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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 11, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico La 1021albuquerque morning journal Page three it leg altars join defense As Franks slayers still smile Clark my nary Bill greatest bit of Forest legislation in decade officials declare in lilt cot-."rf9 and Baron Anemma and Albuquerque singers handle High class productions in five languages i dots contain the thing Moat him j people Taw of livers Are try for a Broad program of in because of great production end frug i a a for try a id authorize yet wonder Why jaw no longer in i the amour the which Congress May spire re new. Appropriate annually thereafter i Leader. Ssi v iring the Secretary of agriculture proved to examine locate and recommend con for Purchase Euch Force Cut it err of the District of denuded lands within Tho water to be Trio meet to Bede of navigable it Ream a a a a in of Forest. Seh judgment Tny be Nee a a try to Fig the a Jet ten the regulation of the flow of Nave i i let author i gals eur a me of for t b e product it agriculture to lion Ltd Timber such lands Are to a it officials and be purchased through the National the str a Tion for it it a a a vat Lon commas Tion of at i a a l out si1 do i of. It thie commission Pons. 1 and in priv Ulm i it of Tho sect it tries of i Limber Quot Lur Clr and be y. F the Bill follow i the act authorized owners of agriculture a a land chiefly vain by tor the growing of to tuber crop to donate such land a the i. Piled it Latex when they so de ire at present of require a spa Iii joint leists. Tocu of Congress to accept the do a nation of private land1. The pre. Int Bill will eliminate the necessity of such legislation my att lands Tco Apted under this appropriation of the act shall become a part of the adjacent National Forest the Eeerg Miry of agriculture la ii Fth Wir i of . Rial Rind Docteu. Mine the location of Public look chiefly valuable for Stream flow Protection or for Timber pro duo i Hon which can be economically administered a part of the National Loretta and report hit find i to the National Foi Cost com Mil Ion. If such Lind me a i proved by the it Oman Islon the 1 president is to a it authorise to add the it binds to existing National forests. D time presided t 1 a tut Hor j ted to ate establish a nations Fortis or co parts the ref any land within the rut boundaries of government reservations other thin National Park rational monuments or Indian reservations v hied in the opinion of the Secretary of agriculture ate suitable fir the production of tuberculosis miraculous results Are testified to by tuberculosis sufferers who have used the a Cha Elsah treatment at Home to it a i ii. A als of i to lit i r a non Matt x i in a pre which t i m hired i lie v Lew of j i it it a re lands tem of f 911 ill i on a r in i n to be Ach state lop in n offi and Louii h a. T. It i other a it la of tim r i a i or laude v Paet a tenant ton Rev of eve Tveten with 1 of As without tsar. A w Nelse Greet j f i is of. Is and without til it in Eek r of Pui Man spa Tuboni. I it an >4 is it pm i Sanae of Trey a a ten of los Al irs to Cistand i tsar a. Re a con Ute a i a of it Tiff to is offset hii9&Quot to in or a re i i .-<�?�.�? Ltd by p Anne for a St it of t Midi not it . Rne Kotien of a of a Ftak Tkv to Prohl pm Etiene a i a tie so f Ati r act Ort hi1 of Ltd tit in full i a a 4 Tutor so p a Forfia. I nos tilt it r#f�in<i#4. This a re a in it a Isra Etee i basked i. Y a 4p a of in la an a feet to it of i in i r of. A la is hor.#? Bank. A1 Rota Quot a Evash i a i i pm Lien ars. no we Canu ii sport a 1 a 1 be t a k Quot to m a i i far to sniffy we Alii a set Flash fret a wry to. T a 0#n-rl in sat a aedes to avs cast t re a pc. Stop la a map a by eau is psst or. Cele . Above Nathan i Leopold. Jr., Sta Otler a glance of disdain at Richard in we. For whom by now hold nothing but , and in it William craters Jerome. Below Young Loeb conversing Jovial Huyot lib it Tortich Ltd Irente Harrow my in the least concerned with his Phrot it would ferns. Pet ate in f limb in to. A a try 11 u Ard i my i Ahful St ii a Richurd Loeb Aud Nathan Loc gained fume by lib Brilliant if o desc a Quot other Poldy or. Treat the t tins mailing attend pts to Send Hap g. Quot. Mile i noose for the murder of Robert by in thaw to Tbs Clectner chair. Clarence Darrow famous lawyer Franks i Arrow and col Lea j is report to be already in gag in or in to pc the most imposing i inn. Benjamin Harrach Arede. And the name of Samuel to of i to relent Ever a Aero i seeking the cooperation of other term yet. New York Legal con bled to this country to defend a Legal to striation. To mentioned a a porn a f or i Al with $1.uw,�00 William travers Gerogie. A gig nit i. Member c. The Detent l j hards to Cam i brute new York lawyer who a Terre. Arizona couple come hip to be married up Fry. A i by a whet. Mamma Badger at zoo carries wipe cutters with her at re stator Vars of tiny in of or Lui to la a it Tho a in Ltd i i 9 at a1, i my to a la Iid of tint Carn a air a Ltd it in cutters oi1 Cabal Ltd ult a i a Bollt its Iupati a live a i ii a Ballat r ail two i Tabt Laih a a i. A nip Iii prof i of it of tin Roo rho fir thin c to la it mull t lid Tao it cwt la r Titi it a a it it tilt atle Vtha la it of Niew a a a a of in a a v v v til \ Nett a tit 10 1 of v t in. St us joint a a a hot a Ami of i to a in a it i mgt a it a lint us it it Iii. T Ai Ami tin Lunk Al a Ain Cut Lor Vaj it. \ huh i Ordng Nia Ilc Impi a Pina by loth roil of it pin Lri Iii Loci. I to i Ulici Ami Ber itts bit a in c Lull of i in Ami la keel tic to it i tit. In lain him i he Iii i 4 j a j a i Hilt -1 till a it Ber i ii a i iric Nik an Tiitto tin cot j.,. A a tie Witt up work to i Otlo r tan Iii haul. Hut ten to a afraid that till i v i. Fityo p it it a i Pilj Borti in oui i Cit them. Listen world or Rutn a it i. Full usurp Tycz by t0dn3i>o la Irma it a it n a. I it i Ilva lilt Mil i Mihm. In in till i. I i that by a it get Esi i i agric Unur to y Tho effect of j and practices Itu Stion and to it offi Cio la of Tho �T�t.-1 agencies in designed to in Zakon Orvy two promote Prat methods of insuring t Anding St on growing for St front s by fir Cid a a her causes. It in tem plated Tbs an amount to exceed $2,Soo, May be opiate annually to carry out so purples Here i of or c Mimer a tit or sent act. However o9 not carry any Pyffe approx Ria lion for this purpose. The secretory is also auth or i Rad co operate with Tho various the procurement product on and distribution of format tree cd a and plants for the Purpo s of St a bits tiny for upon denuded r non forested Linda within a Uch hates. Thin provision i of pm my that the a mom t ended by the state must equal Tho six int expended by Law Federal government. I a this Congress May also appropriate lot to a Weed co of pm r year. That secret try is authorized to with appropriate a nth f clip la my with other Agenda and to in in i Atid ask it the owners f farms or of laude suitable Hie fit for Timber production it. Tab Ishing and providing and Oil a inst the Wood lot. I Citer i i n Jailbreak am a a Volu ble Timber growth this Coop a lion is also based a it a an equal sex tend Turc Tot the Riffle purpose by although the a Ltd a v admin titration r the purpose a ail i in have world Holch ii hic i 6 of March i j own a the ded by author you kids party robbed of terrors for a by new appliance try Lemon juice a to Whiten skin stops v t y pee unit r t its All Jon. I a i re v Der a y a in the free motion i used i have when my Days were a Jar i can thank 3. S a for it All do not i i e Fol my Irlvy j for t i a f i i ii at i Mia lv1 a Warow insects Quot a liquid kills flies mosquitoes Moths Ani Roaches All insect so i .mf.?. T e waiting close your eyes and think that health free met. Ran and strength ave gone ii on you forever it is not. So in i.-1 into air the Mist kills Mem x / Ahey Pead St Hirn i. To human try am i Ovi i Don Kot stain. Tam. It i use 5tsp you. I u t i 31 t is ii s a a i a a v tile Rinbei of r and Hloi de it is the entire by it a tremendous nge everything on jd-5,Vren,Fth. Blood which so. In Fin Lent red Zellh it a a to orig list of troubles. Rheu a 11-co a Nti of a re s. S 3. The great by Vod clean her blood i or. N tem ener a i ii \ inv Ai it a sol a r. Wen Iii est flood medic inc suburban rime owners in it tunning a the Iii Lichen Fud bathroom in i or Home install 10 rift v Little i ii ranks it alter Plant. I in j t at Ion in. Our 11 Stromouist Igi Neering company u Ming plumbing i m "7 n the i Ifilio ? Quot Tiz Quot e in Worl u Vii l Al i vol. City commission to hear protests on opening of Fruh ave. Albuquerque May observe Auto Brake inspection week i i la a Ait or or far w Arlt Iii 5r, 73c and 81 of i i a it 11, it St i Kin tie Vav i wed need ii Quot n air v 1 �1 ill la to Tild i or ult i up Prima and r Are a to cars w Fero a Load via will b or Oil the around adjusting Observance f n week in to a a traffic and to both in the Ltd. Y s a i t Himori of our bread t b Cor a bout <3 help t a a a a Matt i you we e Relief 1-1 y of i Mil or Laia Mim it i i jul Luy til Iii Hii United fets eur there to lev i. ,.i. 341.jp4 Miles of vhi4 u i i for Tbs High a. Of a sort of Welcl i ii Ca Quot of Gilly 4 20, j of plies Are unproved sur in face. Rangl a from Sand Clay re ? in a c is r no to the Rno to durable. Amp of bottle to it in hours of engineering . It pleated with this number Acme 20.000 rep the use car it eat Fedex a a a St neb in i 1 a i kidney there were Only its Miles iu1. �?., or pc your pocket boo tour bread is As find h 9 Cost by i liked ii id i Siu till cheapest f Ai food. Try a Leaf or to you become big tread at your Houe and you can Cut Down on other foods j More expensive though not so nourishing Pioneer bakery 20 Nouli or ,. 9 to. I i try appropriation enumerated it big Parade tonight at 8 30, the Albuquerque City band will head a Parade of 500 from they m. C. A. To Robinson Park along West Central. It will be a Parade absolutely unique in the history of Albu que re u e. When you once see it in motion you will want to join it. You will never forget it. You will never forgive yourself if you miss it. Tonight at 8 30 475department stores 410412 West Central Avenue Albuquerque n. M. 18-in. Travelling bags popularly priced you be teen proper a trying a old worn oot bag and the flied Hax not been plea org. Get t new bag i the particular hag Here i los to fjord is of imitation leather with extra Large a Tal base Comers brass lock and Bolt and two straps around the hag. Verv too near at $3.98 exceptional t Runk v allies durability at a Small coat a illustrated covered with Black enamelled Metal and bound with tame material brass Corner lamps brass Side catches Good dowels and Tork two Strong leather straps fancy lining tray inside divided in to parts with lid Over entire tray. 32lns. 34ina. 39-tna. 19.90, 515.90, 517.90 Black leather bags that Are travel Erst pleasure Strong serviceable Good looking Black leather travelling bags with brass inside lock and special pick catches sturdy leather fined with pocket leather Flap Over lock. Good Alues As Yon will bad them. Bise 18-ias. Sis 28-taa. $4.98 $5.90 my Murthy t paints a varnishes used thru out the West since 168� where Beauty is Economy when you gratify a love of Beauty by painting your Home you have the added satisfaction of practising real Economy. Faint prolongs the life of the property it beautifies a an instance where Beauty is Economy. By using Mcmurtry mixed paint a the paint of longer life a you make a double saving. It protects and beautifies your Home at Ess Cost per year Chui Dorte to name Haniah easily applied a easy to keep Delft mid in White Ivory Sod French or a rubber floor varnish a made to walk Oft Quot a ones hard aver night made in Clew she in colors. Sud Crspo varnish impervious to hot of of cold water a / we uni Well and Vii a and Asp Lauri. 0 old Cote the liquid Wall papa washable. 24 Colen k and White which Means err Shade desired. Eur Sale by Albuquerque lumber company 423 North first Street Gardner lumber company 1825 South Williams Street manufactured by jut Mcmurtry manufacturing co. Paint and varnish a Ken plate window Glass and mirrors 1533 a Rara Hoe Street. Denver

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