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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives May 22 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - May 22, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Keno Washoe county Nevada thursday May 22, 1879. No. Ii. M. S. Pin4fok3s. It caught us on our Tunny bump to see the Enterprise join in with the Patent outsides on thai decline of our merchant Marine duty of the govern ment in regard to rebuilding Etc. It always looks ridiculous to us to Soe men drag in patriotism by tie hair of the head to support any Little Hobby they my choose to father. Thero is no reason Why the ownership of steam vessels should be made a question of politics or geography any More than that of silk weaving. Tho democrats used to talk about Tho Good old clays then the stars and stripes fluttered to the Breeze in every port and our sails whitened the Waves of every it is now in order for the re publicans to reproach Congress for defeating the Roach subsidy scheme so that the american Flag will continue not to flutter to the Breeze and pm ducking will poro isl whitening the Waves. It is the simple truth that America hires her hauling done instead of doing it herself but is that equal to saying that if the government subsidized lines to foreign countries the effect would to Good the history of the Pacific mail seems to if she did it would not be Tho five Hundred thousand tramps who would Man them. It would he the Busy workers in other and we believe More important Fields. This country perhaps loses the Chance of swapping Jack Krive with Brazil and one Mure to do with it than has Tho fact that frenchmen weave Spanish Wool into French Broa Yolotli for Tho cont of the editor of the enter prise and other Well dressed gentle men. Instead of building ships uni Manning Thorn the shrewd american has devoted his Lii so and talents to developing the Western hemisphere. He Hus built nearly a Hundred thous and Miles of Railroad and brought the system to a degree of Utility Aud coi vengence unknown in Europe. He has built the finest factories in the world and now sends his Cottons into Manchester. He has rolled the red rocks of Pennsylvania and Missouri into steel bars and sold them to the English. He sent them the Telegraph the Telephone mid thu phonograph. He sent them instructions in Chemis try philosophy Art and poetry. Nay the Steamboat itself lie Mado and loaned to them and when he has finished his work on Laud he will claim it again and no Power on Earth can prevent him from taking it and when he does he will distance Trio whole Earth. To will fear no Cump Critien and be in sight of no rival. To will build Tho ship of which englishmen have dreamed for centuries and to Day if any nation raised hand or foot against him the Energy of his invention tid the vast resources of this wondrous land would place forces in motion which would sweep the seas of his enemies. Instead of brute strength he Combine science and skill and with machines of tiny dimensions he would drop meteors through the decks and shoot torpedoes through the Hulis of the vast monsters that Load inc Ocean with their ponderous bulk. It is All right. A va., weekly Luis come out boldly for Sena Tor David Davis for president in 1880. Other papers will follow suit and expeditions will at once be fitted out to circumnavigate the senator ind Ascer Tain whether he is to Island or a continent in politics. Where Abe the baud times the annual report of the Minneapolis Beard of Trade contains these words on May 2d a great calamity befell Tho City by which several citizens lost their lives and thirds of tiie milling capacity the cily was destroyed. The effect was to business in All departments. This however was Only temporary. The disaster gave employment to a Large number of mechanics and labourers and caused increased activity in Many branches of this is soap pliable to Reno that it prophetic. Six magnificent flour Mills capable of grinding two Hundred and fifty carloads of flour per Day were destroyed and Tho Nat Astreche stunned the City. From an Industrial Point of View however Tho evil effects ceased when the fire was extinguished and it is Likely to be the same in Reno. The work of the fire of March second have already nearly disappeared and the hard Tolnas have not been heard from. Money is no harder to get if it is As hard As before and a great Many men who Weru Idle or working for starvation wages Hen have been kept Busy at goad All doubtless will to for months to come. Besides this a Groat Many decided improvements have been made. Virginia Street is now Upo across the track the buildings on com Raer Cial Row and Virginia Street Are much better Tho old ones the Railroad buildings and Chamberlain s hotel Are immensely improved and the town greatly changed for the better. The idea that Many have that we Aro to see pinching hard times is we Hope and believe a mistaken one and pres ent indications All corroborate eur impression. The cd Kali of business. The late Charles a. Simmons beyond nil Dmit fell a victim to of the disgraceful developments of the nineteenth Century in class of men and women who Are ruining men by the thousands every year and who Are doing More to Trade Down to a hard Cash basis than All other causes combined. When or. Simmons was in business Bare lie save out goods on credit to men of a High girder of who wore Fine clothes and Nice jew Elry. They let their Bills run on and put off paying until Charley went As Many a Man his gone before. Some of them bought their Bills for three or four cents on the Dollar others owe the debts yet and will owe them when they Luy their Heads Down be Side his. After he failed in business he had a slight stroke of paralysis in his lower limbs arid labor of any kind was impossible to him. At that time if the High toned crowd who owed him Little Bills from two sixty Dol Lars had paid him he could have gone to Bartlett Springs or to Clayton s Institute in Sacramento been cured and alive to Day. But no Relief cume and the look of determination and Manly vigor began to leave the Strong face and we saw that Charley Sim Mons had the Brave spirit was broken the Strong Arm that had wrested Victory from three defeats was As weak As a woman s. The Pioneer who had helped to open up the new Empire of the Pacific became us help Ess As whom he Knelt at his Mother s be to Lisp his evening prayer. The countenance softened More and More is the enl approached the eyes grew dreamy the Cheeks lost color the expression seemed we of deep can but Aud resignation the hut d Lys were full of peace. The Springfield Republican shows in i Strong article that it is As a witness to the wrong doing that the Law knows not that the press has most signally served civilization. The pitiless publicity of the press serves the same purpose in society and poli is As Tho Gas lamps serve in our streets and squares. Light is a bet Ter conservator of peace and order than Oli Ceunen or soldiers. The Vail. We watch with the greatest interest the Many experiments that Are being made in different localities raise crops with ont irrigation. Then is no doubt but that the land it i in. Month of any of the Largo canyons can be such Essen by cultivated. Tilt Best judges say that the Spring Rainn Ai b la Ter and heavier than they wed to be and we can readily believe it. There Are several causes for it. Of is Tho it owl Trees and crops which in getting be very great in n extern Nevada and which Are known to Batch loaded Clouds. A nother is the turning up of the soil which effects tin Atmos phere very much. Still another which we have never seen mentioned is the great destruction of Timber on the Sierra. Mountains cd voted with Tim Ber gather a i eat dual Moro than mountains without Timoni and when moisture Laden Clouds blow across the Summit they retain much More of the precious vapor than be fore Tho Trees were thinned out. As this country fills up the patches which can be made to will be gradually utilized Aud every acre slowed and every tree planted will More rain until thesis toryo the sacral in o Valley is repeated in Nevada and we raise ail our own wheat As we now do our Hay. Of course the of great Range of mountains will materially inter Fere with our rain fall but we Aro of the opinion that will become As reliable a farming Section As the Sun Joaquin Valley is now South of Fresno. Outrageous. A most commendable spirit has been manifested by this Community during the Campaign going on intemperance. To have not heard of a sin Gle instance where a liquor dealer has Mads the slightest Effort to iut Erfurt with the movement or attempted to overcome the Good Resolution of any of the men and women who have left off their cups. The Saloon keepers All express themselves As perfectly willing to sell or keep their Stock according to the demand. If a Man wants n drink he gets it. It lie Down t want a drink nobody asks him to buy it. Either in thoughtless sport or in double dam Ned villainy a few Young men have coaxed threatened and ridiculed a Foj Low Workman who has joined one Temperance clubs in a thus far vain attempt to induce him to break his pledge. They have held the Butlo his Noso where the smell reached his erics perhaps Wilh the odor of a my tur. They have tried to get him to drink with them in every Way they could but we believe unsuccessfully. This Man has it times been reduced to the love Cost stages of poverty by drink. He hns suffered everything from it and men Are so utterly hateful and mean As to to bring him into this condition again deserve the tar bucket with All its variations. A sceptical Young fellow attended a seance recently Whereat a spirit was in the habit of appearing Aud walking across the room. The bad Young Man tossed a number of Large headed tacks on the floor. The ghost paused Sud Denly near the dour of tue Cabinet and out its hand to the sole of its foot at the next step it Drew up the other with a suppressed further Progress was impossible. Down sat the naturalized spirit from heaven and relieved himself with a string of first class profanity. Such Happy thoughts put in practice More Good than weeks of argument. A year ago inflation lists contended that specie resumption would be used to double up rates of interest Aud wring their hard earnings from the poor and so on. Resumption is Here and interest is now Between three and five per cent., and Voorhies says the Low rate of business is a proof of the Stag nation of business and an argut neut for More greenbacks. The new Constitution. Inside Viii of Pollio finance and Taiulu in California. Editor Gazette desire to know what is thought Here of the new Constitution and As to its effect on California and Nevada. If i could Tell you of its future effects i would be a a Router Prophet Ian Daniel Amos or Jeremiah. Its present effect is evil simply because we have no prophets who have Given sufficient proof of divine inspiration to warrant belief in their . Capital and because no one knows what will be the future effect of the now Constitution it has withdrawn from View. Manufacturers Are afraid to enlarge their business and create Stock for which there May not be a Market and they Are discharging employees. People who contemplate building Are waiting in the belief that the adoption of Tho new Constitution will cause real estate and building material to fall still lower Banks Are doing but Little business encouraging no new enterprises and letting no Money except to the Best and soundest customers and then Only on Gilt edged Security. Everybody is taking in sail and preparing for still harder times. The president of one of the largest and soundest Banks said a few Days since his directors would cull a meeting stockholders to de cide on Dis incorporating As their Cap ital could be put to a better use individually than As an incorporation when the new Constitution gees into operation. It is reported that the heaviest quicksilver mines in Lake and Sonoma decided consequence of tha Low Price of quicksilver and to create a fund to meet the increased taxation required by the fundamental Law on the 1st of june they would propose to their workmen a urdu ution of Tif Rill cent. In wages which if not accepted the mines would be closed. Fruit and packing companies in the fear of the future have discharged Many employees and already the ranks of Idle labourers waiting for at the Corner of Kear Ney arid Market streets Are daily reinforced. The capitalists merchants and business men Are scared unnecessarily scared 1 think. The bulletin and Alia have taken alarm at the timidity of capital and the approach ing increase of stagnation in business enterprises and Jorge upon business men. Thau Poi naps the evils feared froth the Constitution May in wife be averted or that perhaps in operation they will not be As Seri Iii As apprehended. They ask them continue pending enterprises and manufactures and to make further in vestments As being the Best Means of restoring Confidence. The chronicle which is nothing it not sensational and satanic says that in writing in this manner the bulletin admits that it lied during the Campaign and pc Ili Terl evils which it raw asserts will have a existence. The Best sound est and shrewdest business men Are looking for utter stagnation with armies of Idle men until after the legislature has convened and by enactments carried the now Constitution into practical operation and until its most important provisions have been interpreted by the courts arid so Dol Lars Are frightened Aud Are Goins into four per Cunt Bonds into stockings into old Tea pots and under the Hearth. Unless we get Over our scare there will be no Extension of notes or renewal mortgages and the courts will Bufi Busy forc closing suits. The Sun will Rise and set grass will grow and water will run Down Hill men will consume wheat beat and Mutton women will Wear i riia shawls Bel Gian laces China Silks and parisian bonnets the Community will Gamble in stocks and if not in stocks then in cards or Jack straws California will continue to waste fifteen millions a 1eak on alcohol of All Lac Ironia Christi to sheepherder s Delight and another five million in tobacco of All forms including regalia from Havana and stink Aderos from Connecticut under the new Constitution As they did under the old and in time we will acc Emmediate ourselves to the new condition of things As did the feet of the penitential monks of old to the hard peas in their shoes. God s chosen people they Are still god s chosen people in that they thrive Best in All that men struggle for Are Call ing in Loans with the certainty of Ages of experience that in the times of doubt uncertainty mid distrust ready Money earns greater profits than any other commodity and god have mercy 1 the poor have to Bear the Brunt and pay the expense of All Grade experiments made in efforts to improve the condition of society. What is to follow i was in the director s room of a Bank yesterday. There happened there two men one had started in life As a machinist then took up 180 acres and Farmed made Money Aud then made Safe invest ments and now controls a Large Capi Tal the other commenced on a farm then sold groceries and ran saw Mills and now also has a Large capital. An opinion. I asked them what is to follow. One said a majority of the people voted for the new the workingmen As a political party most of the labourers All the unsuccessful Farmers All the people who hoped to have freight carried More cheaply on the railroads All the tem Perance people because it contains local nearly All the men had been in Tho Confederate army All the men who had been unfortunate through habits of intemperance and every Man who had been cinched through gambling in stocks Ank All who had made failures in life and wanted a new these make the majority. I am in favor of having them carry it out to Tho fullest extent and when they find that legislation will not Reform n drunkard nor enactments make men economical sober and industrious and that a clause in a Constitution Cannat Force the imprudent and extravagant to live within their incomes nor an act of Congress make eighty cents equal to a Dollar nor a Bill in parliament regu late what Peter Ohall pay John far the use of John s Money they turn and wipe out the Experiment we Are now on the eve of Tho other took Issue and answered tons never go we must give our Best efforts for Good Legisla Tion to round off the rough Corners of this new Experiment. The simple minded who voted for the new instrument with the belief that it would make the chinese will find that it is Rowe less Fok this Ruh pose. The corporations will obey and on the first of january discharge from employment say 2000 chinese their places arc to to taken by negroes which the newspapers say Huntington is to bring from Kansas. The chinese will week the farms and cities and because they drink no rum nor Beer and have no families Aud work for Low wages the Small Farmers who voted for the new Constitution will give them employment in preference to the White labourers who voted with them. Interest is to go up instead of Down. Business will not improve no Mere railroads will be built no More Large engineering enterprises inaugurated no new manufactories started until it is known what the courts suy is meant by Ilia different clauses of the now instrument. All this Falls on the poor Man and the labourer. A will Call for More and More Radical measures. said Sun Day at the Saud lots the new Constitution is not Radical enough to suit me. It is not half Radical enough to suit the people of so if. More men Are Idle and wages fall still lower from increased Competition they will not return to theol Constitution but the cry will be for More Radical legislation. In the French revolution when the Assembly decreed Tho Price of labor of bread and of butchers meat and the butchers and Bakers gave up business because they could make no Money the cry was for More Radical measube.3 which wore adopted and the Bakers and butchers were sent to the Guillo Tine. So it was in the Rump Parlia ment when enactments failed to up turn and override the Laws of nature More Radical enactments were culled for. So it was under the commune and so will it be with us unless we use every Effort to shape legislation to counteract the communistic and Agra Rian features of our new fundamental you see How Little Light i obtained for you even from our sober est shrewdest and most successful citizens. The leaders of the incongruous majority who have won the Victory seem the be As much at sea As the property standing and who Are to be Kee hauled. Tie old War of Broderick s Day is renewed Between the Irish and the c Terry Howard and the a Youngs Are for a new party to control the state and Divide the offices honors and Emolu ments. They propose graciously to permit Kearney and w. P. C. The vote their ticket act As Tail to the new Kite. Without consulting with Tho workingmen they Are organizing tie new party in All the counties of the state and by resolutions calling on tie chronicle to name the Day for n state convention. They Are acting As if ashamed of further Contact with a flannel Mouth Whoso blasphemous nouns and adjectives Are constructed into sentences where the verbs do not agree with their nominative. Kear Ney and his Ward presidents arc ".buck5ng like a Bho co and Call the constitutional party a party of frauds Aud its leaders honorable and to urges on the workingmen everywhere to stand by their original organization. He appears to fear that the love of the Lead ers of the new party is much warmer for the principles of the lost cause than it is for labor Reform and that their ultimate objectify successful is to take the Irish working Mon Back to do the voting for the democratic parts. He is fending out agents to id the counties to quietly consolidate his Fol Lowers into a compact organization. Which fac Linn will get tie votes of the Farmers and farm labor ars the old democratic party proper much wasted worn disintegrated and battered is still clinging to the Virginia Ami Kentucky resolutions of 98, and mumbles in its dotage of the glories of the past. The conf Crale Briga Dier generals of Congress have ordered it not to die and be decently buried or to let Kearney absorb it but tout in an appearance of life in the interest of National politics and go through the form of primaries and conventions and if nothing better can be done make a ticket composed of the remains of the Meg therium the Ich thy saurus the Lepidas teus and other fragments of a past age. The Hep Lilian s come out of the scrimmage with less loss than their old opponents they have lest some men and had Many wounded. The John lord loves Tho my cunts the Mccallum and the Estees ure not much loss. They Are Llie Dugald Dalgetty s in every contest and Are never so Happy As searching for a new party to join. So we Are to have four tickets. First to be named for Tho respectability of its dotage the old democratic ticket second for its Viger the workingmen s ticket third because it is National the re publican ticket and lastly Tho Chron icle Terry Howard or new Constitution ticket. What ticket will win when David hunted through Tho mountains by Saul fled to the Cave of Dullam the Good Book says there All those who were in debt All those who were in distress All those who were unhappy and at War with society. It seems to be the earliest account we Hutu of tramps if i know whether Tho Adulla mites would vote with Kearny or Terry i might make n guess As the matter stands it looks Well for the republicans. If the Monocur to sons who Are always turning up at Inopportune times to fight Over the next scan worship can by set Down upon for a season they will probably carry Tho state. How is Nevada effected by the new Constitution the cite Stock and other mines Are the ligature which unite Chang and eng. As this ligature is to to severed they will Isth suffer. Essex. San May it eth a editorial in the Reno Gaz Katf. Says Liene ought have some amusements this is the tar and Feather exercise not fun enough for Heno does it want to Monopo Lize All the amusement in the country. S. F. Stack report. Tho Reno Gazette says Reno ought to have some amusement.? this Spring and it is time to were thinking it where is your tar bucket never mind though. Well move up California theatre to you just As soon As we can pack up the Stock boards and Send them f. Exchange. Great minds run in the same channels occasionally. The coming political Campaign in California promises to be a general Knock Down and drag out affair. Tho Republican papers ire upon the party to make a straight Cut party fight. The democratic journals Are shouting out to rain War horses that they must rally. The chronicle is trying to organize a Constitution party and Dennis Kearney from his stand on the Sand lot is telling the working men that they must steer Clear of the republicans democrats chronic let new Constitution and All and go it alone newspaper Siew spa Peri

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