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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives May 15 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - May 15, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday May 15, 1879. No. 7, info kick . The Gazette yesterday contained the full text of the Laws adopted on euday far thu government of the new bom town of Reno. Others will be added As experience demonstrates the necessity. The people should re member however that Many things besides Laws Are essential to keep up an orderly and efficient government if a careless spirit pervades Tho com a Unity if juries Are too easy wit culprits if citizens hesitate to com Plain against nuisances there is Noth ing in the code to execute itself am there is no encouragement for thu officers to maintain discipline if they meet with a Cool support or none Al All. Every Man should make it his business to Ace that Tho Laws Are obeyed and where they Are broken he should insist upon the officers enforcing them. He should be willing to act As juror witness or complainant every Day in the week if it is Neces sary secure the safety of property from fire or theft and the health the town from dirt and decaying mat Ter. There is no Uso of trying to Preveat Meu s feelings from Buin Hurt if they Are outside Tho Law. The Best Way is to let them know once for nil that tha Community is against them and put them right into the Lin no matter what they think of it or who they Are. A big Surprise. At 10 o clock last night col. Fail and All the Bankers and brokers in Virginia City went to bad with such dispatches a Victory u assured Constitution All Etc. Suddenly the returns began to chop county after county rolled in All on the affirmative Side and san Francis co s ten thousand majority kept drop Ping. telegraphed Buck and Forth at 8 o clock they said but in 8000 this at 10 it was Don t bet an Mure than 5000 majority in san Francisco and at Midnight it was Only 3000. At Day Light this morning it was conceded that the new Constitution was curried by a no Jority of Between 5000 and 8000. To can imagine the drop which the Bankers and corporation lists must have Felt inside when they heard the news probably just As they were raising their mornings morning to their lips. Some of them must fool Verj keenly disappointed for they arc positive that it will do them harm. We Hope their fears Are overdrawn and that the prospects arc bettor than most believe. The o risk on the Gazette to Day Hail Kozij. Has i. Little item of news which May 1 c very important to this state. It is that a com Pany has incorporated fur Tho purpose of building a Railroad from m inne Mecca to Oregon. If this Means Busi should at once take Steps to Ishow this new organization that a Road would do a better business if it hero than it would to strike the Overland further East. It would got a great Deal of California business this Way both in freight passengers and mails. The route would be far better than either the water or stage routes. From Surprise Valley to Astoria the tame line would be used in either Case and from there to Lleno wild be As near and As easily built As Tho other with a far better fur local Busi Ness. If some enterprising citizen who has plenty of Leisure wore to take the matter in hand he might get a Monument and a two stick notice in the Gazette when he Dies. There is something out of trim in the mails Between san Francisco and Nevada. We have tried our Best to got the Gazette to several of our subscribers who made visits to Sacra mento and san Francison and they reached them very irregularly. They mailed carefully directed plainly and doubtless left Here regularly but somewhere on the Way misfortune Bezel them Aad they were lost delayed or thrown away. The inflation party we of Tho far West have Felt the in fluence of the Greenback craze so Little that we Nadu estimate its danger to the country. It is by no moans extinct Bat is organized and powerful Anil As mischievous is Ever As will be Sien by the following remarks of Gen eral Sam Gary in an interview with a Cincinnati commercial reporter or. Resumption As obtained is a Sham a miserable pretends. The Secretary of Tho Treasury has been compelled to violate Plain statutes to accomplish his act of Folly. The pro vision of tha Law creating greenbacks which is upon tile Back of every one of them provides that they shall not be received for custom duties. To Greenback Urs have insisted that a Law making them receivable for Custon duties wan id have brought them up to Par with Coin ten years ago and Savec the country from the bitter experiences of All these years. Now in de Fiance of Law Sherman finds it Neces Saty to carry out his scheme to receive these notes for custom duties. Again the Coin obtained from customs is a reprinted by Law to pay the Coin in Terest of the Public debt yet the Cou Pons on the Bonds Are paid now Only in greenbacks unless sent to new York for Coin. Tha maintaining of resumption do Ponds not n several Cuntin fancies. I the balance of continues in our favor bringing Coin from foreign countries and the Secretary of the Treasury can sell Bonds fast enough t keep up Supply far resumption purposes he will maintain it for Semi time. But whenever Coin is in de Mand and All history shows that f paper Money redeemable in Coin Wil sooner or later be presented for then will come the great crash Ever witnessed in this coup try. It is Confidence and not Coin tha1 floats premises to pay. As to the revival of business i can not see How this is to be brought about by resumption. I see it state that already indications of a general revival of Trade. This 1 be Ieve to be a falsehood uttered on Pur pose to deceive the Popple and give them Fuluso Hopes. With some slight exceptions business was never As dead ,13 at this hour. A Large majority Al business men Are drawing upon their capital to live and meet expenses. Bankruptcy is still staring thousands in the face. Persons who have a Little surplus Money arc withdrawing it from the Banks not to invest it in productive business enterprises but to juy government Bonds. If business was practising forty millions would not be invested in one week in four or cent Bonds. I want no better i Fidenco Tuan this that Lubor must continue unemployed and Trade and languish. You do not believe hat your Greenback party s Mission s ended and that resumption kills it or. No Means. Every Hing at present conspires to make party stronger than Ever. Even Low the Greenback is preferred to old and it always will be if it has a air Chance. This rag Money based upon the resources and credit of this cat nation will always be the equiv Lont of Coin and be preferred by the let the metals be relegated o their legitimate used Only As commodities in settling bal inc s of foreign Trade give Xis an Ainie Supply not an of Green jacks commence paying eff instead f increasing the interest bearing debt vice out All Bank issues of currency and business Prosperity will come to Tay. I Tell you the Greenback party will not accomplish its Mission until Hose results Are obtained. Neut an affiliation f your party with the democratic arty in the coming election or. Will depend upon to democrats find not upon the ree backers. If we capitulate the National party will dictate the terms. 3o far As i am i can vouch for do not care a about any Mere political organi ii ii. If the democratic party will Lirly and boldly adept our platform f principles and commit their organisation to secure their enforcement we can unite otherwise we will re main As we Are until we disintegrate both the old political organizations. Editorial notess. The Long the editors of anti new Constitution California papers have been preparing for weeks causes that operated to defeat the new coast tuntion and Why it ought to have been Defeated have been Laid mournfully in the news paper waste their Placa filled with the Southern afar in Etc. The Gazette frequently predicted that the course of the opponents of the new Constitution would prod tic a reaction in its favor which woul float it in if it should be in thu full n its Force on the 7th of May. The sight was bitter and extreme on hot sides and fought out with Little regard to the truth or right. Vice flu the convention adjourned it would have carried Iho state by an c lion nou majority but a Chungo heft i i which would have Defeated it if it com at the right time but it did not last the simple truth would have been More effective weapon on the Ide o the capitalist but they did not Sunj there. Everything was twisted Anc exaggerated to suit their Side of the Story. There were of Gooc men voted in favor who would no have Deno so if their judgment Hac been convinced. Thu Plain unrestrained truth is the strongest weapon a Man or a newspaper Ever used ii politics or business. Subsidiary Silver Coin is nearly a Par with Gold and the Silver Bill men say Jones did it. The caries Porat ing to bring it to Par arc thus spoken of in the bulletin the reduction in Tho discount not traceable to any appreciation the value of Silver in the markets o the world. The last quotations were the ounce while the Par of Sil ver with is the ounce. The real causes Are that the Shoner 01 Silver from abroad which apprehended on the resumption of specie payments has come to an end and has not been Largo to produce bad effects and that Tho wants of the country for Silver change Are increasing to such an extent that the East is absorbing the surplus which was heretofore maintained Here. The Strong probability the passage by the Congress of the Bill increasing Legal tender function of subsidiary Silver and providing for its redemption in paper or Gold at the sub treas uries in sums of May also be set Down As a Factor in the appreciation of these coins. It is Likely that Southern bulldozing by either party has seen its Best Days. A population is gradually suppressing the bourbons and carpet baggers. A or. Atkinson says that to saw plainly while in the South that the recent show in con Gress was the last gasp of a dead past. Tho solid called is honeycombed by forces that Are disintegrating and reconstructing it. The pendulum swung too far one Way an d put dishonest men in Power in Many states by moans of ignorant ballots now it has swung too far the other and Lias sent to Washington men who think they Are representative men but they Are Only the galvanized corpses of a dead past and they Are hanging them selves with their own ropes and dig their own the new York world says of the effect of Tho new Constitution corporations will remove their offices to Nevada or Oregon. This Means of course a fatal blow at the real estate business of san Francisco. We would of course like to see Reno made the Headquarters for As Many mining companies and insurance companies As we can get and if any overtures Are made that Way by the officers All the pains possible should e takes to Forward the matter. We could As a town afford to donate lots and build offices for any company that would come in. If the Ball once gets rolling Reno will not Only got Good Many outside mining offices but some rom the Comstock. Yesterday proc Lama the Carson Appeal makes this Toni Tom news Ion the wires late last night wafted the he cheering and congratulatory tidings across the breadth and Width of to american continent that the Odi Ous new Constitution for California lad been Defeated. It is a glorious Victory for those who Are interested in he continued Prosperity of the Golden rate and it is also and emphatic rebuke to the hos Dluhi and communistic element of that Commonwealth. It will teach them that their will is not and never will be the Law so Long As Good men go to Tho polls. The tidings probably Carao via Crystal Peak. It is the new Constitution will cause a Guod Many foreign companies to withdraw from califor Nin. The insurance agents for Sev Oral Large companies proposal to move into Nevada and draw up All Malicie. Hero. The mining companies who Cai do so will also doubtless incorporate under the Laws of this state the Sam As the yellow jacket is now and have the offices of their secretaries and per haps presidents Here. If they incorporate in san Francisco the directors will be held personally Lime for Al the acts of the companies. The Pennsylvania legislature has just passed a Bill by which a Man Over sixteen not a cripple or deaf Anc dumb who asks for alms is classed a tramp and is made liable to arrest for Misdemeanour and on conviction May be sent to prison for a year. If he enters a House without permission of the owner lie May be convicted of i felony and be sent to the state Penitentiary for three years. With tramps on one Side corporations on the other which do As the Eureka Road did with Fisk and such Laws Between we Wil soon have the commune. Information is to the effect that general Grant will Roach the United states about the latter part of october or probably later if he can arrange it. After a Short stay hero he will make a tour of the South and visit the scenes of his military achieve ments in Tho late rebellion. Then he will return to Philadelphia where he will make his phia it Coral. That is a Nice Little programme and will manufacture seventy five dollars Worth of Grant sentiment. The next move will be to get the Eaurls to declare that the Law calling he constitutional convention or the for the election or the ballots or something else is cons Titu Iio Aal. Anything to beat it will be he cry. The next move will be to get the courts to declare that the Law calling the constitutional convention or the pro Clamentin for the the election or he ballots or something Elso is unconstitutional be the cry. Anything to beat it will the Bodie Standard says vote Early vote often vote late to defeat infamous new Constitution in such times As these when men traffic a votes As they do in shoe pegs we cannot allow such advice Eren in jest to pass without a mild reproof. Enormous sums of Money were Ost and won on the election. The Odds were in favor of the old cons to ution. The Nevada Herald has entered up in its second year. It is a first rate paper to Hava is opinions and gives a Good resume of the local news of its Recti of. The Gazette wishes it Well. California will either have the cattle plague or Small pox tha walking few r or sergeant Bates for the immense amount of lies told in the late Canvas. Eureka feels very big since it got to e a town. The Leader tar bucket ought to answer for Beno with any Laws. Fred Hart late of the Reesa River Leveille has bought an interest in the san Francisco Stock re Wrt. The races at Rome were very Fine ast month. Not Between the athletes nit Between the horses. How those straws did t show which Way the wind blew. W. H. Vanderbilt s income is said e b e an hour. Business notes. The Reno savings Bank is gaining u Prosperity As the country developed and business increases. It is Coo Stititt by extending its relations and increasing its facilities. You get nothing but the Best at the Farmers stare where you can buy anything you need from a tack to mowing machine besides anything in the grocery line. C. S. Martin Sells real estate and does a general insurance business. He is a rustler and if he cannot make a Trade there is nothing in it. If your gun kicks or hangs fire 01 shoots crooked take it to 51. A. Pur Roft who is an expert at such Little eccentricities. Correcting Hymers Owr Stock Are doing Large Lively business but they have facilities for still More. They have Fine Stock and a line boarding stable. has Laid Imi Nens Stock of the freshest and nicest Groce Ries to be had in the state of califor. Nitt. Jamison son Are rapidly hearing the end of their season of chaos. They in pc had a hard time and suffered great their troubles will be Over when the p. O. Boxes Are ready for use which will be in a few Days. J. S. Gilson is a Fine business Man and entitled to entire Confidence. He Sells real estate insures property and collects debts. J. F. Myers Well known in Reno and All Over the state has Laid in a big Stock of drugs which to will at tend to personally next door to the wine House. Jacobs Rosenbloom Are doing As Fine work As any of Tho City . Or. Rosenbloom is a great addition to Reno. The depot hotel has As Fine a Cook As Lively waiters and As tempting viands As before the Firo albeit the temporary building is not so Fine. Coleman Pechner invite the pub to to Call and be made clean in their Legant new shop on Virginia Street. One of the quietest and most com or Tuble places to get a meal in Reno s coat s restaurant in the Anncil milling. Coats always sets a first class table and pays strict attention to the wants and Comfort of his he makes his attendance in them a pleasure and wins the Friend ship of All the opera House of White ii Edge has lost none of its popularity of late. The proprietors have recent y made some additions in the Way of card rooms in the rent and the Good qualities of their liquors and veil known. F. Bosch has Clay Snock pipes which prevent All danger of fire. He sets in Steves does tin work Etc. Chas. Becker has plenty of room for Lis friends in his new place near the Ostoffie. Call and take a Glass. A cosy Little place is the Palace wine rooms where order and neatness prevail. Capt. Bragg never tires of his Devo Ion to the Public. Ever since the fire in has worked assiduously to Supply lie wherewithal to replace the ruined Hildings. Winchell Cuningham have a very Ine Stock of fresh groceries at their Tore Vul Virginia Street. They also Oruro daily Frash fruits and Vegeto Les from below. Call and see them the Branch wine House maintains to old time reputation for the Excel ent Quality of wines cigars Etc., cent there. It is a cosy quiet place and is just the House to take your Oddy in easy Comfort. Capt. Bagg the Pioneer Lumberman f Reno has a Large Stock of lumber

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