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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 7 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - August 7, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday August 7, 1879. No. 19. Reno weekly Gazette Toby Siik Jive by l. Thu Kaday by horse than yellow Fyk Vosk dully our year by mall weekly one year by mall 350 i Bally delivered by Carrier la Kozio at 83 font More justices Tho illness of Justice Bowker suggests the need of a change in the Laws of Nevada relating to the election justices. A statute of this slut provides that no township Hull ele Tiore than one Justice of the peace hence in Case of the illness or Deal of the duly elected officer Tho whee Justice must Stop until his recover or a new election takes place. The state of things is not As it should be every Man is entitled to a Promp trial for every alleged offence. N person should to deprived of his lib erty without trial or examination by cause of the inability or absence some one to adjudicate upon his Casi nor should civil Suika be stopped i o such n reason. An unlocked for de Lay in Trio trial of a civil Case is Usu ally vexations and often occasion serious loss and inconvenience. The remedy for this state of thing is to be looked for in legislation pc milling the election of a Deputy jus Tice or alternate Justice for Oacle township. Such a change in the Lai would save much provoking delay i litigation and enable All prisoners t secure a speedy examination or a right to which every Man is which should be hold snored under Tho present Law a Justice court is liable to to closed for Mouths should the Solo Justice to disabled a Long illness. Clearly some cling is needed. I1kwakh of ill Usu Walkk. It has time and time again been demonstrated that typhoid fever and it is believed other fatal diseases orig mate in the Large majority of cases from impurities taken the system through Tho medium drinking wit Ter. The germs of disease Are usually communicated to the water by seep age from cesspools or water closets for this reason All such receptacles for excreta should be so far away from Wells As to prevent any possibility of contamination of the water. The proper distance must vary greatly with the nature of the sail. The soil about Reno is so porous that fifty feet should be minimum allowed. A leading Cit Izen says that in excavating a sink to hold slops from the Kitchen he found that the water drained away after a depth of Twenty fact had been attained. This fact shows the extreme porosity of our soil and proves the necessity of the Observance of the utmost precaution in regard to our Wells. Long Vovak with to 1 . The ship Templar arrived at san Francisco yesterday after a voyage of three Hundred and Twenty Days from new York. On october 14th a terrific Hurricane broke Tho rudder and Sot the ship leaking. The vessel reached Rio Janeiro on dec. 8th, the Tho Templar sailed from Iti Oon Ecby. 20th, with yellow cover on Board. Kino of Tho Crew died of it while in port. At sea the disease broke out afresh. The Captain s wife died and the Captain himself barely struggled through a Long sickness. During u Gale in the Pacific the mate foil Over Board and was drowned. In All there were thirteen deaths from yellow Ferer during the voyage. Although the last death on Board the ship occurred Over four months ago the Templar will be held in rigid quarantine at san Francisco. The Story of the voyage of three Hundred and Twenty Days with All its calamities and mis eries is one of the pitiful Ever is yellow fever in the Aud Tho news of its Progress is Vcci telegraphed Over Tho country the pestilence smites the Strong Well us the weak gives no War Nim Iii kills its victims in a Day. Its a Peai juice is tie signal for a panic. I effects we in the highest degree Seuss hence the Public interest used and intelligence from the infected Mistrie s is read with bag cries by a whole nation. The widest syn Pathy is awakened for the sufferers the whole country generously respond to the cry for Relief which often Cost from Tho plague stricken cities of the South. 5fo Telegram comes from Boston t announce a death from excessive us of Leo water. The wires Flash no new of the decease of a new yorker fron eating Green cucumbers or unzip fruit. Tile Many deaths which Ca be clearly traced to some violation the simple Laws of health Are not Tele graphed. That a Long course of a Eratus biscuit had prostrated Jones i san Francisco or Broom he Down Rob Inson in Sacramento would have n general interest. Colic inflammation dyspepsia these Are common com plaints who cares we Road no big sensational head lines such a the gripes aging in new o outbreak of the dysentery at cd no such arc vulgar and com Mon ailments of no interest. Be Wlms is Roll Oil fever compared to the intestinal diseases that afflict one Hal of the american people improve food Aud wrong habits of eating an drinking cause one Hundred cases o sickness and death whore yellow love causes one. There Are not wire enough in the country to carry the news it the sickness in the United states duo to wrong eating and drink ing. It is sail to think of what uhf forint and misery is caused by ignorance or neglect of the simple Laws of health. How Many at this moment Are doubled up with Colic How chs on fire with Many have atom a tart Burn How Many Laid Low wit i gastric fever How Many whose bowels no in a Tormen great tin the Dimner could feel in hell count the miserable sour faced Dys peptic add up Tho Bilins Tho Dys enteric the flatulent Sain up the pain unhappiness and death due to this whole monstrous catalogue of human ills and what is the record of yellow fever beside it no pompous Beard of health in quires into the consumption of hoi read and Fried meat. No health in Spector gauges the dumber of Gallons f iced water daily used in the refrigeration of american bellies. The in Ripe apples Green melons Over Ripe reaches Reou gooseberries ice Cream ind All the policy Host Are consumed ind the Story of Tho anguish they of Jasion remains unwritten. Will All Baukind Ever learn what and when my How to eat and drink and when hat knowledge becomes Universal will it Ever be practice hardly Var with the thermometer in the nineties and cucumbers at two bits a i la. The election of trustees for the sex he quor mining company to Day at Ian Francisco resulted in an entire hang of management. The Rule of lie old Board was marked by glaring Rau Sand embezzlement. The Over brow of the Schultz administration ill be hailed Liy rhe victim led stockholders. They could in o worse trustees than those just a Eccl. It it to be hoped for the Sake f unfortunate investors that the image will be productive of an improvement in the affairs of the com any. Ground has been broken for the new passed Tiger depot at Sacramento. T will be located on the new ground lied in from the Slough. The the atoned outrage. Clarke the Engineer Tho v. lightning train has proved himself n Brave Man. He showed moral Cour age when he refused to join the mechanics Union. When he stood at his psst yesterday an d faced the threat ened peril he displayed a High degree of Manly As a Brave Man who can neither ins earn cd nor driven Clarke deserves respect. Is a principle of personal lib erty involved in the affair. Pie Edom posts upon the social Law that every Man has equal rights. to sell his labor where to pleases is one of them. No Man can be called free who submits to the tyranny of a Union. If one wishes to join a Union he has the right to do so ii would be i interference with his Freedom to deny him that privilege. If the Mem Bers of a Union choose to Combine and fix a certain Rote for a Day s work to which they Alt agree no one May say them nay. But to attempt by threats to Force an outsider into the Union is dastardly. To punish by personal violence his Manly and courageous refusal would be an outrage a cowardly act of tyranny base mean in american act that would disgrace any Community claiming to be free. Coercion i just As odious when it Cemes from employers As when from Tho employed. No Man i Assoria Dos Arleia by All inv the hero of Tho saw diet uru Nti. Such is the substance of the Story related by our truthful contemporary of the City of Hilk the scissors grinder. .11 i late ready yet Immiti is a oooo i pm mrs. A Grout Deal of gutting Ruady is going on on the California gravel has Boon hauled from Kolson and from Madison and Trio rond be tween Suici Aviento and Fairfield bal lasted All the Way. New steel rails have been Laid Between Sacramento and Dauville. The Side tracks Are being lengthened to a uniform Capac Ity of 2100 feet and everything put in tit run the Overland trains that Way. The men say they have finish the Woi k by the first Oloc Tober. Parole has at last found his Mutch Fri the English turf. In the race for the Goodwood cup to Day he came in third. But americans and american horses cannot expect to win All the prizes in England. They have done Well enu Utah. To beat the English in walking rowing shooting and yacht ing is Triumph enough for one Genera Tion. The English idea of the physical superiority of the British Ever their american cousins has about died Nul i the s. F. Chni Miele advertises Large lithographed portraits of a Glenn the next governor of California at ten cents each 100 they will i go begging at two bits n Hundred after Tion or corporation has any right to compel the acceptance of their rates of wages. Any form of bulldozing whether it comes from workmen or Tlle september election. Capitalists is despicable. To prevent a poor Mao with a Large family from working As unions have often done is a cruel and odious thing in injustice that every Truo american should condemn. Every citizen of san francises is obliged to be Register in order to vote kit Oral Nokk Miller has been writing n worn on the death of Prince Impe rial. It is dated in that Large indefinite Way of Millers the Rocky mountains Juno 1879." it would be interesting to know upon what particular Peak if Tho Rockies Joaquin gathered his inspiration fur this poem but the poet jealously withholds Tho information. Perhaps he feared Htit Liis Mountain fastness would be in Vadi d by people eager to kiss his feet. The poem is entitled in Aud appeared in Buzdum the following Verso gives b idea if it Doh a radon the Lone Strong trusses lie Iliad with tils Noril in his hand whom Alt who Ayite god soil and i knew him St. Cd Corsel to would draw it though they in Kiili in him and darkened the land then the to Vondrin his Hraur All t these witness Best. The fact of intimate be train canes with the Prince is fully brought out. On id into so who it who saw it god saw it fld knew the statement hut god saw it scorns weighty and lie High respectability of the witness racked by Miller s personal endorse tint of the Prince s claw Tei is Nils overwhelming. At the coming election. The narrowest narrow gauge. Oldest Mill narrowest Kulli Imil in no poet but Miller impressive a line As i if flin Tho f. Tells a Story Ivi tics in Honor of the wrong num. No nears that there Are two men amed we. E. Chandler. One the dec rotary of the National Republican Ommittee the other a a Rolt. The politician has been rest g in the Vicinity of Eureka while 10 gymnast West to san Francisco to at Woodward s . His name on the list of hotel ils the state Republican tendered the supposed Politi Cian a dinner at Tho Palace. The car Bluit Felt himself highly flattered by the Honor and ate and drank with the pleased californians in the most Affue manner. But when the great see Garibian Juggler Rose to respond to Toast he let the cat out of the the California Republican Central committee retreated in Dis order and left that banqueting Hall the world. I Roku hurl incr s for . This curiosity is thu line less than fourteen Miles in length from port Madoc to the fes Inion slate District known As the of Estinia railway. It is nominally two feet wide but really one foot a half inches and enjoys the distinction of being both the oldest and the narrowest narrow gauge in the world. It was the War the basis in the second of tha violent modern contrivances known As tie Battle of the gauges. The first of these it will be remembered was Between the gauges Sevirin feet and upward supported by the noted is Ambard kingdom and Tho Standard gauge of four t get eight Aud a half inches. Brunei 1 proposed to attain unheard of Speed retaining stability As Woll with eleven feet tracks ten feet driving wheels for locomotives and carriages Hung Between instead of upon the wheels. I have Corl versa with a Pupil of his now a distinguished sup Porter of the extremely opposite views who shared his experiments and Rode with him at close to Kichty milks an hour. On Lus great Western Road. Lie mentions a violent and dangerous lateral Jar in the suspended carriages As the cause of their abandonment. The great Western itself As late As 1874 Waterloo it might be called of the first snuggle was f Al Aid to the Standard Gunge All Comfort and profit in the use of it having been destroyed by the necessity of transshipment at Points of Contact with others. The Ffestiniog railway has lost its exclusive prominence As an example and is no longer the Mecca it was now that Fhi Iii Llie dully or is lie really so Liand oni Klei inor May incredulously. The handsomest Man Yim Ever ban in your cried Olive s Torly. She was sitting on the. Fiuek door step shelling Peus with a great Cin Namon Rosy Gus i showering its Pink petals Down on her blown braids of hair and her Hazel eyes sparkled be Neath their lung lashes while Maude the Imants of the family loaned out of Ihu i Zilow Liei pretty tresses screwed in primping papers and a Gingham wrapper buttoned a aimlessly at Liliu Thio it with no ornamental accessories in the Way of collars or ribbon bows for Metude been to a party Tho night before and had slept late scolded her Mother because Tho Colt be was cold and absolutely declined any interference with the House Huld affairs nut morning. Exactly like a said Maude suppressing a Yawn. Tall and dark with Inch a great Diamond on he lie tie Finger and eyes like Cherry wine. Aud he was so surprised to think that i recognized through ins Dis what Costuma did be asked Eleanor May who not having received an invitation to the fancy dress Ball at mrs. Piping tons was naturally exceedingly inquisitive on the subject. A said Mamie with a Black velvet Cap you know and scan let Sash and a us Luhs. And lie declared that in Wii Al disguise himself so completely tie next tune thai i could t possibly identify Linn and Jyce wagered n Box of kid gloves pm the i suppose to Means at cd Oak j or s birth Day said Olive. Said Maude i wish i could Saul Olive working diligently away at Tho that dropped like Emerald lain into the shining tin pan. Well you replied , shortly. says she can t afford two fancy dresses and i m the yes i said Olive meekly. And or. Medlicott danced Only once with you last added Maude unable to repress her Exna Tion and he waltzed with me tit Etc times besides the Little Olive looking shyly up at her sister secretly wished that provi Dence had seen fit to make her also u Beauty i May curiously that he is very of nodded Maud. And Olive s thoughts jumped it once to the idea of How Beautiful her ister would look in the regulation or Ange blossoms and White tulle. I wonder if i Over shall be mar pondered Olive shelling pens to the a any i wont sat Tel by tail1. I Ili vim Jef nude f forgot All ions 11. Hut i la inn Ili Ritly and f 11 boiling. Maude item suit very temple1 s be. Always tur kiting i one like Yon in my life Juji have it now oui l prepare my chocolate when i want it univ nhan t prepare it at All. I should you i flail have thought us it i hid vuly sorry Mamie bewail Olive Aljy for All to tet 1 think you ought to Pii crossly to Mamma hold your Maude stamping jul i i Oil do you suppose Nin 4-Iinj to lie by you i Chilli speak As 1 , and so 11 give you warning. Dear me. I How Flint ins or Gondi i s makes my head and swept info thu House like a fair my. When Olivo can in. I few minutes afterwards with tip. Six pairs of Scis sors All sharpened and burnished up m i , Lier her Mill her to i Rient Irlo Stalo ol1 sister was lying on Hio take Tui Nril to the1 null resolutely d dear Olivo i m it rail she s in Mio of her regular sulking lits thai ia-1 Livi Lily of oiii1 hours it a and look Circum Dill i of ice Wiir and Orl m to the Swarthy . Urn she out ilm Airor qua Rifi t Nihi so hardly earned he bowed inn Moi. rile Oriental fish inn drink it and 11 y Niin h Liv i wit Iii Hei hand id Jiu lips. Is ii. Utu r.ji1 the wards a i o i to Pailca. I said of Iii. I la i i Kiln l ii of i Jitshing i of f " Iurii. A let 1 i Way Maude in afar. Ilian i Iii ii Liml any Aioli Iii at i i i Lial Leil with Wii Niy or unt ii Limsi pcs of to. I i i to i i i in Lull i. Ill 111 Llull a Limi ill 1 Iii i . In i i i .1 sitting faster than Ever. Dili they Dies i not in the least 1 and How Doc Tho fair Otu with who s to at c the the Golden locks appear in the Socle Corner of the Hoisel used Maude Sion of her own with some Asp my one Ever ailing paddlers again Oil it s on a scissors and very Fot Tumiate sail Vii s. Sutterly a lit woman with Light hair Aud Rad Etc complexion for my hears Jad i can t Cut with Vin. Ami Thuru s the embroidery the i Aud hat belongs to How much do Joii ask to in handed Maude sailing out upon Iho Garden path with her put by feel Thi Una into Slipshod Oili a wrapper torn Down one Side ind Hei hair yet in the Loose Tang Leil curls which had Hung like coiled Gold Down her the night before. Swart browned i ing his wheel Puu grass bowed Low with disclosed Teeth k u Iii pm by through his Lilick held up six n tigers in Tare. Thai s to Maudr. Tho a which Quiriy ind jus some twelve thousand Miles of narrow gauges have been Hud Down in Oiler parts of the world. Most of them Are among ourselves there Are estimated eight thousand Miles for the United states and and the circumstance adds than it detracts from the interest of Tho transatlantic visitor who May Promise himself entertain seeing what this fourteen ment in Miles of Road Parent of twelve Sand is actually like. He can t understand Eleanor laughing. Miss Satterly Shook stamped the Litile untidy up six pairs of sissors in lick Root of dilapidation in splayed u Filver Quarter of a Dollar. The scissors in Maui Nui Ivd and made an Obj Iancu in t ground and assumed ii tin Biaiga with numerous Mills and in t he sail velveteen Timitia t said Maude. To think he in i j Tho same humanity with my _ i the japanese Are now for the he looks tired Ami o Imine time utilizing their Petroleum in Iii j gentle hearted olivr.4 swing works established at mind to offer him a con drink tie province of Potomi supplies the do no raw material from a Point about 100 Maude i Miles to the North. Sister of mine running i i la Al Levi la i Naif unlike a slav Only said he. Had it been anything else than the testimony of my own eyes 1 have believed it. Hut Brown eyed is a jewel of the first a you Hiim transferred your no Logi Nuro from my sifter to laughed Mariner but in l it rather d for thu divine Maude to lose both her Wager am Hei hirer it the same it s a Rosebud said Madli Coto gravely shaking his head but thu words spoiled irs perfect cupid s Bow the hair like spun Gold but crimping papers Fri not be coming to the female fat of. Ami up on the whole Mariner. J think have reason to be grateful Tor Ever and Ever to the grinding Trater and Beautiful Maude Satterly could not understand Why it was unit Al Gernon Medlicott proposed to Little Brown eyed Olivo instead of her. Everybody thought he in it devoted to said she disconsolately. He changed his Sayij Eleanor. Of course or. Medlicott confessed he episode of scissors grinding to his mushing and Little Wise after heir regulated Hus hands never do keep anything from heir Maude Novar suspected. For the old adage where is Bliss is Folly of be of saturday it at Heads bin an valuable Mare belonging to s. Sonles dropped dead while attached Nde Niverjr Wagon. An Auto Psi revealed hat a Sai containing perhaps two of Vator had Foi Meti in to re of the Liem to wild , Olenth instant

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