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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 7, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page four Albuquerque morning journal june 7, i92fl fuser s Romer helps Chw Refeit Yankees baseball Calendar National league american league How the of Stam Fites win it pair in a Row n w York a Wiviott a Rosalyn. So i Quot ills Cincinnati Csc Lingg a Chicago twirler gets first circuit clout of his Long a major league career score is four to one a ass ,2� ,14 i pet to. T dry. 12 .731 n a we York 30 14 .0 2 1# .678 Fol Ladelphia. ,24 i .668 2 .3 3 Cleveland so 2�. My .111 Detroit. Is s3 ,40 22 so to. Lentil. To ,4 70 24 .4 4 7 . .18 35 ,4 to ssh its Breton ,.1 73 .h0 in in in 0,&Quot Lim ,14 26 ,380 a 111 Iai new to rec june i Tho Home or. Of or Lone n air i Cupi it of i bile Kuhn it pm inf e id d Chica Winnie us firs gum of the from n a w y a rat to1 it a the Quot Phil tiro.-. To. Tit a i a. Of fit a t. no a i a St loot of Philadelphia Detroit at Washington him co at new York Cleveland at Boston. Ruether weakens in the sixth Pittsburgh puts six runs across and cops game. 7 to 3 Rah. To air i i Filiti a Arnm a h set it Fhlen to to of it rf., i i a pm of. Ifft fro today i i r. A a it or a 1 or nuts in a the hot i by a in to than ran in the firs to i Rill Iff when p. Or in the a do i y6 to Hua is lust its c a Eland 17 but a on 4, i Horafo 4 Hen York i Philadelphia. A St. Louie i. Washington Introit i. Jia lift be nor we if e Hen tit forces a tiring j a a a Froit a a nth in. He Ivor. It of a o it the dry a by torn the in straight sport Corner general j 1ihnc> the that Bai and it Wallop Forte. A la to. Ii to. \ r. A foyer of. 4 j of ant 11 the Mcclellan j i. A a Wrt Colusa so. 4 it 2 i talk a a it fms a in tit. Of. A 0 Mig Foti my Eft by. La a a. 5 i 2 1 a a ii a Al to of a 4 a a e Al in Kart in 6b ,4 i a will find far my a. In i a a a t rain Etc it i.�?, p Tea in in a a a v to Quot tie Arnm i 4 la Hilf a via he w baby mams by of the new York in p h by nth to fore it a b. It. N it in a. K. Witt it 2 in Joan. B4 j i the Rin it if ii he the of a 3 it a pint 1b 4 ii i a ii ii a a a n in inn a i it Keusal of. 4 a 0 a or the c pre cd Ward 2b. 4 a 0 x 4 a has Ion, a 4 % la i 0 0 banal Ever Hofmann c a i i to Fig Llu the Renfroe a p a i a 0 0 a 0. Al Leaf i a a in. A Quot i woo Tihy i it have been mors fit Psi or it of for Al to hats bought his Sloe in Tho Phillies or oho at Tho Boet n clubs. Ass Tbs hrs j a it i nut off of aint Tho Oloc Solte he a hour afire c f to to i in Lee Bill Psi is hrs Are Pichiu Swu rho i Fri poll Lens shortest to that i Abe horror nil a i la a mall of his Riffat e i but there a i Surine totals. Liy innings Chicago. Not w York. Summary ,.23 i 14 01 pm ii Adios shortstop for the Juan it Arn and who a been in. Id 102�?tithe Frame longer even than Hoss Ooi too Coo a i 4alaar, stopped Over yesterday two base hits by and monday n route to Al paso ran Shel a Kimm. Hit Kab Quot in. Home run i olm bases play Pennock. Rinse on balls off Pennock. 4. Seasons Al past team. they air. Pabor. 4. Struck out by pen held a reunion Here. Nock. I Faber 7. A a hone Criqui say a Kilbane was a tin miss Oswitha Shin Middle distance swimming Champion of Nev stand i expected to enter several aquatic events in the United Staten the year. Us University r f Southern Clr for la will sen j a team of three men to the third annual Matt it f thy National collegiate athletic association at staff Field Chi ufos. The thro a will be Norman and do Aric i Mon find a Al a m ir7. Use Tbs meet is for the a Dovidu. I championships of Tho colleges of America not to determine a championship team. Teams will not figure As Points will not be stored. Tram with a Al n tip Onuf Quot with the base fill to i Rah in the seventh inning Delft the heme Twenty three i amok Len nut re. St a orc. A. Ii ii. To. A. I. Neie of a 0 i 4 it 0 Johnston. 2b. 3 a i 2 a 0 by i Ley Iff. 4 0 0 1 it a wheat if. S ? it 0 a foul aim. La. 8 la ii 0 0 it Mccarren so. 3 i 2 8 a High. Imi. 3 it i 1 i Taylor to. 4 i i 9 i rust her a. ,1 ii i a Smith. A. A ii o it it 0 Xin retry i 0 0 it it or a stir a o 0 it 0 0 a Tot Sis .33 3 24 i Pittsburgh a in of. To. A k Jose Rivers May not fight Eddie Mack in at Hill of lose rims will Bot 4/tdle Wink St Hie Armor Juno of a will lie known tonight. Ben a fat 0 Ltd bold a Rentiers enc. W lilt nil Boll ten at is tit i it into today Himi his coworker. Ban Padilla Ami Quot in ski Haklo know be torn a p. In. Whether or not hirer will appear. Oft plated la. Night that nol Tutto Mai another Prtt renew Iti for tim fight. Ilir i will or no po11�odement. I lie doctor have air. Ady r. Eyed Sho its and Wilt probably went 5w for a fight the night of tune 19. The dentists Wilt probably Al of want a i. K Ofey to. The it Dutral to. If Tiomi has a Uriel n Rani Flint bight and a Mfd flies Attall have to those dlr Etline affair of utter Star Stein either hot Hoff cd Tow lf., win Tunc miser Surti a Aiti in memorial Day and i Date Wark who he billed or a different main event staged the retained refine for Anet iter is Saki to in i is n i v do to Tho memorial due fight and partly to the a that i livers has developed trouble with a tooth a Hhd Heyer May lie the a everybody a no eem cd a Wadi los that there have already been to Many Post Pone Mon to of the Lilor. Mark boat. One More Notum take it it fur. Bal a Tojo a 11 f it tin fan in the it pts Lon that a it is a tog of kids play and to reach the no Comra that sol thin filter. Afar a a and Firth hate at nit i Cill Titley ran play to us Llyn ii Urs i it timing. Of iut a in unit Iii to Lim done 1b hmm Quot of tin memorial Day Hunt. Or of i refuse to appear for any other n Amu la is quite possible a Olla Fnu a table of will be plated in the a me at Gary by the hosing a the Mel Art by hate been nude Rahle As at Ira it ions Here. Tim rum int loner have wearied As Moet a Tho fan of the Moon. Short id Oil to Refue to go with Lite Nta Ieli Iii i i stable is liar Rel from in lure in it it but by flt. Even lib Iriemi will Bot of a i Lnell Neit to eve tend non Prat it in my that. Flu War Insl that t liter wild not who with Fink ii a of dose Lre to Chico. Ile knew of Ila we in let it of Rivers hating Lite Chance to by Here even though he Mon from Cleo of in suffered an injury tit that fight. Yin great difference in the Fin Metal n turn bet wan tit. Dilate last nil Hie one Here a it incentive to warrant waiting foe the a limn be i Nim rial of the Oitt coins to Jere Ollette anti i stride the fund a i Buic la went in with lit r be open. Hie fan will know by tomorrow morning at the Lap i what tin program for Lune id i to in he by a it i Ai h this said i tips Albuquerque buyer a map a the Garter if Hie be is and fest inn and Dimity him la techs t. Finds Comfort in the Thorl fact the by is a red a leaded he Muti. N Fea Cove Georg Meyers horse is a great mudder. Fathieh la fruity the base t Bill hag been playing in Colorado j apropos in a or Ber. I # a a i k,�?T., Moat trouble Medina Arthur Weiss Ara t a it j in the Imp Leeward and Tipp Gal. Y played toy her several j North athletics i her Brooklyn Flor Whf r Gallant it but they ars he the irishman him for they re there. Jail whose Friend 1.111 even though we a they can to put you in jail it v a i he heart throb Awa Philadelphia 3 St Koala 2philadelphia. June with new that whatever lie might Lack that. A a Lem Harris hitching in master other who in years for instance Ful fashion. Philadelphia today a la a clean a than evened the series with it. Lott it it is pleasant to Loar such a i against left inv Hook w Hen Tilv re win none 5 to 2. Four double Jirm ii from a Man proved of Cour and mat k to Hole. Plat % by the local in Fidera cwt of in tit Ort it i Abt Down e t. Jouis Attas while a a a timely hitting gave the athletics Firpo will never be very popular there is a runs in a Hgt of ? a a last to a the fan if it Ltd let i innings. Miller and Tobin had Champion. The Wiser is loved by Home Rune. The acor the fight fraternity As mice love by cub i cat. A. It. I to. A. E. Ieti i vers right in so Good that us i Ion to May have developed h Truing to Jolt pet to a Loose from a tequila bottle. Maranville. M 6 t 2 1 3 Carty of. 4 a i it s 0 o did pith of. 4 i i t n a Kilt Harn Hart of. J a it pin a f i Treynor 7b 4 i i 8 i Grimm la. T a i 11 it Rawlings. I 2 3 2. J hoi gofoth4 0 0 3 to 0 i Hamilton a. A it 2 j a1 Nti to Tot ale. .35 j St a j ii it j a a batted for a a myth to i in not in i and u Lite Koai to ast it Agi m of r to eighth. La or Ina i Brooklyn Rio Oil oooo Pittsburgh Voo Ojo 00v�? summary hits Milf. I ill. A t. Louts .1 j triple and of i go is til a a j Philadelphia Utree game t went twelve or \ to a it a it of do Maat la i a to 4 Al Terv Day in the first joke Jaa i a time id i Kosonh. I Sioux Chih i i iome City 4 to 4j t it a mor tui a Post rat Carren Rawll new i in to Lorce tic it i it up in Tho seventh and the Bas hits Higbee Taylor i often locale you tinted the tie by Seo in base a Treynor. The Ubu play few Len in Tho tenth. Maranville Gooch and Grimm. Be. So i it i base on bails Uff Uether a .004 43d la &Quot#�?��?4 la Hamilton 6. Shuck jute but m. dm441 7#bt i Hamilton t. Hits off Huettich Batter a Ole War Enil Elln. 9 in 6 innings In us. A. Be in Toney and n partly. I Docster. 3 in i. Losing �?1 a Pitcher Ruether sol lilt has association Birmingham i Atlanta 9. Now Orleans Memphis rain my a a hit the i Nashville. Ii Chattanooga 4. To dress coolly and Well Rasy. Our Trabart Litif d. Triin worsted. And Palm Brachok will keep your temperature Moderato. And they Are tailored to stay stylish $18, $20, $25, $30 c attached shirts i ropes Vilish Bro Soisette y poplin Shasta in and colors to a Blue Grey and White $2.50, $3.00, $3.50, $5.00 Eubanks la Aai a Cintra no graph you do a a but in t Tell a fourteen seamen Are saved from drowning balt More it june Tobin of. It or. Is. ,. A it Obson. Of. Wilma Oak h. A Mcmanus 2b. A a a a retd. A Schlehner. La. Ellerbe. 3b. A burst. Robertson. A a a. A an Gilder pm a Collin. Pruett p. A Jolson. A median a the fans Are unable to figure nut by River a hould want to first Roundel la a of and Mark at fat tits a purchased a Bloke of Stock in thebe when Hie Iii not a re Iven 0 i. Louis nationals. Much More profitable. Re re. R to the o j. Wild pit by to Etc it Pitcher a a Taider Alae Iii of finn. A Burro it. I 0 Washington june of a Johnsoni a had Detroit Uthi or it Rey today left while washing a it Nha Fra Ltd sop losing a play program opens Fred Crawford wins in fifty Yard sprint t Limo age a Jacw Yow i Chicago Jane it d Art n of Star left hander today smashing it four Dot Blei Ai of which i in a six in ens Dory Over new York evened up the series. Vie Ahl Rodvon the other hand held the w Jyrld champions to thre it hits one a Horn r by Snyder which saved tin giants from a shut out a thick fog off Laks Michigan the first on f,.rry and t record at cubs Park play Tow no a a. Time Hung Over the Field at d j. Made it to dark at times that i i f it a Tapopo Esible to Cee beyond the. Foundered almost immediately Ftp several times it was raft to r the eras ii. Either tugs and in met n aft in Quot on thrown i the Clyde inner Koi hound crashed into in place of the by m d tote this y had i Harbor Lonj Folk outward 1 a Barge used 1 Tad Way Locust solicitor was and the Star a totals 32 2 to 2 t la i in a. R if. To. A. N Matthews of Hale. 3 b. Perkins it. Ila user i b. Miller. If. Welch of. ,. Galloway us. Scheer 2b. Harris p. T .4 ,4 .4 .4 i. Total. A i a batted fur Herb 2 w t 0 4 a ii i a a 1 i 2 8 a a i i is 2? 1 in Sib. Port Likely to win 3 to i. Allowed hits and Al five. Seer pet Rob i in a Aya a guru Quot i h batteries fran and Lawler Johns the first of the summer at Blet i Johnson Evert we a r m at Washington Ruck out j yesterday morning at at 3 lock the number of boys pics i was h. S than was Espe a and hued by t or Aland 11 Ston. June i a a batted for Van Gilder in 8th. By innings of. I Ouis ____000 021 la a. Philadelphia too Ojill a a summary three a hit we Ila is. Home runs Muter Tobin. Double plays Galloway s Heer Ila Ute t. Harris. Scheer to a Hauser a How a cheer to Hauser Galloway to Hauser. Base on Ball a off Van Gilder 4. Pruett i. Struck out by Van Gilder i Harris. 4 Hite off Van glider la it i Pruett 2 in boils s. 3. S. Will prove to you in your own ease the a a How and a a Why of its remarkable blood cleansing Power there is a Yea son for Evory think that happens. Common Saenso kill misery. Common Fri be also Dopa boils 8. 8. S. Is Tho common i onnely got left Field few in the fourth. Fyk Ore Cleveland i in goo til Bolton. Ooi <hs0 001 batteries Ove Likio Fullerton to Douf my rial. And in Evora a r. N. N 00ft a i a j. In a 12 of Tho time was exceptionally go is Holloway j Fred Crawford the 30 it a dish in six seconds Flat his very Good urn. Fri d d not run in Graceful form he a the Speed. In a special race Crar Vford won be Rhodes leading him Rdv Rhodes was chum Pion sprinter of la Quot Junior Litchi Boden i Boston pitch h is but o in a. Ineffective Aud wild Toda it 0 Cleve land making sixteen hits Sod 0 a mins eleven bases on Halls and from by a winning it to Ltd i. It i it pc Bakiu had by o a easy a in a a a a Pinch i Lith to a school this year. To in Glassman or is h. 2b and Leo Vann also mad Quot Good Lime. Meuse i of Escarp for the to Confer a whether a alls Bah Ltd to the on Field had been caught. In the third inning Otto Vogel. University. F Tiunis player with the gut. Sent a h a Fly into the darkness in right Fie d. And reached second s ase. Pep Young rushed to the infield and claimed he had Cauch the Ball. The two umpires Cor. Feared and gave Young the Verdi a few min Rte inter Young dashed a and scooped a drive rolling Over is he do co again of claim d the Ball had been caught. Another consultation of umpires follow cd hut the a t in Quot a Oung was a a a ruled. Score ban a Oft is Jackson a. Orch. 8b a mall Craft dashed to Tho Ald of the a flounder i g helplessly in the water and succeeded in rescuing All. H the bases full n. It. F. It m 3 4 11 i and Niva to rav sum am hic an association Bara is City to j a�?T.#, Gam Quot pop . Rain. Man Neapolis to Pond. Min. Columbus. 8 St Indianapolis. 3 11 \ a 11 i Dallas to Wichita fulls 2 so re it port. A Houston. 2. Galveston Houston. Sun Antonio Cut Beau Moio innings. Interesting pose of Italy a hero in , i in k to irs. Re. Six team the Young bulldogs Kelly la. Giants spark plug methodist 11 of Connell of rates amp a. To it and one unnamed Snyder. Team have entered the league for blam Boun r la years. This prom Nehf. Uses to be one of Tho Best leagues muh during the summer. They will Piny at 6 20 each afternoon. Glenn a team would Uke to have two More game Post team a Thi Quot no l Ama or the Youngm no stats of. Be Agate have Given their lineups As Kot Loufer is Yot. But the Quot de molars Browns by Grantham mar it a is Alvarado a sundry and Ihu to Farrell o baptists 11 ave cd rifled the to tool org. 3b Bon of in. Ring. This a hould h Miller of a Don without delays that Prate Vogel of a a tic games can to arranged. Hartnett la in the midget league the Thun i Aldridge p f rho its pirates and a team Cap stained by Guy but Oxer Ore entered. Tho schedule Start june 19. I the thunderbolts won from Tho pirate by til a or of i get 2. In a j practice game at Washington gift yesterday morning Skinn res Field g and Avalli Ngn Steps were lev Paul. A. Mph Mil be. 4 3. An n of i a a v3 i i 3 .7 to a 0 i i i3 it it it 3 93 it 0 3 j4 0 1 i of 4 it 0 gift 04 0 to 1ft it of 4 0 it 2 it 08 i i 3 a a it. It 0 0 0 it it a 0 0 i 3 it i 0 it to 0 "0 spew a a a .52 i i him or # 34 15 a it or pc Al. 4 2 2 3 it it i i 1 4 a a. \ i i s i 0 i 4 i. 4 i a 0 i 0i it i it i 3 f. I it it it.4 0 3 14 Quot i ii i 0 4 if a. A a a ,. ,3 3 6 12 15 2 .000 o0c 010�?. Too 202 20x�?-i sense remedy for bolls because it is built on reason. Scientific authorities admit it Power s. S. S. Builds blood Power it builds red blood cells. That is what nukes fighting blood. Fight ing blood Dentry is impure Lefi. It lights boils. It always wins it fights pimple it fights skin eruptions it builds nerve Power thinking Power the tight listed Power thai whirls a Man up into Success. It gives worn but Tho health the angelic complexion and Tho Charm that moves Iii world these Are Tho reasons that have made h. 8. S today Tho or. At blood Cleanser. Body builder Success builder and its Why re nits have made tears of Joy flow a urn the souls of thousands i total by new York. Chicago a ,. U summary twp bad Bitoy a a of Karn it i Riborg Grantham. Horn run Snyder. St Quot ten Baw ire. Wvogel rouble plays be an he orcs r. . J Roft in i Kelly set and Kwh bundt a bolts by 25 i�?9 to j Bancroft to Frisch to pirate it i o 2 0-�?3 a i Frisch Jackson to Kelly. I ban rifts Guilin Owens Bellman and Morgan the giants Piny the Quot Lincoln team. Captained by Marvin Elliot Jet Washington hark it s a thin after upon. I 1 a 1 int Aouad. 3 Tomoti i Cincinati amp i. June 0.--Ijonohut Beauty flute Jiehe let Mcnamara today Ann j Fri the Beds won the be copy Gane of j i the eerie from the braves 3 to 1 a two Bitof and an out Gnu the i a soft answer will turn Awny re their Only run in the first in j Wrath but it la darned Little Knitig not a which they did not get a i effect on a Book a ont. Ii i by Ruck out by Aldol do Quot. 4 a. Hits Oft Nehf. It in 7 is Blume i in i. Wild pitch i Loving Pitcher a Nehf kell1 Nehf a Ama. Correct the e cat Nee though so had won a Contes she a a great hot her Mother at Tinner third Bai Dom a tire buying new it i not be a matter of bargaining or of risk. You can Hava every Assurance of Good value Good service and a Square Deal. All you have to do is to buy your tires where you see the Goodyear service station sign. There is one on our place of business in this town. A go by or service station Damatan a tall and re Rorn. Tit and tha t to Coo j v a Cor a with a Bat a us a mat her in anti anti Bath i Arm up with Condo tar Sara tem am Kru an a. Isiu no it re i i North. In i. Bids som a eat c Lent re i. Top it motor i o., 211-313 North i Quot air ii. Iii a land ii Anh i Khi in works 123 Quot nth i Iron do i y. I. Kou in i a Ltd ate Norilia do Tel. Simonson a a an set Tut ii second. A i Adi Cut akagi.�?~<>0 South Sceo Iii. Good year Quot it Infin Madr for Wetters Stratf our Point of Contact throughout these Mountain states is the growing Chain of Continental a ervice stations. Thoroughly Modem buildings conveniently located completely equipped Ami stocked with dependable Conoho gasoline Polar inc and Gargoyle mob Kius these stations Are tangible evidence of this company s constant efforts to improve and ext ski its facilities for sender. But with All this Modem equipment there is another and most important factors the Man who greets you when you drive in. He is our Point of Contact with the motoring Public. On him rests the final responsibility in the distribution of our products. On his Courtesy and intelligent attention to your wants the character of Continental service is judged. He knows his Job and we Are proud to say he measures up to it. Next time you need gasoline or Oil drive in at the nearest Continental service station. Conoho the Bale g jew Fine Polar i be the in of it motor of Gargoyle Mobil oils the Continental Oil company a Oaks ado Cor Par non i a Rerp Lafr he of h feb Grout kurd in pmdo4 in co4orw it it of Afaq morn it k. I. Of a i use c m a it Coupon by it it. They Are convenient and my you to and trouble making change. Good at Ell Continental Serrur Static Al and accept i by dealers generally bringing up father. Coping 1923, i y the later National news registered u. S. Patent of lice. By George Mcmanus you re. Oost Ustle vie Var this it i the. L West Orphir of Corr d am in the Hoot y j put it n up of wha hit b 2 oot Apt Nae 4 the a get la Premier Mussolini in formal dress. Intern d. C., writes a Bat Benito Mussolini lab a to ail Premier can Weir a a soup / to it for a Quot fish As Fetchin Gly As the Black l fun a i t regalia of the Pasciuti is in. A. D. Of chaff s57 15th he tried for % had copt took s. S. S. I Arn now absolutely Ken o it Allan per Ivr i Izz Dies ted by this photo one of Tho of Bod i Ery Thuiy Faim it to l tit Talen t the italian a Raan 0 pared Avdyl it Tress he. That did he a a a atry it yourself. S. S. Be. Is so d i All go we drug Mora. The lame Mao is Mure oco comical. Takev Yon feel Uke yourself not a ii the hour. Ass. It a been three years feint borne girl it brows met. It a Quot i e n is a a in f j. A i lot a Nii Frt tort it off a in Ftp a Wood ii Lei

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