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Anderson Herald Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 4

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Anderson, Indiana Saturday May i 1965 the Anderson Herald scrap paper i desk country and the subordination of the individual to the state in Many lands. From the first when ancient Laws were devised the pre history lawyer has had to take an Active and deep interest in the daily activities of people around him. He has had to study these people and their Laws customs and chaff info times. As time went on those things were recorded and adapted to ideas of Justice in that then As now Laws Are on the books to protect people and to free them from needless worry. The modern lawyer docs not spend this time strictly in filing Casas or representing a client in some court or another. He does much much More. Today a attorney actively participates in the Many other things that make a Community operate. They serve on committee after committee. Lawyers lend their special skills to helping the plans for say a new Hospital school or other structures come to fruition. They do All the Many things Public minded people do to make a Community state or nation a better place in which to live. They also do these things without remuneration and without a thought of time spent or personal expenses involved in these things. Nearly everything we do is affected by Laws. Every hour of every Day our freedoms to mention one thing Are protected by Laws and those men and women known As attorneys at Law. Dictators Mem ered As the epitome of dictatorship committed suicide in his ruined chancellery in Berlin As fires and bombings raged outside. Nazism is now Only a nervous tic. Today we Are still engaged in trying to rid the world of dictators and As usual the United states Waits and Waits and Waits until some action must be taken. Such people As Bosch in Dominica and Fidel Castro in Cuba Are two prime examples on our own Doorstep. Perhaps wre should also mention China a Mao who is presently a Good combination of All the dictators within memory. There Are As Many possible solutions to the Viet Nam crisis As there Are people in the United states but somehow the administration in Washington still stares at the Wall hoping against Hope for a magic answer that will not come. Maybe May will pick up where april leaves off. While in Russia the land of dictators. May first is observed by a preening of the War Birds feathers in the United states this first Day of May is observed As Law Day on a peaceful basis in direct contrast to the Howlings of a commie crowd w Hile War machines Are paraded. This Observance is being conducted Here today by members of the Madison county bar association with their contemporaries across the nation doing likewise. All of them subscribe to the activities and programs of the american bar association. Lawyers Here and elsewhere in the United states and other Freedom Loving nations seek to Foster a deeper respect for Law by teaching How Laws Benefit every citizen. They encourage responsible citizenship by demonstrating that individual rights and freedoms under Law involve individual obligations a including the obligation to observe the Laws of the land and lawyers constantly promote National strength and Unity by reaffirming Faith in the a Rule of Law As the foundation Stone of american life and government As the Means through which individual Freedom and Justice can be preserved and As an example to the rest of the world of what dedication to the Rule of Law can mean to people of All nations. Thus Law Day in America on May first dramatizes the contrast Between individual Freedom under Law in our do. George Vav. Crane copy Wright 1964 by Tho Hook ins Syndicate inc Velma offers Hor final re port. Discuss this Case wide v v in for most people Export too Jet much of la my. They think he should do All of the work. But 1 a a Jef 4 a Hod helps those w to lie in / when you learn that Correct formula you can m in then team up with the Al in w mighty to make your own j i i prayers come True. / ins when writing to or. Cran Mellot ind., enclose stamped self addressed envelope my 25 cents to cover typing or printing costs when Yon seek personal advice or one of his psychological charts. Television schedule 4-Tad. A Abc a lbs 13-Abc a Uip Bli la Iru Iii Iii i wt7v a fam wish win i re Symbol c below denotes program in color sunday morning 0 45 silent silent silent a min. It news 7 of silent silent silent farm front 7 15 silent silent silent farm front 7 30 silent this is answer silent Christopher 7 45 silent this is answer silent _ program caravan gospel caravan gospel silent silent silent silent gospel singing time gospel singing time 8 1 0 silent 8 15 silent 8 30 silent 8 45 silent april May Well be the cruellest month bringing As the poet said lilacs from the dead ground it also has a flair for putting dead dictators Back in the ground. At least this was so Twenty years ago. Fair May with Flowers in her hair takes Over today but a certain dictator named Juan Bosch who once ruled Dominica with an Iron hand is presently Licking his wounded paws in puerto Rico a splendid vacation place under United states Protection. It was on april 28 in 1945 that Mussolini was captured by italian partisans and Hung with his mistress from the rafters of a nearly completed filling station. Today this name is Only a memory in a land now devoted to Beautiful actresses terrific cars Fine wines and steaks. The next Day it May startle the readers memories to know on april 29 or 30, in 1945, Adolf Hitler re reign. In new Warren Walker sacred heart Warren Walker to Church continent Alrich comment lamp unto ind St police my feet Light time look up Beany amp Cecil and live Beany it Cecil camera three bullwinkle cd camera three bullwinkle c brushstrokes discovery �?T65 brushstrokes discovery a is the inside report a Rowland Evant and Rohart Novak forum forum this is the life tills is the life 9 00 silent 9 15 silent 9 30 silent 9 45 silent 10 00 silent 10 15 silent 10 30 silent 10 45 silent Challenge Challenge Faith for today in movie movie movie i a 11 00 silent 11 15 silent 11 30 showplace 11 45 Homes am in Oom Early Bird satellite e iffy by d satellite a Hon Dav Early Bird satellite Early Bird satellite Early Bird satellite Early Bird satellite 13 00 showplace 12 15 Homes 12 30 Oral Roberts 11 45 Oral Roberts science All stars exercise in knowledge roller Derby roller Derby roller Derby roller Derby this is your City William Tell William Tell new path to math indians is. Salt Lake City 1 00 Manton from. 1 15 Dan Smoot 1 30 Baptist 1 45 Temple movie movie movie indians is. Salt Lake City indians is. Salt Lake City 2 00 movie 2 15 movie 2.30 movie 2-45 moxie Golf Tourn Golf Tourn Golf Tourn Golf Tourn movie movie movie movie indians is. Salt Lake City indians is. Salt Lake City movie movie movie movie Golf Tourn Golf Tourn. Golf Tourn. Golf Tourn movie movie movie movie Abc sport in action Abc sport in action 4 00 movie 4 15 movie 4 30 movie 4 45 movie broadside broadside science in action cd abundant life Surfside 6 abundant life Surfside 8 g e col. Surfside 6 bowl cd _ Surfside 6 sunday evening 8 of the Saint news. Weather 20th Century 615 the Saint it sports 20th Century 6 30 the Saint track Side governor 6 45 the Saint Soo Miles to go Branigan 7 00 sunday movie a fractured Lassie 7 15 sunday movie Flicker Lassie 7 30 sunday movie Walt Disney my favorite 7 45 sunday movie Walt Disney Martian 8 00 Sun. Movie Walt Disney de Sullivan 8 15 Sun. Movie Walt Disney de Sullivan 8 30 sunday movie branded c de Sullivan 8 45 sunday movie branded cled Sullivan 5 00 movie 5 15 movie 5 30 movie 5 45 movie Hillcrest school the Hillcrest school in Anderson under a directorship headed by Goldia s. Repetto is distinguishing itself with its program of on the Job training for girls there under the diversified cooperative educational program. Four girls graduated from this school this past week and the words of mrs. Betetto fully describe things when she says a i am so very proud of these girls and they have been very appreciative of our Hillcrest a school devoted to affording every assistance possible for girls who have had More than a Little hard Luck boasts of no discipline problem inasmuch As the older girls and mrs. Repetto work diligently with each girl. Welfare an Oregon state senator l. Vav. Newbry has denounced programs which provide Federal Matching funds for state projects As a come Onsy. He warned the state against participating in them a just to get Federal these programs Are largely of a welfare nature. And they seem to have an almost irresistible allure for state and local authorities a Good Many people apparently regard the Federal contributions As being free Money which it would be Folly to re Laramie Laramie Laramie la Rani in Hoosier Hootenanny cd Walton train Wagon train Wagon train Wagon train exercise in knowledge movie Mavin movie movie for the people for the people Bonanza cd Bonanza cd Bonanza cd Bonanza cd 9 of Impact 9 15 Impact 9 30 history 9 45 flunks out movie movie movie movie candid camera what # my line rogues rogue rogue rogue 10 00 movie 10 15 movie 10 30 movie to 45 movie movie news Cathedral of tomorrow news weather Harry Reasoner movie movie new movie movie movie la of movie Lins movie 11 30 movie 11 45 movie Cathedral of tomorrow Cross exam Cross exam 12.00 movie 12 11 movie 12 30 silent 12-45 silent movie movie movie movie movie movie movie i of silent news most silent a gift from Roth s Means Moro for your shopping convenience. Downtown a Mounds mall a Edgewood radio schedule successful investing whet Anderson 1470�?Abc i we Cincinnati 700�?nbc sunday mor Yrau music til Dawn music til Dawn radio Bible Clat radio Bible class Wii us Anderson 1240�? lbs a i like Comsat which is the Only Stock available in a Brand new growth Field. Since earnings and dividends appear to be some distance away no one can Tell you what the shares will do Over the next two or three years. If you have patience however i believe that Over the next ten years communications satellite will show very powerful growth. If you Are prepared to buy on that basis by All Means do so. Roger Spears new 48-Page guide to successful investing is now ready. For your copy clip this notice and Send $1 of with your name and address to Roger e. Spear in care of this newspaper Box 1618, grand Central station new York 17, Trinity ept Scop Trinity Epi Eop a sacred heart sacred heart y 00 Iris 7 30 sunday Sera add 7 45 sunday service 8 00 Christian brotherhood 8-15 Christian brotherhood 8 30 your Story hour 8-45 your Story hour Victor Glenn Victor Glenn inspiration tim inspiration. New hymn of All Faitha hymns of All Faith Bani brith Charles Fuller Church by Road Church by Road Church by Road 9 00 world new Frant 9-30 Cienke beat 9 45 Chur a of the air testament lights testament Light a Wing of prophecy voir of prophecy sunday special sunday special Canterbury hour Nazarene Church 10 00 news Sparta 10 15 the Good lit 10 30 Moscow seen to 45 invite to learning Al motor Monitor Monitor Monitor la of methodist Church 11 15 methodist Church 11 30 methodist Church la 45 methodist Church Nazarene Church Nazarene Church Nazarene Church Belmont Church Castor Bowman pastor Lowman pastor Lowman pastor Lawman sunday a Kanoon 12 of lbs world new new 12 is sunday serenade new 12 to Pilgrim hour Cadie Tabernacle 12 45 Pilgrim hour _ Monitor signal to. News signal to sunday special Belmont Church i of lbs world news 1 15 sunday serenade i to White sox twins 1 45 White sox twin 2 of White sox twin 2 15 White sox twin 2 30 White sox twin 2 45 White sox twins 3 of White sox twin 3 15 White sox twin 3 30 White sox twins 3 45 White sox twin Billy Graham Rill Graham weekend Spert weekend sped. New a Monitor Monitor news Monitor Monitor weekend Spect. Weekend Spect. Weekend Spect. Spectacular. News new a run nausea sacred not Catholic hour he hour weekend Spect. Weekend Spect. Weekend Spect. Spectacular. New a a Monitor Cadi Tabernacle word of life word of Elf loveliness a a whatsoever things Are Phil. 4 8 a on All things Lovely look thy last. Each hours for times moving fast. And who knows but that this will be. Our final Day and Chance to see. These beauties that around us lie. Gods wonders that Are Ever night. Such As Hills Clouds and Flowers planted. That we so often take for granted. Enjoy god s beauties every Day. And thank him for them when you Pray. Weekend Spect. Weekend Spect. Weekend Spect. Spectacular. New 4 of lbs world new 4 15 sunday showcase 4 30 dimension 4 15 sunday showcase established june 18, 1868 published by Anderson newspapers inc. Telephone 643-5371 Healing wings praline wines news omits Bohr Viranam weekend Spect. Weekend Spect. Weekend Spect spectacular. News 5 of lbs world news 5 15 sunday showcase 5 30 dimension 5 45 signal to Hilly Graham College choir i Heran hour lutheran hour Robert i. Jackson president and manager Jane Toner Scott vie president Charies w. Laughlin Secretary Edwin a Bailey treasurer sunday nit. Ici John Chancellor news music meet the press me it the Pees Lowed daily end sunday except monday. Second Ciao postage paid at Anderson. Indiana subscription Ratas it by Carrier one week 40c by mail payable in Advance one year 12 00j Els months. 17.00, three months $4.00, one month is 50 outside of Madison and adjoining counties in Indiana and beyond Indiana Ane year $18.00, six months $9.50, three months $5 00, one month. In sols fashion watches weekend spectacular weekend spectacular weekend spectacular weekend spectacular spectacular new sign off silent silent 8 of lbs world new 6 15 sunday showcase 6 30 dimension 6 45 Tom Harmon in time for Mother s Day May 9 each contemporary styling is so suited to her newest wardrobe. Pendants in Golden or Silver tone they Are today s time. 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