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Anaconda Standard (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Anaconda, Montana The Anaconda Standard wednesday june 23, 1920. Vol. Xxxi. Montana s leading daily newspaper no. 294 Standard publishing compant. Publishers and proprietor. Anaconda Mont. Entered at the Post office at Anaconda As second class 428 433 mail matter. Butte office 119 North main Street. Business department phone editorial department Anaconda office business department phone editorial department phone a a All general business letters and correspondence should be addressed to the Standard publishing company Butte Montana. Member of the associated Prest. The associated press is exclusively entitled to the us for republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Eastern business office trodden King a 22b fifth ave., new York Steger bldg., Chicago Globe bldg., Boston. Vote but strengthen him with tenants. His two other Public measures in this Congress were Bills amending the War risk insurance act and providing memorials for those who died in the european War. As the father of private Bills senator Harding fairly shines. The 130 Are classified As follows Bills granting pensions to private individuals 30 Bills increasing individual pensions 57 Bills to change the name of steamships 5 Bills for the Relief of sundry building and loan associations in Ohio 17 Bills for the Relief of private individuals 8 miscellaneous 13 total 130. These measures in behalf of his Ohio constituents show careful attention on the part of the senator to the details involved in the work of enlarging and intensifying his solidity with the Home folks. Wednesday morning june 23, 1920. On to san Francisco the democratic Regira to san Francisco is Well under Way. On every transcontinental Railroad Long trains Are swiftly wending their shrieking Way to the land of the Golden late the native son and the howling i. While some of the far Eastern delegates have protested against the Choice of san when Bryan comes to Butte. The state of Montana has always had a kind spot in her heart for or. Bryan whose Host she is today. On two occasions she gave him her electoral vet. In 1896 he carried the state by a plurality of 32,043, and in 1900 by a plurality of 11.773. In 1904 to lost the state to Taft by 3.007. On each of the Throe occasions the City of Butte has Given or. Bryan a majority which relative to the total vote cast was nothing Short of extraordinary. Air. Bryan a first visit to Butte in August 1897, was memorable by reason of the tremendous enthusiasm his presence excited in the entire population. It was a famous Day in local history everybody doing his utmost to Honor the Champion of a a free since then air. Francisco As the convention City on account of the Long and costly journey to Many of them the trip Bryan has paid the City two or three visits in route will be an education if not a Delight. To not a few i East or West. As one of the nations most famous easterners the West is still essentially a Remote for arid forceful men Butte is always glad to Greet or. Eign country inhabited by a strange wild people i Bryan with sincere hospitality and assurances of her the associates of indians and bears. San Francisco won the democratic convention partly by pleading that the electoral vote of the state saved the Day for Tho party four years ago partly by setting Forth that it was Good democratic policy in line with Good democratic doctrine to pass a Good thing around and partly on the strength of the argument that to Many of the democrats of the land the West was a Terra incognito which it was their duty As american citizens to penetrate and explore. Many of the party leaders have gone to san Francisco Early not so much to avoid the Rush As to be on the ground to help shape the minds of the other delegates As they arrive. A big fight Over the platform is impending the marshalling of forces has begun and the contending hosts Are seeking strategical positions. It will be a notable an historic convention possibly one of extraordinary influence upon the country a future and the world s. Air. Bryan expects to have the time of his life. Most distinguished consideration. The doctor and the general. A Tine Manly act is that of Nicholas Murray Butler in apologizing to general avoid for characterizing his principal backers As gamblers and players of the Stock Market. The doctor As he says was Labouring under a the Strain turmoil and fatigue of the convention a and listening to Idle rumours gave Way to a burst of passionate petulance re a gettable indeed in a scholar and a gentleman. The Best of men sometimes forget to count to when Labouring under extraordinary excitement. Even the psalmist said in his haste that All men were liars. By this apology which is All the general could desire the doctor has reinstated himself in everybody esteem. Polly a mrs. Tal Kalot says she believes Only half she hours. Dolly yes but Sho boars twice As much As anybody . She pshaw the world is just As superstitions As Ever. He Why you done to soc one Auto Tiro Over the door the Caruso robbery. Painting tile Lily gilding refined Gold carrying 1 coals to Newcastle shooting holes into a Corpse All these acts of wasteful and ridiculous execs Pale into there will be 1,092 delegates of Quot Horn 7-8 in comparison with tile robbery of be necessary to a Choice when it comes to minimal 000 Worth of jewel a from Caruso. The of tons. The party still retains its old two thirds Ril fashioned actress who had her diamonds stolen every although Many worthy and Well qualified members of the party particularly Champ Clark regard it As a relic of barbarism a fiendish piece of savagery and an outrage to the human intelligence. The electoral College. The new York Bun and Herald Points out the democrats will probably come up from the South with 181 electoral votes. This leaves 350 electoral votes out of which the republicans must secure 266. The democrats therefore need to get Only 85 votes from All tim Northern states to elect the president. The state of new York for instance has 45 votes and new York might be saved for he democrats. I Ohio has 24 votes and new Jersey 14. These three states together with the solid South cast 264 vol is two Short of a majority. I once in so often is dead and her press agent has retired from business. Peace to her ashes and rest i to her antique advertising methods. Tile Public expects More initiative and originality from tin new generation of theatrical and operatic stars. When the contents of Carusos Winc cellar Iii Italy were confiscated by the italian government that was something like something that commended itself As possessing the Charm of freshness the lure of Novelty the spell and sorcery of innovation. But a jewel robbery even $500,000 Worth of it. Is old stuff. And tin worst of it is its utter uselessness. The Box office receipts when Caruso Quot Ings can to be any bigger than they Are already. It it ran they contemplating a still higher scale of prices attorney general Palmer should look into this. Why Isnit a Man who demands and receives anywhen4 from i by the state where you used to see a dozen horse s misdemeanours shoes a judge. Quot you must never be too proud to admit that you Are Quot my Friend Quot replied senator sorghum a some of my suspicions Are getting so serious that i Only Hope ill have a Chance to admit in a Washington Star. Papa see the spider my boy spinning his web. Is it not wonderful do you reflect that try As he May no Man could spin that web John what of it see me spin this i top do you reflect that try As he a May no spider could spin this top a Pearson s weekly. One Day a Man went into a Hospital complaining of pains in his head j cd St. And feet. Doctor to nurse a a apply vinegar cloths to his head Mustard poultices to his Chest an hot Salt to his feet. Irishman in 1 bed a Begora doctor put Pepper in i his month and make a cruet out of . Quot i suppose you have your say in i discussions with your wife when she j fit Anil i to Roll git us no us not a n rum of North Dakota. The non partisan league candidate for the legislature from Oliver county n. A. Is Charles l. Crum former judge of the fifteenth judicial District of Montana found guilty Enate of High crimes and malfeasance in Vilice impeached and disqualify d. Confessedly pro German when the United states was at War with Germany Crum left the state and Montana was thankful that he would never return. The Quot High St ups Quot of the non partisan league seem to enlist Many such persons us Gazette. Tim presidential primary. The action of Tho Republican con i a vent on in selecting its candidates is 1 r another rap at the presidential Pri a a Mary As at present conducted. Again j it has been disregarded. While we would not like to see the presidential 1 primary done away with we must admit that it needs repairs in several vital spots. For one thing it should be a Federal institution and j As general Wood suggested recently the voting should be done All in one Sentinel political impertinence. Amos Ponchot chairman of the i Quot committee of 48,&Quot declares there will he a third party in the Field this year because he says the republicans have driven out of representation in the councils the millions of voters who followed Roosevelt Johnson and la Follette. Or. Ponchot May be Correct in assuming that will be a third party in the \ there stops because she a Short of arguments a Quot or he s never that. She stops Only when she a Short of breath. Cactus Joe announces that he will not play Penny Ante believing Asho Dos that the Gam ought to be big enough to keep Peoples minds on it i fight but he is sadly in error when so won t quarrel. Gay the followers of Roosevelt Quot he acted in such a Way As Actu Johnson and la Follette have been ally to drive his wife from driven from the party councils. And a you done to say Quot yes in the what a scandalous impertinence it is limousine he gave her for a birthday to link the names of these three men i together a Billings Enterprise them third party talk. But the Rock on which such an or j Gani Patlon is doomed to split is that there is no similarity of purpose to j be found among the discontented ones and a considerable portion of the leaders and their followers Are j merely foreheads who Are disappoint j cd and angry because they could not have their Way in the party they Are ready to leave and would like to wreck it out of Falls j Tribune Dom up boys and at Mem through the Clouds be Quot hanging Over the Battlefield at Chicago it is possible to fix a Clear vision upon one outstanding fact. The Republican to True to the Faith of its found has refused to be led away into dangerous channels of the newel in radicalism but instead remains stanch to its mooring of obedience to Law and the guidance of the govern Merit by the old time proved Compass of the Constitution of the United Misa Oulian rep not anarchists anyway. At a time when there is so much talk of a Quot peaceable overthrow of the government and substituting the red Flag for the stars and stripes it is pleasing to know that the republicans. In the convention just closed selected two men who have records for in. The shoulder americanism and whom we do not believe will yield the fraction of an Inch to the anarchistic band which or is said is trying to soviet ize this inter Lake rep same a getting peevish again. Brother Gompers does no to think much of the Republican platform and the Chance Are he wont think much of the democratic platform Birmingham age Herald. One agony Well be saved. Nevertheless it will be a Tough ticket for the Campaign song writers which May commend it to the rest of dispatch. Al is Whf in shuttle. The figure that former senator Beveridge did no to out at Chicago was conspicuously new. No noise like anybody starting. That Boid resounding Roar you hear is everybody Yelling at Evo body Els to go to City Star. Taking Quot quieting influence alone. It is a fact not without interest that colonel lieu is going to Europe instead of to san Francisco and to boat to in combination. Senator Harding was born in a log Cabin and in Ohio. That explain Gazette Timea bargain for committee of 48, one could buy a Carload of political lightning rods in Chicago cheap a Indianapolis news. Holy Iii no exception. Johnson was never a Lucky Nam in american politics for Wall Street journal. Isnit a joke any More. Local decisions have often been called dry4, but never with such Good. Philadelphia Ledger. Woman democratic Leader. As a father of Bills. An analysis of senator Harding a senatorial career made by a Washington correspondent of the new York evening Post show s that in his six year of service he has introduced 139 Hills and resolutions nine of Public interest and 130 of a private nature. Those of Public interest include a joint Resolution a to take such Steps As Are compatible w Ith Federal authority to encourage the teaching the Spanish language in the touted this is interpret d by the correspondent As showing his live interest i the latin american affairs and especially in the development of commercial relations we Ith our Southern neighbors. In the sixty sixth Congress the senator showed still further his live interest in the Genera welfare by introducing five measures of Public interest. First of All he introduced a Bill calling for an investigation of influenza arid Allied diseases. There is said to be material for several Campaign speeches in this measure alone As practically every voter has had the flu. Another Resolution called for an appropriation of Money to enable the Federal government to Par $2,000 to $10,000 a night for a Mere song or two under arrest for profiteering this will be Bainbridge Colby a first appearance in a democratic National convention but the delegates will be All ears to listen to him. Ile will appear in the capacity of a phonograph record of his masters voice. Governor Edwards can do his very Durn dest next i week but he wont drive or. Bryan to drink. Senator Harding be too sure of any of progressives. Many an old Bull Mooser May talk like or. Jekyll and Aid like or. Hyde meanwhile Hiram can to help feeling like a Bride that was deserted at the Church door. Senator Harding Lias not yet been notified of his nomination but the belief is prevalent that i is a pretty shrewd Guesser. What astonishes Hiram is to see How quickly the j country As a whole seems to be reconciling itself j to his defeat. I As we understand professor Taft the association tie Pate in the three Hundredth anniversary of the ,.,. Of american exl residents has unanimously adopted i i. M. I a a i 4 i. Ulm % i t m 1�?T1 a a term l a a a1, Abr in 4 u a i Landing of the pilgrims. This ought to Clinch the votes of the millions whose ancestors came to America in the Mayflower. Then the senator introduced a joint Resolution authorizing the loan of military tents to relieve the congestion in cities during the summer months. This will lose him the landlord resolutions endorsing Harding and Coolidge. While colonel Procter Lias a discomforting realization of the fact thai he backed the wrong Man he Hasni to gone Home from the Chicago race dead broke. Not by some to or 20 million. Winifred Black writes about an interesting letter. Copyright. 1920, by newspaper feature service. Inc. Here s a letter with Good ideas i i it. Read it and see if you done to i agree with w i n i 11 cd Black j i read your column in the a i per about the a husband who has ways taking his i a car and is always taking his friends out Riding while his wife stays at Home and works and is ashamed. I think they Are both very foolish. Maybe Quot Hus i band Quot will find out before it is too i late that they Arentt real friends he is chasing around we Ltd and when he a spent All his Money and is Down and j out his wife will be the Only one who la stand by him. I Hope hell and this out and see himself As oth that you la never be Able to get out j and worrying does t help matters j maybe you re worrying about Money i matters Well just hold your mind. Aloof from ail these. Send the col i lectors to your husbands office or place of business. He is the one i they should worry instead of you. Make yourself attractive. Just get out. Join a Nice club or something on that order where you can have god times and laugh and forget your troubles. Be a Nice girl Friend a single girl of a married woman a who is in the same boat you Are in. Go to picture show s to. Sether to parties or dances with others and laugh in a Carefree Way look Bright and Happy and boor. You la feel that Way. You have just As much right to Good clothes its he has and More too because you Are trying to do i what a right and he Isnit. Get Nice mrs. George Bass of Chicago chairman of the woman s demo Ruth Bureau a arrived in san Francisco to begin work at tile democratic convention which opens there june 28, National a ional ers see him before he has killed hts wife a love and respect for him. Does no the know that these people a i is chasing around with Are trying to get All they can out of him and then laugh at him behind his Back i went through just what his wife went through and i know whereof i speak. There w As a Little time Evhen my husband was out Joy Riding and chasing around with other men and women All hours of the night he i never thought that i was As Young As he and liked Good times and would enjoy these outings As much As he. So i stayed at Home and cried my heart out and suffered. I Felt that i had nothing to live for although i have two Lovely Little children a boy and a girl and i certainly dressed myself to look the part. Wasny to i foolish a very dear Friend of mine awakened me. So fixed me up nicely curled my or or and made me look attractive most every woman can look attractive if Shell Only take a Little time and care for herself each Day. I quit my worrying. What Good does it do to worry you Only make yourself look years older and make wrinkles in your face things and clothes that Are becoming to you that match your eyes Hail and complexion. Show him that you can look As pretty As the other women and have just As charming ways. When he comes Home of he does a meet him at the door and Greet him As though there was nothing in Tho world the matter. Put your arms about his neck and kiss him. Hava your meals always ready and look pretty and neat. Miter nag at Bim or ask him where he Haa been or where he is going. Act As though you done to care. Done to talk to outsiders about your husband or family troubles. Of they Tell you anything about him just act As if you knew All about it and did no to care to let it bother you. Done to be ashamed for husband but hold your head up. If you do right you need never be ashamed. If he Isnit ashamed of ,4 if gome Day he Isnit Worth bothering about. Id just drop him or look for a real Man or make a Way if i cou4i<j without any Man. Did one year it Tgu b. K. C. Sounds Plain and practical and common sense does no tits this plan in be tried All this and look and feel about by years younger than i i wonder to v a would Wrork. It

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