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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Jun 26 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - June 26, 1879, Reno, Nevada Reno weekly Gazette thursday june self control. Many parents think they Are giving their children a Good education by sending them to school. Uliey do net that the most important part of a child s education is what it gets at Home. Tho most valuable teaching that n boy can have is that which gives him self control. Far More important is it that to should learn to keep his passions in subjection than to he Able to solve a quadratic equation. Most children Are brought up without any teaching in regard to those passions which wreck Many a one upon the rocks of sensuality and vice. Knowl Edge is net education. Education is training the growth and cultivation of the various faculties of the mind. The moral training of children is of the first importance the acquisition of knowledge should he entirely secon Dary. The wires am every Day flashing Ever the country news of shocking Mur Ders usually committed in a fit of men shoot their wives in a fit of and kill one another in a most manslaughter is committed upon the impulse of the moment. The underlying cause of three quarters of All crime is Lack of self control. Auger or some other passion takes Possession of a Man and under its influence he becomes a homicide. An angry word a Hasty blow and life has been taken and remorse seizes upon the homicide to gnaw at his heart forever. Uncontrolled passions have brought and arc still bringing countless thousands of human beings to bad ends. The remedy lies in truer and better Educa Tion n Wise Home training for the Yeung. Those children learn Golf control Best who Are governed least. The importance of self government being admitted As necessary to enable a limn to Lead a blameless and Happy life it 18 obviously wrong to Roar children in a Way that does not strengthen that faculty. Doomit give a child suit control to make the fear of punishment the ruling motive of its conduct does the exercise of that form of tyranny commonly disguised under the name of parental authority bring about the desired result coercion May be sometimes necessary acid is often it never yet made human being better. All coercion 19 wrong morally wrong and nov its Only justification in expediency. Fear is a base and ignoble feeling and in one form or another Lins clone much to retard the Progress of humanity. No Parent should seek to govern through the influence of a feeling that is Allied to cowardice. The Days of ruling with a Rod of Iron arc passing away. In the heart of Overy child Are feelings which re Spond to gentleness and love As Here Are also Black and bitter emotions that Well up Strong and masterful under Tho reign of brutality and Force. The Tii amp nuisance. The Farmers of California Are so much troubled with tramps that they intend to Appeal to the next Legisla Ture for Relief. Another instance of the popular Faith in legislation. The popular belief in the Power of govern ment to cure All social evils is an unceasing wonder. Notwithstanding that experience has time and time again shown the Folly of legislative meddling with social troubles the people still look to legislation for re Lief from All their distresses. The parliament of England has been pass ing Laws for Relief of the Peor and for suppression of vagrancy for scores of years yet vagrancy and pauperism Are constantly increasing in that coun try. It is stated Tunit one Man out of every Twenty in England is receiving Aid from the poor rates is in other words a pauper. Amendments to the poor Laws Are made every year Only to to repealed in turn. And still the distress increases in great Britain. The suppression of the tramp Nuis Ance lies with the people themselves. It originated in the a discriminating Benevolence of Goody Goody people who cannot turn away the beggar from the door. The unwise Bestowal of so called Charity to the poor has to improve Tidence and vagrancy than All other causes combined. There is a better form of Beneficence founded upon reason and experience which is often a Little cruel that it May be very kind. It will give employment to honest labor but refuses unearned bread to Tho sturdy beggar. It puts no Premium upon idleness. If the Good men and women in the country will but adopt the simple pol icy of giving nothing where nothing is earned the race of tramps will soon became extinct. Rage is one of the worst Ever Chroni cled in this country. Should the villain be discovered in that Vicinity it will require a very Strong guard to prevent an immediate Lynching. If telegraphic news exhibits the subjects of popular interests All Christendom must have been profoundly interested in the walking match for the Astley Belt. Now that it is Over it May Well be asked what Good has it done a convention is now being held in Louisiana for the purpose adopting a now the convention leans strongly towards repudiation. The Sacramento Bee appears a new dress and makes a handsome appearance. The Bee is one of the live papers of Tho coast. The new Constitution party better known As the a , hold their state convention at Sacramento to Day. Mono county. The landscapes around Bodie Mono Lake and Vicinity. Editohi4i. Notes the Toek of the Bodie mining com Pany was doubled last week. A Republic on which the Sun never Sci. The quarrel Between the Virginia and Carson newspapers concerning the disposition of the troops on the fourth has about subsided. There was a display of some ill temper in the Carson papers and an exhibition of irritability by their Virginia contemporaries but the Virginia writers pre served their dignity and the Carson men did not. To Efer to Tho clothes sent to Virginia after the fire was extremely ungraceful and ungenerous on the part of the Carson writers. However it was at most a newspaper quarrel and it is doubtful whether the people of either City take much interest in the matter. Like the Austin Eureka newspaper contest for the howitzer it will Seon be forgotten. Rocky Mountain Webster s eloquent description of the British Empire is familiar to every Reader but we doubt whether it is generally realized that w a too have a Dominion on which the Sun never sets. It will hardly be believed per haps without an examination of the maps that san Francisco instead of being at the Western limit of this do minion i Only about Midway Between our Eastern and Western limits and yet it is a fact that the farthest Aleu Tian Isle acquired in our Purchase of russian America is As far to the East of it. Between the Northwestern limit of Washington territory and the Southeastern limit of there is a break of a few degrees but with the slightest deduction our territory extends through 197 degrees of Longi tude or 17 degrees More than half Way round the Globe. Hence when the Sun is giving its Good night kiss to our westernmost Isle on the con fines of Behring a sea. It is already cart let in mis own the Nevada City transcript Lias this for sunday morning the editor of the Reno Gazette has Mude an ass of himself by pub Lishing this item the Nevada transcript continually copies from the Gazette without credit ind not satisfied with stealing the items Cre ilits to Lien invariably to the journal. If it is not stepped we will publish something that Trio Tran script will neither to Dispo de to us Al nor credit to any other to Pur. The trance Wipt has an Itom except a single advertisement originally appearing inthe for Many weeks. It has never credited any article to the journal that writ Teli for Tho Gazette. We will Wager any sum of Money from to that Tho nets Bear out our assertions on the subject. Let the bravado put up or shut up. Unfortunately to have no Filo of the valuable paper which to copy from but by Chance Tia number dated june 19th is found intact and to it we refer the so hourly and elegant editor of the transcript. It has to article in reference to the great arabian Alliance which says the Tjenos journal editor exc Ninis after beholding its attractions. Then horses no tint much bigger than Jack rabbits and look like a pack of in Dian ponies after the tribe has been on a prolonged Buffalo Hunt " and so on to Tho end of his article every word of which is from the Gazette and never was in Tho Jou Nuil the secret of the Wlizlo matter is tin Gazette has about As Large a circulation in Nevada county us the Tran script and the poor Little fellow would rather give credit to my other Pape than to the Gaz Kite. Tho Wood River Valley in Idaho must to a Paradise for an Angler. In Tho Idaho Democrat we that Dur ing the month of August and septem Ber Wood River is swarming with Trout Frum twelve to Twenty inches in length and weighing from four to ten pounds. A Small Lake on one of its branches is about 300 feet Long by 100 wide and has a depth Over 75 feet. This Lake is full of Fine Trout. One wus shot there last fall which was Twenty three inches Long and weighed Welve pounds. The Banks of the Iver Aro heavily timbered the soil of he Valley Rich and the pasturage sex flooding tha Fields and forests of Maine with its morning Light and in the Eastern part of that state is More than an hour High. At the very moment when the Aleutian Fisherman warned by the approaching shades of night is pulling his Canoe toward the Shore the Wood chopper of Maino is beginning to Wake the Forest echoes Wilh the stirring music of his axe. Farmer Dodge s Story. The Bodio Standard the 23d thus inscribes the further developments in to it lie mine the Bod e is Sim by i astonishing its most ardent Admir irs. The Bottom of the Winze now Down go feet is too Rich for a poor Nan to look at. It is about three feet uric and has got so near Tho Point of being solid Gold with in Alloy of a few thousand dollars a ton of Silver both n its native form As Horn Silver and a Sulphur ets that people can hardly believe it without seeing dead lock again in Congress. No Prospect of an immediate adjourn ment. Prominent democratic Sena tors oppose the proposition to adjourn without another attempt to provide for the judicial expenses. Tho House democratic advisory committee favors immediate adjournment. It is prob Able that a. Sufficient number of democratic representatives will unite with Tho republicans to prevent any final adjournment before tile passage of the necessary appropriation Bills. The news of to any contains partic ulars of another brutal outrage at Wheatland. It is possible that the recent assault upon two girls there and this later crime were committed by the same scoundrel. This last out n. Y. Sun. At the meeting of the american Institute Farmers club yesterday milk being the tonic Farmer Dodge told a Story As a Teuton made a Little Fortune Here not Long ago in the milk business and decided to return to Germany and enjoy it in his old Home. In tha ship thut was bearing him homeward was a mischievous Monkey. The Monkey prying around one Day found a heavy bag and ran up to the Masthead it. The German clasped his hands in despair at seeing the bag it had his Money All in Gold. The Monkey in a leisurely Way pulled out a piece and Flung it Down to the deck where the sex Milkman gathered it up. Then the beast tossed a second piece into the sea. Thus alternately the pieces wont one into the Ocean and the next into the distracted Man s pocket. Said the sex Milkman is he pocketed just half of what he had started with it is just. One half of that milk i have was milk and the Money for it comes Back the other half was water and half goes Back to water striking Alpine scenery. Tuy a special correspondent i walked the length of the e mines North and South to any and got a better idea than i had before of the Lay of the land and of the magnificent Mountain landscapes which fill up the surrounding country. Climbing the Hill past the Standard Mill i Rose with every step until i stood beside the Shaft of the Summit mine which indicates its location by its name. Two Strong round Hills Rise Side by Side with a depression reaching nearly to the level of the town Between them. On the North Ern one of the two the Summit hoist ing works crowns the top and the Maryland two Miles its mate. The Northern Elevation is known As Bodie Bluff the Southern is Queen Bee Hill. Silver Hill lies Between the two and is Only a Hill at All As compared with the Valley in which lies Tho town. Bodie Bluff has a monopoly of the Fine developments thus far and has the Best prospects of any part of Tho District. Walking South from Summit the Standard and Bodie Are on the right hand Tho Jupiter Dudley and other promising claims to the left. I Tih 8ilykh Hill which is named so for its Fine Silver indications catches the Goodshaw Champion Maybelle and others. There in Groat activity in this Vicinity and much prospecting will to done this summer. Machinery is being put in position on several claims and two three pumps Are coming. Queen bae Hill after a Sharp climb we find the University Queen Bee and others. The Maryland hoist ing works rest upon Tho highest spol and have the of Vantage Over All their neighbors for scenery. There Are very few spots which command such an extended and striking View As the one they occupy. The highest portion of he Sierra lies directly to the West with a gradual curving to the South East. Although 50 Miles or More away the patches of Timber in All grades of density show up plainly to the naked Eye. Above the Timber line Rise the Sterm faded rocks in piles of titanic masonry. The great Wall is Graovac and chiselled into a mighty fringe o blown and ragged 1acb. A Hundred Miles to the Southeast the White mountains Rise from tin Plain with no companions but the Clouds vast Sublime and solitary they fill the whole horizon and catch the Eye whenever it turns toward that part of the Field. Their natural White Ness vies with streaks and patches of perpetual Snow which fall nearly half Way Down their sides. Between me and them lies what seems to a level sweep of vast extent rounded state hews in Brief. Beer in Eureka is kept in ice. Hay is per Hundred in Tuscarora. Mahogany fire Wood per Cord n Eureka. Eureka has at last decided to Cole Pioche shipped in Bullion ast week. Pioche will celebrate the fourth by a wrestling match. Eureka s Wash House test Case has Een postponed until Friday. The Iron Flag staff on it. Davidson Las idiot yet been paid for. The Sierra Nevada is pumping 200, 00 Gallons of water a Day. Fire crackers and Bomba will be allowed in Virginia on Tho fourth. Snowing in Smoky Valley Nye county last monday. Ham Light formerly of Pioche Bias broken his leg in Arizona. John Mackay s income is per minute or per Day. The plucky virginians Are still try ing to level up their streets Virginia will Havo a grand prices cession of pistes on the fourth. Eureka sends about ninety letters each week to the dead letter office. Public spelling match at Virginia on Friday night. Fifty Dollar prize. Court House at Winnemucca sup plied with fire proof and burglar proof vaults. Eureka s new theatre will be opened with a grand Ball about the 1st of september. Two Hundred indians in War dress will Parade at Kow Lansville Lake Tahoe on the fourth. The Shoshone had a grand fan Dango at Marshall Canyon near aus tin last Friday night. A Gold Quartz mine in Sacramento District near Oreana station is paying Well. Dan Harrington s Saloon by realized in Virginia monday. Twenty dollars stolen. The Badger Mill at Bartlett Creek sold by the sheriff for to e. Reinhart. Bullion valued at expresses from the Sedan Mill Paradise Vallej last week a Flag will float Over the Union Shaft on the Comstock in Celebration of the fourth. More than a dozen new mining Camps have been located in Elko Chi Rucj within twelve Mouths. The new Ophir Cable has arrived at Virginia. It is 5000 Long and in keeping his aids in their saddles on the fourth of july. K the pistes Havo signal fires nightly on the hights of Como to Call their Brethren from Mason Valley Over to get their Dollar each for participating in thu Virginia fourth of july Celo bration. Or. Coon Temperance lecturer has again fallen from Grace. The Gold Hill hews the 23rd, reports him drunk locked up in the station House and drinking again in the morning. The Tiro in the mountains West of Franktown threatened to Burn several thousand cords of Cut Wood at my Rac s Camp but by great exertion it was nearly All saved. Only about 200 curds were burned. Stable and Hay Burnt at Spring City last wednesday loss 8600. Hotel and adjoining buildings saved by water wet blankets and whisky to stimulate Tho crowd. Free fight after the fire. A lady complains in the Virginia chronicle of the bad manners of the Virginia play goers. Sho says they Pound on the floor with canes Whis per and titter during the singing and that men and boys smoke in the Gal Lery. Clarlie Ross arrested ii Eureka last fall charged with stage robbery in Wyoming territory proves to have been the right Man. To was recently tried convicted and sentenced to Tho Penitentiary for 12 years burglaries getting frequent in Vir Ginia. Sunday night Robert Mardle s House was robbed of a suit of cloth and a pistol. Monday night a Bur Glar was found crawling through a window but vanished at sight of it six shooter. Tramps wont through the House of Thomas Devine at Elko last Friday night while the family slept and car ried off watch and eatables. Oue of the tramps was seen Bury the watch Halleck station and was arrested. A drunk in Eureka went to bed in the Street Road and composed himself sleep on the Highway. Very dark. Citizens heard him curse the lumps in his bed he thought he was in a Eureka they gathered him in. A Large dead lobster was thrown overboard from the fish car at Winnemucca. The pistes greatly Mav eled at the strange Buena Vista John the Barnum of his tribe made a Large Indian Fortune by exhibiting it at a bit a sight. Carson is discussing the propriety of having the projecting nails in her sidewalks driven Home before the out like a Basin with from right to left but Wheatland tuba county cal., was again thrown into excitement tues Day by a report that a brutal outrage Lical been committed by a tramp on a woman by the name of mrs. Mccurl Iem. The scene of the affair is located on the Sacramento Wagon Road about ten Miles Distant. Mrs. Mccullem was a Canadian woman aged about thirty years. The tramp came to the House and finding Sha was alone asked her for something to eat. While she was preparing it for him he made an assault on her person. Sho made a desperate resistance but without Success after which he made his escape. She was in a delicate condition and the excitement she underwent and the brutal treatment she received a terrible effect on her. When found it was thought she was in a dying condition. On Friday last she gave by Isth to a dead child and on sat urday one died or. Mccullem is engaged in the drover business and was absent in the mountains when the out rage was committed. Weston completed his walk of 030 Miles at p. M. Saturday winning the Astley Belt his bet and the championship of the world. During the Day to walked five Miles an hour for six consecutive hours. Brown Marie 453 Rowell Means to Challenge Weston immediately. Broken sides i knew that this appearance of evenness is deceptive and that broken ridges and can Yons Divide the distance. The North Rolls a sea of Brown Waves which must have stood thus since time be Gan. There Are no signs of their Ever having carried Timber or being other than they now Are. At the foot of Tho Hill lies on the South Mono Lake a Beautiful Little Sheet of water about Twenty Miles East and West and half As wide. Two islands occupy the Cen Ter one of country Rock Tho other of Black volcanic Glass which furnishes some Beautiful specimens. South of the Lake a Siclo Basin is full to the brim of Pine Timber which is said t9 to of excellent Quality. It is so far away that it assumes a deep Black am of feds a striking contrast to the Gray ish rim of the Basin on either Side and the White background of the far off Sierra Nevada. Turning our eyes to the West we see the Ridge on which we stand swinging around to the North crossed by several stage roads lending to different Camps like Mam Moth City Etc. At its toot in a northwesterly course lies Bodie town which we have an almost Bird s Eye View. The striking feature of this whole picture is the absence of vege . Not a tree is in sight except on the fur Distant nut Pine Hills o the shadowy Sierra. Not a Green thing except the Scrugg Liuji strip of grass along Bodie Creek. Not a Bird or animal apparently in the whole country. All is As Bare and naked As on the Day the great Basin arose from the Ocean s bed. Honest min ii. Bodie june a is7.0. Weighs pounds. The Sutro Tunnel company Dis charges any Man whose wages Aro attached. Fastidious Elko jail Birds quarrel with the Flavouring of their tapioca pudding. The Eureka Sentinel says that a new Ore body is believed to Havo been struck in the Eureka con. The Tribune says that Powning s apology for the late legislature has Een freely distributed about Carson a Man named Burt has been arrested at big Meadows for breaking Ono of his neighbor s jaws with a two Pound weight. The Succour mine has been attached the Bank of California and Ether creditors. The attachments aggregate about Thomas w. Triplett has been a jointed a commissioner of Lander Jaunty to succeed the Lute James h. Surg iss. Tying tin pans to dogs tails is so comm i in Paradise that the Blest Lave phrased the trick and Call a correspondent writes to the Silver state that there arc plenty of Good men in Tuscarora who want work and can t get it there. A prize of will be Given for the biggest fourth. Be allowed to compete. Tuscarora dramatic club at Paradise on the Eureka will of course not of the oldest superintendents Comstock says hat Sierra be on the Vada is a mine. It is related that one Day colonel Marshall of Kentucky said to Beni ton senator Benton Why do you talk to yourself so much with great dignity Benton replied colonel Marshall i can Tell you very earnestly and very Tully Why i talk to myself. I love to talk to i great Man and i love to hear n great Man ing opium Bill or Tho slave of the ii tearful of written by the gifted colonel stump. Austin it apprehensive of Cloud bursts. Every store front on main Street is provided with movable barricades to shut out water in Case of flood. Married lady assaulted on the Street in Eureka last Friday Early in eve Ning. Chased to her lie use. Hus band went a Ter Rowdy with pistol. Rowdy escaped. G. Ii. Shepherd Lias a Mineral soap mine on South Fork near Elko the crude Mineral is a Good so Ivy but there is Little demand for soap in Elko. Man Luu cd Johnson fell or was thrown from his Hora near Wells Elko county last wednesday. Picked up insensible and injuries probably fatal. E. W. Blasdell and n. Duperu have purchased the Quartz Mill at old Oreana and will put it to work on Ore from the Numo or evening Star mine of Trinity District. Several Rich strikes Are reported from Tern paiute. Boston capitalists intend putting in Money there. Fill at Siliko has started up. Teni paiute needs girls. The Carson Appeal says grand Marshall Pant Liml has Pur chased several barrels of tar to assist fourth. The Radical element in car Sou say that strangers May not like those nails but the conservative Citi Zens a Large majority protest against any change of the kind. Bristol in Lincoln county i Lively Camp. Sixteen fights occurred there last tuesday. On the snore Day a Man from Tybo proclaimed himself confiscated the Money put up on a poker game and recommended the players to go to and make the Best of at last accounts Tol Stilt acknowledged the Sway of the Man from Tybo. Three Road agents tried to Stop the stage from Bodie sunday morning near the Bridge about five Miles from Carson. The Driver heard the order to Ami saw three men about a Hundred Sarcu away running towards the coach. H Laid on the whip and soon left the robbers far behind. Two branches of the Road run parallel near the Bridge. The coach came by the lower Branch while the highwaymen were waiting on the upper division. There was in treasure Bullion on Board. The Gold Hill news says Pat Keyes state spelling match will come off at Cooper s Hull Virginia next Friday night. His prize for the Champion of the state is a medal of solid Gold valued at everybody is invited to com Pete for this prize. Besides this Keyes offers a Silver Brick to the Best speller of each Public or private school contending at the match. He has Al ready received letters from Eureka and Elk it stating that representatives of the schools there will be on hand and enter the huts of champions Keno pm son Silver City Dayton and other have also manifested a determination to contend for Tho prize. A dance will be Given after the match is Over and hence to pay music and Hall rent an admission of one Dollar for gentleman and fifty will be charged. Cents for ladies Al endow Luke. Tic acc from or. S. It Airis who has just returned from Meadow Lake we learn that there is some Prospect of there being Lively times at that Camp Dur ing the coming summer. A number of prominent mining men have visited the place during the Winter and have examined the claims and had accurate assays made of the Ore. They express themselves As satisfied that there is some very Rood Ore in the District. Considerable capital will be invested during the coming san Francisco mining men. Summer and the mines will in fully tested. Messes. Roberts head Are interested in a mine and they propose to ascertain during the summer whether there is anything in it or not. They have Al r Ady spent considerable Money in its development. Some of the Ore has been tested by Ihu Robertson process and the result wits entirely satisfactory. Altogether the Outlook is newspaper he is paper

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