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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 13, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico June is w24ljiu it Coolidge s name before g. 0. P. By or. Marion l. Burton i 91 Hon Mil and a governor of Lith it a a Btl Etiz la to signed the Orty Zelghi Hill designed to safeguard to. Int rests of is men and a Albuquerque morning journal Beal Princess from Distant Hawaii watching g. O. P. Name candidates padre seven a i from preceding Pas i to finding Oldie to Baron Wjk Uffelma and Asso of at cd artists give High Clars program salvation St Benefit m it r a amt it do a. inapt add to the codeine ing practical evidence of i pop. Lion lha deeper human a specie. His speech reveal a p Ariy t a Auti and gracious Tophion f Tho Tami and the j Irp. unvarying not of no ult i tuft a i utterance whenever he #1 id # it these Factor of life he Sec melt order. To him the Horn ii opt sacred inst Ltd Fil l thee do when Acme think her ii at cumulating evidence that the Horn a vanish Trig institution that monogamy is sit turn serial form and that tour social and moral St innards Are rapidly id radically it Hing to com thl the hit sanity and Conli sati All High Onisi Miti 11 Chi Ope i a a i i a a a e i 11 Aid Deiss i a cd rigid its 1 j to a. Lei song pm Tai i ii How i i or a flow ban to ii to i pow it r a How i Only the so a or s i to. J a a a heal Tity. urn j Crux Quot at h it ii bold Ion it it love for Vin a fervent love of America Nad him t tit Ai 1 to a ii is it a to you. The or. Leader that the the p Cirl i r r la w m a i Amber r i l. A f l a a show i a a a to owl i of the ii Quot i ask it ii sober serious r. Mein can Vou doubt the sour at of this Man s thought or cues is Iii i re appreciation of we # a a it lit America. Herein find a it Litsis e evidence that he is i huns to we find it ii of i lethal and Idee. Noto to fall i of gripped by this both of human under ,. V second deduction from his fundamental c mid coca the people nukes Clear with equal co. It a that the integrity of Thna tinn h 4 prattle consideration ,. To it t Iona lit anti elate Dir inc tic car into Rabi a True Ai a re i that give is my co operate lither than engage min a a inflict end particularly inst it ii and i i Bor the Sake of both and tic Public welfare Pool their interest Anderie together As Bunn i ail flies oomph i it i problem he to eve. Fille to Phis Tho fundamental fact that human value a supreme w St von practical ways he has Contr pro tribute through the ears to theory a Lution of thee tilt d problems Pend to his Home state organized la interested the mod if eaten of labor Junco is it Ping with the Washee of the employee desired reunite wore brought i without Ary invasion of the fundamental Legal principles a Rived. As filly is 1512, the fire year he w is Tho Senate of his Mote i supported the full Crew Lull for the railways providing for aft adequate number of Nett a. It i to lit keeping Quot lilt the i i it it of these it a tuft ily of burglars enter ceiling Hert cured the Heinie number of their i a Melq gambling Caf. This was Given to the police Arico Sainch Fth Quot cities. Shortly after noon real Llo Nautu it was reported from Clovis that a or the four negroes had been picked Captain Pat a Grady and a there tin Nolle of Donohne raided at i 22sk ,s.?.n, a thu Day evening la Oil Khz ted Clovis by a. To Girt of warehouse and of flee Sliver the part men of Justice the Avenue adjoining the Alley Between supposition that the oar a stolen j of to and second streets and aril has been Learned by the police. It pm John Conners Leo hand Ria that the four negroes Are Likely to. A kit .u., it have been the men who sold a Case a ? of canned milk to a Man the vagrancy. Compliant hid Bein i m Homco Lvpl a Wii with Rufh j Art of the City and said they mad to the police that gambling Lei Wahi by wow a turn Bome outer pro had of to conducted the plate rope and steal Loining eerie a number of Small Rob i and that liquor had Ben sold from Booth and Spitz i"1 Foj a Quot it a to rom a a a a a a a Messer suspects caught Ira no mrs a a decided late thursday night. If b a Glass entered a a a �?T1 a lha Mer. Are the burglar who More of boo h a. Lume a it robbed the Booth de to i Tam Esse r the Cromwell of. Tore the officer Are a a toes to second Street "7 to a now what they did with the i Quot it Ranee a Ade Quot i rough a ski a Toj a a it. W Phoenix May have a pm Sefc a they bid a Rhine Park All the loot a five suits of clothe and the rope by which they had entered were found t e roof by the janitor Early thursday morning Stop that eczema Vail line railway a a Esb Quot Sis. Jet to the h h-?l��y11?,� have been Case j net a Rik june thu Botlon t. of it runt if Yon Pacific come any today mad Irish Acrema Isabilo Agre men with the it Havi of w troubled a Crema. Or Bat Vorhies Castle left and the Prince a Kawao Askot of Hawaii at the co Ventula Iifrom Sway Ila Prim David Hawi ruins Koa a Ltd h . It convention As Mitten. The Princess is amp re pro Vin sat Kaw Ansnik a. Wife Leveland to participate Der f the National late a incr ill souk Gail i the till i men Mouth Hygiene a or nit Uduc agreement my it proprietors of the to Ore pm and Toni the extern company noticed some negroes hanging Subj act to the App Rizal of this the Eire wednesday hv.6 interstate Commerce commission a Spe a d them of the the of a for tuft development of Railroad. Lit of clothes from Thra it k near a Clahti Arisona giving Cho i get front Deer a few Days before. a main line Railroad and pro they had set a trap for the men trip nor through train service heat d expected to catch them the tweet the California coast and hat of stealing unit Ber suit Eaith Points. The men were frightened away the Southern Pacific his at re when a customer Lei so. Booth to con a Trust Rind Complete within a Dpi time ser Bels to Tho men Sta two Yearsmain line Road to two of their number be Phoenix to a Point at or near guard near the door curbside a j or Picacho northerly of the tor while a third planned Brough the Casa grand is def i it entre and Tak it a Anil and a irrigation connecting with the fourth was ready with a car the Phoenix and Eastern at or near a her rid of the Street to carry to a Jundi or Florence them All away when tim to it hid accomplished they Auer ult Oom. La Alt t Mem $ they were victimised by 1lh� Des Moines. Is. June 12.-Bena a he is this Way two or Are pm Tom Brookhart of Iowa spent j times during the noon tour 0 by f3 hit no pain for re preceding do Hen one of he Nam Loftt according to a report proprietor was a Ujj he filed with Secretary of Blate other Vaa the tailor shop the Nam a rear. It when the robbery a discover re the Raday incr Nung the prop Ria o either from Quot a a of a a by f. Re suspected the four men of Hie Brees that a -1 having been guilty of thl4 lancet of the worlds Gold no Banan offence. They had previously seas a punch London. Used skin applications without number make a test yourself. yourself with a bottle of S., one of the most powerful blood cleansers known. 3. Makes the blood Rich and pure and when your blood is freed of impurities your stubborn eczema rash Teller Akin eruptions pimples blackheads blotches and acne Are bound to disappear. There Are by unproven theories about S the scientific results of each of its purely vegetable medicinal ingredients Are admitted by authorities. Is sold at All a it drug a if is two Sites. Rtt a larger til la mors Luao Oual. A wards Best it flood Kine w v la a a my stomach the matter with Jou i been car for. Y of ask a me wha a Titi Why i had to a i Vav Ber. For to Vou 0 Quot. I t Ain t i been a pardner j you. As pay pentw1 a Ion i i s iring ii a Thingr of la i j a a is cads. V. Is a lit m l via a so. And Doeer a a a v. W Iris Klein go it i spit. Jijina narrow ii he nip i to Amati to # a Lri a the King i Hon. A and that Mauri ice by x i Ole t i to i he a h p a i Coffit no direct cd suit by .1 la to radiated and a a a Patio a Murat it a Confer Quot Amar f id it v. The of Loghing imposed by the theory Hie position la equally Ltd t a world from a it. R and his attitude through a ibo 1a the Bing period of years a won for it the world from him the entire confide Nee of both Etna again his capital and labor. He believe male stand pc it feb my or. The value and Riyal t t. To Ith. orbs Nize a i Ideal is a deep Dei it operation not enmity Mutual conical be know that of Rencz and cooperation not open f god is within a airfare and bitter antagonism. Ill a Tualla believe that no Ca a a r win a a highly work together Good will and i re Cho it Ulutu . I a who with Mutual Benefit a i a list night when i act a re-1 Confidence Man therefore la us it no Campaign cry. It is a lev inc you had t0 go reality his heart. A a a his matter with you plea for Fairyne for it a both v ,.�?~d at nit my e a a a to i year of service Jagtwat Vou at the state House Boston rail-1 i. A Way presidents and rep Ell est term a a for to you spent Jour pm do f r a pics and a Ute cake. My hid d Down with g o o .1 thing potatoes Squash and Turkey nor say Al tune Mick whats the mat than my bed Ever Given to a. ,. hid it to the Sam time before by. Fiat it of id to so. You ii a j j a a y0u a nuts and Candy Quot pumpkin i or a chocolate a Virtu Day i a vhf ifou1 move i Tonui i had to work so hard it potatoes Squash Turkey than i Ever had before a Hor that a it Busi a i i i c. R Tell nce a la \ the \ a i pro Meric a c a labor Hor Iron i g att. Al a i ran itt rag nixed Treft him and sense of Zaimes. Both sides stated that the wer wrung to leave the decision to him without even rating their own arguments they knew he would get the fact and would be fair. Quot his i High Aribuk of a by Nate Man a p to a is Quot of intrinsic values. I it Comly american Quot we have seen that this Man is remely american that he can to a a a a Rnic ii a was hard is Uke a Ball i ear tie it Quot a you of ult hold. Another made my poor Side ache then you fail d to Chew your food last night and swallowed it most whole. Bed that s Why they gave you Cantor Oil your stomach to console s a you re a fail Rick this morning a a Well i guts you ought to be re co von do no Chew the things von a stuffing into me. A y of a i whats the . Stum of do la night a lied Nis awful. Al urn wbk that Ain t to eaten no Lea Light. Mick Ain t you sat fled at Iva you i have a. Friend o when iou try to a gallon where two Pinta Are none Tao Small til i wit hard just ilk a Ball and i Taal had to ache. Ton say you be been a Friend to me and be not befriended you tour a abused and overworked me a til i m sore All through j univ Piu it knit throw Irb cause von int appreciate the _ you give me Rill i wanted Hefte rid i do for iou. Iii a Friend to Why Ain t you i to e ? the irs vome car a ight because my whine a fi so k this flt mighty Blue made this goes Little Dollar to Market Heaters today Ideal a tin la a i Star r Felsl the for Mica r ? hints hoi i not hat tins urea to a t t lire c to j Quot i 1 to Tho do aint i Tho Fig ski Eom Edv. A a i a Immi me theater a porn mix and Hgt the Fine pal stars a a for Nisi r pea blood bound eat i As the Quot a Iii Lite theater a a Ben k. A a a y tar St a r than Penrod Ai i Gemei ? is als i ensures of the a it 1 and i Good two a Uhn if Ina i of to Ting to i. T byes a a fight my he u. Or to. I or be Chi Iii Quot we i Nan be ii. A j�>.jp�. Rev of True Ai Hep into i of of a a re forced for la or i ii Den j la y or a u >1 Bize we or j a r y \. E i i a 11 v of a f hts no limitation of a sound 1 _ _ a a Arlonaus. Some have therefore umut Henf i do a by boat a i Quot it a a a Gate mph and a a Mai concluded that he neglects the j then Vou a me whats too and nit cogent implications of the Arp of a ii rent a a it a he boy matter that i had to go and men we have been following Friend of ache t it moreover they have arrived it a a a Tith b a a i by the Southern aes. I position by misunderstanding a Jurne. To o f Vou a . Ca heart anti expressed views regarding a world organization and a filled my 11 .m i 1 a t Jve a Roper end deserved Pml r urn him o pm s to his clearly and Emphis Ike hav. him to. A ,.,m,. Policy of he is. j no i aa human being whom we or manuf by the very have said he is. Of i Confidence National principle v. To eater the at War re or ii i exp Inchon. re. F per Donti to v and Nee Mexico dental society. Selfish reason did j and a -�-1 la. I ii i Predo Waters. B and bel1 \ till Iii i o it. A. Ii u .a it pm 1 c Al Coolidge h Apo both hims Al f and sex gov. Lowden Nom ate l Tho r a i 11 i. N sons common f of. is a i the. I or Washington june 12 pres con to right i Coolidge a aware of devel Anet Ai intents at Cleveland today both j depth this and through the radio at. A Vas a to w Lurt card hot the Biff Sci and Frank Lowd a my at1. Neah ease made any comment it was said by by to use close to cd univ that to Proba Laj t Send message tonight or. Lowden urging him to redder his Dee Quot la Jot to to a ept Al e preside it. Ii a nation. Despite Tho Aitu Atlon at Ltd a and. The president attended to his 11 d s ties almost As Jai. A i Lith p Choup part a a ver upon ii j0k< of a free t is f i Lent har it j amp a . 11.-St tipi me people la based the deep spiritual interpretation of human Siuea which we have set Forth then the argument my. Of j necessity culminate Costah Ishing he a clearly defined world View. Of this there i abundant evidence ,. A a we May Well begin with the treat .Stion of Quot a. It Hie problem of civilization today. Any Man Quot to believe w a he evidently does must be opposed a i a Chi a a it a v j r f i a t de am to so lha advocate adequate military a a a redness by of i and land a ii attic Udo to War tb.. Tuft what die Clit Zara with a world View can support and advocate. W a Amu Lea s fundamental ideals St a. Take anywhere America inuit be k a a a dues i recognize duty to Mankind my of of Gallons it world leadership it seems at Range re i ithe rho d that such Issue need be raised. Ito r�?�a1 by Aeoline this world a Quot of wry v h Blem we must let the president a 4 a a a a air self a a of. Jan ,�?ov1 re to Ltd my a lbs speaking thai Yuvi Bere him if a v birth Lay of. Whom to h la Jig. It i it. before the Amiitftn club of Chicago be 212 a my ado supporters to make trip sort of triumphal tour a v rid that Ca a r should Given a human being. re b nothing 1. I i a a o s a a red liven exchange.i. A spurn has cd. A. I re i Po-.1 daughter of a special to the journal v Lute be. Juno 12�?"up p riot of islam i. I we Quot Iii make bit trip through me it of the Quot Aiti lie Den Rath notional convention at new York a sort of trl tit Riphin tour. No a Ril Iii to Arthur is Lignum head of the if Tito pre Conven Uon a am a Jilin Thi Dale Mcadoo through a w at ii o Bdl Siun Laj by Way a of Gallup la a it inc Lamy and i Ais \ c a Arni probably Quot ill make Jar platform talk at mini of pot nil of these place arrangement Art pm Long math to have his supporters turn it at All of these Ida c Ami a i it a him link Jit new i 1 re. I it end of fifth Harry Bramer rips rights anti lefts to Alamosa boys Midriff and scores technical knockout i Tith it a v i ? a a i the to rid cd i Anil eve s Flection is believed assured a it arc and a a. toward Orchid among the proof the c rib a my or i la by o j Quot r to by oar pow. To bestow. This the a Sam moral Gran aunt a of Clith National idea a to of. Mastic relation la being made it f i cry Ign relations. A Washington # birthday ir22 sneaking at Baltimore mad pungent remark t deny duty to Conin a or of sacrifices for. J a pres Hen h Roe i to if a v. J Ved i of to i the b i 11v it pre it i Quot Elim j la s a or Chi ins Lati Pou ame Lea to declaration it y a ii i fit it a a it a i amp then my i Santa be june a Eddie a a a Alamosa Flash w to never lost j Battle woe a fat a badly her to Light by Harry Bramer of Denver. Veteran of Over Soo ring Battle throwing a Towel fluttering into the ring just before the Gong rang of Flat Given dec a six a a Lith round Maua #. And Oakland Alif. June 12.�? Ray conceded Brame toe Quot inner by polka a Given a decision Over a technical knockout. Tho fight was Jimmie Darrah of los Angel scheduled for six rounds. Their four round exhibition match Outcen ralling the Alamosa High Hith auditorium lure last night .m#r la the Sekii final Vivki o Donnell a Choli boy the Nan Dramer von a decision of a r Bobble Fertit. 1 fought a methodical Battle to King Mack # Rangy Lead to the face and retaliating with ripping lefts and rights to the Short ribs when he Hod malt within Range. He had j old Mack hanging Over the rope at r and of the fifth round apparently i feet. The fought it 126 pounds 8. Kid Pacheco of Bant be won a a decision from to Martinez of a Ai frinldiii<1 the eight round i the final at 122 pounds. Young pan a who t Ilia a t Albu query if and kid at Joe rom of san a be fought a 1 cd Quot Xix round draw at 124 Pound and y a ung Case dog Aid kid Fen is Pounders Drew the curtain my Timir. Cd i i Kupp Cai m i me Thod surely i magi rite a iry a pc Fie. To a he of a1 if would the disc Gre Ien get by the r o r a x e t pm Aye of Arr Ca it ii nth b it re it and int he would a . Independent he be. If to i uni i Coop Erat correcting a Lim Nati r a War a a i ratan a differ cd a a win i c vol Bow is pm Tami l it a a a a. V. It m cd Estes Park i w of. Toll Lead says and to Hurt a . Basno a been trying v # tof a i a a it a i Evl de ii b a pm. Mior i c be. the Fry r for i f Ria Tea r d re Catarrh i of head or that is i Kelly Tai benefited by the Vapours it f a v 5cks if Vapo bes it r i Multi Jar i to a arh Pottel i qual Sot fro ire a $ eater a mph s and which it i a a ii. A div a re of Ltd a rib a a s a Ole to avoid meeting his Poi and hearing part of a comp Reg of a world we path a meet. Burden and la knot Ere .� them or win to my full Par i and overcome. For my net it i a a. Rev orto i Lent without evasion and without As downright w e can Square american Way of am a All Kairnes i ask Cai a Quot who a honestly question this honest cd to zen Man s Devotion to humanity is reason must i Rex All a moreover Buck of Hie flue j world id#41 Iran lie he definite proposals h#5<rt i regarding method of procedure a a to j reall Xing his Nim. No to. Yet ump to Titar Ahly a a it of history 1 ii value of Mutual alecigi�ton.�?��. Prot it of k a Ria a amut prevail. Hit Seu it a ital # x Lew i is j to ii Dot to nit judging by bucket shop revelation. There arc fully a Many Mark Tho United Blate As i arc Are. I Germany a my Watt be Wisconsin be we. Every year every family of your acquaintance spends about 70 per cent of its income just for living exclusive of rent so economic experts Tell. I Bink what this Means seven dollars of every ten infected food clothing household utilities and All the multitude of things that keep a family comfortable and Happy. A big Job to spend so much Moneyis and Well. It requires careful business methods to get the Best possible returns from Caci Dollar that leaves the family purse. The Clever woman goes for help to the advertisements of Lier daily paper. I Here sic finds a directory of buying and Selling. She learns about the offerings of merchants and manufacturers. She compares values a weighs Quality and Price. She takes tins opportune of judging and selecting almost everything she needs to feed clothe amuse instruct and generally bring her family. Do you read the advertisements you xviii find them willing and Able to serve you the daily business of Purchase. Bam Chi j. # lovers Chia Man. Ai Vvs ran follow indy american As interest As Broad v. A it crept by i new a la re r i Duma re a the Zook Gisi. Jays that ill animals wit a become extinct wt1 bark the to Iset the Vav so York Tri a thru Are Tho a it that the wbk at Gow arts not ruined Iii rely frighten i. Obviously. Than it Isnit what it d the timid . Fill dispatch. La re dip Bac he ii Iman being National c no pasty a Ruers a the distinction a jail Quot i a a Quot of till i f or ii a a the it Cuti Eurait soap and ointment Quot a a a i keep la Scalp advertisements Are guardians of your pocketbook read them carefully

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