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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - August 14, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday August 14, 1879. No. 20. Reno weekly thu Kun kit. A Nikko cd Veky to Limmy j. to hmm of a dully one your by mail weekly one your by mull Tho popularity of pedestrian match by rfcs is most remarkable. Tho walking mania seems to have spread Over tin whole country. Almost All the towns in Tho Pacific coast have a Uigh the contagion. It bids fair to sweep 510 to s m by Currier Hikono tit cunts per Witk. Martin co. The recently exposed the Laurence co. Absorption process us practice in now York. Probably Luw Reail the Martin Taylor co. Circulars from san Francisco without at once suspecting the nature of their business. List evening s Virginia chronicle does Good service by investigating the things claimed in their advertisement in the Sun Francisco chronicle. The Saa Francisco pipers contain an advertisement by Mir tin Taylor in which Trio following letter a printed. It says City july 1879. To Martin Taylor co., Bankers Dun sins herewith i eur close you draft of of by Trio Tuni h forty three of this who ruin unit the Mim to o porn m in stocks. The present Low prices adj Tho i la Vor Btu condition of promises a very to nil san Chi. F you no Copi this proposition notify me it once in Thore Are Miliny More hero who will subscribe your obedient servant there is no such Syndicate of forty three citizens of Here and no such draft Una been drawn at either of the two Banks in this City. The i Man who signs his name with the stars is probably some wandering astronomer who wants to get his big dipper into the Stock Pool. U is generally intimated Tho Wise mid wary that Tho forty Throe citizens who invest there Are see stars before they get through with Tho Deal. Tie s m Francisco co resp indent of the ghz Nice telegraphs to Day As Fol lows the Stock Syndicate of Martin Tay Lor co., which has been doing a Lively stroke of business in Advertis ing and gathering in the Coin of Small operators is considerable attention by its Peculiar manner of doing business and Tho personnel of its . The Brothers c. M. Mcdonald who recently attained rather unpleasant prominence in connection with the bucket shop transactions which were recently ventilated in Tho police court seem to be leading spirits the Enterprise. Who Murtin Taylor May be is not quite apparent but from a statement made by a certain gentleman connected with Stock operations that the elder of the Mcdonald Brothers Atmonia Icid himself to my is. I .-1 m us or. Taylor it i air Tion tha1 the latter gentleman h n mythical Climi Ietter. Tha Rule of the establishment tint subscribers putting Down their names for Stock must sign in presence of witnesses an agreement to tie effect that tils syn Dic i to shall use the amount subscribed to the Best of their own judgement and by ent to cd to ton Days notice of of the fumes. Seems Cilous lated to give Trio Syndicate a to y Large Uris ii of irresponsibility in Iho event of any annoying complications that May arise in the future. Through Nevada. The co stockers have it bad and Eureka has just passed through a trying experience of it. The experience of the latter town has Rathor disgusted its people with pods arianism Sinco to ii Cha Nipun Walker marched Awny recently after having victimized some of the eurkans to the extent of Many Hun dred dollars. Reno has yet escaped the prevailing craze. But her Day will come. Perhaps Tho odor of tar so offensive to the tramp of Low de Gree is odious to the ladies and gentleman in t to upper walks of the profession. It is a Little singular that Keno has no resident pedestrian of local t Nonio. Most towns can boast Walker the chief of a Champion within his own Little Circle. The exhibitions of endurance Evin ced in matches such us the one just Cloird in Virginia have some Bud features. It is a terrible Strain on the vitality of Man or woman to walk Over three Hundred Miles in six Days. Such spectacles Are of ten brutal Ashu Man endurance is in Many cases pushed to its utmost limits for the gratification of Tho morbid Tasto of the spectators 15ut the general interest in pedestrian contests will be productive of much Benefit. It has awakened a healthy interest in Athela tics. The inhabitants of towns and cities speaking generally take too Little exercise1. Here in Reno the same thing is True. Too Many of our business men shut themselves no in doors from morning to night and from Day to Day indoors. In sight and within i Days reach of several of the finest Raul Giuin views the coast How rare a thing it is to hear of an expedition fir Mountain climbing m Tny thou Siim of tourists Cross Tho Atlantic every year to enjoy just such Alpine climbing As is within a Clay s journey of our people. A gymnasium being to loud of in Reno Aud it is just what Many of our Young people need. It is to be hoped that i to project vill take some Orfini e shape. The pulpit Telephone. The Road to the race trunk is u Fine drive now. It might easily be made he finest Avenue in the stale. Were it planted with Trees on both sides through its whole extent in a few years Katmo could boast of a Superior Carriage drive. The Linol ave use in California is known As the aia Muda Leueen san Jose mid Santa Clairn. Many yours ago it was set out from end to end with Trees and a Row planted in the Middle. These have i own up Largo and High their Brunch i and their foliage mingling overhead. Through that Long Leafy ii Chi. I league of Chic in semis a Nui printed invitation to the editor of the Gazette to Send a Dollar and become a member of that Young and hopeful institution. The main object of Pic is said to Bethe speedy restoration of Silver to its old place As a Money , with rights of coinage the same As Gold As the most method of counter acting the present Aud prospective depreciation of the Money value of All classes of property and of securing a specie basis of the greatest attainable stability. It shall by Independent of political parties and limited in its work to the single purpose which Calls it into existence. The officers of the league shall to n president fifteen vice presidents Secretary treasurer an executive committed o thirteen Aud a publication committee of Tive members also such additional office to As the executive committee May a we respectfully decline the Honor of affording any Aid to a scheme which discriminates so fraudulently against the labourer the Miner the grocery keeper Farmer manufacturer and All classes of society in favor of the mine owner As the proposed plans of Silver coinage do. A bit of advice is sent in place of the Dollar. Lot finance alone so far As the Law is concerned. There is plenty of Money in the country. Plenty of Silver Coin plenty of Gold Coin and plenty of Good paper. Let Tho Good Laws of business Settle the disputes Between the wild financiers who think Fiat can stretch Silver further than the business of Tho world naturally Cloos. Syndicate Whoso operations Are scribed at length in another column has come to v sudden end in san Francisco As will be seen by special Cli-patch1 thus May yet be Utkin. Some Vic Liis says Jiwat at this time we Are in a condition to foretell will absolute certainty or. Olefin defeat Good enough. Tako a Dri in whenever there is anything Good in the Plant sends us to copies so we can Taku one ionic to children. Judge Ivoux Ami o on Gayod in a walking muder atch on Ujj Stjeor inst evening the the track was Laid out by uie to o four chairs around Wlinich the Conr and Coti Stablo to walk inti one of Thorn weakened for a Side the judge has bad Tho pedestrian eve for several clays and made two o three laps on the san in Visith As mud style and spirit us Ila tie Randall finally however Euder Down d his work and after lapping the Tuo or three times the Ter got mat and bust us up the match but ulu a to give up the Coin. To is Robab that the matter will be ventilated be Foo judge Knox in which event Enders will come out at the Little etude Tho Horn. The water company Are supplying win Menoca Gillous of Wale every Twenty four hours. The Esti mated population of Winnemucca i about 1200 people of whom 500 use water from the company directly Anc Many who do not pay go to Tho Lavt Ceta of regular customers and take tin water therefrom against Iho rules o the company. The Supply is fast giving out and Winnemucca is threaten dec with a water famine. The most try time in yet to come during the next three or four weeks and demands the most rigid Economy in nil uses of water. The hostile reds. . Matlill them and in Idaho Democrat extra aug 5. The dam oct of to Nikonow will contain the following col. Rob High arrived yesterday morning i Lom col born aril s conic incl. Havi Nir left the command tit big pay Al to Lake 48 hours before. The com Mand left their old Camp at Cap Horn Mountain and scouted the Easi b Ork of the South Folk of Salmon then passing Over the Mountain s the West Fuik of i he Stream and Fol Lowed Down it i near the sent a courier to s and a dispatch notifying them of Lieut Arrow s Campos hos in the Mouth of crooked River and ordering Ber Nard to go to his . The coup Ilien took up their line of March for far Row. In inc Sci Intima Bernard s scouts discovered sonic fresh in Dian sign on the South Fork of the Salmon but feeling tint it was More important to Farrow they Contin Uejo. And on arriving at the big Lake last wednesday evening Hobbins lot1 or this place. About three hours after he had started n messenger an veil Bernard s Camp with the Intelli gence that Lieut. Cut Lin of mini he ind Hins a lie main Salmon River Bove thu month of the South Fork ind in a skirmish the soldiers Lind jeep worsted getting two wounded and the indians succeeded in ing away with some 27 of the mules belonging to the Supply train. Rob ins leaves again in the morning mid Dol. Bernard will be forced to retrace Lis Steps to the Mouth of the Smith Fork it Salmon Anil thence the main Salmon to the scene u Caitlin s Lue encounter. Lieut. and would probably be with Bernard s command lat Julit. Conv Untim at Strat Ogu Sai Toga August proceedings of the tankers convention to Day were begun by John j Knox comptroller of currency rending n Piper on Banks Aud Llie banking sys tem. 51 lie introduced his paper by giving the number of Banks and Bankers and inc Nin mint of their Capiti and deposits As follows no h Kii. Onn Lenl. Prev los. N. Ella. Stilts a. Middle a Imucci a status to Omuril pile s17 77.ivk.8lx 0 47.47 it ill. 148.191 a 4 7uil 1 8 total two speaking of taxation of and Bankers Trio comptroller said of of the evil results of Tho Besteni a Buosi to largely increase tin1 rate. Of in of St in Hie mini District and thus to place its a Urdi ii up i people Nho of All others Are least Able to Bear it. The controller referring to resumption every i Tell prom of the Lile Achi Emonts of tin1 in is 11 by department. No other nation Ever bul of of within Onn plays sold of Bonds at us 1, n rate of interest As four percent. Ifo in Titan Ever in one Lin died inv Uri annual living fim inti most upon its Public in rib. Nation Ever rus need payments with or of paper Money in uric Lalion. Never before have imy evinced Faith in the credit of a Ivision As h to Tho american people luring the six months. A Man cannot be font id in All this who Sini o the of specie pay ments has Deni Indi d a Dollar of join because to lacked Faith in Tho issues of country or the Pacific coast items. The California Lilly s Victory. New Yoke August 8.--the Herald description of the prints thu mile race won by Baldwin s churn he Luno unt of in the Treasury and in the Banks to Day msgr Miuor than on the Duy of resumption. Thu Ury has a Nemly United states Bond with Legal Lender notes Anil not a Dollar of Coin has been i tin filed payment of 500, called Bonds. It is my opinion that there is Mil properly any such thing As a Lonb Standard. That which the called n double Standard is simply the alternative Standard Silver circulating to the exclusion of Gold whenever the mint and Market rate is such that Silver is Over valued in to relation to Gold and in turn Gold circulating to the exclusion of Silver when Gold is real la the Metal. At Sara on yesterday c Ara d. I he first away t i very h in tart. Jer Icho second Dan spirling third Belle t ourth. The horses ran around the upper turn sharply and As they the Ter pole Clara d. Had the Best if it by k length Jericho second half length ahead of do Sparling the latter n head in Advance of Belle. The racing Down the Bank Strelch was very and us the horses passed the half Milo Job Cluva d. Had the Best of it by half a length Dan sir Lipil Sec Ond a head in Advance of Jericho the Miter about Tho same distance in front of Belle. Clara d. Could not be Las cd on the lower turn notwithstanding the United pres lire of the oilers to wrest the Lead from her Ami she entered the line stretch half n length in front of Belle the bitter a neck in Advance of Jerie Iio. Dan spar Ling fourth. Be thug into airtight work most exciting struggle ensued to the pole where All were beaten by the California Lilly. Jericho however would not hive n up ii Neil Tho judge s stand reached. Clara d. Won the Nice by one length Jericho , six length in Fiona of Belle who beat Dan Sparling Foni or live time the Lino sold Dan Jericho Ballo 870, and Chua d. History Ishiki. In Tho year 3 tin monastery of Stavroniki is. Which no Iles m a Rocky recess of mount Ambo Pur chased from some pious re Sian Pil grims on their Way to the holy Lino the Light leg Bone of St. Andrew who Silt ered martyrdom u Southern rus Sia. The monks More than its Wei Fht in Gold Lor the relic but their investment Tunn in out highly Polit Abl to them mid their successor to1 the Santa Sentinel gives an interview with major Anderson who says that the new a Niemiro and Pacific Road is definitely located by Balis to. He is also reported us saying that the company would build a Brunch to Santa be. The Fame of Tho Sielio spread far Ami wide and brought Votante its shrine each of whom paid a Feu proportionate to his worldly position and in Ifor the privilege of kissing tajik sacked Bon e. For seven centuries the monastery a derived a Hall some Timinal inc Mike from source. When the turkish War broke out the Rove Reml of the relic Weru stricken by the apprehension that unbelieving turks might storm their monastery and steal their Bone so they de patched the latter to a religious a table Vishnu it in Odessa in which it hns been kept much to the profit of its temporary guardians until a few Days ago. Packed in a Silver Chest of Exquio Ite workmanship it was then conveyed Back to its old quarters on mount Athos amid the jubilation of the Stavron Kite monks and of the orthodox population of Macedonia. Imposes a monthly tax of upon prostitutes. The Primo p id of Mutton sheep in Lane county Oregon is per head. weighing nine pounds each were puget sound s latest expo Tea Tion. T. J. Clu the chronicle s Candi Date fore Ingi Ess in the second District a at truck to on wednesday night. James Fahy a tinsmith shot in guat no h City by Manuel a dance hoi us keeper. Fully s leg amputated above the knee. Myriads of Are visible in Shasta Valley Shasta co Iriny but they came Loo Inte to crops much. Supervisors have raised the rent on the soul Hern from to per mile on prop erty in Maricopa county. A. C. I Leister of the Stork report mourns the loss of his Mother he had not seen for 24 years. She died in Ohio aged 00. Or. Hum s residence m aristocracy Hill pre ends a Cwi Ichiyu Appe Zianco this sumo or nigh its Nevada City ten script. It is reported that mayor Bryant of san Francisco is to be arrested Tor grand larceny on charges growing out of the Dupont Street Frunda. A counterfeit ten Dollar note of he banners and b Ink of is a float. It is an excellent imitation. The Cheyenne Leader Many Miles of the Mountain division if the Union Pacific Railroad have Een rendered unsafe by Llie late col Hood chief Engineer of the Southern Pacific Road a located his Ine to Massihi new Mexico from much the end of thu track it now Distant about 350 Miles. The records of the s i Francisco Coroner show that during Llie first six Ino Gitlis of Llie your there were re ported at his Oil ice 10 homicides and 44 suicides which had taken in Hal cite. Aug. In belie tries his re Volver i Fiji Urru in the heart of town. Comes nearer hitting Liti Loyiel he Ivinel. Crowd ready to Lim when Sherill rescues him at Tho uni of revolver and March s him to jail. The Truckee a publican acres wild Are 1 found in Bear v Ley. They lire of a deep Rytir Pliski f a a perfectly Mir into Kin Are excellent 1 air Jelly or Jam. Bear Valley is two or hip a Miles above Squaw Valley and is reached from thu Tahoe Road. An incs Well six inches in Eter is being link Iho work san Francisco and has Peiin tried to a depth of 400 feet in so in Stone Rock without reaching water. A Weil sunk on King Street for the pan Ilie Oil went Down 830 feet in Reck without striking water. Tub Hutclins ii family of As Ilu sided 10 Sullo in be tin re is both Remiar Cable about a of vocalists in t la any whore in thrill he Straign indic d the people of . Allow one to Settle itself upon it. Life h not of agree Ilc up there in the mount nil is i . I should lamely submit la an infliction which thu Twenty Liv i cats of Shuv no other civilized Community has calmly Exchange. Several of the workmen in the Cen trial Pacific Railroad shops ii id Naigow escape Ivicin serious if i of leu death thursday Moi Imp about 10 o clock. One of the in i Belt wheels attached to Tho tvs rail Cutter fib inches in i Noler and 34 inches across the face burst while it Rii Yuhing at the rate of 3000 r v of Lutina to Ihu minute. A thou am fragments hew from the wheel ii Rizii away the Woodwork around it and cracking another wheel. Numerous workmen close by escaped Minim Juull out a dispatch from Salt Lake City re need the Tith says the Ratje Messer lives whipping cast came in tie Moi fun police court this morning and was held in Bonds. In going out of tie court room into the Hall All the. Doors were closed and 1 on Bane when he was set up on by a number of mormons including mrs Ier and other elders and by Hope and beaten in a manner after the True Dimity his friends could not Rescue him until Tif tar Tho mormons bad nearly finished their victim. Several arrests have been made. Bane is now in the hos Pital. Newspaper

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