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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives May 1 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - May 1, 1879, Reno, Nevada Yol. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday May 1, 1879. No. 5. Unless government docs something to prevent it Siarra Valley will be completely at the mercy of Grasshoppers this year Anil next year and every year until the feud is so Short that they starve to Loath. They Hiiva been increasing year by year since their first appearance until last year they the entire Harvest to within three or four Miles of Sierra Vic which lies at the extreme end of the Valley. This year the soil is full of eggs to u depth of five or six inches and they Are hatching ant a rate which promises to leave the Farmers shorn of every thing. There is very Little to prevent Tho Scourge from Fulling upon the trucker Meadows. After they Hatch and begin to Fly a Strong West wind blow in an army any afternoon. When a Corner of Minnesota full in the Way of the Locust the governor of that state issued a proclamation to the people t9 take a Day for fasting and prayer to god to intermit the plague. Other states paid a Premium of from fifty to two dollars a Bushel for dead bodies and Large appropriations were made to dig trenches spread Poison and drown out with water. It is Tho duty of government in such times of distress to assist Tho people and a much More praiseworthy prac Tice than most of the useless Legisla Tion which occupies Tho time such bodies. A fund of Twety five or thirty thousand dollars of rightly used Money would exterminate All Tho locusts in the Valley and perhaps save enormous loss in other of the coast As Well As there. It has Beon experience of every country Kan , Minnesota Iowa Nebraska and All states that have suffered that insect has gathered strength in re Mote Corners of the country and after 8 few Sycuro of development have spread Over die country like a Cloud. The state f ancient out houses. Also with the Cayote and Rabbit tails which Are being built about thy weird romantic Davis for a Long time connect id with the Virginia chronicle has designed the editorial Faber with the a Teuton of running for chief to ice of Virginia City on the demo cratic ticket. Sum s experience at a news paper reporter will stand him Good Stead should he be elected and is muscular build and undoubted 3onrage Are other Points in his favor. Sam makes As Good a chief of police Asho is a journalist he people of Vir inia had better elect him. We wish Lim Success in spite of the democratic Caven in his politics. Or. Conger introduced a Bill Dur ing the debate on appropriations Mak ing it unlawful for any body of armed bulldozers White liners Kun flux or red shirts to assemble at the polls. It was promptly ruled out of order. An amendment to prevent the disturbance of political meetings met a similar Fate. By these adroit moves the democrats have been placed in the attitude of defenders of the shot gun Factor in politics. The trl cd file Pegasus. The editor of tha Truckee circular Lias been hewing out a Large Quantity of very inferior Doggerel. It is about dinner Lake of Cense. All of his subjects except that unfortunate Lake were exhausted by the ten years ago. The last pipe of Ali Nib Falls Over a Rotten log with this sort of a splash Luke of weird Roi Antic Bea Tyl for the Sake of trimels who bravely quaffed Tho chalice of affliction by thy Waters at that time. For their bake Uruo Frioud and cherished do i Ilare to make this Oft ring to thy and thy memories of this simple Wreath of rhyme. Marc Bella a. Mosey Woodland Gilroy 18t9. It is characteristic of this Knight of the Quill to Call it a simple Wreath of considering that there Are eleven other verses each As Long As the one quoted it might be called a Calico dress and Sun Bonnet of rhyme with perhaps in Over skirt polonaise and pull Back attachment All in Rhymon figure and fitted to Tho Lake with Doggerel taste. Realizing that his poetry might Provo even More nauseating than his prose efforts he signs the it rarity with a female Nom de plume and locates her in Gilroy to prevent any possible action on the part of judge Lynch. The Man who talks to another As Turner did to Burrows in the House of representatives recently mistakes the spirit of his audience. His re Mark that he would rather be Denoun ced than be the pol Troon who sul a fitted to being called a Damn liar awakens nothing but contempt in the minds of the american people for the blackguard who mistakes a Cut of the whip for an argument. The Day has passed in America when the Man who can whip another or out drink him or crush him into silence by brutal denunciation ranks him in society or Public opinion. We venture to say thai if Jar. Burrows had attended or. Tur Ner s chivalric sensibilities and Hac attempted to avenge the insult As he insinuates or. Burrows was afraid to do. He would have got licked like blazes. If a subscription list were to spread in. Reno and other places in Nevada quite a sum of Money be gathered for the purpose feed ing and clothing the poor Black men who Are striking out for new Homes most of us know How it is ourselves and if a Little sympathy and kindness were shown the fugitives the Sonti ment would be As valuable to them As the Money. But he cannot Tell How it works. Such machines Are very common in California and Are entirely successful. Nearly All the steam threshers etc., re run by them. J to esteem con Grant h Ghlyn. Yet it Kin t make us look any More kindly n his nomination to see every old Hiskey rings Ter every spoils Politi inn every convicted their and every Ishon esl carpet Bagger Hur Rahing ii. The character of his following Nakes us distrust his Rule. De la mater the reverend Dema Gogue from Indiana seems to be As Vaucious As he is foolish. Yesterday be Caid those who talked about ution were either cowards or Cormo rants it makes one laugh with pity or this Hoosier merry Andrew who Las lived All his life by passing the kit in Church when he Calls such a Man As Garfield a Coward or Cormor by the new Constitution if a Man n California has credit so that 3orrow Money without giving a Mort Gage he has to pay the full lax on his if he gives a mortgage the amount of it is deducted from his assessment. That looks like making it Worth while to not to too honest. A Premium on alow pay As it were. The Eureka Leader has i Sec into Lusty manhood in an exceedingly Short time arid now ranks with any journal in the state. This is the outcome of Well directed Enterprise and ability. The fire has not deterred it from stretching its limbs and it comes to us this morning wit i a tuck let out of its skirt and another Width in its jacket Long May it Prosper. The St. Paul Pioneer press thinks Blaine has lost his hold upon the peo pie Minnesota. It thinks Grant stands first on the list with Garfield a Strong second and Sherman Wash Burne Bristow and Edmunds among the Brilliant possibilities. It believe Tilden will be the Choice of its demo cratic readers. A is going in in Saa Breckeen a town on the Rhine of persons who engineered a Little demonstration in which Tho Virgin Mary appeared to some children in a Wood in 1876. A number have been indicted. I is hardly fair to pick things to pieces that Way. Suppose it had Boon Don two thousand years ago. To see by other papers that 3iatt Halpin of the stage is a candidate City tax collector of Virginin City the subscription list of the stays a increased so rapidly of late that it proprietors Haven t had a spare copy to Send to the Gazette. Why fore Plant the european socialists who a trying to kill All the reigning monarchs Are As poor marksmen As Bodi fighters. If they would hire a Whit leaguer and Tell his the Czar was carpet Bagger it would t be Long be fore there would be a Royal funeral in St. Petersburg. The St. Paul Pioneer press april 7th, tells an inquirer that an engine to Burn Straw was patented the trucked Republican had better tick to saw dust editorials and Ras shopper serials. Its logic when t talks about constitutional Law has of much of a grape Vine twist to Ever it the Murk it is aimed at. The very latest or. Tilden is remarkably Truckee items. From the Republican of Lutui Steps Are being taken for the vigor or prosecution of Truckee Millien to do nut maintain proper fish lad ers. Summit Lodge of knights of a thins Truckee will be instituted monday Day 5th, by Hon. F. P. Danu. J. K. Cross reports the weather Long the Humboldt As excessively farm. The Humboldt River presents very indication of an Early drought. Already tie volume of wuts is alarm ugly Low. John Kercheval son of a wealthy Lau Nibal to merchant yesterday Ell into a violent mud dangerous fit in Truckee caused by excessive and Long continued drunkenness. The Young Nan has not tasted food for six Days. Jerome Fountain Yard switchman at this place met with a severe and distressing Accident on wednesday morning tie was setting up a Brake on the rear car when the train was in and somehow was off breaking his right Arm and spraining Lis wrist. Lie went below to the frail Hospital for treatment. Or. A. F. Pedlar attended the suffering Man and thinks his injuries though pain us Aro in no ways serious. Or. Foun Ain will probably to Laid up for a of updo of months. Col. Henry g. Shaw editor and of the Pacific life is so turning at Truckee. Fatal Accident. A fatal Accident occurred at Ono of Mckae s Wood Camps in Tho mountains Back of Franktown about 4 clock yesterday afternoon. It a Jears that the workmen were engaged n rolling logs Down the Hillside and that a Young Man named Alex. Mcgregor was caught and run Over by one of the Pine monsters. Fellow workmen went to the unfortunate Man s assistance at once but it was of As Avail for he had received fatal in juries and expired in a very few min utes after the sad occurrence. On examination it was found that Homo Bones in the Back were broken but strange to say not Tho least Bruise on the body. Deceased was brought to Carson by Mcrae and the funeral get for 4 o clock this afternoon from the Arlington House. Or. Mcrae says that Mcgregor had worked for him three years and that a More sober or steady Ian had never been in his pm Tribune. Tho reign of terror in St. Pete Shuko april tenant Dubrovin has been arrested Naar Novgorod suspected As one of the chief members of the revolutionary committee. The assassination of an other spy who betrayed the whereabouts of the secret printing office it to Provo is reported. The Czar who until lately drove out unattended new has Iii Carriage surrounded by cossacks. A High court of criminal Justice under the presidency of grand Duke Constantino brother of the Czar has been appointed for the trial of who attempted the assassination of the Czar. The Liberal party in Poland Havo adopted a More conciliatory policy toward the Czar. An influential about to proceed to St. Petersburg to congratulate him on his escape. In Chicago wednesday night at Mcvicker s theatre while Edwin Booth was giving the Soliloquy in the last act of Richard two pistol shots were fired at him by a Man in the gallery. The would a Assassin was arrested. A Lunatic perhaps. Silver is quoted in London lit 49 1346 Pence per ounce. Spa erf is paper

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