lona the Squal w blow it a a a a fight u in. The i ii clip of it it Rny of a Uitlene bad a f .1 Yin Vind a after what v. P ii i be i a it v sight the Mist i a has of step a Cha a pier re t a a Larne s the a via a f i Ani ill i to Ami a until we came Shin a near it Louill to the occupy i were. It t of the plan 1 u Dot i about a Iii Al c it n e he in i goes under f it will have o in Council a in i now begun a publican it it pot at of i c Acy of the court Watson. Nod tier that j a bin it it. If its f . I 1 of Tho Fox is of a i Day from Prev 11jot j to to i Day by t he p itched Tho la e the Ann Ai hoi j also brought to the i take food to the w. J the n Rinbei had a come alarm Fri with food it us Hwan i it 1.�?� Aland with append pen. A w United it is Colony Ici Jii he i ferry an group the xxx last in s had Ess a seven men one Ai a a recon to Reg ii. Rev i of following their Rescue a Arbor which was Dis i. Xvi non. Paul a i a. I party sent by a i son to declared that provisions Hon army air planes one Man. Howard Luff a red for Das on the ventral at i Hundri de o is of congrats his Home. A t i j hut Ion Jur Ekly what be he after la i Thye notorious Ciara. J from prison Here j eviction of having j de mis Alberta Meadow Chase were a n to world i started a world w i stupefied. Prepared today. I i Ranee sheriff Traeger is Industry f oui Sacramento to g no tier i paper bring the Quot Tiger vomit would in if it is she from the Jungle. Ii Victory j Ari Mir in Hillips husband of it would the escaped woman appears today mrs. tugs of Herbert in Arkus of it is , Lieut. A a Smoky Quot Rhodes u. S. So. Pipit of he n -4 on its to Atlantic flight Dewey a re two mechanics from Long Island no. A a a a danger of Rahe it a in t t to have u?.d a i n our Friend Ders if right f,.r hate riots believed Over in Missott i i Amia. Mo., april 23.�? United Kress a with the 140th infantry Al i o u 11 i was received Here that i Zed at Bernie ready for a woman thought to be Clara had i a Tion in the threatening race i it to been apprehended. Phillips brands j Southeast Missouri the crisis in w Holo investigation of reports i it Lima storm Center of in Funni Central America As a 1 feeling Between negro Cotton Quot grand it to ind Plaj Quot said workers the White population a i Don t believe they be found Tara. And i think till whole Arthur Brisbane worlds highest paid editorial writer says Lloyd m. Hooper died a i Early monday in Selma Lon j prominent in state today re Angels Quot symbols Tho brain swims. Why do women t by ? widely known Selma i i huh Man succumbs boy chained to Ispus proceedings inhere Friday of received Here that had belief in Good Anil by kindness. J lift the child mind from Dull Earth toward tile sky. I hat i not enslaving. A Little pig running around in i the mud of the plug Melcha Snen David mind but he Nevi heard of soy Angel. Was believed passed. One Man was arrested during i he night in connection w Ith the killing of an unidentified negro today after being questioned by local authorities. A run a h i we observe a sort it iou. The population i in it us pm to the pres. T the no the in fro j to 1 Zionts Are the work of a Larry will not by the striking Rev the most informative report i. The Rek Stag on March yet received from Honduras Cam worker but was release Ruehe show too clearly in the form of a private wireless incidents which cause message to the i tilted pre i arc prepared in through the tropical wireless Sta. Ply to the statement of i Tion at to ton sunday. It stated i slight a quake . In an Iii Relew a woman understood to be Lara it _ la a t till \ a i i in which Phillips hid been arrested there ire i by i 11 la a i Iti n Oxx Utie dwelt saturday evening together with Byng a a Nch troop1 at a two a the a i los Angeles. April is scar reviewed the whole incident giving it Tho i Rench Soldier it liked that they./. Tradition. Ped remarkable sat Froid,.,. I f the Mati i Iii i i to Ici pm me before fins Fly being. A. A. To be Jesse a arson the latter Quot ill be held on a charge of arson a 1>lv.rside Garaffo a prisoner to escape. Car a a sen is a californian declared by to authorities to have been implicated monday Evenin in the delivery whereby the slay 1 go away. Tho police claim that Carson Armour in Hillips were ii tote i seen Lune together just before the hundreds of opera a overs of n they have had a Bra Ilia ii idea Iii fur pc for Hutting their trouble. Tile idea is to borrow a Little More Money from the United states. By by you xviii lie taxed in some shape to Supply the Money for that new lending. I Ater. When the Money not be the people lit general will not be the ihhii1 Iii general will stand the loss whether by taxation worthlessness of Bonds among them. The suggestion about lending ii i of in Hundred millions to Europe seems reasonable to financiers. They see a Quot Takeoff Quot in that transaction. Tile Suggit Salon of one Hundred millions to be Lent to our Farmers on Good american Security to earnestly Quot patriotically of Ion ii by the Danders. If the government lends Money to Farmers at rive per cent less Vav lint becomes of the poor Little country banker that would like to lend Money to hic Farmers at j surf. You swim play Golf do everything on with the by Xin. After ten Days illness i pts the of Loyd met lf., i j it it 1 a of Iii Foremost i lad of Soma a i i i Only Al Tow i p 1 it Ghou the state. I Iii h ump Curt it he Baptist map to i Here n t 21 i it 11 mend nor a i in i inv wire \ r ire w a it to a Fli Anjou ii a i re i -1 Ca sir pro a i dist i it Hock in in birr re t a n. Kloor of Home tells police father had act iced this cruelty for last two ears world is faced with acute Cotton famine a Titan of i Michil it Niqi it 11 i i 11 in i i n i to i i Al i Pill Idi lion an ill Quot i ,1. V. Xxx a xxi ski k president xiii1 Lea ii i Olton asst Dat ton i written for Lur. A be a it copyright lit2 3. By United pres m. Mat ins. April 23. A in bile practically every other incl Wihry Cia of Lubor is Rhing on the Crest of a great prowl he i l y wave the a a ton Farmer is faced Vav it ii the most critical Diun Tion since reconstruction Daj. Harassed by Boll Weevils loaded Down with fearful debts due to crop failures in 1921 1922, the deflation in 1920 prices face the present season hesitant knowing that Cotton cultivation under flies conditions is a Gamble with u Capuli ninety Sven on half per cent it h Fields air infested with Boll Weevils. His helpers lured by h Gher wages better working . Are flocking to Northern Industrial Field leaving him w the a .,>i� fort e we fight the plat. Behind w Ith crop unfavourable weather hate held him Back in the cultivation of this years crop until now he is a month behind. The delay has left his Fields Oft n to the Vvs evil which destroyed Ikon five Hundred thousand Bales of last year s crop a More than the total amount of raw Cotton in the Wari today. Hampered on very by unfavourable Condlt. s crippled from within by a Lack of incentive Tath fact of these Ever whelming Odds a he Farmer is hesitating in the Lac of the world v greatest Cotton Famlin a uce civil War tuners. Never in history has the commers civilization of not Only the United states Bol the it in world been More vitally dependent upon an increased production of Cotton. Auld from the Boll Weevil which is being combated in a Mill on Dollar Campaign the of it to the North a perhaps the it est impediment to in reseed prod i Hon. The immigrant regulations which have created a Scarcity labor in the North have Ier red to strip the South of it Cotton workers a i leave the f i untitled. Better profit he a be wary True an Era of Prosperity i general Over Tho Emu country but it is not a permanent one. It cannot be permanent until we have increased production of agricultural products chief among which is Cotton to do this the Farmer must is paid a pric to cover a coct plus a profit which will enable him to compete with other lines of Industry occupy the Standard it ? living to w Holt to he a justly entitled. Then i s Fields w la tilled a tile Cotton fam be that threaten the economic stability of the world will be averted. A Sou Ted i. Be earn i about to i amt nne Arne a it nov n that i a a i Clou Horn the fir Friend w it re in the a Hock which a Ltd a Vlra a for the everything i done in the brain Weismuller Young american of Ltd a uttian he cml. Boat All. Is a a a it a Quot v world re oort in swimming while it w before Wick Muller Hie worlds Dlton a greatest swimmer a n Hanoi i neigh i Ian Duke in was almost prepared f i born in the water. Cup a of Amily Quot 1 j the Duke announce Flint ii he a. To through with swimming no funeral just now it is useless for any if Lindy to compete with yield Motif Muller. Bara in italian whose ancestor never saw a Golf club. Can Bent nil the scotch golfer. Weismuller Young German american of it la leg Ltd. I Eais nil the swimmer. Including the hawaiian that have lived in the storms so kor Over Pacific \ ass Kussi offer in if h i a no 13. 1669 Mourier is l Orn x i a h j Aoa dem of of in a tier Sis w he f j n. Fat a. It i one ship is sunk another t missing anxiety is Felt for a third Cal if v la Llu n the them in a Frando Cal a a United pre a one vessel was gunk one listed As missing an t great anxiety express i for a third As a result i f storms on Tho Pacific Over the week end. The tug Barada was rammed a a. To Nithil woman at the a quest of califor com a Ilam earthquake Shook the Vicinity of a Edmunds Pat ten Lier cent More. I Mil developing real Rad in a ii i a t inv i i i ii i in Hie halted state Lor j i in Ruxi v , lure conies senator f t. Ilia authorities is Quot the prisoner in a Honduras is the Hammer Mur i Der Quot she will he held for sex an la \ in St Reader of Atlanta Georgia ask Quot Why do la a to my a Quot Quot Brookhart of Iowa. Now Ines us i women so much More than in the farm bloc. Of which men Quot us to Vern fir in f Uher. Senator capper i the Imp a. I trek Hart. Discussing Swilp a a Sidy want to Knox Why Hie Irani opera to open in Atlanta ton ii. Early today Aee Ordin to it reports received Here. Lied i lands reported dishes were broken i to overt ment if it i open por proof during the tremor which hunted it it no. several cond. A night Man a ,.1 in a been throw n ii of his i i air a the Shock. April ormer departed for Mexico City Over the South were Gath i. Atlanta to i y to attend i ii it / 4itclac a South a greatest musical in eat i in i v alar a my i k of s i n i $100,000 damage to warehouse j . Kansu City mo., apr 23 a i a Fig Bori Ami but Njume 1 United pres a fire which de who Wilt Aing the title role it toyed the of the f. it opera arrived be la la hansom ural Ami Groin rom to 1,1a the remainder of the 1 pan her Caus damage to i three prisoners make daring it away from Joliet Joliet i la. April 23. A urn press a Horae Gimmon. A of Hong Oscr Al urges. Known As Quot by Hyp notorious Gua. Man payroll robber to a writers Gull official., pow other made a during in i Protil tilt to Oiler producer by returning to them to per cent. Of freight charge common sen a demand a ship sub Lily since without it this country can have no shipping. But there i Utah common sense in senator s a Gest Ion. We Suhs lilt a Railroad by nod Legal a Quot from Joli t i Rete Iury Day. Till Trio sawed the bars to Hospital window rued in in to t do in n three sign to to it ground scale the p int a Quot i a it a it red to recoil Atman a today at 1100,000 origin of x today. A Tbs a undetermined. Palarni to surrounding stud a Lait. Angel All Quot a Jill a a they Call them v fight i made against All religion celebrations. Quot Angel Are symbols used to enslave the i Bibl mind say the communist v \ at mistaken. Angel. A Effort will in made Nome Lay to in wer the question Iii till column. How Xvi tied you i in wer it you might Jot Down reason. 1. 2, 3. 4, etc., up to Khi Send them in. Lady told some torte j Flint Quot there Are member of # parliament lit lug in More Hail i one boast they Don t realize lie of families living Iii two rooms. It is a that school lonelier a Rem Ial Isis. I Don t blame them the lady a howled Down told Quot go Hack to % Merlon. They j ought to glad to keep Fady Astor Over there. Vav hat reacts Auric need a the French Learnt at tile end of the eighteenth Century i somebody in Ila a in Cia to warn them. Of Marie into Hitto had known what Young least Astor know sin Milit Ila avid her pretty head Anil neck. I Uteri old in Many in thu kit i a i j a j a it the he w i b it of min in Eor a s a a ii company president to f the Tallapoosa i in to Pai i president a bottling bomb exploded at Entrance of White sox Park to nil off i Lunk by to Richmond i. E i a i a a gird big to reports St f a to i a la Hama in of the Uio of the City nation. A eel Dei Quot Fth i in it to in Light a ii dams a to i to a a la a 2 3.�? a bomb a h us of t at the but White s x i re �a11 g window # a Dom be in the vie ii ? y v buted by lice to is the i lie w Gambler a Plo Ion i i old a v. Nil office three were saved a accounted f it the Tiar Tita carrying i with the Ali Pat in it Abear Washington wus t us a a of h no Fin a Omar Sion a f t if Selma. 1s to 1914 a a Hairr Nan of that commis it 914, he #1so chair h Bot debt Onil ii im.-�?T. Ile repro wanted a ii a ii if \ m mini i it a --1 at of Alanm during i it Ltd it Wall 1 a a re ice Var f a inc the of a pm in 1 of. I v. A y a to f lit t y for the that i a a ii Ute v i f. R it t he la a a pol not i v e the a Din the i no t Montgomery. 11 Val to to s la position Fon tinned till i age 7 eid Uinn a mbsissii�?~1�?~1 to in of in i if it Hoh to it it i Imi of Bonos i Washington Apt i i it a i n red pics Ltd the inter#?.it# c Traer in it pm i dirt on Grant i Anthol life a Day to the Yahoo i Wippl a Retti if us j a "9 of f per cent g Al improver a boo to he de a the l to Par to this no a .trat in repay most of \ an a s ;