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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 19, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Pap two Albuquerque morning journal ass Quot been signed be Rhim. Leaders Bushnell a cartoon movies of news events in eight reels up. Of. 7-mtm l Gocpt is a r cat a fat Lar ass Una Tab i courts forces of we and Chang have agreed to cease fighting. According to word reaching tientsin. Rail situation is hopeful. Is chickens Gause Al w of til pm Chicago june the rail s Sathm today la hopeful and fill Many of the no Walt do Fth Iii ill a smoothed cult Hon Hooper chairman of the vol maim railway labor Board aah a statement tonight Rcpt a win prob i in before the Boud. Nuh or rate a nor wages a permanent i in Ovid because the conditions on i a h re they Arba Dar not or i Mer both am him pres Berlin inn is by the Assoc do aah Hilda of a Feather by flock together in Lorn climes Herr Haring prussian m i to i a f Trade la determined that Iii. I a of hit Pride be Ltd a i she k. Ran not mingle with of the present incumbent in u has been observe that the Rich have twi Sixes and the poor Hay six twins if now soc i biology is not our Busi Ness but does some.4l if triage by left his school ukr or 1&00 by of pc mar k he ppm \/kck7lon to y nope Thorn my Ras Quot Quot Hon to Pon i user tar amp fact \3uh pc Wpc pop Ink by Wyn top my 6 of too too re up Mac 2f 0. Doc too by. Ospy a y pop Crk an Opp is Pat by Noy a to Porok ugh to of for of fir if i Cost i i of Man who fought with John Brown will be 89 ears old june 28 a to mighty ninth Iii or. P Yei rimmed the Mons Baa i in in nod he i hog Tim ii to of a int aged in re Arnif ref Haa not a Calls vividly from a to b9 imports rms Tok p. Bobc Crk Tarp Soha Aion i Choon trap Chris Topp. to opt 70 Thi pcs Ork plan a ukr Bra or Inaten pick to up goop of j to App pc pop is a Quot a a Gai of if a of apr expressed the belief that la railroads of the country soon will voluntarily discontinue the farm i out of work regard teas of the r opinion a to legality. Tin., j he thought trill go a Long Way to j Ward a Ator Atlon of cordial relation Between the Carris and their employee the Southern j Pacific already Baa taken this a i Hen voluntarily he said. Miners Aid pledged to rail men if they strike continued from tag one for the miners or. A co 9 pop a 4 put cd v4vok Taser pc a Foa Gato 6/jsbr Vuk or a i Bocc for Omo Nom rat or 4 hip apr 2 do a1 Krow p Tbs b or Luna Tco strips s brr Tor intr being i to the whole enacted in Kan is. Quot i tiie born Lur 2 1�?o,&Quot or j Parsons raid today. A the Battle of Ltd a Awatar a fought in car ii waa in my Twenty fourth year. 11 v. A no us a a kid then old j enough Lra to to know what i waa the Dove of Border Ruffian a Ami guerrilla warfare Over Captain Parent # ram to Saline county. He was the fir sheriff of Saline Roun-1 by. In Issi ii resigned that of fico to go to War. When the rebellion. Ended be came Back to Saline. A pc including county and waa again elected sheriff for thirty five Yea a he stayed on a farm i Uthi Horn for # a me time has been in Salina where be and his aged wife quietly a their Day to Apt Aln Parson is one Bree charter member of Job \ situation serious for the 1 cattlemen in Santa be co. Need of rain to revive ranges my i i i Fly the in no i tonal hanta in building operation on Ca pit Hank of of a. Logan Post g. Atli surviving. A. . Salina Chicken dinner fat a Chicken Tanner a Mara and the new to contributing Nane of til f Ina to la i oat. Letting of the we k for amounting to mean employ Rind distribution local merchant tourist and Ann a re i d to Nolier in a Large i addition i hotel Are Maine j favourable j Lily. The the past improvements a to $ Quot do too will i for Loco labor i fund among i a who influx of ice Lallor la greater than Eyer Laster end the Ca re try of editable House i keen Tbs appointment of a re meet the situation continues one that demand caution for the immediate present As Well a to future commitments. Jfe i. Tho appoint or or a re. Monte tuesday. Dinners. Tuesdays i. _ j a r Calver for that atoll a i udi Isnino and thursdays ll.25, served i _ a athe com Nati v a pot urn spot Crew. I Beu arid make reservations 1on aaa a a concern i to be rear Gamzon on .1 i before ,.in a. In. Same Dav. In ,. ,. Tues from r to 8 Al Init a. 7 to Mot shunt Botial put Iez in Etc. Yes teas in from to n to r Gundaya sunday the first National Bank of Albuquerque welcomes and appreciates the accounts of Hanks and Bankers. Its extensive clientele developed during More than forty years of consistent considerate service is splendid endorsement of the agreeable and satisfactory relations maintained with correspondents. Capital and surplus $600,000.00 j. M. Raynolds president. Lion basis the Frt to cutting Quot of Elf sit a resulted in # Good yield Sud crops in the irrigated valleys me looking Fin however shortage of wry r for irrigation in threatened. Them i still considerable Snow on Tho higher Peak within twelve Twenty mile of Santa of but Stream a beginning to run Low. In the dry farming distr Iota i situation i mom serious and in most i sin Nee crop have not Ber Quot planted. Thi to the anxious per gtd each year for the dry Farmer a the summer rain do not set in rift Rule until a a beginning of july. For the oath men the situation continues serious Voles rain i set in noon there will be heavy loaves a Large portion of the Range look Sere and burned while other portions Haven to even a sign of Ever having had Glass. Cattle Are thin and worn even where fed. Wool grower have fared better. Practically All Wool has been disposed of by growers fair part the limb crop was Horter than had been figured on in some Cate As Low quotes 20 per cent but in other running up to to per tent and More. Hail damaged Home of the fruit but pro Peets Are still i v Good for a Fine Apple Plum prune and Pear crop. Showers have fallen in spots but even where most abundant rave Only temporary Relief. Altogether. Despite obvious improve hot Spring. Try tin first National Hank financial a there la practically no Chang in financial conditions during the past week. Ono Small Rale of tints year old users a i port i Trade a retail Trad is Pirkin lip slightly the local men Hants a doing very Well there were a goo i number of drummer visited us during the week. Livi Stock a the Range condition continue very dry and attle Bro suffering for water in several i ratifies. from recent Forest fires can to a Ltd n Oming fro n the Black Range in the until and Ilia forests. Tourists a judge and or. A . Brie of Roswell Are visitor Tao Springs mrs brio coming for the. I paths and the judge to try his kill with the Bass in the elephant butt Lake. Many campers Iron i the Lake enjoying the to bathing and fishing. General a the 135,000 school i Bond if sue that Lins been held up j since the Section by an injunction Mem to be in a fair Way for a Fremont in a few Days favourable to hot Springs this will release he Bonds and the work on the new grammar to Wool will be rushed to i completion for Tho fall term of school. Free information service for All readers. I Pap no the formation ton. In subset i Agency the direct h Federal to government other great a Ducat tuition a May be Acca Reader who asks for there la no Chare ice except two cd fit for return postage. The Albuquerque j formation but Fred i la Rector we with and All Lal inst d by any for Bervie Stamps address Urna i in aug la a Shin. Iii ton. I. C. Cuttle killing Hub theft Gabe set ebb to Uil is helpful and Railroad Ronen and for the Hemmle �?�1 am declared a a win Quot that the Railroad in s the rank and file of the Railto organisations frankly recognise the necessity of making ii fight regard flt is of the consequent a and in i that fight they we us a the and a to a co opera non of the nun worker no a will l iwo Lyle. The presidents of til rail Temh fir Sud in their letter to the labor Hoard that they lied done everything to Avert a strike Pointe out that no Appeal was possible fro?.t the Vard s do Etolin an i a Atac the Union s Contention that the transportation Law requited a living wage for employee the Bottom of the Sal of occupations. With big Ler rated for other work in according to the skill Hazard of employ went responsibility training and experience. In making wage reductions the Board was told that had established the principle that a a Jim wage must await the Complete aut to faction of Railroad ownership in the matter of rehabilitation further the Board was pre told that in its last decision Cut ing pm wages of clerks signal a in Tai to the journal men and stationary firemen had v d a a the a re a the arg i i jul ii h d who the Cor ored troop c 1 red Arr grow in Quot is Germany. Be Suomi d havin la a be put liar conditions. Lank Dei increase to year that dined. The by Norm eting d ii be the he unto Mati the a k r. D p i of a rated us a a basis of action the Tho re that labor cannot be rom Petely freed from the economic i Law which likewise affect the. I a Arnink of capita1 a vain i id nates. C1 Early this mean not i of i More or Lea a the letters Aid than i treatment of Lub a a a com j modify who value fluctuate a cording to the demand for and Ihen supple of in a As the result of the Hoard a do Caslon a the letter said. The lowest Wuh paid employees a have been Mcgrad below a level of bar Anima. A us Sistena. And the Man Long a in r Psi try of the Etna a pcs in the huh or grades had Boan reduced i Gjike Low a Standard of healthful i the m decent living a proud n lodgings j Herr fish. Rock w without a p a a toll in j liter be lost his Cabinet position j i deprived hts hens of a place to i a oof . first Herr blaring sym i a Athetis Illy shared lodging with j us predecessor with path new while Herr Al Shin k i a sought a new Home. The search was fruitless and the incoming i minister began to make objections to Limbeck s chickens though the Cook als Quot housed a Brood belonging i i to Birring. All diplomatic efforts the a vision of a hens i proved futile. Finally i ran Birring one Day finding ii libera s servant Alf n one Home engaged her in conversation while a Domestic of the glaring household under the min a Persona do Chen drove the a offending fowls into fishhook Kitchen. A rooster was overlooked in the strategy however and his Fries brought the Kish Heck House i no id to to rest a resulting in tithe returning of the flock to their i Ami enraged Bering i the loth Ltd the Henhouse ejected the to Heck of Quot wis hid i not a up he door to # Battle threatened to become Lucre scion than a skirmish when a gov re service Wagon Drew up with a consignment of geese for hiding. The humor of Tho site lion saved the Day although the matter is still smouldering. Germany a inventor srm a a ing a match for their wits in in Effort to try to find a Way out of the Mase of the Patent legislation which b s flooded the country since the Advent of the new government. i a Ald the Law Ere. Numerous that they have created i i ice for those wishing to Reg la flt r patents and Trade Marks. Early in Tho year to Der of trademark were advised that their renewal a necessary. In Onse Quentin Many of those whoa la year Protection had not expired a paid Marl s for renewal. Now Tiiu. Are informed that a mistake a made and in order to obtain a refund they must writ the Reg. Btry s Aing that they themselves were in error. the Jap feet Lins i pm Nabb i to leave. H inned acne of col i in the Rhin land of is hav in its reflex in Iii ii Tufty throughout report from various in that mgt to Only Neo in ing More More or but Aho japs be b her in against the a suited amt Tim ago use who appeared in a West end restaurant ii a girl feeling requested or action Xiv taken negro and a White girl in the same locality. Tunes seem to us As c a great Deal of and ecu using were written no the Assumption ii a people Are made p Money of of course Quot Many institution would regard Asut dignified to discus such a Humble pro Lorn As making int meet Lut our Point View is that a Stoi which can to make end melt for its Patron eventually is unable \ make ends meet Tor i self. H to store cat stay in business by put Ting its patrons out business so to pen Iii its Success i usually in proportion to . saves for those \ serves. And that ii our opinion is resport sible for the Success cwt our store. H i by won in of Albuquerque recognize us a being or alone authorities o imported fashion by also students of do Mettle finances. R the truth i5, Madam the b o w e v e r moderate your income May b von will a1 was Fin us a a store with our ate ans a the National garment g j 403 West Central. T die pc i v a a ii a a a id # in a Girt i he to a i in h # 1 of a e self ii Lam �?�1 consider Allied a a. T of a w orm. D clean by is the j Hiex pectin g Mal Ket n months of All the Trade Ever to to to r and o to pro n i a Bax. re rank of Commerce Iff i c had act e b been five fold to i crop Ltd i Maize Ai Anre and a ars of Consas buyers and Tlona Are i so Gur looking Wall. I Art of y. Meat a Illy we Dele and j i the Unity expect to pro a much larger crop of Beans usual. 8. In Franklin of Tai place Ltd Ped one car of stockers to m Ioka n. Light Shower last week Auld r and a in sue Davion. By state rank of Commerce Anion county situated in the Northeast Corner of the Abate has received sufficient r moisture to insure a Large feed crop and a few showers along through the growing conditions a re improve months will insure a bumper crop the Santa be Raun of Corn and l eans. A there Isas been heavy steel on the i planted the largest acreage of farm ing about 300 to products Ever Nown in the his Tor of the country. This acreage insists principally of Corn and into Beans. Howe or Thero is n Large acreage of Mil Maize Kaffir Corn Oats and other feed crop. Financial conditions continue to improve and with the present Outlook for the fail crop reasonable prices Union county should m. For irs for is. V o Tad a allowed by were dts con As foil Harcia a Padilla unlawfully trial mend Are Eon to a Oso 1 of ires and kill in Siv and is of e. Tiler a i for to ret service that satisfies International Side delivery rakes and Hay loaders Why is your Hay Down when Rains i i be if you were using an International Side delivery Rake and an International Hay loader. Without these tools you can to compete with Farmers using them. The a Ide delivery Rake leaves the has looser tries quickly and can be taken from the yield sooner. makes Hay that brings More on any Market. this place. Pots i Billy of deep never brighter. Mcgill Down a rapid rate. with an Martin ii tuesday Ardo pad i r weapon and kill Lay a for safer teat no. For i by Oil l Trini Day. My Cormick operation was a Success. Says doctors bulletin flu inc set to Sta a r to Esquivel Aud Ray ares unlawfully killing attic r trial tuesday. Is. Or Ifo a Nyala Burz arraigned anti pleaded gut Tuttie Mexico i person in a killed. Ity. June 18�?three Ocie killed and two til u a j tired last night when syndicalist attacked the san Augustin by the associated prom i Chicago june 18, pc mystery drawn ii bout an of a ration fart Orv Loco state of fuel performed inst monday of Jhandu j a did Agi Cement with the owners of the concern. The Ion was a Success was Indi lf., by a bulletin iss red today by i Yaj Tor d. . Who of i j on or. Mccormick. I Iii f. Mccormick chairman of i executive Board of the International Harvester company remain cd As Impe Nitrai in tonight As was forty eight hours no when word of or. Mccormick # first became Public j that or. Mccormick 1a making satisfactory Progress and that the i operation cute by or. Victor crated his condition from a surgical standpoint is excellent Puls temperature 9�. Or. M Cormack remained in be Lusion in the walled off vying of the Wesley memorial Hospital Hospital where the operation was performed. Members of the family visited the patient during the ii but refused to ii Scot s his condition or comm on who by published reports that or. Mccoy Mik had been Tim subject of s gland transplantation operation. De veins i i 0t1 team that h. S on Detroit this season the indians having won to games from the tigers. Wind shield Glass lumber c Lumbab co. South Glrst Street. Phone 103 c. H. Carnes speoai1st in ocular refraction phone i057-w v cd 111g Price so Quality rightly is be present Day demand. The buying world now insists upon the utmost value. The careful buyer eager for a full return from each Dollar spent buys certain teed products. The millions saved by our enormous production highly standardized and widely distributed by tasteless methods insure notable Quality stripped of needless costs. Quality always obtainable a High Price Here comes within reach of the modest purse. But our achievement saves you nothing unless you desire Economy intensely enough to ask for and demand certain teed products and take no other. Certain teed products corporation a i 107 r. Fourth. With these tools two men can do the work of six a and do better in less time. Can you afford to he without them. Ltd genuine in ter National parts from us. We tire Solo for International product in this territory. Raabe amp Mauger first and Copper. Phone 30 5. If hardware we have .�?T Goor Hill in Simmi la. Indigestion causes worry nervousness sick headaches bilious Ness coated Tongue bad breath bloating Gas. Come spation and constant distress. Henry a Thorne 1002 Harrison ave., Boston mas., writes �?~8inco toking Foley cathartic Tablet i feel they cleans the bowels sweeten the stomach and invigorate the liver. Cause no pain no nausea. Not habit forming just a Good wholesome physic. Sold everywhere. They can to beat us for service Quality and prices Duke City cleaners phone 446. 1209 North fourth ii in is by a a a bring your roofing troubles to Raabe and Maugery so or phone 305. I journal Avant ads bring results lumber Glass Cement paint plaster Albuquerque lumber co. 423 North first Street a i certain teed certainty of Quality guaranteed satisfaction Asphalt roofing Asphalt shingles paints of All kinds Oil cloth tarred Felt varnishes linoleum insulating papers floor Tex the economic Al sanitary attractive Eltoh covering r

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