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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives May 8 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - May 8, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday May a 1879. No. G. The North Kos mail. To Are sorry to learn Liat the petitions for daily service of the route from Rono to Willow ranch have not met the favor Ablo reception they do serve. Tiu is a subject of consider we importance to Tho inter ests of a Rio and one in which no mis takes should to made. To Tho North of us lies a very Large territory seek ing direct a id speedy communication with a Iio and willing to contribute the our Prosperity by sending All its business the us. To this end Good mail facilities will materially contribute. Until july 1st, 1878, All mails from Reno to the Norih went by Way of Susanville and were sometimes by reason of Snow on the mountains delayed for weeks. The regular time was four Days. Now by the direct route our mails Roach Tho Samo Points in Surprise Valley in thirty six hours and have been doing so with no Glo instance of failure since Tho establishment of this route july 1st, 1378. This excellent mail service to Surprise Valley has greatly increased the amount of mail matter sent Over the route and the people living beyond the present terminus desire to participate in the benefits. Several mail routes from Tho Rutth West and Ron i go Uttz Ike View in thu North end of Ewoso Lake Valley Oregon. Lake View is Twenty four Miles North of Willow ranch Tho terminus of our direct route. Willow Bunch is also in Goose Lake Valley sixteen Miles West of fort Bidwell in the North end of Surprise Valley. Luis the mail which reaches fort Bidwell at 5 v. M., arrives at Willow ranch at 7 p. M., and there that for the still fur ther North Waits two Days it is sent on to Lakeview. Tho distance from Bidwell to Luck View As Tho mail Imp goes is forty Miles and the time lost is two Days. There is a Good wad directly North to Lakeview from bid Well which is Only thirty Miles Clis taut. Thus were Tho part from bid Well to Willow ranch discontinued and there is no reason Why it should Nat be since a Branch now established from Cada Viilo to Alturas supplies tha local and the route from Reno to Bidwell Axten Dail to Lakeview tha mails reaching Bidwell at 5 p. Would arrive at Luke View by 9 p. Arrived at Lakeview they would there be distributed by the other mail routes. To then have a continuous mail line to the Dalles and All inter mediate Points. The supposition Prev at Washington that the route via a Rvin Villa in Lwen county is available for this purpose is entirely Errene ohs. Susanville is much two Fin West to serve our purposes the snowy mountains to the North of Susanville arc often impassable am that route is altogether too devious and unreliable. Did the Postoff be department appreciate Tho nature of the two routes there could to no hesitation in Tho Choice. Special agent Tracy could give Tho department valuable and reliable information on this paint As he has visited the localities. The fact a there is but Ono Good Roth always open Over which mail service to the North of Reno can be secured. That is the route from hero to Bidwell to As it now runs Ami Thea co by an Extension to Lakeview if any ius parable objection to this Extension exists in the regulations of tie department then give us the Dally on the route As it now is. This Al though it could be improved As Sugges be incomparably better than any other route. Mails from Reno to Lakeview via the direct line be delivered in forty eight hours regularly. On the same time the Dalles could be reached in about four Days and this made one of the most important mail routes on the coast. A daily service on this mute is required by the necessities of the country and w Ould be to us of value. Telegraph paralysis in older countries where men follow Midline of routine duty for a lifetime Peculiar diseases Are frequent. Or. G. Board of b Stoa has Hirst made Public a report upon writers cramp ii rid Teleg Raphers paralysis made up from the study of n. Hundred and Twenty five cases. His investigation includes artists dancers painters car a enters Money counters musicians sewing women s cramp and like com urints. Cramp is not the disease but Only Ono of Tho symptoms. I Tisue end ugly important that the patient e treated in the Early and Premoni tory stage As it is not then incurable. The disease is primarily a local disease f the nerves and Muscles. They May .10 merely exhausted chronically fatigued or with a tendency to spasm and Contr Arturo. In one Case the Arm was drawn Over Tho Back and held firmly by the contracted Muscles. People of rough constitutions arc generally the must frequent victims and very rarely those of nervous and delicate Frame. When it attacks Tho latter it k Light Iii id of ily relieved. North Ern climates seem to promote Tho Dis ease. It is Seldom found in the Gulf states. The s Une a True of Hay fever she Nusier 1 in ins or Vous exhaustion. Writers cramp no longer incurable. In the Early stages it yields readily to treatment. Electricity is very useful. It is applied locally and Fowler s solution and other tonics narcotics taken in eternally. Among the devices recommended Isone for holding the penholder by Means of rings so As to relieve the thumb and fingers. The Type writer is expected to largely do away with Pon writing and its diseases. Large penholder restrict Tho Muscles less. Some writers fasten a piece of sponge to the Holder so As to relieve the pres sure. Others relieve the Strain by holding the pen Between the fingers. The use of quills arid very flexible pens with Bro ice Points sons to run Easly Are beneficial. The use of the Load Pencil is a Relief changing Tho Stylo of Holder is dipping the pen into the Ink Savos Many of us from cramp. To prevent change Tho posit Tion it is a mistake to always Point the pen toward the Rii lil shoulder. Russia and Italy arc full of Sims of emperors. Bombs arc being thrown at King Humbert and his Fol Lowers like Bun Lions at a f air. A Vii Taille addition. La the name of Tho Prophet i. G. P. Needhan of Washington says that the people of this country make a mistake in not cultivating figs and that Northern climes Are even bettor far it than Southern. In Ohio it been found that the Fig tree is quickly grown is easily protected is a sure bearer and very prolific. The Trees begin to Bear when two years old and when Thoy Timve reached fomer five produce with loss labor a great or and More certain crap than either potatoes or tomatoes. Or. A Feedham Adels that what is True of Ohio is True of Tho whole North. Harper s Jia Zaar. We do not know a Fig tree in Reno. If k can be grown Here it will to a Groat addition to our Orchards and the sooner the fact is demonstrated the bet Ter. Tirril lieu terrible True t a fearful Accident occurred in Truckee Day before yesterday. The four Story head in tha Republican of fice built especially for the Jle Public cant two Sticks of dispatches fell Down with tin awful crash knocking to pieces the item about Reseburg s confession and upsetting the editors Keg of War paint. A transfiguration. The pensively milked inc Goat. Ami pouting la Stio paused to mutter of Wii i you Tinubu you would turn to and the animal i Riecl to butt her paper. Father Voyard a Catholic priest at South Bend Indiana is Tho latest victim of the dangerous habit of sleep ing with false Teeth in the Mouth. A Gold plate with Teeth slipped part Way Down his Throat and As surgeons Are unable to remove them he must die. The Silver coinage act. The Bill providing for free coinage of Silver which to Felt Cornin would come has been gotten up by tie House committee. It a Videa that imy in Lelar of Silver Bullion Dull unti led to convert it into Standard Birs of grains into liars it the same rate of . It any unit but prohibits Tho Ives it of smart for Eliut. They have a clause prohibiting the government Fennii sex in Huj it for Matiy other Coin. Thi y get Tho whole Benoit Thomse Lvutin of Lii difference Between Gold and Silver and they do no want it to go to Par. Neither do they want the present Law to stand for by it the Treasury gets the Benefit of the discount. What they want is to go to Tho mint with their Silver in Rah 50 Ponce per ounce and have it coined free by which pro Cess 83 cents Worth of Silver becomes a Legal tender for a Dollar which Thoy can compel any Man they happen to owe to accept in payment of their debt. Another dead set at Tho Busi Ness interests of the country is n clause which while it compels Tho treasurer to receive Silver Bullion in All payments clue the government Prus hits it from coining its own Silver which must be sold for what it will bring. We do not believe Tho most Ultra Silver editors in Nevada will support such a measure. A Quai stools to consider. Editoui4l motes. Pooh fences took Faux Kos. First Cost keeps nobody porn. It is repairs that eat up the landlords rests Tho housekeeper s carib us and the Farmer s profits. The rancher who builds the Best is Tho soonest Rich. The one who builds poor barns Peor Sheds and poor houses is always poor. The amount of labor and Money expended in fences alone is enormous and in some countries is Tho hardest work the Farmer next to his blowing. The Man who slights this part of his work is laying up trouble. If he puts up a poor Fence it will not keep his Field Safe from trespass and will be continually requiring repairs and rebuilding which take time if not Money. The difference Between the two goes a Good Way to Makin no the savings of the Furmer. A great advantage in an cd Tom ical Point of View was gained in the invention of Tho barbed wire Fence which with All the criticism it has met hns proven to be both Strong and durable. It is very cheap in the first place and outlasts a great Many wooden or Brush fences. It can be repaired when it is broken Clown by a very Little exertion and made As Good As new. It docs not catch Sand or Snow so a.9 to form drifts. It looks As if it was the Fence of the future. Is the asset ration of the cens Titu Tion that every Man has an Inalien Ablo right to Ufa Liberty and the Pur suit of a lie it would seem so in the Light of Lecent events in Eureka. F. E. Fisk was nominated for the Assembly and certain pledges were exacted of him As to what his course would to in the event of election. He was elected and Ful filled Tho promises made to his Cun Stine Neft. In doing to offended the a Nurs of the Eureka and Palisade Railroad or. Fisk hold the position of Book keeper in a Large Grain House co. To punish or. Fisk for doing what they did not like though it was his duty to his constituents the owners of this Railroad in formed his employers that he must be discharged or an opposition Grain House would be established to kill their business. Or. Fisk went to Edgar Mills one of the principal owners of the Road and asked him if he was not to be allowed to live in Eureka. Or. Mills replied i Don t what shall be said of this. Here is a wealthy and powerful corporation that sets itself up As a dictator unto Law makers and crushes out the Man that dares to legislate contrary to its bid Ding hounds Down and destroys a representative of the people because he had the courage and manliness to carry out their wishes. Or. Fisk a free american citizen cannot exercise the privileges of citizenship and the rights of free speech under pain of being ground the powder Between the upper and nether millstones of aggregated capital. His occupation the livelihood of his wife and children is to be taken from him and himself driven out of jugs Community where he is prominent Fer Industry end integrity. Shall it be to will the people of Eureka county permit their faithful representative to. Be crushed because he did what they commanded we think not. And the Eureka and Palisade company mistake the tem per of the american when they think to oppress men. They sow ing to reap Kearne ism opening fhe Way that communism May enter. They Are trampling upon the essence of american Liberty and robbing men of the Dearest rights nature and the Constitution give them. The Eureka and Palisade company live committed a crime against Liberty and made a a stake in political policy. The longest subterranean construction in the world is in the mines of i Freiburg in Saxony. A series of galleries which were begun in the twelfth Century reached in 1835 a length of 123 Miles and had yielded an immense i Lau Tity of Silver. In 1833 a new gallery was commenced which wis finished a year ago and is eight Miles Long. Crops. There will be some remarkable reve lation made in Nevada agriculture be fore Tho state is much older. Although it has not As diversified a climate As California yet it covers a wide Range in this respect and in one place or an other within her Borders nearly every thing that the temperate and Semi tropical zones produce will be found to thrive. Peculiarities of climate produce unexpected Success and fail ure and it is unlikely that our ranches May add to the varieties of fruits and vegetables As Well As bring ing some of the old ones to unheard of excellence. One of the valuable Arti cles of Commerce which grows very rank in parts of the state is tobacco. Wherever it has been planted the Plant has reached a Good size. As the Quality of the Leaf we Are unable to say until it has been More carefully prepared for use than any we have yet seen. The Peanut is a prolific crop and one for which there will be an undiminished a Market As Long As there is a country fair or a gallery to a Thea tre. It is grown with entire Success and very flue profit by n chinaman near Auburn. It might be found especially suited to oar soil and climate cannibalism is by no Means extinct a ship was recently wrecked on the coast of Queensland and the Crew murdered cooked and eaten. Two of the by clips were found in an oven near the of the the wreck. The now York Sun says Grant if elected a third time will never leave the while House again voluntarily. Will the democracy unite against they unite to oppose a King if Grant is necessary in 880, will be much More so in 1884. We do not believe to is necessary at All. Any Man of affairs with the advisers be can have in his Cabinet will Boas competent As Grant to administer Tho government. The third term Lino is a dangerous one which no party should Ever Cross. The people Rule not the president and any Man who May be elected will find a solid following that will pledge their lives their fortunes and their sacred honors to sustain Liim in any righteous stand he May take in the event of a crisis. No thank god this Republic is dependent to Man. It lives in the hearts of the people and though men talk of evil Days corrupt politics and wicked lenders yet there Are three million Able bodied men in this Natien who would preserve our free institutions at the risk of their lives. Brown the Grent artist has been engaged to write a series of articles on boots and crushes for the Truckee Republican. This noted Man of science though Only Nineteen years of age has been a zealous student of his business for sixteen weeks Ever since he ran away from Home and associates with nil the great men of this nation lie has been connected in a professional Way with nearly every noted Man in Truc Kee and is on the most intimate terms with the editor of the Republican who borrows his blacking pot when he wants to throw dirt at his neighbors. The wild eyed professor who edits the Truckee Fly paper is doing a Good Deal of writing for his own journal. He says professor Maynard the Champion Light weight pugilist of this mundane sphere gave an entertainment at hard s Hall last thursday evening. Of the immortal encyclopedia scientist who smothered the Grasshopper in onions he says Learned in All matters pertaining to his profession j. G. Lemmon cites with Gray and the first botanists of the world. We do not remember meeting or. Gray and the Ether first botanists of the world when they were in Sierra Valley visiting professor Lemmen. J. C. Duncan the pious robber of widows and orphans was it seems bad Clear through without a in dem ing Quality. To seduced a girl who was sent from the East to be taken in to his family As a Ward and soon threw her out. When his thefts were discovered he hunted her up and hid in her rooms for months and at the time of his arrest was found in bed with her. The people of san fran Cisco Are a Long suffering people. It a a wonder he has not been shot or Hung by those whose hard earnings he threw away in stocks. The san Francisco morning Herald has been established by business men of that City for the avowed purpose of taking the place of the chronicle which has become unbearable to the better classes regardless of position or politics. Its manager j. A. John son is a Man of experience in that line having published papers in los Ange Les Sauta Barbara and Oakland with great credit to himself. The chances Are that there will be a bigger news paper War than Ever in the next six months. The doorsteps it the intelligent san franciscan looks like a rag picker s shop these Days. It is never free from papers of some kind or other. The old reliable find themselves jostled Abr t or covered up by a new Genera Tion of journals of nil kinds and descriptions. Speeches on Tho Constitution pro and con circulars on Patent soap whose owners had worn out their credit in the newspapers and every find of a like advertising Dodge Are spread with a lavish hand. Will Ohio never setup Tho baby on record was born in that sensation producing Region last Jan iry. It weighed Twenty three and three Quarter pounds and was thirty inches High with a head Nineteen inches around and a foot five and a half Long. Is a is a poor Man s Darling of seven feet nine and its a is seven feet Soven inches. We sincerely Hope that Deacan Parkinson May recover his health and me a fair Chance to answer the charges against him. If lie is not naturalized he he certainly Imd no bad motive and so far As we know he hns never used tha privileges of citizenship in any but an Honor Abl manner. Those who Are inclined to look upon Law us the great cure All for every irregularity in common affairs would ind a very heavy tax added to those now imposed. A Man Cannat kill a pig in England without having Tho meat microscopically inspected by an officer of the Crown Whoso fee is one shilling per pig. Making waistcoats at fourteen cents each Cheviot shirts at four cents apiece heavy Everalls at fifty cents per dozen and Woolen trousers at ten cents a Are some facts gleaned by a society of ladies who Are investigating the condition of the sewing women of Cleveland. Ohio. Sixty one graduates of Yale thirty five of Princeton and thirty of Dart Mouth hold clerkship and other positions in Tho departments at Washington and there is a Good Tiou of other eel Leges. Nearly All Are dependent upon their Sala ies. The London times says Good farm foremen1 get 23 to 20 pounds a year. Second men 10 to 20. Youths be can Plaw 15. Labourers Are working for 14 to 15 shillings per week. Our tramps turn up their noses at four times tha Money. The wild of Donner Lake wants the new Constitution to prevent the weekly Gazette from circulating in California. It is twice the size of his Fly Sheet costs 53 50 a year while his costs and As to the contents ask anybody in Sierra Valley. The Mark Lane express says there Are hogs in Missouri that suck cows sitting on their haunches to per form the they have donkeys in England that will suck anything. President Hayes veto is in oat Likely what the democratic Congress was working for and it will now doubtless pass the Bills separately and leave the enus of their defeat upon the Republican party. Any further attempt to compel their adoption would be suicidal. We publish to Day an interesting biography of the late John Mcginly written by or. T. Snow. Nevada City has had a Case of hydrophobia. Bad looking Case a Truckee also. Ill fares the land to hastening ills a whore hares accumulate and Trees decay Lime is not Good for potatoes. It destroyed Tho starch and makes them hard. Religious tolerance a gaining ground in Spain. The dutch Flat furn has been re Vived by w. G. Hanson. Indiana has no state Flag. Newspaper

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