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Waupun Times, The (Newspaper) - October 13, 1857, Waupun, WisconsinT Lei times a , no Tim in j Vonil until Kekry tue Lav , at Avis. 3. H. Bran Klihoff afro Tutor. Block. Amu fifth a kits run r Mig in two in Sot i air i month i two an Ririe to r i air mos or Tut Tutu. Cut Hnton Hilf Cul Ninn Junr column on yer n Ute 1 j la nut or i or Doc Una acc a i Nch Meluni Zient Imi a Tenn not exceeding Alvo limn 1 Yter a Tony Ali Inlo not Ivy ill will intr life until pc Tbs in will Sav i lug Liliu Ninon to in Nile Kwh Iii we Vother. Once Well mar tar or 91 pm 11 us 13 w in 1 01 a 09 John walk and Counselor at Law All tint uni to Lili euro Tocu la la Lek. 1 x. Hook kit attorney and Counselor it Law notary unit rail collecting agent look m. U., and surgeon. Office it Lii. floor stub Llull Llinat Mill item a. 1 i Liy Oivinn and sure icon Waupun ten Lluhi in St. _ in Asician and surgeon a Minn vis Oft i won lir ii Oti Irv. Kilili in. In Mriln Turt i la i ii l . Ii. K. Surgeon. flick at on Mutt in in it wit Puu. H. , physician and surgeon tenders his profs Kong i to tin Itla in nine urn Ltd lit i Ortix s tor.-. 1 a. Ii. Likit Friant holds Forth is usual at the on Miilu to Lufi fill till Waupun to flow or. . J1r1ivkebiioff, publisher and prop Letor. Go in cd per a info la Advance. Volume 1. Waupun october 13, number o. John , denier in dry oof 15oot.s and Mil win 1 k. Mimi kit Fri on do Jilom in oms mule -.in. I t w. Volt Imp in dry Ifal Wius Crin in m Iii i font to ill Llola. I a mkt Cliant mid i Alor in Cady nip Corot him ii i. Fin in. Inn a ii. N. Til i i till Luin ill i v in. 1 i Ink Aiani t and a no i sin Moths nine Liui la ii in. A i Zitti not ii i Cut Mii . Iii i. In Neil i John Hull Anil Kali a in cloths lift Neil i l Var us i ii. , Milliner Curn r i. W. I ii. Ill , d r n y g i i and a o i h o a r y a Jill w. Nm., nil ill it. W. In metric inti and Tii Omah stodd Dault in l in t. J. N re . Kiril Lunt ,.f w. Ii h do ii. A. I Kilcrin Ofifi Climi Rii s i unit in tfior.-. Mill t t. Ii. Mutu. Danli a in Kelmir ii Iii i Liuigi Ric a i in . Under in i Luvisi oin Coli Fri Iii ii it. I. it 1 a Muica k a t i n a 1, o o a Nln it i to w a Lii. I 1-. W. Ii and mating Salon Tilor mud Kif Ira Thrift n ten pm la . I Thomas m -Mi-i.i.k.v, Ilir in i , nuts a fill .fl.-h. It the r til Ron l on Ulik l. I m Law my , in t Ware Ami Moirs and a Sci Tilting p real Lii in the Kil Iliili n trn.li-, i. Ii. Iliac cult k. Desidor Iii i unit Tiro and up Liotti by Ami nil Al till i Cal Llu a urtri1, mule m. K. I Kim Cabinet and Titan inf Hunt Iii. All Klein Ilono i a Filli Neil .1 to final it Iima in the . I Atli ill in tilt till Mikhi tin ii Tiivi i to or. Nind poor and turn inf a Tamiah it til rnllr.vl.1, worx i Illi i nn-1 a Whit Xiv a Olmi pc Alors in lumber and a cirs n or ,1j . so pump maker and Well Driller main St. I a-.w tit u a on n t hta Kowk it . I Imerti in All kinds lard wait to hotel in i. Tutti r in i Lull Hal ii alien Mitt a Cill. 1 is manufacturer 1 and agric Laura nil in it Iii t. re Stu Sigil dlr and Ilar Noss san kor. Next Doo Iii Jet Chang , Al car in inn we _ _ Oknox chasm manufacturer hoots and main nut Der to d 1 a. . Denier in All w nine r. Tall. Main Morel w m. Ton w mini. Fables. E 3-011 Money Rory Var gov known urn fill enl tog omit Ohluk that your Liu Ibum it bunk tills two Lingo know by since i Tiro you n ton Anil now Tho Chouk to Lur Nunt new us flu. Yon ii Fht now on it Turcot milking Bollo you think you be u to our us Well Anil it taken As much kor Onu Ili i to in Jinni a it Kli Siml link i no Little jut limn it Ink null i a Lilly your u Mont his Krum till no lit All Tomt i i Iii it Luy , Ami Siw Titre to 111 your 1 Niv t Juu Niki Anil it is Titt the in Klc to Tiik up i Whu ii you Iuen wins Raoul air Jill Wilucki my Aluir Ottlo or thu Hutu pinyin in mucking Muni . Titi Yon Newt cult it Nuu Plo to Mil i Illel to Rio. Ten a not n re blown Aiu in civil with u , Al vol is the Ini Ilii to limit Iii non in 01i Noil Illel a i ii la ii Muling Ursuy at ill Ali l ill la Lam Lull Kojl Enlil Nulli Luy. I in y Kiv Linn Lwy w.-1v, Lulu a.1i-i.iiii Jill i m it Yuu ii a to t be i i i Uiti ii lint i a in is r ii ii Hin a which in i i Vii a 1 Illy it nil Ami hum i Ulitt Tutti i Ruslim a , in j ii Muni .1 Imi. I v Iny hair Lii i Nisle. i n y Anil in it Ilia the or. Nch Ilu a n von bum it Avion join h Sun Ali l in you i a my Lull. without i Nilu Llu in i join Wilh to ii Ami ii ii h ill nor ii i Risili Len to Hin in. Ami Ali Civ not in the Homo a Lii l that Noi Ihly a not two Zimm Vonlil nine Kij i. Ill now i it .1 vet to Iii Ami lln1 ii lib lil Pei Milf la Illi Ilii in Ulivi unlit 1c. Nun to in i i mile. A Usdin in in ii lint u it i .initilbn-4 fir. F Iii the 111 in i t. An i i in lie , unit in 1.1 loll nine Len him. Hon will to i Only Iii x Titi i we Imp a nun from Nim Neni my by Hli Iron Iii i be fit for 1 Lii. 111 for t Ali l in in u to in i Lollie us. Ii i flan Iho lulls Lull in Vinert coulis Ilo no tie re Are in ctr Kir in tier Obi purple bin nine k Lille la. ii Crin Lueil nine mo.1, Oil. Lint Ilyf Iii Miil ttrortfi1 i von nine me. While lie Milih Lenoie Tiu ult ii ill the Jinn Eil no no , Oft Fork Eli ill i in a i v h in h a Tell us my i ii in lilt men by. Men by thought Neil Ini i by fume to Iii Lilov i n u Viii Bill by nmn off no Hlll 1 ill. R i Lier Umu i in a i Lipil r in ii h on tie not i Nti l i a i to Slbil i pm 1 on the line Iii. Mily to . L.-, will i i Oor in i k Fri Coin vainly Fli Ali "i1 voice. To nth i l a Motif Are it i n in. Horn Lulb Aii l Ilithe h Milter Iii Kiihnl Neier i hello ther a Minn Rix lit a l me Ron Tiibi Washin time 1 ask phys not and i Lii ukr. By a Waunn is an Indian word signifying break Day and to Village bearing that name is situated partly county i Dodge and or Fly in fond do inc county Sis. Trio main Street running cast Aud West through Tho Villno being on the county line. It is eighteen mild from Pondu inc and about seventy five Miles n. W. Milan Kec. Kot be ing considered sufi Eimont importance to be designated in our in rec nips it is comparatively Little known and Yot men women and children occasionally die in Wau Pun population helps to make rip the census Tho United states it has a hand in making governors and presidents and has incidents worthy Noto connected w Ith Early settlement. It is True that like the rest Mankind we Havo done a great Ninny things that we ought Uoc to have done and have left undone a Many thing that to ought to Havo done and though we have produced no Ginals in lit Orturo to Havo produced great men comparatively speaking and vory a that you take opinion the pious Oberlin who considered every Man a Benefactor to his coun try that caused an car Corn to grow where it had grown before. Like other Western settlements our Vil Lage is made up All kind materials and society is Croce Edingley miscellaneous. To Havo the inquisitive Yankee pushing Forward his new inventions the industrious amassing wealth by the Aid his Iron sinews Tho shrewd irishman digging out trenches and look ing As cheerful As Tho Blue smoke that Vii is up from his Woodland Cabin to de liberate englishman boasting the Superior Ity his coun by and Laws Tho canny Scotchman making his acres Blossom like the Rose Ruddy looking fior Man singing his songs Fader land and hoarding up cd qty Little Shiner that gets tween his lingers. Each brought Ong with him his Caily habits and Asso actions his own views business Laws id religion and As a natural consequence lion brought together on Public questions e Are Apt to boil up like a mixture Salt and soda. In attempting the history our Little Leige Tho writer labors tinder no Small a advantage in consequence past eing so vory limited. We have no Church couples with Bells in that tolled our great Rand Fathis the Long lines Graves in which Are buried the v blues i Hose ancestors we Only knew from trn lion is no Grey headed pastor up liken sacred statue in our memo aged Deacon with his head resting i the Sulo Ami enjoying a dose he Upton to Tho lame old sex ton limping away to the burying round Ith his Spade upon his shoulder for the or Post making an unceremonious rat o among the. Dry Bones. No As scarcely any past upon which the his Orian can fall Back. Jna Tuic s a Thodrus still stands with lofty dome Sun Moon and stars but Oaken Pil is Are overgrown with Tho Moss cent is the great High priest that worship us at the but in Canso to the treat Are they the Tom still stands but Tho worshippers Are duo. Hero and there to meet with a ice Anchovy fragment some tribe that has Back from place exile but lie mass buried in yonder Mounds with Linoir weapons War Are crumbling to dust and their history died them. Our Village is the Centre now Asso nations it borrows no propelling tinkling their music. Amid these mighty Parks roamed Tho ii Oblo Deer and Over those Prairies like so Man y Blooming lakes in ome soft wind played and tossing Zsido the Long grass invested it with Rainbow hues. I be winds and Bula till then had Boon the Only Husbandmen works went on with their song. 1 can picture their Firat Day in that secluded condition it was in that season when frosty nights were succeeded by Suu by Days the cows crept into the Woods As they Felt approaching May Tho kit tens ran Rolind Tho Cabin and chased each other up the tries and Tojo. Dog wandered along Tho River Side for reasons Best known to himself. 1 to Woodpecker tapped his drowsy music on Tho decayed the Turkey peered from behind the roots the upturned Trees where had been waiting so Long to Hail the blessed warmth and prejudices mid notions were nil Tum bled together they were Plain pieces Green Ash but All agreed on the question civil and religious Liberty and deemed it no breach respect to Wear their old patched clothes year in and year out. In Many new countries Tho Pioneer with his Silewa . Steel soon finds his health hugging Arnid Western my ask Bis system grows torpid energies Dio a kind stupidity creeps Over him thai he cannot Shako Oiland instead living he Only vegetated. Our first settlers had not this to contend wih they Are still in by amongst us with the Bloom health upon their checks and the glow honest Pride and self satisfaction in their hearts. We Sec no to Begotten countenances in our midst discussing the Merit the dumb ague no faces that look they had Bec ii turned out yellow Oak and Luicir orcs As yellow As their face we hour no and inv tried " what bus mess have chattering the Teeth meals Scio the so Irrol pushed nose out Are relished without resorting to Tim ulnits Tho door his Castle and after looking cautiously upon Tho intruders threw hit Tail Over his Back and with an angry Chir rup trotted to the nearest slump and then As the sunbeams pierced through the tangled Woods the Blue bid Bioko Forth into a note song tuned the strings her Harp for Tho coming summer and inquired when gentle May was coining with her music and her Flowers. Tho Little girls Tho family that arc Eisses the climate is salad Titus the Clear Atmos phere a tonic tide through Tho Fin me night affords renewed strength without the application opium and fills Tho Clear unclouded soul with Beautiful our pioneers were Hale Active enterprising men they Havo passed through All the toils and privations incident to a now coun try without sapping their constitutions or laying Tho foundation innumerable Dis 3 a. , Wagon nil kinds and Hulk Al. skin Mil Milln to Tho Isaac , Tho times office. 1 nation slim Pali l to shoeing a Tel All l 1 Van to lilo Sostoi ii miso Cirr Linton will Pizii. All Kiml Iloni with .1111 in i l n i try Ruhr h i c ick Kii Cilins tin und like Fri ints i l Lii is e.illc.1 in Africa in England in is the j Anil truthfully blocs Fielitz one o the non most Oei Ninn metaphysician Flint tie i Urcyl Means n conviction in life after is Iolo act in this life to May venture to wish Fot another. To who feels there is a goil mint look Down upon Liim will nol be disturbed by argument s sign isl his and he need s none for it. It a it uni Lime in lion Oil Lii a leave i Ion and they Havo nobly pc formed it they have done it roughly Yot the moved Ohio it for nil time and they need no 10 ashamed it. Them is a Soi t Romane in their history that my Sotil Thero a kind rustic simplicity connect wit Lathom that in truly poetic. By Liui them were the Homes they had left the Matoi Falls to their childish Isic and the Hills that Huck Back thei us shouts before tic a was the i ice Ness standing dark and Guiory in All it solemnity. It was on thu twentieth Day March that Seymour Wilcox together wit his family took up Ali or abode in a sea shanty on the Bank the West 13ranc Hock Olivcr preferring Tho. Location t apparently More eligible ones in other settlements lie was accompanied by j. N. Pc Kerman and Hiram Walker two Young men who to employed and boarded and from this time up to 18h, they constituted the entire population Waupun township. Nestling together in that rude domicile Tho Days came and went without registering any very strange they heard no startling news to disturb their serenity no Rise or fall stocks broke in now grown up into Young ladies could Tell they Learnt to get breakfast and Wash wishes How one night they heard a Wolf owl in the Woods and How a dirty old in Ian poked his head in at the door and sited for firewater. They could toll How Tioy use to thrust their Little feet into be faces Tho violets with a Dainty sati iness How they went Down to the River i a morning to Wash and Ai ranged their Fin locks with a wooden comb How they milked Trio cows for Tho first me the White current went Tut. Into their the first child born in was Ira yes and shot Over into the faces a Luster wild roses that Woie blushing at in perform acc. There Are threads Beauty that per add every household wherever it May a and whatever May to lot. Thorn pc always pleasant thoughts kind words and Happy remembrances flying to and o. Liow must the hearts this family Nve rejoiced when As the Long shadows veiling wore stretching Over lilo landscape one travel r in his Kentucky Joan coat and Stoga boots alighted from his shaggy id horse and asked for Tho ight. They looked upon it As a sort Ngol visit each ones trived to outstrip a liars in acts hospitality and though lies could not Ollor him the luxuries to soon my that lie to anything they had. The old fisc Placo in t was Winter was soon plod with logs up o Tho very to croat and Shook shadows round Tho room in Tho winds hat roared without. the Hap in cd to Havo a paper a Mouth old their was at height and the younger Mem Bers Tho family ransacked columns s a Glutton would ransack s Ark for he remnant an eel and it is said that no them once read the president s pcs age without stopping to take breath. The ionic the Pioneer is As Sac red to him As he Palace to the Prince it is the fortress his feelings Tho Strong hold his heart while he retains Possession it to cannot o vanquished and he will conquer All Tho Lilvin cuties occupation and All Tho ills Ifo to retain it. This Little band had As it were severed 11 connection Between the meshes and the last. When they Loftt Lic old Hearthstone there Trio is St kiss love was imprinted hey severed All local tics and snapped Sundor the thread that linked them to their place. True to their pin pose they wont to work in their new Homo As it they Woie going to tear Down the whole West and pile . Amid wind my storm and Sui Liing Anil mation hey Laid the mud silk Empire Aud pre pared a Homo for their children. Morn s Dawn evening s gentle hush bore witness to their India slip and Tho Happi Ness we now enjoy in a degree the pro duct their labor. They fit m to their purpose As and Tho Sparks struck from them Are i cured into images Beauty and their memory will Ever be As necessary to Tho lowliness our Village As Tho few remaining Oaks that stand like sentinels along the aisles nature s Temple they belong to the locality they Are ii Blo portraits that circumstances Hui Ings he son or. Wilcox which canned in the month april 184-1, and the first marriage took place in the year the Lucky fellow having to travel 80 Miles to procure a lick us and almost the same Dis Tance to obtain the few extras necessary for Trio bridal supper. Or. William any Ono would do in his isolated condition begun to fuel the need a compan Ion and his Ideal opinion woman becom ing elevated by frequent Lutc scours c with miss Collins he began to imagine that her Youthful loveliness was Only the sex p Russion a More Beautiful spirit Aud that his Little Home would to All the brighter gladdened by such a presence. What difficulties he encountered in his first up poaches whether his first advanced were propelled or not 1 am not Pic pared to say because none our business to know but knowing As he did that a faint heart never won a fair lady he Kett up the siege and came off victorious. Like other Loucis i expect they use to sit and look into each other s faces and talk in such a Low voice that what they said was not intended for repetition and 1 have no doubt that in his presence Lucinda would sometimes get a Little confused and boil the eggs too haul Salt the custards sweeten Tho Gravy Iron Tho collars on thu v. Rong Side and pare a slice her fingers when cutting the bread. William was then a Man full fire and enthusiasm his intellect was rough and glowing like an uncut Diamond Liis ily octian As Large As the Prairies surround no him and his soul As eager As the cables. His love was comprehensive full supreme it was an electric current throb ing with inspiration and Over leaping every Banier Way. Miss Collins be came the one beckoning Hope his life the one steadfast pc dial thought that lit up Lis spirits and the Ono anticipated Titcas lire that would make his Humble lot a leaven before him shone a world up in our Beautiful Ujj s for latino generations to gaze upon Tuey no the Stalwart a Cross our history their hearts arc living coals to ii wills Granite their Home leave ii a though they May to deficient in scientific knowledge and Blind us beetles in the new England catechism yet you fint some the old Yankee Stull lingering about there yet. The family or. Svi Kox wore Ruli voc leaner than that memories the which lose Fudold cast amid the the very Louls darkness that loomed above his path became Hales amid her smiles and inc storms that beat Mound him were tempered into music. Tho bridal Day came the Woods were a Frozen written by invisible fingers the Eaith was wrap in winding Sheet Snow but in one Littles Cabin the Light flickered grotesquely from the old fire on to a Shewn raft is. There was no useless array among the bridal party no Satin dresses with White ground and dotted with stars no jewels sparkled on the bosom Tho Bride no bracelets encircled hot Arm nor did any costly veil fall from the Back her head to hide the simple Ever Green that Hor maid had placed in her hair. There were no Dandi fied scented feline looking White gloved empty headed scions codfish aristocracy present no fashionable Birds Beautiful plumage and sickly looks no Palo pets Tho Par Tor who had vegetated in unhealthy shades till their complexion had assumed a Green ish color like that a potato in a dark cellar. The ceremonial throughout was proud by a Qun kor simplicity the building was Humble but on that Day was made sacred to him before whom the pomp religion is extinguished and who dwells not in temples made with hands. Tho ceremonial Over i can Sec the White cloth placed on the table and on it a plate or two biscuits almost As White then 1 can see a big Gobbler fatted for the Occa Sion and almost smell the which Tho slush no is sprinkled then comes pick tip the girls handkerchiefs with the a Hond Wiy Fop and sport steeped in the Balm a thousand Flowers yet they and souls that were de by fashion and their Manly tread needed no whalebone ratan to steady it. Their journey was enlivened by in overflow bounding the Beitf by Ficks Rural innocence und snatches virtuous recreation. A Little Cloud might pour from the heart he Bride and drip in de vicious tears through her lingers As so looked Down into the Green valleys the past and up the Golden Heights the fun Uro but the tears Scro like those n summer Cloud when we sity a the rain will soon be Tho first religious meeting was held in the House or. Wilcox whore father Smith folic Atod. Lie is still amongst us and there be a Good old Man it is he. He is a living moving spiritual methodist organization in himself la carries his principles about with him Day to Day he was sent into the Wilder Ness to set the souls those about him on Lite and whether Bis Temple were the barn or the Forest columned and curtained by god s own hand his influence Felt. His head is very Large and Bald in his face a Benevolence id his very hat i sometimes fancied was sacred As 1 have seen it stand on Tho table below the pulpit and apparently list ening to the Sermon lie never admits a doubt into Bis exhortations with Ono stroke his hand he sweeps away nil Lickly Sunli mentalism As he would the Mer est Gossamer web. In place suspecting that Tho old accredited doctrines the gospel have done their work to expects Good from nothing else Aud All that he clusters about them is for the Sake them. To works like a Blacksmith at his forge it one time thundering Down the terrors of1 Tho Law on our Heads und at another extending the invitations mercy. His Beautiful hyperbole his Apt allusions his rustic anecdotes and his unpolished shafts sarcasm give a Rich Buck ground and a Strong Relief to the finished rhetoric Many a pulpit essay that has been written to Tran i iliac the nerves a fashionable Audi ence. I can picture him in his first Sab Baths in this new country. There was no chinch to talk in lofty music to him no to Mark Tho hour worship except the one rung by memory and Vibra Ting from among Tho Hills disown native England. He was the Tirol to labor in the Vineyard and though he looks for his re Ward elsewhere he will not reject this pass ing tribute respect to his Worth. The first death that occurred in the settlement was a Small son or. Town who with others was enjoying the Mari Ignont a raising. Being Ali misty to went to a pail where to and seen his seniors drink and partaking too freely the beverage it proved fatal. It was whiskey and ignorant effects to innocently be came a victim to that destroyer which has blighted the Hopes thousands., to 1842 the first Post Olieo was established in the Village and Seymour Wilcox appointed Post master. And o How glad they were to see the sleepy old horse come in with his treasures upon his Back that fur outweighed the wealth Golconda. The mail bag like All mail bags was full love and hatred Courtesy and sycophancy and when it burst like a bomb from the office it covered the features some with Rainbow Light and others looked As they dad been taking a Douch Bath. How strange that Tho conflicting cd a cols car ried so easily on Tho old horse s Back should make such strange Woik when let Loose. Then the mail Only came once a children the let c i formed Liiv Al 1 1 from this Monotony in 18-11, Hun the bowl pickled cabbage a dish Kuick Tlle Meul received an accession in i to per and a boiled beets Fantaski decorated with cloves and alter that Sot sons or. 0. Earring Iii or. Town and others who heroically entered upon the hardships Oik a Pioneer s life in Juar tera where everything was.s new to them As they had just been Bora into it. But to work they went galling the Trees Fenc ing the land raising log houses and Mak upon their equanimity no crash in Busi Ness no downfall dynasties no new Fash ions attracted their attention. The Grey each morning was heralded by an old pompous looking rooster they imported from Tho East who blew his Clarion trumpet at four one blast following another before the Echo had time to die away in the for est. Around them were Beautiful open beyond them were Blooming Prairies extending they knew not where but inter laced with Ivor rivulets that danced to the the old openings Echo with inc Din much As t their 1 Vota morning till nil Jet foreign Lux unos. Tho crowning dish glorious cake Well seasoned with Ginger Ami to plentifully spread Between the Olivert for Jc-1. And from my own experience in the science gust Rono by Sulci a supper , would be with the table were loaded with Liy they toiled in their in a , and sent the Bio aking plough with yokes Lurdy cattle through the native Sod tearing and groaning Iku a giant among Tho Root and rubs. Then came inc Green grass the the Day following the wedding a bridal visit was proposed to Lake Emily the to is dunce Bride s father and which Luy about twelve Miles i Tuut through Road less Woods and Prairies. Arid what Corn and the wheat some bearing sixty you ask was their Chariot a Maniti cent sled by what was it drawn a fold and some a int cd. There Scro no arbitrary lines draw amongst them no venerable fictions to the Way their pro Gress society Aud custom Hung no dead weight magnificent Yoko oxen 1 with what wus it cushioned a magnificent bundle clean Braw and seated this the Beau bilious Mitis. Tifful _ Bride and her attendant sat As Dignin i fied As did Cleopatra when surrounded with j jail that wealth could Purchase. Were the it first own precedence. They Groom and his suite mounted on chargers were not a pm fact organization packed through wet and Snow they trudged forehand fitted they All the same Point the proc was and to reached one after All stations life on Shanks Pony making the Vulkin ring time it Ivas Tho Crow Mother their creeds Ritli Tucar merriment they could not j the lop his hat on that Day wife and up the books the past. Tors brushed off Tho chit from the pictures Distant friends that were hanging up in heir souls. Some were sick some were Mari cd and these written epistles were a shaking hands across the flood that divided shuttle unit wove the ii passage into Ono. The Wilder not being acquainted with the Village in Babyhood has to be de pendent on information derived from other Ovir Ces and cannot perhaps interest his readers better than relating a graphic description the Clicc him by one the Early settlers. The list time he looked upon it it Lay Calm and Bright in Iho Wrin Sun a May the buds were breaking into Leaf Aud the air was Laden with a Wildwood fragrance. The River was winding Way like a Silver Serpent Ami duelling through the aisle the Forest like a dream through the silent realms Scop creeping vines Hung from the and drooping to the water s natural Grottoes lit for the abode Naiad. Along the River Lay trunks vecs like columns about an unfinished Templo acid Tho Little rills that ran among the open Ings seemed to by in a great hurry As they unwound Astling Ofgren ribbon from their reel Light Blue Birds wore dissecting the crotches Trees caning away the leaves and making As Imi Cli Iii tic and Mir As a woman does on May Day. The i w go wore like log Limi in a Hallisy since no Ono has Ever had Tho impudence to suggest an in to vement to this style in hit Imuro. I in tics were dec Attore hero there he Only Harmony apparent being the Harmony confusion. The Lisl Man he accosted had thin Humdy flair which rarely went through the operation combing he wore a Blue faded coat with Metal buttons and Bis pantaloons had passed so Many times through the Wash that to obliged to Strain out the wrinkles before he put them on. Lie Mot another one with a chunk Corn Cujko in Ono hand and Noth ing in the other Bis uniform was dread full rapped and from the tune he was whistling and the rents in he Robes one was led to conclude that he was bursting open with patriotism. The third one he encountered seemed to be a stranger to the razor his face was unshaven and his toes wore peeping out his shoes to see what Tho Crown was dangling from id you would Havo taken him at first might to be one Hobo follows who follow the March div Ilia Ion for Sam Mhoo that follow Bat he was not. Re with intelligence and Good Natura grasped a stranger by the band a9 heartily a he had known not a tit Fem and you fat with him by be Gan to plunge Rod Over saw logs grow warm a the pts pet Aad Long Tripa Saitua. Binary Poutou the Wisconsin whose agricultural Mineral Lum Cring and manufacturing resources Are it was opened to Maupua on the loth february 1s56, to Brandon on october 15ih, and to Ripon on nov. 15th the same year. to Tho first Jannie in
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