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Weekly Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 11 1882, Page 3

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Weekly Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - February 11, 1882, Reno, Nevada Saturday. February 11. 1882. Town and his f rum thursday s daily journal Brevi ties. Dave Lachman is confined to House by sickness. Mrs. W. F. Berry was reported very Low last night. The Little girl was some better. Mrs. James g. Fair will go East a a few Days to spend a month in washing ton. Thos. Ryan was Given 90 Days by judge Young for Selling whiskey to indians. Mrs. Vesey the Mother of de Vesey will leave on a visit to the East about the loth inst. John Hogan the night watchman often looks in on us Danng his rounds after Midnight. H. N. Haley brought in a Large Load of wheat for the Silver state Mills on tuesday evening. Connection Between the main incline of the Savage and the 2400 level will be made in a Day or two. A chinese murderer pulls hemp to Day at wine Muccini under the direction of High sheriff Miller. It is said that or. Hogans Little girl is much better and great Hopes fire now entertained for her recovery. The Case of the state is Mcmahon the Man accused of setting fires in Verdi occupied the District court All of yesterday. The residence of Daniel Mitchell on the warm Springs Road near Carson was totally destroyed by fire monday afternoon Richard Rule who formerly lived on the Comstock has purchased and is editing a. Paper at Tombstone Arizona called the Nugget. The Carson mint last month coined As follows double eagles half eagles Standard dollars Ben Bacon j. P. Foulks Charles Sherborn Jim Feiwell Pat Henry and judge Borman Are All Down from Verdi in attendance upon the Mcmahon Case. Anyone knowing the Post office address of Christian Maybach will Confer a favor by sending the same to John i. Ginn Lundy Mono county Gal. May Bach is a Miner and was in Bodie some four months ago. John Piper he will have the Leavitt specially combination Here on the 25th, of february. They Are play ing with great Success at san fran disco. Other troupes Are on deck but the dates have not been arranged As yet. Acting governor Adams on tuesday issued the following commissions . E. Hardin notary Public to reside at Willow Creek Humboldt county w. J. Montgomery commissioner of deeds to reside at Salt Lake City Utah. We can vouch for it that Hall s hair Kenower restores Gray hair to its youth Ful color prevents baldness makes the hair soft and Glossy does not stain the skin and is altogether the Best known remedy for All hair and Scalp diseases. We therefore take great pleasure in recommending Hall s hair renewed to our readers. S. H. Rhodes asks in yesterday s times what became of the proceeds of certain Ball gotten no to raise Money for the firemen or their apparatus. We have heard something about this before but the remarks made were of such a nature that we thought we would wait a bit and see if something in regard to Tho disposal of that Ball Money would not come out. The parties who took charge of it owe it to the Community and themselves to fully explain what was done with the Money said to be about some say very unpleasan1 remarks Are being made about it. Georgie Chamberlain. This Bright Little f flow was called to leaven at about eleven o clock on tuesday night. He had been ailing for everal Days and it was thought that he trouble come from his Teeth and would not be serious but Early in the vening he began to grow worse and Oon went into spasms in one of which in died. The death is a peculiarly sad me from the fact that Only a few weeks ago his father Isaac Chamberlain was tried and the Little fellow seemed to be the Only Comfort to the heart broken Mother Georgia was an unusually Bright child for his age play us and full of life and a pet with All of his relatives and especially or. And frs. W. B. Chamberlain. He was his mothers Hope and Joy her All for Lim she had made up her mind to to niggle through life with the Joyful anticipation of bringing him up a great Man. Now All is changed he wife bowed with the grief of loosing or husband Only a Short time ago her cup of bitterness is filled to running ver by the loss of her Darling boy. Words of sympathy can be spoken by find and dear friends Bat How hollow hey must sound in a time like this. God in his Wisdom sometimes deals with his children in a Way that seems o them hard but he knows what is Best for All. May he support mrs. Chamberlain in her hour of trouble. Over the River the Boatman pile carried another the household pet hib Brown curls craved in the gentle Darling Georgie i see him yet. He crossed on his bosom his dimpled and fearlessly entered the phantom Barli we a Niche it Glide from the Silver Sinda and All our Sunshine grew strangely dark. We know lie is Safe on the farther Side to chef e All the ransomed and Angela be Over the River the Mystic River my Darling ones rating for me. Shooting at the Junction. It is reported that a woman named Keily shot a Man by the name of Din Widdie at the Long Valley Junction last saturday. Dinwiddie tent to the House of mrs. Reily and began abusing her brother who was present. Mrs. Emily told Dinwiddie to go away when he urged his abuse on her. Mrs. Reily grabbed a Shotgun and Dinwiddie re treated still keeping up his abuse. The woman fired at him and filled him pretty full of Bird shot with which the gun was loaded. He was not Hurt seriously and tie sympathy is All with the woman. The no state Aid. State supreme court opinion written by chief Justice Leon Ard delivered wednesday and concurred in by judge Hawley and Belk Nap declares that the Law enacted by the last legislature providing for the maintenance in part of the children in the Nevada orphan Asylum of Virginia City is in conflict with article i of the state Constitution which provides that no Public funds of any kind or character whatever state county or municipal shall to used for sectarian the planet Mercury. Those interested in the heavenly Bod ies have now an Opportunity of seeing the planet Mercury which rarely occurs under such favourable Circum stances in the evening just after Sun set. It Fellows the Sou six degrees North. It shines As a Star of the first magnitude and As no Large stars Are near it the observer can make no mis take in the matter. A Small Telescope will show the planet As part of a disc there being Only six tenths of the sur face which is directed toward the Earth illuminated by the Sun. The Illumin ated Side is of course toward the Sun and the brightness of the lighted up portion will be seen to decrease rapidly toward the a illuminated limit. It is now approaching the Sun rapidly and soon be lost to View except in a powerful Telescope. Bill for retiring judge Hill yer. Congressman Cassidy on january 19, Intro need the following Bill in the hons of representatives a Bill re tiring from Public service judge Edward w. Tillyer United states District it the District of Nevada. Be enacted by the Senate and House of of the United states of America in Congress assembled that judge Edward w. Hillyer United states District judge in and for the District of Nevada be and he hereby is Retiree from the Public service in consequence of his physical disability with Permis Sion to draw the salary now filed a Law for the payment of United states District of said District during the full Una i the doomed chinaman. Saturday s Silver state says Charley Hing the chinaman who is sentenced to be hanged next thursday the 9th in Stant for the murder of a lick last May does not Stem to have a Friend among his own countrymen. None of them visit him and two of them who Are serving out sentences for Petty of fences do not have much to say to him for the Reabold that his victim belonged to the company of which he is a Mem Ber. Married. At the Golden Eagle hotel Reno feb. 8th, Charles were married by w. H. Young. From Friday s daily Smirna hanging at Winnemucca. Charley Hing was executed at Winnemucca yesterday for murder of a lick on the 8th of May last. He Ivas an intelligent chinaman 26 years of age and had lived there for six years. His victim was a member of the com Pany to which he also belonged and on hat account he was shunned by his countrymen none at whom would have anything to say to him while he was jail. For the execution he was dressed in a Silken suit furnished by Lis woman now in Salt Lake City. Tub scaffold was erected in the jail Yard and a Lar Joe crowd assembled at the court House eager to get a look at the culprit on Hii Way to the gallows., and if possible to gain admit Ance to the enclosure where the execution was to take place. The doomed Man was accompanied to the scaffold by Rev. C. Mc5elvey, who endeavoured to get him to comprehend the i Hristian idea of salvation. He spoke a few words on the scaffold admitting that he killed a lick in Seff defense and asserting that had Boen used to bribe witnesses to swear falsely. He said he had been treated kindly by the officers. At the close of his remarks was led on to the trap by sheriff bams and Deputy Fellows and stood unsupported while his arms and legs were pinioned. At the rope was put around his neck the Black Cap wag drawn Over his face the trap sprung and with a scream which was Cut Short by dislocation of the neck he went Down to death. He fell six feet. Or. Hanson said his pulse ceased to beat in 6 minutes and 12 seconds after he dropped. The body waa cat Down placed in a rough coffin and immediately buried. Brevi ties. Mrs. Governor Kinkead of Carson is at the Palace hotel ban Francisco. The funeral of Georgie Chamberlain was largely attended yesterday. It was a very sad one. The jury in the Case of the state is. Miles Finlen Virginia rendered a ver dict of not guilty. Reno parties have struck Ore in their mine at Mohawk Plumas county Cal., that is full of free Gold. The 0. P. B. H. Co. Paid the sum of 43 As judgment and costs in the Bunting Harrison Case. Peter Gilson has purchased from Stephen Connor for a parcel of land near the episcopal Seminary. Albert Ross and family returned from California yesterday morning and will go to their Homo in Long Valley All the Little water Mills along Gold and six mile Canyon have been thawed out and Are running again in full blast. Saturday evening is the time for the Reno committee to report relative to the Purchase of the Garfield painting. The re is Money in funds to pay All Bills allowed by the co. Commissioners at the february meeting except District Road claims. Colonel Shaw of the Enterprise has presented the miners Union Library of Virginia with several valuable and interesting books. The Case of the state is. Mcmahon occupied the time of the District court yesterday. Nearly All of Verdi a Down in attendance on the Case. Miss Jessie Jamison arrived from Colfax yesterday morning. She has been visiting relatives in that town and reports the weather cold and Stormy. De. Selby has been exonerated from All. Blame in his school scrape at Stock ton. He with mrs. Thomes and mrs. Lisle Jamison will be Home on Satur Day. Snow could be seen flying from the tops of the surrounding mountains yesterday. The wind must have been blowing hard soon. The Carson Appeal says we Are reliably informed that a suit for slander will shortly be commenced against a certain official in the state Capitol building. Adolph Sutro has Given to the German general benevolent society of san Francisco for the Purchase of additional books for the Library of the Ger Man Hospital. The Bullion Mill of Paradise which was shut Down for two or three weeks is again at work and the company shipped on monday one bar of Bullion valued at 01. A Good Deal of work is being done on Small mines Over at Silver City. The Ore extracted is being worked in Arras tars and stamp Mills along the Canyon. A great Deal of Rich Ore is found Down that Way on and near the surface. In the Little water Mills this is ground out very cheaply. The Elko Post says the Long continued intensely cold weather is begin Ning to Tell on Stock on the Range in this part of the state. Commissioner Honeyman who was Here at a meeting of the Board monday stated that while on his Way Down from his Home in Clover Valley he noticed a number of dead cattle lying near the Road along which he travelled evidently starved and Frozen to death. Commissioner Campbell also says cattle Are beginning to succumb to the cold up about Hal Leek and Vicinity. The Mercury has fallen lower along the Humboldt How Ever than in any of the valleys in the we will have a Breeze it ustice. The territorial Enterprise says an arrangement has been made Between lie Justice and Aua companies for run Ning a Drift Cornu into the Justice ground from the 9150 level of the alts. Che Drift will be started at a Point about Hitty feet from the present face of the main East Drift of the Alta. This is about where the casing of the Woodville Edge was Cut. Thus Tho Drift will be run along the West Side at the Wood Ille. At the same urns a Drift will be started northward in the Aua exactly the Drift which will be Rua in to the Justice. Though the Alta Folk run the Drift the Justice company will Jay for it. At present the East Drift of Ite Alta is not being pushed Forward. The Drift tapped a Strong flow of hot water and thin is being allowed to Drain out. Parents take notice. Preston Hodges and miss Crabtree were yesterday hit on the head with stones thrown school boys. The attacks were entirely unprovoked. The authorities have at last concluded to put a Stop nuisance. Apy boy found guilty of throwing stones in Bel Mont hereafter will be locked up in the county jail and if this Don t Stop it the trustees have made up their minds to expel the offenders from be Belmont Public school. It certainly behoves parents to look after their boys the use of a Rawhide at Home would no doubt prove splendid Medicine for those courier. Or. Bishop s Little boy has been lying for some four months part of the time at deaths door from the above careless 33. He was struck in the Back by a Rock thrown by a boy which seemed to injure his spine and the Little fellow has suffered every thing since. At times he was almost Given up by Bis parents but he has been mending the last week or too with a Good Prospect of recovery. Let boys read the above and perhaps they will see How danger Ous it is to throw stones. The a murder trial trial of Isaac Tamkin alias Longstreet charged with murdering h. G. Mclell in Oil the streets of Truckee on August 28th last was begun at Nevada City tuesday in the Superior court and promises to last All the week. J. R. Kittrell of Reno is assisting District attorney the defense being conducted by messes. Dibble Kitta and Cross. Tahoe Tattler items. Loyd Hawthorn is at Glenbrook Frank Gellerson is the vow Post master at Glenbrook. At present no fishing off Tahoe not a bite. Where have they gone and Why Doc. Benton is justly Well pleased with the increase for carrying the mail from Carson to Glenbrook. A chinese store on the stage Road a Little Way up the Canon from Glenbrook was burned with its contents. Loss a Nice time to gather Carue lians is after the gales and the Sun comes of warm As summer time. Some very pref to and quite Large pieces can be found these Moonlit nights at Lake Tahoe Are Worth the self sacrifice of isolation to see any thing More brilliantly resplendent would be hard to imagine. Trout fishing is said to be jus kicked by a horse. Runs Buckley was kicked in the face yesterday morning by a Young horse. His upper jaw was broken and the upper lip very badly Cut. The personal property of the Lar estate we sold at Hunters Home and get Ting better All the time they do a Deal of still fishing using the White grabs found in decayed logs As bait h. H. Mckinney Fisherman at Huntar i Home on sunday morning in a time caught 25 weighing from one to two pounds. The weather has been a perfect Charm the last week excepting two Days tuesday was a Gray Day full of Snow flakes from Early morning until night the increase was 8 inches. Wednesday the East wind blew a Gale filling up t u Nice paths and Drifting on the roofs by it is Good Snow shoeing and Sleigh ing the nights Are the coldest of any of the three Winters Here. We can still pity the Eastern people who have cold Wea citizens fire meeting. By a notice in another column Citi Zens Are requested to meet at the jus Tice s office on tuesday evening nex february 14, and talk Over matters relation to the organization and maintenance of an efficient fire department let everyone make it a Point to there. Time Sharp. Evans Tutu fund yesterday Alvaro morning. Or. Hogan s Little girl is improving slowly. G. Cubism purchased the Larcombe ranch for very Little Snow is left on of the streets of Virginia. Mrs. Berry was reported somewhat better yesterday morning. J. M. Flannagan is lying very sick at san Francisco with kidney disease. The plasterers at the Asylum were expected to finish their work yesterday. The St. Ignatius College property at Tho Bay has been sold to the c. P. B. R. For embroidered Mustard plasters Are now recognized As a necessary feature efes thetic medication. Brief telegrams Hopes Are new entertained that the mangled Arm of a. J. Taylor the Carson Mac can be saved. The Emerson minstrels had Large audiences in Carson and Virginia and gave perfect satisfaction. Mrs. W. H. Yinug went to san Francisco thursday evening to gee her aged father who is very sick. Senator j. B. Wheeler of Storey co., is in town. He is the owner of a gravel mine in Plumas county Cal. Yankee Dodge has bad a Large Parrot in front of his store fora Day or two which has attracted considerable Atten Tion. The remains of Higgins and Renett the men who were suffocated at the depot hotel were buried by the miners Union. The knights of pythias of Virginia City will have a grand anniversary Ball on the 9th of next month. It is to be a Fine affair. Alvinza Haywood and w. S. Hobart have inspected the mines of Columbus District and Are Well pleased with the Outlook. From saturdays daily journal. I the Ball Money. The card of or. Rhodes published the other evening by Tho times regard ing the above has brought out the Fol lowing facts from or. R. P. M. Kelly. About was made at the Ball Given for the Benefit of engine some three or four years ago. A finance Ommittee was appointed consisting of messes. Hoole Kelly and Bragg the Oney by them was turned Over to or Loose who deposited it in a Sherinan s be where it remained for Over a year n the mean time the company had Dis added and the committee at a meeting decided not to Tarn the Money Over to of but to hold it until no2 could be organized. It was then proposed to urn the Money Over to or. Allan Bragg having been Foreman of the Cam any. Or. Bragg refused to take the Oney or have anything to do with it. R. Kelly then agreed to be responsible in one third and asked Bragg to 3 the same which he refused to do having Hoole to take the other two tires or or. Kelley says he is Eady to Tarn the Money in his pos Essaion Over to no. 2, or make any disposition of it that May be determined Pon. He has informed proper parties everal times that he had the Money and was ready to do with it slut Ever seemed proper furthermore had offered o increase it430, and make the amount 100 if the boys would organize a new company for no. 2. This offer still Olds goad. Or. Hoole has been re tested to report and no doubt an an wer will be received in a few Days. Remember the fire meeting next tuesday evening at the Justice office. Every property Holder should be present and give his ideas. The recent yellow jacket assessment of per share has been rescinded on account of some informality and an other of the same amount levied. Times Are again reported terribly Dull at Virginia. The pay Days Are Over for the month and the town is settled Down to its usual quietness. It is a Relief to be Able to go out again without suffering from cold. Every ene has a pleasanter expression in their they have had for a month past. Only thirty two of the sixty insurance companies that transacted Busi Ness in this state in 1881 have applied for licenses at the state controller s of fice this year. It appeared to be storming on the sierras All Day yesterday Eren Down to the foot Hills but in the Valley it was warm and pleasant excepting now and then a Sharp gust of wind. The invitation social by the River Side club next tuesday promises to be the pleasantest yet held. The boys will Endeavor to make the evening an enjoyable one to All of their invited guests. Be careful How you tear off your postage Stamps. The Post office depart ment has decided that postage Stamps mutilated or with a portion of them missing will not be received As postage on mailing matter. Or. Hutchins reports or. Buckley who was kicked in the by a Young horse wednesday As doing As Well As carelessness. Yesterday afternoon about 4 o clock while mrs. Leonard Mother of or. Jeonard was crossing second Street rom Krusts to the Odd Fellows Hall she iame very near being run Over by iome Loose horses that were being driven by two boys who were horse Back. The animals were All going at he top of their Speed and the hav no a Little girl to look after and he horses coming on her so suddenly she became so confused and frightened that it was with difficulty she gained the sidewalk one of the riders just grazing her As he swept past. She it an elderly lady and was so overcome with right that she Sank Down on the Side walk perfectly helpless. Ing near by assisted her into or. Neal a were she remained until she could walk. It is not necessary to mention the names of thelow boys who were Riding in this Breakneck Way through the streets but a caution is not out of place As it is becoming quite frequent for buys to show their horsemanship off in town endangering the lives and limbs of pedestrians. Bald Barley. The Silver state says Warren de ller Rit of Buffalo station showed us a new variety of beardless Barley which he says is called Bald it looks like a Cross Between wheat and Rye and it is said to very prolific. He has procured a lot of it for seed. Charlie Fassett formerly of Reno is a member of the Ruby Hill dramatic club and will take principal part in a play to be produced there soon. Nitiss Clara Jean Walters who is visiting Ruby Hill will also appear in the play. The drama is entitled miss and Hiss Walters has played a leading part a it san Francisco. Could be expected but his face looks As though it had been in a stamp Mill. Johi Overstreet who recently used a knife on Joan Hill at Deeth station says the Independent gave himself up a Star Valley saturday and was brought to Elko by Constable Lane on the train saturday night. A Carman accidentally ran a car in the Crown Point Shaft a couple of Days ago it went to the Bottom like a Streak of lightning. It Teok Twenty four hours to repair the damage to the Shaft. Fortunately there were no workmen in the Shaft to be injured. From Iran essay s daily journal the order of the Czar that Only Wood to burned in the Palace is said to be owing to the fact that the nihilists smuggled dynamite in with the Coal. The East and West bound freight and Emigrant trains on the Southern Paci fic collided on sunday in Sun Gorge Uio pass. Both engines and thirty cars were demolished. No lives were lost. Parliament opened monday. The Queen s speech reviews great Britain s satisfactory relations with foreign pow ers and says the condition of Ireland is More satisfactory than it was n year ago. The Irish parliamentary party have re elected Parnell chairman and re solved to raise the entire question of i administration in Ireland particularly the suppression of tenants organizations in the address in reply to the speech from the throne. The russian government is about to publish a statement which it is hoped will put an end to the foreign agitation concerning the treatment of the jews. It will state that the government has rigorously dealt with the anti jewish movement and is disposed to take Steps to prevent Tho recurve to of the offences complained of. From thursday s daily journal Ellis Craft another of the Kentucky fiends was sentenced tuesday to hang on aprill 14lh. Twenty six widows and 109 were made by the Midlothian Virginia Colliery disaster. In Richmond Virginia last week there were 17 new cases of Small pox and 12 deaths from the disease. The Virginia House of delegates tuesday by a votes of 5c to 30 passed the Riddleberger repudiation Bill. One a adjuster voted in the negative. The Bill of the ways and Means com Mittee for the appointment of a commis Sion to investigate the question of the Tariff provides that the president of the United states shall by and with the advice and consent of Tho Senate appoint nine commissioners from civil life. About 100 students of the Rochester University most of whom were seniors created a great disturbance at Oscar Wilde s lecture in the grand opera House in new York tuesday evening. They occupied seats mostly in the Gal Lery and during the lecture they kept up a running fire of hisses groans and shootings which compelled the lecturer to pause More than a dozen times. The Sunflower apostle is very much wrought up by his reception. The tammany assemblymen with Drew from the democratic caucus tues Day night caucus refusing to adjourn till yesterday. Tai Many wanted an adjournment that they might deliberate on certain questions intimately connected with the plans which have been formed to secure anti monopoly Legisla Tion. The caucus nominated a full line of officers for the House which cannot however be elected without the Aid of tammany. The new York Herald s Washington special says Tho prevailing sentiment among leading minds m both houses of Congress in both parties on the ques Tion of inter oceanic canals at this Tini is this first that what is needed is not a ship railway but a ship canal second that a ship canal across the isthmus ought to be and must be controlled by the government of the United states to that in time of War they May be Able to Send War ship and munitions of War through the canal and prevent our ene Mies from using the canal for hostile purposes toward us third that in order to lastly claim the right to exercise such control the government of Tho United states ought to own at least a controlling share of the property of the canal and would be in a belter condition if it owned the whole canal. It is the Gen eral belief that a canal by Way of Nica Rogers commenced suit at Sacramento against the Central Pacific Railroad company for a mugs. She alleges that her son James Mcgregor Rogers fireman in the employment of the company was killed by an Accident of the roil on april 9th, 1881, and that Bis death was caused by the negligence of the com Pany. The new York Herald s Paris special says the following dispatch from lieutenant Daue Shower dated irk outs february 4, bus just been received Here de Long s parly is be tween the station of Bleur to Liuzi and in a narrow wilderness 80 Miles Long devoid of habitations and game. Jerome j. Col Lins volunteered to stand by the dying Seaman huns Erickson and let the others of de Long s party push South. The new search party builds huts and gees Over every such of the Region which is slowed by heavy Drift ice every Spring. Clarice m. Colemaan an in nto of u House of prostitution was married wed tuesday night in the Sherman House Chicago to Charles a. Miner of new York City by the assistant Rector of the fashionable Christ Church. Claims to be the daughter of a Well known judge of Council Bluffs to have been the mistress of a will known member of the Union Square company and of a naval officer formerly stationed at Mare Island with whom she made a tour around the world passing for seven years As his wife. The name of the naval officer Given by her is j. B. Car Penter. She claims to have had a son at 15, who is now 18 years old. His father and her first husband James t. A Oleous stole her from a St. Louis Convent and was afterwards shot in Denver. He died leaving her in Good circumstances. She has been written up before and is a Well known Char Acter. In the House of commons yesterday afternoon Justin Mccarthy on behalf of the Irish members gave notice of a Long amendment to the address categorically condemning every Point in the government s Irish policy and urging immediately a return to constitutional methods. In the debate of the address in reply to the Queen s speech. North Cote assailed the government s policy. Gladstone in a speech vehemently attacked the land league and highly eulogized Forster s efforts to restore or Der. He upheld Tho impartiality of the commissioners under the land act and said the average of rent reductions so far was Twenty three per cent. In re Gard to the land league s War against All property be said there was every indication that a great conspiracy had not Only been confronted but Defeated. P. J. Smythe Home Rule member for tipperary moved an amendment to the address in favor of the repeal of the Union. Tho debate was then adjourned. The Larson Appeal says owing to John t. Pantlind s incurable illness Lucky Baldwin will himself conduct the Callao House Lake Tahoe next season. A judicial gentleman of Vir Ginia City has already engaged apart ments for the season at per. Week. A heavy mortgage. A mortgage Given by the California Nevada Railroad com Pany to the Central Trust company of new York has been filed in Alameda Cal. The mortgagees dated december 31, 1881, and is secured by Bonds of each. It is payable 30 years after Date and bears interest at six per cent., payable of the first Day of july of each year. The mortgage is upon the Road now being built from Emory Sta Tion Oakland Bodie a distance of 250 Miles and includes the franchise the right of Way line of track rolling Stock stations wharves warehouses shops and All their property personal or acquired. The Railroad was incorporated in Merck 1881. The proposed Road will run through the Livermore and san Joaquin valleys will penetrate the Timber lands of the sierras and will make a connection with one of the projected railroads of this state. Augua is More favourably situated for our own in time of War and Fer the conveyance of the world s Commerce than a canal by any other route that it can be More cheaply and quickly built than a canal by any other line and that the charter now held by an american com Pany from Nicaragua is abundant for oar ends. Finally it is probable that the present Congress will adopt Meas ures for the immediate construction of . From Friday s daily Jouna the new York Assembly adjourned yesterday after two unsuccessful ballots for clerk. Guiteau is becoming very much de pressed. The jail Warden says he no longer assumes the confident air which he always has had except in the pres ence of newspaper people. He is to be Cut off from All outside communication and that fact depresses him very much. The president has been officially in formed that the naval committee of the Senate has reported adversely on the nomination of j. V. Wat Manga for paymaster general of the Navy because of charges corroborated by investigation that he secretly bought and sole Navy supplies contrary to Law. As Watmough s record is not Clear it is believed Fiat the president will withdraw the nomination. A Rumor prevails about the Conr House at Washington and is Given considerable credence that the grand jury has voted upon one of the Star route cases which they have been consider ing and directed the presentment for indictment j. W. Dorsey l. W. Vail John m. Miner i. B. Sanderson m. C Rev Dell and Thomas j. Brady. This i what is termed the Dorsey combination and they Are charged with conspiracy to defraud the government. Students what is political econ omy running on the same ticket with a very Rich Man who will pull you through. Only 6f.o Miles of the Northern Pacific remains unfinished. It will be done in 1884. The company claims that no part of the land Grant is forfeited. Reports from Cuba say that the to Bacco crop is a failure. But we will ave our Fine Havana Cigar just the Jama if the american cabbage crop ome to time. In Hollister the citizens have bought be ouly Saloon in the town and no land an be bought without the deed specify no that no intoxicating liquors will be made or sold there. I said the Little girl to her Ider sister s Young Man at the supper Able that you will join our society for Fie Protection of Little Birds because Mamma says Yon Are very fond of then there was a silence and he Limburger cheese might have been Leard scrambling around in its tin Box n the cupboard shelf. The parents of Grace Fletcher did not approve of her marrying Daniel Webster contending that she might As Well throw herself away upon a com Mon Farmer As wed a Man poor in practical and with his head bum cd in looks. Young Daniel first met Grace at the Little Church in Salisbury to which Ebe came on Sabbath morning on horseback habited in Black velvet with a close fitting bodice and As he often afterwards described her looking Ike an Angel. Telegraphing telegraphic drawing is one of the lat est and most interesting products of the science. At the recent electrical exposition in Paris the drawing of an officer of the French Grenadier guards was transmitted a considerable distance by the Ordinary Telegraph wires. The orig Inal sketch was done in dotted lines with metallic Ink. Every time the Pointer touched one of these dots the electrical current was closed and the Mark reproduced at the other end of the wire. In this Way the drawing was so exactly copied that the original draughts Man was unable to distinguish Between Bis drawing and the copy thus taken. Eight oat of every ten men in this country will do More hard work to Trace Back the Pedigree of a horse or a dog than to establish the fact that they were related to the most Noble King of Europe. The pneumatic tube in London used for transferring mail bags is four feet in diameter and two Miles in length and in a few cases passengers have travelled in it. In Paperi
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