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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 15, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico To inc 15, 1?5talbuquerque morning journal pane seven assembling foil lofty sentiments of patriotism expressed by school girls who win in elks Flag essay contest a tart a i Flati raft a the e�?T1 i fancied i Jan time a old Fotion As though to had j Naify ii. Ret end had of Ken. T d to s ans of near approach of National convention Benin to multiply Hull is on the ground of strict in i j oui a r it a s a i i i t Tjitte a a a a i�?T1 the fit n a what the i jag mean the a infill 1 it in and i ref of Iii hat to f i la is an. If met is is. In 5 ird it a s Cen the j. I of it of a of c c to amp Kroner vice h u. My. A Natl. A i in d what the f lag Meno i or try inn e. Kimbrough Albuquerque High school Quot a to it Flag of Tho great5 f Symbol my Flap to r j i in a cml of assist True an a a a Ltd. A i Union i Cerat to government heroic deals and the air i of a of Dent of our and True w or Orrack a hip it of the supreme in Effig or cold oat of Ara and tripes i Lei thee a or or to the didst of our n arc is i , there Are turn erotic other Tong a it id rth or certion Itsy if Bing for which th4? great and i �1 veil Quot i Only f1��e i the Symbol hut of # May nod Cue i a he his should begin to enumerate them Jar for. Thee wish a ult net a finish. The Flag m due of thou t All the i to oreo a Genal american world to til i than Why it it ther a thins. Existing. I on this fair Earth of Cut. It what the i in car a to my Quot a in tvr,., and in. Man tim a a Quot Jujj ? Jim Quot if of the. Under fill pin urea a pictures w Fil Chira Rte a Van the bravery. Power or i heroism of Otic forefather and hot Only of our fort eth of hut we Quot of to t men of the present Day i in though the picture of Cha great deed of men Are a be my a. The e in it Holch a Hern a is the m it Tiro of �?�1 Sun Oil Ruer be. The Hong and the Noble each talc it in a to i r i with la Quot a a h Oil in a i i ought i or a voice 5 j it it and oui Abo. It re t Nan till in tim n the Avn if woman a expert program por third on cattle and i pm convention to social problem be completed monday by pull Minn. Jon 14�?th program for the National Armer j 1.1hor Tregre a ten re mention or third it Raj gathering will he com meted monday at a meeting of the j i it rang to cats a a no Nettee xxx Imam i Mahoney it. In til labor Leader Sud chairman of the cd limit be. Anu can i b Wirht the committee met Here fuds and were appointed to take up Arbouw Betuila of Tho program for the convention which to it begin Here and which i Tapec ted to Quot place a third party i Ujj to Iii the Tel a for the Faitel although Pena top Robert a 1 Tjw Follett of Wisconsin Harf Midland the Ronve Nuon to he Bald Here or. Mahoney said Resolution probably would be pissed instruct inc the we Eutte Colima re to in per font of for that off Eba held in land irl it in Jal m in in my in formal he Sut fur to Flag r a he the to a Latoi. Vii Hiti my a Iii on i i id of a ism a an of a pvt Art i i Hen i h harm rth o think a a ally did a am c to Ai Arm i the vol in no Bill a to that directed by the almighty in War in t a Moody m Ira by t i a our roil to of j or try has engaged especially in re Curt year Grear my re i a Bud Lustrous hot a id Golden thread a it of Liberty wove in atop i amt a k through it in a a Vry t a a hat la live from the time i ens discos i i a i a a birr Tuie in or. Aah web Tel of Cima my a i a 14. To by a hound not this Flag it avg Mexico is not very Large Iii g tim acc a n a no i Dort i Follette for to i chosen to it run to i by the conference woman found dead at Denver hotel id the a r Earl Liberty to a the Bles yet flit pus to ced hrs pm a Wells f a Tuby f lib try is i tit. Anteri an Fine to Cie find a pie i Dor a them time Over thin n to i a i my of bldg tin. Hot it tie tin b Ivnic tune 14.�?mr. Ellen a ors Bam a wife of n. U Graham of Angelo Calif. V found dead at a Tei Bere today a pol f in de tier. A note raid to t Lief letter the t to it r r write. I would rather t�?T1physically but rho Carlie a the Jill do t an he a i r a of ctn Peta it h Ping tit >8 of social Hygiene and m a. A chairman for the National league m a a a a a 1 j u. Of women voters congressional str with m end a. A re preventative w Wash Norton of for coolness lightweight suits it Jeat defy my Sutta of thin materials for hot weather Wear not Only bring an actual bodily Comfort but their lightness brings a satisfying sons of Freedom from the excessive warmth. We arc showing the finer grades of society Brand which offer Styli Comfort and finely tailored appearance in summer Wear. Underwear of Quality this is the time when the Wise Man turns his thoughts to the utmost in Comfort in summer underwear. A of the Well known brands in the particular Styli and Type of material that most satisfactorily meets your fancy us us pal amp ii slim d 216 West Central Avenue phone 335 it n t. Lit r to i. A <1 la lid flit ii kor j 11mn i to i to a by and is or in do in a licit i cur w of. I a ii m Iii ii is by to Quot a t of til a Quot pm a i flt a t f a a pm Quot Vav by a i it i i or govt Trif of could a Quot it til i hand for a full Cut / Vav hat More ii for blk i that i elevated government could a Flag t a of Gnu ? a it the Ether i Eiith. Hardly do s a trim Quot nil of tim present Day. It _ j there its Quot to better him Fli to Cartier get a Quot a. It would b. to Cit to y f it it it our t i by it in ii Glt int a i i but to fit t that Jai. Loft lbs individuals a Fri a a it ail lot la Quot i govt in american b Octal h yid in a Rodg Cut lion and the american to tvs on the tym mrra comm it tie a if the we it Man Sof Frage Alliance. Mrs. Vav Elmier is Abo an expert Hor Eroman end Ridge of cattle. I h As our d to Privi jul of a i ii a 111. Roofs of dwellings Are smashed by Hail it Paul j in 14.�? be acre Quot ii ill rain a d lightning Alo Orri Gimel ,.l of i the Quot nor i tonight with it nth i to i i to t it i t Quot Atli i a. i let a my lilt or r. Former wealthy a Whitesboro Tevaga. Airs. J i and the plumper re in in cached , after a up to turns. Dorm which Jar. R a hum w in their guest. Mar Simiu a Aal to Hai been pm i cd a it the a roes Etc Quot to of hav to part it Hub a Fronde a by it Quot fid to Mali Denver their in Quot while Ehy was going a to to i or bomb in California. Irs it i hum s sister whose n h fire Tunne u i Quot i Quot la Lum i n ,. Fiji id to reside in corel a. To a a. I Iii old idea i a the by a of a a of Youree it is it Phi or it. S i Btl lid no Ltd of 1 Abdulah bul i Noetzol Atar r r by. 1th los t to in la by of m Jjo re. Ii tint Jolt. Ujj. Fib pm. A a Wadsworth Terny i it Airit off True Aba i thai i Ham la. Quot or. Vav to Var. Or. Ten Oarr i a a Hoed George Vav. In. A. A it f. k and Fig hand feel of 11 re no a a to intr in not be ii Quot they died to help upon t i t Yin a. A Bec i j by dearly i try it t is i not prow be Midi 1 i h an fur k or �?oi1 doff a �?�n<1 Hui ow1 lint ? put out a it of order. Aberdeen f 1��?z reported that Minn. F. In a a it in i of a Wert a i the a wis fitful k by had 1. A i late today us i a broke in lentil Vethe Quot on of Uwe hangs and i might i Lur it a father a window f. Around Andover and at the pin we Bat of f. In. Roada were report i nation a is t urn i Doodad us in la grit Fath i i ail s. I it. Report a a a Christian nation form and advice from the Rose found a Ion built in Indian Pony told of i a in god we i id which damaged t in Indian who no let our my fax tiler "ho.#. Gnu if. I a tons from Mandan. Xix i to. A Quot a f or St it end a i Irving steady i eight hour a Bol i would not i think i f such a hmm second it end Quot her would in we the Boe that the Quot ought it of it. Loti topic. In r w ii i is to per e resemblance Philo Quot Pic file a i Din in Niter or working of the f. Gorg it Otto try f i a w by Zyx it pm auction i y it of in w to meditate caning. The \ i into th1 in train Vita 1 of to Speno six hours Here a husband a a like. I by Dei you the gorgeous j Breed that "furl.? those hair a i try a Rind in Quot the rap a til Quot daily i Merlean i a or inc a 4 Amer a Ina to be at in ovine Vancouver Buti la i i it 1 Boh t a a m a. A a i b Foley s hgney4m established 1875 a no Stater. Loaf cd no inn Btij on or pm gift insist Yeoh Foley s i use supplies every camper and vacation St needs no matter you Pond your vacation this year we have Many of the things you Are going to need for your pm a urn and convenience. Campers and Lavers it the outdoors will be particularly interested in our Winchester window Thi week. To old Viil ii of Quot to a a the land f s a a i t r Pine y a few t should ii. S let u j pc i Mal a re get a i la a Sikl amm i a of Dit. Ill Quot Vidi a x 4 it cd la in Nern. It ass com face powder Job Quot ing Gedl Dis i go ii in i i the on la Aid a a Heria. Ii a r do hat to. An a a -. I Lannon i i Nee ii ii be anal rid Quot id a i i r a Ltd n i a a to Tell o u. I irs in when both ill Lei tie. To Quot i 4 might a r by i i Hai it cd no at Sam Sespen poem by Briest is is a National prayer a Wii Quot Violab Heffli perfect balance insures instant ignition Complete combustion 100% Power hence Quick starting smooth acceleration extra mileage dirty mrs a it i aug Ycre Rry nth Vurr i hot a quote much our if a r77 pm a a p i. A so a w t a. Sat i run to r to a texture a i papers . Took like itch brocades like Gay and costly Chint ses like Lovely watered silk with harmonics of delicate Flowers Laid uck it in their Lustrous a Cen ,.v to papers lox gorgeous patterned leather like regal tapestries and none of them costs t do re t Han % on c an a t i re i a a y ? it would be a plea Lux t o a h o w j la Vav has tex Iff .cans in Rood tem ill p per. Who not come in and Seet my Melv Ico a Colorado corporation arks a a c plat a no cd i Mirad Rol us proud. To to Colorado. By Mac a Hill Quot Cath Idaho and to Quot Tana in volatility Conoho Haf few end no superiors m uniform balance in its unbroken Cham of Bowling Points Conoho is in a class by itself. We easily make More of a Point of conc of Shi so volatility but Why should we when proper r n a o and balance Ore the most important Good qualities which gasoline Cen flashlight Auto tool kit fishing t Acyl. Sporting goods campers Anes vacuum bottle camping outfits outdoor clothing tim target hooting with the Winchester Model 06 is great port on Yter vacation. A ii gift accurate ,22 Caliper Rifle shooting .22 Short .22 a eng and .22 Long Rifle Art Ridge. Takes Down in two parts and is easily carried. $21.50 Mead hardware company the Winchester store balanced g As Oline ast week of Sale indications Are that next saturday june 21 a1, will Kvitne the end of our highly successful pre inventory Stock redwing Sale reduction of Stock to the amount of $15,000, the goal we set is rapidly approaching. When we have cleared out $15,000 Worth of High Grade furniture the Sale ends. Selling volume i to Date makes us sure that the finish will come saturday if not before. I he idea and a Sirj it a of the a Are hound. This i Proton by �1&Quot highly itts factory nay in Ali lab i it is Goto Over. Tin Public Lins caught the spirit Jot the Sale whole ale reductions for a definite reason. Hie re Are still tremendous Bargello to be ult throw ii our sch Kamany things marked Jjo \ q a in been by to get your shale. Star furniture col ii3-u5 w. Gold it awl. It Trilla in Xvi Quot both mid it1 Tab Phi Jet a Rye it a if �?�3t5 Rump nil 75# Lui Umily is 11�?

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