Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 6 1923, Page 9

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 6, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Juno i 1920albuquerque morning journal pan when in Sto Quot a a a of Tel i tits a class feed a a Liefh Semient if Oral i Ltd Mir fininia i Fay morning journal classified rates Minim no Ctet ii 2sc Atti n to mice mkt now Hon Quot Quot loth steeping porch font porch Ltd Hod a won built s Block front Simps Otto Block from is Hool ,$99,9�, Tho Boti him per Par of of pm line of fraction Titer of radio m Hiim wit Llic fourth 41 4 Roi the s Tom Ohms i of Stork Busti a deft fume fireplace ii Rte a it i Nirie in Smi t a Din Heel tiffs Large front Perch t. A 1 ii it Mij in it to i i i j a a in i a f a ims Bruit Martin s specials for this week a i room modern or \ Oak floors tart front located on cot lint for Only f2,, Brandi now it roam Ami flagged in steeping porn Sicco it nth basement tit not Oak Hoof Tao plat Filiti sited Corner lot. Thl to Uso is located m Tho part of tim Highland that de Manila a wonderful View Only i2,9t0, Small pay meat Down balance ilk rent. V i Marti compas ural Tolk Sis w. Gold 3 53 we ars agent for albuquerque1 Srmst Tielu Salvo Realdo Nilal Section the country club addition Hava you Toon it or Yod to of Tho savant age of this addition Tho Mir Tettan which Anear you of a goo i Noigh Bori nod and Tho improve Manta that a a a nor brins of not 1st us show you thl soc Uon and exploit Tho condition under which t a Iota ars i cd g cold the v an realty co real a tata and Irv Mac in any and All Porta of Tho City. First class Al liquid contract for Aal Tractive discount. Monty to loan on improved City property at if per mourn a d. Keleher realtor Iii w. Of d <10 an Opportunity for a shop worker 190x142 feet. Anet front mrs Kina on rear oort von tent to Chopa Price 1659 with 1276 of Down and 110.90 per month in Balant you can Aal fifty fest in a Fem Jean Tot in tit coat aaa a Nice Small Home a it Mcmilllion amp Wood realtors lager Doc loan i v. Asch stucco bom of Fly rooms Oak boor Arcola heat and garage. Ai Molt new. In vets Ltd if eights 14 tio 99 6o9/�?~9 each. Bal. 159.00 Par month. W. J. Leverett realtor Phona la in w. Gold i of s if Fob d bit apartment furnished at a 216 w. Of d of -.q. 4 r in to tach aide a a 2 l ath rooms in fir e ranting location. We Alay sell my room hr8, k Homo. Witt an separate am to Mutassi leaving town. Good or inf i k a pith. In Bono 15 7 a got i b for Rentto Mousaad. Til has Eric i f furnish to to Tri b Sile to Quot Rry it a. A Ivy. Roam Luro imbed Bouse in 1 in or in of Mon put. I Hud in Tern c tugs a re 3i4 a. F Gnu h rom �?~furakaa4 Heus far,.-. Tit ? Artie 8e-Onj. 44�.j i Ftp to Jujj Mettr a a7t, i Guetg s t a the Walter no West Odd. Two r in i a St or a Repin a rot., furnished. T secs it Jib waiter Una Reata and Quot a a Chatag Pacha Firnlaft-43. Too. Tso rut tents Ca tt7ttrfir c lib Highland pro eel a. For Ikon to 4 want whiter inquire Clr. Wee cant Raj. Special Daro Ain Largo 6 room Avoir. Good Ha�-rrt0 Drill of in or i. To fix 143 foot plenty Ruk i a apart Impf. Of chads. Toting fruit and a to trip a to for a few Daya Coly 1349. 1939 each i. P. Gill realty co. Phons 779 209 to. Gold i no cult furnished Seal car Manta ii i Ami runts. I top Ilc ergs riots Ana Taw pfc Baa. U0t_we� Mart a part Meg t7tffi i Brown. Toc West Coal run i so boar no fur n i so so. A Oso dents Horal Phons 111. Fue Nishko apartment two is me Picas in. Acc nor to Lse Ltd i. Rem i Tao Rsssie syst meat. It we to new Turk. For r so to Sal St furnished a tilts in a Tarn a Rte a to. Thurs ssi two Quot a room furnished Apar in it Light coax sad air. Is South Waltar. Frdd tag nth Otis Fra it apart Nat. Henrietta holes 11t a. J Orth first loft bin i a Vura had a a j Rill psf tents. 801v cat full Sec and. I Pott lit nth two to m spare sent. Cd pint part of Aux. Iccy weal Cannal Houssik Spinx Home site the Elo met in unsold Corner in Chi Craig height. A gaol investment or Fine location for a Boma. Terra to putt purchaser. A Futon b. A uj3� 1c64-w 126 n. Third Kingsbury a k01umn Hemf. N 4 rooms modern new Adobe Good to re Bee completely furnished located on Eomy a lot priced for Ltd a link a a j2.760 9 one half rash. Home inc Owr a Good d a Hie Hottie modern. Two Baths completely far. A Meh a that property to located on in Good it met and in a fond rant District can a bought on very easy terms Davidson Onmon a have to at a few More of those Large Iota Good soil located on North fourth it Nett. Wimmer Homen we have two vary Fine Aarn Roar Home located on the upper it of priced right. It Kingsbury realtor 1 to. Gold few it. Voe or sen., Var. Is. A Liy iou Forrester. Pons Latf-3, or u Shire t shed a Fraai i Fth Heffi rom wont apart Abl kit is Isris Rte Yard. Sis a for Sale a House a. For ,�vss a it Deal Sii let my r tem i Sis. Finns to a. Fir ooh he. T a Madera k re Rwm Resit sati 114 n if Al Egisa 1 3 j1 a a oar led. Ainu 1443 Coats filth fun Tom or cot Tao is far rant a upper Etc a. Address la. In. Winter Contes end it Tiro. Or res a tips room in Itron fied inst in i a to a cd it West Lead Call Rrt. West it us. I for in. R a Iii i is mass. In he the wet i s1t�w, Bigay i gins a we in spa my Vii gwm i Cuerou apart Hiawata sly of Bourn a j a a a a Wod Fri Hiss Tro i ooze Baa. Sirs. Jet a Walaa. Jot end. Foti Quot Itin to to a a Ltd "room1 far�iss�a4 . Gar St s. J s uth i Ham. Tures togs fur no tile i e it3-j, or sail at lift of tar so pm of Rara i Holt i n i i till Al the Baa a it be Sanaa paean be i. Apply ii apr Thant. To neral to third plane a k<1 h ro2 and he Rouos i c t Ostl kit a in Avion Tana pan. A , 3. An. Phife a Inry a tee n arson set Atea in. Pm Oss i�tv, i i South Awn a. Bea Letie buy Amo. I in town. Pour r Ira Modem Haras la a a in. I r Orth a lid act roes p o if if Row res re two Roan furn the apart., �?2 a rant Nim pub Madam. Ii North Ltd pc in i .aas.ow, Oak a t j is a la had a Mer lot garage i Flor it or Karlh City. 6,n>\ Small pay Tont. Pilim Lite. New of a rend Ida a % tip to of or Quot j i a a Taf Aturya i Aee Masr. It a a value fir quit la Aal. War rim naut rare bargain Foar room Brink in fourth a id on paved Street Bath Large sol to. Screened front and Back Pom Baa. Cam eat at Dawndra Beautiful Lawn. Targe a hade Trees 12,790 with food terms. Real estate Letona i Imp Ranee 309 to. Gold 640 a Chas Roehl Blei Fig to l Ienz i Poh rent Viva Ray in furnished to i leu of Truiti Edith Inq Utra Cli Buluth Arno. Phone the a. For Ken of a bait half of to a at 6ol4 turn tatted a rags in rear. Inq Utra at pre Ratscan it a Feona a Foh a knt eur Dir to Las had i a with Gay cd top it r pm .1# 1811-j. Me in l be Ping a. A a. A Watt mid. Hoi i for rent two room Boa Jois a a modern with sleeping rakes. a Quot a i. Kex St fit lint Bant a. A Steobot or to a working girl to. A a. I ire cottage Wuu Fly very Raahau him olt it use. . Mode pc i j i a up Tda #. Sio in at new York. In a. A a a quire in the rear. Phons Liliu. Full Henfy Ula Saed la seeping mom. a die and is Ping j re Quot fir no bad a Niar. Sii Bulh waiter Plum 1444-w. To �?ol4j. Of a Fri re in Fiat . And modal la tit a weal Marquatta. J j in is Pahoa Quot left Weto it pfc be 1484-Ma a a Tami Roii Umili amp it o7m Sam is m Fiona 1188-vv. L l Van inc. , Good terms i must Hoath Arna. I Mil. Him own a ibid a los East for rent room for Light keeping. Apply pea cd a Tell. Hour i i of Antral Dairy for afew four re of Hun i. a,._ fur Jahed modern pc it beat fourth run b fur 1 two loom a7i rms fort Forward four blocks Dom new butt. For i Raga. Imi Bast pushed in Dart till East Central further parity liars a drama c in a. I hotel company Stock to data a carib buyer for a unfed amount of this mock if Vou Tram to sail aaa to. To a can Murt engr com Paay Price 55c ill a. I Cera to Urnik t to Ltd Par to it a. On four Ovier t Ucb to. Migi a in is Oase with Stor Aalt rooms air Nahed Gar aes apply room and he pm a garage milking i sift West Oom. Barn and milk Boom or Ood it it in. Bal a Nee Uke rent it a. In 8 he ii moms. Sleeping porch Clote in real Nabie 207 North fifth. Hit South Edith a. Qut it a Pale my Mica Row in tag in Well fenced Tot. 10140. Dust am furnished him. Sleeping the Wall i n7 Jon. Loo weal Cen waiter Iii top a month. I to i photog la. Of Bova metes Gen 1 Al a Iua 3 i if a. F in quirk 410 a at compar 1 the wait los list j. D. We it prop tor Maui two room How nearly Anderman amp Balcomb real Anta to and inst ranch specialists Psi to. Gold Phons Imo a and fit ii s a at. Ady or in , for apartment j and,ti0ul� a a a Kaald Famatid or u furnished. I Hora ass. In to it a City cart a Apt. No 21. In a Boulevard 1414 North orc n of i quire of re. A y. Wait a in i -.nee, 526apartment i i d Sui n nth fourth is per month. A Largo still t Sra shed i. Own keep a a a a a i r it is Temh Cav Range reduced Nxlrnisttct a it dose 1% soc it to a run. I Noftz Tref 60s or Call to Active Large Tunny bedroom. A a a a a ,s i a the phor. Lith end h water Heel Ion hem four room a. J arg Rad a event fair located ii weal Oil p at the at Iso Virginia Uso Vav or Call at 14ss North Sutta. Fun Ca lbs a tour room Adobe House Foh in nth two room pertinent. F1 to la i a Quot furnished and modern kit Chavatte Aud Ala aping porch 4s1 Are a at Trrman us a tent la Ith is Iota 47 i if lip furnish re Froat Bowie. Apply mrs. N it h second ice Coal Quot fool. Very garage Wilt refit to Emeer p Reb garage.�?T water Foh two and three a Watti Quot Sali Ona of a Frint 1110 room apart Manta apply Boti it the Flem he a my a in Fhy Cuy a or. Boa i 154. Rear Tea South am i f f a egg i a lib a Lai Al i Ca to aaa i is no at . Thi ice location Clos in on for for nth three room furnished with two and three to worn apartments Nolc j pavement in lowlands old time value sleeping Teh All modern Eon Van front room Ona Block West of Santa a a All for Wagner 24 wast cold. Phone Lance newly decorated. 417 East be shops. 90s South third j 44s-j,r Bernard a. Is Eyster Aii kinds of inner sea real ent ate 113 i nuts third in it . To los Seldine Zzz furnished rent automobile. Or it to crr Zajf wee Seesee of Var he nth two room Nim rement no. I com Salb or rent new five re Ltd a a he a ghz a to a urge fur roots Noua by Turnlund. With us of Kellch Shaou a Tuccie Bungalow with garage. Re Poi r Aff. M Cycle. Al Pond Lulos. 1< uni i it mud i i grazing examiner reports finding la weeds that Are new typer frs Typ in wet of i Hsai i 11fit \ i i. J in re sos for i a end no ton be Ming on set Ilion j i pm arve 1 Ltd to is Sec ,0. Fluted every a Artieres uth fourth. 7--- 5 a v. ,s5�4a .,.140 of. To month t it Hene rooms. Buit Ebla for Light hot Kra p c ois weal fruit. Phone i its Vav two 1 a we Light i us keep tag rooms with two porches and Gas stove ugh or water paid 434.04 per month. Sok Hoh Arno. I i a u ii Entz Large it it room by furnished in modern Home is Tab for on or two Gea Tiemit Al use to. Ste of ouch third foil rent two room of r Light Truee Kepi in and Isi Sll porch that tin be used of sleeping Trch. Fight. Phone 627-j. I i Vii army room end Largos or ing porch furnish with twin bed with congenial party i am a you its Man employed 1111-w two la re it 8 by a oms. Nicely furnished or u harping. A Dern convey fences also one room with Zuany r be Ping porch furnished desirable to Call a. 614 went Coal. I a Large Lur in run due win us ,.ten a Tuccie Bungalow who garage. Re Elt Hwy Rice in fourth Ward in Tern in every re Bath. 614 weal Bruit. Phan 1ii6-vv tinted Dis Riel in University Heights. I c171 a. Eve Tega takes in a pact. Naai k nor Childre need apply. For rent modern four room apart i ainu it Complete furnishings. New Maxwell fire i of a w a Quot no. 1317 East Central 133 00. Sic j �,.ad.� and linoleum owner. 407 South rent a Eia ring in Ca million . Got vat add. J fifth Phon 2244-j. Low. Cut furnish. Re a for rent two Nic cd or ens Slih hum i 4 Eck Erb. In veal Ara he a. J. Garu a. Wink a. Of a in. 1 glassed steeping p Reb and Bath fur i buy the two to a a at tl�-2te a t Nashed for stat Kruuse keeping Sii South Columbia Avenue easily ii.600.00. Four i Erna end Quot i Heptas 7>orsl for welter. Phone 14703 one a in re he. Modern Ege ept heat. I race Modem built a features Trees for Mentz four room furnished furnished end one three room cottage few Ere and vines. University height apartment with private Beth modern email fruit Trees. Fences Eta. This it Quot ii i one 1600, close in. No sick so children. 404 South j brie fur immediate Sal Only read Nate offer Chat do Rei Eeve elect Rte be. Hiu la the i Cash Price paid for used cars 792 the uth second i i a Vav expert Ide i a tor Uspal Hinojo. K. Flies 84 Eta i Vevurka. 217 n. Third. Autu welding til weal Copper new Mes co hts i co. Inc i0ltj, Horace w Selib i4i4-1l or Call at a to in Mimi Yew w if Row re., three roam tarnished Bdlth. Cutlass and one of four rooms cheap Foh he furnished sri rim it Quot in la ii 240 is or inquire of nether double House three r a and Steep. R us in ally Puri Urr Wood Park in Driver int porch prime Bath no Elk. Key r7ntrtrt. To v two-�?z-.-�, t.-.upw Tuni Jhaj a i "��22 a a l. Hanks ph., 176s-j. R Reb nicely furnished modern for rent of platen furn ahead apart a i Quot a Ute a East Silver. Lr., ment. Light water heat and a a Kina. Quire 204 North Walter i Gas furnished Ste North seventh. Crane Kitchen tabla two chairs in to if r r,"777rh57nr apart mental 314 Var Dre a. Rocker bed. Mattre and sleeping pc in Way did to apartmt�rn2�. 114 it in Gaiso p. R month close la. Fumie hed see la i. Westbrok iphone is Jne 407-w i it a tit Quot notebook to i Sij the Fth that i found it of i la of i is it t pit j Ort i or. Nai of of the kill aet hts Sill k to know h i win in r Fin set i 7. A last Winter Leon ,.<1. Not of Quot plants readily s Hough several i important pin dec in Randu Range t Tho different Cit Ify Thoro and for Sale or Trade it Tern air or of what modern in. La n m what a a y j. Ira Downey lit Princeton a Al. Ifil and Reet Dence in Eli Vav s i made t r Albuquerque property on Jaunt of health. S. B a Wagner. It Saniha a a h. Lost and found a i a 1in a Hannable. Gnu thing nine Gisteen cd re a. Bet a end c id a i Ach. Room rates to permanent. Vav est Centra Pcne f t5-Jj 604 it West Centre 85-w Centra drug Btl Vav. And jewelry co or a healed and electric lighted without Vert new apr Trent. Three extra charge my per month by Johns rooms and Large glassed sleeping Senate rum Piton 481 porch Bath fat it porch and basement. Room Furu teed Hooee Iep. Gee. 141 Jav Kiev the ins porch Weter Ligate cellar a for rent or Fura shed Koua Estep Fri. A i i me must tie sold at once in eluding d i Akee used Only five months Cen be seen after 3 p. In. Elim apart mints. 127 Houth eighth. For a life Congo is urn tire seers. Bed. I for Kent Koontz with Board 1 nos Smith Amo. Lito Chiff enlers. Buffets Refl Cretora it i use i furl a Quot fenced in lot. 124.09, Nater paid Long apartment with two room and j a a Murphy furniture co., 107 Vav est Bath no sick. No children. Inquire a it Oom and Baa Eula week 1ih4t Cie room and Board 116 South at i i3.v.�?T._ rooms b Day it ult Ipi West Tamm Board. ,. A. 3 week Rue ale Eer Vou q til Foh rent nicely f irn Shad three mornings. _ 3�?oi South fourth Rorn by a Stet with glassed in sleep new Acoma court beautifully fur Long porch Southeast i pour. Will Nashed private Entrance ill Bath Tea or desired reas nabs rant 406 Mirror door Etc reasonable pries. No South Edith. Sick. 401 North eleventh. Kent clog sri $4.00 n t a i South Edith pts gone Fok Hale Ivory Dresser Ivory bed Complete whits enamel bed Complete Oak table Ala tether upholstered dining Chatta to it Oak leather seated Rocker. Other Rocker 9x12 velvet Rug stands chairs Kitchen Cabinet. Perfection Ell stove Small b to Heater Cook stove for Hall a seven paean get Cadillac in Good running order. 104. Phase 1416-lt. New Springs gears and us a parts for All cars or Ini he Auto cd 111-13 Vav est Copper Fok Bale of Trade Orant a fix Mut lug car. On Oakland his racer. 223 North third. Cali s19-j. F5h a be la is i l i n. A Thi pee Ater in Al it it and Ltd n Bluet Mil apply Magnolia inning station. Fourth and a it ppr Seii Quot the used car Agama Ai the the Intoe Auto co before deciding. Re liable cars and in reliable House. Sell Tosh Auto co. 41116 West p Aper. 1922 Ford Sedan. To rat Claas conditions used a Illy seven months Tetra tire and cover. $626. Henry j. Gatling re on 2 armit., bldg 762. Reward of Gnu la to do a the incl will in be get oppt i Emliy Mali to pm Macii till to air a until ,.4 a a a lie a a a. ,.i Vii a i hover Stow in or on Tho Mega lits ran readily Sipic Rytand Vvs hot a to to tilt c attic Roan whose ii Ava Ijo Ohio or pm i in Shroi Ifrah it Routh and Loaz Lynnr. A it no ans that their houses of a Atli a will be greatly Lesk Neil for to Tiro Heinga end that feeding a rations t in. Hotly lie Curt. A a yet or i. W anti do salesmen. Al Esmin Tea and state Appless Ithial Houth Rast Tesse. Perish wit Noard suitable for two 154 North Maple. Trued i Board aim rom for two to spies. La a or rent been. Iff East be to or a1, room Abd sleeping p a. Bath i it a two. Ii Ard if desired. Pima i Btu j is full 11e n to Cunfu Mohed Brand new i very deet Rable furnished apartment. room House Euh Steep Long Pond. Three rooms at a glassed ate Elna dish c King ten aids tube. Bollerey. Has ail modern tan nest porch. Privet Bath Gas Large front juror a. Bird ctr two Large pitchers and allot la f. Ward. Cad 616 East porch. Water paid plums 1449-vv j bowl hand Acu Utu cleaner steel cot newly decorated furnished a apartment and most try sic Cream Freezer. Of of three re a Privet a Quot end he a j"1 boo. 6ii_w##t i add a plug porch on East Central 40 a inquiry it South third. Central 1 ,7 nub inless Cha net. Refl hext1 with by Aru to a amp they i rang pasturing a a re f r re. In a hair i a Raea a j. It f in is for rent a garage to j. A in Gava to. I to Wun i to. R. It Nib Arri no Raton country club is being enlarged Legal notice. Board week. Bleeping pore ii .d&r.u#, very tvs Chick in Din tier in he and room ten Dotirs p go uth Broadway. Room in i Quot lit Quot dts Giae aed la Steeple porch cup rite University $69 per month. 104 Central Lahue sleeping i re. And room Zuur a a of a to re a Quot or a�?.- u co let,.-. 450 per wee. To. A str a ,1j. A mtg Jmc Kelv Quot in. A c i. War a l a 110w l Al p eat anti located clog. _ a a. A in a. A 1 North fourth. Three rooms and Large loom with p. . R. A re it a Pard and steeping vetch fat a f r to vast or without Board. In features Tath roam elect rid lights. Five Bungalow modern Glaas cd a steeping porch screened porches Calpit Taly . Utano Gas Aud at per month. Lunge. Two Oka Fromi Post office no for my it Ltd Atinay front part mint two re me end Bath a Ting urge front i fur Hai e a a Nom Pelt porch. Vivo adults eely. To sick 124 address Box y. A a journal South Arna sick. Inquire 708 West Sliver Evv Tow-.-, Nevi. Been occupied three Osma furnished modern Oak floors. 5>. A in Leanes two porches. Also two r in no tiers furnished Gin see i steeping porch. Inquire 100# Cuth Edith. Tem fur 5all Fuk hai4e-�?t>u Ato 2417-hs Mill Wood 13 Teo full 1483-w . Plania truck teed for Balkh fancy a it sea. Cairn. Phone 4414j-4. Lite Quot per a hop Foh Hale Ford truck Al cold Itlen 626.00 0 month r it a Petely furnished i a Chan. E to take Over All trucking apartment All Ugalde Roc be. Rood j of n City firm. 617 Columbia. Call for rent Wall furnished Fiva Root Arn act water and lights furnished 3s4-w, in in Brick Homo with glassed in i Cit in. 412 South third. A s i a parch an. Large screen p Reb j apartments. Phone 914-w, a fro a. I Roar very desirable toes i Fob vacant june 8, apply 111 Vav a or. It eco Koit Iarj jute furniture and Quot Leaea in new 11 la fun lot Rollit mite v r t Ituna of. ,009 receiving rot 4 compared with Imo Fel of i Luht Quot m�3 jus to Unis a re no i Amu n. In june con to try a Jubile id i arg cd by the building of a my Viiu which add to Tho Tsuu porch Aud lounge them about Hui Gauina i urge. A new men s Roo in with Loch a a and other cur. Vomit Liers Fop golfer. I a been added and Tho in u h room will now be Usati tor Tho ladles Dws Aing a i Guo to oui or an a mrs. Loomis of Utah it r a v 0 Corno to act As Cutty full Quot a for a Lull Ami the win probably a completed this coming Vav or incl to members Are looking Forward to same pleasant a i a a cj#7 social a a oui Dunn Tho soil scr v v older . Eiolf is Tho in. A in interact Lar Tov by go Aliat the present time Aud the or a have ii Iuteri sting local to it or Tion Flim the i i a die ii i Mon t hi l log mirth irs just Vik broadcast t j ticka1 ii p. To 8 a pc Shi. >111 Al i s it v 1,1 if a he Dietrict court stall of Mexico by in to of i i no. 18523. I he a Minnie a footer l in ntif4�?T. Is. J a of a Lewis and mrs ii. C. Hoof in of . Notice is hereby Given that i. Tho undersigned sheriff of bunty of Bernalillo Anil suit new Mexico will on the to eighth Day of june. 1923, a o clock in tile Forenoon at the front door of Tho court House of said county it old no w Mexico offer for gals and hell repairs highest bidder for cosh lots Xiii bin a five a a it Aud a a in Block i1 Ift Ccu 11> in Tho twit addition to Tho dry of Albu Quer Cju new Mexico said Sal being made in Purs an., of a judgment rendered in said Causa by mild court on the Twenty seventh Day of april 1923, modern heme Sii South Cedar i iou i 1n&Quot Quot cot Quot Miet Mads build amp a. Low rates Eream heat. Kex Eilent meal by John Sanatorium $ 431. Would 1 y to by. A pet Alai Plaza t boar t r the Rummert to arg hoi. U f i one Gem Tofts fete Call 1156 by. For he nth Roku he with Beard in ii i r., a at flatly modern Home by or. We to Omerly 4"4 to in to Walter. Waiter pvt # i sit a. W a Hee to i 10 apply j ii j Hart i pm it. Vav an i ed�?miscelian�44mib v at eff byc a och at a bar Girvan Harv Taftt i s71-.t. Use furnished for Light a Ueu Ping must it in by june is. rent famished darn �14 South sixth 665.00 per i address 10. Ear journal. Month �,03 s in j i ire. I is a or Koh Salby in lit tee grocery at Ore month. .7 South i in. $35 60 Par fir year amm it t0< Oey iry Stock rent amp town re hrs Al a Flea Fri in to a 94 �.0. Flint pm met it to. Address Box 3, care journal. For baie a select Quot genuine Navajo rugs. 403 Copper. _ for Sale in nos Loo i und Ca Pac it rail 1744-09 and Layette 11 is Forrester. Oke baby buggy crib. Rent is if Tekei Gomp Bate tvs it a twelfth end new to Erk. Two 5 Clrk see Complete tent 1012 Duck Good Ltd it a Ditl to 10 ounce. 702 e uth Broadway folding bed. Range ,�?T Dresser other furniture. Iii West Stover. 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