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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 28 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - August 28, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3, Reno weekly Gazette published Jive by thursday by it. Fulton. Or Dally one year bar m wetly one year by mail. 2w Dally delivered by Carrier in Reno at 25 cents pet week. Saltpetre in vt4ii. After extensive prospecting All Over Nevada and Utah or. Ernest h. Price late of this City in company with several other gentlemen recently succeeded in discovering extensive Saltpetre Beds near the pleasant Val Ley Railroad about eighty Miles from Salt Luke City. Specimens of this product were brought up to this City and yesterday or. J. B. Whittier of the firm of Hardy Ayers manufactured from it a Small of blasting powder which after several severe tests proved its purity and or. Whitter claims that is the first powder Ever made Saltpetre found in the United states and its discovery i Utah adds another source of untold wealth to her already varied and valuable resources. The above is from a recent number of the Ogden dispatch. It is Surpris ing that the Deposit referred to should have remained so unclaimed and uncorked. The existence of Saltpetre in that locality has been known for a number of years to some of the Early mining men of Utah. If As reported these Beds recently found Are of considerable extent their value is very great. Saltpetre is consumed in such enormous quantities that the Market can hardly be overstocked. It brings a Good Price too something like eight cents per Pound in bulk. Saltpetre was discovered in Utah in the Vicinity of that Deposit de scribed by the dispatch As Early As 1776. In that year padre Escalante organized an expedition in the City of Mexico for the conversion of the Northern Indian tribes. The party was composed priests and traders. They traversed portions of what Are now Utah and Nevada. On the re Tuon of the expedition to Mexico Escalante published a journal of their trawls. A copy of the original is. Is in the congressional Library at Washington. A translation a por Tion of that is. Appeared in Simp son s explorations in published in 1859. This extract Pekows that Escalante s party found Saltpetre in Utah Over one Hundred years ago to the South and Southwest of Lake tin Panga Lake Utah there Are two wide valleys full of pasture and with plenty of water. To one of these reaches the Lake and next to the latter is a Large piece of the Valley strongly impregnated with it is romark Atile that in Escalante s work published in the Spanish Lan Guage at Mexico there is no mention of the Saltpetre discovery. There is a copy of the Book in Pacific coast Library in san Francisco. A careful perusal of the work about six months ago disclosed tue fact that the passage relating to Salt pct re had been omitted. The priests probably dreaded the i us i of adventurers which would follow the Public ution of news of Mineral discovers it is said to have been their Poliey to discourage mining and to suppress in All works published under their Sanc Tion any mention of valuable minerals. T1mk for action. Every night fur the last month Bono has been Ful of Drunken Indi ans of sexes particularly Drunken squaws. The favorite snoring grounds for these Poar creatures Are the neigh boyhood of the Pavilion and Between there and Chiba Toton. A moment s reflection will slow the terrible evil of getting the Indiana drunk and letting them lie about the streets. There should be no part of Reno where ladies would meet with such shameful sights and the youths of the place. Are allowed Only ton Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday August 28, 1879. No. 22. Much Liberty should not have the Opportunity of associating with Drunken Mahalya. A quiet and effective so Lution the business would be to drive every Copper coloured beggar from the town at Sunset As was done two years ago. There would be be hardship in such a practice As the indians lie out of doors when they Are permitted to stay and the Sage Brush is More healthy than shrubbery. After one or two there would face no resistance. There a very Little danger of any one giving an Indian whiskey in the Day time and even if they should take it out to an Indian Camp it would be better than to have it Given them in the town limits. It might be that Board would be prevented by the Constitution from passing an ordinance to the purpose but if the seers made it their business to drive the Indiana to they would is supported by the Community. The Gate City. Reno might very aptly be termed the Gate City of Nevada As Atlanta Georgia is of a vast extent of territory in the South. Reno stands where every one entering the great Basin from the West must pass directly through her limits As All the country North As far As the Oregon line and West to the Summit of the sierras South to tue Comstock the capital and the Colorado and East along the Overland and branching out from it drains directly toward the funnel formed by the Canyon of the Truckee at the outer Edge of which stands our Beautiful Little City. Bdl Tollitt sobs. There was some talk recently of a Wagon Road being built from the sem Inary through to the English Mill. Such an Avenue would be an immense addition to the town. It would run along the brow of the Hill and afford a Lovely View Reno and the Green Meadows East South and West of it with the Truckee River shining through the cottonwoods for several Miles above and below. No one would have an idea How really hand some is until they get a View of it from some Elevation such Ai they would have on the drive talked a Good wide Street entirely sur rounding the town crushing the River twice would be very Fine and would if once opened never be dispensed with. The City of Denver has such a drive and is becoming every Day More famous by reason of this and other beauties. There is Little doubt but that the Conkling Sprague scandal covers All that the name implies they have been the laughing stuck in washing ton for two years. When mrs. Sprague wag mrs. Chase and lived in Colum bus Ohio she indulged in an escapade or two which revealed her True Char Acter. The marriage with Sprague excited a great Deal of comment and Many predicted a speedy termination of the Union. The i cd advil has illuminated Conkling s overweening vanity and self conceit so As to remove him from nil danger of being struck by presidential Light and in that Way has done the country Sunie service. The Carson Tribune is developing Rich vein of obituary poetic Talent and it cannot be Long before the new York Sun will direct the attention of o. Washington Chillis a. M., to the fact that a formidable rival in the Pacific coast. As a mortuary poet the writer of the subjoined May occupy a higher Niche in the Fame than that which the in Bird of Philadelphia has carved for himself Earth Euld not Kuld 10 frail a Flower i loved ones bid Ebay in spirit and a c enl a Bower. 8be Cliant the angelic a More Beautiful image than that of the frail Flower chanting the angelic Lay in the Ely attn Bower of the spirit land i f i never appeared in that column of the Ledger which is sacred to the memory of the dead. The opinions of the local press of Eureka in regard to the affair at fish Creek appear in another column. There Are two sides to the Story. There can Only be one opinion in re Gard to the High handed action of the Coal burners in interfering with the business of other men. But for a posse of officers to fire into a crowd unless in self defense is a proceeding that deserves severe censure. The Coal burners labor under the disadvantage of being foreigners and their versions of the matter will probably be conflicting. Until the whole affair shall have been thoroughly ventilated it will be too Early to denounce any body. But it looks wrong to set eight Well armed officers firing into the thick of a crowd before themselves had received a scratch. A Tonth or two ago some newspaper published in an out of the Way Corner let in a gleam of Light on Kal Loch the workingmen s nominee for mayor of san Francisco and recommended the s. F. Journals to peruse the Back flies of Boston papers. The chronicle was Quick to take the hint Anthas evidently had those old bos ton papers looked into for a few Days ago it published a most damaging re View of the career of tha Rev. I. S. Kalloch quoting some paragraphs from the Boston papers to prove that Kalloch was extremely wicked for a preacher during his stay at the Hub. There Are indications of an Effort in Nevada to bring about changes a the Constitution similar to these in Cali fornia. The feeling in Central Nevada is very bitter against corporations of All kinds particularly the Railroad and no Man can be elected to the next legislature from there who is not a red hot anti corporation Man. Politicians of the new school Are biding their time and watching the Progress of events in California very closely. When they get their fixed there will tie the biggest Effort Ever made in this state to stir up a new Constitution party. The Rev. Otis Gibson testified be fore the congressional labor commit tee that the chinamen of san fran Cisco spend As much for their living actual White men. Now in laying such a thing it is very hard to believe that the Rev. Otis Gibson thought he was telling thu truth. The idea that b Cli Inanen fixed consisting of boiled Rice and scraps of pork should Cost at much the Staple articles of an Amer eau s dinner is simply ridiculous. And will have the effect of changing very much the English policy of colonization. The americans won the Cricket match against the canadians at Otta Waon the 20th inst., by five wickets. If americans keep winning in All the International athletic contests it will not to Long before they achieve As great a reputation for muscle As thay once had for brag. It is said that daily the Champion swimmer of this coast is going to new York to make a match with Webb. Daily is a Large powerful Man Well known to bathers at Santa Cruz where he Lias saved Many lives at the risk of his news from Memphis is to the effect that the yellow fever is holding its own. The authorities Are making efforts to isolate the infected houses. It i stated that in those localities where attempts to disinfect vaults etc., were made Early in the summer he disease is the worst. The efforts at purification were too Lite in thu summer. It is probable but pestilence will not be stay i until the coining of the Frost. New York Brick Takera got no a Corner in bricks by suspending their manufacture along the Hudson last Winter and Spring when prices were Low and sales Dull. Prices have risen in c Mesa queue to 60 per thousand. Sen Ible Brick makers. If everyone of ilium had worked like a slave All the nine prices would be below coat and they would make less than by shut Ting off the surplus s apply. The Zulu War which was thought not Lenef since to have practically ended has broken out again. Cate Wajo is still us conquered and. Has a Large and Well Farmed Focca under him. It has proved a most Hui Izilia ung and expensive War for the brith labor is King. There is something Retten in the state of California. And something Rotten in the municipal government of san Francisco when the bloated carcass of a dead dog can lie on a Lead ing thoroughfare like California Street for three Days after the authorities have been repeatedly notified of its there. Mrs. Nellie Sartoris will doubtless very much surprised when she receives the late american papers to find that her supposed demise occupied but very Little space in them. Her obituary notices were Brief and to the Point. The s. F. Chronicle does t give its readers much else to read just now than Pinafore Perkins poetry and descriptions of the terrors of Calabar Sas. By the Way what an excellent advertisement that Calabasas land company is free too. Virginia Street suffered by incorporation. A b a Well Box covers half the sidewalk on cooked Corner and the unsightly stairway on the Wett Side makes it look like a Street in Chinatown. It is says the Appeal that the North Carson mine will Start up with a considerable bet Ter keep quiet about it and Start easy so As not to disturb Che Stock Market too much. We Are indebted to neighbor Ward for the Plumas county great Register printed in the National office. It contains 1620 names and is gotten up in a neat nud Workmanlike manner. It is remarked that the air of Bodie is so stimulating that Many people Whu came to the Camp on wheels Tvr to walk when they go Otway. To Mantle tata of n from the Boyntan traveler. A romantic tale How True we can not is told of the late Prince which serves to explain the unusual grief betrayed by the Royal family at the untimely death of the Young Napoleon. The Prince so goes the Story was passionately in love with the Princess Beatrice and at i Ball memorable night in the interval Between thu dances she said i lipid rather see you on a Battle Field than her wish was Law to him and to the Battle Field he went to prove his Devotion. On parting with the Queen she placed a Diamond ring upon his ringer and it May be that he then revealed his heart s secret. When at length the news came that Edjir scion of a Noble House had been slain by the Assegai the Prin Cess was Nyu Toome with Griff and remained Long insensible while Victo nil s visit to the marked by the most profound Toke a of sorrow. The Prince of Wales said of the murdered Napoleon i loved him As a there is much to corroborate the Story which if True will cast Only deeper regard Over the Memnry of one whose life was so full of Promise and alas was blighted so soon. The coldest town. A Kutyk East Siberia is supposed be the coldest of towns. From november to february the thermometer from 42 degrees to 68 de Grees below Zero and the neighbouring River is solid Leo for nine months of the year. Yet it id a place of con postmortem jealousy. One of the great evils of times is the disinclination to labor with the hands. The false ind pernicious no Tion that business pursuits Ami the professions More respectable than mechanical is doing in finite mischief. The youth of this country Are growing up with this mis Chievous idea in their Heads. They All want to become clerks storekeepers doctors lawyers or ministers. Farming is thought laborious the trades All too hard or too dirty ways of making a living. Hence it is that to Day the professions Are All Over crowded that there Many doctors and Are five times too lawyers for the needs of the population. For this reason the Large towns and cities Are overrun with unemployed clerks that for every vacant clerkship Namei Cantil Bouse there Are a Hundred applicants the buy of the period does t want to learn a Trade. Farming is not to his mind. Looking for some congenial occupation he grows up in idleness and too often before he reaches maturity the Devil claims him for his own. For this existing bad state of things what is the cause and Edy there can be no what the Rem doubt that parents Are usually responsible for this prevailing distaste for what Are called the Industrial pursuits. A Faue sentiment is at the Root of the whole trouble. Many men have by hard labor and Enn Nomy secured an Independence wish to see their be the Salt of the Earth thu of wealth All other of me y minister to their wants. Then with this nonsense about something higher than labor. Let every Young Man select that n f which he is Best fitted and put irs brains and Energy into it and Mill be fewer Leas vice and i rime mid pauperism in the world. A Young widow Deco a Tang her Hin boil k grave. From an Kaitery paper. Elias Lipsis a brother of the late Adah Isaac Menken was a variety show manager in san Francisco. He had a wife known on the stage As Carrie Wilson and when he commit Ted suicide last Spring she had his re Mains handsomely buried in Laurel Hill cemetery. A. Few Days Uko she went with some Flowers to decorate his grave and was astonished to find that a Young woman had placed an elaborate Floral Cross Over the remains of her husband. The widow demanded a explanation and the other introduced herself As say ing that Lipsis had loved Ber much More than he did his there was of course a violent quarrel in which each accused the other of Dri ving Lipsis Totake disown life. The widow asserted her exclusive right to Deco rate the and Rose did not Dis Pute withdrew after triumphantly showing a letter in which Lipsis Hud written to her i not in the Best of spirits my wife arrived this noon from Virginia City and 1 have had hell. Now my Darling Don t think less of me on account of her returning for i swear to you my Darling that i love Only you and to lose you would break my a few Days later it was observed Liht Rose keeping a Fresn Mound in another part of the cemetery covered with Flowers and an showed that she had Vireil a Sexton to remove the Cor in leaving in empty for the widow tattooing their from a Xci York Puper. The rage for tutoring their which is said among some to be the latest English Mami. It Tolu upper i Hardy Likely to last lung. As Roii As its xxi Atnif becomes pop Laily known thu i Zunli pedestrians and the ladies of thu Oscr Boufal e Are sure to. Adopt if. And no Only to it hut to so thir initials and other Livoi no ill vices that these ail Rymunt be easily distinguished during Public performances. The ii the Tuto Iii among those who doa in hinge in h will receive a clip of re conk Liik Anil Sherman. From tile London for years colliding Hiis been the Republican Muster of new York but there am indications Sherman desire to contest it unless some favourable to hims f can made with tin new York senator. Colliding i a candidate for president and will get the new York support in any event. But the new York vote will not Curry a Republican National convention in 1880 any move than it did in 1870, Ami coupling s Nomina Tion therefore being another highly improbable the great Iju estion is to whom will he new sup port after Conkling. In new York politick Conkling interest mid Grant Intel tit Are identical. As things now Are would hand Over the state to Grant if he could not ret Hie prize him Ulf and this is just what tie secret iry of the Treasury does not want to happen. Heretofore Conkli Iii Lias been made master of new York through the powerful Agency of the new York custom House wherein Hix heti Ohmeis Gath ered from All of the stale swarmed. Sam nmn ruled the new Yitty custom House and Para lyres it As a machine to helu c Onklin or Grant and Conkling s anxiety is lest it May a used to overthrow him in new York state. A town. From tie unto Koto last Iii lil the pity Tutor this the chief of police tha City collector and 0 mice i Adieu in went Over to Argenta Ark in investigate thu condition of affairs in town. R Landing the p dirty i l not Peru i Duil up the Nuin when and Iii oly it lying on Pound Ami irked intention. The Lowel ing of a Lanti in Divi loped the i it that we had found first Drunken Man. Aft i lunging no. 1 no ther sign of Liv it Deia Duink Eti nebs met until the Imit arrived it the depot. There by in of. 2, 3. 4, of and in fuel my in my aus this i not a a Fixle it would be melees to i Liuima imi1 Thi in Fiona the depot to went to hotel. On the grind on the plat i urm 111 i lie Back Aid lit. Win re Lay men in Drunken Uli i a. Men not vet drunk it i a among them to thu bar and of Poi son. I Fusil it it sir k in inn i Ion the m air a Zibbell and spent a night in i Nii Heinie a at Hob in ind. And on the following Illy awoke with aching heartily Iiri Hamud Rah i hey nude of them Elve proposed suicide and the major s ii l i hit the Ide t was Xci int. They bought a bottle of i Luik it. Anil died. Thu at Tir gave to Iii i Toimi abstinence Hociy an open Tishi a which they of ii i t

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