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Anderson Herald Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 1

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Anderson, Indiana The Anderson Herald affix i it vol in. No. A a -7__anderson, Indiana saturday morning May i. 1965 to a comr Marine killed in dominican ficht planes hit arms depot Saigon Ufi a More than too in s. Navy planes Friday attacked North vietnamese arms depots 75 and too Miles from Hanoi. In South Viet Nam officials revealed the discovery of a three stage communist plan against the . Danang air base. In ground action South of Sai on government troops found a a omm unlit Arsenal that May contain 1,000 weapons. Viet Cong raiders killed 16 government soldiers at an outpost. Planes from the 7th Fleet carriers Hancock and Midway 75 Miles of Hanoi. Tile other two were about too Miles from the communist capital. Destroy buildings the first raid sent 25 sky raid ers and 14 Jet escorts to the Thien Binh Dong army Supply depot. They dropped 19 tons of bombs and fired rockets destroying to buildings and four Railroad cars. Another 26 sky raiders and 14 jets hit the Phu qui ammunition depot with four tons of bombs destroying five buildings and two anti aircraft Sites. By seven jets drooped 23 tans i they said the first two phas of bombs and Bull up missiles a 0f the plan Call for incite on the ammunition dump in 15 minutes. They destroyed four buildings damaged six others and ment of civil unrest and an increased Campaign of terror against american and Vietnam blew up a gasoline tank with use officials in the area. Miles Zuni rocket fire four South of the depot. . Pilots reported no enemy planes and Only Light anti aircraft fire. All planes turned safely. In Danang South vietnamese military officials said they have captured documents show it late in the afternoon 31 As ing the Viet Cong plan a three Sault planes from the Hancock step attack against the air made three strikes in Nort a 4 Ito Viet Nam with bombs mis returned for another try at the base the largest the third phase they said Calbi for infiltration of the base itself by Viet Cong agents a so re that main Force troops could attack thu the vietnamese High school students arrested while passing out Viet Cong leaflets in Danang were said to be involved in the first phase of the Eam aircraft pain the students face Possi Siles and rockets. The first penetrated Phil qui depot. A so Kesman and missile installation in Viet Hie death sentences if convict within said 24 sky raiders. Supported Nam India Pakistan Parade to begin ceasefire011 Eck Campaign new Delhi India apr India and Pakistan the quarrelling giants of Southern Asia deadlocked Friday on cease fire proposals to end fighting in the Rann of Hutch. Combat was limited for the third consecutive Day and it was a Parade through downtown Ling tires front lights and turn Anderson this morning will set signals Glass washers and Seattle quake damage hits $12.5 million off activities and a Seattle a �?dam-month-1 wipers mirrors Horn exhaust Jake was estimated at $12.5 Long car Check program for the rear lights and Stop and turn Anderson area another special signals and brakes. Event sunday afternoon at the county car Check chairman Alderson High school parking Jim Wickert said a a let Sall lot will follow up this morning s work together to make this car Check effective and our county safer place in which to live Parade. The Best bands in Central in Diana a including Highland work. And drive. Lid Madison Heights. Lap i. Alex Wickert Are hundreds of Jotun one of the women. Britain exerted a by pressure Frankton Pendleton i Leer men. Who donate them Drey c Bowman 78. Quot Junek. Coil off the Summitville and Anderson High school bands a will step off at 10 30 this morning for the annual Parade. Ten pretty car Check Queens a including Jan Zettel Alexandria Annette Cook Anderson Marsha Burton Elwood Bobbie Heniser Frankton Gail tar on both nations to Call off the hostilities. But blood ran hot on both fides of the Frontier and few responsible officials in new Delhi a foreign or Indian a would redid what the future holds for Ndia a 480 million people and pakistanis to million. P a k i s t a no a government charged that Indian troops have stepped up military activity in Kashmir reinforcing Frontier units and building new bunkers along the cease fire line in that Border state. It said eight indians were killed in two skirmishes monday and tuesday 150 Miles Northwest of Rawalpindi. President Johnson a special envoy Henry Cabot Lodge arriving in new Delhi on a trip scheduled earlier to explain the . Viet Nam policy also discussed the Hutch fighting with prime minister Lai Bahadur Shastri on Friday night 1/odge told Shastri that Washington views with regret indians conflict with its neighbor informed sources said and Empl turn to Page 2. Column 7 Picas turn to Page a column 6 a a a a May brings Spring again million Friday from a 45-second earthquake thursday morning in which two men were killed by falling debris and four women suffered fatal heart at aiding or tacks mrs. A of fort Townsend on the olympic Peninsula Northwest of Here died i in a port Townsend Hospital Friday. The other three died during the temblor which rocked four states and British Columba. Two men injured by falling rubble remained in critical con snipers wound 13 More in Battle for evacuation zone Santo Domingo dominican Republic up a a . Marine was killed Friday and Iii other am to can servicemen wounded in an Exchange of gun tile with leftist rebel troops near the . Embassy. Some 3,500 leathernecks and paratroopers threw up a protective ring around american civilians caught in the communist infiltrated civil War. In Washington president Johnson said a ceasefire in the trouble torn do solons May present new voting Bill Washington u p in a Senate leaders Mike Mansfield and Everett Dirksen introduced a substitute voting rights Bill Friday designed to end a Long argument Over state poll taxes. They said it would be brought up for action monday. A i Hope we can move apace and finally get this Bill out of the Senate and to the House a Dirksen the Republican Leader said. Democratic Leader Mansfield mont., added that Senate sessions next week will run at least until 7 ., Edt in Hopes of speeding action. The measure ranked High on president Johnson a priority list is aimed at sweeping away All barriers to voting by negroes. Court Testa Vin Highland Willa Ford la by United press International onion others were hospitalized and six other persons received taken to Community Hospital treatment of injuries the substitute which incur pol Connie Rinker Madison a was Spring again in Indi with less serious injuries. Minor injuries in an Accident after the Accident and were re police reports stated that the pirates the pending bipartisan t a a Ava l i t Ini it ,.11 i a i j i a. I in ,. V i 1 it n a l. ,1 ii. A i m am f Quai i. Ill i Al i i1. I eight injured in two car wreck a eight persons were injured two seriously in on Accident yesterday afternoon at the intersection of Bethel Pike and county re. Too e., one mile East of Alexandria. Jerry Maple 21, Summitville and Russell a Presley 14, of of. I Alexandria were both seriously Hurt in the Cor shown above at right. Six other persons received minor injuries and were released after treatment of injuries at Community Hospital. They were All passengers in the other vehicle above of left. Herald photo 8 Hurt in 2-car crash two men were seriously Hurt of by. I Lapel. They were All nity Hospital and released after Heights Cara Lou Brown pen Ana Friday. The Small business admin yesterday afternoon at 3 17 one leased after treatment of their boy ran across the Street and Bill with three major leadership Ducton Barbara Cru i St temperatures climbed into Stratton in Washington d.c., mile East of Alexandria at the injuries. Into the path of a car driven by revisions would make no at Mary a and Eloise Allen sum the msj0t son a part amp of h u declared All sections of Wash intersection of Bethel Pike and according to state police re Ronald pc. Hoover 20. Of 2009 tempt to ban state poll taxes by mite ill will likewise hich Ana an l into the 70s for other Egton state which suffered county re. Too e a a a a Miville will likewise High Light the Parade. On sunday afternoon from 2 to 4 . In the has parking lot automobile dealers will present a areas As hoosiers happily earthquake damage disaster watched the week spell disappear. I Long Cool areas. This permits businesses. Summitville and a passenger ports by sgt. Manghelli the Jefferson St. Officers Lacy and jaw instead it would direct Jerry Wayne Maple 21, of Sloan vehicle had picked up the Bell investigated the Accident. Atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzenbach in his car Russell a. Presley homeowners. Churches and _ saturday was expected to be charitable institutions to apply 14 �?~0f Ujj 1�?T Alexandria were a wind a a a even get or a my a Sam tor 3 per cent Loans or repairs both listed in serious condition _ showing of their new prevailing and highs in the 70s or rebuilding. Manitt Ohmi the. Simnar models and police sheriff and and 80s South and 60s and 70s1 in Olympia gov. Dan Evans a Community Hospital a thrash Hoval the Sloan chamber of Commerce officials North predicted. Said he would make a detailed might Mapie received r i Guji Tegt crave Stoan and to make children at Cunningham school bums Carr 24, of 611 South t0 Institute court tests of poll and was travelling West towarddr., remains in a the intensive i Alexandria on Bethel Pike when i care unit at St. Johns Hospital a Nus tuition Al a a Quot will conduct a voluntary car Check. Regular voluntary checks will begin monday from i to 7n.ni., and at the same times on tuesday and wednesday at Fairview memorial Park Shadyside Park and athletic Park. Police and car Check officials will Check la different safety items including seat belts steer world crisis Darker Uncertain says Pope things even brighter hoosiers could expect a five May spell of almost summer like weather during which temperatures will average nearly to degrees above Normal. Overnight lows of 38 to 45 upstate and 44 to 52 downstate will precede the saturday warmth. Lows sunday should w car Mounds re. Invest in a lion r a i v v no \ v v a pit shoulder and left leg injuries j into a Cement Comer Post and Tot a few. Presley. Jituso nned the Presley boy in a disaster making the j1?. Mouded shoulder and the other car. Clare lit was hit broadside by the after he was seriously injure Coalitional amendment to Maple vehicle. The Impact of Accident tuesday on Quot in Quot t Ion a1 elections but these four states retained such taxes for state and local elections. A state eligible for additional fed Ead injuries and lacerations. Eral Aid. Six other persons five of the damage estimate by the them members of the Sloan state civil defense department family of it. 2. Alexandria rept the financial loss at half the Cei Ved minor injuries in the a amount suffered during the cadent. Injured were o n e d a states last major earthquake. Sloan 32, and her five children be in the Low 50s Northeast and on april 13, 1949. That one killed a Elaine 13, Patricia la Ruth High 5gs South with highs rang eight persons in addition to do Ann 7, and Paul Earl i. Also a 1 Quot ing $25 million in damage a a a a my from the mid 70s in the North to the Low 80s in Southern Indiana during the Day. Midday temperatures around the general state area Friday reflected the end of the week s Cooling off period. It was 80 at Evansville and South Bend and injured was David Sandlin 6, sgt. Manghelli stated investigation of the Accident was pending Timothy s Foland jr., 7 of 1207 Loth St., received minor Cap holds operation Kansas also has a poll tax but is in the process of abolishing it. By unanimous consent the Senate adopted an Amei dment minivan Republic had been agreed upon but was not being observed. Johnson said in a television and radio address to the nation there Are a signs that let eople trained outside were seeking to gain control of the Island Nat Ion. Jose a. Mora Secretary general of the organization of american states was flying Here from Washington to help bring about enforcement of the cease fire in the week Long Battle. Attempt takeover it was reported that left Wing elements including some dominicans trained in communist Cuba and Czechoslovakia were attempting to take Over the revolt. Tank led marines backed up by 82nd airborne paratroopers drove a wedge into Santo Domingo to create an a International Refuge zone harbouring americans and other nationals trapped by the fierce fighting. The marines encountered fire on the Northern perimeter of the zone As they sought to link up with army paratroops in a fencers movement to Cut off the leftist rebel forces including a handful of armed civilians. Completion of the pincers movement would leave loyalist dominican troops under Gen. Elias Wessin free to move into the City against rebel nests of resistance. The firing that inflicted the casualties on the . Forces took place near the former old Airfield on the City a outskirts. Airlifted to Boxer the wounded included some paratroopers from the 82nd division airlifted into the Island from it. Bragg. N c the american wounded were airlifted by Marine helicopter to the aircraft Carrier Boxer standing off which would exempt arkansans Shore. The body of the dead from the provisions of the Bill Marine also was taken to the injuries in an Accident yester-1 , at least until 30 Days before the j a 1 y end should be just about like next statewide primary election Day afternoon at 4 14 at the in any other weekend but for the in 1966 ter Section of loth and Chestnut states civil defense forces and sen. J. William Fulbright exists. He was taken to comm those of the Indiana civil air planned that Arkansas recently patrol things Are going to be a a voted to eliminate its poll blur of activity. As of Daybreak today these two emergency oriented organizations will have already launched a full scale emergency operation. Abel wins us election Pittsburgh a Vatican City up a Pope word epistle entitled a Mense a a fall i Abel has been declared Winner Paul i said in an encyclical Marioin the month of May 0er areas 0f Indiana a the United steelworkers bit Friday the International Situa Tion is a Darker and More Uncertain than War not mentioned Pope Paul As is his custom not mention the Viet Nam such crises As the Viet Nam War by name but had it clearly War could produce the spark mind when he condemned for a terrible fresh conflict a the agitation guerrilla War _ 1 fare acts of War Ever growing the Wojie appealed to <>1 or m extent and intensity which could at any moment produce a terrible fresh leaders to engage in a conversations and negotiations at All a a Ute Levels a and called on the Enine it palk for sunny the Christian world to unite in prayers for peace in a the pres inc 67-year-oin ii is int especially grave hour.,r encyclical was the lengthy conflict the 67-year-old pontiffs first the pontiffs grave warning Clesia spam a this Church was contained in the second programmatic document Outlin to cyclical of his reign a 1.500 plea turn to pm i. Column a sunny and warmer today. Fair tonight. High today near to Low today in 50 High yesterday 78 Low 16 Sunset today 7 39 Sunrise tomorrow 5 45 . Ter presidential election today but Defeated incumbent David j. Mcdonald vowed to contest said. The result a to the fullest a i cannot abandon my responsibilities to the United steelworkers of Mcdonald told a news conference Fri aside Mcdonald a prospects of overturning the election. A we have demonstrated admirably up to this Point that the steelworkers Are United a Abel pirate turn to Page 2, column 7 Boxer. Rebel forces were still strongly entrenched in the heart of the City. They stormed a 200-Man police Garrison in the Ozama fortress and seized it late please turn to Page i column i he indicated that his immediate goal would be to get Back to bargaining Over a new contract with Basic steel May 18. A the task of negotiating and Naiu Iuri a news in Lay shortly alter the Union s a thro International Teller de s. Industry a among the in dared Abel Winner by 10.142 challenges we face Quot votes the election was feb. 9. Abel 56, Veteran of Early in Mcdonald said he would pro does it is not expected to delay Abel from taking office june i. Unless you were an Early Riser this morning the drone of floodwater swell Over Rich Farmland Quincy 111. Up a my cresting at Burlington Iowa a. A a Sis Sippi River floodwaters Gur few inches higher than origin a1 vials along with Anderson l a dangerous new levee by predicted. Weather Bureau of aet Squadron 2, Are hosting this boils along a 300-mile flood observers said the crests due Mcdonald 62, appeared re aircraft at the Anderson Munich taxed and Jovial Atter the an pay Airport might have gone announcement that marked the noticed. Madison county and first official word that his 12 Anderson civil defense offi year Rule was ending. He attacked Only the report and made no com weekends massive disaster of 0 n t Floday and fanned As this ment about Abel. This was in contrast to the ration. Local civil air _ weekend at Quincy and much As eight Quot Miles wide Over neighbouring Hannibal mo., patrol offi bottomlands of Western Illinois would be 6 inches lower than aids took Quot office in 19527 brushed posted to give him a hearing the tellers report gave no thormities said they would t within three weeks. He said the breakdown of the total vote by know the nature of the simulate bitter give and take of the Eam a jars Sald the states civil de Southeastern Iowa and North had been expected pain which forced a two month establishment will be did Man Missouri. Students from Quincy College recess in Basic steel Neotia a Anse is arsement win Nern ens of thousands of acres of and astern Illinois University turns and was blamed by the Reding the operation whether ,1 were flooded at joined other volunteers plugging of 00 Tornado a or the height of the usual Spring Evee boils in the Quincy area. One of Tho a a _ erupt into or Hills appeared to be escape a levee break would Loose Flod Ion organizing who has been the test the election to the Union Brink of a steel strike just flood alerts or an atomic at planting season Riverside cities authorities said it Union s no. 2 Man since Medon executive Board which is sex is Quot Eek. Tack situation. Local t Apau most of them perched on Bluffs boils if allowed to Board is empowered to order a new vote in locals where irregularities Are found the 33-member Board is controlled by Abel supporters Mcdonald declined to say if he would carry his protest to the . Labor department and seek a new election under the Landrum a Tiffin aet if the Board goes against him no matter what Mcdonald South Bend boy killed by Auto death toll climbs a Small boy was struck and killed by an automobile in South Bend Erida it As Indiana s 1%.� traffic toll climbed to 413 William Patrick kidney 6. South Bend darted from Between two houses into a strict and into the path of an noncom Ling Cir Ponce said ii was i dead on arrival at a Hospital. Mrs Faribel Webber. 53, by 16. Rensselaer died thursday night in a Gary Hospital of in juries suffered two Days earlier in a pickup truck Accident in Jasper county. Turn to rag 2. Column 7 i plea turn to Pax t. Column c ing major damage. Waters Over an expanse of Low. Elementary school choral festival than 1,500 students in the 19 elementary schools of the City took part in last night s Quot festival of Munc Quot of the Anderson High school gymnasium. Combined Arches a and choir groups presented numbers and smaller groups of schools Weie also featured at the event. Miss Mary Jane Bergdoll elemental y vocal music supervisor. And Thomas r Clem Nector of instrumental music conducted the Lodge group selections. Herald photo Good morning Start the Day with a chuckle press of business Vigevano. Italy up ii communist City councillor \ Airt is scan i has resigned explaining in a letter to or mayor that civic duties look too Nitich time from his Job. Searl is a Street Shoelace Vendor. The father of Waters was and and into the town of Hull ill Hull s 535 residents were alerted to be ready to leave their Homes on Short notice. Ten feet of water washed through the Village of Gulfport. 111., abandoned for the duration by its 300 resident at least 30,000 acres of Ai Hiland was awash on the Illinois Side of the River across from Burlington several thousand acres were fax Hosl North it of Burlington i the Iowa Side and levee workers worked to keep the River from inundating an additional 27,500 acres there. Some 16, acres Wert flowed in the Quincy area. Water was at front porch level of ont House thursday hut swirled at second Story level at Hannibal about 15 Riverside blocks Wert under water and 130 i Hyson had fled to higher ground. Man is burned in fire Pete Welch 69, of 1930 i t. 19th St was burned late last right when the House in which he and his by Athel id Welch lived was gutted by fire. He was taken to St. John s Hostal and was listed in Ionly Good condition with second and thud de give Burns. Shown above is the House where they lived. Cause of the file was undetermined and themen fought the Blaze for a half hour before extinguishing the fire. Herald photo new arrivals in Anderson and Vicinity Horn at is. Jobs no i Hospital to or. And mrs a Letus Harris 2602 Fletcher St., u girl. Horn at Community Hospital to or and mrs. Jack Armstrong Jou e kith St., a boy or and mis. William pick i Roll 15074 e 18th Sta girl or and mrs Charles Faux 1120 w Lith St a girl or and mrs Wayne set bill1627 n. Madison Avea girl. I born to or and mrs. Frank Barbee of Nashville ten formerly of la lad a girl

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