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Ames Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Nov 11 1882, Page 1

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Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - November 11, 1882, Ames, Iowa Neffic Jenner j i. E. Ouch. A publisher imm of , Ames a co Row chs pm pass in to twee. Pm oops. A in sat til mtr Mam of my tour a to n Iii 4h a. Him. A Mem volume Xiv Ames. Story county Iowa saturday nov Ember la 1882. Number i. 1-Tor am4ml m a in Tate and omm Matt matter. A a official Deri Toky pm Mic sol a big it or a a. Wow Mumm a a a we. C. Itow Jot ,. Urn a a Matt fwd my cd a a Unm a Ftp War As inter. I. Jul am. A Amk a a. A a. Una a Ai a is. Mgt a skiis Sii Quot a amp a a by Flat a. A Omi o. Feta a a a. A a a Bapt it diet Aida. Blit Immia j Imti i int Mumm. A sweets mum to . Am a my 1 we it \ it of a a a a ism a Sunman h Vii commencement it lass Mai. Aib a a a i la close of the fifteenth year of the As sri near the threshold i Al a . Tare a to carts. A la Tiava Clow t it Tiu it i our sensor year. Hem Rte Frowd upon in. It if the. Umi to a my amt s Bat a Halle it remind a it i Orcullo year. Caners. Mewling anti partier. In thin must to a we Liui a Jet May i ugh in await memory. Cd c. . In Star mrm pc p. #1,0 it life bsh a la mccat4a, x stated meets nos Kypta Vopai meeting in in a a pm no. Wmma a a of half to asset a a �sp�1 a Msj ii ta4in a die we Feu voc. M Obi Mih a Vry to a of at to i to. Ami cup at. Met Matte ims5at i a a a a it a in Tany Rny Birn. _ till 4 ski. Tate Auu a fear. Baptist Church. Iff i is i or. To. to Legare i pm it my Mem g 5, Wulw life be. Cong a gallon i Church. 4 in Kwh to Peri fort Jcj a m a f4 _ it to. To Tibet Otto site toss it. A Viand Pragji Martha. Wedow Storey it our a a a a to m. Nmn Iowa state College Iii agriculture and Mechanic in a. Anat Erraa Raof Futon vial of i moot it May gain \ h Otmen to it my Ria pm proofs i Ait a my vain. Hut to till Quot hound in round to make a a it. T p life udder May i it Urai a Ion. I Hok is. Let us then a a Tim Tui or. On we Art our parts Iii life. That both Trail Aud it a will deckle each Drift a to i Cair a Law mater. Vial Niit Neer a Iii got i Tain i rom to it at to of any joining Thi refrain. Huntington scholarly aah Toses to it Pricw \ no and or. Pickard a a partier. Dear we a tones dear we tatar for Aye. Is n. Tis a . One and Sill 4���&Ltd toe f the eleven it annual it of tire stale Agricula Tuiuri a Olin was Hie i by Ute waster i y Raee Alatino the address by in of. By. Ii. Wynn. Tins address was a stirring Al Aidt it Ute a Faux showing the of Row be Ilttre in the set in of every True and Iti Lier rsm a Ive it a user attics. The in m anaemic. A sea Iha u my Rutar Ion Umito Tarot t a a 1. My Ali i feb a a a a. urn mrs Hrnry f. A a Alib. Vim a it or to. United a Ark men. A Mew Boise i by a. <1. I. We a to. No Quot Titer meeting every fur Day apm. Of tttpf1 a a a his a. A a a. A maws m in ageism in tsp Wmk month at tto umm la Fici Quot clip Souichi Toioi Una Tomb to digit for. A of rpm Leif sekt Quot a a Munt or path a a a top to it o m l 2 a. Jim a m 4 gtd Dis a Jis Ninh to it a a a gel 635 it mall o tale Sims Qew Ariette can Nee lofty Sharaet Fly bul la a a stars in full else Wei utter its own so Iii int. And hearts of every t rebut my. The week opened stonely weather and Many feared that the usual ill Fortune of wind and mud Ltd roads would attend the entire oui men Cement week. But on tues Lay morning the Sun shone Bright and Clear All the exerciser Wise Good but per iia my the most noteworthy production was Hie Nib of or. A a. Mcdonald. In the course of the poem he referred to president Welch now in Europe and expressed the Hope Fiat would live to guide the College for Many years to come Aud at this Point the students broke out in deafening applause which continued for some time. J Day with to Espex evil a Sov. 7, Ali i i. N i n o of a life Btl to. J. L. Pickard of the Ham slate i it a nit oily. At seven o clock and a dirty minutes a Large audience collected in the Chape l to listen to the address of or. And All Felt confident that tin weather on the a building of a life. Fiend had decided for once i allow the character of the Genteman Ute Brand theme which he chose Tor Pickard the Higl As Well As professional Caros. Stevens a Bays Attim Mevs at Law a in Alii try la. A ammo inks my it str a i by min it Mccarthy a Connolly a Titi Pesys at Law ail Tooms Stoi a a u a a a tit Stew Mem a Mem h�4 a ii to wok Geo. A Underwood by Propri Taw la Kun it torte Ai ,.a�wrifi�s baht Batik li., anew a Ltd a a ii Mit Aho cd Wehrum at . To Towb. Toll in Ltd Ltd a of pm Wurt for tto ital rift of Iowa ill Ltd of Hinny Toto t. C.ncau3astewwf1 at Law. M a Assn Are. Moc All a Thorn Peon i a Laich Arlo Oudjk the agents. Ito ,gm9 of it Iowa have just received Dyer ii Fitch Patrick a mrm hrs and out mss trawl ii Chi totes of nil a torte of by mat Ana Bunn Ihmi Storf tonic ten whims his mgr fan a it i us a a a. A a 2. Ope a Hefel Stohl _ h x. Templeton Farsi to a n a m in by Eon. A my at to its part firm a Ama Low. G. A. Meredith aha go Wal Bunsa Oft Iwer new Hal to mtg Hom of inf ski St Rel James Bradley amm in Wop ipg bems is offs r a but famine Fiat a a Tor Story Fairchild a Kegley Mansa. In. Site a p. In Toom 1 in a jul of s. A Era my it. It Iff Obi Arv Bute Bow. . A a v 1 Ste Bosn Mem of Bew k Tito Hamm. By k Lnu of a twin Tator ism. A to. Tot Ohto by to sri to smrt. A it Itji Hill s to it i in n i Tofton to taif gang full Stock of cd a Beverly a. By m. D. 11 in pm i a b Icia of a in sch ii Obb of to Soto Itow Ham of to b. Stunk atom Atory of in ohm w full Tori College a pleasant Day in which to dose Mona v afternoon As uie Large a number of i Loes makes it impossible that they Sli Oxild All la read i commencement Day the allowing were read before use Board of to meets and faculty on i Alday after Mon or. It. M. Nicholson of Delaware county. Graduate in uie department of veterinary Medicine read a very interesting article on the subject of Hie use of in this thesis tic relative value of Ether and Ltd Hlor Fonn was very ably considered. A evolution and theism tis or. W. I. Atkinson of Jones county. W As an important paper showing Yoac naively that the teachings of science and Hie Bible Are in Harmony when rightly understood which is the Active poisonous principle of tobacco was ably handled by or. J. A. Blaine of in Oik county. I him Eta m. Budd of Story comity discussed in a Happy manner the subject of improvement of cultivated i hints a she showed that tile Gorge-1 ohs coleus of Flowers Are duet it the fact that they Are fertilized by insects. She also showed Bow this discovery has led to the artificial production of new varieties. The subject of a barbarism a relative terms was discussed Iii an Able w As by or. W. V. Dodds of Scott county. Or. W. M. Dudley of Story county w As the author of an excellent and interesting paper upon a aryan the article showed great research into the science of language and its value Iii the study of history. Miss Delia Neal s thesis was upon the Cotton i of usury. A i n he 1 j a a be 1 she called attention to the fact that the chinese Are now beginning to compete in Hie manufacture of Cotton goods. For ii i it Ibel of Scott county Dis cod into men. But ii is Soni Eiruing to or h. , or a a a ku0wtimtiueediflersncesrnthehered cussed the subject of Ditan lot of mortals ire themselves the resin. Of fix Tel Law it is True but ult i he value of it a a. Willi be it i Quot Tot a a Atto appreciated when it is simply stated i uce univ is Aist those fingers Here that or. Gable stood first Iii St hoi Jap twilling among the Steis. A it re in a Strong ,1a. Of a a a a it it toe there a. »-5 members. The Are infinite. Ile Detotto the closing paper a a Gen on i in a v it Community of mind and the new in in Nix yet there Are no Dunlin it Ai a brains a it a by i. M. To of Clar county to fab saw la .,s3� j new science is the science of do my Milf Conterminous two i Mastic Economy. This article was us Hiu Ctm cat vell will the same hues. Lierly written and Fenny and. It a w As a great credit to Hie department of a a us of myriads Domestic Economy under whose duo. To hav been Here and Are gone. No two could show countenances exactly Sisson amp Gheen. Dealers builders hardware. Bit Lur Price b a fore male int Jato or Antis ii c j it to Kyj jew a Glass and Woodenware House furnishing goods. Shot guns amp rifles and our Flo Mil is 11 Coo Stoye v. A i an tee to n n a doors West of the Post office. Turn it was prepared. File music for commencement exercises was All arranged under the Able supervision of miss a. Athearn and Iii every respect it reflected great re in a pm the excellent teacher who has St Long had charge of the musical Lepart me it of the College. Among others it no assisted Iii the music were misses my Meek in and Goode of Des Moines and or. A. E. Kegley of Ames. Twenty five students received their diplomas in Ute regular courses and one received the degree of veterinary Medicine. The writer has attended Many commencements but never one which Jesse off More happily or pleasantly. At three of clock an enormous crowd gathered in the Dinning Hall to partake of a sumptuous banquet alike or hold up two hands that in every respect of outline amid exalt try correspond. Will the same Gem Raj vocal apparatus no two tones were Ever our Stork this fall is More Complete than we have a Good desirable line of dress Rood and i riuiiuiii4?s, of Tho new shades and popular styles. Our Milliner de vre sell at the lowest to Snible pm cd Vav. So byte the a bowl Maifa toured we strive to Opal fair and please. W0 int Ythier or Isie Ana will try to keep it. In our tin shop ita�&rr1�?�s. is very Large and very attractive. We have All the masterpiece will never Render it Rex new styles and the new shapes and the new shades dim Ste act in tile same Way Aud so the Infinity of owl res our is new Salors Aud feel free to say to the ladies of Story county a a 8lvbt9 in the is set is wite to f Fiat Ohi line of plumes feathers satins pushes \ Al tits Iii the lavish Fertility and interminable., variety of the natural world. The Ai Anh ribbons has not heretofore been excelled not even mighty has been prodigal of worlds. ,. Aud systems of worlds sowing e Tun Vii by was it min a a Tor Hgt will nay tier fur the Benefit of a Cash buyers Quot that we fret quite re Laia teat we can Tow you by my Ting your in goons of us for we Carri us Stock we have . Uit it Are nearly Alt new. And we think our Price Al ill suit you. I vent it tis to nay to it Ach and every one of you who have Patr Iii we us since we came to annatto. That we thank you aunt invite you All to Call and see us often. This we May say upon a. Meu sity with As much profusion Asne scatters rain drops in no accessible places. As in Tim flowering period of the year Clouds it pollen Are thrown upon the air wrapping round the held and Groves with a Imp Sui a it i incense of which the merest fraction univ were needed for All tin purposes of the most so the creative uns tinted Taien a up a Acme of responded to by gov. It me. Of. interpret it All As meaning the Linter trustee Wright president Infinity of god. That which never re Pickard and Many others. Those Gen Peats itself through a is Hemen All expressed themselves As hear we Ngethe in my Turku Wil a Hgt work tans it Luh Jum r. An to pumps Well �8�1s Vav bae to Ute j Al Wajek ii it h a. Ii til a a a ure a Iii what a co. C. F. Wheeler of presentation was sufficient to ensure the profoundest attention from the audience. Tile i odor commenced with a boy just opening out into manhood and traced with magic touches his Progress Onward and upward to the times of Middle age Aud later life when the full grown Man logins to exult in the Pride of his strength. The typical Man should in i Lect mentally morally and intellectually. Lur Young men need special attention As to their morals. Moral arid religious instruction is often Fetterly neglected in educating a child it is of Spe. My importance to choose that which is useful rather than ornamental that which is practical Iii some of the great branches of the world s work. Aud any education which fails in ibis fails to Subserve the primary purpose of All intellectual training. The lecture was listened to with rapt attention from beginning to end and ail w to heard it spoke of it with unqualified Praise. Tim m in it Kment by Erc Isacs. Wednesday nov. A at half past ten o clock a Large audience haul assembled in the College Chapel to hear the final exercises of the year. Of the right hand upon the stage were seated the members of the College faculty. In the Center was the Board of trustees including u. S senator Kirkwood Frith Many More of the eminent men of Iowa while the graduates of the year the Bons of the Day were seated no in the left hand. After an invocation by Rev. Or Bennett the exercises were opened by a Beautiful piece of piano music by miss Florence Goode of Des Moines. The first the i was read by or. G. Vav. Att of Craw Ford county on Lewis to Honor not Mcfadi aka i fowl Vav. D. Lucas Mokry Rhorer and aka Ler i ii Utica l so Kusto no ten inn in we vinyls n is fore. Chaa x. Hunt i Erk tits Ham in my Mem an a i a pm Bill Silm Montit. K Omi we . Chm. To. I a. Fitchpatrick Ouk highways. In this article the writer showed Connie sciences As aids to the Lades Elu sively that the Way of managing our Riel Quot was Well handled by or j. H. Roads is extremely expensive and in Patton of Scott county. Businesslike. Our roads Cost More than one of the prominent papers of the a million of dollars per year and yet Day was that of or. C. F. Lorbeer of tin Publ gets but Little actual Benefit Humboldt county upon from this enormous expenditure. E this thesis Showell valuable and sex suggest we various methods by which hat Tsitve Meare tip Ltd the subject of they might be much improver the extent value and Means of preserve miss Lizzie Ivr Ritt. Of a i lug our american forests. A English mind and the French Kevo to ooh was Hie subject of miss Hattie suck rank. Ferrites thesis. She illustrated Iii a the rapid increase in tire population very Happy Way the fact that \ Oltaire of the United states demands that while alive was universally regarded As something shall done >011 to purify a great Friend of the poor and oppress the ballot and insure better men for to in Iii sympathy with the institution its course of study and proud of the Progress it had made. A decided sensation was produced by the announcement that i. B. Grant an old student of is?4 had been elected governor of Colorado. The following is a list of the first ten students in the order of their standing in their Danes. I. Ii. J. Gable. A a miss m. Coe s. J. Marsh 4. . Stockman a it. Miss n. Merrill a j. K. I rim 7. E. A. Mcdonald s. Miss l. Perritt 9. Miss of. Beeves 10. Or. G. Vav. Catt. A Noble feature of the commencement was the fact that All Hie students read their papers. None of the subjects were such As Are usually chosen by College graduates to air their rhetoric upon graduation Day. All the theses Are on practical themes treated in a practical common sense Way. In fact All attempts at High flown rhetoric and wild rhapsodic Al composition Are sternly rebuked 4>y the faculty. Such topics As the a dignity of Many and a your hearts love and other sensible themes so frequently chosen by graduates Are not found Iii the lint each graduate is requested to write an acceptable thesis on some practical or scientific subject Aud he is obliged to leave tins in the Library of the College where it is bound and Laid away for future reference. For example. The civil Engineer gets up a Complete set of charts profiles and calculations on a Bridge or a Railroad the palmers read on commencement Are abstracts of those theses simply. And Hie student reads it with no attempt at display or oratory. As the College is an institution for the study of a science with practice a the student has presented constantly to him the fact that it is sense and not sound that is wanted. On this account it will be found we believe that the graduates and students of the College Are remarkable for their practical View of things and for their self reliant. A Erro Gordo county read an interesting paper upon rih cation Al qualifications Foh Ixia. To Kut Kry Ada a _ Taunto Iamme written Ite to t�0�at n4 Keld. I and and Mimi a a a a j win a earn us my up plated Ltd it but it Tow w h. Fitchpatrick. If mob of the frack and X�Llrv-1 will . All a Teet Ewi Fri tata tet of mis it eff tens. Todtor a Tentor. St. O. H Bunyon in Tajmir Mumm Patel a Kyi it of All lines to Temh pure or Emir and pts Jwj a it a Moziy to loan la u Dsa g. A Maxwell a a a a a a to is to Iwko she How we a a jute to wit. Pm. Fri 5�? Nichols amp Maxw Ell. Fri Sis try Asb a very feed. C. E. Taylor i and loan and insurance Sale stable Jyo a tort. De and that his Lead name has mainly been Given him by those who knew noting of his real work. This Young lady is from Cerro Gordo Ltd county. Or. O. C. Peterson of welter co., s discussed intelligently a the science of religion an entertaining Miter on 4tm�sleni socialism was read by or c f. Hay i or. In this article the author showed conclusively How utterly false is the basis of All attempts to Combine government with society. Communism and socialism hit alumni uie same thing. Miss s. K. Smith of in Oik county. W As tile author of a nicely written article on a the literature of tin victorian a uti bought before things was ably handled by or. Vul. S. Summers of in Salle county Illinois. Offices. This tatter w As remarkable for dearness of statement and soundness of argument. I libation and mechanics was ably treated by or. Marsh of Chickasaw county. The gentlemen it Sfinga graduate in Hie department of mechanical engineering. His treatment of this theme was especially Able. Might a Nettie la. Merrill of Floyd county read a Well composed article of unusual interest on Adf. Literature of the Ade of i Een Anne. A torn i Dors Quot was a thesis by or. A e. Mcdonald of Henry county. This gentleman being a graduate in the course of physics and mathematics had an article of unusual Merit. It was strikingly illustrated by mean. Of some Large Charta showing or. Vav. La. White of Polk county a. Appearance of tornadoes while form b acc Al a Keate address. By prof. W. In Wynn. John 6 4.5, 11 is written in the pro photo and they shall All be taught of id Acta 10 64 a of a Truiti i perceive that god is no respecter of persons Butin Ever nation he thata Heareth him. Aud we Orke Tii righteousness is a be Ptah to often that must be spoken of As t a Ture which is coming to pass All the time a ubiquitous essential tact in the order of things it must nevertheless be represented As having its historical epochs Aud even As beginning to be in certain conditions of time and space. Such is Hie clumsiness of human language Iii describing those spiritual processes that Are beyond its reach. For example it was foretold by the old testament prophets that there was a Happy Peru Ai in the future when All should be taught of god and Jesus appropriated Hie prophecy As specifically i Alii Lux in his time. Whereas As a matter of fact All cod s creatures Are diligently taught by him All uie time. A Oneriv team Lew a atm my Fay mite . W. H Belson Iwai a Orf Lyte abstract of titles. Ilam nifty i Waif cd Wiley. Quot Tai trim i Imp of half. A a a. Far Lute Hick him r Ghat Siw shr a my he m Tam Union i of Ames of is City Dray line a Toff. Ate Ter Hbl wet a Wittet saw in mom . Kyi a Tenter to Zoeain acc hat pm 1 of i late Mai Tadd Taf to k Tell Tel to stated in a Pitt Eaton. In a us Tel ill shipping horses ? ast i tear if to a a will tee w to their Vii of my the Fryden Ai to c Oij Logia a bus 3 trips daily. I we ill my a and or i the i. W. Henney carriages discoursed upon a revolution of coir Merce Quot in a very i Easah manner. Social Force of to Day was the topic of a Valu Alfie thesis by or. Vav. Vav. Wheeler of Oneida county new York class Day sex Kiu on tuesday afternoon a Large audience assembled in the Chapel 1 hear Ute exercises of class Day. This Day is out which is always looked Forward ing Aud under various circumstances. He also presented some interesting mathematical calculations on the lower of tornadoes. Or. J. If Mckim of Crawford county a resented is thesis on Elk a i by Al transmission of Power. This article was also written in the department of of lyrics and one who desires a Complete knowledge of the practical formula applicable til elec if mar Mimi b w ill Tor i 11 a Ai in in before fee Wawa Elm Etta. Rr80u a Maxwell. Cap to Al i if. to Tel Comer Union Bank of a lbs Vai Gug sub. I is in i trim Momu a to with great interest. On this Occa Tural engineering will do Well to Donjon the trials Totoa latious Ami Tri it ult i m. Kim s thesis in the College a melts get the class a All brought out Library. A Brief at Stract of this thesis and Many a Hearty laugh is had Over is presented elsewhere. A wiper of great the old tricks of freshman and 8opbo tactical inti rest to All was read by Mon Day s. Tire following programme miss Kiltie Reeves of Bremer county was carried out in full it rank or Kom Ock in Wykry Dav life. Lug god As we must we cannot Honor him More than to represent him As always and invariably impartial and equitable in the adaptions of himself to the moral and spiritual necessities of his children All Over the world. He is no respecter of persons neither can his brooding parental concern for his children be limited or circumscribed. Either Iii time or space except in the merest quasi or tropical sense. I am exceedingly anxious that Hie Young people before me shall Ca try with them tills lesson out in the world and so i must be at some pains to set it Forth in a convincing Light. God is always teaching his rational and free creatures by a direct Tutelage. An immediate impinging of the divine mind upon the mind of the creature and a seeming limitations and of ural tons Aud obstructions come or in the mansard Side of his nature and not by any Means from a variable procedure on the part of i it a you and you and you All Are equally taught of god now and in All the years to come whether you Are willing learners or not or whether indeed you learn at All. Or take that Meem Muty Repult be barely inchoate Man the primitive brazilian or the Bushman it it of South Africa or c Arib of the West indies and consider Hun along Side of the highly civilized and christianize aryan races of Europe and America every one of earths teeming myriads in whom there is a mind is open to the direct Contact and leading the mind of All minds we must recognize the vast difference of rank which men Are Ai to at must have an Infinity of resource which our poor feeble intellects eau but very inadequately conceive. And so men Are planted in every variety or external condition where the existence of organic life is it All possible in Polar snows and tropical beats in deep Mountain passes Aud round tile ski its of Drifting deserts id Sand. As Well As in Blooming dailies and Iii salubrious clinics by the Rivers and the great seas. But what we want to Jade ii that wherever Man is he is a moral nature j a religious of Enteria ii Irner tile thought of id and the Ethi Cal imperative that that thought in a plies la is Law it staught of god. Til these teeming populations of the Globe there is no forlorn orphan anywhere til found. God is a Universal rather impartial Loving All kind causing his Sun to Shine on the evil and the Good. And ids rain to descend on tin just and a the unjust not Only but communicating with All. Speaking with All. Teaching Allin exact adaption to the spiritual exec j envies of their state my Young friends you will go out into Hie world pursuing severally widely divergent paths it May be All of you to enter upon , useful occupations among men it May be some of you we refuse to think it from the Subtle working of evil influences bartered Here to go Down stage after stage into appalling extremes of wretchedness and vice until All possibilities for higher manhood in this life Are eclipsed but in any event von will never cease to hear Fie voice of god or perhaps with greater accuracy hic divine Iii id with its Etui Cal impulses w ill never cease to impinge upon yours. God is everywhere present he does not come and go As in our crude imaginings we so often represent him and wherever he is in Contact with finite minds there he is breathing evermore into them the eternal imperatives of the righteousness which he is. In no Way of metaphor at All. Lait As a reality inseparably fixed in tin logic of Todd a existence it is a fact that every creature of his. High or Low Good or bad Seraphic or Demoniac lists and moves Aud has his being in him. Now whilst there is no doctrine so unquestionably True As this True Iii the very nature of things True by tire very necessities of thought yet without the proper qualifications there is none so misleading and a Lark. Here on the one hand Are t he varying possibilities of human nature from tie Cannibal of the South sea islands to Socrates from the samoyed to Paul from the Taloney Prophet in tile Jungles to Bra Lespeare 01 Kant or Darwin it or. Emerson. How Are these obvious inequalities to be harmonized with the alleged Universal impartial wholly adequate Imi Dorment of the voice of god. 11 or it Ai e some Aiti distinguished in Only by advantages of climate and the inca Chi ble presuppositions of civilization and race but they profess to have a special revelation in the shape of certain sacred books backed by certain historic providences which must vastly supplement any Mere subjective teaching of god j which tile nations May have. How then Are All taught of Ltd on the other hand it is a fact which no one can ignore that it j a it i in his parental tenderness is always speaking with the human race or always brooding Over them wit i his righteous at the Best can tie but dimly conscious of these Iii breathing and in countless cases not conscious at All. In face of this fact How is it that we can confidently assert that All men Are adequately taught of oui Quot let us tread softly Here for there is a Way in these mysteries which the thoughtful mind May reverently Trace. The natural world is Only a disciplinary theatre for the moral agent that dwells in it. Qiyen tile moral nature then this is his wrestling ground his Battle Field wherein he subjugated the outward antagonisms of his estate Mill the untamed appetites and passions of his lower nature to tin Behest of the inner Law. This Law is written on All minds or rather god dwells equally in ail human souls so that his impulses Are just As realizable in Polar snows Aud solar heats As in the great cities and booming civilizations of temperate climes Only the absolute Standard cannot be so nearly approached the same degree in the scale of humanity cannot reached. The Bane of Ria materialistic systems of our Day is that they make too much of Ranvir Oquient. And almost nothing at All of Tim moral nature of in in. But failure it it a Herbert this new and Correct map proves beyond any reasonable question that the Chicago amp North Western r y to by All Odds Tho t est Road for you to take when travelling in either direction Between Chicago and ail of the principal Points in the West North and Northwest. Cities of the wet and Northwest Are stat ions connection with the train at Alf railroads a Drlek in Staple Aid f groceries canned and dried fruits carefully examine this map. The trim on 1 1 s Road its through trams make Junction . O Psi finl Gfall Susi of calf Syssa Fucik dried apricots raspberries it Hen Lee pitied French Frow evaporated i a Al. Trio Etc. Tege Tiblow id or Frails ds1 so Wilt Choice family flour. Telephone orders will Tocsin our special attention try some of our pure sugar syrups. Ail to Ltd olt la Jet a Moue i. Funded. I amp the Chicago so North Western railway Over All of inn Lipaj teen. Runs Faeh Way daily from two to foot is More fart express train i a is tin Only Rood West. North or Northwest of Chicago that us the Imperial Palace dining cars. Ii ii la. Only Rood that runs in Man steeping Usa North 01 North or nth we to of it Nunag a it has Over mite of Road it form Aorist them the inflowing trunk Les 1 Mii Fil Illuk it Lorada St Ca Liloria woe Quot a Winona. Minnesota a uen Lral Dakota urn. A Obi our City x northeastern Nebraska a a Elgin Toek font fret Ort St or Wpm line a Jim River Valley Pierre amp Deadwood line re member to ask lot Tief ceh via of this Road be sure they read Over it. Take no Aker j. D. Laying w. H. Sennett i1,Era supt Chicago Gen. Pass. Agent Urteago h. A. I. K of to. Agent c. A x. W. Kyuo., amen Iowa. Goods delivered in the City free. In.mg.,. Is. 4 Minne Apollo line the logo Green ii a. St Lake super Tor Liziie a a Kwa Kosha m Miaow. Amp Northern line John h. Queal amp c0 Ness Ith 3rd lumber dealers Clydesdale stallion. A Aud Arnes Iowa. A it it bar Yard at a use Tell Story we v >1 Bui do k. Wellington it i hot the our groceries when in tows where you can the cheapest _ Ani. That is at j j. L. Bartlett Scomer grocery Iii re be vim alway Tad Choice assortment a Leo a neatly kept restaurant Iii connect Tutt a share you ran get warm meals at All hours of the Day give Tor a Call before purchasing elsewhere j. To n urn tit the ii cd Bun Ling. Ames lows a in us ii ii rec. Will make the season of Ibbs. At the a solicit agricultural College farm. Cash Trade amt prompt 30 Day accounts we do not w att any Trade that will remain on our Hooka Over thirty Days. Iii Clive us a rail we will give lowest figures on the above terms. We keep a Large it k of lumber Sash doors. Mouldings singles lath pickets. Building paper Cedar posts our Faeh it Lea Tor furnishing 33 go t0 Thos. Wardens new meat Market in Ames. Iowa Choice and fresh meats halted and smoked meats fish oysters and a Outry the new Market i hinted if be mire t Odd mind. No to Luton her Toben. Invocation. A Hust Tianti tort in the Wood a Ald. What Mem of Khz. A avow inn a Shotat Totory. W. W. Was pm minus plan a jul. Hup clan a Tarry. J ii n mom a ration. The Dana and it the Tim. We amp film Mem. Menu cd quart rate wwn4mkk&Quot Cora Ekici. Poca k l i bus via oration. To Tai Nam j f music. General so Keg Busin. Of paper by aus Offir the imm Cath How at june Anil or the Bra t. Immon Tat Cirr Lark i. Tuluk Rilet a % a let Irtz a a a Van Hart it a a Toor Wuo. A the a nit i at the window Omsk . Vara Interr music a lass Hino. Tilth of Iii lady showed How Hie a Nisi a of Many of Hie most dangerous disease Hita been discovered by the use of the Mien Sqq a and How by it Means it Are learning to prevent Aud Ward off not St few of Jiff More serious diseases National ranks by or. D. H. Stockman of Keokuk county was the subject of an article which would have made the staunchest g Ltd til Nicker repudiate the main Dank in his party s platform. It was a Strong argument showing Hie extreme danger or. Muki i of Al towing the circulating medium of a. M ekk a. T nation to depend upon the whims and Ca prices of an irresponsible con 7�?~xwr. A dts Monon. Gross. R i d a o Billa a not equated. Joint la a tidal a co. Pedigree. Toc in Ai Tim by Wjk a Mph Fnu Cash paid for hides and a Flats something new having located in a Recs or the a drone of i Arn my on the tin Irsos and too dig rags Ami ,.�1 me Tai i to us i Mac in if in i a1 i hut i have the .11, a sift d by old Neth Rby a pm it Ivelie Date Ami a prise Winner in be. A land he Wasimi by the celebrate Van trooper Etc. The dam of Young Netherby so a to imparted for Man Scotland and Wasi my by the i in hrs to a Clydr Adato stallion Robin Hood a Bieber k Many prizes in eng amt j Ile Wasimi by old it or , a a of or Etc Winner. Testimonials. Chase since the signal failure of Spencer in that portion of his systems which by forgone announcement was to be the crowning Cap Stone of the whole every Bow wow in Bida and so All the .111 a Thini there has taken and piano makers Timve had theirs. Like an old a the data of ethics men a it to Ken a m1 boating Ltd pfc Owhi Vvs mento Testa younger Ilia. A a tremendous reaction in Hie Pule Day. A a that a piano manufacturer Are still Fie mind men Are let Elim dig to feel j boast Timof a of Ashe ,1rioth at the moral nature Are fir to a wok rut a not a tight in the Horta Nof that the Root. ,. It the Iau Lisl world has appeared and Athnea beyond the reach of i very physiological with anything hereto or ethnological test and that Light and pm for Wisd. Cleta piano have been Befu a Vav i. Dig and religion however burnout to Popio we ii Tran Reaf Wiaz Fri any Algate , Date mime How from beyond the i girder of Sociol in Tymo thru Are fart becoming the Ira lbs logical la a according to Max Muller of Mertra. The fact that the College be Kim we have in them study it Usu in iraqi e n legions this mat cd n and the of Ter is forever set at rest. A a lne re Fig Onci boart Kara tax flit Fnu a tints a a time the ions instinct he says is a a perception <1�aa piano until now they have a Ftp a 01 of the infinite a and this carries with it always an ethical Behest. A when the papuan squats before his kor War. Clasping ins hands Over his forehead. And asking himself whet Iier what f he is going to do is right or then. Nan evidence of heir great durability Aud i a i us ult in to Fri Iua Tity at that realty they Are worthy of the no we wrong that is to him because there is somewhat of eternity pouring into the impulse of Hist moment. But i must not Tarry on this Branch of my Subj t further the in say that the great All father. Ain in the scale of humanity because ju0ugb whom to whom and for of Hie wide differences in Timeir Environ j Wnm Are i Hung is just As near As ment tile diversities of climate race nah try near. The a Vagi of i a i Radcli and hereditary culture making it Imp go As he is to the most devout possible that the Man of the Extin Wae i Bri than worshipping in Hie temples of and unfriendly latitudes should Ever to dolt or York rival Iii any of tile elements of Ina mood Usu a a difficulty and at the same whatsoever tile inhabitant of the tem time our practical interest in this Subj Erate zones. Between Hie refined and it a Weiri the second Inte rotatory cultured philosopher in the City Why Are i d aim Ltd it dually conscious Athens in the Days of Pericles or in to it of these Dif Tsie huh Keathings if they Are Berlin or Edenburg or Boston of to uniformly flit endowment of the race Day and the highest possible to it be of the or w in a flout there room for w Ide samoyed at the North pole. There is not and Learned denial of the fact i Only an immense Gulf to be spanned it j me Cal your attention to certain but an immense Gulf which never can indisputable postulates of Hught. All be spammed. These differences of the men. Even agnostics believe that there possibilities of human nature arising j Jug a in user above tis not ourselves that from external condition upon flakes for righteousness. This senti which modern science has Laid such meat h at the heart of every religious j tremendous pm Pliakis. We must now aspiration in the world. Now How in Nize in every intellectual system of to tit lately must that Power in enter universe we May construct and in twined with the very roots Ami sub every attempt at justifying the ways of Fco added a a to rape get matchless largest and Best selected it a is of. A to n Ware Ever opened in Story county. Head the fat Lawing testimonials from nent Dpi Lens of pow raft k cd Monty Iowa a we the undersigned citizen cry Powe Botek county Blate of Iowa Bare kit Hgt but pare it i Jato Lair stallion a it to Nathi re. 3.1, for Tyve year and Are a a ii h<4uaii o d with Bis a qua a. He i one of the Strong Aru to i breeders we Ever knew almost Invar Iai a transmitting i size style action Amie a re a this get. He and his lotto have taken Over % a it ctr in premiums in Poweshiek county in 4 Yew re and a can she As g a Al a line of coins As any hum in Iowa. \ j ii. It. Kinn vij., w. It. A re i f p it no v. Terms i have two teams of the Road and Shat Hare ate anon. Tow a Vin Cali at every horns to this and Ady Intong c out in. Fisk up you in Ai sin Ika . M it Waw it is a in Bac no Iii in in in watch us. Is in town rail at of Headon Mere a a a. I in Oshar Yard aloes is. M. W. Quick signed to insure settled by Rote. Nesbith 3rd Wellington 5-00 Toliese rates Are made for this season Only. Till Farmers become acquainted with the Stock. A. X of a a a we to i Quot fit a a Razeeq a tender beef Steans jewelry store Post o Fri cd Bui fading May to fou Ohl \ Large Fine of chops cutlets sausages. And All Chok meats ran la had it w atle the chaw Plano i equal and in sortie Point Kaupf Tartof tautly Dimio ibid in iut United Batra there is Mother potent Wytort Why Tim a Cha to preferred to a other. Nan by. The Peke. We can in or la Ai it ther Bret to piano you trek How ran Thech Rae i in is co. Baske first it is pianos any cheaper it Iii any to a i. Else the re Are Martius react my. The xxx Panyk j Iet try is i a staid bran of the Ted go Wing Timber and they save Kio per coat. On the Curt of matoral. The if w Ira men Are not under the input Nee of or ,4 minion aate in in or n a a rat Flora Berthaa in cuties Eood uen tier the cot of Tabor is mile Iena. The company run to a or Mill with a a Power a no expanse for Strain or an eng Beer. They own the or Mill and a pc no Redavi or interest on Oatly invest cents. They Bai Twenty Fri acres tin drying lumber. There fact Tov Chr Wmk Many patented pm Troie rents Ana the Esters Wei with wbk of who Ole and Coll reek the Chare Plano All t it show that in popularity the a Chare is the a a coning wanted. Address Chicago piano co., 78 a so v a Barra St cbic400, ii. Buds new meat Market fresh meats. Smoked hams salted meats oysters Pottle by. Sto. I always keep in Stock the Best Grande of Parail a a xxx Ben. He a opera b Mai by we silverware kit a Wilt is re to in in a in a my. And All we go Arnotte i. I i it it a a a in fire proof Safe hip. Elm arh to it i Aith Wadehra to Story Cott be via Bines repaired. I. B. Fit n to v the a i ass a at map in a my mimw�je3s Al. In la fire a Mem College i Tai Job to at pc in a a. and tout in the went. I took Ponape a and keepers Thowrot Tew tied. Ims. Adj Row it h Teton Vaudt it incr store Quot i Rem i of and web Jiaren i. I ack Keokuk Low a. William Elsie. Pio a pm ran of d Ulk Imhoof teaming Ano or ayin to my i a i d Tho City. J Coal i Ooi s hauled by toe Tate or o

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