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Anaconda Standard (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Anaconda, Montana The Anaconda Standard wednesday june 23, 1020. Mystery of one Mike Doe no Bootlegger he says. Man pours drink from own bottle. The Case against Mike Doe arrestor at the Corner of Mercury and Montana streets on the charge of bootlegging. Was taken under advisement by judge Grimes until to of clock today. Officers Nyland and Mcdonald testified that t hey had had complaints that Doe was a Bootlegger and that they stood on the Street and watched until they saw some liquor poured from a Beer Glass and served to a customer at the bar. They then entered and took a Small Glass of Moonshine whiskey from the Man at the bar and searched the premises. All they found Back of the bar in Hie Way of evidence was the Beer Glass front which Tjie liquor had been poured empty. Mike Doyle witness for the defense testified that he entered the soft drink parlor in which Doe works and took from his pocket a bottle of whiskey. Procured a Glass from Doe and vhf it the act of raising it to his lips to Hen the officers entered and grasped his Arm. When asked Why he did not drink the whiskey from the Bottlo instead of taking it into a soft drink parlor and jeopardizing the proprietor. He said he did no to think. The defendant testified that he had just served a soft drink to two customers when the officers came in and took that whiskey from Doyle. He said that he told them to search the place if they wished and that when he was told that he was under arrest he telephoned th1 proprietor. Attorney Juttner asked him what to said when he telephoned stud he said that he said a a we re pinched a in giving hts reasons for taking he Case under advisement judge Grimes said that there were some angles to it that he wished to look up before giving a decision. R i la i a rent pianos from Orton Broo. Miss Grace Pope who is a student at Leland Stanford a i Ive ratty in California. Will arrive Home this morning. Business is Good in the stationery my office Supply department of the in o news stand. There a a reason. More than 20 years of knowing How that his wife Ruth Gui deserted him is the ground upon which Henry a till is suing for a divorce. The couple were married in 1903, the husband wants the custody of his three children. The Grace methodist ladles Aid Oei Ety will be entertained at the Home of mrs w. M. Loring 833 South main thursday afternoon. Mrs. J. P. Wallace will assist mrs. Loring in entertaining. The lithographed Bond Quot of the i2.i0.00h Issue by which the pc Hutto Anaconda Road is being paved wer received Yew or Dav by the county commit Solonois the entire Issue has Bern engraved hut necessary to dispose them for the present have you seen tin it will Only be of a portion of project attractive Dis play of the famous Over Sharp pencils my Fountain pens at to Alkin co ? metallic refilling pencils Are the Cholee it f present buyers alway pointed my the most economical for constant use Lead of varying degrees of hardness to suit the Indi dual needs. The House on mine mile Boulevard f Loral Park destroyed by fire Early monday morning was occupied by mrs. K. Marach Ami Ber Niece miss Myrtle Baker both of whom escaped with a few personal effects. Ii was stated in the Standard Story of the fire that tin House was owned by or. Shepard. Special meeting ladies auxiliary american legion thursday evening 24. At legion clubroom Youthful Beautiful skin easy to have partners meet John Berkins new air plane burning reunion in Butte of men who were in business together in Pennsylvania fifty years ago in the town of Sham Bury rh., Simon Solomon and Ernest Sperling formed a business partnership. Both came from the same town in Europe and naturally drifted together. They were in business for a year and at the end of that time had an Opportunity of disposing of their interests at a profit. They chose separate directions and lost track of each other. Yesterday Simon Solomon arrived in Butte from Casper wyo., where he is in business and discovered that his old partner Sperling was Here. They met recognized each other and had a Jovial reunion. A i knew Simon right away but he Wasny to so Quick to recognize me said or. Sperling with elation. He a Only 75, you know and i will be 80 in seven with a Gap of 40 years to Bridge the two old partners fou it to much to talk about. They recounted the numerous adventures that each had had in that time and discovered that they had been close to each other several times without happening to meet. Or. Solomon is enthusiastic about the Oil situation around Casper where he says that is Aff that the people talk about and whore they believe that great discoveries Are impending. Considerable activity is evident and from the Quality of Oil that already has showed in the drilling the people believe that they Are to be the renter of on it of the big Oil regions of the country. Or. Solomon on his return to camper promised another visit to Butte in the near future the former partners discovering that they had nearly covered the 4it years in their Story telling. Banquet Kou Maddock. The Public peaking class of the v m. C. A. Educational department will give a banquet at the association building this evening in Honor of w. E. Maddock the teacher. A number of the students end friends of the class will attend the banquet and As a preliminary test of the work which has been accomplished during the school session each member of the class will be called on to deliver a Toast. / a fill x i a 4 4 a in a a amp a c ii a i Al Irr t photograph upper the overturned plane As tile gasoline tank exploded. Lower Al that was Leit of the $10,000 machine a few minute alter it Cantril Iii by i \ t. Ion intr ii lie i a a i in Cill affairs i we Are specialists in correcting eyesight. Or. Hannifin or. In it Renz Butte optical co. 101 West Park St. Forum of chamber of Commerce will take up important question Friday. Reputation a tis what your friends May think of you that makes your reputation and not what you May think of self from self infatuation mud is his of u creator of the life tie lives each hour la makes himself a weakling As he makes himself a. Power. For the Man who lives for self alone takes up allotted space he is no Benefit to Mankind Aud helps retard the rat we Vern Ade our reputation that Ive can Avo you More on each new suit coat dress and Waist at the King Cole garment Stork. Ila West Park Street. Notices of the forum meeting of tin chamber of comme re Are being sent out by f. Vav. Bacorn chairman of Tho program committee at this meeting the Matt r of flu Prest it form of City government will tic discussed and suggestions for improving it a i 11 be entertained. Chairman Biu Orti urges All members to be in a int and to bring All the Quot kicks they have ild 11 the d fences they have for tile Proser to govern intent. Among other tilings the mutter of incorporating the suburbs the mining districts and the a additions adjacent to the City will i brought before the forum. Also the question Ltd consolidating the county and City government and of reducing the expenditures of the City will be considered Quot the chamber of Coni Mere will Start a Campaign for better Ami cheaper local government if Tho members w ant it a or. Bacorn a letter by A do you want it you probably think you do but unless you went to the forum meeting you do not know enough about the subject to be of any insurance adjusters of in Lancashire insurance firm which carried the the Curtiss Oriole air i monday night have pet this City although it is arc on their Way from plane which was totally fire igniting from a in tank was fully insured John Berkin owner i lived the matter of sett company will be readily a Peculiar phase of Tima do with the insure n is that a Telegram am confirmation of la issuance of the policy Ware a Only a few hours before toe Ai occurred. The message that the policy had Heel Onn Matlon ii of u Vav him. In the machine was punch Berkin last saturday he made arrangements to take policy completely coveting flu Ari agent of Tho London a Lac company in Spokane wrote to tract but was unable to deb1 policy until after continuation contract by or Udo Siut to san Francisco or. I desire to Walt in Spok Firma Ion was received announced forwarded. A i by the machine for souvenirs even going to far a to attempt to take the engine apart with wrenches according to the mechanics. Ieh11o t of the air plane com. Dir ii s of his to Erkin did tile until and mad tile a the in i not j the Pany i repair ice Abl i lion a plane to War i att to in i both Rny a in part 4 in Mem a a of / this famous Story was read by millions in the Cost of you read it you know the queer Angle it takes. Did to come and see what is the greatest thing thai can give. A a Gold pure Nim Orleans Viola so i or it an if you can t come Telephone i-9-8-5 Mccarthy a tin Ryha tier v a amp Nitaro grocery it oat store in my 64 East Broadway ii tin i hrs Dill via it it i ii you May to a healthy a. A Bird in the air no nth have a poor complexion. Changing and temperature wind dust and Airt Are Apt to injure any skin even though the general health be Good. When the external influence ipod the complexion the natural thing a to remove the ipod by external mean Quot. Ordinary narco1 ii so a will do Thi. P will Actu Illy Ekorn the. Weather toiled film Kin a Little each Ian. In a week or two you la have a it no be complexion a new t in the a Trneny Beautied and Youthful a it it a flexion thu acquired Comet s., in ill without harm or due Forl there no reason Why any woman Shouki not adopt this amp treatment a i Quot to yet an ounce of Niere ii de was at Druy Nurre apply nightly like co d Ream a aching it off morning.-. This will hoi Rai in an it ease. It in the heat thing know i Lur freckles Moth Patch?.&Quot, liver spots and Pimp perhaps you have never known that a camera was made As Small As a watch. Calkins company has them As Well As the larger and finer Standard sizes. A com Pleto line of accessories and films which we will take pleasure in showing you. Ii. Calkins co. Ind takes his Noli wedding presents a timely us boat Ion to those seeking gifts for encasement and wedding presents. At this exclusive jewelry store you will find the very choicest collect Ion of desirable jewelry to select from at Moderato prices. De Rose jeweler 5 n. Main St., Butte Mont. B., \. Cd i1. Railway l Ime table trains 2 i leave Anaconda. 7 40 la 26 arrive Butte. 8 40 12 39 4 3 .30 4 to n 6 30 7 30 Tkai is i 3 leave Butte. 9 30 1 00 arrive Anaconda. To 30 2 00 a a of i i 7 10 15 11 15 Strong Arm tactics Wen Uhd to relieve Pat Sullivan of 633 Maryland Avenue of his Roll amounting to $45, according to the Story he told the police last night. As a result of Tho information conveyed la. A Smith was arrested shortly afterwards by Cap lain of Donnell and detective Larkin. Tho robbery occurred in Tho Alley South of Park Street in the 300 Block Sullivan was passing through whim an Arm encircled his Throat and the Money was taken from his pocket. Tho deed was come uttered at 9 30 of clock and a few minutes later Smith was arrested and identified by Sullivan according to the Polo a. Swarthy Bryant amp co. 317.319 k. Park. Phone iou. By St bist a Ideal 9$ la Quot Rex or Cere Talla flour $ 98 lbs. Isis fancy Patent to our $8.00 98 lbs Lyon hour. 4 9 lbs Lyon flour. Large cans log Cabin 10-lb. Can Karo syrup a lbs m. J. And White House Coffee .$�?o.�,� rest brands butter Leno 9 to to in boxes soda crack cts .ti.75 cider quart Boul Quot special. Hic our fancy t vion Tea 11 7."ic $1.50 is til. $ i of John j. My Carthy proprietor i n Quot that v1�?T t to 1 Aud i Lim u i stars i mall it Alph Baff lit yol Leona Healy still. Leon i Iphi a cans Pun air Xvi a boxes Frt b. It of a ten Iii irs while ii Quot Quot in s Premium la. Malt syrup lip licks of Klee i a Jacial Patent utta. Fur $9.35 i Quot i. Al ii. 1�?~oltvp a v i in \ e have a now St Loc id i for 41j a i 7 in it Quot ill. Saker Klou lit St it icy to Raj i. I Milt a my i jars tory if. Dill roller la cans i into a Good kit second a shortstop third Bas Sullivan Shields Sullivan Macarthy s sanitary store 64 East broa01 we will deliver in Ira r fur 25c lh., in proportion with i in Rowery order. A a pres 11 meats a fresh fruits and a fresh vegetable Al i Nour. A i 1.1. Is i k of i it i i v i % i to. I i t a a a Popovich will be the Delegate Oechsli furnishes your Home Complete from Kitchen to parlor. 42�?West broadway�?44 the Home of Good hardware mechanics Fine tool. Automobile accessories paints window Glass plumbing and electrical supplies. Phone 956. 221 e. Park St. Or. Davis All denial work guarantied Persona my for l eur years. I Ady attendant. Joju of Ley Block Park and main Cuti Cura soap the velvet touch for the skin z6c in re Kyi for Aal pm a add of Auer Lka Jamar pm do it x. My tex us. Elected for the third nine a convention Delegate i. J. I Opovich proprietor of the Montana bar at 83 a t bark Street left last evening for los Angeles to attend the fourth convention of serb federation Hologa. This convention opens on june 28, repro seating the Herh uti Balkan Noel qty no. 9, of serb fedoration Shiga. Or Bop Vieh also represents the society grand Serbia from <.cho, wyo., no. 268, of serb federation Hologa la was a Delegate to i the try ii Francisco convention held in May 1907, and also to the convention held up Butte in 1909. While on the trip he will visit friends in san Francisco and Seattle. Ca Iii it Coli asses. London Juno 22.�?the Fehren Bash Cabinet Bas collapsed owing to the majority socialists refusing to support it. This announcement is made in a dispatch from Berlin to the London times sent at 10 30 of clock last night. Attention Butte review no 22, of a b a meets at k. Of in. Hall the second and fourth wednesdays of the month. 141 la an St r o w ii ring a commander. Quot my Moo tonic my ii in a a a to it told in original pack. Teat Only Iii rec tir a by a. A a fun tall Tuott Itutti. Trying summer Days with j. F. Bud on t us Olk a it jest. Cassidy amp Bil Quot it a it tort my Al la Park .-i., Butts. Ion is Auto t quip mint Larry Duggan do you suffer from the enervating effects of it he hot summer months do you feel heavy Dull languid and indisposed to mental and physical exertion for Relief try the great general tonic sold by All it liable druggist sole manufacturers Lyko Medicine company new York Kansas City to. Karl table i Andrt taker unit i to Blum 322 North main Street. Phone 770, Sam r. Sherman amp re pm in ice Mhz i Oak pro Irwi and Ai phone Quot �7 an funeral i frito. Urjil i my la sooth main Phooma 311.1 i aril of i ii it ii la it be a i Les Robert Kcf Nui iams to i \ a Tai Aal Hap u ral w i a 8 j years the moved to Walsh a Uneuy giant of fun Ater papers. Joseph Richards inc. To m i ii to extend of 1 thanks to it it All kind Fritz do us i much sympathy in to s at Tho burial of our Belo funeral directors Ami kit Altiera tacit s j Ker it we Espohl v j urine ton by hard. President and manager. Thai to George t Wade Secretary and treasurer i. Seal 15-19 South Montana Street i Finnan. I phone to and mrs John a v and mrs Mathe the Lajb Fri a cry Ai nun m. J. Walsh co. Funeral directors Aud , Autonio Hilf a a pm sent. Phone 85. 397-309 weal Park Street. til Standard want ads for results a

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