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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 4 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - December 4, 1879, Reno, Nevada I r i Arv Jsn i vol. Reno weekly Gazette i in Kim by i 4. It j ,1 Thiu Htwe 41 m i i a in uni Girnt 23 Cunt Reno shoe indomitable agent was in san berm Dino diligently pursuing his no cation. The subsequent proceedings have not yet been reported. I now that a. G. Bierce duo of the wittiest Parag Raphers in the country is again on the Argonaut we still More regret to find that entertaining journal missing from among our changes. I Sarah Winnemucca daughter of the piste chief Winnemucca lectured in Sim Praneis tuesday evening on the history and condition of her people. Sarah Speaks English fluently and has received a Liberal education. Thursday december 4, 1879. J i 7 no. 35. The 1 1. Ii i-1 ret to i to of iriving minis it Al w one by tin difficulties in have Bey i Sta new the Only tank Amiens pc c Indef Wood s which code Ivine going k North at Timmi Ami us Ihnut is sure of in Ore urn to c of Mai glue a Ninny o.il., and l Leo Moonly a new paper to be called the county examiner will soon be published at Lakeview Oregon. It will be a weekly democratic journal. The inc Ting season of 1870 aligned the nit in to Jug and travel to leave their Routa As it oort Finly will. The time by he Way of Reno from Rasip sin Francisco will be 5t hours. A pwn in Alturas it takes 73-hours Iet to and 16 from there to Sun Trunci co in n of i a i. The building the scout Listii a a Iii Railroad mid its Eastern connection the at Cleon tip ska Santa i a is by no Means without import Ance to the state of Nevada it is not difficult to imagine a rival route building up to compete with the Union and Montial in ofic roads for the Busine a done Here. When the mils Are once to Austin quite n Start has been made towards a line to the Colorado. River. There would be no great mountains to Cross us the ranges All run in a North and South course. The Colorado reached freight for Nevada could be very easily drawn from any Loute which crosses the col. Orain is run constancy for Many Mitre three Kittens recently died from diphtheria new York. They contracted the disease from children and n postmortem Examina Tion plainly showed the Peculiar dip thermic membrane in the throats of the Kittens. As it Haa thus been shown can Cutch diphtheria from the human family there can be no doubt that these Domestic pets arc capable of in turn communicating the disease to those who play with them. Therefor a alien there is diphtheria about the cat. A Niini s Cabin in Warren s Camp Idaho had been lobbed and two suspected chinamen lodged in jail to await trud. Just to make an example of them the Mincis took them nut in night and Hung them to a Trie. It afterwards appeared that they Vero innocent so that when the guilty parties Are found the miners will have still More on their hands. One of the most striking stories of the proverbial Pertinacity of the Book agent comes from san Bernardino wearied m Ith his import unities the Young men of that place on monday i Erht fell upon Louis Book agent and Rode him a mile out of town on a rail. Tuesday morning the i from the is h. Call. The racing and season of 1879 has come to n close and chef papers Are summarizing the doings of the year. The Nev York Herald publishes the annual 2 80 hot and California figures prominently in the table. The fastest time on record St. Julien the fastest time Ever made by it hic year old by Santa Klaus and this is also the fast est time made by a stallion in the Yeiter. Nutwood s is the fastest two heats by native horse during the season and then comes Volney Belleh brigadier and. Majdallah and Tommy All to the credit of the Pacific coast. While the trotting records the racing Calendar will credit to Mollie Mccarthy equating the time of Charlie Gorham for one and a Quarter Miles at Lexington and con nor having rim three quarters of a mile in him the among the two year Olds. This Colt ran three quarters of a mile at Sacra mento in with 100 pounds up and after a Start in which he was several lengths behind and with 107 pounds lie. Ran a mile in per which rank him with the Best of the year. Devout by Sharks. A Canoe recently left Loma Loma in the Fiji islands with Twenty five natives Oil Board bound for Roytoya. They were going about when a sudden Squall sent the sail against the Mast capsizing the Canoe. The unfortunate Clung to the Canoe and might live escaped with consequences no worse which would have attend la discomfort and for the fact that the capsize occurred in a locality infested a Ftp Sharks. These ravenous monsters seized their victims one by one devouring Twenty three out of Twenty five unfortunates whose lives were thus placed at their mercy. Of to two who one is a woman but her situation is very critical the flesh having been taken off one leg. To be taken to Trokee. Como coming up. Completion of the welter Grunt and rejoicing Over its Flat crushing Froin our own correspondent the Mill at Como is now completed ind this morning the stars and stripes were hoisted on the Flag staff of the welcomed Mill. The whistle was blown loud and Long anoint about 8 a. A the machinery was set in motion and the ponderous Battery began crush the richest Rock of tile Eureka mine Sotis to work with mathematical precision and is pronounced by of which there ire Many Here to be everything that cd Tom be expected of a first class Mill. Mill now completed has Cost sir. Welter and is built for a ten stamp Mill although but five Stamps will be run it present the other five soon. There were a Many visitors Here from Virginia Palson Payton and Many other places to witness 1 1 the starting of the mim1 i or. Walter gave the boys an sex Joel Lont after which they partook of Boca and the extract of old Rye then three Lusty cheers were Given each for the Success in of Como and pal Myra mining District for or. Welter and for the new Mill. At about 3 p. M. The Como boys fell into line and mar lied Down they were equipped with violins clubs Little Brown jugs Etc. The Liugas Assembly already at the Mill saw them afar off and made Hasty preparations to receive them Juthe Wei made in a manner that even surprised old timers the whistle was blown and tub of All present filled the air with a a deafening sound. Then three cheers were Given for every imaginable cause connected with coins and Palmyra and still the programme was not ended. Fire water the beverage of Vonalt and Best brands of Havana were Pas sed around in such quantities that even the prospectors and miners no longer considered them luxuries the miners soon formed into ranks marched twice through the Mill gave Hearty cheers and then proceeded to the boarding House where they indulged in a song and dance after which Sev eral interesting speeches were made advocating prospecting and mining in District. As the Sun Drew near the Horton you could see buggy aft of buggy winding Down the Long circuit Ous Grade of Palmyra Canyon and not still after the Stais shone out had All taken their departure and left their Many Good wishes for the Success of Como and Palmyra. All pics at enjoyed themselves exceedingly and Anany will Long remember the event Ful Day of starting Mill. From the 8. P bulletin. L. Howe and Nellie Axton arrived hero from Truckee last saturday closely followed by a Telegram to tace chief of police asking for their arrest for burglary. Mrs. Axton stated that she had rented a House in Truckee and went away without giving the Landlady notion and owing her five dollars rent. The arrest she said was malicious. She stated that she has no knowledge of having Feloni Ousby entered and House in Truckee. The accused will to taken to thai place for examination. The proper torm of Rora the new York san. The Only proper Way of addressing an entire stranger is by the Mono Syl Lable sir. Dear sir May be used in writing to a person with whom Yii have some acquaintance butt itis a Man Yon have never seen and never communicated such familiarity is not right. It is True however that americans use it addressing every Man indiscriminately As dear sir bul the practice is absurd. How can one be dear to you whom you have never known Boll of Honor. Department of music Bishop Whit Aker s sch Bol for the month ending nov 24th, May Cara Grace Dowdell Mollie Grippon Frank grip pen and Carrie Webb . Nov. S6th, 1u79. District court matters. V 1 a 1 1c judge King was unable1 to get Here saturday morning to open court Pur Suant to adjournment but came Down on the lightning and held an evening session having on trial the divorce Stilt of Hattie e. Nolan is. Henry Nolan. Only about one third the business on the docket has been disposed of this term the following named cases have been added to the Calendar of is sues of fact of the District court since the last adjournment j. J. Poor is Lewis Togni j. P. Foulkes is. Goo Robinson a j. Bunting is. C p. R r. Co Orrilla Thomes is. L. Duck and d. A. Bend i administrators of estate of we Duck e. C. Gooch is James Sullivan a. And a. F. Kinney is. Barnes and Shaber it Al m. Rap Hael is. Southern Nevada mining co Henry Matney is g. W Huffaker Chas. H. Merrill is. W. a l. Spillenger is. W a Walker a. Mcl Ain is. W a. Walker mrs. A Mclain is. W. A. Walker Abbie e. Shed is. W a Walker James hol land is w. A. Walker s 0. Leone Sis is. Banchi co Hattie e. Nolan is. Henry Nolan. Boyish pedestrians. Two Boyish looking strangers were seen on the Street Friday afternoon they were Young Kennedy the Vir finia City pedestrian and his Trainer hey walked Down and Back Fri Day both arc 19 years old and of very slight build. Kennedy is train ing for the six Day s match and there is big Money bet that to will win. Public schools. The following is the report of the Reno Public schools for the month ending nov. 3 s 5 g s s s 5. I w m to p 5 c it b 2 e s m m 2 s1 i i i i s i 3 is j to o to i a s s s 2 up to cd at a s s s s a i i i i m a g 8 , Jopa Eiolf Jug of Tigh and 1st grammar school department Orvis King and mrs. R. Bourn of Honor Willie Knox Guy Manning 97.2 Dick Arrowsmith 98.1, Josie Wintermantel 96.8 Julia Winter Ian Tel 90 5 Marcus Fredrick 94 Louis Wintermantel 95 Annie Williams 90 Wiettie Coats 93 Cora Manning 99 4 Kittle Mollie an Derson 95 Emma cutting 93.7 min Nie Vail to court 93 Laura Colwey 93.5. First intermediate Honor i Willie Biggs 9ff.5 Drew Taylor 95 Hiram Remington 92.5 Ada Fin Nyson Stewart Gerber by hat tie Rhodes 91 James sudden 93.5 Crissie Andrews 91.9 Carrie Haslund 95 August Knust. 91 Fritz Walker 90 Willie Gould is jay1-Harrison, 91 Rachel Fredrick 97.5 Zerah Mer Shon 94 my Eaton 93 Emma has Lund 01. I i i r second intermediate Ellen m. Emery of Honor Henry Cahn 95 be r6me Ayers 93 Charlie Beemer 95 Walter Johnson 92 Nellie Lewis 95 Louisa Lewis 94 Ida Huntsman 92 Flore Brown 92 Estelle hand 98 Davie Ayers 95 Belle Mershon Odets 95 94 primary Frankie j. Gibbs of Honor 70, Harry triblets 90. Tfank coffin 100 Leland Ayers 90 Maggie hand 95 Orvis Tredway 80 Mertie Huyck 75 Katie Becker 70 Amanda Hart 70. To make gut Edgerl butter every Dairyman wishes to get the top Price for his butter. It can be done Only by having it perfect in Quality and appearance. When the color becomes Light it is necessary to add a Little of Welli Richardson co s perfected butter color to keep it no to the june Standard. Many Well known butter buyers recommend All their patrons to use Only this preparation. It received the Only award at the International Dairy fair for Superior purity strength perfection of color and no longer Nosef Jannotto or scrap carrots but buy this color of Osburn Shoemaker druggists who have it for Sale As Well As All druggists and merchants Gen new lev Pacific coast items. Como now contains about forty five houses. E. J. Baldwin s libel suit against the nevus been dismissed. The Bodie water co. Are pushing work on their ditch and Reservoir. The graders of the Nevada Central Are within seventeen Miles of Austin. Two Hunters of Astoria killed 600 geese and ducks during october. Their Best single shot was that killing 43 ducks. San Joaquin county with a Popula Tion of raised tons of wheat this year which nets the sum of next saturday there is to be a great Rabbit Hunt at Kaysville Utah which will drava Hunters from All parts of the territory. Last week s bid Well Modoc county were Over a Muddy track and during Stormy weather but gave Good satisfaction. A number of sheep Are running wild Between the Middle and North pubs Rivers Nevada county their Wool is from 12 to 18 Iuo Hes in length. Andreas Briswalter of los Angeles his Orange crop at the rate of per tree. He estimates the crop at oranges. This Aggregates the Nice Little sum of the Belcher incline has just attained a vertical depth of feet Mak ing it the deepest Hole in the ground to be found anywhere on the Ameri can continent. The mormon Churen owns head of cattle paid in for tithing. It also possesses thousands of tons of rutabagas and squashes derived from the same source. The report that the Catholic priest at Bodie has asked for help in his work of attending funerals is taken As pretty Good evidence of a Large mortality list Over there. Tue pleasing intelligence is revived says the Prat that Bodie ladies smoke cigarettes. When it is said that Bodie ladies smoke cigarettes it is meant that the very Best ladies of the town do it i the san Juan Independent reports a big strike in Sierra county. The greatest excitement prevails. The1 Quartz is of a bluish color and contains not rely Gold but Silver in great abundance. The greatest blow yet struck at mormonism id the Advent of a lot of Stock brokers in Salt Lake City. The to Bane says that Stock brokers Are becoming so numerous there that the formation of a Stock Board is Proba ble. The Andaman says that the country about Tombstone is overrun with destitute ploy ment finding none. The mines Good but Onjo a the Seattle the United states recently two million feat of Logaj Eie Zed for cutting on govern ment land for thousand. Generally the loggers buy them in for a sort but this time the too Imort for them and got full for the logs. The weekly Miner thinks that the Joi purity of Northern Arizona of is doomed there being notwithstanding the Rich minerals of that lamentable Lack of water hard times generally and Lack of Eastern and California capital. Re plies Nith acrimonious vigor. Last week at the old Horbe Lulo of Wells Fargo at Portland a Young Man purchased a Black Valise for a Dollar or two it and found it filled with clothing also a Gold watch and Chain a Silver Casund some very Fine jewelry of a miscellaneous character another Man paid for a of year s almanacs. There was a serious affray in Bodie monday evening. John a. Mcquaid a prominent lawyer and Thomas Muckle a labourer became involved in both being in liquor and somewhat ex6ited. During the controversy Muckle struck Mocq Nirid when the latter Drew a Dirk i Iii and stabbed Muckle in the Ting a dangerous and fatal wound. Do you a Lellure it. That la this town there ure ecu Rud of per passing our every Day whose lives Are made miserable by indigestion dyspepsia sour and distressed stomach liver com plaint constipation Etc., when for cents we will sell them Shioli s , Kimian teed to cure them. By a born shoe maker druggists Reno Nevada nov 1 Silt to Tun news it is of interest. Very i leap Straw chinese hats have this year Boon the rage in England Duchesse wearing precisely the same article As Dairy maids explained one great lady none of those dreadful Middle class people Wear the second attempt in the United states to Roll Impi Ted steel has just succeeded in Vermont. From imported English blooms the St. A linens Iron and steel works Are rolling steel rails without flaw or blemish. A Railroad clerk in a Southern de pot who had been annoyed beyond endurance by inquiries As to whether that was right time placed the Fol lowing placard Amder Tho clock this is a is is Cincin Nati is is set every Day at 10 keep your do Mouth shut. Gen. James Harding uni Lora in com missioner of Missouri is doing his work in a novel is now on a 200-mile walk Over the railroads of Northwest Missouri inspecting the condition of the railroads tics and Bridges. The work he claim can t be properly done in a pal oct car or from a car platform. A the celebrated ice Hesnut at Tot Worth which was said half a Century ago to be the oldest tree in England still stands the Pride of its Noble owner Ducie and the boast of the District. Its present dimensions Are As follows three feet from the ground 40 feet spread of branches from North to Smith 80 feet from East to West 88 feet. A French statist has come to the conclusion after a very laborious examination of the number of deaths from railway accidents in All parts of the world that if a person were to live a Railroad Carriage and spend All his time in r travelling the chances in favor of his Diing from railway Accident would not occur until he wan 060 years old. Emperor William was petitioned by r Synod of prussian clergymen not to permit a military review on Sun Day. His reply was the. Sabbath has been created for Man not Man for the Sabbath. The puritanical and calvinistic Conception of the Sabbath As a Day of mortification and penance is entirely foreign to the feeling As Well As to the taste of the German peo the emperor is however a . The London times announces that there is to be no More Salt butter. The Aylesbury Dairy company have been trying a treatment for butter which they say completely reserves it. Butter so treated1 was placed in a firkin on july 24, and on o6fc 24 it found As Sweet and fresh As when it was first put if unprepared it would have been putrid. If the Story blow has1 Bise did Munda or. Llu Weik a loading London Episcopalian Parsons of the Broad Church Type has lately preached a striking Sermon on the drama in which he said though the not be direct to picture of can fail to be instructive and the dramatist and actor Are both responsible for impressions mud. I How incalculable for Good and evil arc these indirect teachings on the stage How often a Man has sat quietly and seen his own mean life sifted before his the Nemesis fall which was awaiting the close of his own tendencies in himself played out to the bitter cud and paused there Are sermons preached before the foot lights which go Home where the Pul pit is unheard or sol vile. A once Taid no Mau with i Etton and healthy Stoi Nuth Ever committed and Jet Many Are Sefl or hid tortures of this damned with Dys pop Vern a Tingle Bolt Leol in Montib h Ink he dandelion Luer and Day Peixia will give Relief and if persisted cure the worst of thin trouble top nil euros torpid Levu Riml Duhm Islise in guantes Pic Houle removes pimples from the face cures Sallow breath sick headache heartburn pain in the Ridob and Back is sugar coated and Outhas tbsp to be i utely it directly upon the coating Netho stomach and on the liver can be taken to dry weather. Be Vare of the Genu Ine hag an engraving of a lion on the outside Price 50 cents. For Pale by Ortt irn Shoemaker. Drug tata. O j the Moat popular and fragrant i Erminio of he do try it. For Bale by Osborn druggists Reno he Ulun nov i Kytt to thu spa Fri a paper

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