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Aiken Standard Newspaper Archives Jun 18 2015, Page 3

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Aiken Standard (Newspaper) - June 18, 2015, Aiken, South CarolinaCyan wooo Magenta Paoo yellow Poao Black 012908 Talback 803-644-2384 Call our Talback hotline at 803-644-2384 and leave your message or email it to us at editorial . Readers names Are not necessary to make a comment and will not be published in the newspaper. Comments should be Brief and to the Point and the Aiken Standard reserves the right to edit for space and Content. Lottery South Carolina pick 3 midday 8-7-9 pick 4 midday 4-8-8-8 pick 3 evening 8-7-0 pick 4 evening 3-3-5-7 Palmetto Cash 5 8-27-29-32-37 Power up 2 Georgia Cash 3 midday 2-9-1 Cash 4 midday 3-4-2-5 five midday 3-6-2-6-8 Cash 3 evening 7-0-1 five evening 7-4-7-0-8 fantasy 5 13-21-19-17-31 Power Ball nos 20-21-22-41-54 Power Ball 7 Power play 3 Cash 4 evening unavailable at press time. Published by Aiken communications inc. Ellen priest publisher founded 1867 326 Rutland drive Aiken . 29801 Aiken Standard Assn 0893-2557established in 1867, is published each morning by Aiken communications inc., . Box 456, 326 Rutland drive Aiken ., 29802. Periodicals postage paid at Augusta a. Postmaster Send address changes to the Aiken Standard . Box 456, Aiken . 29802. News tips Call the newsroom at 803-644-2401. If no one answers please leave a message. Were Good about returning Calls. Submissions Reader submissions Are not Only allowed but encouraged. Email submissions to editorial Aike Standard. Com. For More information Call Dustin Turner news editor at 803-644-2382. Membership notes delivery details Call 803-648-2311 whenever possible Aiken Standard tries to deliver in City papers by 6 . Monday Friday and 7 . Saturday and sunday. For missed deliveries Call 803-648-2311. Redelivery hours Are 7 . To 10 30 . Monday through Friday and 7 . To 11 . On weekends. 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Tim obriant editor and director of audience Jeromy Way business manager Melissa Hanna executive editor Dennis Hemme production director Dustin Turner news editor Michael Ulmer editorial Page editor circulation manager Laura Tiedman ltiedman@ 803-644-2350 customer service manager Letitia Jefferson ljefferson@ 803-644-2344 advertising director Dee Taylor dtaylor@ 803-644-2371 How to Contact us main office 803-648-2311 hours of 8 30 . To 5 30 . Newsroom 803-644-2401 fax 803-649-1404 classifieds 803-644-2344 epriest@, 803-644-2345 to subscribe or report Home delivery problems Call 803-648-2311 fix things first before we spend Money trying to do something with Hitchcock Parkway maybe we should look at the roads with potholes deep enough for fish to swim in and the Bridges that Are going to fall Down. Things Yourd like to have done you do when everything else is repaired. You dont put a new Light fixture in your House when your roof is missing. Lets take care of the major things first then look at what else can be done. Bad Drivers its amazing How Many people in South Carolina and Aiken have Drivers licenses without having read the Drivers manual. They dont know about the term maintain your Lane when to Stop for a school bus when you re oncoming in a four Lane Highway or what that silly sign that says maximum Speed limit Means. Short memory its amazing How Short the memory of the Aiken county Council is. We had a Park already paid for in the Aiken Industrial Park that had a baseball Field. They let it grow up and become neglected. Now they want to buy More land and this is land they already had to build another Park. Because you can this is in response to the Talback on the Hospital Ity tax. Its not the 50 cents. Its because the county can create a tax just because they can. If they Tell you to jump off a Bridge would you what the Heck its not that High. Recreation i just returned from a Safe bicycle ride at the Greeneway in North Augusta. Isnit it a crime that Aiken with All the Money we spend on recreation does not have a family Friendly Safe place to ride bicycles it certainly Isnit Safe to ride in the streets of Aiken. With All of the Money we spend on base Ball softball and soccer Fields and Tennis courts we need to redirect some of that Money to something that will give More of the Community an Opportunity to have Safe recreation. The recreation director needs to go to North Augusta to see what they do with their recreation dollars and see what we can do in Aiken. Volunteer work my grandchildren Are visit ing this summer. I would like to have them do some Volun Teer work. Does anyone have suggestions by will Whaley wwhaley@ Waymon Newton was found guilty wednes Day of Strong robbery and not guilty of kidnapping in an incident that occurred sept. 30, 2014. After final arguments wednesday morn ing the jury unanimously decided the state proved its Case that Newton committed armed robbery after the ver dict Newton was sentenced to 15 years the maximum penalty for Strong Rob Bery according to assistant solicitor David Miller. On sept. 30, 2014, Eartha Herrin was working at Bry ant Auto sales in Aiken when Newton came to the lot and asked to look at a Dodge Durango. He asked for information about the vehicle when he robbed Herrin at knife Point and took her purse that contained her per Sonal information and her Check Book. On oct. 3, 2014, Newton had a wreck on whiskey Road and fled the scene. Later police found him hiding a few Miles Down the Road according to reports. Police observed Newton fit the description of the Man who robbed the Auto sales store and arrested him. David Miller with the solicitors office represented the state in the trial and called Herrin store owner Eric Bryant and Aiken county sheriffs investigators Stacey Prince and Chuck Cain to the stand to testify. Newton testified that Herrin was his drug dealer and he was acting As a Middle Man to buy cocaine from her. He added he came to the car lot in search of drugs he was owed or Money to make up for the value. He also said Herrin gave him six checks As collateral until proper pay ment could be made. He said the two of them fought and he took her purse. He said he never threatened her and never Laid his hands on her. In her closing arguments defense attorney Wallis Alves said there were two sides to every Story. How Are you going to decide who the Crimi Nal is she asked the jurors. Think about Anna Gristina. Anna Gristina was a soccer mom who was accused of running a prostitution ring in 2012. It happens every Day Alves said. Which is the More credible version of events Miller responded with his closing arguments. A drug dealer got up and called Herrin a drug dealer he said. Today his attorney compared Herrin to a prostitute. Miller said Newton saw the evidence that was against him and said he Newton had to come up with a plan that would help defend himself against every piece of evidence presented. Miller also asked the jury to consider if Herrin was a criminal Mastermind Why would she just give six checks away she is not a drug dealer and not a criminal Mastermind he said. She was doing her Job and she was robbed. Jury Newton found guilty in Strong robbery Case Newton by Rob Novit rnovit@ two weeks after he graduated from Aiken High school Malik Gardner arrived at us Aiken on wednesday for the univer sit yes first of four freshman orientations scheduled this summer. He plans to teach math and Sci ence at the Middle school level and is excited abut the Opportunity to attend Musca. Yet its How he got there thatus so compelling. I adopted Malik when he was 2, said his Mother Ella Gard Ner. He was a cocaine opiates and opium baby and weighed 1 Pound 8 ounces at birth. He has come a Long Way and he is also a licensed preacher at Zion Hopewell Church in Gilbert. Ism tremendously proud of him. As for Malik his Mother is More than special. Sheds the Best Mother in the world. More than 600 freshmen Are expected to attend Musca in August. On wednesday they and their parents toured the school. The students met the popular pacesetters about 24 upperclassmen who serve As student leaders and tour guides for the new students. Student Linhda Nguyen joined the pacesetters As a senior. Its really great she said. As a freshman i Only knew three people so i had to Start from scratch. Then the pacesetters invited me to hang out with them. I want to do the same thing with the new freshmen. They re the future of this Campus and i want them to understand what a great place this is. Chancellor or. Sandra Jordan said a degree does open opportunities that will help you succeed in All aspects of life the value of a College education has never been higher in the u.s., she said. College graduates Are happier people happier about the work they do in their lives. Or. Mike Ritchie a school of business professor is an institution during orientation talking to the freshmen about the bus. Their mothers will no longer be around to Wake them up in the morning Toast a pop tart for them and make sure they do their Homework. You Are now driving the bus Ritchie said. There will be new people on the bus friends and folks who can help keep you out of the ditch. Were going to Tell you not to do that but if you do you Are the one driving the bus. Its up to you. Ryan Rafanan the student government association presi Dent is also a freshman Orienta Tion Leader. He urged the first year students to choose one of the Many extracurricular activities available on Campus student life religious organizations sports and much More. Senior writer Rob Novit is the Aiken standards education re Porter. Us Aiken welcomes freshmen at orientation staff photo by Cindy Kubovic accompanied by his Mother Ella Malik Garden arrived at us Aiken for freshman orientation wednesday. His Mother is most proud of How her son persevered from the serious health issues he encountered at birth. Gallery see More photos from a scans freshmen orientation online at www. staff photo by Dede Biles author Dorothea Benton Frank left signs some of her books for Hemrick Salley or. At books a million in the Aiken mall on tuesday. By Dede Biles dbiles@ Aiken has become a regular Stop for Dorothea Benton Frank when the Best Selling author goes on tour to promote a new Book. I love it Here because there is a real heart connection she said tuesday night during an appearance at books a million in the Aiken mall. Every body is just so Happy. Maybe its the Vitamin d from All the Sun and maybe its because its a horse town and people get More exercise. I dont know what it is but everybody is always in a pretty Good mood. Ive never had an unpleasant moment in Aiken not one. Frank talked about and signed her 16th and latest Book All the single ladies. She also signed some of her earlier novels. All the single ladies is about Friendship Frank said. Its about women of a certain age who Are in their Early 50s. They lose a Mutual Friend who always kind of played her cards close to her Chest and they want to figure out who she really was. They make discoveries about her life and in the process they ask themselves a lot of questions too. A native of sullivans Island Frank writes about the coastal South Carolina area where she was raised. Approximately 160 people showed up to see the author during her Aiken visit and nearly All of them were women. She makes me feel like ism at Home when i read her books because they Are set in the places that i know said Pat Shealy. She always tells a Good Story. Joan Majore moved from new Yorkus Long Island to Aiken nine years ago and she enjoys Franks novels because they ave helped her learn More about the Palmetto state. I like the Way she writes about the Low country Majore said. Since i live Here now i want to read All about the area. One of Franks most enthusiastic local fans however is a Man named Hemrick Salley or. He brought Frank a brooch that belonged to his late Mother. She writes about the South and i like Southern things and stories Salley said. She has All kinds of twists in her books so you dont know exactly what is coming about. Dede Biles is a general assignment reporter for the Aiken Standard and has been with the newspaper since january 2013. A native of Concord n.c., she graduated from the univer sity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Best Selling author loves Aiken local fans love her staff photo by Dede Biles Best Selling author Dorothea Ben ton Frank spoke and signed books at books a million in the Aiken mall on tuesday. Staff photo by Dede Biles Tommie Dickson left Joan Majore and Pat Shealy were among the approximately 160 people who showed up at books a million to see author Dorothea Benton Frank on tuesday. What do you think comment on this Story at www. or Send an email to Edito rial@. Standard thursday june 18, 2015 3aedited by Kyle Semones

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