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Anaconda Standard Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 4

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Anaconda Standard (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Anaconda, MontanaI the Anaconda Standard thursday september 23, 1920. Ainu to it a Grant and Glor has Felling by Briggs. Vol. Xxx Ilaf on Tana s leading daily newspaper to. 20. Standard publishing company. Publishers and proprietors Anaconda Mont. In tired at tile Post office at Anaconda a second class mail matter. Butte office is North main Street. Business department phone .�.412 editorial department phone a. A. A a �423 Anaconda offi Cio business department phone a a a a a a editorial department phone All general Bosi nests letters and correspondence should be addressed to the Standard publishing company Butte Montana. Member of the associated press. The associated press is exit mutely entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Represents tire a Prudden King a trodden so fifth Avenue. New York Steerer building Chicago Globe Bufi Ding. Boston. Western my Quot or. J. Bowell Compass 742 Market Street san Francisco. Thursday morning september 23, 1920. Montana in the spotlight. Montana figured prominently in the Campaign investigating committees hearing yesterday. William Boyce that Nupson son of a former mayor of upon it for productive purposes which they doubtless hate As badly As other children. The purpose is to evade the Law of the state and give to japanese born Iii Japan permanent Possession of property to which they Are not entitled. The japanese have no claim under any treaty to the ownership of land in the United states. What the status is in respect to the Small amounts of land bought by japanese before such sales were forbidden we do not know. The state May have to acquire them by condemnation and payment. But. In respect to land acquired since ownership was prohibited to japanese if our Laws Are made to be enforced they cannot hold manifestly the people of California Are deeply in Earnest. Manifestly they Are determined to enforce the Law whether the government at Tokio likes it or not. There is something ominous in these words of the chronicle a it will be Wisest for the japanese government not to concern itself with this matter. We do not bold it responsible for what Law breaking japanese have done and nothing which that government can say or do will change our action. And a self respect tag government will not try to help its subjects to push themselves into other countries where they Are not but the government at Tokio insists that japanese people Are just As Good As any other people on Earth just As much entitled to Settle and live in California As those of any european nation and that any Legal discrimination against them is such a flagrant insult to Japan As a nation that it cannot be overlooked Butte and one of the Angels of the Republican part. _ _ _ ,. Or countenanced. The japanese question is far from in the East took the stand and had a run in with. Re. I j i j i rom settlement. It is plainly evident from the Day s senator Reed. When he said it was a a dead hard f /. ,. J it it it Tokio dispatches that the japanese government is Job to get the million designated As new Lork s. M i Jive taking umbrage and concerning itself in a very Seri quota or. Thompson must have raised a laugh j a 4. \ ,. Way with the Points in dispute. Current Rumor is that a Boulder Bill himself could afford it and would if needs be write his own Check for a million to elect a Republican president. Nor would he hesitate to pass the hat to a few other millionaires of his acquaintance and find it a dead easy Job to get several millions More. James w. Gerard who is an Anaconda Man by marriage and association testified in his official capacity As Hurmon of the new York democratic njttinna.1 finance committee. A democrats Are poor Humble people a said he and despite the efforts of the Republican members of the investigating committee to Controvert his statement he submitted evidences of poverty if not of humility. The truth is the democratic National Campaign committee is in hard Straits for Money. The big interests speaking by and Large Are supporting the Republican candidate and anybody half Way familiar with National politics knows that Fred Upham can spend a Dollar for every Penny the democratic Treasury will hold Between now and election Day. A a the boys in Blue. A the route this year was considerably less than when nerves rebel. Neurasthenia the disease that knocked m. Deschanel out of Tho presidency of France is not strictly a modern malady though it is much More common than it used to be in the Days of Plain living slow travelling and mild agitating. The neurasthenia is nothing More or less than a super grouch. He frets and worries without cause he takes a gloomy View of everybody Aud everything he is filled with apprehension lest the heavens fall and the universe collapse to his disordered imagination the Only thing in All creation that possesses the ele a ments of permanence and stability is hell. He is a nuisance to himself and a still bigger one to his friends whom he irritates to madness. Overwork is the commonest cause of neurasthenia and absolute rest is said to be the Only possible cure. Nerve specialists unite in praising Deschanel for resigning the wonder is that he had enough sense and courage left to do it for As a Rule the neurasthenia Hasni to any too much of either. According to a medical writer in the new International encyclopedia a courage fails introspection becomes habit the Montana press a mile in length a says the dispatch from Indian Apo j a and Many apprehensions an 1 distinct Tobias us descriptive of the annual Parade of the members of the grand army of the Republic. There were some 10,000 of them in line a remarkable showing considering that the civil War ended 55 years ago. Gone Are nearly All the veterans who entered that War in their thirties and going faster and faster now Are All the a boys in blues who were boys in Point of fact when they went Forth to participate in pm Cay a a Success result what up to that time was the mightiest War in mod _ pm times. Especially to the new York City republicans the our stale superintendent. Montana has a state superintendent of Public instruction who ranks among Tho very Foremost educators of the world. Through her endeavours the Standard of the Public schools of the state has been improved and their efficiency has been greatly increased. A Havre promoter. Should Light the drug evil. Instead of worrying about prohibition which is already a Law that will be enforced by whoever happens to be in authority in this nation the anti Saloon league might Well turn its attention to lighting an evil which is infinitely Worso than whiskey was in its worst Days. There is no doubt that with Tho coming of the elimination of liquor there has been an increase of the traffic in soul and body destroying drugs like cocaine Morphia and opium. Addicts Aie increasing and efforts to cure them through municipal dispensaries has proved to be an utter failure after an experience of some la months according to Tho be port of a committee on narcotic drugs and crime appointed by the american Institute of criminal Law and Independent Slaughter Tho hats. Tho Public health service at Washington estimates that in food alone it j costs the people of Tho United states i i cent a Day apiece to maintain Tho rat population. Any one who thinks a j rent a Day does no to amount to anything should do a Little figuring. It comes to $3.65 a year apiece or nearly $100,- 000,000 a year for the whole nation. Ozment has been in Progress compares favourably with any other new Oil Field in the United states. The daily production of Oil already exceeds 6,000 barrels. Within 80 or 40 Days this production stands to be doubled. What the production will be one year from now is impossible to estimate but there is a reasonable expectation that it May attain a daily a Ohio of 25.000 or 30,000 Lewistown Democrat a is. It will Cost you Elater Berlin. A a a heard Mabel lid when she Roar i ried that she had selected the very Flower of her a to what particular Bloom did she liken him a a Quot at first she thought he was the i Pink of perfection bul when the baby j came to it claim Lier attention he was just a Mere Baltimore Amor j lean. Country postman in a sorry a am i seem to have lest your Post card. But it Only said Muriel thanked you for tile parcel and so did John and j they were both very Well and the children Are Happy and Shell give your message to Margery. That la by your other daughter in a tinkle a punch i London. Wilson Ici those mentioned is Ime of Nito preside ill Montana As an Oil producer. The continuous exploration of the Montana Oil Fields during Tho last few years and the recent Anding of Oil Wells of the producing Typo in several Oil Fields has attracted general attention not Only in this state but among i t. Practical Oil mgt Nall Over the United a states. One Oil Well or a dozen do not make a considerable Oil Field but there is growing conviction that Montana will eventually prove to be Rich in this precious fluid and add materially to the wealth of the state and the nation with to Oil production. A great Falls Tribune. Flashes of High Tina by Haulk c International new Corn so London. The Lect Ion of a president i of nations will Coni up meeting of t lie league Prospect Are Bein land it nut of t t d h of a hypochondriac Al cast add to the patients misery. A careful examination proves that the nerve Force is actually diminished. As it often arises out of the necessities of human existence and social con. A that sum be it noted represents editions its proper treatment is frequently Imossi j Tho interest on about $10,000,000,000 of government Bonds which in turn is about half the nations net War missourian. Worth going after. There is no longer any doubt but that Eastern Fergus county contains an Oil Field which considering the humor of the Day a i Admire the Man who laughs a thing tiit never flip Iurii. The former Kaiser will make Heads right and left when he go a a 1 Back to Germany also when lie is elected president of news. I Nril to satisfy us n woman. First it seems it is essential to find out what a Conj Aliner w anti and i next to find out is hat lie will want i after he get that. Detroit news. Ital i it of to me thing. Tile government health service hav 1 ing nothing else to do announce with a nourish that Quot there is no in i Kenzu in mentioned Coult it l sex count by it presided Thor info be bait in n it danger done to you a Quot no i think it he dispatch has a mighty poor sense of j Boston transcript. U y in 1 halt for a bib. The keynote of a cure is rest and in proportion As this can be made Complete both mentally and the grand army of the Republic has indeed been second expulsion of the socialist members by the jlil1 p? Aurine Wim nun it i Vei amp grand one in every sense of the word. It caused i Republican majority in the state Assembly is a Case teachers Willie use the word Quot gruesome in a sentence. W ii i in the boy went to Camp and when he returned his trot j o found lie had life. Or. Urbansky i see your boys Art having a great time up there on the Hill signalling playing Indiana i impose Farmer Ile Leigh playing nothing. They re signalling Tho Price a if egg to the next farm a our Telephone service is so governed Punk a new York world. Quot so you Only take prices. What is you do you want to go to a a to of j Villa no. 79 Bose neck Street. Good. Thos strike because the Lui miners who bile. A All their Coal vacation ought to enjoy it they know the Public will pay lint ii Ca a. The institution of memorial Day it has aided in the establishment of numerous soldiers Homes it has promoted the erection of Many monuments and other Public memorials of the civil War it has through its various agencies and enterprises been of material assistance to innumerable families it has been one of the country a most Beneficent institutions and to Long As it the country will Delight in honouring its aged members and showering blessings and benedictions upon them. The Little Brown peril. Only those who have visited California and talked with the natives adequately realize the intensity of their detestation of the japanese strangers within their Gates. This racial antipathy is fully As intense As that Felt by the Whites toward the Blacks in the South but super added to racial antipathy is a sense of alarm lest the japs being far More intelligent ambition Ami Crafty creatures than the negro Are capable of working havoc to the Community not Only through agrarian Industrial and commercial Competition but by establishing inferior moral and economic standards of life. Of importance riot Only to California but to the nation at Large is a suit brought by californians attorney general to find out whether tile japanese can defy the Law of the state denying them the right to acquire valid title to land. To evade tins Law in numerous eases the japanese have bought land and bad title vested in japanese babies born in this country. A the babies did riot buy the land a argues Tho Han Francisco chronicle. A few of them Are old enough to know anything about it. They do not operate the property except that As soon As old enough they Are compelled by their lather to work of double double toil and trouble fire Burn and caldron Bubble. Montan a knows him Well just As in the Case of Cox and Harding Ohio is asking altogether too much if she expects both Cleveland and Cincinnati to bring Home the Bacon. Notwithstanding the length of his silence strike or. Bryan a condition is not seriously alarming the medical profession and hourly bulletins May not be expected for some time yet. Whatever the outcome of the Coal miners controversy the Public is assured of being Iii at the finish. These Are the Busy Days of the political Prophet and Las name is legion. Speaking of the 5.000 Republican orators nightly spellbinding the country Many wealthy republicans have been deeply touched. Still Chicago Isnit that jealous of new York that she is pining for a bomb explosion big enough to make the metropolitan affair look like a firecracker. Speaking of the sacred relics of Antiquity has anybody Here seen judge Alton b. Parker a whole lot of Liberty Bonds remain on the bargain counter cheap for rash and As Good As new. To give a certain dark and dreadful personage his due Tom Watson can always be depended upon to help Jim Reed and Bill Borah save the United states Senate from being an eminently Dull and respectable affair. As Long us a venire is running the government at Petrograd no matter How Good a Man in Russia tries to be lie cannot escape a hot hereafter. Bal t Boort in Ursla wont lit my about it. Chairman White ays the nominal j thin of Tom wats it a is a blow to the 1 Par a but we think it it a blow to 1 pout. I Raj Mach alive to for it nit. Governor Cox nays the prohibition j question belongs to yesterday which fares it agreed in flying in the f of of brother Bryan fare a Quot where Birmingham age a raid. Lain i it Billie for n fall. Besides being a poet d Annunzio is assuming Thor it in of gentle blackmailer if the italian journal Aud Tribune. Trouble i. We never discover it. Most of us a a Ouid rather discover for ourselves a kit we Are wrong than i to Hove somebody Tell us. Toledo Blade. No lint it taken i it of trouble. Its nut the quota that makes the Man. Ohio stat journal. It is pro bit yet her with tin Mondot ions no cot or Block a Titi will be in Aioli of Geneve among Tho first full meet the league of the first pro Poi Tho covenant. The danish governments. The first prov meeting to be h another amendment 1 demand of to Luetna Ting of the Assembly 1 my time by the seer i third proposal aim obligation of nation.1-it ration More Abseil ii far la to names an a of dont Wilson i Cid lloy it i t a i it i George vis i Ira 1� son has asked for fur i Ich i Iii Teal l r til Formalin Mal Gem a my staff an that Thi s subject to Sun pot a an inn r it oni arding r Dens for to. In of an offending a eminent in the l of problem i of this thag of la a m ions Assembly it Biko will i als for a Man dents it they an presented i Norway and roedts a ides for a fixed Anni. Mid on a hop gift d dab on at t liar or i the last Ai j Vides that a adjoining a j been placed Quot maintain a course with state prov id i a red vent the Blo a dment Lier la til let Nepal Akin not t Mon a pro Lintel i h 1 a inter Uteri Milah did Only ii to it the for i mid b la lumber for tue i l l re from the Salt Lake Tribune. The United states Forest service gives out the figures on new tree plantings which show that during Tho fiscal year ended with june a total of 1,340,000 seedlings were planted in the forests of Oregon and Washington. Six National forests in Oregon and one in Washington received attention. The seedlings which Fin two years old were planted Only on burned Over areas. A the report shows that a Lur it r acreage was planted in the Oregon Wash Langton District last year than in any year since la 15, tin total acreage receiving pin per cent year 51 that Natii 141 i which Collin Bigam retch Ort no an pus or in in t her the i Hun Gre a i thre an Elk i mines i from the Seattle Post-1 it Iii i it it Loes not seem so Long a we were rending the game j Over to Yellowstone Park to help remark authorities of a pie cer. That Rilen i in it the Thorn of Alk what a Fine turn a Herd country and allow and ii Ere a for Community. That two or three sea authorities of and Truing ourselves thing it would to to Loose in this Ideal Elk a expo de a Vest. The the to b trim it them to run wild i til the Good of the j an was along in 1912. I herds were Dis f a Nom to i Bai Ltd t trill James w. Gerard who figured As a candidate for the democratic nomination for president is now one of the most Loyal and enthusiastic of the supporters of governor Cox. As the chairman of the democratic National ii no Nee committee he appeared As a witness before the Senate investigating committee yesterday. Tribute about King county and we Are just now hearing from them. They have increased amazingly and to such an extent that around Enumclaw they Are taking charge of Farmers crops and gardens and Are cleaning them up the meat in -. Prop re Hail i Small Elk bar have been Day when r n will furnish u and yet we no Ture begins to t Stock clot Utha Simiu

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