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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - June 5, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday june 5, 1879. No. 10. A Stock report. The Reno Gazette we might say the tar Flat Gazette if we were inclined to to personal like nit other country papers published in the exclusive fanning regions of the Pacific coast is exceedingly jealous of the mining interest and of course de Rives a great Deal of satisfaction from the depreciation of Silver but it should Bear in mind that a few Miles from its door is the great Comstock lode which gives Reno n Market for its rutabagas and pumpkins and Liny and if the mines of the Cor Stock were shut Down that Market would be destroyed the Goose that lays the Golden egg for Reno would be As dead As a door Nail and Reno itself be oily an insignificant Railroad station Una ble to support even a daily newspaper us the Gazette and such a quiet steady Little Village that even the tar and Feather Industry for which the place is principally distinguished would be destroyed through Lack of a population to work on. The above bears the car Marks of Little Freddy Hart and adorns the the columns of the stack Fie port a Blanket Sheet the most interesting matter in which is the assessment notices it publishes. No other Man could crowd much idiocy and in truth into so few words of bad eng Lish. The Gazette is not published in an exclusively farming Region and is exceedingly jealous of the mining on the contrary there Are Many mines in its neighbor Hood which it has Laboured earnestly to get capital to take hold of. It is a firm Friend of the mining interest proper but is to Friend of such mining As the Stock report and its patrons Princi Pally engage extracting Coin from the pockets of stockholders by assess ments. And further the Gazette does not believe that 83 cents of Nevada Silver is Worth 100 cents of Coli Mornja Gold and will not advocate such a dishonest doctrine just because it happens to to published in Nevada. Of course the Comstock lode was developed just to give Reno a Market for her rutabagas Aud Hay and we Are afraid to say much lest the mine own Era ruin our Market by shutting Down the mines. To be hostile to the scheme of a clique of Silver Kings to make 83 cents Worth of Silver by legislative equal to 100 cents Worth of Gold when coined does Noj mean hostility to mines or mining. If Silver is to be made a Legal tender let a Dollar of it contain a Dollar s Worth of Silver. _ a Golden Opportunity. If Reno allows the Oregon Railroad to be built from any other Point but Here she will lose the Northern Trade. There is a great country Between the desert line and Oregon which when it once fairly fills up will have an exceedingly valuable business and which dded to Reno s Trade nearer Home icily support a City of ten thous lad a Road runs North from any Polatin Central Nevada Torisk Towb will build up in sur prise Lake Valley Winch will help Commerce of that country with the Townson the Overland. With a Railroad from Busi Ness would be almost entirely Tere Dhere. Even if a Road goes in from Winnemucca a Branch to Rene would to a Good but we be Lieve fully that if any Road at All is built it can be secured for this place. The route is by All Odds the Best. There is no Scarcity of water Timber is in sight of the Lino the whole Dis Tance and the country is full of mines Salt marshes and perhaps a dozen undiscovered sources of wealth. A Road from Reno will carry every Pound of freight and every passenger that a Road diverging further East would and besides Weule be a Good route from California to Oregon. This is an Opportunity too Good to lose and we Small to greatly disappointed if our live intelligent business Community allows it to slip. Great cities p built in impossible places brains and Energy. We have All natural advantages and with a minimum of Effort will be the great City of the Interior. The end opthj3 Vight. The extra session has already lasted Over ten weeks and the Only thing done has been to show that the major is running the not Only Honor and patriotism but capacity As Wall. They Learned Noth ing by the first veto and were totally unprepared for the second although they knew it must Coine. They Are now All at sea. They have no plan or method and Are engaged rather in political quarrelling than legislation. From the dignity of a revolutionary course they have descended the a Ridic Ulous one. The leaders Hove lost their Heads and Are backing and filling like a boys debating club. One thing is appropriations will not be withheld. The democratic party throughout the country has shown a very different spirit from that of their congressmen. Not a meeting has been held in All the United states to endorse the policy of Congress and the leading papers of the country except the now York Sun and one or two others insist upon the necessary Money being voted. It is now simply n question now to make the Back Down As gracefully As May be. Tramp Laws. New Hampshire has a p peasant Cli mate and Ever since the War she has had a swarm of tramps who travel Over the country in summer and hide in the cities in Winter. They got so Thi Evish and quarrelsome As to become dangerous and a Law was passed Mak ing begging a penal offence punishable by a year s hard labor in the state prison. A Reward of five dollars for causing the arrest of a tramp made a very Lively business for a while until they transferred their carcasses across the line into Massachusetts. She found it necessary to pass a similar Law which drove the rags into Connecticut. A Law passed there soon after forced them into new York. She and Pennsylvania this Winter passed about the same Ian and the wanderers have partly gone Westward and partly hid themselves in the great cities where they will add to the Al ready Large class of we await with interest the effect of these Laws upon City life and crime the Law can divert the evil beat of evil cannot cure it. The Brave Mck Dereu. The boys of the Pacific coast will All have read by sunday that Ander son died bravely while Troy Dye was very nervous and had fits of vomiting on the scaffold. Anderson seemed Tro feel perfectly willing to die provided he could hold up to the last and this sentiment is very taking among certain classes. A Deal More is attached to the manner of the Man than the Sacriste to Justice which his execution is intended to be. For our part it seems very Little difference whether the big Drunken brute who abused his family and murdered an innocent Man held up is head and bravely Aua or Whethe he like fcb i piste toward who died beside fac a is they were Hung murder and that fact should never be Tost sight of. No by Nudo or sentimentality should loud the useful lesson. It seems to As that the better Way to dispose of such mat tors would be to Send condemned murders to the state prison for confinement and execution and that the custom of publishing the sickening de tails in new Pepers be stopped. The boys of the country and the boy men whose minds have never gotten above the fighting age read and study every move and every horror which can be crammed into the papers and they Are fur from profited thereby. The Stock excl me takes exceptions at our calling it a Slop bucket. We Are sorry did not mean to offend. Would have said tub if we had thought of it. Editorial notes. Popular elections in have resulted in favor of the re establishment of capital punishment. While we Hope to see Liberal Princi Ples Advance yet it is not will to move with such matters any faster than condition of Public morals and senti ments warrant. All such attempts bring about disastrous reactions. Charles Foster sex member of con Gress has been nominated for the governorship of Ohio by the republicans. He is one of the Ablest men in the state and tory popular with the masses. He will Tan the hide of Thurman or any other Democrat that enters the Field against him. People in Cincinnati Ohio thought they smelt Gas but it was Only the canal. The water had been drawn off to repair the Banks leaving a mass of weeds Etc. In the Bottom to be cooked i by the hot Sun and spread disease through the City. When poor Queen Victoria Sticks her nose in Public affairs she gets promptly snubbed by some upstart commoner. Sir Robert feel is Rais ing a Row about her wilting letters and signing her Imperial titles. The Belmont courier says the boys there go it on stilts. They use to go it on tick. The dance of death hanging of Troy Dye and Edward an Derson for tie murder of a. Zulun. The following Brief account is clipped from the special dispatches to the Virginia Olio Nice at the condemned were Noti fied prepare to leave their Ceils. The White Robes and Black Caps and the straps were placed on the scaffold. At 11 -55 the prisoners were notified to prepare for the scaffold. The wit Nesses and invited sheriffs and offices were admitted to the jail Yard to the number of boat 75. Anderson came out of his cell smiling and self possessed. Dye bad be supported on either Side. At time minutes past twelve o clock the prisoners ascended the Stepi of the scaffold Sperry Dye kiss ing Troy Dye As he left the jail door. The prisoners were strapped by the officers the shrouds pulled Over them and the noose for each held in readiness. A. W. H. Mcewen read a. Written statement concerning Ander son s spiritual condition also a state ment written by Anderson admitting the justness of the penalty. He expressed a hops of reaching heaven. Dye meanwhile weaker and weaker and twice vomited. To was Dewever sane and knew All that went on. An assistant warned Mcewen to Cut Short his rending which he Dit Fri. Mcew Cro then Knelt and be Gan the ropes were adjusted the Taok Cap pot on and at the Cord was Cut the trap fell an Rathe two culprits shot downward their necks were Brokan. By the Fak and in fourteen in intes they were pronounced dead. It wus a most Success Ful execution. As half past twelve the bodies were taken Down at 2 p. A postmortem examination was held on Dye and is in Progress now. N California. Wednesday morning some one called at tile door of the court House at Bakersfield California and was to Seiei. By jailor Reed who was re Quested to open the door. Or. Read refused when the door was forcibly broken and seventy five men entered. The jailor was ordered to throw we his hands which he did. The keys were demanded but refused. Search was made and the keys found. The mob entered the cells containing Thomas and William Yoakum and lynched them by hanging them in the cells. William Yoakum was chained to the floor of the cell and As the Chain could not be loosened he was Hung with it of his feet. He was shot several times after hanging him. The Yeakumes were in jail for the killing of Johnson and Tucker at Long Tom More than a year ago. William Yoa Kum had his trial and was convicted of murder in the first degree and the supreme court ruled last week that he should have a change of venue and his Case was moved to Prasnol county. The Knob were al1 masked but five. Machinery and labor. Dull times recall to life Many old prejudices. The notion is again pop ular that machinery is the cause of distress among the Labouring classes. It is Hulid that Many men Are from time to time thrown out of employ ment by the introduction of new machines for saving labor. Hence come it a said reduced wages and a lessened demand for labor. This is an old fallacy. When those machines were invented that enabled England to spin Cotton for the rest of the world English workmen raised a Hue and cry against them. The occupation of the hand weavers would be , they said. But the gave employment to a Hundred hands where two had been spinning Cott of before their introduction. To explain the relations of labor to machinery it a necessary to go below the surface. The world s Progress during the last one Hundred years affords the Best general proof of the vast benefits it Inch Mankind owe to machinery. Almost All the great labor saving machines have come into use during this period steam engine about 1780, Stev Enson s locomotive in 1814, and the first Power loom was put up in country in 1816. Gladstone is of the opinion that the development made within this Century is equal to All that preceded it since the birth of Christ. When Man Learned to a be the forces of nature work for him a High civilization became possible. And it is by that he is enabled to utilize these forces to borrow Energy from the universe. With the steam engine to1 Mabe use of the Force stored up in Coal it was found that a Penn of Coal would do As much work As one Man could in an hour of labor. Ten of Coal at a Cost of three cents will now do the Day s work of a Man. It was the invention of the steam engine Wimch a Hernd in this great Era of machinery before the Days of the steam engine before Cotton and Wool in machine shops and railroads before manufacturing began what was the condition of the Labouring Man fifty years ago in the United states the to King than lived Between in plaster Walls in an unpainted Fonse. His Home had no carpet and is Only Light was tallow Candle. To Day the Hoytt of tire industrious and sober working imn often contains comforts and luxuries that Only the could enjoy fifty years so. Gas Ancic water in pipes books and pictures a. Musics instrument carpets stoves Crock All these the Workingman can have to Day. Invention and capital wetting together Are the agencies which Bike brought about Rtese improved the inventor goes to the capitalist for Means Mills and factories to make machines to pay workmen. If Ligure capital the inventor can accomplish nothing and the capitalist must keep this Capi Tal eni Jloyd or it will yield him nothing. So for the Sake of the expected return upon his investment its capitalist spends his Money for the Benefit of labor by setting men at work to. Build Mills and factories to make machines and to Oyse ate them and so directly and indirectly he gives employment to thousands. A machine May do the work of a Hun dred men and do it a Hundred times cheaper than it could Bodene by hand so that one Hundred articles made by this machine will be used where one was used before. In proportion As machinery economies labor it cheap ens the Cost of production and so in creases the consumption of manufactured articles. Thais increased demand creates employment far More men to make and operate the machinery required to Supply it. Take Tor in stance the manufacture of Cotton cloth. The number of persons directly employed in this Industry is Esti mated at the annual pro duct of Cotton cloth is Over Yards Over six Yards apiece for every human being on the face of the Earth. Destroy All this capital in vested in Cotton Mills Stop All the machines far making Cotton cloth and people would be in Dan Ger of starvation. Cotton cloth if again made by hand would go in Price a Hundred fold. The working Man could no longer afford to Wear a White shirt and to sleep Between sheets. Thus machinery by making goods cheaper makes the demand for them greater and so adds to the employment of labor. The substitution of machinery for hand labor sometimes compel men to change their occupation. The introduction of machinery tends to change the nature of the work to be done but also to increase the demand for labor. Bering for Oil and the consequent cheapness of kerosene threw most of the whalers out employment but for every whaler who had to change his occupation a Hundred men have found employment in the Petroleum Oil Trade. It is complained that the new agricultural machines the harvesters mowers reap ers Etc., have lessened the constant employment to thousands and indirectly to Many thousands More. Every machine that is made of Wood and Iren gives a stimulus to mining Lum Bering and railroading and indirectly gives employment to a Host of work ers Iff Wood and Metal those self binding reapers which save so much labor in the Harvest used last year no fourteen thousand tons of wire for binding and by reducing the Cost of harvesting they make wheat cheaper and in this Way these harvesting machines have lessened the Cost of bread throughout the world. The u. S. Census of 1870 shows that manufacturing gave direct employment to Over two million per sons and that their wages amounted to annually. The Capi Tal invested in manufacturing was and the yearly product exceeded in value More than contrast the condition of the workmen this country with the condition of tie people of Chinn and Japan where Little or no machinery is used. There where All work is done by hand life a struggle for a Bare existence. Here the Labouring Man by the e Aid of capital invested in machinery can obtain by moderate labor not Only the necessaries but most of the comforts anew life. All political economists agree that Machi Nery benefits the Labouring classes. The truth of this View of the subject can a shown by proofs innumerable. A recent number of the Atlantic contained an article upon labor and the natural forces from which the Fig ures used in Tufa article have been taken and they May be accepted As reliable. Theroan staff bucket. It a Mihkan get killed. We Garve an account last saturday of the Trampf known As the kid who had been treated to. A dose of tar and feathers at for stealing some Fromi one of the Railroad boys. The punishment Ike received caused him to Over of the Money. To was then Rivera Twenty minutes to leave town in which be did double Quick thine however without on those who had he returned to town at night and set Fine to two buildings buc was. Spied caught before he could get out of town and placed in a Biskar for Safe keeping preparatory to bringing him to this place. He made his escape from the Box car and was again seen but would not step on. Being that he would be shot which was done and As the. Shoot Fet a aim was Good the kicked the bucket. The free Coiner. Silver state. Sheriff Miller with a squad of Indi were at last accounts in hot Pur suit of Frank Schalata the alleged counterfeiter jumped from a car window at White Plains while being taken to Carson and escaped. The indians were put his Trail at the Railroad and followed his tracks in the direction of Pyramid Lake. It is scarcely possible for him to evade his pursuers any great length of time As they know the country and he Dees not and it is probable that he has been captured Ere this. Deep Snow. The Downieville messenger says the Snow Between the Hen Ness pass Savage mine and Forest City is Over sixteen feet deep. If the miners do not gave a Good water season it will not be the fault of the elements. The late Rains in the valleys and Foothills have been Snow in the mountains and the distance the Snowbell has extended Down has been one cause of our cold atmosphere this Spring. Miscellaneous news. During the forty eight rail roads Ware sold under foreclosure representing of capital Stock and of Bonds and debt. Fall River mass., is said to have received a number of emigrants from the English Catton manufacturing districts and the same is reported of other new England cities. The Irish skirmishing fund now amounts to but the contributions have been Light of late. The Irish world acknowledges the receipt of Only during the past week. George Washington Childs a. M., is a skillful pianist and he and Drexel play duets together by the hour. Al such times Many a heart rending elegiac stanza is composed. The largest houses in engled Are wrest Earl Cowper a West Worth Earl Fitzwilliams and Knob Earl Delaware a where there arc five of reef. The largest in ire and Gosford Lead Gosford a in Ann ngh and in Scotland drum Anrig. Portland Oregon is a modern go Morrah says the Sacramento use. Tilers Are More arrests for adultery than there Are Calls the Church. We heard a great Deal about the climate of but the weather in Oregon seer a to Lay Ever it by Large majority. The United states says the Catho Lic times with to Weir Catholic popu lation estimated at from. To have not More than thirty Fere Catholic publications worthy of the name and the proportion of catholics who subscribe for Catholic papers does not number one in seventy. The Thomas Paine memorial Hall in. Boston was built by Means of contributions. James lick califor Nia millionaire gave and Tho whole amount raised was about Dool the four Trust cos Are Aow quark among themselves and serious a of fund Are made. Some Effort is being made to clean new Orleans in order to prevent a re tune of yellow fever but not a great Deal has been thus far accomplished. The has no underground drainage the sewers being used to carry off Tho sewage which is impel factly pumped Over the levee into the River a re Currence of the plague next summer a predicted by Many of Tho . Veil from the heaven Enrka Leader afo. James Marsh of Huntington Valley who is in town with a Load of Hay from that agricultural brought with him a specimen of a meteor that recently fell to the Earth near his Quarter Section. States that the falling which took place Early in the evening was accompanied by St sound As loud As the report of a Cannon. Parties on the in with or. Searched foe found and dug it out the piece weighing in the neighbourhood of 400 pounds. It is a hard dark coloured metallic substance Aud when scraped with a knife reveals a Bright loud col need Interior but Ucli harder than Lead. The Sui fuck is indented with Cen Centre rings evidently Graven by is rapid whirling motion through the air. The specimen is quite a curiosity. Nevada county items. The Lerold there was a marriage in town recently in which the combined age of the Bride and Groom was 139 years. E. O. Tompkins passed through town to Day from grass Valley on Way to Bear Valley. He says the Hay crop is Good in Foothills this year. He had some sixty acres Cut before the storm but being heaped up it was not much injured. Leon m. Borduin who wrote under the Nom de plump of mud Sill dui ing the new Constitution about to Start a new paper to be run for and in the interest the working men s party and their nominees Dur ing this full Campaign. The new Jour Nal will be issued weekly. The Money annually spent in main Taining the protestant churches of Boston is As calculated by the Boston Herald leaving works of Charity out of the account. The congregationalists including trinitarians and unitarians head the financial list and the episcopalians come next. Even the baptists Are ahead of the methodists who Are so Strong through out the rest of the country. Murfreesboro Tennessee has four teen men under arrest for great crimes. Troops Are necessary to guard them. Newspaper in

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