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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - January 10, 1884, Albion, Indiana TWO DOLLABS A YEAB.'Hew to the Line; Let the Chips Fall Where they May/' IN ADVANCE VOL. XIL NO. 16. ALBIOIÍ, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, JANUARY 10, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. JX. NO. 3. tir- « iWlFRANK CLAPP HAS MOVED INTO HISNEW STORE ROOM published every thuu&day, at ALBION, NOBLE 00., IND., 7. X». r'K.ICICETX, r^op-x. Office on York Street,directly westofthe Court House. Term« of Siib«criptlou. One Year...................................« 00 Six Mentha................................. 1 00 Three Months............................. 50 Single copies five cents each, ^S-'^oxtlslsag-^sttes XCoa-o-^xx -O- Dusiness Locals, Ten Cents per H«., jtrst in ser/iun. Fire Cents per line each subsequent in sertion. Legal iwtices will be charged far at the rates establinhed by law. Simple marriage and death notices will be inserted Jree. Additional Local News. For Sale. One of the best dwelling houses in Albion. Eight rooms, good location, good fruit, barn, ice liouse and wood liouse. Address K. A. T., 2\v3 Xf:w EHA OFFIC E FEARFUL FRATRICIDE. A Huntertown Youth Follows tho Example of One of the Sons of Adam, our Grandfather in the Superlative Degree, And Kills His Brother. PROPHYLACTIC FLUID. A Household Article for Universal Family Us«. Where He Will be Pleased to Meet His OldFRIENDS I CUSTOMERS. CLAPP BLOCK. FRANK CLAPP.AHENTIONI YE TRAVEURS. ¡êêêêswêkJEÎ tl^^r^ I IIM'liW MlBALTIMORE & OHIO RAILWAY. ADOPTBD, NOVEMBER, 1883. PÎO 1 EAST BOUND. Cbicago......... Walkerton June MUford June Syracuse... . Ciomwell.... Albion........ AvilU........ Otmtt...... A^iuu June. ffiduville.... Deftwce..... VMtoria. Tian. June..... EST BOUND. > Junction, Foirtoriâ....... Hleluville......... AidNirn Jonctton. Garrett........... ............ AlMon........... Cromwell........ ByrMOse......... Ifilford June..... Wa&erton June. Caiiogo......... l*. M. 5 10 7 51 8 55 9 38 9 59 10 17 10 23 10 57 11 3;J a.m. 1 07 1 30 2 17 »• 5 Wo 3 A. M. ! 1>. M. 8 30 10 10 p. m. 1-2 44 12 22 12 3« 12 56 1 16 1 42 1 52 2 33 3 20 5 07 5 32 6 20 H 45 11 27 a.m. !I2 29 1 08 2 28 2 38 3 22 4 14 6 22 7 07 8 10 THOS. A. HUSTON, PH. G. J. P. MOLEN. No 4 No « p. .m. 10 30 11 23 11 49 a.m. 1 30 2 07 2 38 3 00 3 12 3 34 5 38 a.m. 8 38 a. m, 8 20 9 20 » 52 p.m. 12 01 12 60 1 32 1 67 2 08 2 28 2 4« 3 04 3 14 4 24 p.m. 7 20 No 3 p. M. G 25 7 18 7 54 9 47 10 28 11 05 11 22 11 33 a. M. 11 55 12 18 12 38 12 49 2 13 a. M. 5 40 r. E. BEPPEUT, Fan. Ac't Columbus, O. C.K; LORD. Gen'l Ag't Bal Md.CmeilMATI, WABASH & MICH. R. R. df;uggists and stationei\s, PURITY. FAIR PRICES AND HONEST DEALING.Are the inducements we offer the public in return for patronaice. AbsoluteGruarariteed —Ask for Dr. Agnew's Cough Balsasu, )repared and sold by Huston «& Moloii. —Dr. Cessna lias been making tempev-ance speeches in Whilley county during the past week. —A tramp stole ^HQ worth of clotliing of a Whitley county granger, and now has a -'sit" with the sheriff. —Insure your life in the old Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co., of H;ii-tford, Conn. J. P. Molen, Agent, Albion. —The Columbia City Post notes the presence in tiiat town of our popular merchant, George Mossman, of Albion. —At Pleasant Lake recently Mr. Anson W. Kneff, of Noble county, was married to Miss Mary Clingerman, of Steuben. —The Angola Itepuhliean entered upon its twenty-eight year last week, and is as bright and newsy a slieet as can bo found ia the state. —Hon. Roliert Lowry, member of congress for this district, is a member of the committee on elections, and also on that of private land claims. —A little child of Mr. Ilubbel, of Steuben county, upset a tub of scalding )iot water upon it last week from the effects of which it died in a few hours. —If murdering the English language were an indictable offense, the author of that "reply" would bo in danger. Journalists, and everybody else, in fact, will mark the language. —The Angola Herald says tliat "Airs. Q. W. Poland and Mrs. Dell Day ¡ind her little daughter Nellie, went to Albion, Noble county, on Monday to make a new year's visit among relatives and friends in tliat vicinity." —The Indians, knowing tiio value of Wild Cherry bark as a cure for <:i»ugh and colds, used to pre[)are it in tlieir ru<l way, and in winter kept it constantly on _tv KrriecT dkc. 9. 1883. ■ÔOtKG NOBtH.-- Benton U&rbor. Kile«. BUdiMt. Oinben.............. B * O CroMin«. Wkuw........ Waliuh Ibtflon.. Anderson. No. 3. W«. I. 12 30p m 6 30 n 37 am 5 40 10 52 5 l.") 10 29 4 46 10 02 4 1.5 9 30 2 50 8 09 1 SO 7 05 12 30 5 50 7 47 am 5 40 6 25 G 50 10 00 4 15am 7 52 7 Up m No. 4. No. 6. 7 H pin 7 14 p m 2 00 10 35am 7 14 3 20 4 40 4 40pm 12 00m 9 02 10 46 am 7 40 9 58 6 50am 8 35 8 04 T .38 7 13 6 % .5 % MMM« BiCKLEY, fiti'l Mrngtr.I^K/IOES XJD-^ AS THE LOWEST.We manufacture our own preparations from the most approved formulas, giving each preparation our individual attention, thus insuring perfect purity.We also call attention to our selection of AJVD STATIOJYERY. ETC.. ETC. We have on hands a fine stock of POCKET BOOKS, ALBUMS, TOILET ARTICLES, ETC. We make a specialty of Paints, Oils, Varnishes and Wail Paper. CALL AND SEE US. Most Respectfully, HITJSTOn^ TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS. áz li^ox -^IToion, Xri,6L- B. F£LRN£R. A^ttorney-ttC-littw, Albion, Ihdiana. Otte* -CLP «taira lax Toni ti P. 3Bla>,c3c'» mi L. W. WELKER. AHORNEY-AT-UW and NOTARY PUBLIC, AlbioOf Indiana. laromea up stair« In Clappt Block. and in winter liand. The careful and secret method ot preparinjf Dr. Wistar s Balsam of Wild Clierry makes it superior to all otiier preparations. It is very pleasaut to take —The attorneys of DeKalb county have a bar asst)ciation. of which Judg« McBridp is the president. Why do not the attorneys ot Noble county organize an association of that kind? It would certainly be pleasaut and mutually l)ene-iiciftl. —It is said ot elder Blanchard, of Wol-rottville, who is well known to the people of Albion, that he has preached at least 1,000 funeral sermons during his ministry. One year he traveled 900 miles and preached 40 funeral sermons besides.his regular pastoral work. He has also united over 300 couples in bonds of matrimony. The Plymouth liejiuhlican says that the Detroit, Lincoln & Denver railroad is to connect at that i)lace with the Indiana, IlliDois, & Iowa road, and will form the eastern extension of that road. This latter road is the one that Wolf Lake is expecting to get, but if it is aiming for Detroit, it will unijuestionably be localted north of that place, and Albion might be made a })oint on the line. Tlie road is worth looking after by our citizons and the citizens of this portion of the county. Try a New Scheme. We break the laws of lieaith and so we get sick. We cat too mucii and too fast, and sleep too little. Hence we are a dy8pe])tic and nervous people. Drop these bad habits and help nature to get straight again by using Parker's Tonic, formerly called Parker's Ginger Tonic. The word Ginger is now omitted, because certain dealers substituted worthless, pre- Huntertown is a little hamlet on the Grand Bnpids & Indiana, just over the line of Noble county, and in Allen, and in about the period of a year it has been the scene of a couple of fearful tragedies, in which two human beings have been killed. The town seems to be emulating the record in crime of the large cities, and right well is it succeeding. Something near a year ago Commodore Wood, of that place, killed a man named Shelner, for which he was tried at Fort Wayne and sentenced to the penetintiary for a period of fifteen years, but who is now awaiting a new trial, the supreme court having reversed the judgment of the court jclow, and he now has another chance for liberty. The recent fratricide there is more horrible than the murder men-lionetl, as if proven to be a deliberate act, and not accidental, places the hand of Cain upon the brow of a mer® youth, and will add to the grief of the parents of their dead son, the thought that their other boy is a criminal of the deepest dye. They are entitled to the sympathies f the community, no matter what the result of the legal investigation may dis-clf)se. In giving an account of the afi'air, the Fort Wayne Oazette says that "Saturday afternoon the acting coroner was apprised of a murder, at Huntertown. Sheriff Schiefer, Mr. A. J. Moynihan, acting ('oroner, and Deputy Sheriffs Hance and Nelson left la.st evening tor that pltico returning at midnight. It appears that the two sons of a farmer, Samuel Lyon, named Wilmer and Otto, aged respectively .«leventeea and sixteen, had a quarrel Friday morning about bringing in an armful of wood. Otto struck Wilmer with a stick and the latter much enraged went after ti e shotgun and fired, shooting his brother through the heart. The dead boy was picked up by his father and taken into the house and was buried hastily yesterday morning without service or ceremony The coroner was not notified and the coffin was procured at Churubusco. Sheriff Schiefer and Mr. Moynihan were seen by a Gazette reporter last evening. The murderous atfair was seen by no one and Wilmer Lyon doggedly pro tests that it was an accident; that the' gun went off without volition on his part The young fellow told several different stories, but there was no proof that he had committed deliberate murder and therefore no grounds upon which to iTiake an arrest at present. The matter will be Dresented to the grand jury an<3 «¡()ul>t!ess Lyon will bo indieteil. How ever, the cliances are that he slvips out The Lyon family are one of tho oldest in the coiNity. The officials acted promptly and with discretion. The coroner's ver diet will be that Otto Lyon came to his death by a shot fired from a gun by iiis l)rother Wilmer Lyon, and further will recommend thorough investigation by the authorities. Mrs. Lyon is lying very ill from the shock. The boy lived no hour after he WHS shot, the c.harge of No. 8 shot enter ing just above the heart. He sulfen great agony and begged to be shot again and be put out of misery. Before iie breathed his last he called all the members of the family around him, iu ciudiug his brother and kis.sod them. Lyon, the elder, formerly farmed on the Alplieus Swift place near the city." Eradicates HALABIA. For iSrarlc't and I Typhoid Fever», Uiphtheria, Sail-jTatlon, Ulcerated I Sor«Thr<»at, Small I Pox, Measles, and all Contagious Diseases. Persons waiting on the Sick should use it freely. Scarlet Fever has never been known to spread where the Fluid was used. Yellow Fever has been cured with it after black vomit had taken place. The worst cases of Diphtheria yield to it. FeveredandSlckPer- | SMAtT^-POX 8oii8 refreshed and Πand Bed Sores prevent- PITTING of Smnll ed by batiîing with Uarbys Fluid, Impure Air made harmless and purified. For Sore Throat it is a sure cure. Ci>ntaeton destroyed. For Frosted Feet, Chilblains, Piles, Chaflngr^, etc. Rheumatism cured. Soft White Complexions secured by its use. Ship Fever prevented. To purity the itreath. Cleanse the Teeth, it can't be surpassed. Catarrh relieved and cured. Krysipelas cured. Uurns relieved instantly. Scars prevented. Dysentery cured. Wounds healed rapidly. .Scurvy cured. An Antidote for Anim.il cr Vegetable Poisons, Stings, etc. I used the Fluid during our present affliction with Scarlet Fever with decided advantage. It is Indispensable to the sickroom.—Wm. F. Sand-pord, Eyrie, Ala. Pox PUEVENTED A member of my family w.is taken with Small-pox. 1 used the I Fluid ; the patient was ! not delirious, was not i pitted, and was about the house again in three 1 weeks, and no others had it.-J.W. Paj<k-inson, Philadelphia. Diphtheria Prevented. The physicians here use Darbys Fluid very successfull y in the treatment of Diphtheria. A. Stoi.lknwerck, Greensboro, Ala. Tetter dried up. Cholera prevented. Ulcers purified and ■ healed. In cases of Death it should be used about the corpse — it will prevent any unpleasant smell. The eminent Phy. sician, J. 3f ABIOX SOLS, »L D., New York, says: "I am convinced Prof Darbys Prophyl.ictic KUiid is a 1 valuable uisinfectan:." Vanderhllt University, Nasliville, Tenn. I testify to the most excellent qualities of Prof. Darbys Prophylactic Fluid. .As a disinfectant and detergent it is both tlieureticaily and practically superior to any preparation wii^ « iii. h 1 am acquainted.—N. T. Lupton, i'rol. Ciiciuistry. Darbys Fluid is ICecoinmendcd by Hon. Alexanuek H. Sri!i'Hi'.NS,of Gcor>;ia; Rev. Chas. F. Dee.ms, D.D., Church of the Strangers, N. v.; Jos. LeContk,Columbia, Prof..University,S.C. Rev. A. J. B.vttlh, Prof, .Mercer University; Rev. Gko. F. Piekck, Bishop .M. F.. Church. INDISPENSABLE TO EVEISY HOME. Perfectly harmless. Used inttrnally or externally for Miin or lieast. The Fluid h.<s been thoroughly tested, and we have abundant eviden< e th.it it h.i.s lione evci yiliiiig hero chiimed. For fuller iuforni:iUoii jjet ot' your ■ Dru{;gist a pamphlet or send to the proprietors, J. H. ZEILIN & CO.. Manufacturing Chemists, PHll.ADFU'HIA- LOOK! LOOK! InT-EJ-WI 1^-E-^-T!! C^And Well Selected Stock of^ WATCHES, CLOCKS, ||eatclr!|, SILVJSR-PLATED WARE, IsTOTIOISTS, ETC. Repairing of all Kinds NEATLY :: and :: PROMPTLY :: DONE ai.ii wohk warua1vted. WE ASK A SHAKE OF PATRONAGE. 2=»xiicx:s TUE XjO-WEST. K I>, iiPA]*«I.li Se CO.. Ka.st Side of i Piihlir Sqiiare \ AI..BIO!S, l!\D, A. »ANTti, dentist;^ Ligonier, »New Meat Market. Nevvton W. Green has establi.shcd a new meat market in the brick building nortii of the court house, where lie is at all times prepared to furnish fresh, salt and smoked meats, hams and shoulders, dried beef, lard, sausage, poultry, &c. Give him a call when wanting anything in his line. 49tt. Itheumatic Syrup Co.: Woi,cott, N. Y. Gents—I have been troubled for the past year with rheumatism, or cramp in n\y limbs, so at times I could scarcely get around. I consulted severai physicians and was treated by them, bui received no relief or benefit. I commenced taking Rheumatic Syrup, and three bottles cured me entirely. I can most heartily recommend your Syrup, for quite a number that I quainted with. One of An excees in ihe blood acid in tlie sol u'i -T;7^ÌLL1AMS X3C0USE. Albion, Indiana, RICHARD WILLIAMS, Prop'r. This House l.s entirely new-is (f ttrick. and is completely iiirulslieil »liroiighout. Good Sample roonvs for comiviereial men. Main SxREKr, South of Court Houbk. v7n7i ;

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