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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives May 29 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - May 29, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday May 29, 1879. No. 9. Proofs Ona Masuro of intellect is the amount and kind of evidence Neces sary to conviction. A Groat Many men hear n scrap of evidence in a Case and on that form their Opin ions and All after study and thought for the simple purpose of strength ening it. Tiey do not investigate any matter for the Siko of Tia truth but Only for Tho argument. They Are not in a state of mind to Roc Iivo the truth Whon they Soo it. They lire aptly Kallod opinionated and whether from Phreno logical peculiarities natural stupidity they Are unable to weigh investigate and decide by Tho evidence. Such men place enormous value upon the fact that they really and sincerely believe themselves Tho doctrines which they have become possessed of. Between this outside limit next to the Donkey and the Man at the other end of the Lino next to is of the Jud Cial Frame of mind whose mind is like a Sheet of White paper on which May to written All the evidence who reasons from cause la eff not lies every form and degree of credulity. Men was no influenced by every variety of circumstance and argument. The breakfast they cat in the a Orrin settles the a nation for everything that comos comes up with some men. What u Friend says what they have read in some newspaper or what their Mother told them stops some folks minds to the truth us tight As an Oyster. They May have Only got hold of a scrap of the evidence in the Case they May Only look at ene Little Corner of to and very few of Thorn Leok at More than one Side of anything yet they Are As Kim indeed much firmer in their beliefs than the Man who wastes the Midnight Oil in study. The Small mind is made up and bubbles and rattles when an attempt is tide to turn it Lika a Small Stream. A Chip will change it or a falling c of and any Chance Send it wide of its course. The River sweeps in its Way in the True Channel unless systematic work compels it to change and it should be the same with men. They speaking by the strict loiter of reason should change their minds just As soon As the evidence by reason of weight and value turns Tho scale Aud not lore. Unman passions and prejudices Are so Strong however that men will to Many centuries in making any perceptible change in their ability to de cide on proofs alone. Give everybody a. Chance. Land monopoly is a curse. To re tards Progress stifles agricultural development and holds the mass of non landholders in i sort of bondage. As a matter of equity it is unjust. A Man has As much right to Tho soil he treads As the air lie breathes. It is a Grout political evil. Man who own no land cannot be expected to have the Patri Otic love of country they would have did they possess a portion of its soil. A Man with a farm be it Ever so Small fools that to is Monarch with in its boundaries. Hare in Nevada where the area of tillable soil is limited there should be no Large farm. Tho smaller the farms Are Tho higher is the state of cultivation reached land becomes More valuable better crops Are produced employment Given to More people and a larger Popula Tion sustained. Besides the general Prosperity is greatly enhanced. The eyelid foundations of France s enor Mous wealth Ara the millions of Small farms Inco which her territory is sub divided. The intense pfc Trot ism of the French people is More than anything else due to these Small farms. Every Man who own a Patch of land feels that he and his land Are integral ports of his country and that in up holding his credit and Honor he is doing it As much for himself As for anybody else. If the lauds of tins country Wera Cut up into Small farm France to in old be More prosperous More patriotic More moral and More industrious than we Are now and fewer tramps would be walking on Highway sin search of work. A Man has the right is much Money As he us Nanny h in.103 As he can erect or a Miny and Railroad us to c a build because they Are All creations i Man s ingenuity and Industry. Hut no Man has the right if Moi Polisse the soil of Footstool the c in Jiunn heritage like life of All. A has a right to All the property he can honestly Mike but he has no right to excl loss neighbor from that which is his by i inherent and inalienable title. The context loaf. Outside of its us As a political institution Tho convention is becoming a very popular Means of exchanging and increasing knowledge in the East Ern states. Merchants different from Tho same City hold meetings and Duomo different phases of their Liu guess. Doctors meet and talk laugh and eat together Aud Many a horrible tide they Tell of queer discuss and unheard of bats of aur dentists hold conventions in several states. Even newspaper men Are permitted one Day in the year fur the same purpose. Perhaps no class of business has been benefited More by this style of education than Tho railroads. Every class of Railroad men in the East hold conventions from presidents to brakeman. Managers moot and Settle up in policies and rates and if they lived up to what is done in convention it would be bettor for All parties but they Are suspicious of each other and suspicion is the father of treachery. Agreements Are broken rates knocked every Way and Tho next meeting of the managers is called to put them up High enough to cinch the Peop e out of twice what they made in Tho break. A uniform Rnic even though a Little higher in the average would be far better than the fluctuations which follow fierce Competition. But the most useful conventions held arc those master car builders and masters of machinery. Tho hitter was in session to Cincinnati last week. A report was submitted and discussed on Tho Best form material and size for locomotive wheels and axles. The Axle was adopted and All roads seated will have uniform sizes and shapes As fast is now work is made. Another in the Best Iron and material for boilers and the beat method for Economy in the use . The com Mittee on boilers made an exhaustive report and ended by recommending steel for boilers. Conductors and engineers conventions Are mostly for Tia Protection of wages life insurance and social improvement. Each hns a journal published monthly. The effects of their annual meetings have been very beneficial especially to the engineers. The negro exodus tit Kansas has about stopped and Many of the Immi Grants who went there Are turning to the Cotton Fields they abandoned. The result is just swe anticipated. Kan Sas is no place Tor Tho Plantation bred Darkey and did not take him Long to find it out. It is purely in agricultural country and is Only suited As yet to the intelligent industrious Pio. Near. The influx of a Large number of ignorant unskilled dependant labourers could Only result in want and suffering. Had the negroes been skill Ful artisans they could Only have got ten employment by under working White mechanics and had they done so there would very Likely have been a by in Kansis that Sambo must have heard of play grounds burying grounds and Coffee grounds but insane a Huckleberry Over our Persimmon. A con temporary uses the term and we suppose it re fers to the editorials in the Stock sex editorial notes. The Reno papers say that a petition is being circulated for the Pardon of willium Madden race Nelv sentenced to hive in the stall Iob Liing William Luke. Whit s t n matter was his sentence Nuj iut i he innocent what did to the trouble mid sex Pons of Erroa Sirj my trying him for if to nut what u Fieroe Pardon him out prison before he even it. Please Hill Trio Flint Madden Iii i girl ii a Vuro Unlue Iii a urn up in courtaud proclaimed Madden in Nocent of th-3 crime a solving that himself and another party the robbery. This with the that Mudden wus convicted Sully in circumstantial evidence is Why thu Peti Tion is being signed. Can meeting in Bentlie the other night. If there is one thing More than an other thut Ferg. Likes to hear it is the sound of Liis own voice. He hns spoken on every Side of every political i question that come up in the last fifteen years lectured and made Toni Penn cd speeches probably never originated an idea. A new York Sun Baun shines with the truth after the following fashion Tho usher in a variety Shew at per stood where he obstructed Tho View of several persons in the audience. A remonstrance Drew a shot from his revolver wounding a quiet and popular Young Man. The usher was at once seized Raken out of the Hall and hanged to tree. Vitriol throwing is gutting to be almost As common in America As it h in France. Nearly ovary Day Tho Tol graph brings the report of noun Cine being disfigured for life in this infer Nal Way. It is the most do vile hand malicious Crimo with prob in Lyon Scep lion in the Calendar Ami r not to too severely Pinioli Niento ought to be death. It evinces sue 1 vile Malignity n old u s Ali us Ling in its effects that the t t Mrike i one with horror. In in my c is is it would to infinitely better if the Vic Tim were killed outright Ina Seidof being Nin med and blinded to on a miserable helpless wreck. The coming gubernatorial contest in Ohio is attracting a Grout attention. Ohio is a Pivot Oal state and the re sult of the election will powerfully in Nence the democratic and Republican National conventions next year. She hns prominent presidential Aspi rants in both parties and if any Olin Man expects to get the nomination his party must carry the state this fall. The contest will probably to Between Sherman and Thurman. Should it be the ease one them will almost to a certainty be a presi a entail nominee. Col. Dwight who died at Bingham ton new York a Short time since had his life insured fur now the insurance companies announce their intention of standing n Law suit before liquidating. We fail to see the Good of life insurance if the amount of n polio has to be paid out fur Law yers fees to recover it. Tho Way Many of the life insurance companies do business is n Good Deal like a Man paying premiums for a number of years for Tho privilege of leaving his heirs a Law suit. The san Francisco chronicle 1ms opened its gnus upon Kearney. It is making a characteristic fight. In Stead of attacking him in Laboured editorials it merely holds him up to Ridi Cule and humorously exhibits him is the profane ignorant ass that he is. The fight will be watched with inter est As the chronicle did More to make Kearney than

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