Anniston Star Newspaper Archives April 23, 1923 Page 3

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - April 23, 1923, Anniston, Alabama Scout band members and scenes at the wedding of Princess Yolanda a axillary complimented by colonel win i. Zina philanthropist presided Frosk says it la Lisiate evening it \ it i it l Cis 1 inner party sunday evening in Psia s i it la rope instead of u. S. In Joll n gym i n ii it of on no William a Zinn dinner of i to r ii m Tho aloi�a1.1a hot Hun pet Lares i h it country must a file i noon from amp to i o clock j Supply Iram needs of la Iwa pot h h compliment to Quot the Hoy i it h,ii,.i Anil the auxiliary or a i at til lion now in it tug train �1 has ii a Mir Ali i la it Hrop int w to con a i in it ail ii. I Quot i in t it Llod or it Salt lit. A tended Baroi Ami on heat in a Nam a. A. I Quot i a a i i u it a i a Moat t Cit -. Apply i train no a of i in a at the invitation of in Globe rope Jnson of Mio i n of ter Vav ii of energetic Psi if for i 11 col girl Iuri Sidi i a Tai in \ i Shar Okha Oku it i tar Ai m a it a h a of i Lincoln a Ontl Rahly bruised when the r n Whit h Ehy was a pay a Iff m la Era j d. T Turtle near Chort olo. Co j car a i i i Ira in to i i .i.-. A a Quot Moti i he inlay afternoon i in in we a vow i h r la to carried Barney Traut convicted of Clit a i if i Drath 7\ i Quot Hoot psf n in if a Quot in in f i it i. Uns i n i it a Southside Holdup Ahir All i v j Alf Larry Heffernin and William i i a in or. Dec nth Ned to Dir tot shoot 11 it adj ing Joseph , a of dealer or a Bath j0 death when to rot Jed pc today j i Rry. To l ease James Smith sum once to it die i for the shooting to death of Frank i and the nth Quot Odonnell n Cigar clerk fat. Each admitt1 <1 j ail the men have r pro court a Quot i in s treated innocence inn ail handed i it to Quot t Arri i Gin out she adv a to Young Moi w it i 4 i a in i a a ii go armed to a throw our gun in of big the River and Kec it nut of a pkg a \ a 11 r Quot uni a d\5 r for a v it \ a v y t t him ifs the Only Way to bring out the flavor a rut our pan toasting also inn prepare the it Arch for Force the moisture from the Cosie to de Stiim atm. That Oats and makes them porous in lie from to then our thorough at earn Cook Hornby stats ii of digestible. Ask your grocer today for a i. A i 7 4 i.3 we Jug set Tom cod a a. I hop pan i wit j i Jai a a i Lavor ii a i incl i he a or. A ski 5 a to r a a Iff a a ii 111�? folks listen to the Law Here to rules that govern the Selling of disc. I Herr Ere rules that should o Ovorn your buying. You must respond to the Laws of Economy if you Nith to be a Success. Save buy the most for your Morv. That a the whole thing in a nuts hell. That a the idea these stores have Thev la help you. Try table j i in in to w m i in a Snowdrift airtight bucket As easy to open As winding up die clock / in in it h i w a fill is to Quot k to Ink in w i out i us ill Luj t a i let or for la a i ii a a a it ii Tim allo i 11�r rho Quot Ltd timer ii i. Kil l s in tam mine in North Carolina la Toi h Yiu Williams i i i y a gosh Mig Fri Golf a mkt \ y7 a a Nuga to \ / Decy loss or Ani a \ in or it Law Ouw i i w Caa i t c a a aul we in h oot 11 a a to y 1 Kimokeo i Uta j \ crame to by n v0l p Varo. A \ ullo up i Taan Eva r a a v. No ret a ? i a of you suf i a or in indigestion let in Tovac to you thai King s a treatment will Quot Ive you in Ivie of y in and permanent Relief. Ii j a11 m i ii till Orlim r Oas Fyk Kogl the Ilat 0�,r guard of up Njmen let oot. Jit a inv s inca Ell Scarbrough Dru co. In Liml Kun Al a Hin i Rump Dunlap jewelry co. Ill me 5f 7 everything in jewelry and a graving my. 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