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Washington Post, The (Newspaper) - April 18, 1912, Washington, District Of Columbia12 april 1912. Pun decks 1 naval builders Hope to avoid another titanic ship a Bif should be safer Tolian smaller says English Eli lifeboats barely in the Board of Trade of wireless a mystery London april 17 naval Are already with the n of ing a deck which can be for in a sinking liner John Harvard f president of the in hut Lon naval in an inter he continued the in is chiefly that of the sex i of t would be Only i e in m an to u to f the transatlantic ticket All things considered even in a ii with an iceberg a of the of the titanic ought to be t in i am ulc r r 11 n collision would leave m a 11 i 11 ind imaged while a be c in 1 tit better resisted it la t or boats to save in n i a liner i cannot f r he fall ire of the wireless i t e titanic almost two hours Flor f As a tary Nam wan carried to feet above water in barely within injures the official source t Liv of the most nent British designers show that 960 wan the greatest number that could be with the apparatus car a on the titanic that vessels wore j let within the Board of Trade adulation specified that ship i be equipped wooden or Metal to carry 650 passengers 10000-ton collapsible and other apparatus not carried on m it supplied to accommodate three fourths As total it would possible to save under the of 982. The plans that the boats to 980 persons Bach f lifeboats capable of Rvl there is no on the plans to show that the Carr i any collapsible boats or rafts t i putting her barely within the to Ard of Trade regulations Twenty boats on smaller ships is with the oceanic Ana pan who h axe much smaller show that Hev a Twenty boats each while the r has Only sixteen the Board of t r i la it in 1306 took As their 11 ships and apply Only to s wet r compartments it t it j a that in the big of a e. Any attempt to increase the i s in Taratus that re i re i t regulations Wae made t e m i k of the i m Ai i company has 1s d a that the titanic was d with davits capable of handling n or to Hie the number of boats r 1 the owners adopted this plan he h was rumoured that chances were to be made in the near t ire f the official regulations which woul i on Pel carrying of More boats he Les boats for the n of every on Board i p been installed a it n altogether for a i liners to Eairy c t t i All on Board a or Ling t i Rof w a professor f i Ival engineering at the i Cal arrangements How e e win 1 to he said to necessarily involve to 1 of deck fit Ace and Felt sure of his capt Smith did not believe that the titanic could new York april 17 night before f j 4mlth if the titanic left for t take command of the liner he mrs w Willis f n ish no Island at that dinner f Apt according to or Willis Waji Over the or of his new command he said shared with the designers of the the utmost cd in her seagoing l and t id or and mrs Willis was impossible for her to sink Forward then to the most Davs of his seafaring career and especially dwelt upon the that the titanic s appearance on the Atlantic Mark a High Point of safety and in the evolution of Ocean travel he Ted that vessel As one that would keep water in the face of the most trials if a part of the t r should seriously damaged he said i be no doubt that she would h port rom what i know of capt Smith or Willis he would be the last Man to leave the ship if it was ing who sent pause London Standard says Public will de Mand explanation of i Ond m april the Aid tomorrow morning the i tin Ler the head a mystery of the news the wireless h they reported that All passengers had saved that the titanic was Der her own steam to that she not possibly that Twenty boat loads of passengers had been transshipped to the that the 1 and were both in that the virginian was ing the titanic toward Cape race to Beach her that All passengers had been taken off and then the truth when the dire news came that the titanic had sunk at w a the lending and the Public of two were until the last moment the Public will want to pm n Why and How this deception was carried s chinese save men women would be last rescued in disaster at Cleveland Ohio april the been a vessel manned by sailors Fiot a woman or child would have been raved according to mov pot special agent for the c merchants association of who was in Cleveland today it is tie of Saporsi when a c vessel goes Down to save men first and women the agent this is on the theory own Are most valuable to the that adoptive parents can be found for children and that women without bands Are destitute e Cincinnati then was Tom olympic Tork april Schulke of the steamship which reached today from reports that at on april 14 he received a wire Call for help from the stricken titanic 590 Miles away the headed for the scene of the and would have continued had another message from the titanic been received half an hour later c not capt says he saw no x scenes at White Star offices in new where r of the missing sought crowd in front of White a aboard destruction of the titanic foreseen by fiction writer reports that Mayn dreamed narrative while aboard the which details with remarkable sex a disaster like that to the sister the new Tori vividly As if he had seen the titanic a writer under the pen name of Mayn Clew Garnett describes the loss of the an after collision with an iceberg in the zone where the great White Star steamship struck and foundered last sunday night his Story la published in the first May number of the Lar which was run off the presses about the time the was preparing for her fatal Maiden trip though it differs perhaps in As Well As minor from the of the real steamship s the fiction along general lines parallels what 1s thought must have happened when the biggest ship in the world went to her grave Northeast of Cape in literary circles last night it was rumoured that the who made a trip recently on Hie dreamed the details of his narrative when ing from abroad and then wove them into fiction Impact with the White ghost of disaster no doubt differs from the of the titanic in that he paints the As too Headstrong in hatred of the second to heed the subordinate officer s warning that ice is there is nothing in the news even hinting at friction Between the commander of the titanic and any of his staff aside from that Point of difference the Magazine Story seems almost a newspaper description of the latest Star disaster where it tells How the giant vessel hits the Frozen Mountain that part of the Story follows Admiral started ahead slowly she was a giant a ship of feet in length it took some moments to get headway upon that vast Hull but she and in a few minutes the ing of the Bow wave told of a tearing she was doing 221-2 knots an or More than 25 the Speed of a train of cars under Steward came up the Bridge Steps with the Coffee Smith took his cup and drank it. Almost savagely he was much Hurt his were roughed up to the limit tet he had not even answered the Captain took his at the Bridge and gazed straight ahead into the Gray he saw ing Felt but the pain of his in sult him run the ship to hell and he said to himself was a puff of colder air than usual a a of death itself came floating Over the silent Ocean a Man on Lookout stood staring straight into the Mist and then sane out something right he yelled in a voice that carried like the Roar of a gun just the shutting the compartments swung jammed it hard Over and screamed Over your voice ended in a vibrating that sounded uncanny in that awful silence a Hundred men stopped in their stride or paralysed at the tones from the Bridge then came the Impact buried under the a smashing Roar As of thousands of tons coming the huge liner plunged headlong into the iceberg that Rose and silent right towering Over her in spite of her great the Shock was terrific and the thundering crash of falling tone of ice coupled with the rending plates and solid made chaos of All Admiral bit Dot kept on and the whole Forward part of her almost disappeared in the Wall of White a thousand tons of huge flakes slammed and Slid Down her burying her to the in the smother thousand tons More Slid and plunged Down the slopes of the icy Mountain and furled themselves into the t with giant sending torrents of water As High As the Bridge rail the men who had been Forward were swept away by the Many never were seen again and with re versed engines she anally came to a dead with her bows jammed 100 feet deep in the ice Wall of the Berg that it was All Dis seemed to end in the Shock and howled and stormed from tiie and Smith shouted orders and sprang Down to enforce the chief mate came on deck in his underclothes and passed the word to Man the a thousand passengers med the and strove with panic and inhuman fury to reach the Clad in a night gained the outside of the running swiftly the deck flitted like a ghost Oxer the rail and disappeared into the sea he had gone clean crazy insane in the tied Down the Siren and the Roar the the tremendous tones Rose above the Din of screaming men and cursing and then the master called Down to the heart of. The the engine is she he asked coming in like through a came the response up to the grates was All the Man left the to Rush on and the Captain knew the Forward bulkheads had had either jammed or burst under that Rifici Impact the ship was going Brownson stood upon the Bridge and gazed Down at the human tide below him men fought furiously for places in the Small boats the Crew came on deck and mingled with the passengers the Coal dust showed upon their White malting them seem strange be Ings from an inferno that was soon to be abolished they strove for places the and hurled the weaker Gers about recklessly on other helped the women one Man dragged two women with him into a roaring like a lion he was a big fellow with a red and Brownson watched film the mate struck him Over the head with a hand Spike refusing to let out of the and his interest in things ended at once and forever on Trie behaved officers and men tried to keep some sort of discipline finally six boats went Down alongside into the and were promptly swarmed by the crowds who either Slid Down the Falls or jumped overboard and climbed from the sides the sea was As Stoml As a Only the alight swell heaved it. Great Fields of floating particles of ice from the Berg floated and those who had gotten wet shivered with the cold running 22 knots an had struck straight into the Wall of an iceberg that reached As far As the Eye could see in the Haze it at 300 feet in the showing that its depth was colossal probably at least half a mile it was a giant ice Mountain that had broken adrift from its Northern Home Drifting had Vived the heat of summer and the ing of the sea upon its base further the Magazine Story Young lovers die ship was listing and the cries of the passengers were All who bad been Able to get away had gone and Only a few desperate men and who could not swim and who were Cool enough to that swimming would Bat prolong an agony that was better Over huddled aft at the they would take last second left and last instant of and suffer a thousand Ond feb it it was absurd Brownson pitied them these women were praying and talking to their the held them in a Laet embrace one Young was clinging closely to a Young and they were apparently not suffering terror a look of peacefulness was upon the faces of both they were and were tuned to die and it made them satisfies then paragraphs telling of the ship Sank to her superstructure her Stern raised High the the it was now impossible to on deck without some of the remaining sengers Slid off with parting they dropped into that Loy gazed his officer Smith saw my raise the saw a bit of Mae saw is Mander sink Down to the deck and appear a cracking and banging of ice blocks blended with the report and the ship raised her Stem higher then she plunged straight a a plummet for the Bottom of Atlantic the. Block interfere with to to april hurrying new Tork with the Only known Vors of the the Steamer Uita within the wireless zone nearly a score of stations alone the new England coast operators at All these Points have been listening eagerly for two Days to learn something of the Story of the survivors on the Canander atmospheric conditions curing the Day were but As the More approached the and in to reach Shore stations instead of by Amateur wireless operators combined with the elements to prevent effective work station on Nantucket Isk with which the came into direct communication late in the reported tonight that the activity of the amateurs was seriously ing with an Exchange of messages with the and further the Large amount of Static electricity in the air was also a hindrance a Northeast storm was in Progress in the immediate Ity of the although the amateurs were asked to Stop operations and were told by the operator that unless sages were disposed of soon the Thea would be out of Range of the Corset the interference or Spencer do Witt mrs Benjamin and de Witt asking news of Benjamin mrs John and Frank who for news Daniel William the famous also a War correspondent Man of International reputation in Art and a drummer boy in the and Holder of Many rations of while All of the who were passengers upon the great titanic when it split its Bottom on the floating ice crag were widely known in their Tive brands Davis Millet enjoyed an International having been decorated with honors by Many foreign courts sailed from new Tork with maj butt about six weeks ago artist and the officer were to take the Southern going first to Naples and later to Rome it was understood that or Millet would probably remain for some time in that City As he is tary of the american Academy in Rome like Bis travelling had seen in the and had de the newspaper serving As a War the same anxiety was Felt by his As by those of the other training had flitted them to play the parts of heroes in catastrophes such As they were called upon to face sunday night or. Millet a noted artist or Millet enjoyed a National and in he spent much of his time in where he was a favorite in social and Art circles a native of mass where he was born november 1846 he was a son of Asa and Hulda Millet he saw service in the civil entering the service of the army As a drummer with the sixtieth Massachusetts he was acting assistant contract surgeon of the army of Potomac in 1864 at the close of the War he resumed his had been interrupted by the conflict Between the North and from which was graduated in Iso with the degree of a b in 18t2 he obtained the degree of a m March 11, 1879, he married Beth Merrill of Boston he at tended the Royal Academy of Antwerp and in 1873 he Secretary to the Massachusetts commission to the Vienna the War he was a War representing new York Don Dally and London during the Chicago exposition he was director of decorations and and special correspondent of die London times and Harper a he went to Manila to cover important work for the same publications Holder of Many following his return to this country from Manila he was shown Many honors he was appointed chairman of the Agara Falls chairman of the advisory commission of the National Secretary of the american Academy in made a member of the american federation vice president municipal Art commission of new and commissioner general of the Tokyo exposition or Millet has been decorated with the military Cross of St Anne and St Iron Cross Given medal at Paris in 1889, and later at new Orleans and made legion of in Paris in 1900, and received order of the sacred treasure of in 1901 in addition to these honors he won Fame As an Thor he joined the d a. R. Early in his and became a member of the tonal Institute of arts and letters and the american Institute of architects he made his Home in new and England parisian has no details officers ignorant of of sea far a i capt the of the titanic Are on the Nova april Steamer the Allan which last monday near the scene of titanic the fact arousing denial was received from her having of titanic ont entered Halifax Harbor this ing her officers could throw notional Light on the capt of the far As i All of the titanic Are aboard the capt Haines reported that at o clock on sunday night she was in com with the being 160 Miles Distant Tjie titanic was Safe the operator on the parisian retired soon and nothing was known of the disaster until monday morning the weather on Wear and Starlight it is the belief that the panic struck a Low lying not More than 10 feet out of water and 10 feet sub merged the ship going at High such berth would rip the Bottom open probably a far As the engine and this probably accounts for her going Down so quickly after she had it been a High it would have been ble far off. News of held sats april Here today indicated that the sinking of the titanic was known to the officials of the White line Long before it was made and at the very time that reassuring asserting that All on Board had been were being Given out Many of the messages Bent out declaring that the passengers and of the titanic were it was originated in the new Tork of the White Star it is known that the of disaster was sent to Montreal monday was by message from new and was absolutely quiet for meanwhile the White Star re assuring bulletins continued the dispatch received in Montreal ing that the virginian was towing the titanic to port came from the wireless operator at Cape who was in a position to furnish the most authentic news of the disaster his message addressed to the press of Canada and the United and was accepted Here find transmitted elsewhere m authentic no explanation has been re from the but it is be that he received a wireless from sea in his ranted his both the Public and Marine circles Here were bitter today at the apparent pression monday of the All important news of the great loss of life by Star officials it emed to Ohio supreme april Harmon today announced the appointment of judge Joseph w o Hara of to succeed the late judge James l. Of in the supreme judge is a Democrat planned trip maj. Butt Pany him to closest of Chard b. Waltron tells of then Socia Tion in and artist s anxiety for health of Dent s Aid finally Damon and he b sad Vigil of father and daughter of g. D. Widener april news has come to the relatives of George d Ner that the search of the seas which they have instituted had brought Forth any Hope of his survival of the wreck of the titanic p a b Wiener his last night new accompanied by his son brother of the missing Man Headquarters for the search is in this City in the land title offices of the there was an All watch of the clerks of the office on duty last night and the night previous end Long distance wires Between Here and new York have been kept open wireless ones cages have been flashed to All the coast and everything that the millions of the can has been done to relieve the suspense As quickly As possible an Ocean going tug of High Speed has been to go out to meet the incoming and secure from mrs the missing Man s details she knows Hope still buoys up the aged father and other members of the of George d and they Are using every Means within their control to get definite information As to his Fate in the wreck of the titanic Peter a b Well advanced in years left his Home Hall near Park for new York to take personal charge of an search by wireless for assuring news of the safety of his son and grandson or left Hie miss daughter of or and mrs George d 1 Lener de the Ning bulletins was betrothed to Eugene a son of t of Chestnut Hill Ding was to taken during the summer her parents according to had been abroad select no her which had been placed aboard the titanic she remained at her suburban estate with her brother d and imploring her grand father to inform her at the earliest Ute of the Fate of her father the word that mrs. Georke d and her maid were among the comforted the fall y but the death of her husband has caused gloom at the Home Why Many May not dope that loved lives Are spared of wealth and Fame watched women and children of the Steerage borne to safety in the last life to the april b Secretary of the american civic a with offices in Washington w the bulletin boards with great Ai today to see if any mention would co be of the saving of Siam Archibald to or Frank d Secretary of the Academy in Rome the name of or appeared the list of those or us became declaring m at mean or since the French Pras. If it were spelled a thing which has completely in said or the t that i was witness of the manner Inch Millet pleaded with maj butt to to Europe with him for a and manner in which Millet pleaded with president to order maj butt to go h him when the president demurred like Damon and no and pythias Friendship id have been closer than the Shib of maj butt and said or i the two kept quarters get tier and were inseparable when both we e in Washington they lived near metropolitan butt As is a and or Millet s ily being quartered at his Home in Lland be had a Little luncheon in ing on composed of secretaries of National ase located in and to his club Millet often As he was Sec of the president s commission Fine n Millet returned from where he had been to superintend arrangement of some new buildings the recently acquired Home of the Erica Academy in the six weeks the t Millet had been absent in Rome president Taft bad been making a Campaign and had just returned it thought butt heeded noticed that maj butt was paler than usual and generally run he announced to us his nation that maj butt should return with bin to Rome for a and that he to lid surely take him along in a few we since himself had to go on connected with the a butt was requested to ask for so that he might make the but he not do so Millet then went to the president and made the request that he urge maj butt to go along there a a Good Deal of chaffing about it in it but they finally put off get and every one wished them a among All of us who knew of the clo e Friendship of maj butt and or Mil has been the tenses of ing since the news of the disaster to the titanic reached movements of Ocean abutted out from l. From new from Nev Tork for 1, Aad proceeded be Wilhelm ii for Etin for new w for Liverpool Provence from new Tork for who Are the 86s survivors of the disaster now on Board the headed for new there were Only 610 first and second Cabin sengers combined on the and the saved could include every soul among and and there would still be 268 of the Steerage passengers or Crew among those rescued the names of Only about 860 of those saved have been received by less dispatches from the Rescue ship leaving Over 500 the rescued yet to be identified this fact has buoyed the Hopes of relatives of men among and second Cabin passengers that when the full list of survivors is received the names of their loved ones will be found among them nearly All the names of survivors so far received however have been those of women Only Here and there in the Long column does a Man s name appear All the fragmentary details of the great disaster flashed by the wireless Tell of Superb heroism by the men and when the final tale is it will probably be found that the boo As yet unnamed survivors Are women and Dren of the Steerage while the lowly immigrants and their offspring were being borne to safety americans and englishmen of Fame and William t Clarence John Jacob Astor f d Millet George d and Harry Widener among the deck of the sinking titanic watched the last Lifeboat disappear and went to heroes Graves marked by a deathless rulers voice sorrow Kings of England and Belgium Send messages to feels bereavement sinking of the titanic a sad blow to both Britain and says King chamber of com Meree shares anxiety for the Fate of president Taft made Public cablegram the King and Queen of England and the King of Bel conveying their sympathies to the american people in the sorrows f have followed the titanic disaster the president s responses to both messages also were made Public the following was the cablegram from King dated at and i Are anxious to assure and the american nation of the great sorrow which we experience at the terrible loss of life has occurred among the american As Well among my own subjects by the of the titanic our two countries so intimately Allied by ties of ship and brotherhood that which affect the one must affect the other and on the ent terrible occasion they Are both by r and i the president s president Taft s reply was As follows the presence of the appalling to the titanic the people of the two countries Are brought into Community of grief through their common Bereave e ment the american people share in the of their Kinsmen beyond the sea on behalf of my i thank you for your sympathetic message William the message from King of glum follows i beg your excellency to accept my deepest condolences on the occasion of the frightful catastrophe to the titanic which has caused such mourning in the american nation the president s acknowledgement Fel lows i deeply appreciate Jour sympathy with my fellow who have been stricken with affliction through the disaster to the titanic president Taft received the following Telegram from Joseph i Reynolds Dent of the chamber of Commerce of August of the chamber of Commerce of Augusta shares your anxiety Cor earning your Aid and our fellow citizen maj Archibald w butt Mav Jour Hope and ours that he be Long spared to serve his s be realized message from pans government j Paris april 17 French gov eminent j today transmitted to w and London an official of France s regret in connection with disaster to the and its condolences with the persons bereaved London april 17 text of the Man emperor s message of sympathy sent to the White Star line is As follows april 16 deeply grieved by the sad news of the terrible disaster which has befallen your line i Send you the expression of my deepest and with All those who mourn the loss of relatives and friends William i april 17 Pope plus and King Victor Emmanuel have expressed their deep for the of the titanic disaster Ernest the mayor Day conveyed his of the City on the loss of life caused by the wreck of titanic to the american embassy

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