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Americus Times Recorder Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Americus Times Recorder (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Americus, GeorgiaThe Gap published in Tup v order am emus Georgia thursday after now Sente mar 219a. Rigi a City threatens Gas Plant receivers the follies aristocracy of . Rotarians hear inspiring address made by District governor at banquet a the new the Cutcheon of busiest of today might be the picture of giant on hit Knees washing the feet Council at special meeting orders plan of action drawn up for Relief of citizens Jolt Given lighting company by officials Coal can be had says Coal Man ays workmen de clued Plant repairs useless Warren Leper sonata Fife Dictaphone. A names Diamond stars in affair tales of huge and Winnie world series losses mrs in 3 heard Chicago set it 23.�?ineitlj�-Tioll of the report Thot genre m. Cobs Tho actor Ood Hent Jenne. Of Nucaso Loit Iso wond 180,000 on tax to you Fumm rom by Obill Punoo to Unden Tood to be under Conil Demon by of county Gand jury which in div will Rheum a the Seth at twin test Erins of oct Lemony of the Centre. Their Tho a Rio to Quot Taedt a to the Cincinnati Beda would a. In a Ataop Mon pah Laed today London sept. 2t�?lord Hajor Macsweeney waa in a vary film rated condition this morning according to t bulletin of the Irish set Determen. Salon Slagus. Parse control Soloe papers factories take-9>ace at fair big milling concern to Send Elpert Baker i. Hwe of Mankind across Bis Back the one word a sen Rice a District. Love mar Dick Smith of Atlanta said in his address to the local and visiting Rolt tartans last night at tha banquet Given in the Tea Boom. A the aristocracy of birth the Aris to crazy of wealth. Who or Stop racy of i 000. The aristocracy of learning All have been weighed and found wanting Quot he con need. A the new aristocracy of today is the Arintoc Rwy of service Profota most who serves Best nation his state Hia City Hla Fellowman. This new spirit that a away plug the whole of Mankind a and will the citizens of Americus must be Given Gas service at once if such a thing is possible and if the Americus lighting company which owns and operates the local Gas Plant cannot give it at once resort May be made the court. The curb the Pipii Cion by to. City for it receiver who Bud nil 11 Hail be to attempt to 40 what the company a still no now to do. Do what we Nood to do u Deton Olno upon a plan of notion that flu com. Pel Good service to r a a lie of this City pm Nils was determined up ii lest night at a special meeting of the City Council called by mayor Sheppard to consider sups to Reeve the Public in the present failure of the Gas service. After some discussion of the situation and the use of some Plain language the Council voted to refer the matter to the Public buildings committee was ready to report i out a plan of Eon. Tine to a erect Many of the of the past and is an insurance for the future. No denial Leih no men has yet been Able to de inc rotary. Struve to the Atata-2��?~ a by a pm. It Meana the Auna ent definition for each of us. For 5� v a a Klud Quot of jul Hor. And yet no Man Ahlo to Anci its meaning in a , Fri Opal Unity for definite and lasting Uty clubs Are seeking meeting. Shepperd said he would eau a bin the amt Nettee was ready to Erport Prog a a a table that the Komi tee Rrt Uek to Coon do to the she Vrablic mag lit be advised in open meet a just what the City is doing to obtain reef. This com Given. The company unless compelled Quot a a Quot Quot be a of i Ted mayor he Given the up id continue to Irolli not do a the Day of Promisee be passed a to toted mayor Sheppard _ a i done to know How it was prior that time but i know the has been in a broken Down mvuu.�, for the last two years Sonca i have been living out on Lee Street because Haven to been Able to get decent s4r to get decent s4r the j�ta�ii5�sf�?Thii�?~�s"kot a a a i us Appu cation from merchants and manufacturer for space at the Sam Ter county fair the fail have been in for seven Days Accord statements by member of the committee which has this Fea in charge. An Semente have ready been perfect a probe Quot Benton. New York giant Ditcher named Eddie Cicotte Claude Willa a Chick Gaul and a Aba of pc Loeb As having been named to i by Sjef alleged member of the Gumbl ing ring in a disc Union of the aug eds fixing Quot of the Senes. Benton said the men were named by a Cin Annati betting commissioner named Hahn. He said Hahn told him five White sox players demanded 1100.000 for a throwing Quot the series and this waa paid them h a group of Pittsburg gamblers. He did not recall the name of the fifth Man. Ben ton Laid he did not know a tip is event out of Cincinnati to bet on the redi. He declared he was told in Kew York Hal Chase won �40.000 on the series. Stars amp stripes demo in Mflwc. Coffee eying ete.,. A. Lana ainu Lowro pm Miro a cratic legion weekly publican i.n4 did Uin Hwn a bad a a nun fac a of so Washington sept 84th� right of senator Edge of new Jersey to participate in Eny investigation by the Senate Campaign invest Smittee into political act stars and stripes Quot a sol a obligation was lulls need be l. Hefferman _. Laibing company Mittie today by Joaeph i Secretary of the Pavny who said he had a in formation Quot that senator Edge was involved in a some scheme whatever counterfeiter at 90 to get Home in cell san Francisco. Sept 23�?wii-Itani Smili. Alias Robert Boom 90 Yeai of counterfeiter to sentence Al Loona Yaar in 1.11 and any a one Dollar Fine after Nis pm of Gusty. Smith said be passed the bad Money in How in of getting in jail As he would a be Well treated it again Hefferman previously testified that by paper despite 100,000 circulation hs4 been unable to obtain advertising. Answering senator Edigo a demand Hefferman said his informant waa Richard s. Jonea an associate in a store and stripes office and Jones was ordered subpoenaed. Idee As stoves rare farm Tach Lesry Gaa engines and aim our uni. One of the Larmet Misiag eone i in the Coontie has taken space in one of the for Dei. Brands of ing Tver leading. Letter received by w. Frad Smith of a flour. A the Glover grocery co., who secured this attraction states that the milling company will mod to Americus one of the Moet Eele rated Bakers in the Eola to Eun duet the demonstration it is it Oteo that this Baker r. P. Stewart assistant attorney general whose name was mentioned yesterday in connection with Tho democratic National convention at sin Francisco and his travel to that a Girt expense told the com lower Price drive sends wheat Down j Chicago sept. 24.�?bur x tic Price of wheat a a a dbl a a a a by As the result of toe a to is. A. Reduction in food costs the Sysab amounted to As much As cents a Bushel and the mar a closed in a a a detion. Cotton. Americus spot Cotton Good Iedd Llna 27 Ceuta. New York Tutu pc opt Ullam in Cluj oct. 2s.85 2s.Í6 26.80 20.s6 26.28 do. 24.48 24.80 24.20 24.40 28.05 a Jan. 28.86 2336 23.80 28.00 28.30 cd 23.20 23.26 23.02 23.12 22.85 he went to the Pacific coast in connection with the prosecution of fraud cases. He was heard at his own expense. He said after work on official matters be took an annual leave beginning june 26 and made no charge to the government for tha period Feil owl Hefferman testified that a stare and stripes Quot was controlled by the democratic nation Al committee and the american legion weekly another Soldier Qubti Easiod we font Rollad by the Berk Blean National Eon unit tee. He said Doport of the repoll Ean committee we endeavouring to has been employed by several pres a 1 Sutemi. And ran dents of the l tilted turn out hot biscuits and pastries fit for Kings. Other concerns which have applied for Speed include House Fumi Angi _ Crisp of . Priced him the governor. Con me to listen to you end enjoy with of the it i the. A. But i words to who can i want to Hay a few serious Yon Rotor ans. It is you do More than probably and others in creating Public opt Iofi. 1 foreign my Tion. Bills wifi be Pree Endi a a a a Ongilee this year and it is Yor v 5 cure their pee Sege. Tody there Are coming into this a or. Than two Quot Illino Rimml Ilona of these fore Linen who stopped and. Prog phonographs millinery ladies Wear automobiles tractors electrical equipment Stock feed Etc. Raloh Glover Heads High school society be Crisp under society of to Risius High school met yes i Terrp said 61,000 of 100,000ti�me of Stock in Tho a stars and stripes eor it Eon a portion Quot were in the name of mrs. E. Kapar k. Parks see rotary to w. D. Jamison director of finance of the democratic committee. Jones denied the a Stan stripes Quot was in Noutko and said the paper was not font Roll a by it he democratic National commit too in any a event Reli Loyee of he mid the Tofe Tenee it although Tho Stock we f of the committee. War although de by an Empl aging. The Meri. And elected emcee for the first be Normd a program for today was a the following off Eert were Eicca de president. Ralph Olivor a i pm Dent lonise Dudley Secretary. Elizabeth Sheffield Eritee. Miss Rui tin. The program rendered today was 8 follows Sony. A America Quot a entire school. Reading Teress Andrews. In Sfez Ann Baya. Dan go to thy. Music Cornelia shiver. Reading Roriie Andrews. Reading Anna Belle Crabb. Reading rather in Goodman. Can a lira flax must be the safety and Comfort Stoke. I.w2ta�?zff."�?z.i? Point 0� the lab said Manv Toni Puray tary Blu a about Nanerl Oua Soutar county and Tea Man and woman of tia Letlon. Boo Saau for la Cali. A Yon Ponola do Binim Hare Juit i a it Quot a is a no a. And so Quot it �?�,.&Quot&Quot a Quot of Quot it a a it 7 a a it Ltd a a and where of a Quot a. Quot to Openiano did a a a Rcd a by the men my women of Americus rotarians Mitta pm a a a to Matt adj a a. A feat Ca Oft a Matin m team if Conry a a a a win a Uoo who to pro want at Tea Ranu it bloc supp that Yai Eori Enid be bad by pills Taftaf a Council tent t my Lont bpm in m refused to eth repairs be a a Lut was Caw the condition in u to make them m a a Ting a by pcs a Tatad Birc bal a comply Loti in cd. A who fund to know 3 set a a to do in a Kcf a Oto Conan Mota. a a rot Tima Quot said Aldo nou a a it r people a no a Ron Abla to it to it All. Nela Bon an inc i Tabeli rial on Wood Riwe in Paonia Del Orar town at this juncture or. To Lenin of toe Atlantic ice and Coal co ration to Para on for Haclan Naif metro by inn bid had Noma Deaun Isth tha Milutin company in toe matter of Quot or. Tiuman in company Coal possible to be m a Kel refused. A in toe a priv 6f 1919 a Ati or Johnson the former Manam a a offered Johnson toe former manager w the local pliant a contract to top. Ply Gas Coal for that year Quot said or. Tiiman. A but there a Smau Dif Ferenee in be Bett is a he Nese same complain to. He Reid it iia Hay. Callad the my ten. It a of to tot Awba. In and i want tia _ so Quot a Quot of Quot a i via Toto Flat what my Kriewa of Tea Ahn Atlon Ontl lne of in in my mind. If toe Council sees i pop Oil that it anti to in the in i a Init. In to rot pita la u Fez to twi wan m aul not it they Conid toil. They an no Tea Pularo Lute Anfe Nuttal to tha Ica Council together a is of b. Appolon cml for the a Pliny tid mod by thl. Malys. Lin Rin 0� Conri. Ambro to. Maissi. Mon that demand ii rat a made upon to a Cluny to Naton Danuta vice end this action be Troen wort upon their failure or. a Quot a a no Eon la aha is a handled of a a Courtesy then p to return again in the Billy to do k. A a quote a a i Otaya to soil a a thai mini in my Vitito n Fow Citi Iani nth Ond to Duenna the mat. Tor ind 1 draw of a stat meat which a Ever glued Ani Hovatin Twansa 0� their Umata in a Anit Ipa Chiyin they Wen not Stablo tor any Attos by. Fan and War. To a Lula Only Pronh coat which on set Coal and they ctn ton Whan they Hay. To Bay. a Yon think to Rani to Nola la Wal or Man a a de min Bitka t Quot a Quot up 4w, Quot a Vin of that i talk Yaa Torday to a Man who earn from Havicon to make some repairs on too Plant i knew they were having trouble Down at the Goat Plant and i naked him what waa the matter. He told me that Toey Brout him Tensed to make them because Iwiula they no get last a few Days or a few weel Withey would not do any toe we Rholo matter to referred to the the bringing i a a a a a in brought to male it a joint action Between toe e near Anturo _ Morgan Richards of the Selma Ury club Frank Jones a mrs. A a. Of the Frank it from and Macon mrs. Frank Sheffield were others on the to Gram. X a w. Dykes was Wist Sec of the Gering Frank Larrold Lead the a Nying. Hee Joe Johnson. Mrs. Dan a Connell and miss Fisher assisted in the musical program. A a Eal program. A �?T5 Driotes left for their Homei. A a the night consume is Indus Cun to me that two or three Points might to raised against of. Were he City to proceed done. Which might be embarrassing and make our Cam More burdensome. One of these is the Point that the cite no ground to bring suit not being a Gas consumer and therefore not e complainant that As Long As Consumers bring no action the City has to reason to proceed. If consumer Ere made a party to toe suit this Point is Eliminada. The City at least would not have to go to such lengths to sub Lush its Case As it might Wen it sobik alone. There Are other Pointa also in favor a a Inlang consumer of making Tomc joint Alden an Burke took the floor. Was in Atlanta not so Long ago Quot be told by friends there said a and was that some time ago they were having somewhat similar trouble with the Gas service. The City espied on the state nil Road commit Ion which regulates Public service corporations for Relief. The commission ordered an in Kiwan ians to make october 8 Laibe Rasht the of want Elna at its i Fular luncheon today voted to held Irti ladies night affair Friday. October 8. And a special Eom Mottoe was inter acted to prepare a suitable pro Misi the Elob was entertained today by Wheatley end to new record made for canal traffic we Oton Saint. 24 new a Quot a o"ui�?T4 Mac a Sardinta cd a to Iraq at Ottn 266 babe Rudi a nodes i Fiieda hom48 Ron new Tore. Bant. 23.�?baba or i t Eto Home run to i toe Flat Faming of the game with Washington at the Polo grounds. Ordered an inspection and found the go Coin Pany waa not giving the people the Quality of Gas required and ordered it to rebate its customers. The rebate would have boo enormous and they were not insisted upon when the comps by pledged in lieu of payment of the held Grazion to d. S. Increases to 3,000 Daibei and not All of desirable class reports reveal Washington Sapt. Of imm lotion turn ugh 0� new Yorito font Lynnaa to a Lathat Sporta to the Annan a Toribo of Jisoo to i a tat and last Wale. A Yea Faelli Laa 0� tha Ata Uon it my. La a a tax de to a Pilly. Or Manl irom imm Louon in Lori Tiu concern Iii Tho Elamaa of Imiri. Gunto now comin to tia country Ean Enning in a rope to exe Idio peat or ear. In Ulitin out under Len Bias irom tha Ira of into apr for Pann Lipinn to coma to Tea i Totoa. It to said Moraign a Quot Quot i Quot Quot i deportment Hoyt. Ban Abla to Aback materially that Miyai of known Radical element to r a Star Mariaa Bot they wore n Abla to Pray ant a Haw Inera aaa Anibar of what were car Anatolii. In tha Sporta from Immia a Quot aeon Omle dial. A. It Cook made biscuits of poisoned flour a a Greenville. Aia. Sap 24�?-� no motive for the Szeged poisoning of 84 guests 8t a local Hutaf Fia Holch Pegrom Are held or. J up by but a assigned except Bly a gift Beatty Between the Pri negro Cook text Rani . Who with her Hurbas a a under Errest. Three of the five negroes arrested connection with the affair have been released. It is understood thei woman claims Sha a Hadnot enough our for toe evening meal and t nto another to i on rat s some flour v. ____.,w.Moo-. I the arsenic some time ago on potato vines to kill by. Or Midgett Askild to preach again sunday j. C. Midget of Macon who the pulpit at both morning my evening services at Central Bai Chora last sunday has been Ostro Imp Oise Uimer Nas Nee return to americas next d preach again to the Yongi in Ros a made i t Tho pulpit e tee desired his second Conin or. Midget is a Man Well in years and us message was one to Especio Fly to Young in toe service what Are strip in lot in. Bat tomcat of Tho aeral Ca. Probo stars Chicago meal prices Down Chicago brat 24�?tbo Nuna so of fro Loaizn Kotob and two a ban Ink a Saint were summoned be mayor was Able to get Coal for City in conv creation with hour Grotto we Ullh a ii Bra s to Rob Allty. For pm. Bad a contract with a comp a of Tennessee which is a state owned corporation to fur Tab coat at rom thing like �3 per ton. A few months ago sup Menta stopped and the Day we informed that to cause of a combination of or Caay Tanum Over Wuehr the comp my bad no control it would be Impo Trible to snap the City any Edc in Ada mows said portion to to. Drop in who Lourio Adam Zwikl Ninon Sead b. J. Ste a Quot a a or of another by hotel bit wit Hod in mod n a a immedi. Nto downward Nylon of 2 destroyers crash one badly danged a Moo. Boat. 24�?Tho a nil we a Nib a a by Roy we bid in u a Tomlet of re a. A informed that Loti ���0it rare Analil he la.76 feat by to impart but. Nearly Swan none Nashed Americus for the haul its required Coal. Be had .a.�, Menta from the mine checked up an do covered that Only a Smau mis cent age of the output Wae going to he state institution a the balance it ing onto toe Murkot at around 18.80 per ton. He then Peld a visit to the rebates to give Good service from that time Forward. The people got service at once and Toey Nave Boen so fire since and their i have dropped a third. A Gram be failed a a soil time ago i bought a is Hutor from the Gaa Compsy Here toe Guan toe that pm would to t band. Pm Wott. Slud to open to it daring Tho Lari or Throe months too Sonvico bos i nto Utah it would net Irav m h to both purpose More Dun two or Torso times in toot snog or of toe mine showed him evidence end come a a a Quot. A Ming Ever since. Vice Cor Pentti has Lipi Jito or ser Quot Conoy b ing what i in compans at last of a no Tong. Charter a Aldo Maii Taylor broke in. A Otbo 7&Quot a a iwo pm Quot a a of Tom a 26 id it til Fisse in Eben of what they a. Four to latin. Rotia Ain n a Laura Elf yen Í5��h�-.� Quot Quot a a a it it Ita of. a Tara Quot Quot Quot it a Quot Buoni Ami pro Luaa on ton Ranny an pre Rostat Nagy Tho Hisato alb old a Lent pr06uses uni facts monday. Jts a it a i e an Artois acted and monday. Trixi dirt

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