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Aiken Standard Newspaper Archives Jul 27 2015, Page 3

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Aiken Standard (Newspaper) - July 27, 2015, Aiken, South CarolinaA meeting to be held at St. Paul lutheran alcoholics Anonymous meet Ings Are held every tuesday thursday Friday and saturday at 7 . At St. Paul lutheran Church 961 Trail Ridge Road. Al anon to meet at St. Paul lutheran Al anon meets each tuesday and thursday evening from 7 to 8 . At St. Paul lutheran Church 961 Trail Ridge Road. Anyone affected by the drinking of a family member or Friend is Welcome. Single single again to meet for Brunch single single again will meet for Brunch at the speak easy 126 Laurens St. N.w., on sunday aug. 9 at 12 30 . A sep Are due by Friday aug. 7. For More information email Carla at or Call Jeanne at 803 663-3839. Dog Wash to be held at Albrecht Center a dog Wash will be held from 10 . To 2 . Saturday aug. 8, at the Albrecht Center for animal welfare 199 Willow run Road. For More information visit . Cyan wooo Magenta Paoo yellow Poao Black 012908 Talback 803-644-2384 Call our Talback hotline at 803-644-2384 and leave your message or email it to us at editorial . Readers names Are not necessary to make a comment and will not be published in the newspaper. Comments should be Brief and to the Point and the Aiken Standard reserves the right to edit for space and Content. Lottery South Carolina pick 3 evening 5-9-6 pick 4 evening 4-5-2-5 Palmetto Cash 5 8-12-24-25-37 Power up 3 Georgia Cash 3 midday 7-7-6 Cash 4 midday 6-8-3-8 five midday 8-2-6-4-7 Cash 3 evening 1-0-2 Cash 4 evening 8-4-6-0 five evening 8-7-0-5-8 fantasy 5 13-28-22-34-35 published by Aiken communications inc. Ellen priest publisher founded 1867 326 Rutland drive Aiken . 29801 Aiken Standard Assn 0893-2557established in 1867, is published each morning by Aiken communications inc., . Box 456, 326 Rutland drive Aiken ., 29802. Periodicals postage paid at Augusta a. Postmaster Send address changes to the Aiken Standard . Box 456, Aiken . 29802. tips Call the newsroom at 803-644-2401. If no one answers please leave a message. Were Good about returning Calls. Submissions Reader submissions Are not Only allowed but encouraged. Email submissions to editorial Aike Standard. Com. For More information Call Holly Ellington news editor at 803-644-2341. Membership notes delivery details Call 803-648-2311 whenever possible Aiken Standard tries to deliver in City papers by 6 . Monday Friday and 7 . Saturday and sunday. For missed deliveries Call 803-648-2311. Redelivery hours Are 7 . To 10 30 . Monday through Friday and 7 . To 11 . On weekends. About your publisher the publisher has responsibility for All Aiken Standard departments. Ellen priest can be reached at 803-644 2345 or email epriest@. Payment payment should be made to Aiken Standard to ensure proper credit to your account. Aiken Standard is not responsible for payments made directly to newspaper carriers who Are Independent contractors and not under the control of this company. Paid in Advance accounts automatically convert to Carrier collect Billing when the subscription term expires. To subscribe Call 803-648-2311 membership Levels monthly Fez pay 13 weeks daily advantage $17.00 $54.00 weekend advantage $13.00 $42.00 Premium Content $1.00 thanksgiving Day $.50 other Premium special sections pay through dates subject to change due to charges for Premium editions. Tim obriant editor and director of audience Jeromy Way business manager Dennis Hemme production director Holly Ellington news editor Michael Ulmer editorial Page editor circulation manager Laura Tiedman ltiedman@ 803-644-2350 customer service manager Letitia Jefferson ljefferson@ 803-644-2344 advertising director Dee Taylor dtaylor@ 803-644-2371 How to Contact us main office 803-648-2311 hours of 8 30 . To 5 30 . Newsroom 803-644-2401 fax 803-649-1404 classifieds 803-644-2344 epriest@, 803-644-2345 to subscribe or report Home delivery problems Call 803-648-2311 Donald Trump on the editorial in the paper about Trump he is the Only one that tells the truth. We dont need another Obama he is kill ing this country. If you dont believe me just look at Greece. White Stripe at every controlled inter Section Stop signs or traffic signal there is a Broad White Stripe. This Stripe is there for vehicles to Stop behind and basically has three functions 1 keep the pedestrian Walkway Clear 2 provide for vehicles to make left turns without having to go around someone past the Stripe and 3 if the intersection is controlled by triggers in the pavement and the vehicle goes passed the Stripe the trigger Isnit very smart so it thinks that the vehicle has proceeded through the intersection and will not trigger the Light to change. Therefore the vehicle that has passed the Stripe will sit there until someone else comes by and triggers the Light. Gun free zones the most dangerous place to be is a gun free zone. Where have the mass murders occurred in gun free zones. Yes a few might still get killed be fore the shooter can be stopped but the number of casualties will be less. Not knowing who is armed or How Many will make a potential perpetrator Stop and think before going through with their wicked plan. Proud americans the Confederate Flag is Down. Slavery has been Over for 150 years in America. Three to four generations have passed so slavery cannot be holding you Back. We Are proud to be americans and Arentt whiners. License plate second Only to arizonans desert scene and magnificent colors is South Carolinas Beautiful License plate with the Sunrise and Palmetto tree. Instead of doing away with the colourful Palmetto and Sunrise and the div issuing a White plate with Black letters that i read about recently has anyone at that office considered stamp ing on the colourful plate in god we Trust or travel2sc. Com Why would div con Sider scrapping the appealing colourful plate anyhow nuclear Deal congratulations to the presi Dent for the Deal he made on the nuclear Plant Deal. It seems like its the same one he made with the prisoner Swap at Guantanamo Bay. Its a great Deal but for who no other president for decades would do this they had better sense. Stay away based on the current news releases the Best advice is to stay away from places that dont permit concealed weapon permits. By Scott Rodgers Sellers imaging recently achieved a Cora Milestone. The company became the first unmanned aircraft company to be called to an Active search and Rescue. Jus tin Sellers owner of Sellers imaging said the Milestone continues to show the capabilities of the platform and the benefits they can provide. I used to work Ems in the Aiken Community and have become acquainted with the providers in our area Over the years he said. I actually left Ems to become a Dod Nav flight instructor and after going to Afghanistan multiple times my family and i decided it was time to hang up the Bullet proof Vest and replace it with a Polo. So about a year ago we began planning the opening of my company. About a month and a half ago we debuted at the so fire Rescue conference in Myrtle Beach. It was a huge Success. A Little Over a week ago Sellers presented his systems to the Aiken county Emer gency management Agency. Shortly afterwards a missing person Case became Public and he was in communication with the Etc to begin looking. They utilized four unmanned aircraft including a hex copter with a flir full color Thermal imaging infrared camera As Well As a daytime imaging camera. Using autonomous search patterns for specific Grid squares that was inaccessible by foot traffic we looked for her but were unable to spot her from the air Sellers said. With the technology rapidly evolving Sellers believes this will become a go to asset in the near future. The aircraft has so Many capabilities and features that its use is a no brainer he said. The hardest part is educating the Public on How these aircraft Are beneficial. I think in the near future you Are going to see avs responding to scenes with life saving equipment attached. Europe already has avs responding with ads automated external defibrillators attached to them. This allows the person who finds the patient to Start life saving procedures before Emer gency personnel can arrive on scene. It May take a few years to be accepted but it is definitely on the horizon. While the equipment has a lot of potential there Are limitations. The biggest of which according to Sellers is rain. We Are not a Waterproof system so when it Rains we Are grounded he said. As Long As the weather Cooper ates we Are Good to go. The Perks of our system would have to be flight time capability and distance of cover age. Right now the platform we Are flying goes for 30 to 37 minutes and takes three minutes to change the Bat Tery for another full length flight. The aircraft can go 2 Miles away in All directions but the Fra encourages us to keep our aircraft within visual line of sight. So As of right now we can really Only go about 900 meters in each direction. Sellers imaging also offers a wide array of services including realty and inspection. For More information visit . Remote aircraft used for Rescue photo Courtesy of Sellers imaging Justin Sellers owner of Sellers imaging flies an unmanned aircraft. Adam Poore wins kickboxing tournament submitted photo Adam Poore right of Aiken is congratulated on his win As the welterweight 156 Pound National kickboxing Champion by Dominic Cruz the former pfc bantamweight Cham Pion at the North american kickboxing championship tournament sponsored by the world association of kickboxing organizations. The event was held july 10-11 As part of pfc fight week in Las vegas Nevada. Poore will fight on the Usa kickboxing team in the world games in Serbia later this year. By Dede Biles dbiles@ when plan a did not work out Chris Lydle came up with a plan b. Instead of Selling his business Chris camera Center and retiring Lydle decided to makes some changes and continue to work. I had been trying to find a buyer but none of the possible buyers came through Lydle said. So i kind of looked around and thought about How i could simplify things for myself and not have to put in a Long work week anymore. Chris camera will move from 150b Laurens Street . To a building at 200 Park Avenue . That formerly was the Home of Park Avenue paints and More recently the curiosity shop which closed earlier this summer. We extended the lease on our current premises which was coming up for renewal through september and starting in sep tember i will have a lease on the new place on Park Avenue Lydle said. We Hope to move in mid september. Its probably go ing to be a Little bit hectic. There might be a Day or two when youll have to wander Back and Forth to find us and we wont be Able to do everything that we normally do. Both the rent and the utilities Bills will be lower on Park Avenue. Were going to be leaner and meaner Lydle said. Were also going to be More customer Friendly. Chris camera will focus less on Selling cameras and More on being a photo design studio at the Park Avenue location. We Are going to emphasize our digital creative services Lydle said. We want to help people turn their pictures into something interesting and special. Chris camera already makes items As custom printed Coffee mugs greeting cards and custom photo Canvas prints now and More options will be added after the move. We want people to walk in and say wow we did not know you could do this a Lydle said. Well also be changing our displays a lot. Even though Well have a Nar rower selection of cameras Well certainly still have All the accessories that weave Ever had. Chris camera will be open fewer Days per week on Park ave nue. The current monday through saturday schedule will change to monday through Friday. Because the store wont be open on saturdays Well be Able to schedule special events Lydle said. Well also be Able to do the kind of classes on saturdays that we do too Well when the store was open then. Well have longer classes that Are immersive. Ill get More time off and ill be Able to eliminate the scheduling conflicts that my staff had on saturdays. Lydle is looking Forward to staying in business with the transition process that will occur. Whenever there Are changes it is exciting he said. Ism still a Little too Active to be completely retired and people were saying to me what Are we going to do please dont go. Chris camera is holding a Sale that begins today. It will probably go on for Sev eral weeks Lydle said. We have so Many things tucked away. I would much rather sell them than move them. Dede Biles is a general assign ment reporter for the Aiken Standard. Chris camera Center moving to Park Avenue staff photo by Dede Biles Chris Lydle is moving his Chris camera Center from Laurens Street to Park Avenue. He was considering retirement but has decided to continue working. Briefly Standard monday july 27, 2015 3aedited by Drew Greiner

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