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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 16, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico Of if j Albuquerque morning journal Page three new Mexico in bad repute \ Man with a Bud reputation Bas a Bard time getting Abend. In docs a mate. It stands till or slip with stagnation whether it in Man or states is profitless if not destructive. Shall new Mexico lie stagnant shall to slip backward to destruction or shall it citizens Wake up and save it from bad repute if we fail to do our duty we will Sutler morally and financially. The situation Calls for action Quick action by you and me. I propose to act. I have acted before in emergencies. I won and i shall win again. Pessimism is prevalent in oui state. Our own people have been and Are spreading pessimistic propaganda that has reached beyond our boundaries reports of the financial condition of new Mexico have been exaggerated until the people of other states have come to believe we Are a bankrupt Commonwealth. To Haw permitted these evil reports to be spread broadcast a rented is the fault of you and me and other citizens of our stat. To fail now to resist combat and overcome this situation is to invite stagnation with All it do Tractive consequences. Plain talk about a bad condition is never pleasant. But when a condition becomes a. Serious As ours has grown in recent months Plain talk must be followed by intelligent action or the condition will have passed a possible remedy. I maintain that it is the patriotic duty of every Man and woman in new Mexico who cares two whoops abut Fri Sta Taud the of tvs Nane my of every individual who has a dollars Worth of property in the j4ate, to rally to Tho defense of new Mexico and to prove that it fundamental social Aud Genera conditions Are As clean As its Baic Finan to and Industrial position is sound. T maintain that if we neglect for an Thor week or another Day our duty to conduct this defense in an organized effective practical and heartily co opera live fashion All of us will suffer a penal y far mow Eri us than any we have yet experienced. The time has come when we must How our i Aith in our state to the nation. In a Way that will command attention and respect. I know whereof i speak i have been told in ways that cannot be misunderstood that until we have thus come to our own defense our Hpe of co operation for Progress from without is Idle. My own interests Aud my sense of duty to my fellow citizens compel me to say these thing. My welfare and yours my interests and yours Alik. Are imperilled. I have worked seven year to carry out a development in new Mexico which will be of enduring and incalculable value to the state and to or individual and interest in it. Right now when Success promises to Crown my seven years of Effort i find the most serious obstacle left for or to overcome is this Lack of Confidence in our state at Home and abroad the fact that this big constructive a beneficial and certainly profitable w Ork i am carry i in out located in a that is looked upon from the. U Side As in bad condition and its people Apa thetic and pessimistic i ask you to help me. Overcome that had opinion. Our interest a Mutual. Rut yours Are More urgent than mine. I am a promoter of legitimate constructive holiness enterprises. Should i fail in my present undertaking which i will not do i can go else Ftfe and undertake the promotion of other worthwhile projects. Only last week i was offered a Cash Bonus of $50,000 to join a California Enterprise Ltd a certain Success. I Hue turned Down Many offers of the kind since i began my work in new Mexico. When i undertake a Job i finish it. I Ca however should necessity arise take up new work in a new Field. Rut you of per cent of my fellow citizens of new Mexico Nave not that Freedom of action because of your interests your property your circumstances 5 on must stay whether conditions continue Good or had. It is for you to it it say whether they shall be Good or bad. And they will be Good or bad just As von unite and overcome the conditions i have stated or remain supine and permit them to overcome and destroy you. I have lust return i from log Angeles where i or pc Boon Sucre Sunlin doing two things of vast importance to my Home City and my Home state. The details of these things will soon become known. I hey have been done in spite of Hanoi Aland against the opposition of sinister influences which while taking profit from new Mexico a people and resources care not on Whit whether new Mexico As a whole shall Prosper or become in truth As Well As in Rumor an Industrial wreck. I found in los Angeles a condition which brought Home to me in a Way i have never understood before our present position before the nation lids condition is another message to you in this connection is in my mind. I expect to publish it in an Early Issue of the journal. Watch for a. Read it. In the meantime write me a line. The pretence nil around Ute North South East and wed of organized determination co operative Effort to get ahead a condition in significant contrast with our own indifference to the handicaps under which we labor. In los Angeles Jones May hate Smith in in business Way White May detest the political belief of Black Gray May abhor the religious or social interests of Green. But when it comes to the interest and Progress of los Angeles their difference Are buried fathoms deep and their interest is one and the same. San Diego May envy and san Francisco May belittle the growth of los Angeles but when californians interest is at stake their brains their Effort their Money unite and pull together. In los Angeles i met men from Utah Colorado Arizona and Texas who told me of similar co operative Effort in their own states. New Mexico alone in its advantageous Central position in this great southwestern group of commonwealths stands still and permits Progress to pass her by. Rut i found what is worse i found new Mexico a reputed financial and Industrial disaster to he due mainly to gloomy report and per. Mistic mouthing of our own people. I a introduced by one of my associate to a group of los Angeles banker. A nah a a Aid one or them a sour state has met with a terrible calamity a and he pro ceded to outline a terrible state of affair. Terrible if True but even More Mem ing no the mind of such a group of Mon. Bemused wholly false. He based i belief on statements made to him by a new Mexico business Man. I was Able to convince him that our condition is not one big worse than that of other Middle Western and Rocky Mountain states. I met at Lent fifty new Mexico people in los Angeles. Every one of them w us spreading the gospel of hard Luck business depression and gloomy future. Nothing hut an abiding Faith in our stale based upon knowledge of True con 1 it Ion and first hand information about our resources could have kept my courage up and my Effort keen in the face of such a propaganda. And that same propaganda i spread right her in our state to tourists and other visitors. I maintain that Ltd first duty to ourselves Ami to our state is to join in a practical Vav a to prove to the nation that new Mexico a social and All other condition Are sound and Safe that our state is not hopelessly and permanently a a broke a and that w e have Complete fait ii in its resources and its future. \ it or that our do in i to unite to capitalize and develop the vast resources which von Ami i know Are Here so that never again can the collapse of a single in i try like tin by Stock Industry plunge us into business doldrums out of which the e destructive reports have sprung like an eve t growth we All know win n we pause to Analyse and think that new Mexico condition no no worse than the of any other Western or inter Mountain state that every one of them has had Hank failures due to to great dependence upon a single Industry or phase of a Alture Lite difference is that these other states Are a discouraged. They Are fighting Back and coming Back. California has had in the present years i a serious drought which retarded crops everywhere 2�?a foot and Mouth plague which Cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars 3�?its share of the general financial tightening up. But los Angeles businessmen today Are completing a fund of fifty million Dollar to help finance new industries. California communities Are doubling their advert a g appropriations. I Here is Confidence in every business House and Bank am of and factors there is Assurance of Success. There is a keen interest in tin 1 winsome of hat los Angelo terms the a Brick country Arizona new met o Nevada los Angeles is far better informed snout san Juan Basin Oil and. Even lab i Oil than is Albuquerque or Santa be that is tile reason Why Hundred of tin Ramb of dollars of California capital Are today being invested in w Iid at ing in a Doz n counties of our state. California Oil men have studied i w m Hgt potential Oil re sources and and Are going to develop them in spite of the persistent custom of new Mexico citizens which has been to throw cold water on s a h development. What i True foil t have found by personal experience can he made True f n a Copper our Coal our Timber and our Iron deposits. Southern Alifornia need o r ii it a and will come and get it if we give Lur even scant encouragement. I know whereof i speak. I have Given such encouragement As i could and while i have succeeded i cannot succeed to the Fuller extent alone. I must have your cop ration and our Effort your Faith not in me although i want that but in our state and its resources. A. You that Faith in new Mexico which has impelled me to put in even 0f Ani 1 a labor often against tremendous handicaps and obstacles if not us not i have that Faith because i know our resources justify it and will justify any measure of Effort we a elect to devote to their development. Rut firs we ourselves must believe. By must make others believe. A must overcome our most serious Handicap v 11 it is the fact that new Mexico is a state in Gram danger of being in lasting bad repute. A a part of my work of development i am fighting that false impression. Are you with me or against me i have not bought this Page in the journal for any Idle reason not to advertise i Al or to cold. I want to know. I want you to write to me and Tell me what von think about it. Wherever you Are whoever you Are if you Are interest-,1 n the. Fut ire of new Mexico write me a line and Tell me whether or not you Ere in sympathy Vii Tell me whether you think this Light should be made. On your n pen Ltd and it character will depend not my present undertaking up a Hie Point of possible failure but further undertakings in development which Are of invaluable value to the whole Commonwealth. Gnu know that this is important to every Man and woman in our state. I want your ideas i know they will help my. A rite. Sidney m. Weil first National Bank building Albuquerque new Mexico to

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