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Weekly Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 19 1876, Page 3

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Weekly Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - August 19, 1876, Reno, NevadaAsib Oitim 0iiant. A proposition a mid to to on foot Washington to pension Fml Dent or Ratoff on bit retirement with the Var rite Austin August 11. Lost night a fearful tragedy occurred at Inch on Reese River about is Miles from this place. August 12, says a Sioux Squaw Waco came into the Crow lamp reports a terrible Battle that Crook has almost permanent office of Pride it of the smithsonian institution at a salary of or 112.000 a year. The reason assigned in the president is a comparatively poor Man. This announcement will Surprise Many who imagined him but there in no doubt that he lost heavily by in testaments with the Washington Resl estate ring from which the Boss Shepherd investigations compelled him to Ryotiro in a Harry and at a Large so Rifle. His Sandstone elation also proved unlucky and there is suspicion that be slaked heavily on the Success of Aliesan do . But to pension off u retiring president would to of lab Lis Liing what might Provo in time a costly and unpleasant precedent. It in True that there Are Dow no pm pros Donth living but at tie time of Tho Vangeri Ilion of or. There were four and choir support would have Boon a envy tax non Tho coun try. Nearly All of our Orchid ones have retired in comfortable circumstanced though none of them Over received a your and As for president Grant he ought to have sincere friends Tomiko him Rich by presents As they did once before. We Hope Congress will to in no Harry about pen Sioning him off. A Little waiting will to judicious if for no other reason than to Otto How to will Lake to business Aud How liberally those friends who have banked in Tho sons Bike of the White to up during Tho Lank eight years will stand by him. Grunt in yet Young in Good health and with advantages for scouring wealth that vory few americans enjoy. If to makes Tho Best of his opportunities to will never need a sinecure take Notich. To would earnestly and respect fully request our subscribers who Are in arrears with this of Loco to remit am outfit of their an soon an possible there is a Grout Deal of Money owing to tin As shown by our books in sums varying from four do Dura and of which should to paid without delay. While the to urinal can boast of very Many who Are exceedingly prompt in settling their accounts and never run behind it also enjoys the patronage of not u few who Aro rather negligent in that Mont important matter. It id for Tho special Benefit of these latter individuals that our remarks Aro intended. Thoy arc excellent friends in their they mean Well and Aro generally Roady when called upon but unfortunately it is necessary to Rinako thut Call occasionally and Howo do it now. Yet we would much or fur if it Ronld to dispensed with and our friends paid up of their own Accord. It would be More pleasant for Alt concerned. Nov Aba the legislative executive Aud judicial appropriation Bill As finally passed by both houses of Coli Grosmit contains the following appropriation Fox the Carson mint wages of work men and adjusters Materi als and repairs superintendent assayer Coiner Melter and Ronner each chief clerk cashier bookkeeper and weight clerk each voucher and computing clerk 81.800 assayer s clerk. Tho Indian appropriation Bill As finally reported from Tho conference and As it will become a Law appropriated Only for incidental expenses and All general purposes of Tho Indian service in this state. Such a pit Tumoe will not pay Tho salaries of Tho agents Aud clerks and to the poor Indian is East Asido without a loaf of Broad. Such Economy retrenchment and ought to Damn the demo cratic party. Tub Hamburg Mah sack. The Coroner s jury at Hamburg s c., has dared to find a verdict of Ful Rander against the perpetrators of the recent massacre at that place now let nov. Chamberlain backed by his party majority of thirty thou Sand enforce the Law and if to can Provo Tho accused parties guilty hang the Fol High As Hainan. We have Hod too much sentimental sniff ing Over Southern Justice let the Hamburg butchers swing and there will be no More tragedies of the kind in South Carolina. Such a course will not make political capital per haps for either party but it will re establish Law and order and make the people secure in their lives and their rights. Upon nov chamber lain now rests Tho responsibility. Tho ranches of Isabel and John Wixom adjoin and a bad feeling has Long existed on the pert of Isabel on account of Wixom purchasing a ranch which Isabel had mortgaged and forfeited. This bad feeling was greatly strengthened by the recent Clandes Tine marriage of John Isabel a boy of 17, and Wixom aged 14 the Bride s parents persuaded her to return to her Home where she Imp remained since Tho wedding which took place a week Aeo. Last night or. Wixom of this City sent his nor Ridge to Tho ranch of his brother John Wixom and Tom Isabel faction appeared to have suspected that or. Wixom had an Ivory for Tho purpose of removing Young Isabel s wife Ami to have concocted n plan for the or s assassination. During the evening soveral neighbors pulled non John Wixom and Onn of them a Stoner propped taking a Rule ii Tho cur Rii Ign. Sooner Medina Anil John Kyan entered Tho Carriage which was or Hon by Stoner am proceeded in the direction of Isabol i ranch. When about opposite the ranch six persons Rose from Tho Sago Brush and fired into Tho Carriage killing Stoner instantly. The horses then ran away and the Amias sins followed in pit suit riddling the oar Ringo with bullets and shot. When Tho attack was it St made Tho murder ers wore close to the Carriage and thrust Tho Gunti into the faces of the occupants. Tho people of thin City Are intensely excited at Tho dastardly act and a Strong party Are in Pursuit of the murderers. Austin August 12 the party which left hero yesterday fur the Couo of Tho recent tragedy on Resoso River returned this morn ing. Thoy report that Tho ranchers of pm so River assembled in Force on Tho Isabel ranch yesterday and formed around Tho House in order to prevent Tho escape of any of the in mates before thy of Huoi s arrived Anil a crested the two Young Isabel and a Man known is Tho after Tho arrests Tho citizens took charge of Tho mormon and Strung him up with n View to extorting confession Tram him in which they succeeded. To in reported to Havo confessed that himself with Tho three Isabel boys did the shooting Aud that oae of Tho latter a Ron Ponsi ble for Tho death of Stoner. Tho is Cassius believed the buggy contained either John Wixom or his brother Tho doctor. Pacts recently elicited show that after the assassination was committed Tho assassins pursued Tho buggy for a distance of if Teeth Miles the darkness of the night concealing Tho fuel that thu buggy had in a mud Hole about Ono i it from the Suzuo of Tho murder. In Olivry. Al Glist 12 Tho South bound stage leaving hero yesterday afternoon Wax stopped on siak you Mountain by two masked men or Niue with shotguns. One of Tho highwaymen held Tho leaders bends Whilo Tho other covering thu Driver whith his Gnu ordered him to hand Down Wolf Fargo so c of s Box and unload Tho mail sacks. The re quest was compol with and Tho Driver was then ordered to proceed on his Way. There wove four lady passengers on Board none of whom were molested. The robbers broke open Tho express Box in which they found Only forty dollars but it is known that there several thousand dollars in Gold dust in Tho mail sacks mostly from Kirbyville Aud Waldo All of which was taken. Tho rifled mail sacks and Box Werc fount in the Road this morning and Bronchi hero. Parties have started in Pur suit of the robbers and special pos Tal agent Underwood has started for this Point to investigate. Indian Chicago atignitl2. Following is general Sheridan s letter to general Sherman Chicago August have no yet Ofiu Able to reinforce the Garri sons at spotted Tail at bed Cloud or at standing Rock so As to to Strong enough to combat Tho indians or to arrest and disarm those coming in i beg of Yon to see Tho military com Mitten of Tho House and urge upon i the necessity of increasing cavalry annihilated the Sioux and has the remainder in Buou a position As to orce their surrender. Parties from he Crow agencies bring the news. It May be greatly exaggerated u not entirely false. Int Claeo Newt. San Francisco August 14. Only four cases of Small pox were reported this morning. Six occurred editor any and the deaths lust week numbered 30, which the health offi cer Hitatt s were desperate oases which came to hand a weak or two ago. He i Rositas his opinion that the extensive Tacui ution has chocked the disease and that Tho worst is Over. Joseph Smith n son of Tho mor Mon Prophet preached to a Good indicia of at the Hull of Tho grand army of the Republic last night the address was devoted mainly to an exposition of the mormon Faith with u declaration that the speaker opposed to polygamy and believed his father was also which statement elicited an interesting Dis Cussion with the members of the audience. Smith claimed to have a party among the mormons of about in his favor who there of 08od to Brigham Young. Pro Jotun visit Attr aleut for Mur at Tkv Lilinoe at Alint Thorn und Ali file in Funara. Nevada pm August 15. The Case of f. Wilbort. A. W. Mersl Hon James Rood Frank Wil son and Jureti o Neal arc before the Irand jury to Day. They Are charged with having committed Tho Trout Creek murder near track to on the 17th of june. Tho arrests were made upon the statement of Gal. Mogul Lough an of Cui evict who claims to to one of Tho murderers. Captain s. Doland Aud j. Ii. Cross made Tho a tests last week. No resistance was offered but great excitement prevailed in Truckee Oil wednesday the officers went to Lake Tahoe and arrested George a Getchell who also confessed to have been Ono of the gang and Whoso sworn statement Cor robot utes Mcculloughs. Their statements Are not made Public but Aro substantially As follows the caucasian league Mot on the night in question and at the close of Tho mooting Gotchall Mcgullough Aud the others above named went to the China Camp on Trout Creek. Ono of the Mink party Sot their Cabins on lire. Two others did the shooting and the rest kept guard. Tho details of the plot and Tho manner in which was exec Tod Are Given in the Ati uncut. On Tho other Shunil n full us Complete defence a claimed Wilbert Ursum it excl Wilson and t Notts Over forty witnesses on Tho Art of Tho defence came from Truo to by consent of the prosecuting at Oniey und at Tuo request of the Irand jury. All evidence for Tho into Ami nearly All for the defense before Tho grand jury Whoso de Isiora will probably to rendered to Morrow. Tho defense says Thoro in o found Tiou for Micou Llonch and Getehell get hell was on Drunken carouse on Tho night of Tho my scr and did t Lando town that Lis statement is therefore false in Ivory particular Tho prisoners each and All claim to have the Best Evi Ienco As to their where Bonti Aud innocence of All connection with the following Para graphs calculated to create a false impression appeared in on evening Cote. Of lost night our state delegation to the Republican state convention Are divided be tween Delong and Wren for con Gress. It is entirely untrue. The delegation will unanimously support Paw Ning so say they All. Grand Clea Iuso pres Cott announces a grand Clearing out Sale of his Large Stock of mix Kab and children s shoes which must to sold by sept. 15th. A rare Cnance is thus afforded for desirable bar gains. His prices Are made to suit the times. Give him a Call and to convinced. A grand Chance for the ladies is offered by Jacob Prescott. To is now anxious to Clear off his summer goods Aud Lias made great reductions. He moans what to says and ladies dross goods and All Gauss for sum Mer Wear will to found at prices that will astonish purchasers. In need of the services of a Homeopath is should Call on or. Chase. His office is on Tho East Side of Virginia Street. Tho or is a thorough and Able homeopathic physician. He can to found at All times ready to obey any Call. Tunnel is now in 600 face in ready working favourable looking ground. Tho assessment now pending will Bodelin quent of the stockholders will do Well to pay up and hold on to their Stock. Yankee Dodge who has Boon sell ing All sorts of notions very cheaply Here lately leaves to Day for Storey and Ormsby co Natios to give them a Chance to buy themselves Rich. To expects to return about fair time. We were shown a postal card yesterday containing 510 words written with a common pen. W. A. Mitchell the trustees Are very Busy get Ting everything in readiness for the coming fair. Or. Chamberlain sept. Of the truck visits the grounds daily to see that the work of preparation goes bravely on. The track is in excellent condition and by fair time will be in better shape than any track of Tho coast and very fast. A commendable Pride is taken in keeping Tho track up in Fine Stylo. The new cattle and other stalls will to completed by the end of the week altogether there Are Ono Hundred and Twenty one of which sixty will be enclosed and Tho remainder loft open. Two of Tho latter have forty foot spaces. Tho new grand in trance to the grounds will be levelled Down in a few Days nud Tho travelling Public will appreciate the change. There is considerable Stock on the grounds now and applications for stalls Are coming in rapidly. The accommodations in this respect will be satisfactory to everybody. Or Dubois of Kentucky has a Flo stable of horses which to has just brought from the Enst Aid which he intends to offer for Sale on this coast. They will to on exhibition Here until after Tho fair when if not sold will to taken to san Francisco. Tho first to noticed was a Beautiful 5 year old blood Bay Eutril Liou us med Idle Star is Rod by Peck s Idle to by i Sadykov Humble tonin Oul of a Long Island Black Hawk Mare. He will be shown to Tro Tiu 40, next Canio Geo Lucas a Bay Roan 7 hours old sired by Blackbird dam unknown. Then John 0. Kolly a 0-year old Strawberry Road sired by Copper Bottom dam unknown he is entered in the 3-Minuto Purso state fair race. Sprite n handsome 4-Yenr old Chestnut Orrol sired by Alexander s Belmont dam , and Tho dam of Mambrino gift. In Tho next stall is Dora a Bay Pouch the Banbridge Caw will be argued in the Polios court to Day. The Only Oate no yesterday was that of David Pietro accused of assault Aud Battery upon thou. Pelte Nolli. Tho jury acquitted him. Assessments. An assessment of per share has been levied by the Crown Point mining company delinquent so Tombor 19th Aud one of fifty cents per share by Tho Kossuth mining company delinquent on the game Day. fire and burglar Nupuf safes and loom Tiric Patent Cut olt Tuut Trot thka4hi Ami hotel will soon be opened in the Douglas building North 0 Street Virginia by p. P. Molinelli an old time resident of Nevada and a Pioneer of the of Mentock Wator Joum and congressman Woodbur Nars Here shortly. As working in bile servants Bey will a warm Welcome from their regiments to 100 to each company Gen. Crook s total strength is Terry s is and to give this Force to them i have stripped Ever Post from Tho Liue of Manitoba to Texas we want Moro mounted men to have not exceeded the Law in on listing Indian scouts in fact not a Many As the Law allows As the whole number in this division is Only 111 the indians with general Crook a not enlisted or even paid they a not Worth paying. They Are wit him Only to gratify their desire for fight with and their thirst for re Venge on Tho Sioux. Signed p. H. Snen Idan Lieut Gen. A letter of general Sherman s t hip Secretary of War endorses the recommendation of general Sherida and the letter of the Secretary of a recommends sumo to tie Dent who sent the letters to the sen ate yesterday Craik new the mop Taua August 18. A Hott Tam wrote it such Ohio graphical exploits cause oyo Acho Aud Back ache. But then Mitchell is a druggist. Attention is called to the card of a a. Hoyt attorney at Law. Or. Hoyt will pay prompt attention to All Legal matters entrusted to his charge. Hit of lace is on the East Side of Vir Ginia Street. A few Moro political announcement appear in this Issue. One each from Charlie Rich Ardson h. M. Noyes j. S. Bowker h. A fish and John Myron. Oun available space thin morning is Token up almost entirely with local matters and now Tho latter will to found to be inter Esting noisy rending. Cull for a meeting of the Republican county Central com Mittee on saturday Ang 19th, at 10 a. M. Is published elsewhere. Candidates fur teachers certificates will do Well to to Zombor that Friday and saturday of this week Ajo examination Days. Marc 5 years old sired by Sample s mme. The say if it was not for Hope our hearts would break therefore to Hope Tho Eitter prot is Correct in its conclusions regarding to Stock Market the indications Aro that we shall presently have a Good Market As Good developments 22x20. Aro being made of Tho goo foot level of Tho Ophir a Flo showing of Ore is legit using to Bernado in the mex ican and Imperial Whilo the Justice and other mines in that direction re steadily opening into Good depos its of Ore. Alao Tho Savage and Hale Norcross companies will soon Start up their new machinery and give new life to Tho Central Section of the Lead. Then very soon the new California and consolidated Virginia Mills will started up when Tho Bonanza will of made to bleed As it has never be Tore bled. All these things should Bave some in benue Over the Stock Market. From twin Redby a Dull 1 new l. A Crook Ott who owns a vacant lot on the Cor Ner of West and second streets pro poses to build himself a Nice Resi Dence thereon. The architect or. J. 3. Sturgeon a now Busy getting the plans and draughts ready. The lumber is now being selected and in a Short time actual building will commence. The front portion will to 27x3g feet and two stories High. Buck of this an Ell will be built a Bay window will be Situ since his Transfer from sing sing to Auburn prison Stokes the player of Jim Fisk is treated like a convict sleeps in a Coll eats prison fare and works a the Collar shop at first Tho elegant Young Man grumbled because his striped browsers did t fit but in the steady course of productive Industry he has become reconciled to Tho ill sons trusted Gar ments. Ated on Tho East Side of the front building. The House will be vory nicely finished and when completed will Cost in the neighbourhood of it will be on ornament to town of pretty houses Good or. Chas. Bever general manager for the Brooklyn own Tho Brooklyn and Emma mines near to Avizo received a Telegram from them telling him to go ahead and develop the mine that Money would not be Lack Marion to by Mambrino chief out of a Kentucky whip. In the adjoining stall is or. Hicks a Brown Golding 7 years old sired by Black Ralph out of a half blood of Grey Flea bitten Maro. Tho or. Is a very stylish animal and can Trot in 10 easily. Sir Walter a Flo Black stallion 10 hands and Ono Inch High comes next he is 0 years old and was sired by Green Mountain Morgan dam a Long Island Black Hawk Mare. He a record of and to got it in need z a pounds on n half mile track at Jouvor Colorado Niilow. It 11 a Marvel of Iii kind. The St. Paul dispatch of july 2d, 1870, expresses itself As follows Cooper Bailey co s circus gave two performances in this City on sat urday which like the grand procession that preceded them gave entire satisfaction to the immense audiences which assembled to witness them. The performances were much Superior to the general run of Arena enact ments and some specialities Are not equalled by any circus travelling. Tho tumbling wag immense the tra Pozo and horizontal bar exercises thrillingly exciting Tho clowns irresistibly funny and Conklin Tho Prince of jesters produced roars of laughter and volleys of applause. Miss Mollie Lee was most Admir Able in her equestrian feats but especially in her juggling act but perhaps Tho crowning feature of the whole entertainment was 0 nines Rob Inson s daring bareback ride with his Beautiful boy Eugue standing unsupported upon his head. Besides Tho attraction of Tho ring this Groat show exhibited a flue collection of rare animals among which Woro a Flo Giraffe six Fine Dro medaries two camels and baby dromedary a baby elephant sea Lions four splendid Lions Bengal tigers hyenas leopards sacred cattle jaguars hosts of monkeys and several of trop ical Birds. Thai ten thousand people who witnessed the performances speak in Tho highest Praise of them Nhoc mud a Boom n. A ii ii. The following is a description of the narrow gauge Road in this state known As Tho Yahoo and cursor mar Row git go which presents some novel features of rain did Tho Road bed runs along Tho in o for about a mile until it a huge Gorge in the mountains up this dark and uninviting Canon through Long cuts ill Tho solid gun Ite Over High runs the Uniek until after attaining an Altitude of some thousand feet it readies Tho in Imit of a giant Mountain. To most civil engineers hits Peak would be a o is Lonelo not so with or Aud ortion lilo com Pany s Surveyor. Tho Summit of Iha Pavuk had to to reached and if the tudo was too heavy up an of less than forty live Ilo Greos was still another Way to attain to sum Mil and that was a no my i had in Tho shape of a latter a piled of an other across Tho face of Tho old Buhl Mountain and to Iii in staid of turning a curve rams us Catcher into a Comer of Tho Knud backing out and up the Grade continues in that Milliner null the Summit in reached a distance of seven and a halt Miles from Gleri Brool. From i hero across a Fertile Little Val Ley which Crown Tho Summit the Road runs past spooler s station a Rolic of Tho unto Ruil Roud Days Xintu ated on Tho old Placerville freight Road to Sacramento. Through a Tunnel 180 foot Long pushes the Road until a Short distance beyond it reaches Tho flume station. Hero Are at least a million feet of lumber of different lengths awaiting their turn to be carried Down on Ali swiftly run Ning Waters of the flume into Curzon City thence by rail up and into that Tomb of the Siervi the Cotus tuck lode Tho entire length of the Nar Row guano will in Iio Miles. The Roll ing Stock at present consists of two engines and about sixty Flat cars which Are deemed sufficient for the present wants of Tho can Railroad journal. Static political not ism. Name is of celtic origin. In that almost obsolete Ian Gnage the term for water was fiyut. When alcoholic distillation were first introduced they were called in tone of life. From this comes the scotch Tequ Sebagh corrupted into whisky which we be Lieve is Irish though so much run Down by that race Liat it leaves room to doubt it. To Floc Jill Virginia City continue to multiply Tod Ine Renu. They soared la Gold Bill the people to lilt they have too ing. Or. John Poe to whom the Honor of discovering thebe minus be Longs is very much elated Over the Outlook. Work will be commenced immediately in Earnest and from specimens of Rock shown us we Are sure that they will find Good mines. A. J. Powell the author of Nevada the land of Sil is meeting with very Good Suc Cess with his Bank Here. After a of Refl perusal of the work for who a we Are indebted to him we can safely recommend it to Thoie who desire to read up in their state s history and resources or Send to friends East. _ Init Atoji. The Hayes and Wheeler club of Carson have ten dered the Hayes and Wheeler club of Reno a cordial invitation to at tend the a rigid mass ratification meeting of the Republican party to be held in Carson on the 24th of August commencing at 31. H. I saw 0. T. Mills who was kicked in the neck by a horse at steam boat a Days ago on Street the Comfort of the big tent and the Courtesy of the managers and their army of Ushers. Contrary to usage and much to the Comfort of the Audi ence the Canvas was left undisturbed till the last lingered departed. Messes. Cooper Bailey deserve the Success that their great Enterprise is evidently meeting with throughout the country. Lose an bos been received by or. W. R. Chamberlain that his brother Ike now ban Francisco has been told by an Emi nent Oculi St that he will lose his left Eye that it will have to be taken out in order to save the right one. Sad news is this to All who know Ike. A Tillon and Hendricks club was organized in win Cucca last even ing Tho democratic county Central committee of Lander county 1ms chosen Tho following As delegates to the democratic Stuto convention to to hold in Virginia City on Tho 28th of August a Scott j. A Harper m. M. Egan and Henry Mayn Baum Battle l. D. Huntsman and q. A. Middlleton my Botlik Reese River Jos Gilbert. Nevada clods this full Throe presidential electors Ono Jud goof Tho supreme court one congressman twelve senators and fifty Assembly men. Tho Republican state convention meets at Carson on the 21th, and Tho democracy on Tho 28th in Stant. County conventions will shortly follow and then to will have about two months of political strife. Tho democratic primaries in hum Boldt county will take place August 19th. The Eureka county democratic convention will to held at Eureka of Tho 28th prox. Tho Republican county Central committee of White Pius will meet wednesday for Tho purpose of stat ing the Lime at which Tho primaries will to held and also Tho county convention the following persons have been appointed As delegates from White Pine county to attend the democratic stale convention to be held at Vir Ginia City on the 28th of Tho present month j. R. Withington Gen. W. Robo Onins a. J. Lowry Robert Briggs j. C. Russel Tim Shine p. Casey and Geo. Stockl. The delegates to Tho Republican state convention from Lander county Aro James Brown j. A. Blossom f. H. Hart d. C. Moonney m. J. Farrell James Murray and Jacob Dorfuss. Lander it seems has elected two Moro than her quota. The Carson Appeal says the Republican ratification meeting at Carson on the 24th inst., is going to surpass anything in the Way of political gatherings Ever seen in this state. W. L. French and H. Stoddard Are two of the delegates from hum Bolt county to Tho Republican state convention. Tim Klov Puni Tho patient out of t by indl.l., Illi or Llor Ion u Uli bom Voiron Jisoo. Till us Wiillie Iii Iii i m h in i Omi Imi ii if to m. In in Liju Liliu lint of i in m pin in ii slim Hull i Nuuuli tie in in Liliu Irani into Rnic n of drink of two or u Menifi i i la a Lilli wire to connect Liliu ill i till die i Imil or liquor half ism forint in Liliu nil ii Oit i t in Isio inner Imit in lilo inst of lilo Wreh of uhf la. My h Usu anti Trio of Liliu Mill into lock con cum Witk Ali Boll work boil to Bawi our club run far Iii Iii lilo Fullow nil int. Tim it to Iii two in Rex Rumolt in Tom Luw avoiding m Finity of u Nair Linro a Trakht Ali Giuili dour ii til Tho inn will Oiler Niilyn Nln. Siuk. By our Unni Johnnil ulv tug 19 tint Itier i win Lull Point. Nuj rendering it noun lev mid Buduru m any of tuck portion of lilo num. To arc to Imblon or to input in Milillo i la Iii Lii in ii Tonj Loi Ikall who Ali untold Tel Mali k. M. Tom of in clix ult Lior Devn out or h in Ilio r from Loniro to by Iraco Privi i to Dinwit it out unil hid Back Liilo of tin unto ii i Lii i Larivon in Iho of die Ivi pc lion in Pluitt twin Linht Trinu of lilo Milf Clour. 4lh Trio of Iii Hilt Iho location of Olllie i in it Neiach mint by in Nuri ii no from or Wilt Lih Zidlo to fill mint lilo a toil Neuilly Tun Only to Obi Neil by lining our Perl no Commil Netlon Hank lock attic Ciul to us. Safou Oor by our Patent Cut off i it Iii Hru Liy a mail Niji Linht Durton la High Villini sch Fimi Fulcd bar our Avih 01 by to Iii Ono Viiu Iorizi 4 by i la Levant tayl01i, Kim Iii a Oil Pacific court. 12 cell Forslu her but. Knit w. Q. Hickok Virginia Tilv diamonds in is Ery slyly of Urmia my. H r be 8 q pc 0 of v h r Waco ii orbit h 79 j Street in Between third Ami fourth North nac Samento. Sacramento March tm7 committee. The state fair trustees have appointed a com Mittee of ladies in every prominent town in the state to a Leet articles for exhibition in the Pavilion during fair week. We Trust the ladies thus appointed will attend to matter. A Imauri train of ill Ean of beef Eattle went West last eve Alna. They belong to to Haklai a urge Bio notice in the Sutro that s. C. Barnes d. T. Meagher and r. M. Duggett have commenced suit against the California mine for the ground of that company of the value of 000, on the strength of a deed exe Custod to them by John Bishop one of the Early locators and prospectors of the Comstock lode they claim that the deed in the bands of the oat Ifor la company purporting to have hem executed by John Bishop to that company in a forgery and that they have abundant evidence of the hum s. 0. Ban was Toimi of Pimble. Lot eased my itt unt Tod Man omit on. T Wmk Lna can for blah you at which you can in aka wry pay. In own Lociel Lulea without Bolin away from Lipinn Over night. Walled in every own und county to Tako Aub. Crib i for Trio Centennial Ile curd Iba Pablo Mellon in die Tuii guilty Lallum Paloj torn Only it per year tin record in Dovo Teil to whatever of intermit Connie i Dwillis Tho Conui Nanlal ear. Tully Lua tinted in everybody want it. Bolo Napalo ii i Virost in their Clun try a Cobl Inkila us Utility and want to know All it an elegant patriotic drawl no Premium Perl Iii in Pri Gnu d free to each Aub tar text. It in until cml in of one Judd Rod a Ann Luemary of Tho Lati a 81m, 23 by 30 Inch a. Any Ono can a Como Micco Elul Tor Tat Tho paper and ii Lectura and baud Ida of an Canley obtained err whew. Tetra la do Bua new Liat will Ilka Thea at Prea Viil. Anent Noary Balm a blah u i m Pur and sow time Don t delay. Ifni Tambur it not of to give the build Tai trial. Hand Fourour Ian Anil aun Lii copy of paper Wiblett ii to Day. Pleto outta free to who to at. Rutan and and Belr my Stuj Lityn make the vory beat of Amu. The can Tennial Brookd. T. N. Church Raibl Nabla clot Bino a Star to 91mm robot Lxix spa Fri at
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