Waupun Times in Waupun, Wisconsin
22 Aug 1860

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Waupun Times in Waupun, Wisconsin
22 Aug 1860

Read an issue on 22 Aug 1860 in Waupun, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Waupun Times.

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Waupun Times, The (Newspaper) - August 22, 1860, Waupun, WisconsinTub Waii Pun times Independent Republican newspaper to Alul Louii Rel Anil Upil Iii la cd Lerfon o a i Kaki by Waul tax f b. Bran vorhoff publisher proprietor. In Yew Block. Rui i ,1111111. Oak Hollton and Kirrer cunts Kii a no pm two in Mot Caiu within Tolu us after tilt of of advertising. On Impf Colvil Xvi or a f 00 30 to 00 15 00 10 00 1011 limn Wiio a car luit of Cuilli of i column Uii 11" or Ono a car Olio 4 Jii Tiro on Wick Imich Milf iut it Imort Lon nut Livo Lului it 1 a car 00 2 to in Mitsuru Price. it written i film Ca Rohnl n. It. Minion attorney and Counselor at Law 111 Waii imn. It. in Asa. M. In Siml to Iii into ii. I. M. I Vii Xii Ian and win. .1 la 1 i a Llyl to the Waupun times. J. I. publisher Ana proprietor. Go in and per Ami Tai in Advance. Volume 3. Waupun wis wednesday August i860. Number 47. The old song. 11 v x 3 l Unoska. 0, a knt Tiu Iloner old at Ala my Mother Mug to to Lii a holy Rtin of Currier us us Cuil through our thrill old Turcol the Tow. In thu Mux Leil to Tell sue hex time Ottiero. In Thutt Voltl Mother 1 Thuu still. Olio roof with min or Woof trailing o or Thum Tury ionic Tiu Uear old Hony la Kalilu time Oaken door. Eyen Tomt Iii mailing tout of that pwt us come with liar Ulm Plant Ilvo ljlo.1t Luuri Norburt of my Home. it hot have Flud Hie Al not no Lucaj Ami we Thorvil Tomt of Truu and Novit Uuro that door will Iii lit r Aux to 1110 1 lint Gulden of hallowed themes will linger Tollio i Chr Ronli it Tell thrill i to of Iho paint. Thi ii that Tolar Oil at Nln my to when holy of of Rillor i Leamel through our thresh Oil Trio. The Mountain of two lovers. By ii it. To forgot in what Book it was Many yours Ngo that to Road to Story of n Lover who to win his mistress by Corr inc Hor to Tho top of n to Putnin and How be did win liar. To to link Tho Scono was in Switzer nod but like mountains though High enough to tax his Stout to Tho utmost must Honvo Lioon to lowest. Lot us fancy it n lofty Hill in Tho summer Timo. It was at any Rato to that Tho in Lior of thu Laily a proud no ionian thought it Impi Triblo for Young Man so burdened to it. For Ron on Alono in scorn he Budo him do it and his daughter should to . Tim pc Santry assembled in Tho Valley so Ultra Ordinary n they to Meas Urci a Ordinary thu Inonu Dynin with their Siuiok their head Man and and cum Iund with Ono Uno Thor Kaiui but Thoy admired Tho of his follows looking lit Elmir mistresses thought they old do an much. The lather was on l Nek apart and Snellon repenting that a to to and Mil Teclu of How of Mich n Init it would Tench Trio you ill Titi his daughter Hazard but oven to Ihu to thought a. Air wire. Fruits or Miln nut. M. .1. Palm run Nyuli Orill iof on k r. Ink kinds if the. Jim Mac Tyror of 1m 1 nil ill in. R Iii is i to Neil a i ii Imi ill. 1 Iii l Ayi nil i Bia inferiors a lesson Trio son of a Small land proprietor who Linin sonic proc nations to a Calili though none to stood Rei Puciul looking but in his heart that he should win his live though at Trio coat of i Noble pain which lie could hardly think of As a pain who it was to to carry. If Lio Diu l for it he should it last have her in trim and Honvo looked Bur in Tho face. To clasp her person in that manner was a Lio contemplated i with Mali transport As is known Only to real Lovi is for others knew How rep Civ heightens Tho Joy of dispensing with formality enables and makes grateful Tho re Spect. Tho lady stood by Tho Sulu of her father desirous and Dri Adinig. Sho thought1 her Invar Wotila l succeed but Only because she thought him to noblest of his sex and that nothing was too Inucci for his and Makir. Hunk. Not . Ii. At l i u i Lof Lii Gurs it Lac son Holdst tid. A Inual will tin c u , and hair Dresser no. F. .1 Ili a Lars in cloths no in Mcanlly nil i Nellil to nil a it . Ami in j5v on. Kif in , i . Onri tuck unit i oks in. Or. Nice 1 Oimoen x i Sissin j Kii Hiu Iki it no to an i from i i n n i a n is. I. I. I c c of Tilv in Ilin Pluck. L i Norelli of m a i k s s Lungi. Propri Tutti i s . It. A. T. Surgeon Dent Lih-nf.1 at Ili Elln. i. . A any linn1, in Lilia. the will Llu in Lii in ii. Emilil a we. , 11 Kunii ii to i Rof. Of u i in thl. Till in nil Vii in Rof m to hint silent 1 . Lar. J. Lock s. A la icim. .10iix jiax.vkm., will Roj air shop i try. Work to Vii or s fit orc. It. Justice of Tho Poco a Venuis Iii Liml Iii Tiok , i n m i o k k m k i i i i s kor Trio i Iii York. Of the tit i Chi Filer strength and Vidor. Hor ii Ethek is. Might happen in All. She Felt Tho o s. A Stoddard. V u is 1 c Iii incr morn Lilloll i la . All i la i i. I i i am. In i no. f Curti ont ill Mil Otlet. l 1.1 in. Taxi my Truat fears came Over Slio knew not what the chances common to bitterness of being her self the Liu Don to him and thu Tusk and lured neither to look lit Hor father nor thu Mountain. She fixed her eyes Tiow on the Crow i which nevertheless she a Heckl Ami now on her hand and it lingers ends which Ehu doubled up towards her with n Only deception she had Ever used. Unco or twice a daughter or Mother slipped out of Iho crowd and coming up to her notwithstanding their fears of the lord Baron kissed the hand which Sho knew not what to do with. Trio father said now sir to put in end to this Aud Tho Lover turning Pale for the first time took up the lady. The spectators a Joise to so Tho manner in which to moves off slow but secure Aud a i if encouraging his mistress. They mount Tho Hill Lime proceed Well to links an instant before they get Midway ends Louis to refuse Soto thing then ascends at n Iii cur rate and now being at Tho mid Way Point shifts the lady from Ono Side to Tho other. The spectators give a great shout. Tho j5nron, with an Nir of India Foronzo bites Tho tip of his Gauntlet and then casts on them an oyo of rebuke. At Iho shout the Lover resumes his slow bal not feeble is his step yet it gets slower lie tops again and Thoy think they see Trio lady kiss him on the forehead. Tho women begin to tremble but the men say he will to victorious. He resumes again he is half Way Between Tho Middle Aud Tho top to rushes to Steps he Stag Kom but does not fall. Another shout from the men and he resumes once More two thirds of Tho remaining part of the Way arc conquered. They Are certain the lady kisses him on Tho forehead and of the orcs. Tho women burst into tears and the stoutest men looked Palo. To ascended slower than Ever but seemed to be More sure. To lulls but it is Only to Priit Bis foot to go on again and thus to picks Bis Way planting his foot at every step and the gaining ground with in Effort. The lady lifts up her arms As if to lighten see to is almost to the top he Tho Enron puts spurs to his horse the crowd following him. Half who up to i obliged to dismount they Usmond Tho res of Tho Hill together Tho crowd silent an Happy the Baron Rondy to burst with Sham and ii Paciocco. They reach the top. The lovers no once to face on Tho ground to lady clasping him with both Arr i Hia in ing on each Side. Exclaimed the Baron Tho Htit practice this font before on purpose to Decoito to. Marisol you cannot expect it said a Wor thy Man who was Rich enough to speak i mind. Sampson himself might Tuko i rest after such a deed i part them said Tho Baron. Several persons went up not to Par Thorn but to congratulate and keep Thorn together. People look close the Knoll Down Thoy Bend an car they Bur their faces upon them. God forbid tha Thoy should Over to parted said venerable Man they never can ii turned his old face with tears and looked up Ore at tha Baron sir Tho surrounded by wolves. A Gheil Isu adv Enterk. That s no said poke no Cloven foot could go Over that Windfall that Way i would Enthor see Tho night Huntsman o Tho Marla mountains than Sec those Eye Asho was speaking i saw i the inky darkness ahead of us another pair of eyes and two or three Paira on the left. The truth hushed on to. The scar City of Tho Deer the proximity of the Windfall the restlessness of those Baleful eyes nil gave to the Woldu wore Arouna us. A word to poke acid the affair a explained and to stood still for consults Tiou. To tried new Caps on our guns but it was of no use the Cones were sat Uralde with water. Turned toward Tho Camp but in our confusion to forgo Iho direction. To heighten Tho misery o Tho scene our Torch was almost Burnt of let that die and Tho rest could be Wasilj divined. To were standing at the time under t Grovo of Small Pecan troops and at thu instant a Low snort was heard from tin Shadow near us like the of a dog. Poke did not say a word but dropping a limb of Oue of Llu with agility for which the gun and Trees Over his head j. Had Novor Given him the least credit Ulo him sol to Tho Crotch about ten foe from Tho ground. I did not want to do anything of tin kind of course not i would rather have pm iced my Back against a tree and won glorious death in Battle against my numer Ous foes but alack for a bad example i i topped Tho Torch that broke in pieces in ailing and clasping the no arcs treo which Imp cued to Boa medium sized gum too soon scrambled up to a Placo of Lucky ii was for to that 1 had that Torch n my hand for when it foil in Lay scattered Irmund the base of the Trio still my flashing in the darkness and the ans nals that had surrounded us As they saw their Proy escaping rushed him. Stops to struggles he taking very Little stops moves sideways and brining one foot every Timo close to to other. To Halls again a groan goes he is All but on Tho top he is fixed to staggers. Through Tho multitude. Suddenly he turns full front towards Iho top it is luckily almost a level he staggers but it is for Ward makes be is on top with Bis Burden. To has worn. Every limb in Tho multitude it movement to assist him see at and Down he Falls Flat an enormous now he has a right to angry Noso they Forward with Tho glowing embers and held Back just Long enough to permit my escape. As i Drew myself up of the first limb a Rush of gratitude passed Over my soul and my feelings Wero As warm As a Chilli s. Nothing could to seen for the sombre Forest shut out the Little Light there was in Tho atmosphere but 1 Hoard Tho pattering of feet beneath my fortress like falling rain. Jaek and for Ward they Camo and went and snorting sounds and champing tooth made Tho Black night alive with imaginary i wondered How it fared with the doctor yet dared not Call for Tho uncertainty was loss fearful than the reality might be. 1 pictured him fallen dragged Back from his half attained Refuge and divided a Mon Tho hungry pack and Tho very noise below might to mumbling of his Bones. Their we into tuft kit hit whiter Al kill. An it Lippi to through who thu or a Lilyun grow Oon discovered but fainter and less also utly Deli cd than Thomao of the aztecs Howing conclusively Tho Groat Antiquity if Tho northerners. The Mound builders a Dacalio is of Whoso Industry and Engi ice ring skill have Beon found by Tho incl urologist sift Iris a antlered Over the Iid Dlo and Northern slates must have been More numerous in their Day than Tho in lightened Puoplo who have supplanted Horn Jet Thoy Havo vanished so entirely rom the Scono of their labors that unless to adopt the Trio theory of retrogression and accept the North americ an indians and Tho Southern aztecs As the lost representatives of ancient America to Bav Enol he slightest clue to them. The most remarkable circumstance in on notion with those people is Tomt if Hoy have left behind them no utensils or ther implements and that in cases where records have been discovered they Wero in n alphabet so unlike anything before Cnown the tablets of of Capana and Palco to for Aslo defy nil research races there Are of customs similar to Hose of the of an Inden Tity of language but All too vague and Uncertain As yet to base a theory it seems is though at some far game period of the world s history almighty Providence is a punishment for its sins had blotted at once from existence an entire world Whoso very monuments mock the proud and vain glorious spirit which led to to Cir erection. But there will doubtless arise persons Eon Patent to Tho task who from their knowledge of dialects Aud hieroglyphic writing May yet succeed in Clearing up this most wonderful and impressive of Modem mysteries. A rather Green Village editor up Conn try was very desirous of gaining the Good graces of the new minister and describing his first Entrance into Tho Church wrote thus he is n most venerable Sample of but to his astonishment and the amazement of the inhabitants it out the next morning in the types he is a most vice Ingle Sample of the last drink. Dan James has a wife an accomplished and Benu Tinl lady who loves him devotedly but Ohe finds too Many bricks in he hat. One night he came Home Light and was not much astonished but rather frightened to find his worthy lady sitting up for him. She always does. She smiled when to Camo in. That she always does. You stayed out so i Esaid that i feared you bad taken sick wife a but Don t you think i m a Little t High la a very Little perhaps my dear but that is have so Many friends you say you must join them in n Glass once in a wife you Are too truth is i am of no indeed my sure even another Glass would t Hurt now suppose you take a Glass of scotch ale with me just As a night Cap my you Are too kind by half Ziy dear i know i m of no Only a Julep too much love that a nil. Well take a Glass of ale it any rate it can t Hurt you Doar i want one myself before i the lady hastened to open a bottle and As she placed two tub acre boors her on the Sido Board Sho put into it a powerful emetic. Filling the Glass with the foaming ale Sho handed it with a most bewitching smile to Hor husband suspicion came Clou Dily upon his mind. Slio had never been so kind before when he was drunk Lio looked at the Glass raised it to his lips hesitated. Doar won t you Tasto mine to Nakeil to said. Replied the lady to lying a Mouthful which she was very careful not to Swallow. Suspicion vanished and so did the ale emetic and All Down Tho Throat of the satisfied husband. After spilling out the taste Tho lady i Nislick her Glass but seemed in no hurry to retire. Jssie Licud a foot tub of water before an easy chair for which Tho husband was curious to know he reason. A few minutes after the gulp Aud splurge from the Throat of the husband told the answer. To Brick was Poao when to Rose trom tie easy chair and he never alter carried our hoi Uci to his wife. Political for Tho granitic nation of those Ali Dettre the Puluti Iho following definitions of certain terms that arc in use among the parties and which Aro constantly occurring in the nation Democrat. Who horses Iho Compromise acts of Lecompton English 1 the be Otto decision find la e platform s dec eders from the National convention at Baltimore. Squatter termed Tito sovereignty affirmed by or. Douglas Rachor friends to to Veste l in Thot people of of territory by for tit Frt selves whether slavery shall be permitted or inhibited in such territory1 to be subordinate to the dred Scott Ion and the future action of tire court. Jar. Bayet and Lii who act with the republicans Hod also to ibis Power of Crri Torino inchoate slates but 10 doctrines of Ali e Drod Scott decision. An Many of the or temporary sojourners the derivation of tire word is evident. _ hard Sukov. Former epithet of Tho National democrats in the state of cur York. Whon or. W in Tho democratic party was clashed Llull kers and bar burners. The late tar ported Van Boron for Frenid Werff in Tho former voted for Gen. Two years afterwards the two faction United under the auspices of gov. Met Ray Libotio Seymour John sir kor Ami other old1 Hunters. Francis b. Bulling cd wire Croswell Dpi Kiel s. Dickinson Jamew t. I Grady and others opposed thi.1 Aud were denominated from promising course Llord shells soft shells. Gov. Marey Horatio Seymour John Stryker and other Hun Kurs through whose action in Lisso Ibe two democratic fictions were United Woro termed soft the term include in Ter Nicholas Hill William h. Other bar burners who coalesced on Tho occasion mud Tho term Baru Burner foil i years Torjei a Tibet vac Tokia s fuss love . Those who remember the Early of the Ciu Een of Kugland will net hat a was suspect cd b Lior August Young Ladyship and the of Phin Titonio. This bit which no degree of Vigil me Mel l Cui Lirely Tisot was popularly interesting to those of both sides the water who had More unti Cut than discretion and who care i not for interests of state so that the Cou so of True Lovo might once run smooth. But interests of St Etc Are inexorable. Youn of Kip Hinston was advised to travel and was Lui cd on his Way by certain distinction. S when to returned he found Iho Royal lady Narried. How much the heart of Mithu r was interested will perhaps never to mown. One thing is certain Baron sep Hinston never married. On this return to England he was appointed lord in Tsaiting upon his Royal mistress but not a real in Sivu fallen upon the Public car that could gratify Tho More curious or nost delicate Tasto. Iio subsequently be came governor of Bombay rendered essential service to his government at the Ime of tha Indian Mutiny. He in gently Jamo Homo with injured health and Surv cd his return but a Little while. Shortly after Tho Battle of Prince ton a Vitty scotch Farmer a mused himself by disuse. He Sivan. When or. Nick Gor error of new York the patronage of adminis ration was to the Tivo Section of democracy no Ordintz by from Tho wunl1 Watro Siyad old Hunker s. . Trio Radical or Buck Tail portion of Iho democracy who first sustained Gen. Jackson in his to the Banks. Van Buren in his advocacy of the sub Treasury opposition to the annexation of towns and who advocated tie Constitution of Julg Boro this a Pilot i1. It1 is said to have Bucini adopted from Tho conv test by Lewcun Samuel Young and Huic s. In Senate in 1? to j. Latter referring to Tho determination of Iho former to procure the removal of Tho Huu from compared Liciu to Tho Fanner who Burnt barn to destroy not remembering till it was too into Hsc a year s crop of was aug will Burn the barn c Iod col. We Psi friends were hence called ers. A proportion of them my Mecis of Tho Republican organization. guava. This epithet applied to those whigs who in 1s-30, decided to support the slav u act. La Laii been a Oruo by Tho they styled Thoms Claca National whigs and have Genera by amalgamated with twin american and democratic parties. Know nothing. A member of the order of americans Thoy believe in giving office to conc but Nalivka Iuo Ricsin not roman catholics Maryland and being once Lions to and when inter Rognrud As to the Chis Tonco of their secret order used to reply that they ill i Al a know Amhi huf Cru in in Mil Igolus in other to Tho dead its an j Bowory boys of new York City. Douglas is. Douglas. The mus ii i in the hearts of nil1 men who de sired to pres Ervo porno Tuato Iho s of our glorious writing a humorous Ballad upon it which

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