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Ames Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Nov 2 1882, Page 1

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Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - November 2, 1882, Ames, Iowa Slisher a. Tto , =2 my Mem morn Mumm if asses at Anoa volume Xiv. Ames Story county Iowa thursday november 2.1882. I % 5karos. I or. My Goa clerk of. Age order. In Jfe it i a i Cit to a a a. In Biff la _ sup of school a Surveyor. Corot my. I $ mid of a furn. Tot us. §---�?~-8�mt�-Ttmtittoip. True Temperance i township a is. Cd Tel Foo sep. A rom it waffles. A it. Do of a Senate Ogden. Native. Nevada. Me Eti of is is not signing a pledge or taking a solemn oath that cannot be kept because of the non removal of the cause a liquor. The Way to make a Man temperate is to kill the desire for those dreadful artificial stimulants that carry so Many Bright intellects to premature Graves and desolation strife and unhappiness into so Many families. Fab to a a Taw Baptist can re i in %gbws5a,pastor, Aure. 11a.m. And a general prayer rid &Quot.a. J aia pastor. It is a Browne a Ikon bitters a True non alcoholic tonic made in Baltimore md., by the Brown chemical the polio halloween. Find your Gate Ontario is booming. Story Cit has a band. College commencement. No Money in the Boone county Treasury. The banners of Story county Are Low blowing. Willie Octaviah intends. I the Sheldahl Cyclone. Georgia has a surplus Sweet potato crop of 400.000 bushels. Chaa. E. Schuts of Ogden has disappeared and cannot be found. A Coo Aid arable com of year s crop is being marketed at Kelley. Common Brick Are Selling at $10 a thousand at the Des Morns kilns. I. Pleasant is $6,000 better off on account of the Cyclone Relief fund. Enlarge f company who Jure old Dregs and in every Partick Church. At u a. In. Sad fag at film lie Nee in Siva a or 7 08 prayer spa or reliable will by a removing the craving appetite of the drunkard and by curing the nervousness weakness the boys and girls of Muscatine High school Are arranging for a game of fool Ball. Suh Sod general ill health result rom in Fokko. 260, f. A a masons. A hat Road on or amp d. Hmm w. M. Fig from intemperance do More to promote Tempe since in the a richest sense than say other Means now known. Gen. Pope has been promoted to the vacancy caused by Cep Mcdowell s retirement. Raltie prohibition vote in Ohio As finally figured out is �?~1,007 less this year than in 1881. Workmen. or. Nov a re thursday night of in a. I every s limit Iuka same m. W i at t ramp no no. In. Cd by Slid i turd Tate evenings of pm o clock in masonic Hall. Cancan Roe mid a Bigelow Hwy i Irti or a if Thayer Diebol Missert soldiers and a ethos it amp to. Initiation Lee his mils amp Tilden in of Ems. At Ahi up Aam Ani Nevada. Tuhet. Tiny bum. A a a Ain at m Connolly. A awk collect my Templeton i Underwood f at la w mate and town. Office Kyj. Bop a in it is a Well authenticated feet that Many medicines especially a bitters Are nothing but cheap whiskey Rilely concocted for use in local option countries. Such is not the Case with Brown s Iron bitters. Itisha Medicine a cure for weakness and decay in the nervous muscular and digestive organs of the body producing Good Rich blood health and strength. Try one bottle. Price $1.00. Bob fold was acquitted of the Mur Der of bite by the jury at Plattsburg to. week. A Illinois cow swallowed $000 in greenbacks. She was killed and the Money recovered. One of the sweetest girls in let Ayen port dislocated her shoulder on monday by kicking at a cat. Mods Aux in septs. To tin edit or of us a German top tale graphic the relation of Birds us i inserts to each other Kiel to hic Linn Orchard Aud Garden crops hits Ben a fruitful source of discussion among entomologists. As Well As among Hie cultivators themselves. The Orchard St or Farmer who sees his crop rapidly Digap tearing by the onslaughts of greedy Birds does not hesitate to condemn them and wage bloody warfare on the feathered tribe sometimes it May bewitch Little regard to the kinds of bin destroyed of their food bal hts. The Bird fancier observing thai his favourites Are. Many of them insectivorous clamors loudly for Protection for the Birds and often with to regard to whether the insects destroyed Are beneficial or injurious. The Lover of insects stoutly objects to baying All the objects of Las study lumped off As a pests Quot and will not Grant the Parmi in for usefulness to a Bird that swallows indiscriminately some of Man it greatest friends along with certain focal. Clearly then. The a it Only Means of occur my Harmony among conflicting elements p Cunk Snow Lefurge Coho Kerning the food habits of each species. Such know ledge cig to gained univ to careful and extended invest unit in. And we cannot estimate too highly the value of such work As Lins been done lev prof s. A. Forties in Illinois in this direction. A simple knowledge of the food of a Bird at some period in the year is not sufficient but it must the determined m a Jor Hor. Me should have a thousand majority or More in Story county. Sisson the election takas place tuesday next. Even Legal voter is expected to do hts Dut it. Number 28 ii you a Barg dealers i a the probabilities Are very Strong that the next Indiana legislature will vote to submit ii prohibitory amendment to a vote of us people. There is nothing very strange about that. But that the proposition is supported by a Large element of the democratic tarty is w Here Hie anomaly comes in. Owing to a strike among the Nail makers the Mills shut Down some months ago. Havin a Large Stock on hand which they thought would until the strikers got tired. But they miscalculated and now the Stock of nails Iii the country is so Low As Localise serious inconvenience to builders. There Are i to presidential pos offices in Iowa. Five of these have salaries attached of $3,000 Twenty five have salaries of $2,000 and Over eights five i Lave salaries exceeding $1,000. A Large number have been in teased in salary by the recent by Emilia apportion moot three have been reduced. The Standard says arrangements Are being made to extend the Telephone service Between Boone and Des Moines. Using the poles along the narrow gauge railway. If the Telephone service could be extended Between Ames and Des Moines it would be of Stop and read tei Eltty Haw. Kymm state air it. Thompson City bakery min agents. ,1mm, have just received 1 at Law. Of my sum and up collection it. It no. 2, opera. A palist id City grocery it a. Office at Ute 11 cwt Ames Iowa. A o��?T8. I Ames Iowa s Roto. It. For Story Ami Iowa. York House. C. A medicines Tompt guide a Nusim air Llois tis m. D. Has something to offer All its old patrons and aural reds of new ones. F. M a. a. Pc. Tii Ayer has just received the beet and largest line of Staple and fancy Jay Gould has been in Hie weal tile let week visiting the various lines of Road in which he Bas an interest. J. B. Gordon was arrested in Ottumwa on wednesday for having run away without paying his Board Bill. A three foot vein of peat has been discovered in Wright county ten feet below the surface which is said to in the finest Ever seen in America. Judge of the supreme court in Arkansas prohibit by formal orders the Sale of liquors within a distance of three Miles from a Public or private school. For every month or for All the time Liat nosh a Rae advantage to our business the Bird is ill a Given Region. Men. Nor is it propel to estimate the a new it paper in an adjoining i value Ai a Bird from Hie Hareter of county says a a new postal decision its food As averaged for a season for a been Given to the effect that a i the proportionate loss or gain incurred newspaper publisher can arrest any i May be far greater tame time of the Man who will take a palier from the i year than another. For Instate. It a Orth for any length of time Ami then Bird were to destroy predaceous i refuse to pay for it a a this is a new ground beet is in the Spring Way of Dunning delinquent subscribers and were to feed upon caterpillars unit is too fishy to place much Reliance do in Iii Hie Suin Iio r. Ii would need to . Kill. A tol Rote tuesday assures the dry goods i millinery 4 doors West of the Post office. Oui Stock tills fall is More Complete than or rut of orc. We have a Rood desirable line of dress goods and tri mini info the new shades and popular styles. Our millinery department is very Large and very Attra five we have All the new styles and the new shapes and the new shades and the new colors Aud feel free to say to tie Julies of Story county that our line of plumes feathers satins. Pushes. and i Phons has not heretofore been Excel by not even la the county. Queens Wai n i t a of tit at Itu a nc1 Vav Juk am it nit it in War or hew for the of Cash in \ kids. An save you Money la it he vow nor it in. a a i he i was nearly All new Anet we Dunk jut a ill a ii feel qui i in k we permit in to say to a each Ami Erory my of you who Hao that we thank you and invite Yod ail to Cal and see us Oft to. A i tis i i Al or 10 wp3ammumi awes Public Ames. Lews this space is reserved for the Large Stock in town in. We in arc up or. James the Des Moines Gmery ratau who Wras assaulted in his store by Harris summer has got Over his injuries and is again at his Bitt iness. Dote a of caterpillars tor every Beetle it had destroyed in order to repair the injury it had done for these Gnand Liee Les Are most voracious feeders and a single individual will destroy Large numbers of caterpillars Cut Worms. Ac., during the season and if the adult beetles Are killed Iii Earl election of every Republican state congressional and county officer. Republicans should regard the casting of their vote As much a duty As the payment of an honest obligation. We a full my in Story county la ii Luuru a foe Foh Kin v k Domestic for Sale by tit to it tip tit pc co t i Spring not ouly do we lose the efforts of let every Republican turn out to tile polls and Deposit the free the Burlington inbuilt a German paper heretofore owned and edited by a Republican has been bought by a company of democrats who have changed its politics. Full Stock of groceries Ever brought to Ames the two Hundredth anniversary of the Landing of we. Penn was duly celebrated at Philadelphia on the with processions speeches music and fire works it a our Stock comprise the Best the Market afford a oar Price will be found a an extra amendment. Presbyterian Synod Niaj. Or a a session at tos legislate on the Low As the lowest. A Quot t g4 of i any. Choice family flour sauces canned and pickled goods Fruita and confectionery. Give a a Call. Ail goods delivered in City free. We have the bust Baker Ever employed Hie Cedar rapids electric Light company has sent to Chicago for a 70-horse-Power engine which will run eighty lights. Tile engine urd boiler will Cost $5,000. These but of ten in progeny As Well which Are also Pedaci Ous during the immature stages of their life. Similar careful investigations must be made upon the seed mime bits for these Are by no Means All injurious. Prof. F. E. L. Ileal of the Iowa agricultural College has Flora estimates which Are certainly placed far below the actual facts calculated that in the state of Iowa the Birds which pass the Winter consume ->,100,000 pounds of seeds from the weeds that abound in Fenee Cor ners. The Keta and was land. The Benefit which they urns do the state prot it ably far beyond what any one eau easily appreciate. Hasty deductions in run it of science Are Likely to result in error. Man s White ballot. H Miuor at or life and humoral Sheldahl the by it tone says a a a dry goods clerk with a very affected had to go to a Distant of the store for some goods for a party of Fem mine customers. A a wa1 k tills Way ladies he called As he swung himself off. A but we can t walk that Way Quot cried a pert miss a we never Learned that style you the clerk is now drilling on a More common is tuft l a Iii a it i lit ions different branches of the organic world. And Only the Roost positive knowledge should be considered As the basis for an interfere not in the Economy of a tint. Iii Ubert Osborn. Ayri Etui. Al Thok amp a. A no a Taw t. Tue new postal Money older Bill promises to be a measure of real convenience to Ilia Public. Orders for less than $5 will Cost three cents and the service is extended so is to raise the. Us a Fig Fie twee if out a Blank a at present for an order but will receive an order payable to the hearer at the Money order office Deslena toil by the applicant. An agent is Goch Fortune. Omar atm is and sur fat at m. K. Loir. Office. Lim. To toe City and our bakery department will a Are by tii and Sweet always be supplied with the a it food. Respectfully Frater. Leon Nevata. Save your Money Mlej All local yen i xent1 Effort i. Toe cd he Bint. By ,oppi>8iu a Muff ease i s a Aire a Etc the most for it a by trading at of Ami i Cour Neva Ada i mrs Bradley store a. I loom. B Mem at Story Lana . J and Hie jut Fui w. N. Buat. Ranck agents the very Best groceries a title a special to. Iowa. Nevada ice f Iowa. And Golly a Jpn valor. Coll a rians up Litten Mon Dena St. In All lines. Line no tnrfttt.1t it 8 vat sir Jess Esgen morn in spit we be the i s loan Coan. A. On Val estate i time in sum to suit. I with Borrower. A Reedy. Charge Pratt Catrick it it veda Iowa. J a will be found Here the Best of Orken canned and dried alway a flan i who sell at the lowest Lief a rates Aud will Jarai Good Roods. I keep on hand a Arlen line of tobaccos a a Lares Well selected Stock of glassware crockery Queens Are Woodenware. All grades of flour l. Nichols. G. H. Maxwell Nichols amp Maxwell livery feed highest Market Price paid far or wince. St tip table butter wanted Al goods delivered in the City. Rny a i cd Quot .j,-44 a a a i w. Bates and pay i a us int Sale Ste. Quot blk i str Elson Chi p of Pafk a of titles. Foia w Story county. Low Batea Nevada Iowa. In or Cheet me Shikari m Cental sold by four Dray prop., up to do k bade at to any drawing a cd sir cite. V tender beef steaks operators of the City Dray line chops cutlets sausages. And All Choice meat Van be had at Ullh Udint either by toe Day or contract done Nassaw favourable terms. Retail Lier in c3-kjy.x3st a is id dec Jolt. Feed fume did of All kinds and be Din for Stock ski poem eat appt lest Ion. We Are eco Stahy shipping horses Aud i to Stell will ted it to their to retest to Deli on us. Alee proprietor of toe 003uxe10je1 3 trips gaily. We Shail keep in stack end for Sale the i. W. Henney carriages reads Nii meat Market fresh meats smoked hams. Salted meats oysters. Poultry id to. I always keep to Stock toe beet Brand of Aro in or jul oxus bin. Bead. Opera House Block of you intend Parana slow a Carriage it will pay you to old Osna before Eha Sligo elsewhere. V-ti51 Nichols amp Max Wal l. The Davenport boots and shoes custom made. William Hulett is is patronised by the beet Ell to its of Iowa the Northwest feet fates tsar pawned. W. Foe Eire ular to Ulloth Rulp Vishnu toe. . In a. A a i a is a in at the old stand and invite All old Friend and new Comer to Call at a shop for custom Maue work Byron Leibig the Gennan chem isl says a there is not As much noun aliment in eight quarts of bavarian beet As in tile Barley Liat might lie on the Point of the table knife. In a pitched Battle Between a do Pound Man named Hayden eld in Tilden township Cherokee county and a woman weighing 00 pounds the woman whipped him out and Laid him up in bed. The a Jersey Lilly has arrived in new York. She leads off by saying that new York is like Paris and that a the Flowers Are aesthetically she promises to out rival Oscar wild As a sensational figurehead. Charles Shoemaker living about 6 Miles from Independence has captured a Puzzle for the ornithologists in the shape of a huge Black Bird six feet from tip to tip. It alighted in his Yard and he struck it with a club. A prominent horseman gives it As his opinion that the time is not far Distant when a two minute will be recorded on the trotting turf. If the american horse is anything like the american youth we Are prepared to Lay Odds in support of the opinion. The Cedar rapids Republican strikes the Nail on the head when it says a booms Are made they Don t grow by spontaneous generation. To Start a healthy Boom requires muscle will wind push pure grit and a Strong Hearty pull altogether. A by and some a grand a Etc a in it i or ted by the president a Chance for other. Messes. F. Myers amp co. Of amp its Broadway has just publish a remarkable and magnificent engraving a your i residents 178b 1881. Quot has been duly copyrighted Etc it presents in one of the grand Sawins of the White House All our presidents from Washington to Arthur artistically portrayed in natural attitudes in full length figures each one Clad in Ute style Peculiar to himself in his Day. The portraits Are telling Aud life like and will recall the memories of All. A singular effect is produced by thirteen clearly shaved faces Hie custom of their times while but four of the Twenty one Wear the now popular Mustache. The High Merit of the picture is established in the Beauty of its Conception which has Here caused to in assembled. Tin authorities in Egypt have recently captured Ute Cor ref Poi Dence of Arabi Ana it is now in the hands of the English. It is raid that there an some queer a use ism is in this mass of letters him i it tile prosecution of Arabi will be abandoned As tier request of Ute Sultan at constantinople since Arabi seems entitled i to have been acting upon that Dignin which Taffy a advice in the retie 11 Ion. Parties who print election tickets should follow the order of the poll books and thus the counting of the i allots will be facilitated. The order of candidates should be As follows Secie tary of state attorney of state treasurer of state. Attorney general judge of the supreme court clerk of the supreme court reporter representative in Congress 10th District District attorney clerk. Recorder supervisor Justice town clerk constables assessors. And town trustees. The democrats of Story county have. Placed in nomination or. Frank m. In i cure tor the hrs him. Our Twenty. Us inks of a Virtu township for one presidents Trump on lense to the no Erk a of a die Orts or. Seymour i Grent nation Over which they Haw. Lam f Shen jul of a or Tzoc Rdv a. All 1 or Plu honoured to preside. On the Walls of the Saloon hangs awed executed picture of the surrender of Cornwallis which in itself Accurso Cly illustrates that great historical event. From the window of the room appears a Fine View of the National capital building surmounted by the goddess of Liberty. The picture is 22 x 28 inches in affords an elegant and admirable subject for the Homes of the people. I the afternoon of october to a Ley Sheldon of Washington for supervisor. Or. In f. Allen and w. R. Doolittle were chosen delegates to attend ten judicial convention at Webster City. William do Ridge Nevada b. F alien Story City m. D. Livingston Cambridge sob Young Nevada and s. Ilia of Colo were chosen As county Central committee for the ensuing year. The committee organized by closing Vern lock Ridge As chairman. Wright amp in our mottos Best is for tie least Ames Iowa Call a is r it a get our prices save Mone a to a buying of us. High i i. I vim i his t As tbj3 new and Correct map trove beyond any mud tube question that toe Chicago amp North Western it Ort a too beat Road for you to take when travelling Hilt a a. R Dio Eutimi a Leea a we grand Ai of the principal Points i the West North and Northwest to in a i3/t3se3s Ray who St Large quantities. Ask set Fok Washburn a Fin weapons flour Farmers a a will a v Yeti highest Market Prier. I is Cash. Fob a of buttbh., je0-0 is and Ali. Minim of the Chicago it North Western railway Over All Ito Ricc pal line no h Way dryly from two to Lour or to o in trains. It i the Only Road wet North or name rat of Chicago Fiat tiles by up new Imperial Palace dining cars. Of is the Only Road that Nill a Tuimaa 8mhidi�xcar North or North or a Elbr 1 of Fritea amp a it. Has Over of lie of Road. Ii forms Amma u a Iii the he Lowatti trunk i tippi �?�1�?Tikindl Bluff. Colorado a California la to he Iorns min Niota 4 of fish at let it kor pm is unix City at North Sasieni not Quot a Yudka Uorn Quot cheap to. St. Amp i to amp a in. Hockford. Freeport 4 Dubuque line a Hole ago. Groen bar. A Lake Superior a Jim River \ Alley pure 4 dead Rood i me a Waukesha Markul amp v Mali a i remember to. Ask for via of this re wed. In Man they n Rvl met it Uke to <4her. J. Do a laying . Sennett general Gen pass. A mid Menan h. A. Mrk agent a. A it. W. By it a of a Iowa. A Man named Shibley Effiom Newell Iowa went on a protracted spree in new York City week and married a woman while drunk giving her Sloop As a bridal present. In tile morning when he became sober he borrowed the Money of her skipped out and Liaf not been seen since. Bill Nye brings Ida customers to time in this Way subscribers of the Boomerang w to find Cross Bonce and Skull with Crest of metallic burial casket drawn in blood on the wrapper of their paper will know that their subscription has expired and that something has got to be done. Copy of the plat was presented to pre it a Kovl ten in a Hen Ames gets Lent Arthur at the presidential Man a department the following advice Sion. Bal Lexington Avenue. N. I just \ Quay fat a of some service a i hair in mind before the president s departure for f that one gallon of water at the Bottom i Boston. After carefully examining the of a or do a rare to quench it than picture the president said a it is a ten Gallons at the top. Play Low is novel and a Fine Conception and i a the motto for firemen. To play on the pleased to have it. Aud shall place it in roof of a House on fire is id waste water my Library on Bein asked whether i Sun to play Low get the water near a copy would lie acceptable for tile lie-1 uie fire then you Neil not pour on caption rooms of the Vav bite House the a River. A few Gallons of water at the president replied \ is i should i in Ottom of a fire will Rise in Clouds of pleased to accept one for that purpose steam when the fire is rising mid quench and on my return to Vav Ashington i shall a a \ Gill of water thrown into the not forget to writ my a know i cd tio Tom of a grate equals a quart Johs. H. Queal amp co lumber dealers Jemus Iowa. The Best remedy Fob disease of the Throat Ani lungs. Ayers a Attr Yards it so Eldabel. Story City jul Worth Roland Ani c Ambo Zikik. A solicit Cash Teade merits also my approval of the picture to f. Myers amp the Side of such a doubt lie something it is sold through Canvis Issing agents and we understand that the publishers 4 feet 8 Tont ogints in this reality mid in other lie i Iii i s til is affords a timely business thrown on top. Work will not the present year is Likely to prove unprecedented an off one for the republicans. So far the victories in Maine and Oregon and the gain of two congressmen in West Virginia have been offset by the defeat in Ohio. Next weeks election Wili i awl priv not to Day accounts Jesse Dufoe is the youngest inmate of the fort Madison Penitentiary. Ile is 1.5 years of age height inches weight 84 pounds. From Glenwood Iowa and is under Opportunity Forsom. Of it or enterprising held in thirty three stau s. There is three years sentence for Man Slang citizens who Mav find themselves a every Prospect that the three great f commanded a voting play Liberty to accept an Agency. In order to states of Indiana. New York and mate a hold up your hands Ltd Riti to Fwy introduce to is bin work. Full Pennsylvania will be carried by the tile Young playmate did t particulars with an agents outfit in democrats in Indiana us Temperance Olney and Young Jessie did shoot and eluding the engraving will we ire in question is Likely to draw enough votes kill him. He was sent to the Peiii-11>t for Anion. Dial in. Prepaid from the Ltd pull lican party to Issue its tertiary instead of the Reform school on account of his precocious Ness. Ceffo not an mute Tkal will Restia it a oar Over thirty toy. Civ ass we. We will five the to those who apply with a View to an Agency and who at Ute same time remit one Dollar to pay costs. Aucoin the present Comet in the Eastern sky mimic actions must in addressed to f. Which can be distinctly seen by every Myers amp co., Post office Box 5jb. New one at Early morning is certainly the y Ork City. We advise those of our Roost remarkable one of All the modern comets. Prof. Swift says it grazed the Sun so closely As to cause great disturbance. So much so that it has divided into no less than eight operate parts. Defeat. The situation there is much the same As it was in Ohio and there is Little reason to anticipate a different result. In Pennsylvania and new y Ork the republicans have an undoubted majority if they will in concert hut in both these states they Are divided into warring factions Aud the bitterness of the feeling which exists precludes can be 5 Well be i lowest figures on the Bove terms. We keep i arc Stock of lome or Eash doors. Mouldings shingles. Lath pickets. Building paper Cedar posts our Foueti it to for Fernt going Bridge Bills in die my of the pulmonary Organ a Safe Ami reliable remedy i invaluable. Ava a in Buri fee vocal Tach a rented a and no Oiler a Kinin a ily met it the Chi Tidence of the in hic. It is a Ici a us c Quot to hit is on of the Princi pm Aud curative virtue try the drugs a Beni ally United of Inch Power a to insure the in Avert Ruffic Cocy awl uhf Orr it of it Louttit strike at the it it Nadat iou of a1 pulmonary i sea a u Aifoi thug prompt Relief mid cares and is and pled to patients of any age or either be. Being very palatable the youngest Hhd n take to readily. In Ordinary cough i Olds sore Throat Branch us Influent clergy town s sort Throat asthma croup and Catarrh the effect of Atrip pectoral Are magical an t multitude Are a Noalis preserved from so Aruti Lares ire its timely and faithful am. Ii should be kept at hand in every household for the pro text Kra it a Ford la sudden attacks. La Vav hoop a cough an i there soothing and helpful Low prices Are inducements to try Nome of ibo Bra remember the opera my sign of the big a we i atom 3c<w�k Fles Bith 3id Clydesdale stallion. A a a. I it Weli Jingo a 8 it v French Al Iii Minke tire season of .a.t? agricultural Dow genial. Pector be oigree.1 1 vol w 3rt, Tiret sen. Was sired of met Date sad a prise Wions i Witsil by the a it Bra a test to readers become interested in the subject to Send for an outfit it once for their own advantage also that others May through such agencies possess the How a that any Coin Promise themselves of copies of thin lug spy pro accomplished. So it May As All of which can be distinctly seen by a i auction. I frankly admitted in Advance Liat there Good Telescope. There is Only one in a a a Quot is reason to into Ipac democratic Oil stance on record where a Comet Hadi Story urn qty will Honor itself by cens Iii these Staten. Any other result video that one being Biella s Comet of casting a Sud id vote for ii. C. Header would be a Surprise to members of 1846, which depended into two parts. I son my Jpn l. Stevens. I every party. _ o me not set Olivia John h it Tell amp co. A Fetig con ii a i Cost sumption i rue4ub a of Yunag i no other remedy so efficacious a f Fotu Scotland air us a fkr Amany prow a i the. Many mixture or Steps Macduf cheap of Quot a and ineffective i agr do Flea now offered. Jul or they con Tam to curative qualities it in Alo. Ran afford Only Lri la it rare Relief and ars . Sure to deprive and Tinaa Pincant la Patsenia of pass term h h i a a. In a. A i i Active and effective to a get a. And it i a Dai it of my. Is to to Iowa serous Experiment Iii with unknown Al Fri Eulale Stuhrt a it is him cheap to Umici. Irous the great Ito Lytya amp of pc a sad Are aka harems. Thane i team May while so Felt Ltd. To is one she won if deep a seated or in Frabk Psi re r St diff a Fps cd Kury Pace Turac. Air tvs i Mirn business College i confidently i Imp Are is. It i a i mate lard me Kail Kaoru and i Lurt Eiri la acknowledged Eutiva a amp her. And is my m 1 m cheap As its careful nrtpus0�o and tim ingredients ill alb of tim then physic tin knowing its Elt Mia Mon Proser be it in their or it tire the tem of i Alf a Century lire pro Cen Itsalow Amto certainty to care All pub monary Coua faints not already beyond the Roar of human Aid. Kiev Okiura Iowa. The cheap St and Hest in the we. Book keeper. Ones an Telegraph to arted circular and c. H. Fuzz go be it Kuk. Lava. Prepared by or. 4. C. Ayer a co., to wort Gal Chom Feto lower mss. To Umi re nss3ith 3rd weli.ingt0 tis est rates a toy. Fri with hic Roek. I. A no As w Cli a bum in i Ore

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