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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - January 3, 1884, Albion, Indiana two dollabs a yeae.'Hew to the Line; Let the Chips Fall Where they May J in Advance VOL. XIL NO. If).ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, JANUARY 3, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX. NO. 2. « iniTioii ! FRANK CLAPP HAS MOVED INTO HIS —Ask for Dr. Agoew's Cough Balsam, prepared aod sold by Huston & Molea. —^The Sun of ^outh Bend, is unques-tiooabiy the ablest temperance paper published in the state. It is published weekly at 50 cents a year, and it ought to have a list of a hundred or more at Albion. —Charley Haney started for thy west on Saturday night where he hasSecured a situation on the Union Pacifior rail road, his run being from Kansas Ci^y Mo., to Junction City, Kansas. Chaftey is a No. 1 railroad man. —It is said that Judge Frazier haa an eye on the circuit judgeship in the Warsaw district. The Judge was formerly on the supreme bench of the state, and would make an excellent circuit judge, it he should get there. -^The Garrett Herald says that "a brakesman on the B. «& O. by the name ot Prickett, had a foot taken off at the ankle by a number of cars running over it, Saturday last, near Fostoria. His home is at Churubusco." NEW STORE ROOM> Where He Will be Pleased to Meet His Old FRIENDS 5 CUSTOMERS. CLAPP BLOCK. FRANK CLAPP. THE BUD WAS PLUCKED WHILE FOLDING ITS BEAUTIES. UN- I published evert thuk8day, at albion, noble co., ind-, Olliee on York Street, directly west of the Court House. -o- Term« off Subucriptlon. One Tear...................................t^ 00 81z Months................................. 1 00 Three Months............................. 50 Single copies five cents each. -o— r ULdLvertlelaa^ ïiaites "SZsa-o-vria. C3X ^ppUcektloaa- IhufM«« LocaU, Ttn Cents ptr Hnt, jtrit in amrtioH. Five CtnU per Itne each $tib$equeni in ttrtkm. Legal notices viU he charged for at the ratu established by taw. SimpU marriage and motiees teill be inserted Jret'.. Additional Local News. . —The best coal oil at Huston & Helen's. —J. H. Frost, ot Tiffin, Ohio, is in town this week. —Tlie bog cholera is said to be doing it! destrnctiTe work in Elkhart township. WilliaiA Gerber, of that township, has lost bogs to the value of $800 from this duease. —In our list of correspondents referred to elsewhere, we unintentionally omitted Ibe names of''One of the Boys," of Tam-•nck, and "LaOttonian," of LaOtto, who an among our best news-gatherers. —Can any one tell why freight chars^es OB a package from Chicago of the abme wdght each week and the same character of goods, shoold vary from 2.5 cents to SS oentsf This is a nat for our railroad twys to crack. —«•Be" Mullen, one of the parties engaged in the row on Satnrday night, and «ho resisted arrest, was teken before tqidtsBUaa m Itonday, and fined, and to pay, waa sent io jail where he Itwnr iMM^iaf at pnl^ expraae. —Mrs. Loomis, oi Kendallville, died a week or two ago, and a post mortem disclosed a combination of diseases as the cause of her death. Her lungs were badly affected. —Samuel Braden, Jr., is making one of the best sheriff's Noble county has ever had, and as a citizen is winning golden opinions. The I'cople of Noble county made no mistake in placing Sam Braden in the sheriff's office. —The Hustoa-Hoffman trial, •which it was supposed would come off at this term of the DeEalb circuilt court, will not probably lie reached, as the Kessler-Weaver case, embracing about the same questions as the former, had not been decided at latest advices. —The people of Lima speak in the highest terms of the pastor of the M. E. church there—Rev. C. H. Wilkinson — and on Christmas eve made him a present of $25. Mr. W. was pastor of the church here some years ago, and it was through his efforts that the fine church edifice of that denomination in Albion, was erected. —Thos. E. Ellison, wife and child were injured, but not seriously, by the collision of an engine on the Nickel Plate with a passenger coach on the Grand Rapids road near Fort Wayne last week. The engineer of the Nickel Plate has t)een arrested, but claims the track was so slippery that he could not hold his engine. A number were more or less injured, but none were killed. Bucklen'e Arzuca Salye. The Bust Sai.ve in the world tor Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and ail Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by all druggists. An Bditor's Tribute. Theron P. Eeator, editor of Ft. Wayne, Ind., Gautte, writes: "For the past five years have always uae^ Dr. King's New Discovery for coughs of most severe character, as well as those of a milder type. It never fsilsto effect a speedy cure. My friends to whom I have recommended it speak of it in same high terms. Having t^n cured by it of every cough I have had for five years, I consider it the only reliable and sure cure for Coughs, Uolda, etc.*' Call at all drug stores and get a fiee trial bottle, tiarge acefSJOO. —The Kendallville Standard say« that *-the last advices from Pres. Eist indicate that the Oold Spike Is yet alive, and that men capable of building the road are considering the project earnestly." —Pack horses are very usetul in doing the necessary work that is to be done, but when it comes to "feed," they generally get what is not considered good enough for the fancy nags that are coached for display only. —George D. Gray, of Woodville, Indiana, formerly of Noble township, is spending a wesk or two here, and gave The Nkw Era a pleasant call on Friday to secure its-continued visits for the coming year. —John F. Hunt and son, Frank, started on Thursday night with their household goods for Kansas. Wilaon W., another son, left oa Sunday night for his new home in the west. The New Era will make weekly visits to the latter at Baxter Springs, Kansas. —From the Standard: Dr. 8. T. Williams on Wednesday dressed a bad gunshot wound in the left arm of John Bowman, of Alien township. The ball plowed its way thfongh the tissues for a space of between four and five inches. The shooting was accidental. —Twenty years ago the great American rel>elIion was in progress, with a fearful nncertainty as to what the reralt was going to be. To-day the leaders ot that rebelli«» are in fall control of the lower house of congress. It does, indeed, lie-gin to look as if the confederacy was in the i^dle i^pd«, as one of the southern toada^ aptly agf ¿itiqd it. —The Spriug Hill (Kansas) New Era is improving with every number, and Rolla Leonard is giving the people of that place a good p{tper. The businsss men there, if they appreciate a newspaper, ought to give it a better support in the matter of advertising. —We are in receipt of the Christmas number of the Midland Monthly, a first class periodical published at Indianapolis. Some of the best writers in the United States are its contributors, and every Indianian especially should be interested in giving it encouragement and support. —Our esteemed friend and patron, Philip Bowman, presented The New Eua on Monday with a couple of bushels of as fine apples as we ever saw, as a New Year's present. The present, itself, is a very acceptable one, but the spirit in which it was made, denoting unwavering friendship for the paper and its publisher, is a thousand times more pleasing to us. Thanks. —A report was in circulation here on Monday afternoon that Thomas Smith, son of Joel B. Smith, had shot and killed his father. There was no truth in the rumor, as Mr. Smith, sen., was in town about the time the report reached here. Some difficulty, we understand, had occurred between the parties on that day, and this, without doubt, gave rise to the rumor. —The Ft. Wayne Gazette says that we understand there are six propositions on file for the purchase of the water power of Rome City. One firm, of which a leading railroad man of our city is a member, has offered $6,000 for the same, witli the view of erectins a flouring mill The property will doubtless be sold by spring. A woolen factory or paper mill would be by all odds the best thing for the village. —One of the "Prominent Mt.n of Noble county ""commenced business without any capital, but by Tiard labor and economy he accumulated a small sum, which he invested advantageously and he is now reaping the benefit by being »ole proprietor of the 'Palace Billiard Mali; at Avilla. So much for energy and ihriftnetsy So says the "concern." It would impress upon the minds of the young that the way is open for them to become "prominent men," and if they invest their means "advantageously" they may become "sole proprietor" of some saloon and "billiard hall." Out upon such pernicious teachings. Quite a Compliment. The state teachers association was in session last week at Indianapolis, aod the attendance was good and the proceedings very interesting. Some of the leading educators of the state were present and participated iu the exercises. A national teachers convention will be held at Madison, Wisconsin, next summer, and the Indiana association last week created an executive committee of four to make such preparations as are necessary for that purpose. Watts P. Denny, county superintendent of Noble county, was aopoint-ed one ot said committee for the north part of the state. In view of the fact that Mr. Denny was not present, the appointment is quite a compliment. Lulu Marian, daughter of Dr. Wm. T. and Eva M. Greeu, of Albion, died Dec. 21,18S3, aged one year, ten months and tu'eaty-three days. The disease was scarlet fever and lasted over twenty-four days. She was a model child in beauty, intelUgence and affection. But your charming little daughter has only been transplanted, to bloom in a more congenial clime, and spared the ills and templatious that must buffet iu a world of sin. This is no illusory fancy. It is the voice of God in his own word. Listen: "In my Father's hoiise are many mansions * * • • ♦ I go to prepare a place for you that where I am, there you may be also • • • • There stiall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying; neither shall there be any more pain • ♦ • No need of the sun, neither the moon to shine iu it, for the glory of God did lighten it ♦ * • There shall be uo night there • • • Sufier little children to come unto me and forbid them n6t, for of such Is the kingdom of heaven * • ■* And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in the day when I come to make up my Jewels * * * There angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven." Parents, you are sure of ons in Heaven. This one is safe! She is thine forever! What would tempt Lulu back to earth agaiu? To leave the presence of her Savior, the company of angels and all the pure iu heart? To lay aside her crown and and throw away her harp, and come back to be smitten with the sun of day and shudder by darkness at night? Come back to be tempted and tried; to suffer and die again? She will be all the dearer to you, and Heaven all the sweeter because you learned to love her so, aud you must be separated for a little while, then to meet to part no more forever! "The Lord gave aud the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." •'I cannot tell what form is hers, What look she weareth now, Nor guess how bright a glory crowns Her shining seraph brow. The thoughts that fill her sinless soul, The bliss that she doth feel, Are numbered with the secret things Which God doth not reveal. But we know—for God hath told us this— That now she is at rest. Where other blessed children are. On their loving Savior's breast. ON THE DEATH OF WILLIE HARRISON. BY N. M. RICK. Sleep, Willie, sleep, nor heed the hours Of loneliness I feel; Could I prevail upon the powers, Thy gentle eyes did seal, To rouse thee from thy soft repose, I would not wake thee to life's woes. Enjoy thy sleep and I will weep, But heed it not, oh! no! For should my heart its sorrow keep 'Twould burst; then let it How; Yes let it flow, 'twill give relief; Tears often help to soften grief. Sleep, Willie, sleep, under the sod; The white snow rests o'er thee; The moonbeams like the smile of God Steal through the unrobed tree. Best, lovely Willie, vnth the dead, Nor heed the tears that 1 must shed. Yes, sleep in undisturbed repose, Nor listen to my cries; For nature must, iu tears uncloso Its several bleeding ties. But shortly it will ease our pain To know we can unite again. Then sleep away until the day When God shall bid thee rise; I'll dry my tears and mark the way That leads thee to the skies. 'Tis lonely, but the journey's o'er; There we shall meet to part no more. AvAix>ii, Mo. SWAN NOTES. bt jack. Sleighing fine. Christmas enjoyed by all. Our blacksmith is rushed with work. ".Tack's" agreed for a turkey roast for the scribblers. Supt. Denuy heldi an institute on the 22nd Inst, at this place. Sammy Broughton came home from Walton Michigan, to spend the holidays. Wm. Gilbert and family, of South Bend, are visiting their parents at tnis place. Ail right, "Moiiie," if you know mei call around "Jack'^always likes to see old friends. Last Friday evening some enjoyed themselves at Leonard Lion's by tripping the light fantastic toe. The boys have returned from Kansas. We learn that they were well pleased with the coim tn'. C. G. Simon has a car load of Kansas com on hand. The grasshopper country cannot l)e beat for corn this year. Quite a number of our young folks themselves Cliristmas eve sleighriding. How was the Christmas tree at Huntertown? Wm. C. Moore made himself a Christmas i»resent of the persoh of Miss Edith Simon. You lave our best congratulations. "Jack" was not slighted in getting a piece of cake. WOLF LAKE ITEMS. BT CRICKETT. Very Remarkable Beoovery. Mr. Geo. V. Willing, of Manchester, Mich., writes: "My wife has been almost tielpU^ for five years, so helplem tha^ she could no^t turn over in .b^ alone. She used two b.-)ttles of Electric Bitters, aud is so much improved that she is now able to do her own work." Electric Bitters will do all that ia cUimcd for them Hundreds c^ testimoniali «ttest theii mxaiA'^iViom 11« cU Where, oh! where is your Wolf Lake localist ? We iiave not heard from him for so long. We are not a professional quill-driver, but we can make some crooked marks. Health good. A New Year's Eve hop at the school house. Old grandma Nuff is still living, but helpless. The Ch^'istmas hop did not pan out, flnaaeially. New butcher shop in our town for some we^. Good-bye snow, as far as sledding is concam-cd Mr. Richmond, the druggist, is reported havfof erysipelas. Grandma Stnlts Is better, so she was taken home last week. Protraqted meeting bas ekised, ind, idtes some poor souls we J^i^ tost^aatuiCMtdttel of some, in the past louder than words. CorDyapepsfa* Gostlveaess», Slek Hesd»ch^ Ckronlc Diatw yfaoaa. Jaundice» Impurity of tbe Blood« Fever and Ague, Malaria, and all Diseases caused bjr X>«-raagement of Uver, Bowels and Kidneys. gTMPTOMS OF A DI8BASED UTKR. Bad Breath: Pa.tn in the Side, «omeiimes the iwn it felt un'!:7 the Shoulder-biade, mistalcen for Rheumatism; general loss of appetite; Boweb generally costivc. sometimes alternating with lax; the head is troubled with pain, is dull and heavy, with considerable loss of memory, accompaniad with a painful sensation of leaving undone someti^i^ wliich ought to have been done; a slight, dry ctmgn and flushed &ce it sometimes an attendant, ofM mistaicen for consumption:.the patient complaias of weariness and debiUty ; nervous, easily startled* ieet coid or burning, sometimes a pricidy sensation of the sicin exisu; spirits are low and desTOi^er': and, although satisfied that exercise would Ik brn-£cial, yet one can hardly summon up fortitude to tiy it—in &ct. distrusu every remedy. Several or the alwve s^ptoms attend the disease, but catea have occuned whu but few of them existed, yet examination after aeath has siiown the Liver to liave been extensiveiy deranged. It should be used by all persona, old and young, whenever any of the above symptoms appear. Persons Traveling or living in Unhealthy lAeaUUes, bv uking a dose occasionally to iceep the Liver in healthy action, will avoid ali Malaria, Bilious attaeks, Ditaness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Depression of Spirits, etc. ft will invifforate like a glass of whw, but is no intoxicating beverage. If Tou have eaten anytliing hard of digestion, or fed heavy after meals, or sleepless at night, take a dose and you will lie xeiievert Time and I>octors* Bill* will be save by always keeping the Regulator in the House 1 For, whatever the ailment may be, a thoroug^y safe purgative, alterative ándenle can never De out tiS place. The remedy is harmlesa and does not interfere with business or pleasure. rr IS PtJBIXY TEGUrTABI^B, And has al| the power and efficacy of Calomel or Quinine, without any of the injurious after efiects. A Ctovemor's Testimony. Simmons Liver Regulator has been in use in my &mily for some time, and I am satisfied it' is a vaiuaW addition to the medical science. J. Gill Shukter, Governor of Ala. lion. Alexander H. Stephens, of 6a., says: Have derived some t>enefit from the use o* Simmons Liver Regulator, and wish to give it a further trial. "The only Thing that never falls to Relieve."—f have used many remedies for Dys pepsi^ Liver Affection and Debility, but ncer have found anything to benefit me to the extent Simmons Liver Regulator has. I sent from Minnesota to Georgia for it, and would send further for such a medicine, and would advise all who are similarly affected to give it a trial as it seems tbe only thing that never fails to relieve. P. M. Jannby, Minneapolis, Minn. Dr. T. W. Mason says : From actual experience in the use of Simmons Uver Regulator in my practice I have been and am satisfied to use and prescribe it as a purgative medicine. f^^Taice only the Oenulne, which always hat on the Wrapper the red Z Trade-Mark and Signature of J. H. ZEILIN A CO. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS. LOOK! LOOK! Sew Star Jtwdry Sto?t. 3^-El-WI n^T-E .A.-TII OAnd Well Selected Stock o/O WATCHES, CLOCKS, ||ettJelrgt ^gciffaeles, SILVER-PLATED WARE, ITOTIOISTS, ETC. Repairing of all Kinds NEATLY :: and :: PROMPTLY :: D0N8. ALL WORK WABRAI«T£I». WE ASK A SHARE OP PATRONAQB. pzftxcsa "rsoB Xicwsusar. E. D, SPAirCI.E * CO.. Rast Side of ¿«i-.^-. Public Square Al^JilOII, lie». -t ■W"ILLIAMS SOUSE. Albion, Indiana, RICHARD WILLIAMS, Proper. This House is entirely new—is of toiek, tn4 is completely furnished throughout. G( ' Sample rooms for commercial men. Maim Stkxki, Sovth or Coukt Hons A. «Aim, DENTIS^ ;

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