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Waupun Times, The (Newspaper) - June 20, 1860, Waupun, WisconsinThe Waupun times an Independent Republican newspaper to und Anil pm to nil u i huh Ull l 1 ill lil ii Hily Komi spa of at j. Brinit Orloff publisher proprietor. let Moore i look. Don it fifth oath air. Annul str t i lit on , 00 i1 ii Juho f Irtoli Al Iuliu a i Aijo 00 ,.-mli _ _ 13 a Wei a 1 hip us nut i Dillni a 1 Jinx d a ii i a us a it Lwi it my it sat m hit Sirki. I Lri of a n i a 1 it Loti to , in., roil Niillo fill us. Him i Lvov ii Aro Bua Rimini c in to e. . A Imerti a. i f a wll it. I uti-rt ill it Jim fur. E. 0v of i a Lorii Ilner mar Tina of o h Vuil in. No of u Siviur m uiyiusos1, . T. In Pun i a so. N i v it b at of a. Mill Moln i . S. I. O. I to Trio r , mus. 1 n cd i a it o o or k e s s of Kov Lleni local in Poi nine Nelly in till Anil n pc Purcil to nil ill Otili i liitle Nir Lii i pin i slim. Otheo in full Ali i in w Lipil Lillic Ilia u i Iliin Khatmor. 8 boots shoes has Jin Fri Tho in i nil. , us it to nit a la ten in u dust Midi Rimigia hum t Ulli us Tylim or coh of taif Tillro into look re Curtly Well no to nitty Linin Eliut John a ask it lorry unil t Oan solor at Law Xiv in i h i 111 l v my l a Tutti Ute i. Ii a i lil. Air at a notary ill in n. I Fri . 1i Iati and Wati Tui i .1 t i in stir c i wit. J a ill i. 1 i m. N j r. Cimon la j 3s55. S. 5.k, i surgeon in a Psi. I a i in in it la i ill a Niue a ii i my xxx nil nil. 1mv.ik i a in i is ii mall i it in to 1 i will ill lit mum1 ii i it. Xii i if i. I -.1. I Lilii i Umi c jul. M. N., of i incl. Us Neil Miluin nil Witfill . I Tini thin vhf . Ity to Tut Ali ii High a Cal timid m Uii Tonuu null in tin of Wii inn he inn d it All Alt 1 1 lilt in. 1 1 Lac a i null it it it menu a Pitili Tulli of any i n Liml , in. Init finl 1 orig wait Kilt Ion a i Lillif tilt in the t lilt in nil us. Thu Ivanc t Luilly 1 n Alt Nunn i it item i ten a i birth. To v 111 ii. It. M. Ii., i. Till Wii Kinin l . la it a i. C. He. i. Ali lev Clu i in we. . A. If., . M. Nurr. Al. A. l.. Re Lii ill la a i Ulilla Annii 1 Lunio Kiili ii. My my h a d l it w. Ac., or Willis Sesby lev Titchen thu i of of Olllie nil i . Lutc a lit. I Milia l in Tii in. A t it ii m i "it i Kilili ii Ishii Cliitis 1 film i Tilv to Hiti l "1 ,.1 i ill. In lit i in ii i f if Union a .nii. W in. 1 i w. In m.-dicim1-., Ami . I n . I Tiu i roots of Thi county Mutual a a akm kits 1 x s in u a n c k c o m p a n a ilm Tony Giro to thut to Pruzin ii Mienl sait. Hui i pm Royln Fiill Kluuni Kitty nil t Oki i. A. Ill x. Ii r. I1it -., i min i to i t. T t a m a m in 1 11 j in i ions. Nut j i Nln 111 j j u --1. I. .1. Am i mix. Ami u ust, r f n. .1 . U i a Cis in All mails of i Nril Varo till to Clell. Ii i a. My will Lii it Lih in 11-im x i Ulli i Ilai Liuro no i l r Apfl a Cru Ultman in ii. My l i 1 b i a ii i Tinl Blini i maker. door nil. Miot xxx u -.nil, xxx n i m 1 Blun. Uthi i Ciu 11. , of Tho peace 11 Intuit no exit i iut Zard Neil it ii in. Tins Kcomt la Crit i. . . I a 1m . If und n a Lutill . La i a nil. 111. Tiu i o our state i Imti in c incl i Laii. Of lokits of Tutti adv. Illy i Umili it. , vice to Rcpt. I. mint Lucu i. , the irrepressible conflict. Us w. Fru the con lift i 1 i incr i hint Oll i and tally i our i it with toting und Olio it of Chait of do Boytis Bolio to Tiu in thu in of Trio fit m j Uku our Vav Hui civilly in to i Luy a Huitzil to Imu Tuit Uius Ouuor mud life aim follow flu Luck Oil ii in on of nuts to a Tenn Tiu Ali com Tunur Tho Lunini Thiu acc Toni upon Lii a Conio Trio Thoy Fomo from i Ilic tilth Trail let Ulm mull i min i Infin ail from from and form Tho Hof Tri ill Iho Ulni in. A Tutu Niitani Boni Thor to Tho in vex t of tin tit of at Tiu of the Pihut Tho at thu they i o of thu inc a livid uni Trout , old Altur a Banner thu u or Ute id in Nuvil Trio u if of l in our Sci inv ii who with Cunt Norrlof t will. Chlu Icid Ruiu he bust to Tiv of Trio Hill j i1 Niti Hutt Illi. To till in hn4 fought a coins lilo Battle lilo Ami to Liht him us Vitu mho Cuiyu woo or Como Sci ill in an i in us lit Roik aim it Stan in Killil by Ivo with on to Lii Huimin Fui Hoiu hat old Alu of Trio and join Bunner ukr Sciury bunk if Tuo of Tut o thy Ctm from Lake Thoro to son nou to Tor let imn unit he Aux a of thu Tico Sli ill t be dark Aldo of Tell o or soil amt Kif Diu Init i to Blu Oil like thu k Mythi it and Llu 1 Livatt of our Tiiu Hui be Hoiu Thui l o the Cru or the it of Tiu Sot the Tow will re us kill on us Loi the i Linus Nuver by to thu ii unix 11i Tytko big Usu to Thi of l Starr Bainor on to Tho Lui illicit i the Truo question canvass. Of the that among nil our politic in gives fairest Promise is that the people Are by to see More clearly than Ever before the nature of Tho questions which they Are called upon to decide. Noi Xvi n single doubt Rei Kinin in regard to the result of the election if Tho people of thu North Coulbo Broil but to unto Stancl the real i Suc is presented to the i entry. That Issue is precisely this . Tun Lallo Kuks of this us come .Lkd to take tub of a Cas l a this and nothing less is Tho question Xiv High the a workers of this nation Are called upon to Settle and it concerns directly of pry labourer of Tho land but especially those of Tho Freo states and every Public Man who stands in any Capa City to represent Tho working population of the just in proportion is n constituency is degraded will Tho Roros Ufa Ieti sink in the scale in the presence of such in aristocracy As the g , under no ii the popular sovereignly do Trina of by which million1 my and tendency of Iho system of society which the South is Sendai voting to fico Puii Tho whole country the ultimate Dis Francils Eimont nud of the in orint Ela sos without respect to color this object they Are to accomplish unless speedily exec add by a untied uprising of Tho labourers of tue Freo states to prevent ten ii Tiiu Niph. It i right s in they capital should control and even own thu labour the to must to gun Plonien and sort Rols a ruling and u Servile Cable. This is Tho True Southern doctrine and Stiving except through present i icing stances no special reference to Black men. In this View of the great question be Bro Tho country to Osteoma it a Mont fortunate circumstance that Mich u Man As or. Lin Coln has been selected As the Standard bearer of the party whose aim is to Diferd and ennoble to secure for the Workman nil his tights and a duo re Waul for his in Lesliy. It would have been difficult to have found another Man who would More Juleli by represent in his own life Chariot it and principles the exact antagonism to the souths idea of n Sivile Labouring clans than Abraham Lincoln. In his Oitai i in his Kiuly life in , self respect and High Aims in his Long enduring Hiber in his integrity in his Succorso in his a Minuni. Position honestly won by virtue of his Sterling que Luil Smi. Lin Coln embodiment of the True Amert cite i Lea u is u result of the system which honors the labourer. Mere however could Havo occupied Iho exist position the . A political Leader would riot Havo stood so near Tho popular heart. Or. conies from the workers Anil is n Nobia example of what hat system free labor of which to stand us Tho Champion. Civil will of beauties of the institution. We find in k i. L to l in m. i Lorli. a. Hunn lion t it i no nil s. E. Stood and. N o t a k v t i Al i c Minim i Mirin Klimt t of. 11 ii i in 1 i . I r. . I l 1 it. I us Julic .ii ii i in my Nair on. I k i t. In ii 1 11 i lit to Niilus a. And All Points Bast act South. Ral 1 is 1, Oslo Koskii i allx v Chicago i Orth Western railway e it Jukic Tiomi i a in unit Tuluii to of in i m Iuo inti nil 1 in in runt x South. Nimi till ill i in Cili u ii a univ Willii a. xxi id i my. I Imit Ami oms Lotus Lildia in x nil to us .t.l. It in , Trio Tui . in a until. A in a i Ithier ii pin it Minn Olimi lir tin Len 1 . A nil the i n Kun .1 ii. J h thou on c7ii Li of i. U. Ai ont i Lili Kunu a a i 1, Anil of Xiv. Camilla lit. Lect Len. A a flirt in i. Ii ill i in i t miurii.wktr.ns . Oki i. I l Vii. Snip Iliin Nili it. K in xxx Irr Lio six of. Hin i Aci it. Bank r a dunking business j at of Selu Exchange ii in it tin l i Tofil stint Una shut jul or Fla am ii la ii in Litton Tini p Lii to arc you ticks 00 to a us s new meat Labeet a lion Vou 1 jul every Vork to of Trio Uiiiliikncil. Mixing n tix rect producing can secs of our be Public to n Fox act in the social scale than any labourers of Bli Ropo Are not excepting the serf i of who doctrine of Tho great party which itself and which Len wins control of every Southern Noth ing less than chattel servitude for the work ing Nietin who labourers and that without respect to color. If Thoy Are workers they must be Content to be degraded. The idea that four million., of labourers can be held in slavery at Iho South with out do guiding Tho a while lab Oters both and Soui his absurd la supposes an Tim which underlies the system of the South and which in the inline of democracy Are to Over the a photo country knows nothing of color. It a reference to Tho working Man Ilia tevet his color May to. Trio distinction is not in essence Between while and Black bulbs Laveen the gentleman xviii does not a work and the labourer who la i a demand that All who work the men shall to Tiva tej As be longing to an inferior condition and As cont Titi time an inferior it is simply in attempt to establish in this Tho old relation of Europe Thi lord and Tho serf and to use Tho prejudice against Tho Blonek Man is the menus of ii electing Tho object. Ivo Lhing is More certain that dope kids upon inevitable lax than that the permanent establishment to behave in strongly excited our suspicions and at length put her Helm up and ran in for the Shoie thus taking ims last and most is Prato Chance for escape. Unfortunately for her the wind was so Light that she was prevented from effecting her purpose and we rapidly ovoid hauled her notwithstanding shul she was carrying All her Eai ivies. The Orn Jador now hoisted English Cal ors and tired n to , after some delay bark for such she proved to finally displayed the French Flag at the Peak. This time however Etc were so near that we Weie enabled to see that her hatches were a l closely Cov ered Over and As we continued to approach we would even distinguish tha peculiarly Loath Suino odor of a. Crow esd slave ship. Under these it d hoi mined to Board her and accordingly a boat and the English Ensign were Low ered at Tho same time and the american colons hoisted. Is o sooner did the Giusa Der s boat. Savo her than Trio bark hauled Down Iho French colons and is we Leai nod threw to lain and ice papers overboard together so that when Bhe was boarded be had neither papers nor colors and was confessedly without name or Iriti Laahty. A Lutle while Beio was a dead silence on Bond to h ships though t in Kusmi Strong Nimni indic in odor placed beyond All doubt that Trio balk had was made without any Dent i the negroes and without any Inci dust of Inte rest. I urn cons Havo been erected it key for the accommodation of Recap tured slaves and our cargo will to sent Thor As soon As possible. The prisoners will remain in charge of Tho u. S. Marshal to await Tho result of their Cor. Orleans Delta. Japanese Honor. Hei Hatchw of Negroe i. And now Boga to Hoar i sort of sup pressed moaning which Boon swelled into he unmistakable murmur of human voices. As our boat reached the Side of the bark and As the officer in command sprang on Ilia deck with u tremendous shout the tvo gentlemen of the court having met on the staircase of tha imperil Palace their Sabies chanced to strike one against Iho Oiler. The one Xhu was Doxon considered the circumstance in Al though Tho one who was ascending and a who was encumbered it the Lime with n Diah for the emperor s table attributed ii to Accident adding hoax Over alter All my Sabre in As Good is i will soon Thov you Tho difference Between replied the first and suiting the a lion to Tho word to Drew his abre und applied it with deadly effect to the Coutv. Abdomen. The other is soon he go up stairs and perform his duty to the limper or hurried Back to his adversary and expressing his Joy no Lindini Gnu Sull Alixe declared that rolling Bui his service to Tho Ein Peru had prevented his being beforehand with him and that he had now Como to prove that his snare was fully equal to he xxx Hereupon he proceeded to open Bis bowels of , and was soon a Corpse at his fallow a Side. Tie japanese in other Ciss m Ike even n nicer Point of Honor than ibis and carry the principle of suicide to in extreme which if thu habit should obtain in this county Xoum Malce a Many Vincin i a in our and us Long materially with our favorite theote of rotation in Oil ice. All military men the servants of the emperor Suil Parsons holding civil uder the govern men Are bound by the Isle of Honor thu a pre in Japan whenever they have com melted any iniadeineano.-, to Oiler their As a Saar Ilice and to become their kingdom of the two if Garibaldi is successful in the of Sicily without doubt the Continental potion of the i Ordoni will also rated and thus Between Cine and Tea Mil Lions of italians will be on the Road to Bat Ter government. We Are so accustomed to maps of the United states projected on an unwonted scale in comparison with european governments that Woda not real ize the relative size and importance of our neighbors our to water. For there is scarcely a new yorker who Wuu at first eight admit that the kingdom of the two sic Ilies More commonly known As Tho kingdom of Naples is As Large in area As the Empire state Coul Nius nearly As Many inhabitants. Tho Continental Porti Malone an area of Square Miles while the Island of Sicily will add about Ono this of Mure of that area to the kingdom. Mainland part of Tho two sic Ilies contains by the census of inhabitants the insular portion Bas pop Lalion of Palermo the chief City of the Island bad in 1s57, 200.0001 inhabitants. Tho receipts from Vinious imports in 1850, were for the whole kingdom ducats and or Iho same year expenses were ducats Ducat in apus is not equal to cur Dollar. The expenses every year since 1s53 to null have Many millions beyond the receipts. The total of country if now Iorii than Oun Hundred and forty Mil Lions of Dolthus. But the resources of tha two sic Ilies Are so great in Jer a lib eral government the whole debt would soon be wiped away. The Island of Sicily ouch Oslo cod to the House of Savoy. Austria at the time owned the Island of Sardinia and gered to Exchange the last mentioned insular Possession Tor the first. This was accepted Aad thus the mukti of Savoy Beau in the Sovereign of Tho Island which gave the name of Sardinia to the Northern kingdom of Italy. Sardinia he now Dis aus Ria of Lombardy and who1 knows but that the Garibaldi now Sicily from a worse despotism than that of Austria Commerce of a Star destroyed us russian c of the Loudon Telo graph writes thu at Moscov n Phenomena bus been recently , such is would Haxe give i Rizic t the Crea Tion of a whole Cycle of fantastic myths in the Lime of the world s infancy. Learn1 from a paragraph in the leading paper of that City that at 10a-, on the night of Thawn executioners by this favorite j 1st and 2d of March n Star Tole South of ripping Ives open. They not do Hiis however until they Rul ii v t Hij to i v icing. Ily attention was attracted by group consisting of somewhat More than a Hundred women. behaviour wan in Strong contrast with lint of the jollies and was of their sex Kuti roly nude Bat Iulio costly a they or Knelt in to Maul and silent thankfulness. Sequin a of held infants in their arms and through tears like Sun Shine from behind a Elout beamed an exp of the deepest gratitude Hap Tho looked to Honsch they this in Penni a Ostia go Tuny be Tho of that does but however this humanity should nyc 1 pc his Froe glom if Tivo or Toiuo Hundred dollars will save him from he auction Block. We think we never met with n that placed Tho Kirin Ifould iniquities of slavery in a clearer Light then does the above. To Kidnap n Frea Man throw him into jail re quire him to prove himself free while Refu sing to to Kotlik evidence of his parents lie cause of their c ilor and finally if in should Suici eed in adducing proof of his Freedom Selling him into boil Igo top in Tho j lil fees aces King through his iniquitous very Devil Hun Sulf could devise nothing morn inhuman More clan Alle than this. Yet this is the system hid just Bei to Misc from despair to the most exultant gladness. The i Ceilio of confusion on Board Tho bark when the negroes found themselves thu is id from Luo accustomed restraint batiks All . They had of coi irs that to Are asked Turrito ios of ibis to Are to unpolluted soil. To extend into Tho free Union this the blight unon their vet crime or Paris Cor respondent of Iho Lii Aldolphia says the last thing against Crit Ohio has been told n belonging to the firm that was Rii Cully lobbed of jew Els to such a vast amount. The woman been kept on a very Small allowance of i Ood and water during Fie the first use they made of their vibe ii was to satisfy their did Lii St i Ipoh the did by into the bread Waitr cables and lion i running eating drink no dancing and Stream nil it once. Al a altered but Little to them a that so t of vessels they drank boxes and troughs were All brought into requisition. L even saw several full oxus Hap Jim and delighted with a piece of bread in one baud n wooden Spittoon full of i Muddy water in Tho other. L As soon As their wore sat Fie 1, Tho african fondness for Tinory Bogan to a xxv Belt and All the Loose articles about who ship Veru Ein Plochl pc Isona Oina inputs. Some fastened belaying pins to their or nud some strutted proudly about with Copper indies Hung round their necks. By this Timo however n done Ament of niniii.o-, arrived from the and urdu Vas at once restored and an organi Ziti on is Sibli had. Tito negroes Yvere clothed with pieces of Canvas and the Cap Tain super cargo Crex sent on boat Dia Jis prisoners. J Luy made no claims or remonstrance s whatever but surrendered themselves As slavers . They stated Ihal the barque had no name and that All Goncy brought their winding sheets with ilium to this country Enn Only be Learned from Thyl master of the Robes attached to the embassy soon is the order for suicide has been duly communicated to the culprit to invites his intimate friends to come and take leave of him in a draught of . Aft drink ing and leave taking the condemned my or axes his snare mid performs Iho duly of self Minola Tiomi in the usual Mode in the presence of the assembled friends. Should a culpa of prove n Coward Nui decline to Honor Niemoy in this Manior Tho punishment is inflicted by the Imperial Ollie irs and in such Caso his a Volo family perishes him in infamy and Dishonour. The Best friends of the a . Sometimes Immo late themselves with Liim and servants no Lully make it a part of their agreement a Lii i heir masters that they shall enjoy this Lurhl. H attempts. Slavery perpetuated s Avory for Tho Workman White or Black. To show that we do not misrepresent extracts from the views Obj tremendous crinoline which swung to the right and Tho left in a very de Jayc style. Dining one of these pendulum is a Model As regards figure and pos jul Weir papers had been thrown Over Oai with their color. They seemed to Bear Sessody of Many arts of fascination which catch the Eye of the weak such matters the also furnished i they to pro of n porn Lii Rod no r i to i Ali tickets i Oil great Britain t . Ca ii a. Hnxft1-. I 01 ten Roto w Xiv e no boil no . Nil ill Ichiso i it Cut to s. a Clu . For hides. John a 1 by Yinn snip nut c. At we inn Kun some Southern statesmen As have expressed them. In is a. A dieting nishid Stitt Stan of Moix in sponsor Virginia Sims expressed i a self co pc keep 1% Tirol rate Ami is for franchises to the labor sue it an extra Luich to the left and up it went up Over tha coup Tor covering n ease of jewels of immense in. Trio lad and the assistants be some peasantry and of i 1 Tho country fills up there be at who a jul that is who tend the herds and dig Wcroft will -.1 i f k. a r. I y. In s d d bashful slate of cout u to and Iho consequences evident and the gentlemen Tho have neither real nor1 wow sea to Rescue. The my blushed of their own and re or ranked her dross and a earn their Broad by the sweat of the hurry earned Oft the treasure Uncer bios. Siuk gentlemen say whether Abatu they believe those who of tiitir1 labor for their daily Ance can or gov. A Camson of Ohio has appointed Ever do enter into political flairs. They a Rouimi Spiot to go to new England and never do never will never Aud report in Reie Vuco to the Oal cum to Wirtur. Ami a or per or of South ciiroliaa1 cattle disease. Jucs Xann tent o on if 11 s. A. I ail society settles Doxon into classifies a negress speaking of her children Titus of capitalists Lal orders. Of one Ligh or than the rest she j soul just Flat Ai Ltd Slu Ihsaro Saul pcs of the steady hit of ca." their loss with philosophic such a contingency Liefl been evidently regarded by them As a pint of their risk and they were not. Unprepared for it. The is Frenchman As is also Tho us per cargo Trio Crex me mostly spaniards with n us fre Bumen. The negroes a Here selected from prisoners of War recently taken by who King of Dahomey. They Veie brought from the Slivo Mccasl in the seaport of the Renox Vaud kingdom of Dahomey. They much Superior to Tho co Gocs. Xhu the disregard of death which the Japo Noso prefer to the slightest disgrace expo Tho classes nine both sexes. A gentleman of Fogo had a wife of exquisite Beauty who was tenderly attached to him. I Liu emperor smitten by Thi lady s Beauty caused the Liui Batu to Bop it to , and Oide Iod the widow to be re in veil to the Palace. She a res Pite of thirty Days to deplore the loss of her husband without appealing to Rosenl the favors of the emperor. At the expiration of the Timo she Gao an entertainment to her it lends the Monarch himself Luigi ring in Villi his presence. On i ing from the table she wont to a lol to Balcony and pretending to look eagerly at some Distant object Ali Roxy herself from thu Balcony before the face of the Jim pc i or and at once put a end to her Sori oxus und her life. An old fellow who became weary of in life thought he might commit but i did not. To go without forgiving no ids enemies. So i Hin him self Hont list removed the none Frim his neck saying go. I never pm or will forgive old Noah r for letting them Copper head snakes into the Ark. Varmints have killed Tvan Thotis and dollars my Ca to. And Ivhon he i meets i know there la Boa fuss. See if there won who is Palladi m. The lawyer in Illinois and the smartest stump Spenker in thu Union a Earnest and honest Man who believes what to professes and who will carry out what he Douglas. A Printer meddling with tha verdict of n Coroner s jury struck out n comma after Dan n Largo town of who Bischl of Renox Vaud kingdom o Are much Superior to my Vuu usually compose the cargoes of not Jill i Emo to Las Datu by Only in but also in inulin Letico. Of Civ producing App Jery in nearly u1 Are id Esculene to ally which of tic Tho trod making it read is no doubt owing to Tho of Toful arrange ments for cml Oit on Board the bark. In number they amount to about four Hundred and fifth the Slaye Duck the following no o was Nitoly received West of the great Bear suddenly com Merced to Wax larger As using at Tho same time the color of Siroti at a red heat but without Tho appearance of any Sparks or rays. In this condition Tho itar no penned until half past eleven varying in Tho intensity of Light and attaining nearly of Tho Bulf mood. A before Midnight the dimness began to in and it twelve o clock the Star had entirely disappeared. In its stand r sort Black speck was to to noticed by the Liglin of the stars which a acre unusual or in Tiani amt evening. It remains for Tho astronomers to describe and Tho poets to Tho destruction of the Winch for aught we know May have been the abode of a race Superior to our own. The misfortune of having a Bab character importance of preserving a reputation for truth and quite strikingly set Forth in the follow a mortal fever prevailed on b Oard a ship its a and n negro Man was a p listed to Throwr the bodies of those who died from time to Timo Over boar. Ono to in when the Ciptxin we deck to Surv who drag icing out of the forecastle n sick min who Xmas violently filing to extricate himself from Tho urns and very but Telly ng.un thu i duty of being buried alive. Are you to to vex it that Marf. V of Black Rascal 7 going to Chr out him cause he dead your scoundrel i 1 the Cap Tain Dou i you see he moves and 1 is Nipassa i know he Essiy he no but he always lies so nobody Ever Knouf to believe header did you Ever notice after the Tho obit uary not cd typical of to hts Dias of an 1 grief in this life. The chants and songs and Glees of Meiry ones to Day will be broken by wails to Morrow a for thu Sod will to piled on tha breast of some to not so near tha if rave. Read who Are married and Vish them Joy a line below is the record of Leath and Wii Saj mournfully Ponco to their ashes. Sorrow a trends on the Bool Sof Joy songs Are hushed by Tho Footfall of death laughs arc broken rudely voices no matter Hov musical Aru stilled in. Again to be heard by Liv ing ones below. was Xiv so Tigirt a tub Job. Ixia night a none thy Downs arct to the a Ery skin it happened that his wife Lud been so when he vont to bed Bis wife took he i lather breeches and put them into Tho Ivan to dry. In the morning he Boga to feel about for his things and a called out and s u a Betty where be my to the said Bis Rife. So he Noble cd in the oven end found Hia Esther breeches All cocked up together like i co of Parchment Bui he Daviod Ever Man plaice us is i be f what a i to do patience Job patience patience Sid his wife rom omber thy old namesake How to was the old maa. But his wife or baked his Tho following Story is told of eve. Or. Morse at an association dinner a arose As to Tho Benefit of whipping a bringing up children. The doctor took sad Bis chief opponent us u a sinister reputation by a music Meier from for veracity was not very Ila com try i lords ample for items sir want you to Send to by the a Farmer in the firmed thai parents often did harm to their1 children by unjust punishment from not durin Gulf w the passage of 4o Days from the postman the Ungil in a knowing the facts in Tho Aid he the Only time my father Evat Lulf of Guinea seven Only have upon inquiry it was ascertain and that he i ripped Ine for telling hich is certainly a very Small number. Required a copy of Angelica qua retorted to , i cur i the a abase r Roa Cuba to you of it disc t

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